Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!


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  • •The Magnificent Will Cipher•

    *this comment will somehow offend someone.*

  • XBlueFlame
    XBlueFlame 23 minutes ago

    0:14 "i cant believe you want to see this muck ( *thinks about NINO AND THE LAMB SAUCE* ) a billion times"

  • SingaporeStrayan
    SingaporeStrayan Hour ago

    When I saw them beginning to actually cook, I thought back to the moment when Gordon made fun of the chef that grills lettuce for a caesar salad lol.

  • Lawrence Lopez
    Lawrence Lopez Hour ago

    I wish gordon was my mom

  • Citizen Terra
    Citizen Terra 6 hours ago

    I say this with much respect.... she is fucking gorgeous

  • keng kimsim
    keng kimsim 12 hours ago


  • Jack Monro
    Jack Monro 12 hours ago


  • trick johnes
    trick johnes 15 hours ago

    Isnt she from that show on channel 5 riverdale?

  • Skribb
    Skribb 21 hour ago

    This is so fake it hurts...

  • Night Stick
    Night Stick 21 hour ago

    6:43 This was my then girlfriend, now wife, when she decided to cook for our first home dinner, even though she hadn't cooked a meal in her life! "I'm hoping it doesn't kill you". It truly inspired confidence!
    I didn't die, but it was truly horrible. I've since showed her some cooking, though I still make most of the meals. Thank you, Mom, for putting up with me ruining things I didn't even know you could ruin, like burning pasta... four times... I learned, though, and now I'm quite okay, if I do say so myself!

  • darkspd31
    darkspd31 22 hours ago

    *Hot Piece of Ass
    ...and she knows it

  • Tt Rr
    Tt Rr 23 hours ago +1

    Bruh get on my level. I can make cup noodles.

  • Huy Dang
    Huy Dang Day ago

    She look like pornstar 😁

  • Nick Mallari
    Nick Mallari Day ago

    😂😂 that's funny Mr. Gordon Ramsay

  • AlChimbo
    AlChimbo Day ago +3


  • Mike Venturino
    Mike Venturino Day ago

    Where is the lamb sauce

  • Pavel Tobiáš
    Pavel Tobiáš 2 days ago

    You know... i like vegetables. I love vegetables. As a side dish, salad or sometimes even as meatless dish all by themselves, they are okay.
    But there are vegetables and then there are "vegetables". And then, at the deepest of all lows, there are those atrociously disgusting crimes against humanity like kelp noodles and tofu. Why in the f*king f*k would anyone eat stuff that tastes like bathtub sponge or looks like something cought up by sick sheep anyway, just because it isn't meat?
    To eat cruelty free? Get your own god damn livestock then and butcher it by yourself, gently and humanely.
    Et voilá- cruelty free meat. Like proper meat. With flavour, colour, nutrients and stuff. And properly cruelty free, especially free from cruelty against consumer...

  • Mahmudul Hasan
    Mahmudul Hasan 2 days ago

    she looks like Emily Bloom

  • Jamie Roblox Gaming
    Jamie Roblox Gaming 2 days ago

    3:00 awkward moment... xD

  • marian roberto
    marian roberto 2 days ago +1

    her dish looks like hairy shiter

  • Kale In a Cup
    Kale In a Cup 2 days ago

    S E A S O N I N G

  • Gavin Blue
    Gavin Blue 2 days ago +1

    Girl from Riverdale

  • marygrace wong
    marygrace wong 2 days ago


  • Weeblord _
    Weeblord _ 3 days ago

    Big tiddies

  • Zhee Dhelan
    Zhee Dhelan 3 days ago

    *What a naughty mommy*

  • Crystal Lizard
    Crystal Lizard 3 days ago +1

    Madelaine? More like cheryl

  • Citrodeko
    Citrodeko 4 days ago

    One billion views that is all on me guys. Yep, that’s right, if there is no me watching all of your videos over and over again, you would reach that billion at least 3 seconds later.

  • martinolsen007
    martinolsen007 4 days ago +1

    hottest girl in masterchef ever :O

  • Bill D.
    Bill D. 4 days ago

    Veganism is a sin.

  • rpg
    rpg 4 days ago

    Thicc asf

  • Libby Vlogs
    Libby Vlogs 4 days ago +1

    Omg omg riverdale ❤️❤️ Cheryl

  • PapaBearsPlumbing
    PapaBearsPlumbing 4 days ago +1

    Cheryl BLOSSOM!!!!!!!!!!

  • Feel Free To Subscribe
    Feel Free To Subscribe 4 days ago +2

    He's so interresting to watch.

  • Inf3n0
    Inf3n0 4 days ago

    Got a KFC ad. LOL

    Now I want kfc xD

  • Andrew Chandler
    Andrew Chandler 5 days ago

    she is gorgeous

  • The Leo Wolf
    The Leo Wolf 5 days ago

    It's a shame I'm deathly allergic to pine nut

  • HaiItzZaid MSP
    HaiItzZaid MSP 5 days ago

    is she from river dale?

  • TheTotem69i
    TheTotem69i 5 days ago

    Madelaine Petsch = Beautiful women :)

  • qilah sahiran
    qilah sahiran 5 days ago

    I will cry if I was forced to use my balenciaga shoes to cook

  • Zillyan Tran
    Zillyan Tran 5 days ago

    Just imagine Gordon hearing that one of his friends are vegan..
    Madelaine: I’m vegan..
    Gordon: No. Get out. I don’t want to ever see you again.

    Just kidding. I can tell that Gordon is loyal to his friends. xD

  • muomo
    muomo 5 days ago

    The kelp noodles...look like Gordon's hair

  • I Hate PT Cruisers
    I Hate PT Cruisers 5 days ago

    Came for random shit in my recommended

    Stayed for the woman 🙃🙃

  • Janssen Garcia Santos

    Best redhead

  • Neeko Chum
    Neeko Chum 5 days ago

    You are the worst cook stop acting like you are good

  • 미나터자키애이스

    Why need meat when you have a meaty vegan instead.

  • Jamie Welsh
    Jamie Welsh 6 days ago

    WHERE'S THE LAMB SAU- oh wait.

  • l RaiVen l
    l RaiVen l 6 days ago

    She is so f hot😂😂🔥

  • Rawan Jouhar
    Rawan Jouhar 6 days ago

    Madelaine won. I saw it on her channel

  • NaughtImp0rtant
    NaughtImp0rtant 6 days ago

    From everyone with alpha-gal allergy syndrome, thanks for doing some vegan cooking even if you still like meat, remember there are tens of thousands of people who can not have red meat or dairy and the number is growing at an alarming rate. but uh... kelp noodles, I'm with you there, ew.

  • Emilie Rose Beresford

    that was shit.

  • Jaiden Rivera
    Jaiden Rivera 6 days ago +1

    Who else saw Debby Ryan in the thumbnail at first😭

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W 6 days ago

    A vegan dish that uses the word "steak" 🤔

  • Israel Carrillo
    Israel Carrillo 6 days ago

    Can someone confirm if she's wearing balenciaga's

  • Wynrotar
    Wynrotar 6 days ago

    9inch clit zipper died in the 80s this red cant be fucked

  • ecos889
    ecos889 6 days ago

    The winner is NINO!

  • Setsuna
    Setsuna 7 days ago


  • I'm Craving Sushi
    I'm Craving Sushi 7 days ago

    Wow he called her the hottest

  • Leon Tangen
    Leon Tangen 7 days ago

    Vegan Masterchef. *Beats my meat*

  • Stabs in the back
    Stabs in the back 7 days ago

    Vegan Shokugeki*

  • Missy P
    Missy P 7 days ago

    You are naughty lol

  • Csaba Böjthy
    Csaba Böjthy 7 days ago

    lol vegan chef

  • Jarin Ledford
    Jarin Ledford 7 days ago

    First of all, I cant believe no one is talking about it; second of all, I cant believe people are actually defending Gordon utterly cheating here. I was bummed out.
    Madelaine was visibly pissed too.

  • Nameless
    Nameless 8 days ago +1

    I clicked cah she's piffffff blud

  • Jimmy Miller
    Jimmy Miller 8 days ago


  • Katarzyna S
    Katarzyna S 8 days ago

    He should take on the vegan metal chef next.

  • Yaren K
    Yaren K 8 days ago

    Olm bi su adama bakin bi de bizimkilere bdbdbsbsbnaka

  • Lance Andrei
    Lance Andrei 8 days ago

    The grilled lettuce is better than cauliflower steak.

  • Lily Page
    Lily Page 8 days ago

    I loveeeee her she’s from Riverdale

  • kino
    kino 8 days ago

    "that looks like my granddad's armpit" WHEEZE

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B 8 days ago

    He’s an ass in this.....

  • Utama Raj Nathan
    Utama Raj Nathan 8 days ago

    Go vegan Gordon..

  • Obsessed ARMY
    Obsessed ARMY 8 days ago

    Everyone wants to bang Madelaine, gimme Ramsay lmao 😂

  • Enya Winter
    Enya Winter 9 days ago

    Madeline is a split image of my auntie !!

  • Dim Bose
    Dim Bose 9 days ago

    6.8k people can't take a joke.

  • Ashley Noland
    Ashley Noland 9 days ago

    Cheryl Blossom! ❤

  • Cr333pz Cr333pz
    Cr333pz Cr333pz 9 days ago

    so who won?

  • tokeup gaming
    tokeup gaming 10 days ago

    Shame ..........

    .... couldn't have done a better vegan episode without the "reality tv effect"

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt 10 days ago

    Vegans need to be rounded up and put into camps. They need to be stopped before their illness spreads to the rest of humanity.

  • Gram Gable
    Gram Gable 10 days ago

    God I hate vegans.

  • Yenat Mott
    Yenat Mott 10 days ago

    shes a ridddeee

  • SyhaDan
    SyhaDan 10 days ago

    Well she's definitely much sweeter than her character

  • sean li
    sean li 10 days ago

    Gordon got frightened of something that grows in the dirt

  • DeclanDG
    DeclanDG 10 days ago

    Morondon is such a fucking twat... can't cook for shit either

  • T G
    T G 10 days ago

    Ive never seen this episode of shokugeki no souma before.

  • DEE
    DEE 10 days ago

    This is so funny lol

  • Haze1434
    Haze1434 10 days ago

    Good fucking Lord, if she doesn't make you want to go Vegan, I don't know what will.

  • Cuerex
    Cuerex 11 days ago

    holy cow how can a woman be this gifted

  • Samuel Davidson
    Samuel Davidson 11 days ago

    He sure ain't Gaz Oakley!!!

  • Hardstyle Jansson
    Hardstyle Jansson 11 days ago

    I'd smash her but I'd never go vegan for her.
    I need meat in my life.

  • Otto Buczynski
    Otto Buczynski 11 days ago +1

    Holy shit, look at those tits!

  • Sai Sai
    Sai Sai 11 days ago

    Gordon should bang both

  • Mydevineself
    Mydevineself 11 days ago +2

    Didn't Gordon make fun of a chef on kitchen nightmares for having a cauliflower steak on their menu??

    • Mydevineself
      Mydevineself 2 days ago

      +Death Spiker I think you're confused bc that's exactly what Gordon did.

    • Death Spiker
      Death Spiker 3 days ago

      Yeah becuase they were cooking it like a steak not normaly how you would do one (im kinda guessing bit that seems logical)

  • Cloudy NS
    Cloudy NS 11 days ago

    I'm eating some kraft mac n cheese right now. I'd rather eat this than those kelp noodles that's forsure.

  • Nadia McNeill
    Nadia McNeill 11 days ago

    "Hottest"? Naughty Gordon. You have a wife!!!!

  • Misha Atendido
    Misha Atendido 11 days ago

    Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale hehe

  • the beast
    the beast 11 days ago


  • Bennssn Snabbs
    Bennssn Snabbs 12 days ago

    God damn

  • Madison Beer
    Madison Beer 12 days ago

    i love madelaine

  • Karl Dilkington
    Karl Dilkington 12 days ago

    Gordon banged her. Fo sho