Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy - Worse Than You Remember

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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  • Jolfer 13
    Jolfer 13 36 minutes ago

    Uncle ben is just like superman's dad. Him telling him to let people die as well as himself is complete bullshit. There is no way he would just stand by and let him die

  • Jolfer 13
    Jolfer 13 40 minutes ago

    Classic click bait....saying u hate something that most people like...if I ever see a video on why end game sucks I will hunt them down and take them to the doctor to get their head checked

  • JJ gaming!
    JJ gaming! 2 hours ago

    Thumbnail 10 out of 10

  • Errir 404
    Errir 404 2 hours ago +1

    On another spiderman note Tom Holland's Aunt May is dummy thicc

  • Dean Bean!
    Dean Bean! 2 hours ago

    These movies are comedy I fucking love them

  • Lily Blossom
    Lily Blossom 3 hours ago

    Pizza Time

  • ソウヤーアナベル

    The descriptions of those who follow your content are spectacularly accurate and hilarious

  • Andy Rod
    Andy Rod 5 hours ago +1

    Wait, on the beginning of the spider man 2 you said that Spider-Man 2 was the best in the trilogy but you gave 2 scores to the original which average out to 8/10 which is higher than Spider-Man 2’s rating of 7/10. Marcus is iluminati confirmed

  • Darren Phelps
    Darren Phelps 6 hours ago

    *Hitop Films disliked that*

  • Adib Ahsan
    Adib Ahsan 7 hours ago +1

    *fu€k y•u*

  • The Amazing Mr. Shovel Man

    Ok I agree with your points, their valid, but yeah Emo Peter is the greatest character in the trilogy and that whole sequence is the best

  • c r a b
    c r a b 9 hours ago

    You’re very correct

  • Diego Bernal
    Diego Bernal 9 hours ago

    Imagine Sam rami introducing this hard character that not a lot of people knew about and making everyone fall in love with this character. Tom Holland is good just not as good as this trilogy.

  • Diego Bernal
    Diego Bernal 10 hours ago

    For the time these movies were the best at the time

  • Helen Drew
    Helen Drew 10 hours ago

    What about chocolate cake girl?

  • Mr Razrback
    Mr Razrback 10 hours ago

    Saw this in my recommended, thought I would drop by to leave my dislike real quick

  • Davin Jackson
    Davin Jackson 10 hours ago

    Idc what anyone says I even grew up with these movies but Far From Home is my favorite Spider-Man movie of all time

  • TEC
    TEC 10 hours ago

    yeah i dont agree marvels stuff is capeshit they should have kept doing this

  • Kryptic17
    Kryptic17 11 hours ago

    Spiderman 3 definitely no bueno but 1&2? Perfecty fine

  • Balooga
    Balooga 13 hours ago

    Do you are have stupid?

  • lili ks
    lili ks 14 hours ago

    spiderman 1&2 are the best

  • Mymy648
    Mymy648 14 hours ago

    Am I the only one that likes every single spider-man movie?

  • Jovan Djordjevic
    Jovan Djordjevic 14 hours ago

    You missed a whole lot of meaning behind scenes, perhaps on purpose for comedy sake. But it's entertaining content.

  • SleepLess
    SleepLess 15 hours ago

    7:09 when the nut is good

  • Alexander Best
    Alexander Best 16 hours ago

    Yo it's sick you added the theme song from the animated series that used to run on Fox Kids. Older bro and I used love that song!!!

  • cool person
    cool person 17 hours ago

    This video is literally the worst thing ever.
    People like this guy need to stop being so confident in their own judgement, because these criticisms are absolutely horrible.

  • João Oliveira
    João Oliveira 18 hours ago

    This Spider-man is ass.

  • Wilmer Chitacapa
    Wilmer Chitacapa 19 hours ago


  • Luke Sheppard
    Luke Sheppard 20 hours ago

    He calls his dad by his full name because he knows hes a big celebrity, thats why he sounds so exasperated. Its like have to be like "yeeahp this is my dad, Barack Obama"

  • Luis Irada
    Luis Irada 20 hours ago

    Ok idk

  • Gaetan Grandelli
    Gaetan Grandelli 23 hours ago

    My heads hurting more and more watching this

  • Margot Xu
    Margot Xu Day ago

    Tom Holland sucks,you MCU stan!

    • Jermiah Estacado
      Jermiah Estacado 18 hours ago +1

      pretty good at spiderman
      People who can't let the Toby and Andrew go(witch is you):NO TOM HOLLAND SUCKS HE CAN SUCK MY DICK SPIDER 1,2,3 WERE BETTER REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Austin James
    Austin James Day ago

    youre a moron.

  • Bryan Simmons
    Bryan Simmons Day ago +1

    I totally HATED Mary Jane’s character too!!!! Plus I hated that Raimi changed from the comic continuity where Gwen Stacy, NOT MJ, was Peter’s first girlfriend. Gwen Stacy actually WAS killed by Green Goblin, which was a HUGE deal in the original comic story. Ugh - dammit Raimi 😡

    • FableTown Savagez
      FableTown Savagez 15 hours ago

      WRONG peter was the one who killed gwen. He accidentally snapped her neck

  • Grizzle Vorhees
    Grizzle Vorhees Day ago

    Yeah Ight....

  • Lana Wooley
    Lana Wooley Day ago

    Honestly I love watching your videos they’re fucking hilarious and I don’t even mind that I disagree with some of your opinions

  • Joker_ Views
    Joker_ Views Day ago

    I was looking for reasons to unsubscribe to some channels and I forgot about this video, good enough tho lol

  • Insane Taco Cat
    Insane Taco Cat Day ago

    I just hate Toby so much as a kid, I just want to kick his ass every single second of his screen time.

  • 07torresa
    07torresa Day ago

    Well my good sir, I beg to differ :)

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez Day ago

    Ngl, it would be kinda cool if they could go back, redo the CGI to make it look better, and release on DVD as a Definitive Edition.

  • Cole Smith24
    Cole Smith24 Day ago

    Homecoming isn't that good but it's the best one other than far from home

  • Leon Trotsky
    Leon Trotsky Day ago

    Look at this dude!

  • Get_Shanked
    Get_Shanked Day ago +1

    Pizza time

  • No Good Content Here

    People let their nostalgia get in front of their opinion of the movie.

  • Troquency
    Troquency Day ago

    Ding dong Your opinion is wrong.


    The mcu spiderman movies would not be half as good without the raimi trilogy or the amazing spiderman movies.I'm not hating by the way.

  • Pizza Parker O4
    Pizza Parker O4 Day ago

    *Im gonna put some dirt in your eye*

  • HC4LTV
    HC4LTV Day ago +7

    Mary jaine isn't bad written, she acts like a real women🤣

  • Ninad Kulkarni
    Ninad Kulkarni Day ago +1

    nitpicking much?

  • GucciToez
    GucciToez Day ago

    Your a sped

  • Dominik Dördelmann

    Man, seriously, are you some kid, born in the 2000. Fishing for Likes and Stuff

    • Melinda Greer
      Melinda Greer Day ago

      You're an idiot, probably blinded by nostalgia. He made a video essay with really well thought out points and explained himself pretty damn well, and you think he's just "some 2000s kids looking for likes."
      The movies were good, but overrated, he said that himself if you bothered to watch the video.

  • C Opulencia
    C Opulencia Day ago

    *pizza time*

  • JT 33
    JT 33 Day ago +1

    dislikes in July

  • arty shorts
    arty shorts Day ago

    count hep but notice you didn't mention the train sequence

  • Berserk___ _
    Berserk___ _ Day ago +2

    These movies have better writing and more heart and soul than the mcu spiderman movies

  • Patrick Eriksson
    Patrick Eriksson Day ago +1

    They're the best. You're dumb and wrong.

  • Convair
    Convair Day ago

    68 thousand disliked? Holy shit

  • August Sternberg

    thes movies are good and super funny

  • August Sternberg

    ah ha ha ha ha ha you serius

  • Damian Lillard
    Damian Lillard Day ago

    I personally like it

  • Extra Spicey
    Extra Spicey Day ago +1

    Ill give you one reason it’s the greatest movie trilogy of all time, Tobey Maguirre

  • Nathan The Guy
    Nathan The Guy 2 days ago

    Tobey Maguire: Great Peter Parker and should be but not the best but not the worst Spider-Man but fun to watch.
    Andrew Garfield: terrible at both
    Tom Holland: What Peter Parker should not be but what Spider-Man should be

  • Royal Kangaroo
    Royal Kangaroo 2 days ago +1

    You uncultured swine

  • FishFossils
    FishFossils 2 days ago +11

    To anyone saying he’s being too hard on the 2002 movies cgi, i have two words for you “Jurassic Park”

  • RE X
    RE X 2 days ago

    I HAD BEEN SAYING THIS! when i saw this the only urge i have isnt happiness but the urge to strangle of MJ and how spidey lives revolves around saving her ass.... js

    TNTBOY THE KING 2 days ago

    Im getting the 1 2 and 3 movie on Thursday

  • Cradossk
    Cradossk 2 days ago

    "Sam Raimi love screaming women", well that's not an awkward sentence out of context.

  • The Fuzzy Pickle
    The Fuzzy Pickle 2 days ago +1

    Oh great the 'you're homophobic' type 😪😪😪😪😪 fuck outta here

    • smh '
      smh ' Day ago

      He’s right tho. That line wouldnt be okay nowadays

  • Daniel Peterson
    Daniel Peterson 2 days ago

    The only movie in this trilogy that I've ever seen was spiderman 3 since I got it at a garage sale, you can probably guess why I didnt bother to watch the first two

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams 2 days ago +1

    So 74% of people agree rip, all the salty commenters. You lost

  • maddie
    maddie 2 days ago

    "depressed alcoholic college students" OUCH

  • drlee2
    drlee2 2 days ago

    The biggest mystery is why so many guys wanted this version of MJ. Way too many closeups of Kirsten Dunst.

  • Gato Gris
    Gato Gris 2 days ago

    Cant' wait for you to justify the piece of shit that is Far From Home.

  • SCP Foundation SCP
    SCP Foundation SCP 2 days ago

    *It Pizza Time*

  • Chris Urena
    Chris Urena 2 days ago +1

    all this dude did was try to find flaws in the trilogy and it was all nonsense

  • KingDeDeDelicious
    KingDeDeDelicious 2 days ago

    “The movies just a little bit don’t hold up” every fucking little bitch who has a hard on for Toby Maguire loses their shit

  • KingDeDeDelicious
    KingDeDeDelicious 2 days ago +9

    People are so pathetic anyone ever speaks any criticism of the original Spider-Man trilogy they are such soy boys who can’t stand different opinions

  • Harrison Lowe
    Harrison Lowe 2 days ago

    dude rly said “ont may”

    • smh '
      smh ' Day ago

      Harrison Lowe how do you pronounce aunt??

  • Suprobolis
    Suprobolis 2 days ago

    “Look how they massacred my boy”

  • Yepify
    Yepify 2 days ago

    i really love these movies just because they're silly and fun. even when peter parker goes edge mode in 3 it's still funny to watch. i just absolutely adore the trilogy

    • Yepify
      Yepify 2 days ago

      i posted this comment before watching the entire movie and by god am i glad you agree

  • TheBob Dog123
    TheBob Dog123 2 days ago

    Meh I seen worse

  • Parrish House
    Parrish House 2 days ago

    This discusses me

  • m m
    m m 2 days ago

    Unpopular opinion, but I don't like Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy 'cause the webbing on the suit looks like it's made of metal, which looks terrible and I can't stand watching those three movies with that suit on.

  • LZ
    LZ 2 days ago +1

    You should do a Nolan Batman Trilogy Video

  • jAMES
    jAMES 2 days ago +2

    Kind of interested in this video, because I love these movies, but when you said "I hate Tobey Maguire" not even 2 minutes into the video. Fuck no.

  • SRank Outcast
    SRank Outcast 2 days ago +1

    Jesus the Raimi trilogy sucked ass! I remember thinking as a kid how terrible they were. It's only gotten worse with age.

  • Edward Khuzam
    Edward Khuzam 2 days ago

    U lost me at "i hate aunt May"

  • imxni
    imxni 2 days ago

    does anyone know the spiderman opponet is randy savage or is it just me

    CRYxBABY 2 days ago +1

    These movies dont suck your channel sucks

  • Isaac R
    Isaac R 2 days ago +1

    I like the amazing spider man 2

  • Andres
    Andres 2 days ago +1

    Dude you're hilarious

  • Jake R
    Jake R 2 days ago +1

    Ur a disease

    EMILIANO G. 2 days ago

    So everything for you in the first one is funny :p

  • troymassey90
    troymassey90 2 days ago

    The Amazing Spiderman 2 isn’t that bad. I actually like those movies. They’re fun.

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 2 days ago

      troymassey90 It's one of the worst movies ever made

  • Adidashat Games
    Adidashat Games 2 days ago

    lmao the thanos snap reference

  • Alejandro Villalobos

    Amnesia is a complex topic man. That could happen 😂 also! It’s a freaking movie!!!! If you start applying logic to this shit, then you should start with the fact that Spider-Man shoots spider web, I mean you can’t apply logic to these movies 😂

  • baki coşkun
    baki coşkun 2 days ago +1

    "Tom Holland can suck my DICK"

  • Utku Güldoğan
    Utku Güldoğan 2 days ago

    Misery, misery, misery. That's what you've chosen.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 days ago

    Tom Holland >>>

    • HARIS 125
      HARIS 125 20 hours ago

      Toby Maguire>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tom Holland>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Andrew Garfield

  • James Woo
    James Woo 2 days ago

    These movies remind me of Scooby doo