Nikki Bella's Love for Niece Makes Her Want Kids Even More | Total Bellas | E!


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  • Lil Palm tree
    Lil Palm tree 8 days ago

    Nikki can’t see him.

  • Caitlynn Pinon
    Caitlynn Pinon 10 days ago

    Nikki deserves kids and if john cena cant understand what it means to her well than maybe he doesn't understand Nikki

  • xLian_ XD
    xLian_ XD 11 days ago

    I Feel Bad For Nikki Bella Beacause When everyone talkes about the babies and tgw camera went on nikki . And when she said that shes alone most of the time my heart just felt like its gonna cry .

    Sorry Nikki and i hope you be a mom with John on your side .

  • nicola dollard
    nicola dollard 11 days ago

    Big beautiful homes she prefers the lifestyle than kids stop moaning nikki you knew all along john didnt want kids just move on. So ridiculous

  • Kori Garbison
    Kori Garbison 11 days ago

    In the future she's going to have no regrets especially when she becomes a mom she's gonna look back And say I made the best Decision of my life

  • Daishiona Hicks
    Daishiona Hicks 23 days ago

    Dolph come back

  • Cookie Monster3
    Cookie Monster3 23 days ago

    I died the moment John Cena said bro 😵

  • Sonia Akhmed
    Sonia Akhmed 23 days ago

    YOU CANT SEE ME ! because I’m physically absent and emotionally neglecting you

  • JayBeSinging S
    JayBeSinging S 23 days ago

    Yooo who did Dis to Soon as she said not an mom When John CENA SAID WHO HAD THERE MOUTH OPEN

  • civilserpent
    civilserpent 23 days ago +1

    Worst decision she ever made was going out with him. By now she could've had a family and a husband but instead she's sad and lonely trapped in a golden cage.

  • Milanie Marty
    Milanie Marty 24 days ago +2

    Tbh I think he’s more all about work an not really there for her. That’s why she feels so lonely because he’s always busy doing stupid work stuff an she’s stuck either at home or working for the time being an that’s it. That’s really sad that she had to deal with that for so long an is now coming to reality that this isn’t what she really wants. An there is no doubt in my mind that she loves the man because I can tell she loves him so much that she was at some point willing to give up marriage an her motherhood for him but now she doesn’t think that’s worth sacrificing anymore because of her nieces an how much love she has for them an now realizes that being a mother is really what she wants an it’s just sad that John can’t do that for her. So she did what she had to do. Bye bye John Cena 👋👋

  • Rhiana Clarke
    Rhiana Clarke 26 days ago

    John you and nikki love each other do what you think each other would want get back tohether you guys are the best wwe couple we love you guys talk about when both of you are ready for kids just think john wouldn't you want a john jr or another nikki bella it would be so beautiful but its up to you to know what's right and know and care about Nikki's feeling's in this think how great of a couple you are just I hope you see this and make sure your decison youre 100% sure about this

  • martinezlucero123lm
    martinezlucero123lm 27 days ago

    Omggg I feel her pain :(

  • Yaquelin Ramirez
    Yaquelin Ramirez 27 days ago

    Nikki its like me

  • Ninja Jeff
    Ninja Jeff 28 days ago

    Cena is a soy boy.

  • Brianna brown
    Brianna brown 28 days ago

    Don't worry Nikki you ARE gonna have a baby by the grace of GOD.

  • Nahrin Benyamib
    Nahrin Benyamib Month ago

    Poor Nikki wants to be Mum .... John cena should be like Yes I wants Kids .... I feel sorry for Nikki

  • issa ace family
    issa ace family Month ago

    they always forget V ugh makes me so upset

  • Maitha Mohamed
    Maitha Mohamed Month ago +1

    Nike’s eye were scary when she was freeze I will show you in the link in my link

  • Bunny
    Bunny Month ago

    This was SO over the top cheesy, I had to fast forward it!! I couldn’t take his syrupiness, if you look at Nikki’s family they were thinking the same thing!! Examples:
    1. The rug- please it’s a rug! When’s the last time John grabbed Nikki’s ass?
    2. No one had to take off their shoes!!?? JJ was like um........ what do I do here??
    3. Has John EVER called Nikki babe unless he was reprimanding her?
    4.John’s excited about the wedding?? Nikki didn’t even want to try on dresses bc she was so depressed about John being ‘too busy’ to set a date.
    5. When Nikki confessed to wanting children, John said NOTHING!! Not one word! Now he did shoot her his death glare but didn’t talk down to her in front of her family.
    Many of these fake wrestlers have moved into acting, which is great for them. However, there’s isn’t one of them that could be considered a ‘talented’ actor and John is no exception. It’s a shame E! didn’t spend the money to have an acting coach on set on the days John’s scenes were shot, it would’ve at least hidden some of John’s blatant desperation to appear happy.

  • Lizzy Yang
    Lizzy Yang Month ago

    Nikki knows that it’s ok to leave John heart broken right ?

  • Chloe Fowlston
    Chloe Fowlston Month ago +1

    I hope Stephanie and John work it out.

  • Damien Hardin
    Damien Hardin Month ago

    I will raise my hand 🤚 to be Nicole baby father

  • nevaeh hall
    nevaeh hall Month ago

    fat light poverty review publication resident child normally complain likely oxygen.

  • Cee Vee
    Cee Vee Month ago

    I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years, but when we broke up because I also needed to figure out what I truly wanted, we still talked and were intimate. When you are in love and with someone for so long, it doesn’t mean you just completely shut them out during a time you need to figure things out, which is exactly what they’re doing. In my opinion, their breakup is authentic, but they love each other and that doesn’t mean having to push each other away during the process.

  • Jake Styles
    Jake Styles Month ago

    +Nina Chouck cena doesn't want marriage because he's been through a nasty divorce which led to his ex wife trying to take all his money he worked hard for and when it comes to kids he doesn't have time to raised them with his schedule so if anything he has his reason for why he doesn't want those things

  • Dakota Colley
    Dakota Colley Month ago

    “I’d rather speak Hebrew in 1937, than have a Lunchable without a Capris Sun” -Tony Hawk

  • Bino Sengdara
    Bino Sengdara Month ago

    As much as I hate John cena its fucked that she stuck around knowing he couldn't have kids and its foolish of him to think a woman would stay with a man she can't even build a life with.

  • A 1Sauce
    A 1Sauce Month ago +1

    Is this an alternate version of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s where they only date white guys instead lmaoo😂

  • Deception Slayer
    Deception Slayer Month ago

    You can't leave Cena
    You can't see Cena

  • Michelle P
    Michelle P Month ago

    i hope nikki doesn't take him back. he can say whatever he wants about wanting to now be the father of her children, but he isn't fooling me. he's only saying what she and everyone else wants to hear so that she'll go crawling back to him. he's set in his ways. he doesn't truly want to change his lifestyle and have kids. better to move on, nikki.

  • Cheyenne Marie
    Cheyenne Marie Month ago

    Brie is now a mom and Nicole Is ya know...NOT A MOM💀💀😂I died

  • Rimsha Haider
    Rimsha Haider Month ago

    I dont think nikki stayed with John because of glitz and glam i think she loved him so much that she was ready to sacrifice and compromise but then suddenly she realized is all that worth her being what she doesnt want to be

    • Mj Burger
      Mj Burger Month ago +1

      Rimsha Haider yeah you REALLY think she would be with him if he wasn't rich and famous ? Come on be for real.....

  • Ahmad Kazemi
    Ahmad Kazemi Month ago

    when i read the last few comments ;
    folks who made the comments seemed clueless.
    WWE is a mercy-less organization; i seen many many get crushed and destroyed during the years ;
    you all need to keep your negativities to yourself ;

  • ziljin
    ziljin Month ago +1

    WTF! I saw the video of John having a prom date with Nikki
    Sad it's over.

  • ydh unknwn
    ydh unknwn Month ago

    She should have ripped a hole in the condoms lol

    • Mj Burger
      Mj Burger Month ago

      ydh unknwn wow you bitches are EVIL ! All the men who see this comment, THIS is what these hos are about ! Protect yourself !!

  • Trojan Hell
    Trojan Hell Month ago

    Dam I can’t fill her VOID 😉

  • Ricardo Gravity
    Ricardo Gravity Month ago +1

    Cena has no personality he tries way to hard man .. ps Bella I’ll be more then happy to be a donor for your baby😏

  • blaze Campbell
    blaze Campbell Month ago

    They go have kids one day just watch this

  • no no
    no no Month ago

    the thumb nail is just pure depression

  • Andrew Salinas
    Andrew Salinas Month ago

    I feel so bad for Nicole

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  • Matt Gritsgo
    Matt Gritsgo Month ago

    You think I deserve to be rich.

  • john thalongcak
    john thalongcak Month ago +1

    Best show in t.v history

  • The Manager
    The Manager Month ago

    This trash is infecting our country. Flush it.

  • edge mcfledge
    edge mcfledge Month ago


    BRIM VLOGS Month ago

    Congrats on trending

  • lalo 1245567899413
    lalo 1245567899413 Month ago +1

    And like you know like they do like and like

    Jeeeze nikki is annoying

  • Jade C
    Jade C Month ago +1

    John Cena wearing a suit seems strange

  • Charl1eSheenWIN
    Charl1eSheenWIN Month ago

    Cena kicked out of that engagement at 2(cena did nothing wrong btw)

  • bd_webb 21
    bd_webb 21 Month ago

  • iiElijah goatii
    iiElijah goatii Month ago

    I think they still wanna be together because they still haven't changed the outro pic

  • killerlove65
    killerlove65 Month ago

    Total bs now lol she’s playing with the ring

  • Mary Thao
    Mary Thao Month ago +3

    Being a mom is the most rewarding job in the world. When you feel you are meant to be a mom and can't be because of wherever the situation is, it's so heartbreaking.

  • Booberlee
    Booberlee Month ago

    He is too emotionally not available.

  • My Jessie
    My Jessie Month ago

    Pain killers are cool man.

  • Gamemaniac 85
    Gamemaniac 85 Month ago

    The fork in the road and Nicole and John took seperate paths...Shes envious of what she doesnt have and He dont want to give up what hes earned...

  • alan nunez
    alan nunez Month ago

    I'll give her a baby

  • Estiaqe Evan
    Estiaqe Evan Month ago

    Is that Johnny!?

  • bella depree
    bella depree Month ago

    Who the hell cares?

  • yuval8886
    yuval8886 Month ago

    John sounds like the family psychologist 😐

  • Erika
    Erika Month ago

    “Not a mom?”
    Their mother is a savage.

  • Shi N
    Shi N Month ago +1

    One has a marriage, the other has a forever one night stand

  • liquid3600
    liquid3600 Month ago

    Anybody who believes this is real is what we wrestling nerds call a MARK

  • Violet Sun
    Violet Sun Month ago

    Saw it coming. Who picks up more work after finally getting proposed to after basically begging for it and children? It wasn't going to work anyway.

  • QTC Cleo
    QTC Cleo Month ago

    All the bags, shoes and big houses in the world will never make up for a woman who wants a family. It’s human nature her fiancé is 🙃

    • Mj Burger
      Mj Burger Month ago

      QTC Cleo he's a box with an x in it ? Ok....

  • GundamGoku
    GundamGoku Month ago

    It's a work.

  • dorito
    dorito Month ago

    Why cant peopel just say they dont like that person anymore. Always with this "im trying to find myself bullshit" haha they act like people will crucify them for just flat out coming out and saying it

  • cassern0
    cassern0 Month ago +1

    Where was John cena? I couldn’t see him

  • Shaq’s Pinky Toe
    Shaq’s Pinky Toe Month ago

    Well Nikki, if you need anything, you can just DM me on my USclip. Sc always open for you

  • Steven Gomez
    Steven Gomez Month ago

    This scene was so awkward 😅😅 The questions John was asking were clearly scripted .

  • joksta5
    joksta5 Month ago

    Total Bellas, more like Total Dumb bitches

  • Cherry Cozier
    Cherry Cozier Month ago

    Nikki u deserve more than what u are settling for with John.

  • Alone Time with Mason

    Nikki stills loves Cena but I love him too

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker Month ago +2

    I can promise you Cena only cares about one person in his life, and I'll give you a guess who that is

    • Philip Tucker
      Philip Tucker Month ago

      Mj Burger I see what you done thur

    • Mj Burger
      Mj Burger Month ago

      Philip Tucker just like ALL women !

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine Month ago

    Its so telling that at the end she started to playing with her ring. She subconsciously knew she needed to take it off and end things.

  • Ivan Fantasy
    Ivan Fantasy Month ago

    Keeping up with the Cena's

  • Eduardo Alfonso Díaz

    He didn't wanted kids. Plain simple.

  • Nate - Team BST
    Nate - Team BST Month ago

    Ok you’d think there’d be commitment from both parties to BLATANTLY SAY, “Hey, this isn’t a work!” One of their parents, ppl in the locker room? No, everyone is being suspiciously quiet about it except anything that promotes their show.
    Also, yeah Rusev and Lana went against creative and engaged, but Lana isn’t promoting Total Lana. They are.
    What’s next, is Nikki’s new BF Roman gonna put Cena in a wheelchair and choke slam him off the entrance ramp?

  • FoodLover101 Paradise

    Man I see the sadness in her eyes 😒

  • DarkØptionLeft
    DarkØptionLeft Month ago

    *You. Can’t. See. Me.*

  • Hunter Jirousek
    Hunter Jirousek Month ago

    This shits dumb

    IRON SKULL Month ago

    I bet anything a black dude knocks her up within the year.

  • Biscuit man
    Biscuit man Month ago

    I'd make her a baby mama anyday!

  • Rage Rex
    Rage Rex Month ago

    Yeah, shes better off with John Cena, he has no honor and that respect and loyalty crap, hes for of💩, be blessed be life enjoy life 😊🤘🤙

  • Anne K
    Anne K Month ago

    God there creepy

  • Christopher Calliste

    absentee parents a hard deal even when you have money and Johns on the road 24se7en365

  • Droosy1 1
    Droosy1 1 Month ago

    Nikki is 5 minutes older than Brie and still, Brie got the baby first, that´s why Nikki is jealous

  • POP King
    POP King Month ago +3

    I would say I feel sorry for nikki, but I cant. Cos shes been warned by brie, her brother, mum and friends.. ALOT! now shes realising it :/ it was always too obvious john cena never sacrificed anything and he was too selfish

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez Month ago

    Who is that’s?

  • Thalia Tejada
    Thalia Tejada Month ago

    You guys are really missing the point here in these comments it wasn’t about her picking a lavish life over being a mom she was picking the love of her life over being a mom and now that her sister her twin sister has had a baby makes it hard for her not to want that also if anything it makes it hard to deny she has always and will always want to be your mother a woman knows what she wants to be a mother

  • Ernsley Victome
    Ernsley Victome Month ago

    #nikkibella you aren't a wwe title.... He may be cool deep down inside but it's not your job to peel down those layers. Omg you are a good woman and I can see you thru brie

  • Tip Tig
    Tip Tig Month ago

    get her back john💙💜💛💚❤

  • Jesica Meza
    Jesica Meza Month ago

    Aww man I hope they work things out

  • Renita
    Renita Month ago

    My mom worked with someone that claimed to be gaving an affair with John Cena.
    If he's got a girl in Ohio, he's gotta have a girl in every state 😞

  • JoeDurp
    JoeDurp Month ago

    this is all a work

  • john cena
    john cena Month ago

    Cena is my favourite

  • WWE fan account
    WWE fan account Month ago

    Who Cares.?????

    MSJ SWAPNIL Month ago +1

    Sometimes I don't understand... what is what !!!

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset Month ago

    YAY! the girls are trending! want total divas & total bellas to have success! those girls work hard!