Irish People Try American Cookies

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
  • We got our Irish People trying American Cookies! MERCH MADNESS:
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    A lovely fan, Delwin, sent us some more goodies! This time, sending a selection of American cookies for us to try, Grandma's Cookies and Pepperidge Farm cookies - so we dished them out to our TRYers and see what they thought!
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Comments • 4 946

  • Ed Green
    Ed Green 16 minutes ago

    Could you have picked any worse cookies to feed these poor unsuspecting folks.

  • Davian Tanner
    Davian Tanner 24 minutes ago

    What the fuck, no Oreos?!? You didn't eat an American cooky, and who the hell is grandma? Who's grandma? Maybe it because in from Missouri and that's apparently the crazy state but those weren't the American cookies I know....

  • Gayle-Heather Condo
    Gayle-Heather Condo 27 minutes ago

    And now you know why Americans are so heavy
    The amounts of sugar they put in their snack foods
    Absolutely Gross
    I rarely eat pastries, cookies, cakes and so on and so on
    Candy is just as Gross
    Stick to healthier snacks
    Like fruits and vegetables

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 32 minutes ago

    Chill guys. Variety is the spice of life. Pepperidge Farm makes good store bought does Mrs. Fields, Famous Amos, Entenmann's. Grandma's are vending machine cookies.

  • casey duke
    casey duke Hour ago

    grandma's cookies are shite,but how could anyone not like milano?

  • Angie Marie
    Angie Marie Hour ago

    “It’s very peanut buttery” well it’s a peanut butter cookie.. so...

  • Pamela Gilmer
    Pamela Gilmer 4 hours ago

    Someone get these guys some GOOD, HOMEMADE American cookies!!

  • patrick marshall
    patrick marshall 5 hours ago

    To be fair, store bought cookies are shit.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 5 hours ago

    The lack of white chocolate macadamia cookies is a crime.

  • Jared Williams
    Jared Williams 5 hours ago

    This is why people hate Americans. Let my grandma make these people some cookies hahah

  • e brehm
    e brehm 6 hours ago

    give the man dutch peanut butter (pindakaas) and he will turn

  • nick abel
    nick abel 9 hours ago

    Her reaction when he says i could eat grandmas cookie all day is pure gold

  • abicus1234
    abicus1234 11 hours ago

    While I'm weird and I do enjoy grandma's cookies(I prefer soft Chew cookies to hard) I feel like no one really eats grandma's cookies in America? I feel like chips ahoy would be more representative of what most people go to the store and buy.

  • PeterJames Foote
    PeterJames Foote 11 hours ago

    Have to say don’t much like Grandma’s compared to PF. I like Milano’s but I always find them drier than I like.
    Why not Oreo cookies? Keebler M&M?

  • Grom
    Grom 11 hours ago

    Wheres Chips Ahoy and Oreo!!

  • Eagleye17 18
    Eagleye17 18 13 hours ago

    This video is what ADHD and Irish overacting look like.

  • AndiGravity
    AndiGravity 13 hours ago

    I feel Dermot's pain.
    If I could go back in time, I'd happily kill Marcellus Edson, John Kellogg, and Ambrose Straub for him (and me).

  • Elijah Silas
    Elijah Silas 15 hours ago

    Do they know these come from vending machines???

  • meribast
    meribast 16 hours ago

    I guess that these are the cookies that ship well. Personally, a Mrs. Field's cookie really started the whole soft-bake thing. Macadamia white chocolate, that's the cookie to try, fresh out of the oven.

  • meribast
    meribast 16 hours ago

    These are 'soft-bake' cookies.

  • Pinkcandy605 Hall
    Pinkcandy605 Hall 16 hours ago

    I love grandma cookies especially the peanut butter ones are my favorite

  • Chris Braz
    Chris Braz 16 hours ago

    Saved the best for last just for Dermot. Lmao!

  • Sarah Bernal
    Sarah Bernal 17 hours ago

    I have never had a grandma's cookie ever. For that... The only cookie you showed that I had tried were the Milano cookies. You chose the cookies that Americans don't even like. No wonder you didn't like them.

  • self deprecating
    self deprecating 18 hours ago

    *fuck you collin*

  • Elizabitty213
    Elizabitty213 19 hours ago

    “I’m very aware of the raisin” lmao “eh eh ehh!” Lol!

  • OmegaSenshen
    OmegaSenshen 20 hours ago

    I make a great cinnamon apple cookie myself, truth be told pre done cookies SUCK *save for oreos*

  • Mo Kanic
    Mo Kanic 21 hour ago

    Dank means awsome here in merika and my grandma always had soft cookies crunchy meant old or burnt but love watching you people keep tryn our consumables

  • Christian Taylor
    Christian Taylor 21 hour ago

    Someone send them some chips ahoy or something other then those shit ass grandma brand

  • Diamond 2wavyyy
    Diamond 2wavyyy 23 hours ago

    The first cookies are my favorite I can only it one out of the pack though because of the sweetness btw cookies are supposed to be soft innit

  • Hannah Sezer
    Hannah Sezer 23 hours ago

    As an American, I hate prepackaged cookies unless it's Oreo or nutter butters.

  • Caesar DeHaro
    Caesar DeHaro Day ago

    This was so annoying, I unsubscribed.

  • gian-alberto Perez

    I’ve never had a grandma’s cookie in my life.
    But Milanos are my shit. These guys are trippin!

  • fibotron85
    fibotron85 Day ago

    Grandma’s are the worst cookies. They always pick the most processed, garbage brands that people don’t actually eat. Like you get these for free at large luncheons, lol.

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes Day ago

    Grandma's cookies are usually dusty ass gas station cookies, you'll buy for like 2 for 1 on an EBT card.

  • DaddyDamm
    DaddyDamm Day ago

    give them some girl scout cookies to start their unhealthy addiction

  • Major Payn
    Major Payn Day ago

    We eat fresh baked toll house cookies or Oreo's or nutter butters or lemon creme cookies or shortbread cookies or almond sandies or ginger snaps.or nilla wafers. You have represented the worst cookies we have !.Give them some thin mints from the girl scouts they will loose their minds !

  • BearCatmaximus g

    What a stupid video. Was this bit sponsored by Peppridge farms and Grandmas cookies!? Ffs

  • Ronan Ghost
    Ronan Ghost Day ago

    One problem with some of these things are, Americans have different thing that they like, so those to you may not be cookies but they are cookies Americans like

  • Dragonsmily
    Dragonsmily Day ago


  • Joe Sonic
    Joe Sonic Day ago

    Moist cookies are the best cookies, yea I said it

  • somethingnewplz8 bored

    Why would you hurt those nice people like that?

  • cwd828
    cwd828 Day ago

    i wanna know who chooses these items to send in. Straight garbage and not a good representation at all

  • Jolene Lehmer
    Jolene Lehmer Day ago

    “I could nibble on grandmas cookie all day” omg I fucking lost it had pause the damn video I was laughing so hard!!! 😂😂

  • Samm Minx
    Samm Minx Day ago

    I’m American and I’ve never seen grandmas brownie or oatmeal raisin in my whole life.. nor the apple pie one.. they should have used popular cookies. Chips ahoy, Oreo, Matt’s. Keebler fudge, Girl Scout.. y’know.. stuff we actually see at our stores.

  • Tempest Niamh Woulfe

    Those are horrid. I am so sorry you had to eat them. Have you considered making a video of you preparing and eating American dishes? You'd be amazed how much sugar we put in tea.

  • Megan Breaux
    Megan Breaux Day ago

    Those were not a good representation of American cookies. I make chocolate chip cookies that make those other cookies taste like garbage. My cookies are addictive.

  • Ghost Leader1997

    7:18 I hate that fucking emo guy

  • Natalie
    Natalie Day ago

    Two brands doesn’t represent the whole American cookie experience 😒

  • Jordan McClure
    Jordan McClure Day ago

    soft lofthouse style frosted cookies
    Good a$$ cookie

  • Erica White
    Erica White Day ago

    Those are the worst American cookies you could have given them 😂. The only ones that are okay are the Milano cookies

  • skovacs13
    skovacs13 Day ago

    whats up no oreo or chips ahoy?

  • Kayla Fran
    Kayla Fran Day ago

    You were given the worst cookies American has to offer! We have some mad good cookies and you were not given any of them

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones Day ago

    You give them Grandma's cookies? Really? Why not make them homemade recipes.
    People who don't like PB are weird. I think they're aliens.

  • Hi Ashley
    Hi Ashley Day ago

    I’m American and I don’t like that brand. Those cookies are disgusting.

  • MoonyBug
    MoonyBug Day ago

    Ugh, why would you eat Grandma’s cookies? Yuck! Those are vending machine cookies. You need an American to fly over and actually bake you some real cookies from scratch.

  • Josh R
    Josh R Day ago

    People get so offended by these videos. "If you had chosen (x brand), they’d have loved it. I can’t believe you didn’t use my favorite brand"

  • Cappy Larou
    Cappy Larou 2 days ago

    grandma's cookies are quite possibly the worst fucking cookies they could have had you try... Those things are disgusting all of them

  • Monkeespankr
    Monkeespankr 2 days ago

    Americans don't drink crazy amounts of tea to need bone dry biscuits to dunk in the tea. Because of that our cookies are made chewy and soft.

  • Steven Stehling
    Steven Stehling 2 days ago +1

    Why is it they try the most shit brands and pretend that is anything more than representative of shit products? Every regions has junk food items and that's what those two brands are. You find those two brands primarily at gas stations and convenience stores. In a proper grocery store there is a much better variety. In many stores these shit brands aren't even shelved in the same area as the rest of the cookies. You'll find them in the straight up junk area, with Little Debbie and such. I'm tempted to walk through a couple grocery stores near me to demonstrate this. Obviously a factory produced cookies will rarely, if ever be as good as a small batch cookie, but there is a wide range of quality.

  • Monica Beasley
    Monica Beasley 2 days ago

    Noooo that's not real cookies give me your address and I'll send real homemade cookies

  • Douglas Rivier
    Douglas Rivier 2 days ago

    Moooi garl is moooooist

  • Ashlee P
    Ashlee P 2 days ago

    American cookies are suppose to be softer 😂😂

  • dontbeshady411
    dontbeshady411 2 days ago

    No oreos? No Nutter Butters? No Vienna Fingers? Who is deciding that Grandmas brand cookies should represent the United States? They deserve a good smack in the face.

  • dontbeshady411
    dontbeshady411 2 days ago

    They're certainly not sending their best cookies are they?

  • Christine Clement
    Christine Clement 2 days ago


  • Stacy Gongol
    Stacy Gongol 2 days ago +1

    Agggghhhh!!! Those are the shittiest, most foul cookies ever (grandmas) Hahahah I’ll make you all some proper American cookies....the last person who ate my sugar cookies told a friend that they must have been “made from the tears of angels...because they were life-changing” 😂😂😂😂

  • Such a Bad Ash
    Such a Bad Ash 2 days ago

    Why in the hell did they have to try Grandma's cookies?!?! I'm born and raised in Los Angeles and have no problem saying those cookies are crap!

  • Route 250 Jujitsu
    Route 250 Jujitsu 2 days ago

    Wheres the fuckin oreos at

  • Brittany Arnette
    Brittany Arnette 2 days ago

    Packaged cookies are always trash. Also I love seeing Clisare ♡♡ love everyone tho!

  • feLISHaDOR
    feLISHaDOR 2 days ago

    y’all fucking forgot chips ahoy the soft ones.

  • Scott Fritz
    Scott Fritz 2 days ago

    Definitely not a good view of real American cookies. It's a bit sad that was the selection

  • David Loria
    David Loria 2 days ago

    I think the cultural differences funny most people in America like softer doughy cookies vs hard crispy ones. At least for my experience but they seem to be the complete opposite soft texture bothers then LOL

  • David Loria
    David Loria 2 days ago

    Who sent them that shity brand grandma's cookies. Mrs. Fields would have been more representative.

  • Melanie Melendez
    Melanie Melendez 2 days ago

    I like their commentating but hate all the f-bombs. Jeez, can you describe what it’s like minus the cursing?

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez 2 days ago

    No Oreos I call bullshit

  • NothingToNoOneInParticular

    I'd rather see these try Native American foods. Dried Salmon and seal oil. Moose sausages, elk jerky, agutak, pemmican, fry bread...

  • Justin Alcoser
    Justin Alcoser 2 days ago

    Yeah I agree with most people on here, every time they bring American products it's all the shitiest ones they can get their hands on. It's almost like a foreigner came to the US and decided to know America on the first day. I love watching these videos but for fuck sake do some better research. Its almost as if someone made an American tries Ireland food and it turns out to be different flavored raw potatoes or some shite. Lol. Sorry I'm drunk but "ye get wut ohm tolking about, tanks" ;)

  • Kardula
    Kardula 2 days ago

    These guys make me want to move to Ireland

  • Molly Grace
    Molly Grace 2 days ago +1

    So this channel is just product placement, right? I notice you do a lot of single-brand videos. (Yeah, you threw in one Pepperidge farm.) Grandma’s is not a representation of American cookies. I like them, because they’re super soft, but a lot of people don't.

  • joel schwartz
    joel schwartz 2 days ago

    Okay, before you gag on another "gross" cookie name one Irish food that's good.

  • joel schwartz
    joel schwartz 2 days ago

    What kind of sociopath doesn't like peanut butter?

  • Paladin
    Paladin 2 days ago

    im going to send you guys a box of fucking cookie cookies, this shit is nasty.

  • hyrsk1552
    hyrsk1552 2 days ago

    What the hell does an Irish cookie look like.

  • Les Clanton
    Les Clanton 2 days ago

    Who picked those crap cookies,no Oreos, Chips Ahoy,Famous Ramos chocolate. chip ,lorna dunes,ginger snaps,sorry but grandmas. Cookies suck,peperridge farm,those are not cookies,more like biscuits

  • gaise ahmed
    gaise ahmed 2 days ago

    Bruh fuck this channel they chose the worst cookies in purpose, where tf is Girl Scout cookies, where are Oreos.

  • Rho C
    Rho C 2 days ago

    Try more classic like Oreo, Circus Cookies, fig newtons, even chips ahoy is probably better.

  • Caity Goober
    Caity Goober 2 days ago

    This was not a cookie review. This was an American stoner sweets review. Lol 😂

  • masu Kyoumi
    masu Kyoumi 2 days ago

    The only Grandma TM cookie that I like is the oatmeal or peanut butter, and it's more of a guilt pleasure though. None of these are real American cookies.

  • Alicia Thomas
    Alicia Thomas 2 days ago

    Im sorry they only gave you those 2 brands... there are sooo many better brands. I apologize . I promise you our cookies arent shitty

  • Cult Boy
    Cult Boy 2 days ago

    They should re-do this with gone-made cookies

  • Outofbox
    Outofbox 2 days ago

    Now I want a McVitie's Dark Chocolate Digestive.

  • Esco Al Capone
    Esco Al Capone 2 days ago

    Irish ☘️ girls are hot asf

  • Emma Waddell
    Emma Waddell 2 days ago

    These guys don't get how cookies work lmao

  • Jim Park
    Jim Park 2 days ago

    Total Shite cookies. Gotta try REAL cookies.

  • Lauren Dillingham
    Lauren Dillingham 2 days ago

    Where's the chips ahoy and keebler those things take up half the cookie aisle

  • Phckng Goofy69
    Phckng Goofy69 2 days ago

    Grandma cookies are only found in vending machines & usually are out of date....

  • Mark Kmiecik
    Mark Kmiecik 2 days ago

    Grandma's brand cookies suck. It's like eating wet bread.

  • XanthoGrl
    XanthoGrl 2 days ago

    How can you not like Milano cookies?

  • Leah Reagan
    Leah Reagan 2 days ago

    If your doing packaged cookies it should be chips ahoy, Oreos, nutter butters not hospital vending machine grandma cookies.

  • * *
    * * 2 days ago

    Why’d they give them literally the shittiest American cookies? Grandmas cookies are the worst