Jordan Peterson & Philip Dodd on Free Thinking BBC

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Jordan Peterson & Philip Dodd on Free Thinking BBC
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    VIRAL VOICE  Year ago +2


    • K 9
      K 9 8 days ago

      Interviewer (you?) really pushy and trying for gotcha moments,

  • K 9
    K 9 8 days ago

    A fascist mystic?? Kinda the opposite in not kowtowing to doctrines of gender identity. The intro was extraordinarily biased. Petersen not my favourite person on many issues but certainly agree that enforced 'polite' lies wrong. Trans ideological dogma is regressive in denying genuine homosexuality and being mysoginist at core. Sad and Orwellian support in law.

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan Month ago

    There are some good and some bad sides to Jordan Peterson's preachings. However it is good to see someone like Philip Dodd who can actually truly intellectually question him instead of stupid tv anchors who come across as dumb dumbs infront of his strong speaking abilities and generally get destroyed by him. This interview is more like Ben Shapiro and Andrew Neil although Jordan avoided getting completely destroyed.

  • Aachoo Crony
    Aachoo Crony Month ago

    Jordan Peterson is a 'Fascist mystic'? So says the lefty BBC. Yes fascists are lefties :-0 sorry to break it to you Mr. Dodd. What did they do to you?

  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts 4 months ago

    😂I love hearing this asswad's bullshit commentary on and on about much of nothing to do with JBP or the case being made or the true facts behind it -- just his politically motivated opinion or rather garbage feces spewing from his trap without self reflection or even reasonable intellect. Just more PC culture collective regurgitation of talking points. Unconscionable babbling...😌👋🏻time to be dismissive of this twit.

  • Dominique Charriere
    Dominique Charriere 4 months ago

    This interview was the most infamous I have seen with Jordan Peterson because Peterson didn't react to so many lies, so many endoctrinated arguments by an old communist who cannot face the truth that all he believed in failed. Every arguments Peterson wins is closed by a "you're a fascist" typical leftist sentence. Jordan, why didn't you defend yourself?

  • JerseySlayer
    JerseySlayer 4 months ago

    It must be hard to have your entire ideology obliterated as you leave fingernail trail marks in the gravel as you struggle against reason and shout and scream at the sky. The human mind and ego will do anything -- any kind of mental gymnastics -- to convince itself that its on solid ground.
    It takes a psychologist to dissect that mentality and put it right. *_This man needs a session with Dr. Peterson, not an interview._*

  • Daryl Loth
    Daryl Loth 4 months ago

    Painful. This man Cathy Newman-ed himself. Peterson stands up to Dodd's mistaken assumptions and Dodd changes the subject because he is left speechless. Dodd asks why Peterson doesn't address larger problems like drugs (instead of concentrating on the "harm" done by the SJWs) Peterson responds that he has done an entire thesis on alcoholism and addresses the issue of drug and alcohol abuse and antisocial behaviour in his clinical work. It is also exactly what the title of chapter 1 refers to in the book of twelve rules. Evidently Dodd didn't get that far in the book or didn't understand that "clean your room" is a metaphor. Seems kind of odd for someone who used to teach literature to university students. I enjoyed hearing Dodd trying to use obscure literary anecdotes to press points that he thinks Peterson might not understand and Peterson retorts with eloquent erudition. I don't normally like sensationalism but Peterson utterly destroyed this sad, condescending, irrelevant ideologist.

  • Roos Sweli
    Roos Sweli 5 months ago +1

    Not hard to realise that you are listening to he BBC ;o))))

  • Albireo
    Albireo 5 months ago

    Someone in JP Reddit said this, but the reason JP is saying Order and Chaos is obviously because of the Bible and such.
    Better worded oppositions would be Order and Creation. Too much Order ends in tyranny and too much Creation leads in chaos.
    But is this really that important?

  • george10R11
    george10R11 6 months ago

    the good old stalin days of collective farms where if you don't work you don't eat or is that you work but you still don't get to eat

  • Damian O'Connor
    Damian O'Connor 6 months ago

    Dodd shows himself up as completely out of his depth here. Whatabouterry deployed repeatedly.

  • AnjelicasBaby
    AnjelicasBaby 6 months ago

    So Philip Doddfeels Jordan Peterson should focus on an important social issue. So domestic violence gets brought up. Jordan Peterson says it’s largely because of alcohol abuse I studied it for years. There you go Jordan Peterson has a clear causation for the problem. Philip Dodd planes it on capitalism it would seem. I think your find Mr Dodd alcoholism is present even in most countries where it is available. Yes, even the Russians have had big issues with alcohol abuse. So Philipt then wanted to talk about how feminism has dealt with domestic violence. Well feminism should’ve campaigned heavily to abolish alcohol it would seem to me as a better long-termstrategy over the decades. However, I don’t remember when I did sociology alcohol being part of a post modern,Marxist male patriarchal theoretical approach. ItFocuses on some lofty theory about power relations and doesn’t focus on something that is blatantly obvious to be seen and tangible such as damaging effects of alcohol. We managed to reduce massively the amount of smoking people did. so we could’ve done the same with alcohol abuse as well. No, Philip, stop wasting your time on issues like passé Marxist theory. Instead, focus on getting alcohol band would help to reduce incidence of domestic violence by men.

  • Marcos Domingos Rocha
    Marcos Domingos Rocha 6 months ago

    This is the leftist, intellectual arrogance, that they know best for others, when they don't have a clue about their own motivations. Clearly we have to make social level choices, but unless our prime emphasis is on our self awareness, any of those social level choices will be irresponsible ego projections. The outcomes from this approach are all around us today. Dodd sounds like a smug, condescending, know all, to me. The very worst of the intelligentsia.

  • Shaun Jones
    Shaun Jones 6 months ago

    I am Philip Dodd

  • chris mill
    chris mill 6 months ago

    I was taught by Jesuits. It is not true that the Church is more important than the individual. I was taught that the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY is ONE'S OWN conscience. The Jesuits realised, of course, that that means that you might have to defy the Church and the Pope at times. God speaks directly to your soul. I know that sounds Protestant but I was taught, I stress by Jesuits, that one's own conscience is the ultimate authority.

  • mephisto279
    mephisto279 6 months ago

    Im quite a Peterson fan but If I could ask Jordan a question it would be how he squares the Christian belief of Original Sin and how incredibly non individualistic it is with his position of personal responsibility rather than group responsibility. To promote the belief that you are born guilty of the crimes and sins of another is essentially the tactic that the regressive left uses to try and create the premise of White Guilt and that only through the church can one redeem themselves from something that the person was not even involved with.

    • Fun Bigly
      Fun Bigly 5 months ago

      @mephisto279 Technically it does become open to interpretation, but not a "great deal" of interpretation. There are only a couple of viable interpretations that align with the form and imagery of the text without unduly stretching your imagination or requiring special assumptions. Try if you can, to interpret the text of Original sin/banishment from paradise... in a cogent way, and see what you can come up with.

    • mephisto279
      mephisto279 5 months ago

      @Fun Bigly The problem with a metaphorical interpretation is that is is open to a great deal of well... interpretation. That aside this kind of reasoning doesnt really apply to those who view original sin in the literal sense which in my opinion is the way a religious person would take it. I could be mistaken but thats how I see it.

    • Fun Bigly
      Fun Bigly 5 months ago

      Original sin, taken metaphorically, was not meant as a wrongdoing/stain on one's conscience. It was meant to convey the idea of an inheritable trait in humankind from the fact of engaging with the "tree of knowledge of good and evil". Basically, human beings evolved a conscience, a moral compass which made their blissful existence in "paradise" untenable. The meaning of "sin" in later christian theology is that of a metaphysically punishable offence, which is how most people have since understood it.

  • Danito
    Danito 6 months ago

    I used to have this mate and he would talk over you, force his thoughts on you and all the while insist you were wrong whilst not engaging with you. He was like some Hyperactive Autistic, if such a thing exists. This Dodd chap seems to be of the same breed.
    And with regards to what he said about being from a mining village that suffered mass unemployment and addiction, my Great Granddad came from one of those mining villages, one of the main ones - His Dad died in a cave-in and then he had to leave school and start as a miner himself... This man, an ardent Labour supporter, now calls the closing of the pits the greatest mercy Thatcher ever performed, because it was hell down there. My Great-Granddad was grateful to be packed off to war to avoid those pits. Said it was a holiday in comparison.
    This Dodd chap waxing lyrical about the tragedy of it all can bog off, he ain't got an idea by comparison.

  • Sen484
    Sen484 7 months ago

    What an absolutely disgraceful introduction!
    1. Claims his book is largely addressed to young men? Wrong. (At least, he didn't address them specifically, and the book demographics aren't even out there for him to say that).
    2. Claims he is more likely to be found in Social Media than print? Partially correct but misleading. (JP Has been cited nearly 11,000 times. Success on SM doesn't reduce that achievement).
    3. "Only his 2nd book in 20 years" - So what? What an awfully negative tone he's taking. I mean wtf does that even mean? Judge books as they are written, not by the quantity of books published!
    4. Claims he refused to use gender neutral pronouns? Wrong. (He argued the government shouldn't introduce compelled speech laws, he never actually refused to use anyone's preferred pronouns).
    5. He can't even state the book title correctly, it's not "12 Rules of Life".
    Well, I know how this next 40 minutes is going to go...

  • Amanda Parr
    Amanda Parr 7 months ago

    Philip Dodd shows remarkable restraint. When he mentioned the usual English understatement, what he really meant was the usual English sarcasm. Peterson is exasperating.

  • Jingyuan Liu
    Jingyuan Liu 7 months ago

    Philip Dodd is so creepy and condescending. I think he tries to lecture a person who seems to be more intelligent and clam than him. he is not having a dialogue with jp because he did not listen. he is more interested in showing off himself in giving people examples. This reminds me of those marxist teachers who was forcing feeding us with ideology when I was a kid in China. his lecturing attitude only has enforced my feeling for dismissing this person as a serious intellectual. goodbye ,Dodd turd.

  • Jermaine Thomas
    Jermaine Thomas 8 months ago

    Sounds like the interviewer has invoked his inner Cathy Newman.

  • Northen One
    Northen One 9 months ago

    you say you say you say, let the man speak stop putting you're snarky words in other peoples mouth FFS

  • Vicky Whitesell
    Vicky Whitesell 10 months ago

    Ohh, come on, do you really want an 18 year old president running your country???? Go cut your head off or make sense!

  • Robbies Vlogs
    Robbies Vlogs 10 months ago

    There’s bring obtuse for no reason and then there’s this guy 😂

  • Robbies Vlogs
    Robbies Vlogs 10 months ago

    Yes you can have an excess of cholera. It’s called having cholera. Twat.

  • aaron4820
    aaron4820 10 months ago

    The sun will expand and consume the earth, all life and humanity will die unless we do something about it, stop talking about social warriors.

  • darryl b
    darryl b 10 months ago

    Dodd should limit his debates to students that aren't able to refute his closed minded views.He seems to think that disagreeing is winning the argument . Being an academic doesn't mean you know everything . I should correct that first statement Dodd shouldn't be teaching ,

    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 11 months ago

    peterson btfo

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas 11 months ago

    Stopped listening at 26:30 as it became quite apparent Prof Philip Dodd was not listening and had become lost in his own world view. For a person who had reached the rank of Professor, this came as a surprise, and a disappointing one at that.

  • Thanks for Being a Useful Idiot

    First of all, to all the babies complaining about how annoying the host is, go back to your safe space and suck on your binkies. Regarding the complaint that the host has no right to criticize Peterson's choice of complaint, I ask you: If someone saw a towering inferno with people jumping for their lives out of windows, and the only comment that Peterson had was that the building had ugly carpeting, wouldn't you too point out that there are bigger problems to address? If you want to criticize what goes on in universities, how about the way that students in multiple disciplines, e.g. finance, management, marketing, business, law, etc. are groomed to continue our destructive and unsustainable version of capitalism which produces massive pollution, consumerism, dishonesty, corruption, selfishness, materialism, extreme nationalism, and tremendous debt? Nah, it's more urgent to complain about the two dozen purple-haired students who shout down Ben Shapiro.

  • Travis Schwarzkopf

    The Sparticus comment is ridiculous. Sparticus stood up, as an individual, against the state. The men standing up claiming "I am Sparticus" are professing their respect for the individual being sovereign above the collective. His point actually enforces the need for the individual to be free to speak and by doing so change collective control and power. "I am sparticus" is a confession of belief in the power of the ideal Individual.

  • Miles Quickster
    Miles Quickster Year ago

    16:31-18:04-21:29-onwards. This is when Dodd starts to get petty & conflates his lack of control & composure as much as Peterson is seemingly conflating problems too small to care about, which TOTALLY won't grow to much bigger problems. Interviewers [mostly of prominent figures with good intentions] need to get their heads out of their asses like this

    • Miles Quickster
      Miles Quickster Year ago
      The petty argument of 'there are bigger/worse issues to worry about which you should focus on. You're inflating things'. School teachers today say this a lot to middle/high/secondary school students

  • Miles Quickster
    Miles Quickster Year ago

    12:53 Not that you'd care anyway, coz you're "not a Christian anymore". How condescending

  • simon clarke
    simon clarke Year ago

    Dodd has such an agenda here, no interest in the pursuit of the truth

  • Sean Wills
    Sean Wills Year ago

    Dodd straw man, shot down, straw man- shot down, straw man again - shot down. So I'll speak over your answers and change topic when proven wrong. Rinse and repeat.

  • Sean Wills
    Sean Wills Year ago

    wow Dodd you poor soul try as you might you couldn't make a valid point.

  • thehollowfountain

    No, No , forgive me; but this guy is worse than Cathy Newman!!

  • thehollowfountain

    This man is so condescending and arrogant it’s difficult to listen. His arguments make no sense are are seemingly just to argue. He believes thinking the right way makes you right. Peterson believes ACTING the right way in the world is what’s right. Dodd is a true moron because he thinks he knows everything and is 100% right all the time.

  • Stephan Rasmussen

    I loved this debate. I actually Think Dodd does a fantastic job in calling out some of the main issues with Jordan Peterson.. a Nice intellectual discussion.

  • Anna LeMonde
    Anna LeMonde Year ago

    The Mangling Doddifier.

  • Allen Landis
    Allen Landis Year ago

    Dodd is making the same argument that is made with black lives matter. Why are you protesting police violence when the real problem is black on black crime. Would Dodd make that argument as well?

  • Hang Hill
    Hang Hill Year ago +1

    I like when JBP's ideas are challenged in an interview, but there was no need for Dood to be that condescending and rude.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Year ago

    Philip "forgive me" Dodd

  • Brian N
    Brian N Year ago

    Why hasn't Jordan Peterson been given a talk show yet, think it would be awesome. Kinda done with Dr. Phil. Lol

  • Vanquish Audio
    Vanquish Audio Year ago

    “Fascist mystic” hahahaha

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Year ago

    sanctimonious BBC schmuck; never occurs to him, that revenge is often warranted - but unpalatable to the third party; and that there is no higher order...just consequences.

  • Claudius Clay
    Claudius Clay Year ago

    what a way to end an interview lmao - Dodd is completely out of his depth

  • Jake Kidd
    Jake Kidd Year ago

    LOL Dodd is a genuine comedian! "How you've arrived at your prominence, and I don't mean on this show, but generally." Trust me, Dodd, NO ONE was thinking that.

  • Roland Rush
    Roland Rush Year ago

    People do not serve different times in prison for the same crimes. Prison sentences are based solely on the crime. If the person is convicted they get that pre determined time. Repeat offences add time. If you are a repeat offender you serve more time than a first time offence for the 'same crime'.

  • Maw lurk
    Maw lurk Year ago

    frustrating, at the very least read the fucking litterature

  • Patrick Thomas
    Patrick Thomas Year ago

    28:00 This guy is a literature professor and he is judging Jordan's book based on the title? Yeah great representation of leftist collectivist thinking. What an absolutely condescending ignorant narcissistic prick Philip Dodd is.
    "In politics, the great non sequitur of our time is that (1) things are not right and that (2) the government should make them right. Where 'right' all too often means cosmic justice, trying to set things right means writing a blank check for a never-ending expansion of government power. " Thomas Sowell

  • Blaise Zak
    Blaise Zak Year ago

    Are you kidding me? I mean really?

  • Round House
    Round House Year ago

    Jordan Peterson makes the host seem so naive on all the subjects.

  • David Chiu
    David Chiu Year ago

    a swap from bamboo to steel
    yet again proves unwise*

    Dodd is a turd
    more articulate than Newman
    but STILL just a fancier form of "So what your saying..."
    ... PD is the kind of phony who fancies himself "our lot"
    while being bright enough to ape an elite accent while
    still unable to just be honest
    he was a bullying preacher only focused on winning
    rather than interviewing for greater understanding
    -- JBP wins again by the fancier hara-kiri
    of his self-appointed enemy

  • mikeallan james
    mikeallan james Year ago

    Dodd's open contempt for Peterson is pretty funny and ironic when juxtaposed against Peterson's almost deferntial manner towards him.,Even when its clear the respect is not reciprocated.This in contrast to his open hostility and contempt towards recent female interviewers despite asking many of the same type of things,one where he doodled on a piece of paper at the same time as answering questions.This chimes with his well documented misogyny. Whereas this accomplished male, western professor and fellow intellectual, (a top lobster) is a much more agreeable proposition.The veneer of intellectual snobbery and vanity just giving itself away a little.funny stuff.


    Interviewer - Ass Hat

  • eggo
    eggo Year ago

    Easily the rudest and most condescending interviewer I've ever heard. I'm appalled.

  • eimb1999
    eimb1999 Year ago

    I'm betting Dodd is a fruit.

  • Dr Sanguine Sunrise

    Dodd is precisely the type of ludicrously ideological Liberal academic that is creating Frankenstein 'snowflakes.' Dodd typically says "...forgive me {then he randomly goes to the wrong place} forgive me..." is almost as though Dodd is allowed to ask a question, but he already has the answer in his head. So, when Peterson answers, if this answer does not align perfectly with Dodd's preconceived notion, then Dodd interrupts and says "...forgive me..." By which Dodd's means, give me the answer I want. I don't think Dodd's understands a great deal of what is going on. Dyson and Dodd's deserve each other.

  • B Holl
    B Holl Year ago

    It sounds to me as if the only person able pressure Peterson in a debate - without incurring the wrath of his sycophantic zealots - would be Peterson himself. Ya'll are pathological. How ironic.

  • Kuba Pietroń
    Kuba Pietroń Year ago

    Interviewer is so fucking ignorant and he's avoiding topic as soon as he realises that he cant adress them properly wtf is that trash

  • Pat Orsban
    Pat Orsban Year ago

    Amazing how often the whiny liberal says "don't go there" when Peterson makes a point, and then turns around around and GOES THERE when he fails to make his point.

  • Hunter Poelsma
    Hunter Poelsma Year ago

    Pedantry of a scale I've never before encountered.

  • BrianS317
    BrianS317 Year ago

    It's funny how people try to argue his points when they are common sense.

  • Aurora Borealis
    Aurora Borealis Year ago

    Thank You, Mr. Dodd 🌠

  • Rory Moriarty-Scanlon

    I'm glad to see someone challenging Peterson hard on his positions but this guy just misrepresents, strawmans and babbles his way through this whole interview.

  • Daniel Redpath
    Daniel Redpath Year ago

    There will be a day when the interviewer will pay attention to the rule "assume the person you are talking to may know more than you...."

  • Tom Groebe
    Tom Groebe Year ago +1

    He criticized Peterson for what he didn't say

  • John Mitchinson
    John Mitchinson Year ago

    Philip Dodd sounds like a neo-marxist. This encounter was a debate masquerading as an interview. Dodd showed little respect and if anything he conveyed thinly veiled hostility. Dodd started off the process by smearing Peterson by trying to subtly fix in the mind of the listener that Jodan Peterson is a fascist. Dodd seems to forget that fascism developed out of left wing idealogy socialism. Mussolini was a communist. Dodd was not interested in Jordan Peterson but only intersted in destroying him and his idea of individual responsibility as it runs counter to his own collectivist notions.

  • Karl
    Karl Year ago

    When Dodd and the torrent of half-wit journalists think feminine=woman, chaos=bad, then proceed to get offended because their simple minds can’t grasp the context, it just shows them as fools, more so because they are arrogantly ignorant of their foolery.

  • puhfrugherter
    puhfrugherter Year ago

    Listen to Dodd try and weasel around.
    What a piece of scum.

  • The Ultimate Diva
    The Ultimate Diva Year ago +1

    Forgive me, technically I'm a twat

  • The Ultimate Diva

    Dodd's mentor was his uncle Frank... that's all you need to know

  • Claudius Clay
    Claudius Clay Year ago

    The old king is wilfully blind. Dodd is insufferable. He sounds like a whining child. He should re-read chapter 9.