Bill Burr - Motherhood Isn't The Hardest Job

  • Published on May 30, 2016
  • #BillBurr on the difficulty of being a mother, and how he ended up with a pit bull while on tour.
    #BillBurrStandUp from the #JustForLaughs Festival in 2010
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  • Patric Parton
    Patric Parton 17 hours ago

    Maybe get an alligator, add to the excitement

  • LANo
    LANo 2 days ago

    Pause at 1:59 and look to the right, the lady in the black tank top is fucking salty beyond belief!!

  • Cameron Morris
    Cameron Morris 3 days ago

    Fast forward a couple of years and he had to get rid of the dog. It broke his heart to get rid of it but it was a physco.

  • SKD
    SKD 3 days ago

    4:39 This is what Michael Che was talking about...

  • DestinyHime
    DestinyHime 6 days ago

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Bill Burr got difficult and dangerous mixed up just a bit.

  • Jon Lebel
    Jon Lebel 6 days ago

    Women had a longer life expectancy than men... until feminist got them out working in jobs like men... then their life expectancy dropped. It is however, the worlds most "underappreciated" job.

  • gareth dunn
    gareth dunn 7 days ago

    nothing coming back from the audience ... bloody canadians

  • King K
    King K 8 days ago

    Brought to you br duracell batteries

  • Cat Tac
    Cat Tac 9 days ago

    Ask any single father how hard parenting is... I bet he still has a job and complains about his dick of a boss before a word about kids. Many many many women just want to stay home and raise their children, just don't fuckin lie about it. It's fine if that's what you want and you and your husband agree. Don't pretend that you're sacrificing so much more by doing it.

  • Willi-jane' opinion
    Willi-jane' opinion 9 days ago

    Back in the day when large families were around my mum had 14 kids.
    Great Mother and worked as well. Grow up ladies we don't do any more than our fathers do in a day.

  • Steverino322
    Steverino322 11 days ago +1

    a LOT of dudes slept on the sofa after this. You can see their wives or girlfriends not clapping right next to them while they applaud lol

    OPTIMUSs_JEDI 12 days ago

    sadly women cant even take this as a joke. They are so brave for saying it is the hardest job in the world

  • Ozymandias83
    Ozymandias83 12 days ago

    I have this vision of a top secret elite unit of the us military, whose mission is to extract American canines from dangerous situations.

  • Kenneth Luna
    Kenneth Luna 13 days ago

    Mothers are amazing but I agree 100 percent and so does my wife

  • carpe diem
    carpe diem 14 days ago

    Love watching the cuck Canadians wanting to laugh but afraid to 🤣

  • Jared Sharon
    Jared Sharon 14 days ago

    Probably the greatest bit of all time lol. Best part is that no woman can deny what he’s saying 👌

  • Hannah Marie H
    Hannah Marie H 15 days ago

    Wow. As a stay at home mother I find this to be extremely rude and hateful.
    If I’m in my pjs all day, guess what, it’s NOT a good day. It means that I have literally not had a second to put on clothes. Think about what that’s like for a minute. Not having a second to take care of your basic needs as a person: getting dressed, brushing teeth/hair, showering every now and then, eating, actually getting sufficient sleep at night (more than two hours slots)
    How about that whole “bend at the knee” comment? So many mothers have chronic pain due to lifting (I am actually recovering from a back break and motherhood doesn’t stop just because you have a disability)
    Did you know that 1 out of 5 mothers suffer from Postpartum depression and that suicide is the leading cause of death for new moms.
    Lastly, if motherhood wasn’t so very hard, then why is the age at which people are choosing to become first time parents older and older? Sure women want to have careers but don’t tell me that the fact that motherhood is hard isn’t a factor. After all, everyone likes to say that other people’s children is the best birth control.

  • Ann Berlin
    Ann Berlin 16 days ago

    He’s such a prick I love it lmfao

  • DJRonnieG
    DJRonnieG 16 days ago

    Pitbulls are really great kids.

    • DJRonnieG
      DJRonnieG 14 days ago

      @Ryan Smith I wouldn't be opposed to a test and training program for prospective PItbull parents.

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 14 days ago

      Great at eating kids

  • Adara Harkness
    Adara Harkness 18 days ago

    The fact that he thinks u can send them 2 bed whenever u want & start drinking is hilarious.its past midnight& I'm still screaming at them. Obviously doesn't have kids.

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 14 days ago

      @Adara Harkness
      Insult my age, and here i thought you only had "you must not have kids".

    • Adara Harkness
      Adara Harkness 14 days ago

      @Ryan Smith okay then! I don't have time 4 this(& I'm starting 2 wonder how old YOU are) soooo...bye!

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 14 days ago

      @Adara Harkness
      It sure is

    • Adara Harkness
      Adara Harkness 14 days ago

      I'm dumb?!! That's ur response? Lol 😆

  • aTallGuyNH
    aTallGuyNH 21 day ago +1

    He didn't address mothers of teenagers though... a whole different level than babies and toddlers.

  • Juliana & Julius
    Juliana & Julius 22 days ago +3

    It is a difficult job but not the most difficult. But a lot of the jobs said are jobs you can leave. Being a mother is 24/7

  • Mali
    Mali 23 days ago

    This crowd was tough

  • Coco H
    Coco H 23 days ago +1

    A pit bull snapped my cousins lil 7 year olds neck. It but into his neck and killed him instantly. I’ll never own a pit.

  • Mike Brase
    Mike Brase 23 days ago

    Some trumped up charges LMFAO

  • Johnny Utah's Outdoors
    Johnny Utah's Outdoors 24 days ago +2

    Finally here after Ad 3 of 2.

    #OUTLANDISH 25 days ago

    women have it so easy

  • Meendosex
    Meendosex 25 days ago

    these are the best jokes
    of the year

  • Bloofa
    Bloofa 26 days ago

    Depends on the salary

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 26 days ago +1

    I don’t even consider “motherhood” a job - it’s something any female with functioning reproductive organs can do and there are no real qualifications to start.

    • Feneco feneco
      Feneco feneco 19 days ago

      you can describe any intensive farming animal like that.

  • punkrockzero
    punkrockzero 28 days ago

    Anybody else see the ikonick ad before the video started? What the hell was that?

  • Xcorgi
    Xcorgi 29 days ago

    Putting the DVDs 📀 in the DVD player! 😂😂😂 Oh the horror!!!

  • gregor szurnicki
    gregor szurnicki 29 days ago

    Comedy is back 🤗😁😁

  • Sterlo
    Sterlo Month ago

    is that Lisa Ann!??

  • WonderFool
    WonderFool Month ago +2

    Motherhood is not a difficult jobs, working a corporate job with a bunch of a-holes is. Women like to whine.

    • WonderFool
      WonderFool Month ago

      @Jessica Predium Choose, either t have children or go to work. Today both mom and dad go to work bc of finance, freedom, etc., and children are all messed up. Women feel overloaded and they scream like bitches at their kids, husband AND coworkers. I hate working with them. Women cause half the problems themselves. I'm a woman and I've seen this consistently my whole life.

    • Jessica Predium
      Jessica Predium Month ago

      cyberdazed What if you do both?

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival Month ago

    Apparently, there's a difference between a pound and a (the) humane society-- 'cause mine definitely charges, and also requires that you have the proper environment to house them.

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival Month ago +2

    As a programmer who works from home, I assure you: plenty of hard jobs can be done in your pajamas...
    In fact, y'know what, you *can* go into a lot of jobs wearing pajamas-- long as there's a loose dress code. You just don't cuz you're all cowards. Cowards, I say!

  • bonzology
    bonzology Month ago

    My brother's a concrete guy and his fat lazy wife always throws that bullshit at him, i told her "go to work with him for one day, you'll be on your knees in tears in 20 minutes begging to go back to watching the kids", the women who make the "hardest job in the world" claim are fucking clueless.

  • Kartikey Sagar
    Kartikey Sagar Month ago

    The lady on the extreme right at 1:58

  • Dan B
    Dan B Month ago

    How can you class raising your offspring in the same category as having a job? If you think its a job your a robot, exactly what this society gas built ppl like you for

  • Anirudh Sharma
    Anirudh Sharma Month ago

    2.3K Hard working mothers disliked the video.

  • No ThisIsPatrick
    No ThisIsPatrick Month ago +1

    Majority of bully breeds are actually so so sweet and affectionate. The reason they get a bad rep is because people get dogs they don’t know how to raise so the dog becomes uncontrollable. Kinda like shitty kids that have shitty parents. It’s not the kids fault 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • James Sins
    James Sins Month ago +41

    "to hell with these mother's" ! Dude has cojones.

  • vikas singh
    vikas singh Month ago +1

    Outro comics are a joke compare to Bob the builder

  • Phil Mouhi
    Phil Mouhi Month ago +2

    Why the hell did Bill Burr just sell me on getting a pitbull

  • bobby verrier iii
    bobby verrier iii Month ago

    man that area around 5:43 is gonna get Bill cancelled someday

    • Big White Duck
      Big White Duck Month ago

      bobby verrier iii your first time watching Bill?

  • K S
    K S Month ago

    Personne a envie de sous titrer en français please ?

  • Hank Chinaski
    Hank Chinaski Month ago

    I love his work. I hate his fans

  • The Secret History
    The Secret History Month ago +54

    Sadness part is Bill Burr mentioned in his podcast that he had to get rid of his pitbull he loves so much, because his wife and him was scare if heaven forbid his baby daughter gets hurt while he was on the road. His pitbull lives with someone else now. He was a complete messed the day he had to give it away. 😞

  • Ralph Herdman
    Ralph Herdman Month ago

    Why don't you just rescue an alligator and put it under the bed hahahhaha

  • Suramya Singh
    Suramya Singh Month ago +3

    Okay. Unbiased opinion.
    He's not funny.

  • Suramya Singh
    Suramya Singh Month ago +2

    Women have to be mothers all the time that's why they can't be ice-road truckers. They have to do a job which just eliminates their life experience. How many people die doing their jobs is far less than number of women choking their dreams, being a mother. That's why it is the toughest job. If you have decided to be sexist, please, come with something more layered and intelligent. Now, people will be like "you are an SJW, you got offended at a joke." but see, a joke is a part of a discourse and this person's opinion. He thinks like that that's why he jokes all the time, normalising patriarchy. That bothers me. Sorry.

    • Suramya Singh
      Suramya Singh Month ago

      @Noah Rose oversimplify everything to ignore the inequality. _Victim mentality?_ That's the problem! These post truth makers like _The Daily Wire_ take a very small population of crappy women/other marginalized groups (I don't know if it's not propaganda then what it is) and EVERY FUCKING VIDEO IS MADE FROM A RIGHT WING mentality, which just takes one example and oversimplifies and generalize everything. Your language shows you're into these SHITTY things too much. Secondly, that the problem, he has just oversimplified that thing according to his understanding and presented it as some fact. _Being a mother is a toughest job_ means it is imposed on an entire fraction of population. You said being a mother is a woman's choice. Really brother? They don't completely have the abortion rights! They are called "baby killers" and witches if they do so. Procreation is the law of a race, so please don't come with any Ben Shapiro argument here. We as a race will continue. Women who don't choose or can't have babies are seen as BAD and inferior. I can tell you by experience. People these days are just relying on internet and biased people's opinions rather than books. You're a result. That's why you have the arrogance to start your point with "you're an idiot." K. Bye.

    • Noah Rose
      Noah Rose Month ago

      Dude, you're an idiot 😂. You realize ice road truckers, OTR Trucking jobs, Military, Police... You are those jobs all the time. But unlike Being a mother you aren't going to die at any given moment and have your entire life wasted. So what they have to put their "Dreams" on hold? The troops or truckers have to put their entire lives on hold and may lose them. And another thing, you can prevent getting pregnant and fucking up your dreams, yes you don't have to sign for these other jobs but they aren't playing victim because they signed for them unlike mother's. So if you got pregnant and now are a victim, you don't deserve your kid to begin with. So, very popular opinion, you're a victim mentality dipshit advocating for more victim mentalities. Motherhood may be hard but it's preventable and it definitely isn't the hardest job in the world.

    • Username Here
      Username Here Month ago

      Yeah, I understand that. But they chose to be a mother. Most of the people in actual dangerous occupations don't go around telling how hard or how dangerous their lives are and how many people they may or may not be saving. I don't find him super funny either, I just smile at the best bits, but that's my personal opinion. But people have put motherhood at a pedestal, when it's something normal and something that women choose to do.

  • chinqalicious
    chinqalicious Month ago


  • Allie
    Allie Month ago +1

    Bill burr is honestly the reason I have faith

  • David Rodgers
    David Rodgers Month ago +2

    If 80% of divorce is not brought on by the wife we would not have so many single mothers... I know ... I know... He was mean and told you no .. Lol..

  • DaFysty1
    DaFysty1 Month ago +5

    Bill Burr, as usual, gives us some good comedy kush. However, I think that most people in this comment section don’t realize why most moms say their job is hard. It’s their child that they’re taking care of. It’s not the actual tasks that are hard, it’s the psychological pressure and constant worry over the littlest things; the speculation over whether what you’re doing is right for them; all because they love them. They’re likely the single most influential figure in their child’s life, and while it’s rewarding, is mentally very taxing.
    Biggest problem for the gap in understanding is yall can’t relate unless you’re a parent. Pets and plants aren’t the same as children.

    • Osmosis Jones
      Osmosis Jones Month ago +1

      Being a good parent is hard, but having kids isn't

    • Username Here
      Username Here Month ago +1

      Exactly. If you don't give a shit about your child, then motherhood is the easiest thing out there. But if you want to raise a good and happy child, well, that shit takes a lot of work. It is difficult.

  • Gi Mu
    Gi Mu Month ago

    Omg I love this!

  • raj shah
    raj shah Month ago

    So from now on when someone says I got a rescue, my reply to that will go, you mean you got it free right!?

    • Username Here
      Username Here Month ago

      @raj shah no.

    • raj shah
      raj shah Month ago

      @Username Here leave 'adoption' for children.

    • Username Here
      Username Here Month ago

      I think I would say I adopted it. I know when you buy an animal, that's technically adopting too ofc, but adoption puts more emphasis on rescue animals. And yes. Rescue. You've rescued them from a life of hunger, loneliness, pain, cold, etc. You give them a good life

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Month ago

    Dude's funny but why is all of his content about women?