Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

  • Published on May 13, 2019
    It's time to review the 2020 Toyota Supra. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the new GR Supra, and I'm showing you all of the quirks and features of the 2020 Supra. Then I'm going to drive the new Toyota Supra to show you everything you need to know about the Supra.
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  • hirampr21
    hirampr21 Day ago

    No one should buy this car, believe me Toyota will get the message...

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P Day ago

    A 3jz was needed here or at least get rid of that terrible engine cover. And this car needed at least 400hp NOT 335

  • MANN[][][]
    MANN[][][] Day ago

    it's a problem because BMW is a disposable vehicle (not made for long-term use).

  • The undeadlord
    The undeadlord Day ago

    Toyota didn't put in a manual, they left that to tuning companies

  • Seth Mckenzie
    Seth Mckenzie Day ago

    I'd rather buy 45k car with some missing bits that I can add if I want than pay 60 or 70 and take off what I dont need. Tuning. Toyota.

  • Jordyn Music
    Jordyn Music Day ago

    They literally just made this car for money. They don’t give a shit about the culture around the mk4. This car looks awful and it’s a mockery. We wanted a new version of the mk4, not a completely different car.

  • Mike V
    Mike V Day ago

    Nice Beemer!!!

  • Jaiden Glass
    Jaiden Glass Day ago

    I think that might be a theme in the car because the z4 concept has the same thing going on

  • Riny Emmanuel Vásquez Gutiérrez

    Doug is the type of guy to pull out a small rag and put it on the floor so he can kneel.

  • Moe Chamas
    Moe Chamas Day ago


  • Charles Martin
    Charles Martin Day ago

    Customer:I own a 2029 Supra
    Tuner:oh oh I see you don’t want blinkers
    Edit:lol got like 2 toyota commercials

  • Kevin Lay
    Kevin Lay Day ago

    It would be great to have the M3 or M4 motor in the supra.

  • TheBanjoShow
    TheBanjoShow Day ago

    Shit atleast they were honest.

  • Chuck Goldsmith
    Chuck Goldsmith Day ago

    Basically in all ways this is a far better Supra than any Supra ever made, but it could be the greatest car in history and it would still be hated because the reality will never match the hype, much like the NSX.

  • 행복하자아프지마


  • Feint
    Feint Day ago

    The New Supra: As good as it's going to get.

  • David Maye
    David Maye Day ago

    It's a problem because BMW's are simply not as reliable or robust as Toyota, and the aftermarket and factory parts are more expensive!!!!!!

  • Rename Murder
    Rename Murder Day ago

    They are trollin hard.

  • Jury Lu
    Jury Lu Day ago

    Doug the type of guy to jump in your car just to rev up the engine.

  • Bill Barnum
    Bill Barnum Day ago

    The sound in some parts of the video was hard to hear.

  • Tom Mason
    Tom Mason Day ago

    This is not a Toyota....

    L.C. NATION Day ago

    Change the camera position

  • strictly business

    They can keep that toyota it looks like crap not a fan at all. 335 hp lol hahahaha gtfoh that's what Toyota did to a classic trash it.

  • Food & Travel
    Food & Travel Day ago

    Just get the 2019 Toyota 86. Same shit

  • LuffyCo Nami
    LuffyCo Nami Day ago

    Sounds like a bmw

  • vinyl79
    vinyl79 Day ago

    Looks like a piece of snot that came out of my nose.

  • Ali Sadiq
    Ali Sadiq Day ago

    Supra 😖 = please help me Corolla
    Corolla 😣= go to Genesis
    Genesis 😑 = please let me fly away.

  • Landry Jones
    Landry Jones Day ago

    The fact it’s only automatic with a bmw engine makes me wanna cry Paul walker is turning in his grave right now

  • killerjhul
    killerjhul Day ago

    If any of you Toyota loonies did any amount of research... you'd know that BMW and Toyota worked on this engine together. Toyota demanded reliability and dependability and BMW demanded performance and weight savings.
    After years of R&D they came up with this powerplant. This is the most reliable engine BMW has ever made and it literally goes into every model.
    I hope these lease out for cheap. $400/mo or so, this becomes somewhat entertaining.

  • antony kolony
    antony kolony Day ago

    Pleeeease! Accept our new Supra!

  • P.J
    P.J Day ago

    @10:48 : that's the best 'angle' of the new Supra, because once you'll see the front and rear, if you didn't puke up, you're probably blind.

  • R GEN
    R GEN Day ago

    Bro............ @13:47 What a shitty interior. Sorry fans.

  • antony kolony
    antony kolony Day ago

    What's the problem with BMW!?!
    Reliability, cost maintenance, special tools required, worst electronic (with dodge maybe!)

  • Daratracer1994
    Daratracer1994 Day ago +1

    So, when Doug was mentioning the numerous, great BMWs does it also include the M5 E60?

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Day ago

    It sucks the new Supra should have been made with more HP than the old one, and also needed a shift paddles not only automatic.

  • BenHT
    BenHT Day ago

    so no 3JZ?

  • Jack Morrison
    Jack Morrison Day ago

    Why didn’t Toyota just have the tuning company build the car

  • Engine Start Up!
    Engine Start Up! Day ago +1

    Doug, the type of guy who cuts his hair himself........

  • elex plus
    elex plus Day ago

    Haha and then theres Ford who will sue your ass for even thinking about putting anything aftermarket on their cars

  • Something Unoriginal

    I understand why Rolls Royce owners complain about BWM parts. but to me a BMW interior/engine is a big step up from a Toyota

  • Aloha Altezza
    Aloha Altezza Day ago

    Part of me wants this me wants this car to flop so they do it right. Because a rebadged z4 aint it.

  • ca5ualm3dia
    ca5ualm3dia Day ago

    this is no supra , its a poopra , ( holds NOSE and turns away )

  • BreadAndGatorade

    It's gonna be like the FRS, 10 years later only got 5 more hp lol

  • Jim Myers
    Jim Myers Day ago

    If Americans buy this it means we didnt really win the war.
    Obviously a stick in our eye to see what we’ll “tolerate.”
    (Worth every bit of $26,588.)

  • Da Cawtz
    Da Cawtz Day ago

    I wish they would be creative instead of stealing the body style from the 370z, it's sad, and it looks stupid. It's like they didn't even use the old supra as inspiration, which is a real shame cause that car looks way cooler.

  • Yous Koose
    Yous Koose Day ago

    no big brakes in the back & fagomatic, rather get a 370z for half the price.

  • K.D.P. Ross
    K.D.P. Ross Day ago

    Nice + large + cup-holder-y ... just the way I like my cup holders.

  • Baqar Khan
    Baqar Khan Day ago

    They couldn’t buy him

  • Danny Batz
    Danny Batz Day ago +1

    Doug. I’m 6 4. How was the head room? Looks like your comfortable

  • MiZtA_bluee
    MiZtA_bluee Day ago

    21:11 My 2010 impala does that. Cant believe this happens in a $50K+ car.

  • Παντελης Μιχελης

    This isn't a Supra is BMW with Toyota badge

  • D.J. TYROONE69
    D.J. TYROONE69 Day ago

    Man says sweat

  • LegendofVII
    LegendofVII Day ago

    Making the car weak for tuning companies, using a bmw engine with less power, making the car an automatic, wow what an embarrassment

  • natedogg9999
    natedogg9999 Day ago +5

    Her: Where are we going?
    Doug: To my room so I can show you my quirks and features.

  • Luftbubblan
    Luftbubblan Day ago

    So many complaints here. I find it clever and a good platform to build on. Just think about how fast and easy 3rd party parts will be created for this. I would love to own one :)

  • Bill
    Bill Day ago +1

    Toyota should have:
    1 - used Toyota inline six turbocharged engine
    2 - used their own transmissions, including having a 6-speed manual as the standard
    3 - styled the car better. The new cars have too much going on and are trying to be so over the top to the point of being gaudy. You would never hear any styling complaint with the last Toyota Supra, even back when it first came out. In fact, on the contrary, unanimously it was a styling work of art. Lesson to be learned? Clean lines. Has any timeless classic had numerous appendages tacked on and conflicting lines more fitting for a crustacean? Every beautiful car that has withstood the test of time is a surprisingly simple shape. It is just that it is perfectly executed. The Jaguar E-Type, Ferrari GTO, Porsche 911, etc. all are great examples of this. A new car shouldn't have people trying "to get used to" its styling. That already indicates a FAIL. If it is beautiful, people will love it, no matter what generation the audience is nor what they are used to seeing. Simple as that. When manufacturers are trying so hard to outdo each other in Kardashian fashion with huge grilles, tacked on gaudy panels, conflicting jagged lines everywhere, all in an attempt to be another "look at me" vehicle, the end result is a very dishonest looking vehicle. You can't help but think that the manufacturer styling group is being quite disingenuous about what they are building.

    • Bill
      Bill Day ago

      +Nick R Every angle of the the previous Supra was balanced well. Nothing conflicting. Whether this is boring or not I suppose is a point of opinion. To me, it looks great, just like a Jaguar E-Type looks great from every angle. Similar thoughts for the original 1990 Mazda Miata. Looks perfect from every angle. No proportion out of line. It didn't need anything tacked on to balance it out or attempt to distract the audience. Some people also called the original Miata boring or even worse, cute :). But to me, it just looks right. But despite what my opinion is, all of these cars have styling that has been executed so that the lines of the car flow from every angle without conflict. That is the classic definition of beautiful.

    • Nick R
      Nick R Day ago

      The previous Supra was many things, but beautiful wasn't one of them. If anything, it was rather boring. That aside, I agree with your other points. This new impostor is just fugly.

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Day ago

    No targa top? Pass ..

  • hangie
    hangie Day ago

    This cars going to depreciate so bad

  • James H
    James H Day ago

    Automatic transmission only? What the eff? Why is it getting so difficult to find manufactures that make a manual trans?

  • Samir Tamir
    Samir Tamir Day ago

    It's BMW plus the price is stupid for 350 horse power 60.000$ 😂 here in Dubai you can buy a gtr r34 or a toyota Supra 2jz for that price minimum 800 horsepower done by subzero garage or nas performance.

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person Day ago

    A fully loaded mustang gt premium with a v8 and 460hp costs 50,000 so how did how did the supra beat it on dougscore or at least on value

  • david Bordelon
    david Bordelon Day ago

    Automatic? No thank you.

  • Michael Markarian

    Reminds ,e of a Toyota 86 beefed up a little

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Day ago


  • Samual Watson
    Samual Watson Day ago

    A Toyota with BMW parts?
    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith Day ago

    So if I have a problem with the supra electronics which dealership do I take it to??

  • Reef
    Reef Day ago

    This has my same thoughts as the GT86 but a bit worse since it had an iconic previous model. I do admit it had too much to live up to and that it was doomed to fall flat. Its fine but the drive train leaves something to be desired and wished it was, well, Toyota built. Oh well.

  • TheGoshzilla
    TheGoshzilla Day ago +1

    Man they just f**ked up the Supra name. 😂😜🤬😢

  • Jc Tejeda
    Jc Tejeda Day ago +1

    BMW Supra!! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

  • P S
    P S Day ago +4

    At least Nissan kept the Skyline legacy original with their R35 GTR.

    • Samir Tamir
      Samir Tamir Day ago

      And you can buy a gtr r35 low miles between 30.000 40.000 dollars easy

  • CpuWaiy
    CpuWaiy Day ago +1

    toyota name? yes
    toyota reliability? no

  • YouFlatBro ?
    YouFlatBro ? Day ago

    If you want reliability, stick with Toyota. If you don't want reliability, sick with BMW.

  • Faisal Engler
    Faisal Engler Day ago

    the break light feature is on alot of american cars the the GMC Yukon or the Mustang.

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith Day ago

    Garbage its not! Toyota. Old supra next to the new supra, hey what engine you running- a 2jz turbo. You? a 320hp bmw engine.....

  • hyundaixl
    hyundaixl Day ago

    I just wonder what was in it for BMW?

  • e30m31989
    e30m31989 Day ago +1

    Better off with a 370Z.

  • DQ10
    DQ10 Day ago +1

    Did Jeanie Buss design this car..

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male Day ago

    BMW may have hurt themselves in the public eye with this product, all in the exchange for 'potential revenue margin' what is equivocable to compromise.

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male Day ago

    I'm usually aggressive on my antagonism on that what people accept on what we call 'Must Tang'. Add this car next to officially piss me off.

  • AMV12S
    AMV12S Day ago +1

    The only one problem from this new Supra is: The car is ugly.

  • Freedom One
    Freedom One Day ago +1

    Hey Dougie boy. Couple of questions for you. Why wasn't the 370z mentioned in your comparison report? I'LL tell you why Dougie. The 370z Nismo is a better car period! Also, the rear quarters and back end of this Z4 are TOTALLY OVER-STYLED and UGLY. It's like the designers couldn't make up their minds so they threw everything at it with the hope of making something work. Guess what? The designers FAILED miserably! I'd take a 370z Nismo over this Z4 any day! Lastly, this Z4 is a sports car so it shouldn't have rear seats or be practical! Get a grip Doug!!

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male Day ago

    I just reviewed the whole video.....I still stand by the previous comment rating this car : TWO THUMBS DOWN!!

  • beatonthedonis47

    Looks great, handles great, drives great and 0-60 in 4 seconds. What the fuck do people want?

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male Day ago

    as a former BMW Z4 owner, I just simply could NOT bring myself to bring myself to consider. So two thumbs down.

  • AMV12S
    AMV12S Day ago +2

    This car looks like an Supra parody made by BMW

  • MrMoneyHelper
    MrMoneyHelper Day ago

    BMW MAKES JUNK!!! Their cars are great for the first year then they start falling apart and end up being worthless. Toyota makes things that last and are high quality. Using BMW only means trouble for Toyota in the long run.

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man Day ago

    My oh my, what have Toyota done, totally ruined the legend that was the supra jza80 with this fugly BMW Z4 replica :/

  • kumbackquatsta
    kumbackquatsta Day ago

    i appreciate your kneeling pad

  • L B
    L B Day ago

    Very objective fanboys wont get it

  • Kristian Raices Guy

    The nsx syndrome struck again!!

  • Sadist Fish
    Sadist Fish Day ago

    The a BMW hiding in a supra, but meh if i can see good tuning and 1000 digits i am sold in the future

  • ABB 4323
    ABB 4323 Day ago

    Not impressed ......seems to be a weak effort by Toyota .Toyota people don't want a BMW especially with it's non impressive reliability factor.

  • joseph vanlandingham

    People want a supra not a fucking bmw

  • Giordan Diodato
    Giordan Diodato Day ago +1

    why didn't they base it on the 86?
    Just increase the wheelbase and BAM! new Supra.

  • joseph vanlandingham

    So it's a bmw oh joy!!!😡😡

  • Stephen Usery
    Stephen Usery Day ago

    Could there be contractual stuff with BMW that limits how much Toyota can push the performance?

  • Radicool Gaming
    Radicool Gaming Day ago

    What do you mean by why? Do you mean how? Lmao I'm joking

  • Prospit MaidofBreath

    You know it's plagiarism to put your name on someone else's work Toyota.

  • harold daniels
    harold daniels Day ago

    Why does he keep saying Toyota. Of course it doesn't live up to the legend. It isn't a Toyota Supra, no matter what the badges say. Who's going to want to buy a used BMW, with a Supra badge. Id rather buy a Lotus, with a Toyota engine. Just looks like Toyota didn't want to do it, so they sub contracted to hopefully shut ppl up. Kia Stinger, is looking better and better.

  • Irfan Beig
    Irfan Beig Day ago +1

    So the take-home message is that the only thing original and reliable in new Supra is the FONT!