Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

  • Published on May 13, 2019
    It's time to review the 2020 Toyota Supra. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the new GR Supra, and I'm showing you all of the quirks and features of the 2020 Supra. Then I'm going to drive the new Toyota Supra to show you everything you need to know about the Supra.
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Comments • 28 671

  • Shadow IV
    Shadow IV Day ago

    ...stopped watching after all the talk of BMW inside this TOYOTA Supra. So much for the legend.

  • chazyronnie
    chazyronnie Day ago

    Fuck you doug, you look like a butthole

  • W I L L Y W O N K A

    People like JDM stuff but fail to realize BMW makes some of the best engines.

    • Lol Whatt?
      Lol Whatt? Day ago

      W I L L Y W O N K A Nobody is denying that bmw makes good cars. They’re saying that it’s just not a toyota. it’s almost literally just a detuned Z4 just with swapped badges. it’s a decent looking car. i’m sure it’s a great car. But it’s lost it’s japanese (dependable) heritage. That’s where the disappointment is.

  • W I L L Y W O N K A

    Allot of butt hurt kids in here listening to an uniformed kid named Doug. All the vents are removable for after market parts. 90% of the things in this video are incorrect and thats why Doug is a meme at this point.

  • Team Leo Vlogs
    Team Leo Vlogs Day ago

    Is that a Supra

  • moody 1500
    moody 1500 Day ago


  • Bobedi BOB
    Bobedi BOB Day ago

    i agree doug bmw even built one of the best sounding engines ever, the mclaren f1 engine

  • Robert Baggs
    Robert Baggs Day ago +1

    You said it Doug! “It’s not a legend revival”. The GTR when it came out took it to the next level and this just does not do it for the Supra!😥

  • Josh Dellett
    Josh Dellett Day ago

    You're fucking annoying.

  • Very Good
    Very Good Day ago

    If taste were dynamite you'd explode.

  • Very Good
    Very Good Day ago

    I understand this car was designed with a blindfold on.

  • 2ndchanceinlife
    2ndchanceinlife Day ago +1

    all these ppl complain about BMW's..... if I can afford this car, I would buy it. I like it.

  • syl
    syl Day ago +3

    Where’s the car?
    Toyota: We left it out for tuning companies.

  • Denzel Raz
    Denzel Raz Day ago

    id rather get a gt86

  • ZapTic- OrioN
    ZapTic- OrioN Day ago +1

    After I heard BMW I stopped watching
    Why TF would Toyota ruin the only car I love?

  • Colt The fish guy

    It’s not a Toyota. It’s a bmw. They might as well call it bmw Supra.

    • moody 1500
      moody 1500 Day ago

      Colt The fish guy yeah and the Mk4 is yamaha now stfu

  • maureencora1
    maureencora1 Day ago

    I Miss My 1991 Supra Best Car I Ever Had.

  • Flawless Reflections

    As a bmw owner, fuck you toyota 😂

  • William Bell
    William Bell Day ago

    Ugliest car ive seen in years. That thing aint no supra.

  • Nick
    Nick Day ago

    None of you faggots could even afford this and would still water at the mouth if this pulled up to you next to ur 1995 beater vehicle

  • kyle kirkbride
    kyle kirkbride Day ago

    The issue is that if people wanted a BMW they would buy one. They want history and originality to the supra which Toyota partially failed to do

  • Lukas Staton
    Lukas Staton Day ago

    Wanna get a BMW?
    Just get a Toyota!

  • David Ransom
    David Ransom Day ago

    I know it might be a bit crazy, but I just can't justify buying one (not that I can, but a man can dream) without a manual transmission. That's half the fun gone.

  • Lukas Staton
    Lukas Staton Day ago

    Doug: TuNInG ComPaNiES

  • GT Sport Vue
    GT Sport Vue Day ago

    I don't like the rear brake it is not brembo brake.

  • Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    Toyota totally fucked up this time !

  • Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    No manual ?????????? Really ????????

  • Healthy Human
    Healthy Human Day ago

    Can't wait for the M model.

  • Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    Fuck Toyota, ill stick with Godzilla !!!

  • Jen Chaney
    Jen Chaney Day ago

    They ruined this just like when they tried to bring back the mr2. I still got my 93 mr2 and a brand new z06 so I'm good.

  • Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    If I want to buy BMW id buy BMW, I want Supra............................ isnt that obvious? Thats why ppl are so upset

  • Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    This is not Supra any more

  • Ogknav
    Ogknav Day ago

    I can't tell if they cut the cost down, or ripped us the fuck off.

  • Alvin Capalad
    Alvin Capalad Day ago

    It does look like a bmw with a toyota headlights lol

  • StretchingLogic
    StretchingLogic 2 days ago

    Toyota had to go in with bmw to make anything close to a profit on this car. It wouldn’t be here at all if they didn’t team up with them.

  • Good Ol' Bryan
    Good Ol' Bryan 2 days ago


  • Ryan Cavanaugh
    Ryan Cavanaugh 2 days ago


  • Marcus383
    Marcus383 2 days ago

    If you where at that press release then you know your just contradicting your self. You should stick to reviewing leather seats and stupid “quirks”. Fake vents is no issue or extra cooling space.

  • Systemlord30
    Systemlord30 2 days ago

    After owning a Mini Cooper, I would never own a car from Germany or from a company that thought it was a good idea to have plastic water pumps and thermostat housing! How dare anyone call this a Supra.

  • Marcus383
    Marcus383 2 days ago

    If you knew anything you would know that this thing actually dynos at 375 hp

  • Frank Hernandez
    Frank Hernandez 2 days ago

    This ain’t a Supra this is a disappointment.

  • Robert Bohnaker
    Robert Bohnaker 2 days ago

    Yes,and there’s the cost of BMW parts....whew !

  • Jae Dot
    Jae Dot 2 days ago

    It's kinda cool and a good concept for a tuner to be thought about, but don't call it a Supra when it's clearly not. Just do the BMW Toyota collab like Subaru but don't call it a Supra.

  • Seth Chaps
    Seth Chaps 2 days ago

    We wanted a Supra that further distilled the unique characteristics of the cars that built the Supra brand. This car is not that. It is not even an adulterated product. It's worse. It's 'authentic Japanese sushi ' made with German produced rice, vinegar, nori and imitation crab meat. In essence, a dishonest, hollow, soulless marketing operation that has sadly betrayed the Supra brand and it's enthusiasts.

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 2 days ago

    Stop complaining like he said it’s partner with BMW or no Supra.

  • salman kakar
    salman kakar 2 days ago

    This will wreck the legendary toyota supra.
    It's honestly just a BMW with a TOYOTA emblem.

  • The Shape
    The Shape 2 days ago

    Everything on this car needs changed to look like a Supra.. and even then it's still truly a BMW.

  • A Toaster
    A Toaster 2 days ago

    Yeah this is just the base for the supra..
    The competition is yet to come

  • A Toaster
    A Toaster 2 days ago +2

    I swear they better bring back the 2jz eventually

  • A Toaster
    A Toaster 2 days ago +1

    Wait till the frame rusts

  • Sergeant Seven
    Sergeant Seven 2 days ago

    damn shame, Why would they give it the supra name when it isn't even a Toyota? If we wanted a BMW we would have bought the z4. on top of that, %90 of the car is fake. So basically BMW made a licensed fake Supra.

  • Chronic Kush
    Chronic Kush 2 days ago

    When I buy JAPANESE I'm expecting to get a JAPANESE made engine with JAPANESE reliability.. Not some over priced European piece of garbage that will cost an arm and a leg to maintain and is overall WORSE than a JAPANESE made engine like the 1jz or 2jz. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ You can keep your glorified Volkswagen.

  • gtr experience
    gtr experience 2 days ago

    These cars are putting out 380+ ponies on dyno's. It's actually faster than the z4 even though the numbers claim it's less powerful.

  • Brandon Roopnarine
    Brandon Roopnarine 2 days ago

    I dont think it's a bad idea I understand why they collaborated with BMW but I just feel that they collaborated to much. I mean engine is bmw, trans is only auto bullshit and probably all BMW, and the interior straight BMW. It just ruins the vibe of being in a mk4 supra. At least give us a manual and #savethemanuals.

  • The Firely
    The Firely 2 days ago +2

    Heck this just makes me want an old one

  • Eddie Varh
    Eddie Varh 2 days ago

    Losted all sales at BMW

  • renownedfear187
    renownedfear187 2 days ago

    I also do not like brake lights that double as turn signals. Turn signals should be amber

  • renownedfear187
    renownedfear187 2 days ago

    While everyone is rushing & spending 10-20k over sticker. Just to have it right now. Im just waiting for the future models... & 2nd hand lol.

  • Caleb Thompson
    Caleb Thompson 3 days ago

    anyone else hoping for a TRD version. that’s like twin turbo and the spoiler

  • Jon Mcadams
    Jon Mcadams 3 days ago

    Too slow. Barely faster than the older one

  • hotty slutty
    hotty slutty 3 days ago

    I'm probably the only one who likes this... I do prefer bmw interior over toyota

  • Cullen Bohannon
    Cullen Bohannon 3 days ago

    really thought it was made German everything you pointed out is bmw i get the engine is not a big factor but to an extent. personally if it was just the engine sure ok but everything else no. the big flaw i see in the car is the design and thats the big down side for me if the supra was designed to be a good successor i would have forgotten maybe a little about the interior but its just a mess specially the nose bump that didnt need to be there. the hatch makes no sense and the argument is well no one is going to use it but that wasnt the goal previously so very badly designed personally maybe a new design down the line could make it the car it once was.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 3 days ago

    I have the same feeling looking at this car like I did when I was a kid waiting for a huge fire work that was suppose to explode but didn’t.

  • Kurt G
    Kurt G 3 days ago

    First car ever manufactured with the intention of future downloadable content.

  • Darth PlaguePiss
    Darth PlaguePiss 3 days ago

    Cant wait for the M package

  • Josh Moore
    Josh Moore 3 days ago

    Toyota is acting like it’s an EA game

  • Rican Rebel
    Rican Rebel 3 days ago

    Looks like a BMW or Mercedes... not very unique... :/

  • Jeremy Espeseth
    Jeremy Espeseth 3 days ago

    I think Nissan actually went too far with the newest GTRs and dropping the manual and adding a lot of size were the mistakes there. I think the Supra is on the right track but should be available with a dual clutch AND a manual trans option. Of course I'd have he manual if I was buying this. The rear of the Supra looks amazing! Though I do miss all the circle lights.

  • Uversus professional YT

    I'd rather like to have 98 twin turbo . But that's just me .

  • RavenDPro 47z
    RavenDPro 47z 3 days ago +3

    I think Supra engine supposed to be 3jz not BMW engine. That kinda make Supra a Supra. Just my opinion. No offense.