Bixby: Turn on power saving mode

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • Bixby can save the day by turning on Power Saving Mode when you need it most. Do more with Bixby.
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  • Leonardo
    Leonardo 26 days ago

    This happened to me once................THEN I STOPPED LYING!

  • Cabalex
    Cabalex 28 days ago

    Hi Bixby, actually work after I hold your *designated button* and not take like 20 seconds, look like nothing is happening, and then all of a sudden work, but by that point I think that it didn't register and so I pressed the Bixby key again, leading to an infinite loop of a crappy assistant like *FIX IT, I'M ON AN S8 WITH PIE ITS NOT THAT HARD*

  • Scorpio Rose
    Scorpio Rose Month ago

    he should have said "Hey Bixby call mom in loudspeaker"... how realistic ads can be.. lel

  • Brandon Domínguez
    Brandon Domínguez Month ago +1

    Le dije *"Hi bixby"* a *"Siri"* y me bloqueo y me reporto y mi IPhone empezó a loquear! :/

  • Takumi Hyuga
    Takumi Hyuga Month ago

    I wonder if somebody in Samsung actually read this comments. Or they just leave comments unable for users amusement?

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed Month ago

    Can i turn on the Bixby on android 5.1😟.

  • Emre Can Aslan
    Emre Can Aslan Month ago

    Hey Bixby, Galaxy A7 2017 Pie Update :D

  • Cedric Tuyau
    Cedric Tuyau Month ago

    Hi Bixby turn on flashlight
    'you need to be connected to the internet in order to use bixby'
    Cause now my Flashlight uses internet too?

    DISHAN VICTOR Month ago

    It is asking permission to apply

  • A C E
    A C E Month ago

    You can do the same thing on iPhones but k

  • Dont click My Profile Pict

    This Is So Sad, Hey *Bixby Play Over The Horizon*

  • Evilo Lio
    Evilo Lio Month ago

    Hi bixby... open google assistant!

  • RUSKI SLAV 2.1
    RUSKI SLAV 2.1 Month ago

    Hi bixby
    Bibxy: are you sure you want to turn off your phone?
    Me: no
    Bixby:please unlock your phone

  • Bizhar Bahram
    Bizhar Bahram Month ago +1


  • IncredibleZab
    IncredibleZab Month ago +1

    What if the windows are closed

  • Latrell Jennings
    Latrell Jennings Month ago +1

    I'm just trying to understand the reasoning of having his window open when it's raining

  • Soros W
    Soros W Month ago

    Another "basically never happen in real life" senario

  • miracle manoj kumar
    miracle manoj kumar Month ago +1

    What if power saving mode shutdowns bixby

  • Mr mangaka
    Mr mangaka Month ago

    ok google , turn on power saving mode .

  • Rahul Katare
    Rahul Katare Month ago

    Samsung you're BEST..

  • Code Zero
    Code Zero Month ago

    0:06 kuga's revenge!

  • The Green Tiger
    The Green Tiger Month ago +1

    This made me put salt in my cereal

  • Raphaël
    Raphaël Month ago

    Or just get a long stick to open the door from the inside

    • Takumi Hyuga
      Takumi Hyuga Month ago

      Or get a better car. My car won't let me lick the doors with keys inside the car unless I lock them with another remote. And no I don't have a Tesla.

  • Coolman
    Coolman Month ago

    When he said "Hi Bixby", put action music
    my Bixby responded.

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez Month ago

    I would like to kindly ask you to stop filming me please

  • Veh
    Veh Month ago


  • N o b l e.
    N o b l e. Month ago

    Bixby called mom, now how should your mom hear you from the car?, hey Siri send my location to mom i need help, Siri: Sure.

  • Dave F
    Dave F Month ago

    Why did the door lock when he shut the door???

  • Arpon's way
    Arpon's way Month ago

    Google Voice Assistant Master Race

  • Alex Van Horssen
    Alex Van Horssen Month ago

    Hi bixby, remove bixby button

  • Finn van Rijn
    Finn van Rijn Month ago


  • Reza Gilang
    Reza Gilang Month ago

    Hei siri

  • raghav sudan
    raghav sudan Month ago

    You need to unlock your phone first

    VIXX TV Month ago

    does anyone still use Galaxy S8?

  • Khairul Anuar Kamaruddin

    *Ford has left the chat*

  • Microgames 183
    Microgames 183 Month ago

    just know if your window is closed all the way, your screwed

  • LaRogueLlama
    LaRogueLlama Month ago

    What happened if the window wasn't open then?

  • John Jayson Domingo

    Except nobody leaves their car windows like that, specially when it's raining outside

  • Bayu Supriyadi
    Bayu Supriyadi Month ago

    But can't used if your phone is locked 😞

  • paradicetw
    paradicetw Month ago

    cant do that with your phone locked thou

  • Nineteen Ninety-Two
    Nineteen Ninety-Two Month ago +1

    Bixby was so good when it could unlock the screen (with voice password) and swipe any direction.. RIP Bixby 2018-2018

  • Amanuel Temesgen
    Amanuel Temesgen Month ago

    100% relatable this is why I love Bixby.

  • Bass & Beyond
    Bass & Beyond Month ago +2

    My S7 edge when turning on Power Saving Mode

    takes 20 mins to activate

  • Blucide
    Blucide Month ago

    Even siri can do that… and MY SELF

  • Alex Obi15
    Alex Obi15 Month ago

    That was a fake Ford Kuga

    ISHAN KHANDELWAL Month ago +3

    Did his mom pick up his Phone?

  • Drop button
    Drop button Month ago +2

    When you said Hi Bixby, Google assistant answered

  • Casian1508
    Casian1508 Month ago

    Hi Bixby add on shopping list a new car :)))

  • DerDan :I
    DerDan :I Month ago

    Oh dude😂😂

    FRETZIE MACARAYAN Month ago +1

    I thought this is april fools' i should buy s10 asap

  • InsaneFanta
    InsaneFanta Month ago +2

    Bixby, shut down forever and never come back please!

  • R Andrade
    R Andrade Month ago

    You gotta keep your phone unlocked to "Call Mom" smh, who tf keeps it unlocked

  • Axel Reyes
    Axel Reyes Month ago +13

    Bixby: "ok, we need to unlock your phone first"

  • Martin Carrica
    Martin Carrica Month ago

    So in order for Bixby to be useful you have to be dumb af

  • Trump2020
    Trump2020 Month ago +1

    This is so sad. Alexa, play this is America.

  • TheFieryPhantom
    TheFieryPhantom Month ago

    I wish I had a Samsung, but instead, I have Honor 🤲🏻

  • Cara
    Cara Month ago

    Hey bixby
    Give To a8 bixby

    KERMIT NEWS Month ago

    Here is the results that i found

  • Indian Longboarder
    Indian Longboarder Month ago

    I dont need that cause i have no phone nor a car

  • Valonek
    Valonek Month ago

    Why do I like this ad

  • Jeffrin J
    Jeffrin J Month ago

    My S7 still going strong!

  • The Random Guy
    The Random Guy Month ago +1

    First of all, why do you have your window rolled down in rain? And secondly, do you have 4g turned on all the time for no reason? (Not sure if you need an internet connection for Bixby, but I guess you do because you need an internet connection to be able to use Siri)

    • Stipe Milardović
      Stipe Milardović Month ago

      +The Random Guy who cares, i'll charge it when i need else would you get mails, whatsapp and such, if internet isn't on ?

    • The Random Guy
      The Random Guy Month ago +1

      Stipe Milardović It uses battery, so I would still have it turned off when I don’t need it

    • Stipe Milardović
      Stipe Milardović Month ago

      the first question is a good one, but the second? Why wouldn't i keep it turned on?For example, i have an unlimited data plan on my phone, and it would be stupid to turn it off all the time

  • JAYMIN baraiya
    JAYMIN baraiya Month ago +5

    Samsung improved it's software experience with all new One UI.
    Especially improved for Samsung S10 series.

  • Koshie Kosh
    Koshie Kosh Month ago

    hi bixby open the door

  • Sarang Saraf
    Sarang Saraf Month ago

    Hey bixby, tell siri that you are better than me.

  • Majestixx __
    Majestixx __ Month ago +1

    So I just tried this & it didn't work.. I had to confirm if that's what I wanted to do 🙄

  • 〆 ItzArvinTobi 〆

    *I Still Prefer "No Bixby Button In My Phone".*

  • Uday Singh Pathania

    That's how you tell your customers to use bixby! 😂

  • JJNews13
    JJNews13 Month ago

    Sorry Bixby Google is just so much better. Also Samsung remove the Bixby button so annoying !!

  • Женя Кузьмин


  • Raees Mughal
    Raees Mughal Month ago


  • Shijo Jose
    Shijo Jose Month ago

    Ok now what would it be like if the windows were fully closed 🧐 "Hey bixby can you hear me"

  • Fachrizul Zidan
    Fachrizul Zidan Month ago +5

    When he said “Hi Bixby” my Siri responded :(

  • MASTERTVlogs
    MASTERTVlogs Month ago

    nice Samsung

  • Sean Adver
    Sean Adver Month ago +16

    Hi Bixby Open the door!
    Bixby: nope.

    • Mr. Dudis
      Mr. Dudis Month ago +2

      Sorry , I dont no how to help with that yet , can I search on the web?

  • KLMN
    KLMN Month ago

    "Hi Bixby, reprogram Bixby button to quick call to mom"

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira Month ago

    Best app ever

  • Moofy
    Moofy Month ago

    Hey bixby remap please

  • Nivekoman O
    Nivekoman O Month ago +1

    I thought they would turned off comments like Apple have. Mmmm.

  • gmb9227
    gmb9227 Month ago

    I know that I always drive with my windows part way down when it rainy or wet out.

  • Animation Airlines
    Animation Airlines Month ago +3

    bixby work offline
    *bixby has stopped working

  • Adam Mane
    Adam Mane Month ago

    Hey Bixby get me Google Assistant to fix this mess.

  • A5hTriX
    A5hTriX Month ago +1

    *WRONG*, "Call Mum" would've called without speaker

  • AndresM
    AndresM Month ago

    Now, add support for Bluetooth OBD2 devices.
    Hi Bixby, start name OBD2 app, unlock my car.
    Verizon and Sprint have OBD2 devices with LTE and Bluetooth so yeah, you could unlock your car.
    For Sprint you need to call as they verify that you are the rightful owner of the account for security purposes.
    Bixby "start Sprint drive and call support"

  • Handsome Reis
    Handsome Reis Month ago

    nice plot

  • Cover Guru
    Cover Guru Month ago

    It's not available in galaxy A7(2018)!
    So i can't use it, if the Samsung update to mid range 2018 phone to enable bixby, them the all users will happy! Thank you...

  • Sorob Hasan
    Sorob Hasan Month ago

    Plz Samsung release Galaxy note 10 plz

  • The Upgrade
    The Upgrade Month ago

    Shouldn't you promote one ui bixby

  • алексей елисеенко

    How to use bixby in English in Russia?

  • T M
    T M Month ago +1

    There is one person on this planet that doesn't carry his phone in a pocket 24/7.

    • Furkan n
      Furkan n Month ago

      I dont carry my phone in my pocket at the car

  • trueboss926
    trueboss926 Month ago +256

    "Please unlock your phone first"

    • Latrell Jennings
      Latrell Jennings Month ago +1

      +trueboss926 how? They don't have your voice

    • Spencer Tamburello
      Spencer Tamburello Month ago +1

      +Lan Nguyen I thought they turned that off for Pixels? I have a Pixel 3 and really miss voice unlock, so if they added it back I would be so happy

    • ⁠
       Month ago


    • Naz Sen
      Naz Sen Month ago +1

      it can call without unlocking try it out

    • owo
      owo Month ago +1

      +trueboss926 yeah anyone could TRY unlocking any method 🤔

  • Marcel Teleman
    Marcel Teleman Month ago


  • Kai
    Kai Month ago

    *No Need Power Saving Mode, Because Note 9 Is Beast In Batery Duration*

  • craZe Shadow ツ
    craZe Shadow ツ Month ago

    My bixby turned on

  • Ferdynand lie
    Ferdynand lie Month ago +1

    Hey si....i mean bixby😌!!!

  • benjamin duez
    benjamin duez Month ago

    Hi bixby, please Give me finally a decent, working French version (and no beta).
    Bixby: I'm sorry, I'm unable to do that.

  • Azad Berwari
    Azad Berwari Month ago


  • モスセイ
    モスセイ Month ago


  • Louis
    Louis Month ago

    So bad! No traditional Chinese