Trying Weird Celebrity Food Favourites

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
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  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke  29 days ago +320

    What's a weird food combination you like? Would you try any of these ones?

    • Lisa Chafin
      Lisa Chafin 2 days ago

      Oh! I can reply here too! 🐝🐝🐝
      Try a dill pickle and coconut cake!
      I had to eat it in a play I did ... was actually good lol!

    • angel4u2nv
      angel4u2nv 4 days ago

      I grew up with the "weird" combination of peanut butter sandwiches with a bowl of chili.

    • Lyla Rasco
      Lyla Rasco 4 days ago +1

      Hot Cheetos and nacho cheese ❤️

    • Lyla Rasco
      Lyla Rasco 4 days ago +1

      Ground mild sausage that’s been cooked on the stove and a bunch of cream cheese and then spread (or attempt to spread) on a piece of toast

    • Lyla Rasco
      Lyla Rasco 4 days ago +1

      Mixing ranch and ketchup until it’s a peachish color and using it on my seafood

  • Max Newhart
    Max Newhart Day ago

    I eat mac and cheese and tuna often or any pasta and tuna.

  • Ashley RoadTripTV

    i love macandcheese with ketchup

  • Krista Steeves
    Krista Steeves Day ago

    Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and popcorn is so amazing!!

  • Brenden Moore
    Brenden Moore Day ago

    Mac and cheese with ketchup is great. Adding hotdogs to it is great as well

  • Ana Castellanos
    Ana Castellanos 2 days ago

    you should do lemonade but with a sugar cookie

  • Loki Danai
    Loki Danai 2 days ago

    My husband thinks it's weird that I like chips with my ice cream or chips with a milkshake/frosty.

  • Lisa Chafin
    Lisa Chafin 2 days ago

    Molly dear, you're going to like this one! 🐝
    I was in a community theater show called: "Love in E-flat". Well, my character was trying to freak her boyfriend out into thinking she could be pregnant. So she brings a snack out of ... coconut cake and a dill pickle! Yes, I had to eat that every night on stage! It was soooo good LOL! 😂
    The pickle was a 'lil dry from being staged earlier in the evening (making it a better experience for me) ... and the cake was by "Pepperidge Farms" (gooood cake!). To my surprise, it was really GOOD! 💜

  • Shushin Satori
    Shushin Satori 3 days ago

    Who is your boyfriend?

  • Dawson H
    Dawson H 3 days ago


  • lschmitt153
    lschmitt153 3 days ago

    Dip rye bread into ranch dressing. It tastes like those bread bowls that people bring to parties. Its amazing. The waitresses at the dinner that I frequent do this and when I finally tried it I was hooked.

  • Nancy Herrera
    Nancy Herrera 3 days ago

    So when I was pregnant, I had an obsession with sour cream and pancakes or waffles... it was so good once melted on there too!

  • Nancy Herrera
    Nancy Herrera 3 days ago

    I love the corn dog maple 🍁 syrup combo!

  • Lyla Rasco
    Lyla Rasco 4 days ago

    Okay so the peanut butter and banana with bacon sandwich is Elvis’s favorite combination

  • Lyla Rasco
    Lyla Rasco 4 days ago

    I love corn dogs with mustard

  • Bert Visscher
    Bert Visscher 6 days ago

    4:26 I do like toast, but this combination...? I don't know yet and I'm not sure I'm going to try it.
    10:53 Mesa...we have a problem! ;-)
    11:43 How did you know that was Mesa? Your mom is nearby as well, isn't she?

  • alivia eppler
    alivia eppler 6 days ago

    I don’t understand the tuna salad and fruit punch... what was the fruit punch part?

  • Sue Goodhines
    Sue Goodhines 6 days ago

    You should try Asmr

  • kelsy muhamet
    kelsy muhamet 7 days ago +1

    Eggs and ketchup, plain salted potato chips with ketchup, mak n chess with ketchup, I just love ketchup lmao 😂, oh I make these pickle rapped at my house all the time idk if they arebwieed food combo or not but if you like pickles and haven’t ever had them I 100% suggest them, take sliced lunch meat out a pickle inside of it with some cream cheese 🤤 sooo good and if you cut all the ingredients up and mix it into a brown or sum container you have an awesome chip/cracker dip

  • Becky
    Becky 7 days ago +1

    Grilled cheese sandwich dipped in ketchup!

  • Zahra Moridi
    Zahra Moridi 8 days ago

    That chips and yogurt is very famous in Iran. We eat it a lot

  • Kacie Monroe
    Kacie Monroe 8 days ago

    I don’t like popcorn either! People always think it’s strange. Glad to hear someone else doesn’t like it.

  • Luisa Adeele
    Luisa Adeele 9 days ago

    I love Cihcken noodles with chocolate

  • Anna Davison
    Anna Davison 10 days ago

    As a child I used to love tuna sarnies but hate both mayonnaise and dry tuna so I had tuna ketchup instead. I would still eat that now.

  • Eloise Keen
    Eloise Keen 10 days ago

    Do you have a boyfriend

  • Chaviva Mandi Robinson

    Not super weird but 2 combinations I like is French fries with BBQ sauce or Rice with ranch and hotsauce. 😁 Also, I hate peanut butter. Idk why, I just don't like it lol 😆

  • Kelsey Strand
    Kelsey Strand 10 days ago

    Omg finally someone who likes ketchup on there mac and cheese 😍 it has been my fave since I was little

  • Joiden Copeland
    Joiden Copeland 13 days ago +1

    Corn dogs and syrup isn't a weird combination to me! I always eat that! Or am I weird...

  • Alexa Rae
    Alexa Rae 13 days ago

    I love brookside!!

  • ObscureChan
    ObscureChan 14 days ago

    did you recently start liking tuna? in the vid you did with shane (was just watching it LOL) you like gagged at the thought of tuna

  • Brianna Rose
    Brianna Rose 15 days ago

    I think the cookies and lemonade is meant to have separately rather than dipping the cookies. So when the cookies become too sweet then sip on the lemonade and it cuts the sweetness

  • Experiencing the Daffy

    I would so try all of them! :-) I like trying weird stuff like this. I also like mac & cheese with ketchup on it and peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

  • Candy Gross
    Candy Gross 16 days ago

    Yes to Brookside! Noooooooo to Mac and cheese with ketchup lol

  • chelsea p
    chelsea p 16 days ago

    Most of what uv tried I'm debating if I'd like it 😂 I will have to try some for my self lmao

  • Laura Mailhot
    Laura Mailhot 16 days ago

    Macaroni and cheese and hotdogs is my favorite… But my second favorite and my family favorite for my family to eat for dinner is pizza macaroni this is the recipe you take macaroni and cheese has the craft brand and then once it’s cooked you add all the cheese and butter milk like you’re supposed to then you add a quarter to a half a cup of pizza sauce tomato sauce marinara which ever one you preferAnd then a pack of is the shredded pizza cheese or you can get the Mexican mix too and that’s it and it is so good if you want you can add pepperoni you want to tear him up Or any other pizza topping my husband also likes to need a pulse on out before I add the other toppings and he has bacon and pineapple I’m not a huge fan of that one but I like mine with pepperoni sausage and green peppers and it taste like pizza pasta is delicious and you could actually get my pizza dough and make little garlic bread sticks out of itOr any other pizza topping my or any other pizza topping my husband also likes to need a pulse on out before I add the other toppings and he has bacon and pineapple I’m not a huge fan of that one but I like mine with pepperoni sausage and green peppers and it taste like pizza pasta it’s delicious and you could actually get my pizza dough and make little garlic breadsticks super yummy super fun meal

  • メルセデス・リン

    Aw. I finally found someone else who eats pickle & peanut butter sandwiches. Every time that I do it, my mother has to ask if I’m pregnant lol - but I can’t help it! It’s good.

  • Neesha Smith
    Neesha Smith 17 days ago

    Idk if there's a Kernels in the US, but cheesy dill popcorn is amazing.

  • Grace L
    Grace L 17 days ago

    The salt and vinegar chips with plain yogurt reminds me of Bison sour cream and onion dip here in Buffalo!! So good 😍😍

  • Lara Adler
    Lara Adler 17 days ago

    For some reason the only one that made me want to vomit is the chips in yogurt. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that awful but even just writing it now....🤮

  • Melvins Mom
    Melvins Mom 17 days ago

    ketchup and Mac and cheese is AMAZING

  • Ingridlosneslokken
    Ingridlosneslokken 17 days ago +1

    Finally someone else who doesn't like popcorn! 🙌🏽😂

  • Avriana
    Avriana 18 days ago +1

    I so badly want to try the sea salt and vinegar chips with yogurt but I’m a really bad lactose tolerant I already had enough cheat days this week!! 😢 #iwish like if you have the same problem!!

  • ridwan daud
    ridwan daud 19 days ago

    A food combination I like is chocolate ice cream with milk

  • Roman Niko Zolanski
    Roman Niko Zolanski 20 days ago

    Who tf is putting cranberry in their tuna?

  • I am your Nerdfighter
    I am your Nerdfighter 20 days ago

    In Australia we call corn dogs Pluto pups

  • Quinira Daniar Damarta

    In Indonesia, there's a chocolate with chili which is... Weird

  • Dora Perez
    Dora Perez 20 days ago

    My boyfriend and I eat popcorn with garlic & salt and no butter. Maybe we should switch to pickle juice? lol

  • Dora Perez
    Dora Perez 20 days ago

    I never liked popcorn either!

  • Black & White
    Black & White 20 days ago

    I do Doritos with sour cream

  • Stephanie Nicholson
    Stephanie Nicholson 21 day ago

    Mac and cheese with ketchup is a Canadian thing.

  • Autumn
    Autumn 21 day ago +1

    Mac n cheese and ketchup is so good but haven't had it in YEARS!

  • Syberyah
    Syberyah 21 day ago

    12:34 are those nilla wafers
    I know the other ones are milanos but the round "vanilla-y ones" might be nilla wafers

  • Cynthia Mac Farland
    Cynthia Mac Farland 21 day ago

    I grew up with Mac and cheese and ketuhup!

  • Tabitha Landon
    Tabitha Landon 21 day ago +1

    My neighbor eats peanut butter and pickle sandwiches! It grosses me out. I prefer peanut butter and banana. To each their own 😊

  • Nicole Nedoss
    Nicole Nedoss 21 day ago

    Oh my gosh you like Mac and cheese with ketchup too!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE HAHAHA

  • Jennifer Wettervik
    Jennifer Wettervik 22 days ago +1

    Mac n cheese with ketchup was my childhood 🤤🤤🤤 love itttt

  • Amanda Clark
    Amanda Clark 22 days ago +3

    I toast all my bread too! My roomie thinks I’m weird

  • Dina Dajani
    Dina Dajani 22 days ago

    kefir cheese makes a much better dip option than yogurt and sourcream try it out u can mic it with dip powders or alone sauce or just thyme and olive oil

  • Megan Campbell
    Megan Campbell 22 days ago

    I loooove Brookside chocolates! RIDICULOUS addicting 😍

  • LadyOliviaRose
    LadyOliviaRose 22 days ago

    In case there aren't enough of these comments--your camera is auto focusing every two seconds throughout a majority of the video and it feels like I keep being transported into another dimension. :(