Jack Black's Son Racked Up a $3K App Bill

  • Published on May 5, 2015
  • Jack Black talks to Jimmy about life with his two sons, including occasionally getting attacked in his wallet and genitals.
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    Jack Black's Son Racked Up a $3K App Bill
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Comments • 2 698

  • Tayla Goodson
    Tayla Goodson Day ago

    Did he ever get that refund?

  • LarizimoIsAlive
    LarizimoIsAlive 8 days ago

    now his son is the internet’s favourite 12 yr old

  • Abadaba Babadaba
    Abadaba Babadaba 10 days ago

    Did you get the refund Jack?

  • Ken Clague
    Ken Clague 11 days ago

    Who gives a shit.

  • the puginator
    the puginator 15 days ago

    His kid is spoiled and doesn't realise the legend his dad is

  • Rafet Mavigöl
    Rafet Mavigöl 15 days ago

    Im türkish, Jack Black Handsome

  • The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'

    those legs go all the way up...

  • Armando Mora
    Armando Mora 16 days ago

    The richer they are the cheaper they become.. greedy fuks

  • Michael Ricci
    Michael Ricci 19 days ago

    Ha his kid spent 4k on My Singing Monsters.

  • The Jucc
    The Jucc 23 days ago +1

    is this Jablinski’s Brother

  • Matt and Stuff
    Matt and Stuff 24 days ago

    Toni my love

  • My Tin Soldiers
    My Tin Soldiers 27 days ago

    Gotta be Clash of Clans

  • Nickster
    Nickster 27 days ago +1

    Jimmy is a big clash royale player trust me he knows about MTX

  • MrSkinnyWhale
    MrSkinnyWhale 28 days ago


  • Pahricida
    Pahricida 29 days ago

    I once racked up a 300 bucks bill for downloading a demo overnight on a 56k modem. My mum wasn't too happy.

  • sexycutiepie4boo
    sexycutiepie4boo 29 days ago

    I love jack black !!!

  • bronyferien minuet
    bronyferien minuet Month ago

    I used to like Jack black.. and now I realise how much I hate the guy..

  • Ana Cristina Liza Sanoy

    I like that 😘😘😘😘

  • Ana Cristina Liza Sanoy

    App Bill

  • devils/advocate
    devils/advocate Month ago

    Thats micotransaction for you.......it sucks

  • Ludi et Historia
    Ludi et Historia Month ago

    Wish I knew who my father was.

  • Axer Gamings
    Axer Gamings Month ago

    Me wondering what game it was 😂😂😂

    • Seth Silverstein
      Seth Silverstein Month ago

      Dude that is hilarious. Have you tried stand up comedy?

  • Michael Bannister
    Michael Bannister Month ago

    Thank you Jack Black for good movies. Your kids will know what money is when they get older. Sorry for the 3K in app bill

  • The Legend
    The Legend Month ago +1

    Jack is a smart dude. Fuck microtransactions in games!

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage Month ago

    jack black did the smoothest high kick

  • Beowulf91
    Beowulf91 Month ago

    Love Jack Black...hate jimmy fallon.

  • Grafight23
    Grafight23 Month ago

    LOL, Jack! You have an 8-year-old! Time to use that brain and "adult" a little. No kid that age should have access to your credit card!

  • Hurry !
    Hurry ! Month ago

    I’m sure the app is “Dokkan Battle” I’m 99% sure hahahaha

  • Karan Joshi
    Karan Joshi Month ago +1

    That guy is copying jablinski games...

  • bard icus
    bard icus Month ago

    I've realised over the years that ALL, American talk show? (I think that's what whatever this is); hosts, are just awful. Truly terrible viewing.

  • Drans 07
    Drans 07 Month ago

    Why is famous youtuber Jablinski Games on The Tonight Show

  • TheDirtymikenation
    TheDirtymikenation Month ago

    So that's why he started Jablinski Games

  • Tuercasmike
    Tuercasmike Month ago +2

    Dang, papasharks is wild

  • Yara
    Yara Month ago +1

    Can't believe this is Jablinsky games before he was famous

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Month ago

    His boy costed him assloads of money over Monster Legends

  • RewardingGrin
    RewardingGrin Month ago +1

    I wonder if he got that refund

  • TheAsianTomboy
    TheAsianTomboy Month ago

    3k just on games?! I can't even buy a $ worth of food without feeling guilty

  • Bonjour
    Bonjour Month ago

    *8 year old me buying someone on an app for 5$*


  • csabsz13
    csabsz13 Month ago

    did he get the refund???

  • Alberto aka Turtleman
    Alberto aka Turtleman Month ago +2

    Tommy's a funny dude it runs in the family. Jablinski games!!

  • Lewis Howe
    Lewis Howe Month ago

    I thought Kato was a Green Hornet character

  • Simon Coltsfoot
    Simon Coltsfoot Month ago

    I wonder if he got a refund

  • Robert Haas
    Robert Haas Month ago

    Uh I don't think that's how it works but if he really got refunded good for him

  • djhaloeight
    djhaloeight Month ago

    Goddamn Jimmy Fallon is sooo fake. That laugh at 3:15 is prime example. I can’t watch this shit.

  • Trooper
    Trooper Month ago

    Just focus on Jack... if you don't want cringe

  • Andre South
    Andre South Month ago

    The end of this clip lol I was dying 😂😂😂

  • TheOneBadAssGamer
    TheOneBadAssGamer Month ago

    i wonder if jack black got that refund? my guess is probably not.

  • Michael Duffy
    Michael Duffy Month ago

    Does Jimmy have to try and top everybody that comes on the show.

  • TheJohnGway
    TheJohnGway Month ago

    Imagine being a parent who isn't an A list celebrity in the same predicament, yikes scoob.

  • In CogNito
    In CogNito Month ago

    His kid is playing *Clash of Clans*

  • makharov
    makharov Month ago

    So basically Jablinksi went on Fake Fallon to get the refund hahaha

  • James Christopher Cirujano

    Wow. I was just checking Jablinski game's latest video. I didn't know he got THIS big to be on the tonight show 4 years ago.

  • Zukajson
    Zukajson Month ago

    Tommy is Jack's stand

  • Name
    Name Month ago

    Why would you let your 8 year old kid make any purchases regardless of how rich you are?

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz Month ago

    YOOO WTF did you see that kick!?

  • Kathy Myers
    Kathy Myers 2 months ago

    Going Jiminy glick

  • Allykins17
    Allykins17 2 months ago

    Son?! When did that happen?

  • what ever
    what ever 2 months ago

    Tommy and Sammy are way cool

  • iCarlyFetish
    iCarlyFetish 2 months ago

    Wow it's so cool a small USclipr can make it on TV like this

  • Rain Juice
    Rain Juice 2 months ago +1

    Jack Black is a real cool dude

  • III
    III 2 months ago

    This guy looks a lot like Filthy Frank

  • Scattered Gaming
    Scattered Gaming 2 months ago +1

    I’m sorry but like that kick that Jack did, that reach 👏👏👏

  • rocky balboa
    rocky balboa 2 months ago


  • lapulgaatomica
    lapulgaatomica 2 months ago

    Jack Black is the best

  • Stop T-Series
    Stop T-Series 2 months ago +18

    *Don't let this distract you from the fact that he only has 35 pictures on his phone.*

  • Nefarious
    Nefarious 3 months ago

    Fallon is fake as fuck

  • ASH3R 1
    ASH3R 1 3 months ago

    Welcome to parent hood Jack

  • Freshprince Montana
    Freshprince Montana 3 months ago

    “The money is real” 😂

  • Jen- A-Purr
    Jen- A-Purr 3 months ago

    That was a high kick lol

  • BrokeProphet
    BrokeProphet 3 months ago

    Fallon is walking Cringe....why did he stand and clap at the end?

  • C hill
    C hill 3 months ago

    wow this jack black guy should try youtube out. he looks alot like Jablinksi games!

  • Kristie Ray
    Kristie Ray 3 months ago

    Jablinski Gaaaaaamesah.

  • Mc Muffin
    Mc Muffin 3 months ago +1


  • Kool Beans
    Kool Beans 3 months ago


  • zoë
    zoë 3 months ago +1


  • Happy WALEK
    Happy WALEK 3 months ago +1

    I got robbed online 7k stolen

  • Ahmad Salah
    Ahmad Salah 3 months ago

    I just love this guy man. one of the people i just love him so much
    im a dude too not gay or anything but i just fucking love that guy soo much

  • Santosh P.S.S.
    Santosh P.S.S. 3 months ago

    That’s how the world works Jack... unfortunately...

  • 320speed
    320speed 3 months ago +1

    It wasn't his son it was him on Angry Birds.

  • Humayun Nadeem
    Humayun Nadeem 3 months ago +1

    mOnSTer LegENdS

    CRIMINAL GAMING 3 months ago +1

    sounds just like the WAR ROBOTS gaming application, by Pixonic... A Russian owner company... Filled with all sorts of scams... Free to play, but have no issue scamming you out of your money!!!!

  • Owen Peters
    Owen Peters 3 months ago

    Who came here after Sammy’s Instagram live

  • Serious Commenter
    Serious Commenter 3 months ago

    Doctor Jablinski

  • Esteban Gonzalez
    Esteban Gonzalez 4 months ago

    $3000 to a movie star that makes millions, is like buying a friggin bag of Skittles... Imagine the same situation happening to us “regular” people.

  • Abel Valdez
    Abel Valdez 4 months ago +1

    My nephews blew a thousand on my mother in laws debit card on Fortnite its ridiculous

  • Archie mac
    Archie mac 4 months ago

    This isn't even funny. This kid has a problem

  • Brayden J. Clarke
    Brayden J. Clarke 4 months ago

    Sammy has an Instagram and I'm 80 percent sure jack doesn't check it

  • NathanDraxter
    NathanDraxter 4 months ago +1

    Is that jablinsk?

  • wh at
    wh at 4 months ago +4

    3:14 Jimmy fakes a laugh after realising cameras are on him. Smh.

  • Logan Collins
    Logan Collins 4 months ago

    Jack black is flexible holy fuck

  • Michael Gatewood
    Michael Gatewood 4 months ago

    All of those in at purchase games are just closed of clones of clones you won't be getting a refund LOL

  • Gator 4190
    Gator 4190 4 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon is trash.... how is he still on tv??

  • SrBoromir
    SrBoromir 4 months ago

    Aw he shaved the beard

  • Jefferay
    Jefferay 4 months ago

    My singing monsters

  • Tobdaze
    Tobdaze 4 months ago

    0:20 damn he thicc boi

  • JablinskiGames
    JablinskiGames 4 months ago +41

    Hey that's me

    • Cody McGinnis
      Cody McGinnis 5 days ago

      JablinskiGames sooooooo see a random fan comment, decide to hang with them for a day? Yeah?

    • yeet
      yeet 7 days ago

      It's funny how it actually is him but people don't believe him. lol

    • Young Chainzzz
      Young Chainzzz Month ago


    • R
      R Month ago

      Sure is, you are hilarious lol

    • / B000en /
      / B000en / Month ago

      Stop impersonating him libby

  • yahya EL-haleas
    yahya EL-haleas 4 months ago

    FYI, game is called my singing monsters, made by Big Blue Bubble

  • Kenneth Kennethson
    Kenneth Kennethson 4 months ago

    I love jack black, so no one get me wrong. But christ pratt is just a buff jack black

  • Siddharth Joshi
    Siddharth Joshi 4 months ago

    Jimmys laugh seems to be fake but its not....

  • Will McKnight
    Will McKnight 4 months ago

    So that’s why Jack Black created a USclip