Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!


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  • PhokingRiceFilms!
    PhokingRiceFilms! 9 minutes ago +1


  • Lumi
    Lumi 2 hours ago +1

    Wow, they either have no idea how to cook without meat, or they're just messing around.

  • Anthony Soto
    Anthony Soto 3 hours ago

    I hope Madeline won x)

  • Meiling Williams
    Meiling Williams 3 hours ago

    I love to watch ur shows

  • chodnar pola
    chodnar pola 7 hours ago

    99.99% came for medeline(me too,she's cute)
    00.01% came for something else.

  • Ryan Morgan
    Ryan Morgan 10 hours ago

    Never found red heads attractive until I watched this

  • OrangeSodaKing
    OrangeSodaKing 10 hours ago

    What the phack who won

  • Kebab with extra garlic mayo

    her clothing is so hot but so thot... feelz

  • Music Teacher
    Music Teacher 18 hours ago

    Thats how 90% of women do carreer. Hihihihihihihihihihi. Ahahhahhahahah. Hihihihihihihihihih etc

  • Alisha Taylor
    Alisha Taylor 18 hours ago

    Did he pronounce her name wrong ?

  • camille zapata
    camille zapata 19 hours ago

    This was cool I’m glad that he incorporated some type of vegan theme in any of his videos

  • Jessica Niki
    Jessica Niki 20 hours ago

    I dip steamed and salted veggies in A1 sauce mmmm. So I know I would LOVE cauliflower steak.

  • Travelle Clark
    Travelle Clark Day ago

    Gordon out here trolling that was so funny

  • AndroGamer PCGamer

    0:45-1:25 they don't know where the CAM is....

  • Sandra Godinez
    Sandra Godinez Day ago

    Cheryl blossom from Riverdale she looks just like her!!!!!

    • Angie 21
      Angie 21 Day ago

      +Sandra Godinez omggg girl I’m dead🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Sandra Godinez
      Sandra Godinez Day ago


    • Angie 21
      Angie 21 Day ago

      Ohh honey I hate to break it to you but that’s because it’s the same person😬

  • allen liu
    allen liu Day ago

    imagine if his wife was there or watched this video. just wondering.

    BETTYSWEET 2 days ago

    No wonder she looks familiar, I saw her on instagram

  • Sohana Afridi
    Sohana Afridi 2 days ago

    Who is the Winner?? they don't show us...😑

  • master piplup
    master piplup 2 days ago

    Anyone else see that he commented on the epic rap battle of history about him

  • Kiritoda Goat
    Kiritoda Goat 2 days ago

    Hottest ginger ever 😍😭😭😂

  • Terror Tales
    Terror Tales 2 days ago

    riverdale lol

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 2 days ago

    Rockin the balenciagas

  • Bts Army ein
    Bts Army ein 3 days ago


  • Bts Army ein
    Bts Army ein 3 days ago


  • Respawned PH
    Respawned PH 3 days ago

    Sison Fiona Ashley

  • haise sasaki
    haise sasaki 3 days ago

    Just lost no nut november. Press f to pay respects

  • Dee Mingz
    Dee Mingz 3 days ago

    He a bitch he pussy af. Stop talking about and stop talking as if everyone is perfect. You pussy af bih. I’m not here to be rude(let’s face no one is as rude as bitch yu/he is).!still waiting on yu to make cultural dishes from non European/white cultures. You’re very talented but you’re attitude is pussy af.

  • Bayleef Brendan
    Bayleef Brendan 3 days ago

    Where's Bri?

  • Olivia Smith 60 (STUDENT)

    Gordon Ramsey and I’ve been watching for over 3 4 years I would love to be a master chef one day please put me on the list for this year coming

  • Jared Blocker
    Jared Blocker 3 days ago

    I know he's married with kids but I SHIP IT!

  • Nora The Explorer
    Nora The Explorer 3 days ago

    Cheryl Blossom is that u

  • полина меркушенкова

    Cheryl URAA.

  • Julian Dwi Putra
    Julian Dwi Putra 4 days ago


  • Ken Steely
    Ken Steely 4 days ago +4

    That is one gorgeous red head

  • Min yoongi's Neck pillow


  • Total_Outcast
    Total_Outcast 4 days ago

    Somebody call the police!!!!! He didn't tell us who won the VEGANOFF! >:(

  • xXkaylaXx
    xXkaylaXx 4 days ago

    Omg is that Rachel from Rachel And Jun?? (Madelaine and Rachel look similar) xd

  • Vince Warque
    Vince Warque 4 days ago

    Madeeeeee!!! Ive used your pictureeeeee as a profile pic on youtube

  • Craig Whittles
    Craig Whittles 4 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that "vegan food" is just normal food minus the meat, eggs, and dairy.

  • N O E L L A P R O D U C T I O N S

    New Sub 😀

  • Fabnian Hofbauer
    Fabnian Hofbauer 4 days ago

    I love how Gordon wouldnt even want to cook vegan..
    I love how he despises every sentence she says about food with no meat in it.

  • Anya Grace
    Anya Grace 5 days ago

    ''that looks like my grandpa's armpit'' ooh Gordon...So funny...love from Nigeria

  • sillyninja65
    sillyninja65 5 days ago


  • Qin Shihuang
    Qin Shihuang 5 days ago

    Gordon, you're beautiful - people focus on outer appearances, but someone who is adept can see beyond appearances. for lack of a better word.

  • Ben Ocampo
    Ben Ocampo 6 days ago

    Madeline i want to eat your pussy.

  • ritika
    ritika 6 days ago

    Granddad's armpit😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Long John
    Long John 6 days ago

    It’s so weird seeing her so happy and cute knowing her character in Riverdale is a sassy bitch

  • Long John
    Long John 6 days ago

    She’s a baddie ngl

  • Mel Speedy
    Mel Speedy 6 days ago

    My boy Gordon .want to learn.?Just like when you are little lad? I’ll sent you some links if you allow me. Let not pride be the way. Sent me a go ok my son. Then I’ll show you a different approach to cooking. Remember put pride aside. Sent me a email

  • Bri Tollefson
    Bri Tollefson 6 days ago

    I call BULLSHIT

  • Alpaca Bowl
    Alpaca Bowl 6 days ago

    That’s wife material boys

  • ChickenNuggets :D
    ChickenNuggets :D 6 days ago

    She honestly looks better without all the makeup she has in Riverdale

  • Aspyn :P
    Aspyn :P 6 days ago

    Gordon: come on down!
    Madelain: Thank you!
    Me: wait so you would have let her come down?

  • Aaron Merkel
    Aaron Merkel 6 days ago

    I don't know why this was a joke to Ramsay. He is a chef and he makes a joke out of the challenge. Plants are a huge part of his everyday cooking, yet, when there is no meat, they suddenly become a joke?

  • CinderRelicx- Gaming&more

    She looks like a girl that can be the daughter of Gordon Ramsay,but not being offensive Gordon to me is NOT old 😅✌🏻😶😐

  • Larkspur
    Larkspur 7 days ago

    I'd actually be interested to see an entire vegan Masterchef. Not vegan myself, but It'd be interesting to see all the creations they can come up with.

  • xxhalogamer22xx
    xxhalogamer22xx 7 days ago

    And this is a joke video right?

  • xxhalogamer22xx
    xxhalogamer22xx 7 days ago

    On a Twitter message between someone and Mr.Ramsay, Gordon said he was allergic to vegans...

  • Lil'Monki
    Lil'Monki 7 days ago +1

    I thought they were serious..This is ridiculous and neither dish looked good.

  • Emotional Chromosome

    Who won?

  • Fancy Nails
    Fancy Nails 7 days ago

    Omg I never seen Gordon cook before

  • Elijah Gosnell
    Elijah Gosnell 7 days ago

    This whole video was hilarious. Thank you for the laugh today. And btw. Kelp noodles? What even

  • Gabriel Divine
    Gabriel Divine 7 days ago

    Madelaine is nice young woman .. shame she has .. gibbus is the word? Not strong straight back. First time I heard about her .. definitely will check her channel, wanna see female GR :)

  • gracie
    gracie 7 days ago

    vegans are weird

  • Jennifer Velazquez
    Jennifer Velazquez 9 days ago +1

    “One of the hottest” i cringed

  • Clare M ૐ
    Clare M ૐ 9 days ago

    I’ve never seen Gordon be so nice omg

  • Angelina Squeo
    Angelina Squeo 9 days ago +3

    Sorry I just love her name😂

  • Ton Wu
    Ton Wu 10 days ago

    Madeline is a slut

    • Gabriella music Van Wyk
      Gabriella music Van Wyk 10 days ago +2

      No she isn't, she's actually nice and cheers up everyone she loves and supports, calling her a slut just proves that your over dramatic and rude

  • jason
    jason 10 days ago

    THE WINNER IS???????

  • KawaiiAppleProductions

    goddamnit gordon you heard "there's a lot of stake " but didn't even make a meat joke

  • thatrainyboy
    thatrainyboy 11 days ago +7

    Her: Come up in the front
    Gordon: Oh I’m too old..

  • Leslie Perez
    Leslie Perez 11 days ago

    Aww Gordon is so nice to her, they look like uncle and niece.

    • wig
      wig 9 days ago


  • Nidhi Neelesh
    Nidhi Neelesh 11 days ago

    That's why Gordon is my favorite

  • Giovonni GFR
    Giovonni GFR 11 days ago

    She is way to hot!

  • Harlee
    Harlee 12 days ago

    she ia so tiny compared to him

  • Azyn Styles
    Azyn Styles 12 days ago

    The kelp noodles look like garbage. I wouldn't eat that. I'd rather eat gordon's cauliflower steak.

  • Pik Nik
    Pik Nik 12 days ago


  • Bella Carnally
    Bella Carnally 12 days ago

    Gordon! You sore loser! 😂😂😂

  • Bfett Rulez
    Bfett Rulez 13 days ago

    This girl is a babe

  • Ariauna's Channel
    Ariauna's Channel 13 days ago

    Announcer: make this dish perfect... but his has to be vegan
    Gordon: * throws everything away * boom they can eat air or sh*t I don’t really care

  • Steeler Mom
    Steeler Mom 13 days ago


  • Original  Kin
    Original Kin 13 days ago +7

    You made me watch a whole video just to not see who won ☹️

    SHELDOR THE CONCUR 13 days ago

    I wonder why did he invite her 👉👌👅👄

  • ross Atterberry
    ross Atterberry 13 days ago

    As a big fan of Gordon I am a little disappointed with what I have seen on his you tube. I feel that there is to much of a polarity switch. It goes from what should be a serious challenge to what feels like a not very good joke. I feel that there needs to be a balance of serious with a fun atmosphere like what Gordon has in the F word.

    xX COMMANDOXx 13 days ago

    I hate people when they say like if you agree

    Like if you agree

    Ơ BISTRO 14 days ago

    Super chef =)), #beststeakinhcmc

  • Matthew
    Matthew 14 days ago

    Oh my GOD she is so hot!!!!!!!!!!! I would make a baby with her...

  • joe f
    joe f 15 days ago

    how long as she been vegan 6 months look at the curves she eating meat somewhere

  • Jodi Trueman
    Jodi Trueman 15 days ago

    WHO WON!? why is no one wondering this?

  • Smarty Boy
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  • Cronish
    Cronish 16 days ago

    Love the vegan stuff

  • Effedfff BBC
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  • steve beam
    steve beam 16 days ago

    Eh hes a bitch I went to a couple of his spots and let loose bed buga

  • Newfie1956
    Newfie1956 16 days ago

    Nine minutes and ten seconds of ...LAME

  • sedat ataş
    sedat ataş 16 days ago +2

    Normal değil bu adam

  • Yamato Tsubuku
    Yamato Tsubuku 17 days ago

    She is in riverdale

  • Mr. Omegalul
    Mr. Omegalul 17 days ago

    she thicc asf