The ALL-AMAZON BASICS Gaming Battlestation!

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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    We got every PC related item from AmazonBasics and made an absurd “battle station” desktop gaming setup.
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Comments • 6 743

  • GamerModZ
    GamerModZ 14 hours ago

    HOLD ON, guys get brave, its a browser that gets you paid if you share ur refferal code to people, also allows the opton to watch youtube videos in 4K 2160p even though its not availiable on your pc/windows/monitor

  • GamerModZ
    GamerModZ 14 hours ago

    sometimes i watch these videos on gaming computers or high performance computers as if i had one( i have a potato pc :/)

  • Raz Gaming
    Raz Gaming 19 hours ago

    14:27 what are those

  • Zeddicus Zul' Zorrander

    Oh, trust me. The chair is terrible.

  • Tim Grocutt
    Tim Grocutt 22 hours ago

    Dear Linus. Please can you find a left hand gaming mouse that doesn't suck!
    All the best.

  • Camouflage
    Camouflage Day ago

    Wait are those socks and sandals???

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG Day ago

    Dang Amazon Canada is expensive compared to Amazon us

  • memememe
    memememe Day ago

    2:20 thank me later

  • Frank Cue
    Frank Cue 2 days ago +1

    Did nobody notice the sock and sandles combo?

  • Rens Ro
    Rens Ro 2 days ago

    Should have bought shoes for Linus

  • antftwx
    antftwx 3 days ago +1

    You didn't buy the AmazonBasics computer/gaming desk.

  • Elliah Bondarenko
    Elliah Bondarenko 3 days ago

    nigga wearing sandals with socks

  • Flame KA3
    Flame KA3 3 days ago

    Sound bars are only really good for a tv

  • Raven's End
    Raven's End 3 days ago

    Amazon basic battlestation... still better than a console.

  • Humanoid
    Humanoid 3 days ago +1

    but why he Connect 2 WiFi adapter to this PC?!! 7:28 That's Strange Linus?

  • All Star
    All Star 4 days ago

    2:11 The guy has a ringworm🤢

  • trikydz
    trikydz 5 days ago

    "like who has a 24 inch" me: D":

  • SteveDaSavage
    SteveDaSavage 5 days ago

    1:34 *i have a dell 60hz 24 inch monitor*

  • ツPumaツKaotic
    ツPumaツKaotic 5 days ago

    Wow my monitor is a cheapo apparently

  • AutismNStuff
    AutismNStuff 5 days ago

    I didn’t even know your videos had background music till this video

  • Alex D 2016
    Alex D 2016 5 days ago

    Compared to my PC and setup what you have is fucking royalty. HL2 barely runs on my PC.

  • BiggHewi
    BiggHewi 5 days ago

    Hahaha when you gotta chew the boss out.

  • XGC_xBeware
    XGC_xBeware 6 days ago

    sponsored by origin. pc they are using is corsair one lol

  • Soup Can
    Soup Can 6 days ago

    USclip please stop showing me this fucking video

  • 2Four7
    2Four7 6 days ago +1

    Socks and sandals

  • _Satik
    _Satik 6 days ago

    I’m not basic I’m broke.

  • Christian U
    Christian U 7 days ago

    Hehe yeah these amazon things are so bad haha can I have them?

  • Keenan Brodey
    Keenan Brodey 8 days ago

    What is the monitor?

  • vildur
    vildur 8 days ago

    like for real, socks in sandal -.-

  • Hei Man Chan
    Hei Man Chan 8 days ago

    This is fun

  • Liam Laidlaw
    Liam Laidlaw 8 days ago

    Damn, the Tevas on this man

  • Leonardo Antonio
    Leonardo Antonio 8 days ago

    Socks and sandals huh

  • Itsp3rsonal
    Itsp3rsonal 9 days ago

    never fail to amuse with the Highbrow Douche outlook thnx for the 7 minits of smirks

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    He’s not even playing it’s just a vid. #exposed

  • Wyatt x46
    Wyatt x46 10 days ago

    i bought the mechanical feeling keyboard for 16 dollars lol

  • Joon Choi
    Joon Choi 10 days ago

    how much is ur pc

  • Noral Asiah
    Noral Asiah 11 days ago +1


  • phantomstriker 24
    phantomstriker 24 11 days ago

    It's very basic... Amazon basic!

  • Fatality Shift
    Fatality Shift 12 days ago

    You must be pretty basic if you aren’t spending $90 per cord.

  • Romario B. Chevannes
    Romario B. Chevannes 12 days ago +2

    Dope video g!
    How much did that overall setup cost you?
    And can you post links of better budget items seeing as you weren't 100% happy with everything here?

  • Ligmatic Boiii
    Ligmatic Boiii 12 days ago

    What is the name of the model & brand of the monitor?

  • Alino B
    Alino B 13 days ago +1

    you should have built the pc out of amazonbasics parts too xD

  • MrIceman967
    MrIceman967 13 days ago

    You are probably better of buying chinese knockoff shit than this stuff, even if this stuff is just chinese knockoffs as well but you have to pay for the "Amazon" branding, just speaking from personal experience.

  • Travis Madsen
    Travis Madsen 13 days ago

    .....I have a 24" gaming monitor....LOL

  • Erick Norskr
    Erick Norskr 13 days ago

    I hate braided cables, but only when they're thick. I had so many problems with my g502 cable that i just removed the braiding myself

  • TheCraftinFluffy
    TheCraftinFluffy 13 days ago

    Origin as in ea Origin?

  • Elite Boi
    Elite Boi 14 days ago

    A rich man gets poor stuff that is fine and makes it look like it should be thrown away

  • Apple Weiry
    Apple Weiry 14 days ago

    14:48 what are those shoes

  • suny123boy1
    suny123boy1 14 days ago

    You should be yelling at your teammates with this!

  • imartillery
    imartillery 14 days ago

    What's the desk in the background

  • Dino Spumoni
    Dino Spumoni 14 days ago

    What was the total cost?

  • Mr Peco
    Mr Peco 14 days ago

    these kids are just fucking around

  • yoYOyoITZurBOI _
    yoYOyoITZurBOI _ 15 days ago

    I have the same chair

  • Natzoo
    Natzoo 15 days ago

    What about the amazon basics synthetic engine oil for cooling

  • BlaZe scarlxrd
    BlaZe scarlxrd 15 days ago

    What monitor is that??

  • techspin2370 -
    techspin2370 - 16 days ago +1

    1:33 "who has a 24?"
    Me: ...

  • Alexander MacDonald
    Alexander MacDonald 17 days ago

    The desktop and monitor aren't amazon basics, they may be from amazon but aren't amazon basics. They are missing headphones and a headphone stand. There also is a amazon basics hard gaming mouse pad with led lighting effects. They also are missing a amazon basics gaming chair, It's real! And not bad!

  • Anderson Zhang
    Anderson Zhang 17 days ago

    also the $45 mechanical keyboard didn't have a numpad, this did

  • X - Force
    X - Force 18 days ago +1

    Why is a stapler and all this other crap part of a "Gaming Battlestation"? Waste of time.

  • Nebula Radio
    Nebula Radio 19 days ago

    yeaaah this is not great.

  • Jordan Wadkins
    Jordan Wadkins 19 days ago

    omg linus isn't the weird one for once

  • prod. kvrvsu
    prod. kvrvsu 19 days ago

    generic cyber power/gaming pc keyboard lmfao

  • AlmightyBiggins
    AlmightyBiggins 19 days ago

    Yo ive watched this video 3 times and it is humorous and entertaining everytime. I wish you guys had more niche set up videos like this

  • Jack Rickman
    Jack Rickman 19 days ago

    When someone makes a joke about Linus’s dick - 3:34

  • Coleymus
    Coleymus 19 days ago

    Linus hits that stapler like vietnam gunshots

  • EVERESTboy
    EVERESTboy 19 days ago

    top comment on the surge protector is from Austin Evans

  • Jan Torres Rodríguez
    Jan Torres Rodríguez 19 days ago +1

    WTF, hes got sandals with socketa

  • Wesley Sledge
    Wesley Sledge 20 days ago

    Kinky mess

  • SenZhu
    SenZhu 20 days ago

    glad to know im not the only one with a phone with a usbc chargin port

  • F N C
    F N C 20 days ago

    *laughs in 24”*

  • 10TH Religion
    10TH Religion 20 days ago +1

    Omg he goes into so much detail it kills me lmal

  • Brett Augustine
    Brett Augustine 20 days ago

    It may be a cheap set up ..but id still love to have it lol

  • poke stone
    poke stone 21 day ago

    It’s sad cuz I actually bought some of this stuff

  • Ambi
    Ambi 21 day ago

    about the braided cable on the mouse, i have an old "wood" desk that is fraying and broken on the edges of the keyboard platform, and the braided material catches on to the exposed splinters. I could fix this, yes, but I plan on getting a new desk soon anyway so I am just not gonna bother.

  • Lungshenli
    Lungshenli 21 day ago

    17:30 "but do you know who blew me? our sponsor ..."

  • Siege Fantom
    Siege Fantom 21 day ago

    At firat i thought the mic was a blue yeti

  • Homie eevee
    Homie eevee 21 day ago

    the one comes with a WIFI network adapter...

  • Perineum
    Perineum 22 days ago

    Socks and sandals?

  • Shakur Variawa
    Shakur Variawa 22 days ago

    I have a 24" Monitor :'(

  • Dragon Gamer7
    Dragon Gamer7 23 days ago

    14:51 Trees Left The Chat

  • Angawa Pesêderrie
    Angawa Pesêderrie 23 days ago

    important gaming to do?

  • Lamborghini Man
    Lamborghini Man 24 days ago

    I got a 24 inch

  • Snipezz
    Snipezz 24 days ago

    i dare u to give me 1k dollars

  • Dillin'
    Dillin' 24 days ago +1

    Also, my chair is fully meshed

  • Dillin'
    Dillin' 24 days ago

    My "Gaming Battlestation" (not even built for gaming with an i3 2.93 GHz CPU equipped with 8 GB of ram and an ATi Radeon HD 5700 series GPU) is way more basic than that, I only have the necessities. All i have is a monitor, pc tower, chair, desk, keyboard, and mouse.

    • Dillin'
      Dillin' 24 days ago

      I need a major upgrade...

  • Finlay Mitchell
    Finlay Mitchell 25 days ago

    If there's no pun within the first 1 1/2 minutes then it's not an LTT video

  • Jevan Dhillon
    Jevan Dhillon 25 days ago +1

    What was the total?

  • LoFuツ
    LoFuツ 25 days ago

    He did not just said desk pad (ufff)

  • hi im frost
    hi im frost 25 days ago

    Linus complains about everything for 18 minutes.

  • יואב דהן
    יואב דהן 25 days ago +1

    2$ gaming mouse:

  • Replay5123
    Replay5123 26 days ago

    Linus is actually bad at csgo he uses dualies

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies 26 days ago +2

    Why is that mic actually pretty good for the price wtf

    • Kiwiz Lucks
      Kiwiz Lucks 24 days ago

      Its about $90 and its actually really good, better than the Blue Yeti Sound quality probably

  • Ethan Lochridge
    Ethan Lochridge 26 days ago

    So basically I’m gamer

  • LowKeyJV Kil
    LowKeyJV Kil 26 days ago +4

    Guy-who owns a 24 inch monitor
    Me- I do

    • John Smith
      John Smith 9 days ago

      +Kiwiz Lucks has 27's old enough to predate display port lol

    • Kiwiz Lucks
      Kiwiz Lucks 24 days ago

      almost everyone actually

  • Hilarious_Dog
    Hilarious_Dog 26 days ago

    9:07 A poor live voiceover attempt

  • Ethan Montee
    Ethan Montee 26 days ago

    What pc is that

  • Shuncey Balba
    Shuncey Balba 27 days ago

    Tf? I got a power cord for $1 at the dollar store.

    J,JORDANS 27 days ago

    My hairline is worse than his cable managment :(

  • Dorian Jay Life UnCut
    Dorian Jay Life UnCut 28 days ago

    I see so many things I own in this video.

  • RemU
    RemU 28 days ago

    The video is nice and all... But what the fug are those socks and sandals?