10 Star Wars Products that Should Have NEVER Existed! 😱


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  • Mason Ensor
    Mason Ensor 8 hours ago

    Star Wars house and couch

  • killstuffihegames
    killstuffihegames 23 hours ago

    Didn't believe you about the star wars merch. Looked up toilet brush, tampons, and adult diapers. Then, I looked up dish washers. There are no star wars dishwashers, bread makers/machines (not toaster), or Dental Dams. Now, what do I win?

  • Cian OByrne
    Cian OByrne Day ago

    Star Wars guitar strings?

  • Mr. Grizzly
    Mr. Grizzly Day ago

    A tree

  • stephen womack
    stephen womack Day ago

    What about toilet paper?

  • Owen Projects
    Owen Projects 2 days ago

    Mathiest i got big ears to

  • Best Reactions
    Best Reactions 3 days ago

    I put my dog in sweaters because she shivers

  • C-n-Z Animations and Gaming

    I love star wars!

  • Charley Joergensen
    Charley Joergensen 3 days ago

    3:00 does it count if I HAVE been in a relationship before?

    I don't even have the product I'm just asking

  • Best Reactions
    Best Reactions 3 days ago

    I love Tanner even more that he knows what appa is

  • Stockton Goodin
    Stockton Goodin 5 days ago

    A tree is not Star Wars

  • Matt The Gamer
    Matt The Gamer 5 days ago

    Starwar dogfood

  • Matt The Gamer
    Matt The Gamer 5 days ago

    Star war floor

  • Matt The Gamer
    Matt The Gamer 5 days ago

    Star wall chair

  • akanupp225
    akanupp225 6 days ago

    Star Wars 🍉

  • Lewis Gardner
    Lewis Gardner 6 days ago

    milk does not have a star wars thing on it tho

  • Owen Taylor
    Owen Taylor 6 days ago

    I love star wars

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 6 days ago

    I never watch One Star Wars movie

  • Jaxon Erickson
    Jaxon Erickson 7 days ago

    shote me out

  • Flambodeus Scones
    Flambodeus Scones 7 days ago

    Star Wars mixing bowl? Star Wars door knocker? Star Wars doctor masks? Star Wars trash bags? Star Wars egg timer? Star Wars cutlery? Star Wars toilet seat?

  • ALDRE BoBaas
    ALDRE BoBaas 7 days ago

    Star wars contact lense?

  • Greg Santone
    Greg Santone 7 days ago


  • Marianne Clarke
    Marianne Clarke 8 days ago

    The prequels were better

  • Anna Johnston
    Anna Johnston 8 days ago

    It’s okay to dress up your dog, so long as they are comfortable. This means nothing on the feet, and it needs to fit fairly loosely.

  • Disbelief Papyrus
    Disbelief Papyrus 8 days ago

    11:49 couldn´t stop laughing for 5 minutes

  • Disbelief Papyrus
    Disbelief Papyrus 8 days ago

    9:23 totally chewbacca 100%

  • Darkmetaknight18
    Darkmetaknight18 8 days ago

    What editing software does your editor use Matthias? (Or anyone can answer it. Lol.)

  • Beanieboos life YT
    Beanieboos life YT 8 days ago

    boo I hate. starwars. but I love. this. channel. in. roblox. I have. a. shirt. on that. says. DOPE

  • Ruby Gunslinger
    Ruby Gunslinger 8 days ago

    Star wars watermelon

  • Ruby Gunslinger
    Ruby Gunslinger 8 days ago

    I loved the last jedi

  • Brent Hutchinson
    Brent Hutchinson 8 days ago

    There was a Star Wars edition Kia that looks like a Stormtrooper.

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 8 days ago

    If you like jar jar binks you aren’t a Star Wars fan

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 8 days ago

    There isn’t a Star Wars phone

  • crovan 87546
    crovan 87546 9 days ago

    Star wars matthias star wars garlic star wars railway series
    Read the railway series it's superior to the tv series

  • Rachael Arce
    Rachael Arce 9 days ago

    Water star wars water

  • Marcey Gochnour
    Marcey Gochnour 9 days ago +1

    I hope tanner gets a raise after that AT AT dog costume # poor guy 😂😭

  • Isaiah Reynen
    Isaiah Reynen 9 days ago

    Are there star wars condoms

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson 9 days ago

    lol that soup was fine. that was just chicken fat and collegian on the top. condensed chicken soup always looks like that untill it is heated up and stirred up lol.

  • Angelica Nguyen
    Angelica Nguyen 10 days ago

    Omg he looks like he got a porn mustache rofl

  • Cody Hurley
    Cody Hurley 10 days ago

    Your youtub video are cool

  • The gaming Friends
    The gaming Friends 10 days ago

    It’s not funny when tanner makes the jaba impression

  • Morgan Gauthier
    Morgan Gauthier 11 days ago

    There is no star wars version or me

  • -Mitchkit-
    -Mitchkit- 11 days ago

    Jar Jar Binks tongue lollipop. For when you wish to play tonsil hockey with Jar Jar Binks.

  • Amber Kath-Adams
    Amber Kath-Adams 11 days ago

    You are good

  • Andrewthepug
    Andrewthepug 12 days ago

    It is cute

  • Annoying Doge
    Annoying Doge 12 days ago

    Is there a star wars d**do? Like if there is that would be a lightsaber style 😂😂

  • Pranav Athavale
    Pranav Athavale 12 days ago

    Transformers are not star wars lol

  • The challenge squad
    The challenge squad 12 days ago

    My name is lucas

  • The challenge squad
    The challenge squad 12 days ago

    Animal Abuse

  • Glen Calhoun
    Glen Calhoun 13 days ago

    Your editor + mustache = "it's a Mario"
    Lol!!! Too good. Loving the vids. Keep it up.

  • Elmacko
    Elmacko 13 days ago

    starwars condoms?

  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer 13 days ago

    I know how to stump you

    Star Wars Matthias

  • mr crab
    mr crab 13 days ago

    18:55 i lost it

  • mr crab
    mr crab 14 days ago

    there is no star wars version of me

  • marfankid 29
    marfankid 29 14 days ago

    dogs need Halloween to

    PLEB POPULARITY 14 days ago


  • Oliver Swinoga
    Oliver Swinoga 14 days ago

    If people buying it is weird why do you buy it?

  • Swirl98625 Deane
    Swirl98625 Deane 14 days ago

    Something Funny

  • Rachel Fink
    Rachel Fink 14 days ago +1

    You guys are funny 😂

  • Rooster
    Rooster 14 days ago

    One day when I was looking in my dads Star Wars stuff I found one of those jar jar binks suckers it was weird

  • Holly Hartwick
    Holly Hartwick 14 days ago

    Unobservant or ignorant? Matt called British Pounds "Dollars". Not the same currency. Not the same value. If you check the exchange rate, I think you'll find the pens cost less than $300.

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 14 days ago

    Why not a Star Wars Vibrator
    than u can say "feel the Force Luke"

  • WheatleyGamer177
    WheatleyGamer177 14 days ago

    14:06 well Mathias they don't have star wars portal and star wars Doctor Who!!! ROFL!

  • Wesley Barnes
    Wesley Barnes 15 days ago

    Matthias's nope but you still cool

  • Mike Puorro
    Mike Puorro 15 days ago

    I was really surprised the the canned food went bad.

  • Rainbowtravel
    Rainbowtravel 16 days ago

    a official star wars outlet cover doesn't exist 0_0 I think?

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker 16 days ago

    darth vader+yoda=darth yoder slippers

  • bob boring name
    bob boring name 16 days ago

    so who thinks some one has used the jarjar pop for something kinky?

  • america roleplayer
    america roleplayer 17 days ago

    Is there a star wars toilet/seat cover?

  • ArkTheCat YT
    ArkTheCat YT 17 days ago

    tanners ear isn't star wars!

  • Tyrell
    Tyrell 17 days ago


  • Dusk Rose
    Dusk Rose 17 days ago

    We dress one of are dogs in sweaters, only cause we live in Ohio and he has to short of hair so he gets cold easily

  • Frank Lawton
    Frank Lawton 17 days ago

    Im in a relationship eith mi 🐈 and mi 🐕

  • Andrew LaSalle
    Andrew LaSalle 18 days ago

    It is not an AT-AT it is an a t a t

  • broexist [TM]
    broexist [TM] 18 days ago

    Me: "there's no star wars condoms"
    Google: "yes"
    Saber skins.. they even have a name

  • broexist [TM]
    broexist [TM] 18 days ago

    Confirmed Matthias is very familiar with rule 34

  • Roxy Foxy and Dr Pepper Show

    heck no not drinkin out of tanners ear nope nope nope......

  • Adam DeVree
    Adam DeVree 19 days ago +1

    I had that Jar Jar candy thing. Stupid me never ate the candy and years later my dad had to clean ants out of my tin of Pezs and we had to throw the Jar Jar thing away.

  • Kirklin Gandy
    Kirklin Gandy 19 days ago

    The pen is 387$

  • Mike 45618
    Mike 45618 19 days ago

    14:38 its not funny

  • Chloe Guy
    Chloe Guy 20 days ago

    I love jar jar

  • Atomsk
    Atomsk 21 day ago

    11:50 i died. Actually am still currently laughing while trying to typew.

  • RTy7N Animations
    RTy7N Animations 21 day ago

    9:09 crimes: Insulting the entire hutt race

  • a snap of imagination 777

    I exist am I Star Wars 0-0 ö

  • Troy Fulks
    Troy Fulks 22 days ago

    I hate people how dress up there dog

  • Angel Opal Iris
    Angel Opal Iris 22 days ago


  • Kismet Games
    Kismet Games 22 days ago

    to be honest Cross brand pens are a sorta double-collectible, it's an expensive pen brand to begin with and adding a star wars license on top of that is just asking for it to get expensive. not worth it by a longshot, but if you're the kind of person who'll spend 300$ on a particularly nice pen and happen to be a star wars fan to boot, that's the target.

  • Maliq Turner
    Maliq Turner 22 days ago

    Somin funny

  • Kyle Lejeune
    Kyle Lejeune 23 days ago

    Is there a starwars Diseal truck

  • Malakai Hiner
    Malakai Hiner 23 days ago

    no starwars Chinese food

  • Yuri
    Yuri 23 days ago

    So corn has a Star Wars version........my life is. Lie

  • Rayman_Rubik_YT
    Rayman_Rubik_YT 23 days ago

    He looks like Joaquin “el chapo” Guzmán 6:34

  • SpringAna FNAF Gmod and more

    The Bell has been clicked. Yo momma so old she is, used to babysit me she once did, Change my diper she still does

  • Amokriin Prolgiid
    Amokriin Prolgiid 24 days ago

    I doubt there are any star Wars brand magic wands. Especially since magic wands aren't star Wars at all.

  • Mantis Shrimp King
    Mantis Shrimp King 25 days ago

    Is there a statewide terd

  • David Martin
    David Martin 25 days ago

    Starwars Hand dessinfection?

  • David Martin
    David Martin 25 days ago

    I drink out of an Bottele

  • David Martin
    David Martin 25 days ago

    It looks like a wannabe Freddie Mercury or Gomez Addams

  • Ryan Gloeckle
    Ryan Gloeckle 26 days ago

    you need to go around the office in the Jabba the Hutt costume

  • Amy tincher
    Amy tincher 26 days ago

    No star wars guns