QLED 8K: Unveil Video|Samsung

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Discover deeper depth, ultimate immersiveness, and incredible detail through Samsung QLED 8K.
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  • salman shah
    salman shah 13 days ago

    When is 16K coming?

  • Finest Subort
    Finest Subort 20 days ago +1

    Samsung: QLED 8K

    Apple: Am I Joke To You?!

  • TAK SS
    TAK SS 22 days ago

    Muy chido y todo.. pero no se ve mejor si el video es 4k ;:V

  • valentin Jr.
    valentin Jr. 28 days ago

    Galaxy folded..

  • Scott Lee Webb
    Scott Lee Webb 28 days ago

    Beautiful until you open Samsung ui then you start to ask why did I send this amount to get a UI that is non responsive, has no disable option, and you can't get it to go away when using other devices apple TV etc. The smart side will kill the experience.

  • CasuallyCameron Official

    Diehard apple users be like . BUT ITS NOT APPLE THOUGH

    THORNZ BLAZERS 29 days ago

    Mobile phone can destroy nintendo in many ways.

    THORNZ BLAZERS 29 days ago

    Why is samsung not working on putting nintendo gaming device and mobile phone? Combine the two and there's the future. U may need help developing one because u r goung to need a gamer to built one. A phone and a game decive at the same time.

  • Fdd Turk
    Fdd Turk Month ago

    لو سمحتوا عندي اختراع وابغى سامسونج تنتجه لي كييف

    KP GAMER POINT Month ago

    Samsung 3rd class phone third care

  • Chad Varner
    Chad Varner Month ago

    ISP's are throttling 4g LTE so they can sell 5g coming soon
    Its all a scam , operating systems, sealed batteries, now this...

    Its time to go back to dumb phones, because ISP's are turning smart phones dumb anyways

  • Chad Varner
    Chad Varner Month ago

    $130 Verizon "unlimited grandfathered plan"
    125Mbps speed test.net
    2.7Mbps download speed on Netflix
    Can only stream 480p with Verizon's best connection
    = no need for a phone over $150 because all the extra hardware is useless

  • Unbolted TV
    Unbolted TV Month ago

    If only this was in 8k :/


    Indian Top mobile brand company Samsung 🔥🔥👑👑✌✌✌

  • Ana Stojevska
    Ana Stojevska Month ago

    Samsung ❤❤❤❤

  • Julio Jimenez
    Julio Jimenez Month ago

    Samsung sucks iPhone XS Max is better

  • Gerstengold
    Gerstengold Month ago

    But can it fold?

  • TechTalk - My videos are funny


  • Brandon Fitzgerald
    Brandon Fitzgerald Month ago

    Out of curiosity what spec exactly does the human eye stop gettimg higher definition resolution

  • dangan Xx
    dangan Xx Month ago

    my pc 5k in youtube 4k why ????

  • Sr. KiT KaT
    Sr. KiT KaT Month ago


  • Noman Idris
    Noman Idris Month ago

    Kotay apna note 5 manhoos ko teekh Kar lo

  • Nikita Goswami
    Nikita Goswami Month ago +1

    Music anyone ?

  • Edmgamer VEVO
    Edmgamer VEVO Month ago

    PlayStation 5 hype with 8K res support😂😂😂

    • E404_007
      E404_007 Month ago

      I saw a samsung 8k tv with the price tag of $24135


    Watch 8K ad in a 4K USclip ad

  • Made by Abdul
    Made by Abdul Month ago


  • Sunel A
    Sunel A Month ago

    I have a 70 inch 4k samsung tv i am getting this one i am going to ask my parents its for gaming

  • chea kimsea
    chea kimsea Month ago

    The OS of samsung TV sucks dicks. A 12 inches on too.

  • R S Hollywood
    R S Hollywood Month ago

    So now movies will be released in 8K right? If not then why this TV ?

  • Ray Razer
    Ray Razer Month ago +1

    Who's watching this on 480?

  • Tyree Mack
    Tyree Mack Month ago

    Lg still makes better TVs

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami Month ago

    Ultimate Immersiveness??
    Shouldn't it be " Ultimate *immersion* "? 🤔

  • Ricky
    Ricky Month ago

    Watching it on 144p 😂😂

  • that 1 dude
    that 1 dude Month ago +2

    Unlucky me I'm stuck in 4k

  • SciTech
    SciTech Month ago

    Samsung is good at making displays

  • RightWingKing
    RightWingKing Month ago

    What's next? 16k? With 1,550 ppi?

  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores Month ago

    Yes!! Now slash sales prices for 4k !! This is a win boys. Black Friday is gonna be lit

  • Vehgeto悪い
    Vehgeto悪い Month ago

    Samsung tbh is stepping up their game.

  • RebelliousMango
    RebelliousMango Month ago

    I love the TVs, i think the phones are decent, just not my preference

  • mejki
    mejki Month ago +1

    Cool. Logic better than the female one.
    ->Spend billions on 8k TV
    ->Watch nothing but Samsung commercials because nothing else supports 8K
    ->Wait 5 years until maybe some Netflix will start making 8K movies
    ->Samsung introduces 16K ULTRA ABCDEFGH TV

  • Wilson Sutanto
    Wilson Sutanto Month ago

    Samsung please 120 hz on my oled galaxy phone

  • napalm son
    napalm son Month ago

    watching 8k in 1080p looks like 8k

  • Gehhfud Hehdhx
    Gehhfud Hehdhx Month ago

    Samsung needs to chill frrr

  • gtone339
    gtone339 Month ago

    8K resolution already? Just got a 4K TV 2 years ago!

  • Chconly Productions

    It’s exactly the same. But it sounds like it’s better. We know you’ll buy it.

  • mohamed althaf
    mohamed althaf Month ago

    Can you please send me the TV

  • Zach Rush
    Zach Rush Month ago

    I think Ill stick with my 4K tv.

  • Kawsar A
    Kawsar A Month ago

    I just want a tv

  • Thish Dude
    Thish Dude Month ago +1

    Watching it at 480p

  • George Vasilopoulos

    In 144p i cant tell the difference

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    wow 8k tv.......i still have 1080p

  • Black bus
    Black bus Month ago

    I need 8k projector

  • Cybertronlaser
    Cybertronlaser Month ago

    Samsung, being a good company and all (definitely better than Apple and their crappy TVs) should know that the human eyes have trouble seeing 4k unless standing like an inch from the TV so they can see each individual pixel, much less 8k.... kind of a wastage unless you want to flex.

  • Cypress
    Cypress Month ago

    When you watch a teaser of the new 8k TV but look at the price at samsung.com and realize that the price is from $4,999 - $99,999 😢

  • Rico Halili
    Rico Halili Month ago +2

    me: wow samsung have 8k tv 📺
    and the price?? 8,000$ 😂✌️
    my wallet: 8$ 🤦‍♂️

    PRATIMA SHETTY Month ago

    Whose Watching in 720p/1080p???❤️😂😂

  • Igor Kislov
    Igor Kislov Month ago

    advertising 8k, video posted in 4k and without HDR LOL

  • C.O.C AND ALL APPS technical

    Samsung fan

  • Adam On The Internet
    Adam On The Internet Month ago +2

    If this Ad looks good on the device you are using, you probably dont need to buy anything 8k... just a heads up.

  • Safa Dincr
    Safa Dincr Month ago

    I just love Samsung so much

  • Orvin Tube
    Orvin Tube Month ago

    Released many things this year

  • Riot Efron
    Riot Efron Month ago

    This video is soooooo 8K my phone broke af.

  • Gangster Hamster
    Gangster Hamster Month ago +5

    Finally 8k, 4K is so outdated Jesus Christ

  • 10000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    You : Oh yeah yeah !!
    Me: *Watching in 144p*

  • SimsForever
    SimsForever Month ago

    I love you samsung but what immersive experiences.
    Your own unveil trailer is in 4k

  • Aneizi
    Aneizi Month ago

    Who else is watching in 480p lol

  • 2Beers
    2Beers Month ago

    The video is just in 4k

  • Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini Month ago

    1080p to 4k is a massive jump but the human eye can barally see the difference between 4k and 8k

  • Juniel Kim
    Juniel Kim Month ago

    Iphone screen resolution left the chat.

  • Navin kumar
    Navin kumar Month ago +5

    Samsung :We launched 8K technology,..
    Pakistan: Is this got better shooting range than AK 47?...

  • Clashing with Thunder
    Clashing with Thunder Month ago +1

    sad how i’m watching this on iPhone 😭😒

  • Noreakz
    Noreakz Month ago +1

    Ps4 pro and this TV next next next generation of gaming

  • Shashank Adluri
    Shashank Adluri Month ago

    👁️👁️ are hurting

  • Fanial
    Fanial Month ago

    I watched this video at 144p

  • Dibyalok Satpathy
    Dibyalok Satpathy Month ago +5

    Saw this in a 1080p screen 😐

    • Ehab Alaa
      Ehab Alaa 29 days ago +1

      You should be happy mine is 720p

  • Siddharth Vlogs
    Siddharth Vlogs Month ago +1

    Ok let me buy it in 2025

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins Month ago +1

    This is useless because there is no 8k tv channels

  • shöbe the dog
    shöbe the dog Month ago

    lol apple bad give me likes

  • Sanket Keny
    Sanket Keny Month ago

    Samsung got no chills!!!

  • The Tech Industry
    The Tech Industry Month ago +89

    *Video 8k*
    *USclip 4k*
    *My screen 720*
    *My internet 360px*
    : (

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      +The Tech Industry I'm on 1080P here

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      +The Tech Industry yeah

    • The Tech Industry
      The Tech Industry Month ago +1

      Hey! Try to understand that I can't afford Apple's *cheapest* and latest iPhone...... Well I'm not an apple guy I'm from android side

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      1080P for me

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago


  • Ryan Mills
    Ryan Mills Month ago

    Ok, the upscaling and motion on this TV is awful!!! Matter of fact when you play 1080p content, voices will not sync to it's own speakers because the adaptive sound and processor have trouble doing all of the work. Just badly rushed tech.
    Word of advice, make sure your product is done before coming to the market. It's better to be BEST, not first.

  • Romero. روميرو

    سامسونج ❤

  • Сергей Камаев

    Самый дорогой телевизор
    за всю историю самсунг

  • RuSi
    RuSi Month ago

    it is pointless to watch this video, you have to see the tv in real life, not on a video on another device.

    • RuSi
      RuSi Month ago

      +TetaGama no, but the only thing I got from this video is that my phone has an amazing display.

    • TetaGama
      TetaGama Month ago

      So is this 8k panel in the showroom next to your house ?

  • ja-wa08
    ja-wa08 Month ago

    PewDiePie: *gets a better camera*
    Samsung: here's 8k!

  • Bhuvan Thakur
    Bhuvan Thakur Month ago

    And here I'm seeing this at 144p

  • Tan Ngo
    Tan Ngo Month ago


  • Ilalang Dzahira Anwar
    Ilalang Dzahira Anwar Month ago +3

    Meanwhile I'm saving up for a 1080p external monitor.

  • Ferdi Hidayat
    Ferdi Hidayat Month ago

    0:22 iphone ads?

  • Darkirium 1
    Darkirium 1 Month ago +5

    Plays video on 144p

    Haha nice try Samsung

  • Mingwei Zhang
    Mingwei Zhang Month ago

    For an ad advocating 8K, I was expecting the youtube video would have 4k 60fps XD
    Great editing though!

  • M
    M Month ago

    free tv channels still on 480p

  • CheesyQuokka YT
    CheesyQuokka YT Month ago

    Meanwhile in Pewdiepie's office

  • Ethan Rigo
    Ethan Rigo Month ago

    *watches it in 144p*

  • Lennard Datema
    Lennard Datema Month ago

    I'm all for this if it makes 4k tv's cheaper

  • Nilima Rani Sagar
    Nilima Rani Sagar Month ago

    Every superlatives defy to capture Samsung's worth

  • BluTheDog
    BluTheDog Month ago

    I like 8K... but no PC or Console can actually DO 8K! Every game would just crash because it is way too much

  • Ali Tahir
    Ali Tahir Month ago

    8k TV is amazing but does any channel for Games support 8k ???

  • AzaaKhanTv
    AzaaKhanTv Month ago

    360p Squad?

  • Emon Khan
    Emon Khan Month ago

    But this video is only at 1080p