• Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • This video is a very easy tutorial on how to cut your box braids into short bob. I hope you enjoyed this video, please make sure you like and subscribe.

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    Track: Million Prodz & Matt Rysen - These Scars (feat. Roxana)
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  • Milka Eshetu
    Milka Eshetu 2 months ago +1

    love this, thank you

    • BaebieKay
      BaebieKay  2 months ago +1

      Milka Eshetu you’re welcome

  • Katricia Bodden
    Katricia Bodden 6 months ago +20

    I love this I just hope my mom will let me do this please guys say a prayer for me because these braids are so heavy

    • Shamone B
      Shamone B 5 months ago +1

      Did they get a lil lighter when u cut them?

    • MAgnificent
      MAgnificent 5 months ago +1

      And did you do it

  • Charlene Clay
    Charlene Clay 6 months ago +9

    I like that your ends are straight and not bent it looks better this way

  • Kianna Freeman
    Kianna Freeman 9 months ago +4

    How long did this style last?

    • BaebieKay
      BaebieKay  6 months ago +2

      it lasted me a week but that's cause i was tired of it

  • ItzKeisha
    ItzKeisha Year ago +35

    your so pretty and thanks for this tutorial

  • Zanele Bila
    Zanele Bila Year ago +4

    but other than that suuuupa cute

  • Zanele Bila
    Zanele Bila Year ago +23

    thats dope, but girl I woudnt cut them only if they were like already old

  • MissD
    MissD Year ago +94

    Use a flat iron to seal the ends if u burn them they stick together and to your clothes idk about y'all but that drives me crazy

    • Travonne Wing
      Travonne Wing 6 months ago

      Thanks for the tip

    • ShaniquaWithTheGoodHair
      ShaniquaWithTheGoodHair 8 months ago +1

      Agent RedFlag did it work?

    • Agent RedFlag
      Agent RedFlag Year ago +1

      MissD i am going to try and dip them in boiling water first and then cut and burn the ends while slightly twisting... Hopefully it works out

  • daisy fernande
    daisy fernande Year ago +9


  • Vanessa Agadzi
    Vanessa Agadzi Year ago +7


  • Shaina
    Shaina Year ago +31

    OMG The Shia Lebouf intro is NOT OFFICE FRIENDLY !

  • jessica d
    jessica d Year ago

    I did the same thing

  • Nadiyah Casey
    Nadiyah Casey Year ago +4

    You are so pretty😍😘❤ can you add me on Snapchat? //ncasey383

  • ConstyJayMuse
    ConstyJayMuse Year ago +3

    Baby Kay 😍😍

  • Candysmakeover
    Candysmakeover Year ago +73

    Both long and short suit you but the short one is edgier. love it!!