Bill Burr - Motherhood Isn't The Hardest Job

  • Published on May 30, 2016
  • #BillBurr disagrees with #Oprah on the difficulty of being a #mother , and explains how he ended up with a #pitbull while on tour.
    Bill Burr stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2010
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Comments • 2 559

  • Stinky Whizzletooth

    I'd love to see him do a bit about how being a teacher is the most important job (because it isn't).

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S 10 hours ago

    I have 2 kids, and being a parent is pretty hard when you’re up at night every two hours rocking a baby back to sleep. In those moments I told myself, I’d rather be back at my old job, carrying bags of concrete in a wheelbarrow for 8 hours and then sleeping for another 8 hours straight.

  • Francisco Zamora
    Francisco Zamora 14 hours ago

    99% of Bill Burr fans are men 1% Angry feminists

  • Daniel Hertzler
    Daniel Hertzler 18 hours ago

    Lol I'm sharing this next mothers day, just for funzies haha

  • David Coverdell
    David Coverdell 19 hours ago +1

    I’m a red headed roofer and it is July!

  • Darius Z
    Darius Z 19 hours ago

    what a lovely weather

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage 20 hours ago


  • Erik franco
    Erik franco 22 hours ago

    I am doing roofing in the middle of July. It’s the hardest job there is. I challenge anyone who thinks their job is hard to try doing roofing for a whole summer in Maryland and they will forever think any job they do is easy

  • streetlegacy816
    streetlegacy816 22 hours ago

    Horrible crowd.

  • JohnAFowler
    JohnAFowler 22 hours ago

    I was working the Westminster Dog Show in New York City. I had to walk the Rotty's around Madison Square Gardens and he's right. Everyone got out of my way when they say a 120 lb dog coming at them.

  • SomeOneOnline
    SomeOneOnline Day ago +1

    Bill is fucking great

  • fernando perez
    fernando perez Day ago

    my wife tells me all the time she wants to stay home ALL the time but I tell her being a dad is the hardest job in da world. She isn't buying it and wants me to start working >:|

  • Lion Of Judah
    Lion Of Judah Day ago

    That microchip shit is real.. rfid chip

  • Raska Me Lasbolas

    Bill is an asshole I would easily get along with

  • Raska Me Lasbolas


  • An Artist formerly known as William Devane

    Bill burr for the kill

  • Mr Del Rio
    Mr Del Rio Day ago

    Yeah the hell with these mothers!😂😂😂

  • finnibert lunchiken

    1:00 "you can send them to bed anytime you want on some trumped up charges".

  • SweetDWillie
    SweetDWillie Day ago +1

    Being a mother is no different than being a father

  • Ibrahim Hussain
    Ibrahim Hussain Day ago

    she said it's the most difficult job, not the most dangerous

  • Zander Tor
    Zander Tor Day ago

    So does this pussy get up at all hours of the night to feed change and rock a crying baby on top of having hormonal issues I think not incels stop hating on women

  • T T
    T T Day ago

    " theyre going to microchip us" anyone see Elon Musks latest?

  • Patrick O'Donnell

    It's hard if they are doing a good job of it but they aren't. Kids are fucked up beyond repair today. Am I to believe that's because women did such a great job being the kids mother?

  • john decoteau
    john decoteau Day ago

    you are the opie yates problem, you look enough like opie taylor to be a problem for tne irish in general.

  • john decoteau
    john decoteau Day ago

    fuck bill burr,, whadda pussy...

  • john decoteau
    john decoteau Day ago

    heard smarter shit at shit at the post office....

  • Vee Kee
    Vee Kee 2 days ago +10

    Too many triggered Incels, MRAs and MGTOWs in this comment section talking about triggered feminists. Lol.

  • John Rondeau
    John Rondeau 2 days ago

    He's one of the finest men alive.

  • crikey mate
    crikey mate 2 days ago +1

    Talking of roofers, I nearly got fired on my first day as one. It was horrific, my boss caught me masturbating. Luckily, he said I could just wipe the slate clean.

  • Vee Kee
    Vee Kee 2 days ago

    It's funny how this video attracts both those who hate "traditional" wives and those who fap to the idea of a "traditional" wife.

  • Zedlocke
    Zedlocke 2 days ago

    In can be a U.S soldier and kick ass...whilst wearing pajamas.
    Be the most badass way to kick an isis soldiers ass is in your pajamas for the United States, but you could do it.

  • The Watchful Hunter
    The Watchful Hunter 2 days ago

    I wanna stay home with the kids, refuse to work, break into my wife's briefcase while she's at work, steal my wife's earned cash to pay for a lawyer to divorce her so the family court will give me the house, kick her out and force her to pay me money for each kid for the next 20 years. You know, like my wife did.

  • LifeofBeauty K
    LifeofBeauty K 2 days ago +1

    I love Bill, he is hilarious and I actually really enjoy the topics that he brings up because it's does start a lot of discussion that needs to be talked about. However, I always get frustrated with the comment section of his fans stating that these are "facts". No these are jokes, stating facts is part of a debate. There are plenty of things that he's saying that have truth to them but they're not complete truths and there are some things that he's wrong about when it comes to being a stay-at-home mom but he's not going to get into all that because it's a fucking joke.
    I will say this, that being a parent is one of the hardest jobs. Why do you think these men with these horrible jobs... do the jobs they do? Most of them do it to survive, yes but also to provide for their family. Dads who work these horrible jobs and women who are stay-at-home moms have it rough for different reasons. Both should have respect for one another and they likely do. -Unlike the comment section-

    Bill Burr is awesome and he's super funny and he loves Breaking Bad like I do. He's married to a very liberal woman and you would know that if you listened to his podcast.
    I am speaking to the (I'm not sure what the sjw equivalent to a male is) men in this comment section who are just as bad as sjw feminist.

    • Vee Kee
      Vee Kee 2 days ago +1

      The name for those men is MRA, they are just as whiny as SJWs.

  • Manperor
    Manperor 2 days ago

    I was dying in laughter.

  • Rich Marsh
    Rich Marsh 2 days ago

    One of the Funniest guys around imo

  • Rule Follower
    Rule Follower 2 days ago +2

    "Lift with your KNEEEEEES!" That bit got me

  • Melanie Kay
    Melanie Kay 2 days ago

    He’d be funnier if he wasn’t shouting 😬🤫 ugh hurts my ears

    TRU MAN 2 days ago

    Halarious as always!

  • Trump-a-Tron 6000
    Trump-a-Tron 6000 3 days ago +2

    To be fair, both miners and the guys who put out Saddam's oil wells went home at the end of the shift.

  • Nathan Roscoe
    Nathan Roscoe 3 days ago

    That authentic laugh at 3:59 is super wholesome

  • Austin Shouse
    Austin Shouse 3 days ago

    Fucking GOAT 🐐

  • atm 487
    atm 487 3 days ago +2

    Why are so many people in these fucking comments thirsting over stay at home moms or tradwifes, or just shitting on feminism. Do people actually think feminism is "when women want stuff and hate men"?

    • Vee Kee
      Vee Kee 2 days ago

      Fun fact, most of those who want a tradwife won't be able to actually support one. Desires and reality of life are two different things.

    • Vee Kee
      Vee Kee 2 days ago

      MRAs are just as whiny and fragile as SJWs, they're also quite good at building straw man arguments, just like SJWs. Those two groups honestly deserve each other.

    • charis
      charis 3 days ago

      that’s what feminism is today

  • goibee
    goibee 3 days ago +1

    A lot of people saying that he's just spewing facts. But factually speaking, being a mother is the most dangerous job in the World. Lumberjacks have a death rate of 91 in 100,000. The worldwide maternal mortality rate is 216 in 100,000. So statistically speaking, he's wrong.
    Don't hate, just sharing some facts that go against his thinking. And yeah yeah I know its just comedy but just thought I would share given the number of commenters proclaiming his bit as truth

  • Ra Souldier
    Ra Souldier 3 days ago

    I attached all my watches together to make a belt...

    It was a waist of time..

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 3 days ago

    Every time I have a hard day at work I think of this bit and want to punch a feminist or tradcuck in the teeth.

  • tobber08
    tobber08 3 days ago +1

    Asshole? No. Obnoxious? Yes.

  • Pass Datass
    Pass Datass 3 days ago +1

    Lol these fucking camera men.. **Bill makes a black joke** "QUICK, FIND A BLACK PERSON LAUGHING IN THE AUDIENCE"

  • Bojan Nedeljkovic
    Bojan Nedeljkovic 3 days ago

    You should try Caucasian Shepherd.

  • caleb sollars
    caleb sollars 3 days ago

    I'm proud of Burr for speaking out against the chipping. I pray for him to be protected Father in Yehuahs name amen

  • Mr. Freeman
    Mr. Freeman 4 days ago

    Somthing you can take your day out on lMao

  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright 4 days ago +6

    you do rescue the dogs cos if someone doesn't adopt them they are killed. Saving their lives is rescuing them

    • David
      David 18 hours ago

      Issa joke

  • V L
    V L 4 days ago +7

    Feminism didn't prepare them for motherhood.
    Twerking on social media didn't prepare them for motherhood.

  • YB E
    YB E 4 days ago +2

    But psychologically it's the hardest job...

  • Brian Gallas
    Brian Gallas 4 days ago

    Fuck moms... Wait, I do that already. 😜

  • tom lund
    tom lund 4 days ago

    15 minutes and counting bill....👋🏻

  • nicolle n.
    nicolle n. 4 days ago

    Please come to Seattle!! I see you are coming to Las Vegas in December so I am thinking about going. Would love to see you live :)

  • Chris Porterfield
    Chris Porterfield 5 days ago

    Pits are awsome companions.

  • M Sagri
    M Sagri 5 days ago +28

    My grandpa fighting WWII against the Japanese at age 15: Almost dies.
    Moms: yOu HAd iT eAsY

    • M Sagri
      M Sagri 2 days ago +5

      @Rolling Ormond
      As a bit of Background my grandpa is from British India, not England, so it was a volunteer army. His dad died and the only reason he even knew his age was because of a property dispute his dad had papers from. My grandpa had no dad so his family had no money, which left my grandpa to join the military without a birth certificate (Most people in rural areas didn't have one anyways), and he was able to pass off as 18.

    • Rolling Ormond
      Rolling Ormond 2 days ago +1

      How did he get drafted being underage?

  • Alex
    Alex 5 days ago +1

    ice road trucker: oopsie tyre´s flat
    mother: oopsie tyler´s dead

  • TheDIFfk
    TheDIFfk 5 days ago +2

    if being a mom is the hardest job, than many moms did a bad job - now we have Trump, Bhad Bhabie and many more

  • saint7370
    saint7370 5 days ago

    split screen with a lizar!!

  • Colin Maharaj
    Colin Maharaj 5 days ago +2

    So putting things into context, in some poor countries, it is very very difficult to maintain families and feed kids, keep them from getting sick, or keeping them alive.

  • John MacArthur
    John MacArthur 5 days ago +2

    It's pretty sad that the truth has to be cloaked as a joke.

  • Bryan Liguori
    Bryan Liguori 5 days ago

    Re: "rescued" dogs: THANK YOU.
    especially those real special people with bad grammar with the "who rescued who?" bumper stickers.

  • RSKR
    RSKR 5 days ago

    a bitch i know wakes up at midday everyday and still complains.

  • Vegas eye Media
    Vegas eye Media 5 days ago +1

    Is that Chris Benoit on 2:34?! Let the conspiracies start! Chris Benoit to AEW CONFIRMED!!

    • Dave Gross
      Dave Gross 2 days ago

      Vegas eye Media you know what’s confirmed? His death so that’s not him but I’ll be honest I do see the resemblance lol

  • Bat Fink
    Bat Fink 5 days ago +3

    Parenting is the hardest job in the world - to get right. And its the easiest job in the world - to get wrong.

  • moo kang moon
    moo kang moon 6 days ago +1

    Not even funny...

  • T Oni
    T Oni 6 days ago


  • Otis Trayers
    Otis Trayers 6 days ago

    So funny 1 of the best comedians in my era whatever was in Kevin I wanna know just in case I need that for my kids 👼

  • Arron Nash
    Arron Nash 6 days ago

    It's not even a conspiracy anymore, people are openly and willingly getting chipped like good little sheep. There will be a time when anyone who doesn't want to get chipped will be made fun of and seen as a paranoid nut case. I mean that's already the case, but it will become mainstream and trendy, like it is nowadays to make fun of the anti-vaxxers. Next it'll be the anti-microchips. It's all so predictable.

    • Arron Nash
      Arron Nash 5 days ago

      @Flying Dude
      Sheep throughout history have been falling in line because they won't or can't understand.

    • Flying Dude
      Flying Dude 5 days ago +1

      Paranoids throughout history have been skeptical of shit they won't or can't understand.

  • ThatGuyThatDoesStuff
    ThatGuyThatDoesStuff 6 days ago +3

    My wife rescued a little ginger cat while I was off camping. Rescued, as in, ran into traffic to save him from getting hit. She never had any plans other than to keep him, despite me saying I didn't want any more pets for years.

    Fast forward, we still have the cat and he chose me as his human. She's super salty about it, too. Karma.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 6 days ago +1

    The man's a genius

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 6 days ago

    A man works as a janitor and cleans up after 100 people every day: paid peanuts.
    A man works as a chef, cooks for 100 people every day: paid peanuts.
    A man works as a teacher, looks after 20 children: paid peanuts.

    A woman cooks and cleans for three other people, and watches over two kids: OMG YOU POOR BABY!

  • Izzy B
    Izzy B 6 days ago

    After watching this, that 12 ton bus lifted above my head in Southern California doesn’t look that hard to work on anymore knowing it’s harder to be a mother I’ll never experience. Dodged that bullet. Also my first dog I found at work. Saved it from getting crushed by heavy machinery. Effort from 1-10 a 5. A cherished companion A1... I mean a 10.

    • Vee Kee
      Vee Kee 2 days ago

      But the question is are you with that bus 24-7? Do you have to lift that bus yourself?

  • The Hector Collectors

    Burr's pathetic argument here is completely DESTROYED on our channel!!!

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson 6 days ago

    They try to use the same dumbshit propaganda for soldier's wives

  • Simon Mitchell
    Simon Mitchell 6 days ago +5

    He is so underrated as a comedian. BRILLIANT!!!
    And look at that...he didn't swear ONCE! Now he's just showing off!

  • Liam Toye
    Liam Toye 6 days ago

    "send em to bed any time you want on some trumped up charges cause you wanna have a drink and watch the price is right" might be the funniest shit i've ever heard. bill burr is one of the most talented comedians of all time

  • Nathaniel Clark
    Nathaniel Clark 6 days ago +1

    "Send em to bed anytime you want on some trumpt up charges." 😂😂😂😂 my mom all day lolol

  • Sarah MacDonald
    Sarah MacDonald 6 days ago

    Someone needs his tube tied. Hope his mom sees this. They’re not free.

    • Dennis M
      Dennis M 5 days ago

      @Sarah MacDonald I work with kids. It's not easy. But the hardest job in the world? Give me a fucking break.

    • Sarah MacDonald
      Sarah MacDonald 5 days ago +1

      @Dennis MWhat's that sound oh it's all the Mom's laughing at your thinking that Motherhood is easy all sunshine and rainbows.

    • Dennis M
      Dennis M 6 days ago

      Any mother who thinks motherhood is the hardest job in the world hates their own offspring and had no business being a mother in the first place.

    • Miguel De La Rosa
      Miguel De La Rosa 6 days ago

      Some feminist got butt hurt

  • Viccatrix
    Viccatrix 7 days ago

    I came home from work one day and my gf at the time had found a lice and scabies covered dog in the woods and brought it home and it was rolling all over my bed. She got soooo mad when I took it to the pound. Freaking nut job.

  • Maitreya Huisintveld
    Maitreya Huisintveld 7 days ago +1

    stand up comedy is the easiest job in the world

  • Dylan Mujica
    Dylan Mujica 7 days ago

    Being a parent is something you become. Calling it a job diminishes the whole role; for instance one gets paid to do a job, but one cannot be paid for being a parent.

  • Michael Deem
    Michael Deem 7 days ago

    It's just mind-numbing monotony.

  • Viktor Wolfe
    Viktor Wolfe 7 days ago

    One of the best working today!

  • Glenn Turner
    Glenn Turner 7 days ago +2

    Pit Bulls. The gun you can pat!!! LMFAO

  • Chef Schofield
    Chef Schofield 7 days ago

    mother thinking they have the hardest the dunning kruger effect.

  • Brandizzleizzle
    Brandizzleizzle 7 days ago

    There's no such thing as an independent woman

  • JohnLemon
    JohnLemon 7 days ago +1

    Not saying motherhood is hard but... I think Bill here is mistaking hard with dangerous...

    • Vee Kee
      Vee Kee 2 days ago

      @Paul Ladendorf how many times a day do you prevent kids from accidentally killing themselves?

    • Paul Ladendorf
      Paul Ladendorf 7 days ago

      When was the last time you carried 100 or so 80' bundles of shingles up a ladder to a 2nd story roof?

  • On 2Wheels
    On 2Wheels 8 days ago

    He isn't wrong....

  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP Portland 8 days ago

    1. "I'm an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house."

    2. "There is nothing wrong with a woman encouraging a man’s advances, as long as they are in cash."

    3. “I know nothing about sex, because I was always married.”

    4. "I want a man who's kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?"

    5. "I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back."

    6. "A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he's finished.

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

  • David James
    David James 8 days ago

    "Any job you can do in your pajamas is not difficult." Love it.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 8 days ago

    This guy should be much more famous.

  • mgtow 4life
    mgtow 4life 8 days ago

    1.7 angry single mothers say this video.

  • Wungchipem Raman
    Wungchipem Raman 8 days ago

    The face he makes in 2:53 is spot on 😂🤘🏽

  • Andrei Simionescu
    Andrei Simionescu 8 days ago

    Bruv this must be one of his most unpolished performances and he's still amazing. What a fucking champ.

  • Nevena H
    Nevena H 8 days ago +1

    I hope his mother is watching this 😂

  • voskidude
    voskidude 8 days ago

    Narcissist. Mothering and growing other people to become contributing members of society is a daunting task. It is especially tasking when you have children procreated by selfish people like this guy.

    • Dennis M
      Dennis M 6 days ago

      Mothers cook, clean, and look after children. As someone who works in fast food and education I do 10X as much of that as any mother and yet I'm paid peanuts for it.
      Motherhood is important, but its not hard. If you think motherhood is the hardest job in the world you are either A) spoiled rotten or B) a sick, cold person who had no business having kids in the first place.

    • Shane Derfus
      Shane Derfus 7 days ago

      ...and you call someone else a narcissist? 😂

  • Cabinets Quick
    Cabinets Quick 8 days ago

    Add showing before was about mothers, "I love you commercial by google duo " lol