The 8-Year Long Worst Traffic Jam in History

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
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    The story of the Yellow Fleet, a convoy of 15 ships that became trapped in the Suez Canal for 8 entire years because of war.
    Animations courtesy of Lili Pereira. Check out her channel here!
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Comments • 3 188

  • Alex
    Alex 12 hours ago

    The music is based of star wars

  • Fergus Jensen
    Fergus Jensen 13 hours ago

    So misleading that isnt even a traffic jam that's just a war that stopped some ships

  • H L
    H L 13 hours ago

    Watching this I was like um are they not going to deliver their goods? Their just turning around? 🤣😂😂 wow I’m a dick. I’d want to just go home too... and the stuff is probably no good anymore anyway.

  • The_New_IKB 4472
    The_New_IKB 4472 13 hours ago

    What is the name of the back ground music please!!!???


    Holly shit this is damn Dope

  • Corey Cousins
    Corey Cousins 13 hours ago

    "unlocked the ability" automatically makes me think of video games

  • ꙲
     13 hours ago

    6:12 That's some class A bullshit, not a surprise attack, the fucking invaders, the monsters, took countless lives because they're money grubbing pieces of shit. Nuke that place off the map, nobody should be able to live there.

  • Tobías Chaparro
    Tobías Chaparro 14 hours ago

    RLL: you have to sail around the WHOLE OF AFRICA
    The nile: am I joke to you.

  • InfiniteJchild
    InfiniteJchild 14 hours ago

    The story nobody asked for, but the story everyone needed.

  • Alex Zetsu
    Alex Zetsu 14 hours ago

    Ummm, that's not a traffic jam since the ships weren't stuck due to excess _traffic_ but mines.

  • Dominik Lehn
    Dominik Lehn 14 hours ago

    wait… what happened to the 15th ship that entered? did it get out in time?

  • Jay
    Jay 14 hours ago

    Maybe the real cargo was the friends we made along the way?

  • User Name
    User Name 14 hours ago

    So not a traffic jam in any way shape or form... And whats w the over the top music?

  • pratikppm
    pratikppm 15 hours ago

    That's what I think happened everytime when my Amazon courier is delayed.

  • toxic6460
    toxic6460 15 hours ago

    Someones dad coming back after 8 years, yeah that traffic jamb was no joke

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 15 hours ago

    Can we just talk about how fucked up it is for Israel to targeted innocent civilians so damn much?

  • Fletcher Castle-Bray
    Fletcher Castle-Bray 15 hours ago

    Imagine just guarding the canal watching our for enemy attacks when you hear chearing and see a bunch of people playing football on a ship

  • Yehia Nada
    Yehia Nada 15 hours ago

    Egypt didn't recognize the state of Israel
    No one recognizes the state of Israel

  • Oblong02
    Oblong02 15 hours ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

  • timothy chan
    timothy chan 15 hours ago

    4 years in
    wife: honey where are you??
    husband: on my way to work...

  • xH1Dd3j0u5TrAXx- -XIIX-

    So fast happens to the other ships

  • The Jokester
    The Jokester 16 hours ago

    Well If hit the american ship I would shitting breaks because USA has the biggest army so if you are having problems with that other country I don't think you can even handle USA

  • george
    george 16 hours ago

    Fuck Israel

  • SheTookTheKids
    SheTookTheKids 16 hours ago

    Not as bad as rush hour on the m25

  • KL
    KL 16 hours ago

    The music is totally over the top and distracts. ...

  • Robert Giggie
    Robert Giggie 16 hours ago

    “Stray Israeli rocket” funny isn’t that what they said about the USS Liberty?

  • Luke Morris
    Luke Morris 16 hours ago

    Where’s the uh, movie?

  • Moro pl
    Moro pl 16 hours ago +1

    My question is how a Czechoslovak ship got there

  • EmiL A-ov
    EmiL A-ov 16 hours ago

    British arranging football matches, like an ordinary business 😎😂

  • Waffles
    Waffles 16 hours ago

    Is that a natural disaster or a Uber rare disaster? Did it kill anyone?

  • Jake N.
    Jake N. 16 hours ago

    Couldn't they just move the whole Africa continent somewhere else?

  • Berubetto-sama
    Berubetto-sama 16 hours ago

    Basically thank the Jews as usual.

  • Sai Prakash Reddy Addula

    The background sound is a little too loud and absolutely annoying.
    Video was good but I just couldn't bear the music for more than 4 minutes and had to stop watching.
    It would be great if you could use a better background music or lower the volume of it.

  • Mine Solo
    Mine Solo 17 hours ago

    These boi's ever hear of planes?

  • Eric Beres Jr.
    Eric Beres Jr. 17 hours ago

    We should've destroyd them then

  • Drabs
    Drabs 17 hours ago

    Fuck israel

  • The Original ONION
    The Original ONION 17 hours ago


  • Josh Robson
    Josh Robson 17 hours ago

    I just want to know what happened to the remaining 12 ships then if they weren't fit to travel anymore

  • Sy Rehn
    Sy Rehn 17 hours ago

    what about food, water, electricity and other necssicities

  • Equality 7-2521
    Equality 7-2521 17 hours ago

    Damn Jews

  • Matty18795
    Matty18795 17 hours ago

    London to india thats a long way. Captain "dont worry guys i know a shortcut"

  • Max Kopstein
    Max Kopstein 18 hours ago

    0:59 oh what could possibly go wrong? When has the Middle East ever been socially, politically, or economically unstable?

  • nocalsteve
    nocalsteve 18 hours ago

    Sailing around Africa, pfft; Americans were flying to the moon.

  • kahfi bonboy
    kahfi bonboy 18 hours ago

    those evil israel...

  • The Philosopher of Culture

    The shut-down of the Suez Canal only shows how limited and vindictive Arabs tend to be. Theirs is an unsuitable culture for our times. I cannot off-hand think of any culture being more stupid and selfishly short-sighted than the Arab cultures. We had some hope for long-term wisdom and modernisation of society with the arrival of young MbS but he has showed himself to be a duplicitous selfish despot like any Arab ruler. It is in their culture, I see no other explanation. There is no rationality in it, just look at the terrible mess the Middle East is in since time immemorial. Perhaps it is because of Islam that is so rigid that it prevented any development? Fact is, after the 13th century is was all downhill. They did not have anything remotely like the Chinese and Indian wisdom or European philosophies. They only bickered and fought and considered their personal male pride far more important than the well-being of their people. Apparently, they know everything about violence, suppression and making misery, and nothing about spreading happiness and real leadership. MbS had his chance and blew it in the worst way possible (murder, tribalism, suppression, and starting an unwinnable war).

  • SoWhat1221
    SoWhat1221 18 hours ago +2

    "Stray Israeli rocket"
    Yeah, sure, whatever.

  • Bryan Tadeo
    Bryan Tadeo 18 hours ago

    American ship hosted strippers nights

  • Sue Ferreira
    Sue Ferreira 18 hours ago

    Terrible music - too loud and distracting.

  • csgo tunisia
    csgo tunisia 18 hours ago

    just WOW,how the fuck this video got so many likes XD ,are u in a different parallel world!!!? sorry realLifeore am an unsub now

  • megamike15
    megamike15 18 hours ago +1

    " they sent most of the men home."
    but how? they are stuck in a closed river.

  • Minegamer
    Minegamer 18 hours ago

    American ship: Sunk
    Eygpt and Israel: *Why do i hear boss music?*

  • Jack DaGreat
    Jack DaGreat 18 hours ago +2

    *American ship sinks*
    Egypt and Israel: *points at each other* "it was him"

  • Tha Tti
    Tha Tti 19 hours ago

    Imagine Detention charges for those Containers.

  • Paul
    Paul 19 hours ago

    Interesting but, not what I would call a traffic jam.

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle 19 hours ago

    I read the title as “Japan History”

  • your mom
    your mom 19 hours ago

    Egypt vs. Isreal. It's like 2 retarded southern kids from the trailer park farting on each other.

  • Andre T
    Andre T 20 hours ago

    Stray israeli rocket...right right...

  • Ironjaytrain2003
    Ironjaytrain2003 20 hours ago

    Israel’s great at bombing American Ships. Just ask anyone that lived from the USS Liberty.
    You Zionist pigs are gonna pay here shortly.

  • tsjoencinema
    tsjoencinema 20 hours ago

    Sinking the US ship sounds like an attempt to drag US into the conflict.

  • John Vanegmond
    John Vanegmond 20 hours ago

    War is dumb.