Ex-Bank Robber Attempts A Heist In Grand Theft Auto V • Professionals Play

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • Anthony Curcio, a real ex-bank robber attempts "The Jewel Store Job" in #GrandTheftAutoV.
    Grand Theft Auto V / Rockstar Games
    Anthony Curcio’s books:

    For further information please visit:
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  • Ayotically
    Ayotically 59 minutes ago

    Giving criminals who stole thousands of dollars and caused tens of thousands in damages a job and a very high pay, nice!

  • sebaStian p
    sebaStian p 4 hours ago

    10:39 tell me he doesn’t look like a bald Tom Cruise

  • Henrique Kill003
    Henrique Kill003 5 hours ago +1

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  • lol alonja
    lol alonja 7 hours ago

    A real WWII soldier plays COD WWII

  • Runny
    Runny 14 hours ago

    next up
    insane asylum patinet plays manhunt (GONE WRONG) (MIKE FUCKING DIED LOL)

  • Con 562
    Con 562 18 hours ago

    Should of done this on no pixel

  • Lacrosse Llama
    Lacrosse Llama Day ago

    7:02 I’m dyinnggyygggggg 😂 😂

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    I was expecting his story to be like:
    I had a plan with my crew of 4 people.We went to the bank,loot the safes and ran off.

  • Christopher Ellis

    why is the achivement hunter music playing

  • D
    D Day ago

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  • LiL LinG LinG
    LiL LinG LinG 2 days ago

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  • Sweaty Dragon
    Sweaty Dragon 2 days ago

    This is fake look at when he selects stuff a or b on a ps4 controller

  • Tyris Truitt
    Tyris Truitt 2 days ago +1

    Next real cowboy plays red dead redemption 2

  • DeaDly Ducky756
    DeaDly Ducky756 2 days ago

    if anyone watches the white rabbit project then say hi to DB tuber

  • 10,000 subs with no videos

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  • ZigZagger 107
    ZigZagger 107 2 days ago +1

    Video starts at 4:24

  • Swir1yyy
    Swir1yyy 3 days ago

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  • Edward richtofen 1st


  • Henrychan 7888
    Henrychan 7888 4 days ago

    Who plays Payday then?

  • Ann Callihan
    Ann Callihan 4 days ago

    Solitary confinement should be outlawed.. its truly terrible for humans to be left alone for so long. A non-violent offender does not deserve that treatment.

  • Saber Sin
    Saber Sin 4 days ago

    BuzzFeed even has a real bank robber!? How far are they gonna go!?

  • Lil5avge786 YT
    Lil5avge786 YT 4 days ago

    He still rich😂😂wtf

  • ProTrigno //Roblox and TABS Gaming

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  • IvsSixxTheOne
    IvsSixxTheOne 5 days ago

    This is fake.. People in green vests and the blue shirts would have got jail time for being a part of the crime.. They would lnt have signed up at all

  • The pp man
    The pp man 5 days ago

    Does anyone else realize this guy is the same guy who was on another video kids meet a bank robber

  • the titan buster team nightmare

    Real oceanologist play subnautica

  • Aldovk
    Aldovk 5 days ago

    Next vid: Real nazi plays cod waw

  • Hartyj418
    Hartyj418 6 days ago +1

    Hes not a professional if he got arrested

  • LordranGaming
    LordranGaming 6 days ago +2

    rockstar must recruit this guy on GTA 6 he can be useful for gta heist

  • Goodgame FordJayAy
    Goodgame FordJayAy 6 days ago

    if there is a gta 5 dlc heist like this it would have been awesome for gta 5 players to try

  • Meat Wagon
    Meat Wagon 6 days ago

    Buzzfeed...We were joking ,a god damn joke.

  • G Lo
    G Lo 6 days ago

    "A Man without a plan is not a Man"

  • RizkyMariant
    RizkyMariant 6 days ago +1

    he’s so smart and cute wtf

  • Mimsadoodle
    Mimsadoodle 6 days ago +3

    Next Video: *Real Plant plays Plants Vs Zombies*

  • Camden Spaz
    Camden Spaz 6 days ago

    Geez, this is why I hate homeless people.

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 6 days ago +4

    Lol he literally robbed the bank right down the street of where I live 😂

  • k y t u s
    k y t u s 7 days ago

    Who else did this mission on GTA 5

  • Sharon Tecsi
    Sharon Tecsi 7 days ago

    I saw this guy on hiho kids

  • TypicalGames TG'S
    TypicalGames TG'S 7 days ago +1

    Next architect and engeneer plays fortnite.

  • sarnith varun
    sarnith varun 7 days ago +4

    He also participated in hiho kids. kids meet a bank robber

  • A youtuber quite Small
    A youtuber quite Small 7 days ago +2

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    FEDERICO BUILES 7 days ago

    Next one would be a pro terrorist 😂

  • darkshadow 321
    darkshadow 321 8 days ago +1

    I bet he stole that ps4

  • Redzepielton 2007
    Redzepielton 2007 8 days ago

    4:43 Your welcome.

  • makeupboo
    makeupboo 8 days ago

    oh wow

  • gaming with chris
    gaming with chris 8 days ago

    1:18 if u see that it says 7/28/09 dats 8 days after I was born

  • Tj Samson
    Tj Samson 8 days ago +3

    There should be a real Mafia plays Mafia game series!

  • average Canadian
    average Canadian 8 days ago

    Meh pretty good

  • Cool Cow
    Cool Cow 9 days ago

    You should get him to play payday 2

  • team 4
    team 4 9 days ago

    He should of went to Tahiti after he did the heist 🤣😂

  • Raphael Sanft
    Raphael Sanft 10 days ago

    I want to have his genius mentality. He is the perfect example of a doer. Has an attractive wife, tries real estate, needs money, comes up with a genius plan to rob a bank. Rewind. Of course he didn't just try steal easy money, no he robs a bank. He doesn't just fall prey to some get rich quick scheme, no he walks the golden way and does real estate. This man is a hero. At least he is selling himself well.

  • zvz bvb
    zvz bvb 10 days ago

    he must be pissed at that homeless person.

  • TheOrangeDerpMachine
    TheOrangeDerpMachine 10 days ago +8


    Real ogre plays shrek super slam

  • Foxxo OwO
    Foxxo OwO 11 days ago

    Next up:
    Real goats play goat simulator!

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 11 days ago

    Real Shark plays Hungry Shark evo

  • jecksan
    jecksan 11 days ago +1

    Why tf didn't they let him play Payday 2 instead?

  • Sultana Begum
    Sultana Begum 11 days ago

    Nice vid

  • Alyssa's Dome
    Alyssa's Dome 11 days ago

    He is so cute

  • ᴡɪᴅᴏᴇ
    ᴡɪᴅᴏᴇ 11 days ago +2

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  • ArcticFox 13
    ArcticFox 13 12 days ago

    Please do real ISIS member plays csgo

  • RangelArts
    RangelArts 12 days ago

    Real gay guy play the ballad of gay tony

  • Cameron Muise
    Cameron Muise 12 days ago

    He seems friendly for a guy who used to rob banks

  • Hey bro
    Hey bro 12 days ago

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  • Some Puerto rican guy
    Some Puerto rican guy 12 days ago

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  • Joriz Dominese
    Joriz Dominese 12 days ago +1

    Should play PAYDAY 2

  • Clockwerk Clockwerk
    Clockwerk Clockwerk 12 days ago

    Real God played spieces

  • johnny english
    johnny english 12 days ago

    the funny thing is he got caught by a hobo

  • Free channel
    Free channel 12 days ago


  • Scars
    Scars 12 days ago

    Feminist Plays: Feminazi The Triggering

  • Ryan Chamberlain
    Ryan Chamberlain 12 days ago

    How was he playing an Xbox 360 with a PlayStation 4 controller?

  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton 13 days ago

    He robbed a money transporter.

  • cesar munoz
    cesar munoz 13 days ago

    What would he know he did his thing by himself and the game has multiple people ,how would he know a crime would be with multiple people

  • Veronica Peralta
    Veronica Peralta 13 days ago

    He seems so sweet

  • John Sotelo
    John Sotelo 13 days ago

    What he's saying is real the two tubes he's saying is on gta v!

  • Friskachu Games
    Friskachu Games 14 days ago

    From what I can tell he's playing on a ps4 but if you pause at 9:46 at the right moment you see it says he's on an xbox 360. 🤔🤔

  • Connor Black
    Connor Black 14 days ago

    This guy robbed a truck haha

  • Noah Hernandez
    Noah Hernandez 14 days ago

    can we get a drug dealer tries to steal drugs in gta v?

  • suRealGamer
    suRealGamer 14 days ago

    Why would you Rob a bank

  • skankhunt 42
    skankhunt 42 14 days ago

    So basically he got caught by hobo Larry..... Gutted!

  • Some Anime knight
    Some Anime knight 14 days ago

    Wow this dudes amazing he planned an entire bank robbery and got caught by a homeless man

  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson 14 days ago

    Can’t believe BuzzFeed are willing to work with criminals for video views, scum

  • MattRiderHD
    MattRiderHD 14 days ago +14

    “Ill pick Christian Feltz even though this guy is a snitch” LMAO this dude is hilarious

  • rory the coconut
    rory the coconut 14 days ago

    I live in seattle and i didnt here a bout this

  • breezyendymion
    breezyendymion 14 days ago

    Real Sponge Washes Dishes

  • Joey Oshields
    Joey Oshields 14 days ago

    He did this 14 days after I was born

  • Axel Logic
    Axel Logic 14 days ago

    He never played

    But knows about cheat codes

    • Majin Muu
      Majin Muu 13 days ago

      Just because he didn't play gta v doenst mean he doesn't know cheats...old school gta had cheats

  • Marshall Frost
    Marshall Frost 14 days ago

    We really need to solve the problem of homelessness.

  • Brandee Broadfoot
    Brandee Broadfoot 15 days ago

    Funner is not a word

  • Toby Marshall
    Toby Marshall 15 days ago

    Get a real mechanic to play Car Mechanic Simulator 2019.

    • bridgxr
      bridgxr 15 days ago

      that's not really out of the ordinary but ok.

  • Joxiel Romero
    Joxiel Romero 15 days ago

    Real Person from the future plays cyberpunk 2077 😂

  • Syed Ali Haider
    Syed Ali Haider 15 days ago +1

    Ap me vedio humine bhut pasand hau thanks

  • Squeguin Quack
    Squeguin Quack 15 days ago +2

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  • James Walker
    James Walker 15 days ago

    Wasnt his robbery on the white rabbit project

  • Gabe
    Gabe 15 days ago +4

    his story low-key sounds like the gold heist in gta 5

  • 9maximuspondal0
    9maximuspondal0 15 days ago

    why do i feel this ex robber is similar to the netflix show
    Is he an ex football player and due to a single injury he lost everything? and had a debt?

  • David Padilla
    David Padilla 16 days ago

    Wow! This is a good hidden content right here. I really liked his story of overcoming. Redeeming himself with this children books. Great video.

  • pedro fioravante
    pedro fioravante 16 days ago

    Omg he’s hot

  • ILAMOSE Mezidor
    ILAMOSE Mezidor 16 days ago

    That man was homeless he thought he was going to get money snitching

  • John Doe
    John Doe 16 days ago +5

    "I was an average white collar guy, but I robbed a bank and now I wear my baseball hat backwards"

  • Leonardo Oviedo
    Leonardo Oviedo 16 days ago

    oh damn