We Competed to Make Wedding Cakes • Ladylike

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
  • Wedding bells are ringing! But will the cake arrive in time? In this episode, the girls take on the challenge of competing to see who can make the best wedding cake.
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    Wedding Cake Isolated On White Background
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    Traditional Mexican drink Horchata
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    Wedding cake
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    Chocolate cake on table with flowers, free space
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    Beautiful sponge cake at birthday with flowers
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    White wedding cake decorated with sugar flowers
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    delicious and beautiful cake
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    closeup shot of beautiful wedding cake with nice decoration
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    piece of chocolate wedding cake
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    Ornate Decorative Large Tall Fancy Wedding Cake Centerpiec
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    Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/43533
    Jenn Fujikawa
    Sierra Nething - Sweet Art Bake Shop

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  • Chase Burroughs
    Chase Burroughs Day ago

    Red velvet is chocolate

  • Hannah Czarnecki

    "I've been rolling a little piece of cake in my fingers for about thirty minutes" I recommend dough and bluetack.

  • art asthetics
    art asthetics 2 days ago

    1;28 when chanteles hat fell off lol

  • Two Idiots
    Two Idiots 3 days ago

    I made a pound cake while watching this

  • Coopkake Kuween
    Coopkake Kuween 4 days ago

    I heard condum flowers for some reason (I can’t spelll)

  • Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown 5 days ago

    Lol "I didn't know how to do gold leaf so I wrote good in cursive"

  • kawii unicorn cakes
    kawii unicorn cakes 6 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does it look like kristen lost weight

  • Shapipi Willson
    Shapipi Willson 9 days ago +1

    Devins reaction to jen at 14:20😂

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 10 days ago

    Jen and gen


    ''close the fuck enough''

  • Taylor Scotto
    Taylor Scotto 15 days ago

    There is cardboard in their cakes...

  • BumbleNaut The Whale
    BumbleNaut The Whale 15 days ago

    I’m digging the R2-D2 mixer

  • Leah Marie Muir
    Leah Marie Muir 15 days ago

    ice cream, you scream, gimme that, gimme that ice cream. anyone get the reference?

  • galaxy wolf1238
    galaxy wolf1238 16 days ago

    I love to bake its my favourite thing to do in my free time I hardly use the boxes I am 12 years old I probably started at like 6 or 5 years old

  • Hailey Diem
    Hailey Diem 16 days ago

    I love you all!! Ps. More Jen tho lol and I’m sorry if she has a gf cuz I’m a bit obsessive atm 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Nyasia Driver
    Nyasia Driver 18 days ago +1

    NAILED IT they go

  • Marie Rosenkvist
    Marie Rosenkvist 20 days ago

    9:15 Was i the only one thinking it was another crappy wish commercial at first? ( because off the sound ).

  • Amanda Cottrill
    Amanda Cottrill 21 day ago

    Aww I wish I could have done this project with you’ll!!

  • Positivexsaphara vibes

    who else saw chantel’s hat fall off at 1:27

  • adrianna brown
    adrianna brown 25 days ago

    Close (tha fuck) enough 👸🏻queen kirsten

  • Sarah Obermayer
    Sarah Obermayer 26 days ago

    So funny story, I was watching this while baking. :3 Loved the look on both cakes btw!

  • Voli
    Voli 26 days ago

    who was the guy who gave each team half a point

  • Maddie Cooper
    Maddie Cooper 27 days ago +1

    There should have done the same flavor of cake, so it could be fair

  • Alejandra Turcios
    Alejandra Turcios 27 days ago

    Ok but did anyone notice the Star Wars themed mixer tho????

    CHARLIE LESEMAN 27 days ago

    Jen is wearing the gayest jacket I've ever seen, I love it.

  • SafariDemon Mew
    SafariDemon Mew Month ago


  • Vanilla De La Pig
    Vanilla De La Pig Month ago

    OMG Jenn Fujikawa's mixer was Star Wars (I honestly don't know what it is but I know that much, I'm not one for Star Wars but I appreciate a good mixer)!

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Kristen always looks nice but that pink is a great color on her!!

  • Amelia Evans
    Amelia Evans Month ago +1

    Jen, that's legit what my nine year bro
    does when I'm baking with him😂😂😂

  • Alyssa my
    Alyssa my Month ago +1

    17:35 look at devin 🤣

  • lilianna draws
    lilianna draws Month ago

    "And the flowers are store bought"

  • LadyNoir Country
    LadyNoir Country Month ago

    I wanna have a naked cake at my wedding cuz I just don’t like frosting much

  • Fellow Comment Scroller

    Hat: you don't deserve me!

  • GachaCherrii
    GachaCherrii Month ago


  • Evan C
    Evan C Month ago

    "The fondant was store bought"

  • Ubah Hassan
    Ubah Hassan Month ago

    I am living in Zürich

  • -livvy-
    -livvy- Month ago

    was that Ray Pajar???!?

  • Dynesha Banks
    Dynesha Banks Month ago

    no one else see the fact that devin jumped when jen pulled the knife out?

  • Yeeting Laura
    Yeeting Laura Month ago

    Ok I’m angry at the guy at the end, “and it’s store bought” THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT WORSE

  • Afshan Seher
    Afshan Seher Month ago +1

    They were in tasty’s kitchen

  • Tavimba Msampha
    Tavimba Msampha 2 months ago

    1:28 Chantel’s face I am dying

  • Nimita Siju
    Nimita Siju 2 months ago

    At the start I feel like Jenn was cringing so hard😂

  • Salazar 1997
    Salazar 1997 2 months ago

    Always cover your fondant. It drys out so easily

  • desmondforever08
    desmondforever08 2 months ago


  • emily hock
    emily hock 2 months ago +1


  • Ashley C
    Ashley C 2 months ago +1

    Jen.. meet Jen.

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C 2 months ago +3

    When I saw this video, I was like ... as long as they don’t give Kristin a sSppPoooOOnNNnnN... we’ll be good 👌

  • Kaya n
    Kaya n 2 months ago

    their faces when Jen got out the knife 14:19 hahah

  • Pengali _
    Pengali _ 2 months ago

    Who’s from London?

  • Amy McClure
    Amy McClure 2 months ago

    Watching this before going to work at a bakery 😂😂😜

  • Meg Mc
    Meg Mc 2 months ago

    watch chantel at 1:27 😂😂

  • Mal Gilson
    Mal Gilson 2 months ago

    Freddie said it best, Environment Matters

  • Mal Gilson
    Mal Gilson 2 months ago

    10:15 Freddie!!!! CALL IT LIKE YOU SEE IT YASSS. I noticed from the beginning she favored Chantel and Christina

  • Lorinda Brooks
    Lorinda Brooks 2 months ago +1

    “The time has come, to pour the babies out”

  • Alyssa Harford
    Alyssa Harford 2 months ago +13

    They should have dusted the fondant flowers with edible gold powder

  • Nerd of A Fenir
    Nerd of A Fenir 2 months ago

    This is why I watch ladylike at parties
    Me: Y’all bATTEr be ready to see who wins
    My friends:....
    Me: What, I never BATTER an eye at your jokes
    My friends: Lizzy, Stop.
    Me: Lizzy can’t come to the phone BATTEr be ready when she’s back online.
    My friends: **all run as far away from me as possible**

  • Ashlynn Flory
    Ashlynn Flory 2 months ago

    1:26 and 1:49 😂😂😂

    HAYDEN SMITH 2 months ago +1

    Okay. Ummmmmmm. Chantel looked GORGEOUS today!!!

  • Hannah Perkins
    Hannah Perkins 2 months ago

    Sorry gals, but I like Chantel and Kristen's cake better.

  • susan gomez
    susan gomez 2 months ago

    THEY WERE amazing cake 🎂🍰♥❤💕💜💔💋💙💗💞💖💛💚💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💋👅💘💝💞💟🎀

  • Kithri Melonfear
    Kithri Melonfear 2 months ago

    I now want to make a Horchata cake.

  • Sara Smith
    Sara Smith 2 months ago

    I love to bake even though I’m 10

  • Wolfy Natures
    Wolfy Natures 2 months ago

    WhErEs ThE gOlD lEaF is aNd BaNaNa

  • Shelby Dakota
    Shelby Dakota 2 months ago

    my question is that the guy named ray said that the flowers were store bought but they were not.

  • Santosh Vohra
    Santosh Vohra 2 months ago

    I really love ❤️Jen if she was a boy she would be my crush for sure

  • Yasmin Reidy
    Yasmin Reidy 2 months ago

    Kristen: I don’t know how to bake, but I love cake..

  • Beth’s Artworks
    Beth’s Artworks 2 months ago +3

    Ray said the roses were store bought? When the Kristen and Chantel made them but the FONDANT was store bought (AND they said that)

  • Mahogany K
    Mahogany K 2 months ago

    Lol I love baking and consider myself pretty good but I think for me its following recipes most of the time😂😂

  • Kelsie Arville
    Kelsie Arville 2 months ago

    Jen: *follow* *your* *dreams*
    ~begins to bring the poop ball towards her mouth~
    Everyone else: *AAhGh*

  • Saideh Ashuri
    Saideh Ashuri 2 months ago

    Isnt this the tasty studio😂

  • happy puggos
    happy puggos 2 months ago +1

    OMG I loved that r2d2 stand mixer!!!!

  • Chloe Leavitt
    Chloe Leavitt 2 months ago

    9:28 our baaakes

  • Chloe Leavitt
    Chloe Leavitt 2 months ago

    I love how Chantel and Kristin look at each other when she says a little bit deeper 😂

  • Wiktoria Balana
    Wiktoria Balana 2 months ago

    You Ladies really do not know how to bake... 😶

  • Aviana Strunk
    Aviana Strunk 2 months ago

    I don’t think I liked the white on white for Kristen’s team

  • Katelyn Ward
    Katelyn Ward 2 months ago

    Y’all I love them so much! I just want to be friends with them and hang out and do fun stuff! They seem so down to earth and fun... thought I should let y’all know.

  • Madi A
    Madi A 2 months ago

    When gen pulled the knife out😂😂😂😂

  • Molly Sanchez
    Molly Sanchez 2 months ago

    Anyone else notice the pocket knife just chilling at 7:15 😂

  • TerribleButGood
    TerribleButGood 2 months ago


  • Whassup BRO
    Whassup BRO 2 months ago +2

    Who won??
    Like= *Devin Freddie and Jen*
    Comment= *Kristen and Chantel*

  • itsmarii bitches
    itsmarii bitches 2 months ago +2

    I love watching people who have no idea what they're doing try to bake it makes my day😂

  • Yiteng Cui
    Yiteng Cui 2 months ago

    In 1:25 chentels hat falls off

  • Flora Vercaygne
    Flora Vercaygne 2 months ago +3

    Jen: be *very* careful with carol
    Freddie: drops carol

  • TDLava M
    TDLava M 2 months ago

    Why is no one in the comments addressing Jen’s smol cake ball who never got a name.

  • elysia b
    elysia b 2 months ago

    any other mexicans got mad or annoyed by her saying horchata as or-cha-ta and not hor-sha-ta ???

  • Winzor Marston
    Winzor Marston 3 months ago

    I love baking

  • Halle Lampe
    Halle Lampe 3 months ago


  • Halle Lampe
    Halle Lampe 3 months ago

    It that the fast kichen

  • Voo-Doo Productions
    Voo-Doo Productions 3 months ago

    I got shook when the dude said the flowers were store bought cause the flowers weren’t store bought the fondant was

  • Zebras 724
    Zebras 724 3 months ago

    I think they should have done the flowers in a different colour

  • Vieve Van meer
    Vieve Van meer 3 months ago +1

    Where is the gold?

  • Rachel Pryor
    Rachel Pryor 3 months ago

    I wish she would have taught them to do frosting flowers. Not a fan of fondant.

  • Eritrea
    Eritrea 3 months ago

    1:27 oof cHAnTel

  • Smiley Riley Draws
    Smiley Riley Draws 3 months ago

    1:26 the girl in the left corners hat fell off.

  • CiCi's Pizza
    CiCi's Pizza 3 months ago +1

    why was there a 0.5 on the votes?

  • Julianna Burns
    Julianna Burns 3 months ago +40

    When the guy said the flowers were store bought I think he didn’t realize that they made the flowers and thought they bought pre made fondant flowers

    • Anaxo
      Anaxo 2 months ago

      Julianna Ellen u smell like fish

  • Savanah Morales
    Savanah Morales 3 months ago

    Highkey cringing every time some said horchata except for chantel but I love this channel so much tho

  • Ellbell 616
    Ellbell 616 3 months ago +1

    I love her R2D2 mixer ❤️❤️

  • Katelyn Hunter
    Katelyn Hunter 3 months ago +3

    omg all the batter and fondant and frosting is making me sooooooooooooooo freaking hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😔😍😭🤐😬🎂🎂🍰

  • Allison Hunter
    Allison Hunter 3 months ago +1

    I have the same stand mixer as they're all using! I got it for $19.99 at Home Goods!