Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!


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  • Craig Helmle
    Craig Helmle 2 hours ago

    Dumb as shit!!!

  • Ernie Ramos
    Ernie Ramos 2 hours ago

    Food wars

  • Apoorva Lundchuse
    Apoorva Lundchuse 4 hours ago

    He's flirting with her and she is flirting back LOL She likes it

  • Carolina Ureña
    Carolina Ureña 5 hours ago

    Who won ?

  • Luz Santos Rodriguez
    Luz Santos Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Finally, vegan kitchen!

  • Adam Englund
    Adam Englund 5 hours ago

    I know gordans a pro chef and all but i think hes an asshole

  • laststand
    laststand 7 hours ago

    White Culture is SUPERIOR. Real White men will be making White Societies White Again. We Promise :)

  • FCL M
    FCL M 7 hours ago

    women arent funny

  • emak
    emak 8 hours ago

    nice shokugeki happened there

  • Lucas McQueen
    Lucas McQueen 8 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay the type of dude to eat some pussy and ask where’s the lamb sauce

  • Lucas McQueen
    Lucas McQueen 8 hours ago

    Gordon had a 3 way with the judge and the red head as soon as the cameras shut off

  • Frankie Jenkins
    Frankie Jenkins 11 hours ago

    Gordon ramsay beat those cheeks up

  • BozuシシMoyo
    BozuシシMoyo 11 hours ago

    7:56 When Cheryl and Betty start sluething and uncovering more drama

  • Hannah Mello
    Hannah Mello 11 hours ago

    Madalane won and he flipped out go watch the video on her channel he gets all mad

  • sophie honkhonk
    sophie honkhonk 11 hours ago

    i'm sorry but this is so lame, he even let her say "shut up", I WAS WAITING FOR HIM TO FUCKING ROAST THE SHIT OUT OF HER BUT THE FUCK-

  • ibhouse
    ibhouse 12 hours ago

    Yay Masterchef! It's really cool seeing two chefs doing a cook off, it's like Food Wars anime.

  • TheEllieWay
    TheEllieWay 13 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay should give a tour of the master chef set like if u agree

  • sudhamsh b
    sudhamsh b 14 hours ago

    “ ARM PIT “ yea.......l😂😂😂😂

  • Pip squeak
    Pip squeak 14 hours ago

    Wow Gordon just break all the rules good Boy

  • yugamine na
    yugamine na 14 hours ago

    bruh this is worse than porn acting

  • Ro_hopes_die
    Ro_hopes_die 16 hours ago

    Gordon kills Jason

  • Gabriela Justice
    Gabriela Justice 17 hours ago

    Christina.... I miss you!!!

  • Jade GameSetPlay
    Jade GameSetPlay 19 hours ago


  • Elevators 101
    Elevators 101 19 hours ago

    What a sop opera wtf

  • Jade GameSetPlay
    Jade GameSetPlay 19 hours ago

    The BEAUTYFUL young girl she wins of Gorden, because Gorden cheating at time, switch pans i think, he is lys that there is A surprise nearbye the freezer or some thing, and broke the rules.

  • Ryan Shane
    Ryan Shane 21 hour ago

    Gordan is so full of himself. He didnt post the rest because he lost lmfao.

  • xxshinrielxx
    xxshinrielxx 21 hour ago

    Cheryl Blossom !! I'm starting to like you more 😍☺

  • Linja Sk
    Linja Sk 22 hours ago +1

    What the actual fuck was that? Why do they end it with a shot of meat when it‘s a vegan cooking video? And why did he win even though he cheated?! 👎

  • Nathan Millington
    Nathan Millington 22 hours ago

    The fucking man

  • minwoo seo
    minwoo seo 22 hours ago

    Gordon just fucking cheated..

  • Triple8magic
    Triple8magic 23 hours ago

    The cringe from the judges is why I don't watch master chef

  • Paul Woelke
    Paul Woelke Day ago

    None of the people in this weird stage play can act. Which is fine with Gordon, considering he's not an actor (technically). Hell, even in The Smurfs he played himself.

  • Pen Wednesday
    Pen Wednesday Day ago

    What a babe

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks Day ago

    to all the people saying she is smoking hot and you'd love to fuck her...
    i'm first!!!

  • توت الأرض

    I wish l have hair like you ..😍

  • توت الأرض

    I love you medelaine
    You are nice girl 💙💙💙

  • Swiit Lime
    Swiit Lime Day ago

    this is a supercherie! The winner is... cuts to Gordon slicing beef wellington with his name in bold duh

  • The tokki life
    The tokki life Day ago

    Omg queen

  • Marwa A
    Marwa A Day ago

    #Riverdale season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daisy Barrios
    Daisy Barrios Day ago

    What a pickle! I’m glad they hashed it out :) Vegan 🌱 !

  • Dork Kun
    Dork Kun Day ago

    They fucked

  • marjorie anquilero

    she was a productive assistant on masterchief junior. She is really somethin.

  • Sara Vanegas
    Sara Vanegas Day ago

    Cheryl Blossom

  • TehFiishy
    TehFiishy Day ago

    I'd go full vegan for her tbh.

  • Sarah Martinez
    Sarah Martinez Day ago +1

    But what if I’m not subscribed or I haven’t watched you a billion times?!

  • Quiett Bear
    Quiett Bear Day ago

    lol Gordon you cheeky monkey

    • Quiett Bear
      Quiett Bear Day ago

      Hey the both cheated, yeast was living at one point lol

  • Mikhail Parsons
    Mikhail Parsons Day ago

    i would pay 3 whole dollars to watch her suck a huge black cok just so its hard to be shoved up her tiny asshole.

  • xRebecckahx
    xRebecckahx Day ago


  • Tugce Tugce
    Tugce Tugce Day ago


  • tsmanchester
    tsmanchester Day ago

    She is stunning

  • TheUnshatterd
    TheUnshatterd Day ago

    I just wish that for once, American television can stop being so obviously scripted

  • SalmaX33
    SalmaX33 Day ago

    Gordon only cooks with meat he’s like known for his meet and fish lol this must be so hard

  • I'm Yanisa
    I'm Yanisa Day ago

    Sassy riverdale !!

  • Maros Kaspar
    Maros Kaspar Day ago

    Gordon got burned real bad by Madelaine. Because she is so freaking HOT!

  • ThE HOLLow MaN
    ThE HOLLow MaN Day ago

    vegan food sucks.

  • Mikhail Parsons
    Mikhail Parsons Day ago

    i would rape that asshole.

  • carl matthew garcia

    What? That cliff hanger..

  • noman ul haq Khan

    Sanji vs Gordan.??

  • StacyJane Alex
    StacyJane Alex Day ago

    Gordon is actually kinda tall but you dont get it rightaway

  • n_s 20
    n_s 20 Day ago

    Finallyyyyy a vegan show😍

  • roolee2k
    roolee2k 2 days ago

    gosh... i love redhead

  • beesinthesky
    beesinthesky 2 days ago

    Gordon is still an idiot. Only watched because of MP - she's amazing ❤

  • teddy furlong
    teddy furlong 2 days ago

    Why does Gordon sound like a brit when he's actually scottish.

  • squishy yo 99
    squishy yo 99 2 days ago

    A vid with 2 people I hate...wow

  • Jemelo Villones
    Jemelo Villones 2 days ago

    Shokugeki no Ramsay

  • Lalit Chetan
    Lalit Chetan 2 days ago

    It is Madeline

  • Mike M
    Mike M 2 days ago

    @6:48 did she just tap off the micro planer off with the blade? for fucks sake.. wtf.

  • k kurova
    k kurova 2 days ago

    They totally fucked, didn't they?

  • Myster Speedo
    Myster Speedo 2 days ago

    *she hella thicc*

  • kawsar abay
    kawsar abay 2 days ago

    She's fine 😍

  • Tow Mater
    Tow Mater 2 days ago

    1:13 her laugh is so cute

  • Leah’s Life
    Leah’s Life 2 days ago

    So who won?

  • Leah’s Life
    Leah’s Life 2 days ago

    I need to be her

  • trevor Edenfield
    trevor Edenfield 2 days ago

    That was so funny when you took the paper and burned it lol

  • HMSWilson 7
    HMSWilson 7 2 days ago

    he did all that cheating cos he’s a pussy and doesn’t want there to be a chance that he could loss

  • m d
    m d 2 days ago


  • Timor Eran Averbuch
    Timor Eran Averbuch 2 days ago

    Whaaaaa????? Israeli show lol

  • Jömpa
    Jömpa 2 days ago

    Did you learn her to eat real food?

  • sliding through the ear


  • martijn stam
    martijn stam 2 days ago

    i think i like vegans now

  • Javier Solis
    Javier Solis 2 days ago

    Who else came here for cheryle lol

  • Blueberry Lime
    Blueberry Lime 2 days ago

    Irritating how much she is utterly in love with herself

  • Opaque Motives
    Opaque Motives 2 days ago +1

    I'm guessing you don't manage your own channel. Because you would have realised how boring this video is otherwise.

    • nightcoreloverify
      nightcoreloverify 2 days ago


    • Opaque Motives
      Opaque Motives 2 days ago

      It's full of click bait and it's trending of course people are clicking it, why do you think I did. I can say with certainty that it got the views because one he's on TV and two it's trending. I had a really, and I cant stress enough, really shitty mincraft video on my page for a few days and for unknown reasons it was on trending. I got hundreds of thousands of views. (You see I was testing the YT video editor and had set it to public not expecting anyone to find it.)

    • nightcoreloverify
      nightcoreloverify 2 days ago

      it maybe boring to you but it sure AS HELL GOT A LOT VIEWS

  • Syamil-
    Syamil- 2 days ago

    madelaine looks like brie larson.. in a way

  • Wade
    Wade 2 days ago

    Vegan MasterChef is like Formula E races.

  • Kerry's Pets and hobbies

    Vegan 🤢

  • O'Rangers Glory
    O'Rangers Glory 2 days ago

    Drinking wine...

  • JoYugyeom Kim
    JoYugyeom Kim 2 days ago

    it's a prank

  • Andre Sun
    Andre Sun 2 days ago

    L O L

  • Jadon Ooi
    Jadon Ooi 2 days ago

    Who Owns The MasterChef Show?? I Haven’t Know Yet. . .
    Or Am I Just Tasting Someone’s Gross Onion Soup???

  • Alec Zaidi
    Alec Zaidi 2 days ago

    Wow Cheryl really could lay off the make-up on TV. She looks completely different on here. Seriously. Two different people

  • Lizkebab Lok
    Lizkebab Lok 2 days ago

    “I’m not tasting it. I’m hoping it doesn’t kill you”. That’s reassuring

  • RoyalRowsters
    RoyalRowsters 2 days ago

    Is??? WHOO

  • BrittRosiles
    BrittRosiles 2 days ago


  • Dean Galloway
    Dean Galloway 2 days ago +1


  • Yabz
    Yabz 2 days ago

    The only hot vegan

  • ImSpray
    ImSpray 2 days ago

    Sorry but I won't be happy till we get a video of him reacting to my L A M B S A U C E

  • Jasper Van Nieuwkerke


  • Jeanine H
    Jeanine H 2 days ago

    I'd love to see Gordon take the Vegan Challenge a lot more seriously.

  • Sodref
    Sodref 2 days ago