GIANT Box Pyramid Climb!!

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
  • Edgeland | Dangerous GIANT Board Game!! ➡ To Team Edge! ➡
    Hey guys! How high should we make the next box pyramid? What other ingredients should we blend up next time? Let us know down below! Check out Which Wall Can I Ride Through?
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  • Team Edge
    Team Edge  Year ago +801

    Hey guys! What was your favorite part of the giant pyramid? Do you have any ideas of what we can blend up next time? Let us know down below! Check out the GIANT Pie In The Face!!

  • Kezia Webber
    Kezia Webber 2 days ago

    10:58 Bobby so deserved that win 😂

  • Jackp 23
    Jackp 23 4 days ago

    I like Bobby’s Hume Lake bracelet

  • Crispy Nachos27
    Crispy Nachos27 4 days ago

    0:45 *uses voice* DOUBLE KILL!

  • Connor Rick
    Connor Rick 4 days ago

    Joey: Eww it’s on my finger
    Me:But it was in Bobby’s mouth.

  • Don't waste your time reading this

    I did the hole thing with my 2 bff's and my time was of
    Br: 8 sec
    J-: 5 sec
    Bo: sadly it was 2 tuna, ice cream, garlic, warhead, chocolate (hersheys

  • Macey Lewis
    Macey Lewis 7 days ago

    Brian is my favorite

  • Roger Espinoza
    Roger Espinoza 8 days ago

    Bobby looks like lesion from rainbow six siege

  • Emma Wahlund
    Emma Wahlund 13 days ago

    J-Fred is soooooo my fav

  • JanzenieX_X
    JanzenieX_X 15 days ago

    ya'll should play spoons but with boxes

  • Shane Lamer
    Shane Lamer 16 days ago

    How many boxes did you use? Like if you asked the same question.

  • Dustin Chappel
    Dustin Chappel 21 day ago

    l subscribe and l Love you

  • Dustin Chappel
    Dustin Chappel 21 day ago


  • Joseph Posadas Guzman
    Joseph Posadas Guzman 23 days ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • Chris Ong
    Chris Ong 23 days ago

    Is j Fred Ssj2 vegeta?

  • Nikolas Rustad
    Nikolas Rustad 24 days ago

    This is good

  • Jordey Gore
    Jordey Gore 24 days ago

    Bryan panic dab at 4:03 lmao

  • Isabella Rostro
    Isabella Rostro 26 days ago

    How come Matt is it on any team at videos anymore

  • kmjm2022
    kmjm2022 26 days ago

    Bob is my favorite

  • N Lorenzo
    N Lorenzo 27 days ago

    Bobby is my favorite

  • Kenny Brown
    Kenny Brown 28 days ago

    You need to make your video more longer and better and funner so we can see you more and we love you.

  • Krista McBride
    Krista McBride 29 days ago

    I would not be able to that.

  • Ezic
    Ezic Month ago

    Mnt Everest:Im so tall!
    Box mount:Chump
    Mnt Everest has left the chat...

  • ARMSonicCL15
    ARMSonicCL15 Month ago

    No matter what happens, Bryan never get the trophy XD

  • Shannon Meehan
    Shannon Meehan Month ago

    Bobby's the best

  • zharifa ibrahim
    zharifa ibrahim Month ago

    how light is Jfred to climb boxes and not break them ???

  • Brandt Winther
    Brandt Winther Month ago

    I hope they recycled those boxes!!

  • Shawn McDonough
    Shawn McDonough Month ago +1

    Hey isn’t that the trophy that Matt holds in the intro!!!🤔

  • Nelsonba Win
    Nelsonba Win Month ago

    Bryan's Karma strikes back. 😂😂😂

  • Jen Walsh
    Jen Walsh Month ago

    How many times did they go to home depot?

  • isaiah man123
    isaiah man123 Month ago

    did j fred just go super saiyan at the begining

  • Katie Hills
    Katie Hills Month ago

    Joey and bobby are my favourite

  • Cat Heart
    Cat Heart Month ago

    Im a kid and my favorite is Joey

  • Wyatt Hagenbeck
    Wyatt Hagenbeck Month ago

    You should make a rap song using only the sounds Bryan has made in these videos

  • Alliboo 608
    Alliboo 608 Month ago

    when bobby toke the trophy away from J-Fred and bobby won i got so triggered

  • ganga basdeo
    ganga basdeo Month ago +2

    bobby cheated

  • ganga basdeo
    ganga basdeo Month ago +3

    as soon as j fed falls eveyone gets into the boxes

  • Joshua Avila
    Joshua Avila Month ago


  • Create With Yma
    Create With Yma Month ago +1

    *NEGATIVE* points 🙄 not minus points

  • GibbyDD Keller
    GibbyDD Keller Month ago

    Barbie licious is my favorite

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee Month ago

    Who else here likes sardines with tomato sauce?????

  • Matthew Staniszewski

    I am the kid of this man and this was on my birthday

  • Loco Boy gamer
    Loco Boy gamer Month ago +1

    At 1:10 jfred try’s to kick Bryan in the crotch

  • Román A Sierra
    Román A Sierra Month ago +1

    The order of my favorites 1 Bobby 2 j fred 3 Brien

  • veronicaolvera1294
    veronicaolvera1294 Month ago +1


  • Kim Reza
    Kim Reza Month ago +1

    This video is sponsored by Home Depot

  • Kristyn Mauzy
    Kristyn Mauzy Month ago

    Props to them for making those box towers because it was so big and they worked so hard on it and then have it destroyed like that would take like 30 or more min to make it and they did that like 5 times just for us to enjoy I really appreciate it

  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 2 months ago

    This is why kids and cats play with the boxes instead of the toys.

  • Jeff Della Rosa
    Jeff Della Rosa 2 months ago

    My fav part was when brain throw the box on boby and fell. 😆

  • ChromeCxnnon- Fortnite
    ChromeCxnnon- Fortnite 2 months ago

    Bobby 🎢🥔💚😀🧐😟🥳🥰😘😛🥳🤨🥳😟😤😭

  • superzilla 1234
    superzilla 1234 2 months ago

    Bobby is my favorite

  • Ava jordan
    Ava jordan 2 months ago

    I love box videos! Its so funny!

  • Maxoid Gaming
    Maxoid Gaming 2 months ago +1

    You should do something like this again, except tunnel into the pyramid instead of climbing it.

  • JOSH 007
    JOSH 007 2 months ago +3

    J Fred and Brian is my favourite

  • Ant Green
    Ant Green 2 months ago

    Who had to suffer and put together and tape the boxes

  • Noodle Soup
    Noodle Soup 2 months ago

    i didnt know brain had kids

  • Alex Quinn
    Alex Quinn 2 months ago

    0:40 dbz reference

  • Mia And Makenzi
    Mia And Makenzi 2 months ago

    My favorite is jfred

  • Landon Peters
    Landon Peters 2 months ago

    when bobby is about to win bryan be all like "NOPE"

  • Lil' J
    Lil' J 2 months ago

    Luv u Bobby your my favorite 😊😊

  • William Bergman
    William Bergman 2 months ago

    Bryan is my favorite

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 2 months ago

    Who is watching in2019

  • Mayoran Govender
    Mayoran Govender 2 months ago +6

    Those 991 dislikes are from people who can't afford boxes😂😭😂

  • Mayoran Govender
    Mayoran Govender 2 months ago +2

    Bryan:{saw what happened and says} Did he just fall

  • Le Gars D'11 Ans
    Le Gars D'11 Ans 2 months ago

    Bobby is my favorite

  • DEADman Gaming
    DEADman Gaming 2 months ago

    J-Jokes aren't even jokes anymore... lol

  • wizard maker 44 Akers
    wizard maker 44 Akers 2 months ago

    Bobby is my favorite

  • Donzy
    Donzy 2 months ago

    tencticlly j fred didnt win. when he had the trophy he was on a box and he placed the trophy on the floor but he was on the box, the rule was that he had to be on the grass [floor] with the trophy.

  • Infinity Henry
    Infinity Henry 2 months ago

    3:43 oml J-Fred wth he's so cute 😂😂😂
    2019 anyone...?

  • Sidney Black
    Sidney Black 2 months ago

    Exactly how many boxes does Team Edge go through?

  • Lynda Berstler
    Lynda Berstler 2 months ago

    You spent so much time on this then distorted it😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nick Blake
    Nick Blake 2 months ago

    i laughed so hard when j-fred poked the holes in the box, went super sayn, and played vagitas super sayn theme.

  • Diana Alvarado
    Diana Alvarado 2 months ago

    i love this video because bobby is drinking the drink for us.

  • Daisy Eve
    Daisy Eve 2 months ago

    My favourite is j- Fred

  • Fionn Thelen
    Fionn Thelen 2 months ago

    Sponsored by home depot

  • Zoe Kimble
    Zoe Kimble 2 months ago

    Love Bryan I am 8

  • Shaun Brooks
    Shaun Brooks 2 months ago

    U should meet up with buds oerfect

  • Chris Bratten
    Chris Bratten 2 months ago +1

    Cool j Fred good gay

  • Ambernator - gaming geek

    I honestly think during the box climb portion of this video that D.K had more fun then the guys because he was just laughing at them when they were falling and was smiling the entire time of that segment
    Love you guys keep up the great work

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Bryan is my favorite

  • Jordana Lane
    Jordana Lane 2 months ago

    I love bobbylichous and I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!

    • Jordana Lane
      Jordana Lane 2 months ago

      There is not supposed to be a h right before the o

  • Madalyn Adams
    Madalyn Adams 2 months ago

    Bobby's my favorite

  • Greninjify
    Greninjify 2 months ago

    Bobby is my favourite

  • PopularCrabs101 Ye
    PopularCrabs101 Ye 2 months ago

    J-Fred is da best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The DiamondTrident
    The DiamondTrident 2 months ago

    3:43 jfred shows pure happiness

  • Mr Bazick
    Mr Bazick 2 months ago

    What was Joey digging around in his pocket for at 6:10?

  • Catherine Sarmiento
    Catherine Sarmiento 2 months ago

    j fred is my favorite

  • Catherine Sarmiento
    Catherine Sarmiento 2 months ago +1

    1:09 slogamon entro

  • Lil Glue stick
    Lil Glue stick 2 months ago

    Matt won the edge games then dipped

  • supapron thana
    supapron thana 2 months ago

    I hate you guys just kiding

  • Mason Walsh
    Mason Walsh 2 months ago

    J-Fred won that challenge they cheated

  • Caleb Espenshade
    Caleb Espenshade 2 months ago

    For the pyramid, I would've secretly put a trophy In the middle, under the boxes, and if i was trying to get the trophy, I would charge through it under it, so the trophy falls on me, and im already touching the ground.

  • Marko Milosev
    Marko Milosev 2 months ago

    this is how home depot ran out of boxes

  • Aaron Otron
    Aaron Otron 2 months ago

    J-Fred is probably my 2nd favorite Bobby is 1st

  • G Cento
    G Cento 2 months ago

    bath and bobby works

  • PikaBOO Arun moon
    PikaBOO Arun moon 2 months ago

    Bryan is not respecter

  • The Person Of People
    The Person Of People 2 months ago

    keep clicking 6:29

  • Wholesome Bread
    Wholesome Bread 2 months ago

    This was from almost a year ago why am i here?

  • Esra Beyaz
    Esra Beyaz 2 months ago

    Bobby is my favorite