Divers Find Giant Squid Egg

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Links To Sources:
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Comments • 14 245

  • Robin Lundqvist
    Robin Lundqvist 29 days ago +47082

    i want to pop it

  • Pun Logic
    Pun Logic 8 hours ago


  • Phoenix Chase
    Phoenix Chase 11 hours ago

    I don’t want to meet whatever abomination made the squid egg. Unrelated note: can you set something underwater on fire

  • Phoenix Chase
    Phoenix Chase 11 hours ago

    Plot twist: The man was diabetic and the donut wanted to die so he figuered he might as well bring him down with him

  • Kyle Orton
    Kyle Orton 12 hours ago +1

    1:41 have you ever noticed whenever dogs are like growling their most of the time wagging their tail like what are they thinking 😂 dog : I’m gonna bite your ass so hard rn 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eliekira
    Eliekira 18 hours ago

    I was very uncomfortable when the donut jumped in Stephane’s mouth

  • doge wow
    doge wow 20 hours ago

    giant doggo

  • untrepid two
    untrepid two 20 hours ago

    could have been godzillas egg.

  • Manan Varma
    Manan Varma Day ago +1

    0:25 . Don't touch it, a face hugger might jump out!!

  • Bready Diaz
    Bready Diaz Day ago

    Imagine when you don't eat a donut the donut become alive and make you eat it...... I hope it taste nice

  • Mohd Hanzalan
    Mohd Hanzalan Day ago

    Adult squid egg

  • Souifla Erenthorn

    how big would the squid have to be in order to lay that egg

  • Nintend0 Sw1tch
    Nintend0 Sw1tch Day ago +1

    That dog makes a (boi if you don’t stop) face of terror

  • O- Mad's
    O- Mad's Day ago

    It looks like an alien

  • AnOrdinaryEgg
    AnOrdinaryEgg Day ago

    *Holy fuck, I live in Norway.*

    *We’ll it’s been nice meeting you guys*

  • Frederic Chopin
    Frederic Chopin Day ago

    They were lucky the mother wasn’t there

  • Bon Mosra
    Bon Mosra 2 days ago

    it seems like a penis to me

  • SupremeDoge
    SupremeDoge 2 days ago


  • Isaac
    Isaac 2 days ago

    Everyone: I will pop that squid egg
    Me: wants to pop the egg sack of moon snail

    FREDDIE REAGAN 2 days ago

    Who love this channel

  • Nitro
    Nitro 2 days ago +1

    imagine how much the caviar would cost

  • Cream Waffle
    Cream Waffle 2 days ago +1


  • Hadeel Didam
    Hadeel Didam 2 days ago +1

    *Subnautica thoughts intensify*

  • dogelover 9898
    dogelover 9898 2 days ago

    Kraken Confirmed

  • Fuzunga
    Fuzunga 3 days ago +1

    Surprising amount of egg sacs in this video.

  • CupcakequeenKitty 0w0

    Poor baby kitty. I love animals I'm rlly sad nobody ever talks about the animal parts of these videos

  • Cheezy YT
    Cheezy YT 3 days ago

    Nah fam that's a blue whale egg cell

  • RuLe Penguin
    RuLe Penguin 3 days ago

    And no one ever saw Steven again

  • Derek The Cow
    Derek The Cow 3 days ago


  • critical panda AHNAF

    that egg sack does not look right

  • gayasscroissant
    gayasscroissant 4 days ago

    Me: It looks like a dick

  • yeet
    yeet 4 days ago +5

    i was so confused when the donut started speaking german lol

  • SilentxKillerx5
    SilentxKillerx5 4 days ago

    So is the video if the dog a demonstration on what type of dogs should be shot dead?

  • Phoenix Chase
    Phoenix Chase 4 days ago +9

    Person: doesn’t want to eat donut
    Donut: so you have chosen... death

  • Dolly S
    Dolly S 4 days ago +1

    That's me everyday sadly :(

  • Joosh
    Joosh 4 days ago

    What is the angry donut animation called

  • Fox Plays
    Fox Plays 4 days ago

    That donut one was disturbing...

  • Zacharry Lubang
    Zacharry Lubang 4 days ago

    Beluga whale is gud whale

  • DuffinThe Muffin
    DuffinThe Muffin 4 days ago

    Game over Stephane

  • AK 69
    AK 69 5 days ago

    2:06 it look like an ass😂

  • Cola Child
    Cola Child 5 days ago

    Look at the Rubiks cube...it's so close to being finished

  • W A H L U 1 G 1
    W A H L U 1 G 1 5 days ago

    the kitten is a n g e r y

  • koolrelateable guy3000


    HI KIDS HI KIDS 5 days ago

    The squid was a thot

  • BreyelleB4 Bowers
    BreyelleB4 Bowers 5 days ago

    I think being a viscous girl is helpful

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 5 days ago

    Time for a squid omelette party!

    RB_SPLICE 5 days ago +1

    Erbody talking about the sack or the whale...im still shaking by that dog 1:39

  • Teresa Perez
    Teresa Perez 5 days ago

    Yes 1:24

  • Are you sure to go on this channel?

    The squid egg dun look like sumn else 🤫🤭🍆

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 5 days ago

    That donut one was so dirty😂💀

  • Zitat David
    Zitat David 5 days ago

    Geil deutsche szene

  • Bob and joe from jersey -

    Me:sees moon snail sac me again:YEET

  • fffatquan
    fffatquan 6 days ago

    Dude the world is so mysterious

  • Črxÿpvtś
    Črxÿpvtś 6 days ago

    poor Stephane he was only on a diet

  • Robert Li Vecchi
    Robert Li Vecchi 6 days ago

    it looks like a pp

  • Mythixx
    Mythixx 6 days ago

    Respect 100 for that whale 😂

  • Z0_ Games
    Z0_ Games 6 days ago +2

    Inside the egg looks like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Akira Kush
    Akira Kush 6 days ago

    i just watched that guy get orally violated by the donut

  • Akira Kush
    Akira Kush 6 days ago

    my friend : don't worry you can come in the dog doesn't bite

    the dog : 1:46

  • kitty Meow Meow
    kitty Meow Meow 6 days ago

    I just got a sprite cranberry ad