Ex-Bank Robber Attempts A Heist In Grand Theft Auto V • Pro Play

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • Anthony Curcio, a real ex-bank robber attempts "The Jewel Store Job" in #GrandTheftAutoV.
    Grand Theft Auto V / Rockstar Games
    Anthony Curcio’s books:

    For further information please visit:
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  • Zoelle
    Zoelle 4 hours ago

    So no one is gonna talk about HOW FINE HE IS😍😍

  • AtaVictoria
    AtaVictoria 10 hours ago

    its DB Tuber!

  • TheNoobKing 144
    TheNoobKing 144 19 hours ago

    Now we're talking!

  • Grizlerber
    Grizlerber Day ago +1

    in Soviet Russia people sometimes rob banks in capitalist America bank robs you.

  • Luis Marquez
    Luis Marquez Day ago

    You ate bad guy but that does not mean youre a bad guy

  • CharChartheCharmeleonYT

    BuzzFeed stepping their game up!

  • Rafael Cordoba
    Rafael Cordoba Day ago

    Next: real Franklin plays as Franklin.

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Day ago +1

    I was less interested in what he had to say and more interested in the game play.

  • Arturo Gonzalez
    Arturo Gonzalez Day ago +1

    Am I the only one that noticed that hes using a ps4 controller on a Xbox😂 6:40

  • A cactus Named Mike

    The Mythbusters reviewed this robbery on The White Rabbit Project

  • NukeStomp PH
    NukeStomp PH Day ago


  • Rabbi
    Rabbi Day ago

    F B I W A N T S T O K N O W
    H I S L O C A T I O N

  • Simon Petrovski
    Simon Petrovski Day ago

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  • Raian Khair
    Raian Khair Day ago

    Is he arrested after this game

  • Mr.Cactus Green
    Mr.Cactus Green Day ago

    *Real mafia plays Mafia III*

  • Nnick B
    Nnick B 2 days ago +2

    Is that a PS4 controller but Xbox gameplay?

  • SpectralBacon
    SpectralBacon 2 days ago

    Real Gandhi plays Civilization

  • Kurtis Zaloudek
    Kurtis Zaloudek 2 days ago


    >#×>÷>×*+ x CDC ed 39e9iseisijw

  • lass1234
    lass1234 2 days ago

    Dat gesture at the end Lol.
    "Cool story bro."

  • Lanthanide
    Lanthanide 2 days ago

    real 12-year-olds play fortnite

  • talhaumut kulu
    talhaumut kulu 2 days ago

    Up next my EX plays with other guys hearth

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    Real kids play fortnite
    Real man play pubg/ csgo

  • Jakob Viquiera
    Jakob Viquiera 3 days ago

    Real Sniper Assassin
    Plays Hitman!

  • Charles Ruiz
    Charles Ruiz 3 days ago

    Lol at 6:57 look at the bottom right it's Xbox controls but look at the controller the guys is holding is a PS4 hahaha lol

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 3 days ago +1

    If he only put on those license plates lol

  • Lydia L
    Lydia L 3 days ago

    I just realized his last named sounds like Crusio....

  • huevete 111
    huevete 111 3 days ago

    Let a real prisoner play the escapists

  • DeathBorn
    DeathBorn 3 days ago +24

    Next up: Real infant plays who’s your daddy

  • David Punzalan
    David Punzalan 3 days ago

    Real 3 year old idiot plays fortnite!

  • OneCrazyKing
    OneCrazyKing 3 days ago

    Get Hitman/ex-hitman to play Hitman

  • Blame_HitReg
    Blame_HitReg 4 days ago +3

    My problem is he's talking like he's a career criminal but we're only given the one bank heist he pulled. By himself. out of desperation.

  • explodeing minecart Gonzales

    Someone admit it... We all try to make funny comments trying to get the most liked comment.

  • explodeing minecart Gonzales

    Real Bread plays Bread Simulator

  • Brandon Green
    Brandon Green 4 days ago

    hes not even playing the game the ui showed a xbox control scheme

  • spoi crab
    spoi crab 4 days ago

    An person who shot aliens plays alien Shooter 2

  • Ashton Senpai
    Ashton Senpai 4 days ago


  • Dallas Nanes
    Dallas Nanes 4 days ago

    This guy talking about no one knowing anyboy, he’s not conpletly wrong, but the guys only know Lester, that’s why he has them as options

  • Kiki Studios
    Kiki Studios 5 days ago

    Now let him play jailbreak

  • MillerDogStreamz
    MillerDogStreamz 5 days ago

    What’s next my dad plays the invisible challenge he’s been doing it for 13 years now I’m not joking I’ve never seen my dad before on god

  • Carlos Ivan
    Carlos Ivan 5 days ago

    Real car plays Forza.

  • Francisco Méndez Grajales

    Prehistoric people plays Far Cry Primal.

  • Guitargutss T
    Guitargutss T 5 days ago

    Shoulda played payday 2

  • SP Thiel
    SP Thiel 5 days ago +5

    Came for the game, stayed for the story. Very beautiful story owo

  • Khezzii Veronicaa
    Khezzii Veronicaa 5 days ago


  • Loombadoop
    Loombadoop 5 days ago

    This gameplay is fake. He's using a PlayStation 4 controller but GTA 5 says he's using a Xbox controller.

  • Loombadoop
    Loombadoop 5 days ago

    get blOoDhoOnDeR to play Apex Legends

  • LeviJoshua Rehn
    LeviJoshua Rehn 5 days ago

    Good thing he saw the error of his ways and actually looks like a pretty good bloke

  • Drop Out
    Drop Out 6 days ago +2

    Why is this recommended to me? Universe is telling me something

  • Butter Boiii
    Butter Boiii 6 days ago +3

    Real Robot Plays

    *_Detroit: Become Human_*

  • A Confused Shoe
    A Confused Shoe 6 days ago +8

    Real demon plays with a Ouija board

  • Sapphire Gamez
    Sapphire Gamez 6 days ago

    He should have played PAYDAY 2.....

    I hate you Anthony
    (Shouldn't say that cuz this guy will pepper spray me)

  • AdderTude
    AdderTude 6 days ago +1

    I think PAYDAY 2 would've been a better way to go than GTA V.

  • Retronite
    Retronite 6 days ago

    Honestly, Payday 1 and 2 have heists that are leagues ahead of any heists in GTA. GTA games had these over the top missions that were unrealistic and they kept it that way. With 5, it feels like they are forcing the missions to feel realistic, even when they aren't

  • Kipple 1998
    Kipple 1998 6 days ago

    6:48 i believe it's said in later missions or if you choose bad people that its based off past heist. in the Paleto score, Gustavo tells about doing time, and I think another one does too. Lester knows them
    8:39 wasn't there a heist at a Boston art museum where several paintings where stolen and sold on the dark web? but not all them, one was found later and the guy just kept it.

  • iGotSomeRandomClips
    iGotSomeRandomClips 7 days ago

    Big respect to this guy.

  • Shellshocker dbsjxk
    Shellshocker dbsjxk 7 days ago

    Dang anything for views 😂🤣

  • The_UR_CLAPPED_M8_Show

    Next Black people pick cotton

  • Austin Çetin
    Austin Çetin 7 days ago

    But he could try it on payday 2

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    vico mico 7 days ago

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    colon eula 7 days ago +1

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    Oreo Krimyo 7 days ago +3

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  • Dhas
    Dhas 7 days ago

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  • Renald gwapo
    Renald gwapo 7 days ago

    thanks to advice i can rob a bank

  • Josh Peterson
    Josh Peterson 7 days ago

    Real Batman plays the Arkham series lol.

  • Gin Dondake Fandubs
    Gin Dondake Fandubs 8 days ago

    Do a new video with him playing payday 2

  • GODdesɨgɴer
    GODdesɨgɴer 8 days ago

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  • Envius Raid
    Envius Raid 8 days ago

    4:25 is when he starts playing the game thank me by liking

  • Hunter Piece
    Hunter Piece 8 days ago

    Are we having a lesson here? Lol

  • Cahyo Wibowo
    Cahyo Wibowo 8 days ago +1

    Real soldier play PUBG ????
    I wonder if he is pro. Heheheheheh

  • Sam
    Sam 8 days ago

    id marry him

  • Mladich
    Mladich 8 days ago +1

    HiHo Kids anyone?

  • fkin retard
    fkin retard 8 days ago

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    9ZINI3 8 days ago +7

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    EpicCheezy Gamer 8 days ago

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  • Cj Jian
    Cj Jian 9 days ago


  • Manthahime Chan
    Manthahime Chan 9 days ago

    Watch him on "Kids meet a bank robber" on Hiho Kids channel.. It was very cute..

    COMRADE COMMUNISM 9 days ago

    How much u bet they payed him to play a game lol

  • strmbwl
    strmbwl 9 days ago +1

    He robbed one bank and besides that never did anything else but he's an expert in heists...riiiight

  • Jassy Suclatan
    Jassy Suclatan 9 days ago

    Its Ocean 8 not 11

  • Gavin Lennon
    Gavin Lennon 9 days ago

    real heister plays payday2

  • CBK
    CBK 9 days ago

    This guy's a GOD

  • The hardy boys
    The hardy boys 9 days ago

    I would have to bring a machete with me if I were to rob a bank. The machete would be for if I see anybody pressing their fingers into their phone is getting chopped off immediately

  • Jose De dios
    Jose De dios 9 days ago

    He was stopped by a homeless man

  • project zorgo
    project zorgo 9 days ago

    PS video starts at 5:07

  • MrSanfrinsisco
    MrSanfrinsisco 9 days ago

    7:53 - This man tellin all criminals that if they screw people over they're gonna lose business hahaha, I actually love this guy. I'm also very interested in everything else that he's saying

    EXOS GAMING 9 days ago

    Real Hitman plays Hitman 2

  • Andrey Kusanagi
    Andrey Kusanagi 9 days ago

    how is it that the videos of this series keep attracting shitheads? goddamn.

  • Steve Chu
    Steve Chu 9 days ago

    This guy should play Payday 2

  • Peden
    Peden 9 days ago +1

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  • Emanhal Snyder
    Emanhal Snyder 9 days ago

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  • Sparkzy Gaming
    Sparkzy Gaming 9 days ago +4

    This guy is savage af. 😂💀

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    Renec _ 9 days ago

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    projekt 9 days ago

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    # RenramLricsH 10 days ago +2

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  • Sammy Givone Hermawan
    Sammy Givone Hermawan 10 days ago +5

    He seemed so proud while telling bout his good plan.. Hahaha

    ARCHROMA A1 10 days ago

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  • Omeven
    Omeven 10 days ago

    *now we need real terrorist play the "No Russian" mission*

  • carolbuzelim
    carolbuzelim 10 days ago

    Him again? Hahaha everything about it is with that guy

  • Nelsonlai Khuman
    Nelsonlai Khuman 10 days ago

    Bro this is really a disrespect to the person

  • Umerz Jfjwwhe
    Umerz Jfjwwhe 10 days ago