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Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Video)

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Video)
    Directed by Bruno Mars and Florent Dechard
    Choreography by Tanisha Scott, Phil Tayag and Bruno Mars
    Creative Consultant - Phil Tayag
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  • Kriscia Kalivala
    Kriscia Kalivala 21 minute ago


  • David Chavez
    David Chavez 33 minutes ago

    “My pussys horchata”

  • Tech Dude
    Tech Dude Hour ago +1

    1:59 - 2:15 his movies are oddly satisfying 🔥🔥

  • Vay A
    Vay A Hour ago

    My friend dared me not to sing and I failed omg lafmo

  • luci plays evrything
    luci plays evrything 2 hours ago

    SHIP IT :))))))

  • Mike Watson
    Mike Watson 2 hours ago +1


  • International Play_hoe

    I wish that they could be together tbh They looks so good together like PleEEaSeee

  • Arahouse tt
    Arahouse tt 3 hours ago

    The chemistry here is fire....

  • Lil Sims
    Lil Sims 3 hours ago +1

    Offset. What you mean I got left off please me

    MARIA JARA 3 hours ago

    I love this song but if you didn't know
    Cardi B is NOT dating him she is just ACTING but she is dating someone ELSE and she has a kid so she is just ACTING not DATING him ,because l am a fan of cardi b so please dont guess she is dating him l begging you☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

  • Michelle Tavares
    Michelle Tavares 3 hours ago

    I Love this music

  • private acc:
    private acc: 4 hours ago

    offset who ?

  • Rockstar Guy
    Rockstar Guy 4 hours ago

    They make great couple

  • meachie47jw
    meachie47jw 5 hours ago

    just love this vidoe

  • F a n t a s i a
    F a n t a s i a 5 hours ago +1

    please me by giving a like ;)

  • Mujahid Md
    Mujahid Md 5 hours ago +1

    Why she is trying to sing & Act like NICKI MINAJ, The Copy-Catiness doesn't suits you Cardio B.

    • Mujahid Md
      Mujahid Md 5 hours ago

      @minnie and my Listen to Nicki Minaj songs.... She's copy her way of singing style.

    • minnie and my
      minnie and my 5 hours ago

      How is she copying?

  • Rockstar Guy
    Rockstar Guy 5 hours ago +1

    😫🙏🙏💓 me

  • Julian Gomez
    Julian Gomez 5 hours ago

    Bruno tanto que te admiraba...

  • SoulPlane73
    SoulPlane73 6 hours ago +1

    Song is trash

  • Aariel Hickey
    Aariel Hickey 6 hours ago +1

    Ew Bruno Mars like cardi b

  • Zaiah
    Zaiah 6 hours ago

    Favorite part is when Bruno Mars and his crew do their dance🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽

  • Lucas P
    Lucas P 6 hours ago

    Bruno is just so fun I love it to see him playing this "player guy" while I actually forget that he's as big as some 12yo 😂
    Great song anyways

  • E.J. Kollie
    E.J. Kollie 6 hours ago

    Hey 👋everyone, I’m a singer & songwriter from Liberia🇱🇷 I’m just trying to share my music with the world🌍 hoping that with it I’ll be able to take care of my family & help others. If you could kindly go listen to my music on my channel and give your opinion in the comments it’ll mean the world to me to improve. Thank you very much

  • Calvin Hopper
    Calvin Hopper 6 hours ago

    Hey Bruno Mars Please Me is my 1st favorite out of all of your other songs

  • Pretty Smart
    Pretty Smart 6 hours ago

    🔥 Sauce

  • Lucy Aparicio
    Lucy Aparicio 7 hours ago +1

    Who else thinks they’re dating

  • Rajveer Dhah
    Rajveer Dhah 7 hours ago +1

    Song is better without rap

  • kelvin arasa
    kelvin arasa 7 hours ago +1

    2050 ??

  • Ma.
    Ma. 8 hours ago

    2:27, did she say *basura*? Is that what I think it is?. 😂

  • PopArtPaul
    PopArtPaul 8 hours ago

    What a bunch of crap this is. She has NO skillz

  • LiL CaIØ
    LiL CaIØ 8 hours ago

    que cara gado e que mina feia

  • Gabriel Faria
    Gabriel Faria 8 hours ago +1

    Gostei muito do cabelo do Bruno Mars

  • jack rees
    jack rees 8 hours ago


  • trxpzyy
    trxpzyy 8 hours ago

    bro Offset finna be on Bruno ass lmao

  • Eiana Clark
    Eiana Clark 9 hours ago

    Cd f d s Sb ghebevegx czgavwevd dvwgsbsve we d s e c

  • Crystal Letourneau
    Crystal Letourneau 9 hours ago +1

    This has totally grown on me

  • Leonard dixon
    Leonard dixon 9 hours ago

    Cardi I love u so much

  • chelsea Nickerson
    chelsea Nickerson 9 hours ago

    I like cr

  • Jessica nogueira
    Jessica nogueira 10 hours ago

    i good mhyt l ty Sood l Ados Wtog Sytop

    SIR ROBI 10 hours ago

    cardy b was my x now i feel like .....please me ...

  • Kizzi Morris
    Kizzi Morris 11 hours ago +1

    This nasty bitch think every body man want her bitch your nasty ass in my house 313 a common rappers site NASTY bitch!!@@@@@@!

  • Relax Beauty
    Relax Beauty 11 hours ago

    - He said : please me.
    And I heard : Tease me 🙄

  • Yaj Laciste
    Yaj Laciste 11 hours ago +3

    Playback at 0.75

    Thank me by liking this comment 😄

  • Dreamgurl Santillan
    Dreamgurl Santillan 11 hours ago

    Cardi loves Bruno lollipop hahaha

    ATHITHYA VENUGOPAL 11 hours ago +1

    Any malayalees??

  • Nikša Antić
    Nikša Antić 12 hours ago

    You is best

  • watashi wa genki
    watashi wa genki 12 hours ago

    From the start the hole of Cardi's stocking getting bigger and bigger HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Blacks4 Trump
    Blacks4 Trump 12 hours ago

    (2:26) ?....WHAT THE FUCK

  • Lívia Vitória
    Lívia Vitória 12 hours ago

    Bom de mas !!!!

  • Jaswinder Tohra
    Jaswinder Tohra 13 hours ago +8

    Cardi - lemme hear ya say
    Bruno - PLEASE
    Cardi - lemme hear ya say
    cardi - OK YEAH I HEARD IT !

  • TTV Klokami
    TTV Klokami 13 hours ago

    When cardi has to choose between Bruno and offset in a sports game

    Bruno: *Please* *me* ;(

  • Oh Sanha
    Oh Sanha 13 hours ago


  • 김오찌
    김오찌 14 hours ago

    Just say you wanna have sex

  • wolfy fox
    wolfy fox 15 hours ago

    Child hood R.I.P

  • Smith Putra
    Smith Putra 16 hours ago


  • Malak Rhadbane
    Malak Rhadbane 16 hours ago

    BRUUUUH what about offset

  • Poor Noob
    Poor Noob 16 hours ago +13

    2010 : I'd catch a grenade for ya

    2019: Please me baby!!!

  • Kamla Lodwal
    Kamla Lodwal 17 hours ago

    This is the first time when I don't want cardi to sing and continue to listen bruno

  • SharX
    SharX 17 hours ago

    Not sure if music or porn =_=

  • mutiara anindya
    mutiara anindya 17 hours ago

    Wow good

  • Gacha WolfPup_XD
    Gacha WolfPup_XD 18 hours ago

    Me: can I use wc?
    Teacher: let me hear u say
    Me: *PLEASE*
    Teacher:LET ME HEAR U SAY

  • Gabih Pereira
    Gabih Pereira 18 hours ago

    Não Canso de ver esse vídeo, brasileira fanática 😍😍😍

  • Maryjo Zepeda
    Maryjo Zepeda 19 hours ago

    The workers ain’t stoping them

  • odiamo tutti
    odiamo tutti 19 hours ago

    0:28 That Damned Look 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nikhil Singh
    Nikhil Singh 19 hours ago +1

    Bruno mars, This man never dissapoints his fans.

  • Quimby
    Quimby 21 hour ago

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    Step 2. Search this movies: "123moviestoday" Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019
    Step 3. Enjoy!
    Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
    Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.
    We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
    If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.

  • claudia Mendiz
    claudia Mendiz 21 hour ago +1

    Se merecen un 👏👏 porque se lucieron like si es 💯❌💯 la verdad

  • Malia Toliseli
    Malia Toliseli 21 hour ago

    The way he sings "PLEASE" 🤤
    This vid is fire! Cardi you fire girl 🤤 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kk W
    Kk W 22 hours ago

    bruno and cardi would be better than cardi and offtocheat

  • Miss Jazzlived
    Miss Jazzlived 22 hours ago

    I thought I heard “Your pussy basura” at 2:27 af!!

  • Ashootie
    Ashootie 22 hours ago


  • Christopher Castaneda
    Christopher Castaneda 22 hours ago +1

    Some Mexican restaurant

  • Aoife Gonzalez
    Aoife Gonzalez 22 hours ago


  • Pretty Mangle
    Pretty Mangle 23 hours ago +12

    *I never Knew dat bruno liked Cardi...*

  • Charlotte Rainbows
    Charlotte Rainbows 23 hours ago

    back in 2010, he got rejected by some idiot (Grenade)

    CASSANDRA Askew 23 hours ago

    Got you

    CASSANDRA Askew 23 hours ago


  • Teezy Boss
    Teezy Boss 23 hours ago

    Offset go kill you Bruno u better chill out

  • Zubenathi Vamva
    Zubenathi Vamva Day ago

    0:28 ,that Daniel Craig stare treated Cardi as a most wanted villan.

  • Francis Lees
    Francis Lees Day ago +1

    Bruno Mars looks like old person but I kind of like the song except for Bruno Mars saying please me

    • Francis Lees
      Francis Lees 5 hours ago +1

      Whoever this is Bruno Mars is old

    • xiexie claw
      xiexie claw 15 hours ago

      He look 20 years younger bish go get your eyes checked.

  • lyana campbell
    lyana campbell Day ago

    perfect couple yall

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Without the slut-rap, this sounds like early 90's r'n'b

  • EL ayuwoki es mi suegra v:

    *Jesús! Bruno mars I LOVE YOU!* ❤

  • Joseilton Silva
    Joseilton Silva Day ago

    Dia 21/06 tem PA'LANTE Anitta e Luis Fonse 💥💥😍❤

  • jesus andres herrera gonzalez

    la grabacion tiene eco

  • {{Gabie Chu}}
    {{Gabie Chu}} Day ago +1

    I’ve never clicked a notification so freaking fast

  • Miss Green
    Miss Green Day ago +1

    My sister is a big fan and me we sing the whole song

  • Christian Torres
    Christian Torres Day ago +1

    0:22 when the cute girls walk into class late

  • Viviane Ribeiro
    Viviane Ribeiro Day ago +3

    Só sei amar, é uma música melhor do que a outra !!!😍😙😘😚😅☺😃😄

  • trevon clippercutstre

    This is tash this. Doo D

  • Maxwell Van Dusen
    Maxwell Van Dusen Day ago +1

    you guys are so cute together

  • Marie Hughes
    Marie Hughes Day ago

    Love me some Bruno Mars😍 the song itself is everything

  • Henrietta Mireku
    Henrietta Mireku Day ago +1

    Bruno : PLEASE ME BABY !!!
    Cardi : (Twerking on Bruno)
    Offset : (Gets MAD and rips Bruno's stache OFF !!)

  • EllyLovesYou11
    EllyLovesYou11 Day ago

    Can you guys always do music... damn!

  • Alonso Almanza
    Alonso Almanza Day ago +1

    He did everything he could to fix the things that he did

  • Alonso Almanza
    Alonso Almanza Day ago

    Screw you cardi xxx is better

  • Biswajit Roy
    Biswajit Roy Day ago

    Who else is scrolling down and reading comments while listening 😁😁?

  • Tacz FN
    Tacz FN Day ago +7

    Bruno Mars
    *Joined The Chat*
    *Left The Chat*

  • Gaming with Haylen Main

    When I first heard this song:Ok

  • slim fatty
    slim fatty Day ago