Ex-Bank Robber Attempts A Heist In Grand Theft Auto V • Pro Play


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  • Caton
    Caton 17 hours ago

    Real Mafia boss play Mafia city

  • Justin E.
    Justin E. 17 hours ago

    Ex artist plays Ms paint

  • Dragon ball super god xeno

    Soooooo he is using a ps4 controller but he is on a xbox????? Hmmmm something not right here???

  • Irene Gallegos
    Irene Gallegos 17 hours ago

    real terrorist plays csgo

  • Pen
    Pen 17 hours ago

    Real Mafia goon plays Mafia city

  • Ariel Garcia
    Ariel Garcia 18 hours ago +1

    6:30 I thought that he was playing on ps4

  • Bandith
    Bandith 18 hours ago

    Triggered 12 year old plays Call Of Duty

  • Blitz Rush
    Blitz Rush 18 hours ago

    Pill addict plays pac man

  • OpenyoureyesDX
    OpenyoureyesDX 18 hours ago

    Lmao I’ll go with Christian but that dude is a snitch xD

  • 3K Quincy
    3K Quincy 18 hours ago

    Videos fake, Xbox controller buttons ps4 controller

  • Timmy Marsch
    Timmy Marsch 18 hours ago

    Real SWAT team plays Rainbow Six Seige

  • You Will Never Know
    You Will Never Know 18 hours ago

    Communist reads the Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx.

  • akaNeXusS
    akaNeXusS 18 hours ago

    Real dinasuors play Juarassic Park

  • pcnerd19
    pcnerd19 18 hours ago

    Ex-prisoner runs a prison in Prison Architect

  • GameFreakCarlo
    GameFreakCarlo 18 hours ago

    Get a Hitman to play Hitman

  • Saiyan Prince
    Saiyan Prince 18 hours ago

    Next: Virgin plays Fortnite

  • The Decaffect
    The Decaffect 18 hours ago

    I cant believe that they got tuber to play gta5

  • Lance Lane
    Lance Lane 19 hours ago

    *my grandma plays try not to die simulator*

  • Joshua Milsaps
    Joshua Milsaps 19 hours ago

    Payday next

  • Kevin Stewart
    Kevin Stewart 19 hours ago

    genius plan for a robbery

  • ButtercupIowaPlays
    ButtercupIowaPlays 19 hours ago

    Should've done payday

  • James K
    James K 19 hours ago

    Why the hell does a "bank robber" get to be in a video where he is painted as a cool, reliable guy?

  • PixStiXx
    PixStiXx 19 hours ago

    i just realized he literally inspired the movie with those old people

  • Professor Shibe
    Professor Shibe 19 hours ago

    Solitary confinement is torture and should be illegal(again).

  • This Saucy
    This Saucy 19 hours ago

    Steve plays Minecraft

  • DVD 0410
    DVD 0410 19 hours ago

    Ex slave plays red dead redemption

  • Adeft Garcia
    Adeft Garcia 19 hours ago

    Wait I've heard about this dude!

  • Mackleb
    Mackleb 19 hours ago +1

    He seems like such a cool dude and it's amazing how much having children can change someone.

  • Neekz
    Neekz 19 hours ago +1


  • Rizkirafu
    Rizkirafu 19 hours ago

    You guys really invited an actuall ex-robber!?
    Absolute madmen!

  • spookymon033
    spookymon033 19 hours ago +1

    Ex minor plays minecraft

  • Archit Gupta
    Archit Gupta 19 hours ago +1

    Retired homosexual plays Fortnite

  • Lewis Mowles
    Lewis Mowles 19 hours ago

    Next: Asian plays pet simulator

  • Asuggy06
    Asuggy06 20 hours ago

    How the hell did you get a ex-bankrobber?

  • God Awful Content
    God Awful Content 20 hours ago

    buttfeed shut hell up

  • Garbo 2312
    Garbo 2312 20 hours ago

    Real cowboy plays Red Dead Redemption II

  • Garbo 2312
    Garbo 2312 20 hours ago

    Real homocide investigator plays L.A. Noire

  • Staneagle 79
    Staneagle 79 20 hours ago

    Ex super hero plays Spider-Man PS4

  • Misha
    Misha 20 hours ago

    Donald Trump plays The Sims

  • Garbo 2312
    Garbo 2312 20 hours ago

    My name jeff

  • naol llams a
    naol llams a 20 hours ago

    Suicidal man plays hangman

  • Marvel Gang
    Marvel Gang 20 hours ago

    Sim plays the sims

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn 20 hours ago

    Oh shoot I’ve heard about this dayum that’s actually smart

  • Viktor Logi
    Viktor Logi 20 hours ago

    But he got caught..... lol

  • Gygoe
    Gygoe 20 hours ago

    wtf is an EX-bank robber? 😂 You still did it, dude.

  • Henry Goering
    Henry Goering 20 hours ago

    Never try this guys just don’t 😂😂😂

  • papa lightskin
    papa lightskin 20 hours ago

    5:26 spoken like a true criminal lmao

  • Nerd Cheese
    Nerd Cheese 20 hours ago

    Ex-soldier play Call of Duty

    ANTI TV 20 hours ago

    real virgin plays fortnite

  • Jordon Carter
    Jordon Carter 20 hours ago

    Why isn’t he in jail?

  • papa lightskin
    papa lightskin 20 hours ago

    for an ex criminal this dude chill af

  • Martz- .-
    Martz- .- 20 hours ago

    Kindergartners play Kindergarten

  • Blade MK
    Blade MK 20 hours ago

    Real terrorist plays csgo

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones 21 hour ago

    "Because of the homeless man" lol, not because I committed an armed robbery

  • Marcos logos
    Marcos logos 21 hour ago

    Next up Asian watches anime

  • yvngxsober
    yvngxsober 21 hour ago

    Real pinkerton plays RDR2

  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook 21 hour ago +1

    *Nazi plays COD:WW2*

  • Fortnite Fan base
    Fortnite Fan base 21 hour ago

    Actually what’s his face Michael was a undercover agent soo

  • I Don't Suck
    I Don't Suck 21 hour ago

    Imagine he took the controller and walked away

  • Uncle KFC-
    Uncle KFC- 21 hour ago +1

    he should've killed the homeless guy if he wanted to succeed

  • Gabriel Carriere
    Gabriel Carriere 21 hour ago

    Next : Pablo Escobar try sell drugs on Narcos Mobile

  • Olivia_Medecke
    Olivia_Medecke 21 hour ago

    Up next: Dr. who plays Tracer in Overwatch

  • swift ninja
    swift ninja 21 hour ago

    How is he not in jail?

  • ෴
     21 hour ago

    Next video: *Real miner plays Minecraft*

  • sweetrzz
    sweetrzz 21 hour ago +1

    Use me as a respect button

  • Mick Ca
    Mick Ca 21 hour ago

    DIY only

  • Cristian Sanchez
    Cristian Sanchez 21 hour ago

    He’s from my home town

  • TrippDIII
    TrippDIII 21 hour ago +3

    Real guy on shrooms plays Mario

  • Nathan Widener
    Nathan Widener 21 hour ago +1

    Wait why have him play gta when he could literally play a game about robbing banks. Its called Payday 2???

  • My name Is Jeff
    My name Is Jeff 21 hour ago

    He’s playing with a ps4 controller but the screen says he on Xbox one

  • Chinstrap Miller
    Chinstrap Miller 21 hour ago

    Real cowboy from 1800s plays Red Dead Redemption

  • snow ronald26
    snow ronald26 21 hour ago

    This dude did one robbery, got caught... now he acts like a expert.

    • Max Dembo
      Max Dembo 20 hours ago

      snow ronald26 well he’s an expert on getting caught

  • Autismo Slicer
    Autismo Slicer 21 hour ago

    Buzzfeed is literally nothing but clickbait and will never be good

  • S1R
    S1R 21 hour ago

    Wasn’t this guy on that show where kids react to people?

  • Atrxity Playz
    Atrxity Playz 21 hour ago

    What was that wife doing while you were in prison e.e

    KOUDCE 21 hour ago

    Next: serial killer plays Gta V

  • Cris FullHD
    Cris FullHD 21 hour ago

    Big chungus plays big chungus ps4

  • jordan durant
    jordan durant 22 hours ago

    Payday 2

  • Monkey's Mobile Game Reviews

    Robot programmer play Detroit become human.

  • Monkey's Mobile Game Reviews

    He was a criminal, but he genuinely was a family man. I can respect that. Good for him. :)

  • San Der
    San Der 22 hours ago

    Why every person in prison got the ability to draw like a god?

  • Hector Ramirez
    Hector Ramirez 22 hours ago

    Yo wtf

  • Charles R Keller
    Charles R Keller 22 hours ago

    He was smart enough to not use a gun and to not do anything unnecessary. That's what it comes down to. Like those home invasions you hear about. Breaking and entering is probably less that 3 years but then they decide to kill the person after they steal from them and they go away for 20+ or most of the time, life. Like why even do that.

  • yacineKCL
    yacineKCL 22 hours ago

    ex bank robber plays PAYDAY 2 ?

  • Larry Wu
    Larry Wu 22 hours ago

    New Trend in 2019: Interview bank robbers

  • Sweots
    Sweots 22 hours ago +1

    Next: serial killer plays gta 5

  • PablitoSs tuff
    PablitoSs tuff 22 hours ago

    Tom Holland plays Spider-Man Ps4

  • Scottie Steiner
    Scottie Steiner 22 hours ago

    Why would you not have him play Payday?

  • Lowfied Vibes
    Lowfied Vibes 22 hours ago

    Next:*Cowboy plays RDR2*

  • Bongo The Gipsy
    Bongo The Gipsy 22 hours ago

    Next: Ex Mujahideen playing minesweeper

  • revenge_on_dohnuts 77
    revenge_on_dohnuts 77 22 hours ago

    The world only remembers you by your worst mistakes

  • Tragic Mishap
    Tragic Mishap 22 hours ago

    You have to know what you’re doing when you rob a bank, I cant get a random group of old highschool friends and go rob a bank.

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon 22 hours ago


    Bill Cosby plays red dead redemption 2 and gets raped

  • D acé
    D acé 22 hours ago +2

    Why Not payday 2? It is literally a game about robbing a bank.

  • Tragic Mishap
    Tragic Mishap 22 hours ago


  • D acé
    D acé 22 hours ago +1

    Jack the ripper plays Assassin's creed

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan 22 hours ago

    the man spoke facts:

    PEACEMAKER GAMING 22 hours ago

    Prisoners who broke out of jail plays *A Way Out*

  • Tyon
    Tyon 23 hours ago +1

    This has been in my recommended for soo fucking long, like if it’s the same for you.