This Camera Costs HOW MUCH?! - 8K RED Weapon Unboxing, HOLY $H!T Ep. 17

  • Published on May 2, 2017
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    We just spent an astronomical amount of money on some RED cameras. Watch Linus flip out as he figures out just how much they actually cost...
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Comments • 19 936

  • Red Light
    Red Light 2 years ago +43380

    When a camera cost more than your car, PC and all your furniture combined and doesn't come with a battery.

    • Supreme Leader
      Supreme Leader 9 hours ago


    • Fatuous: Innovator of Sadness
      Fatuous: Innovator of Sadness Day ago

      When you're profession raw footage editing GPU costs more than your gaming PC but it doesn't come with a motherboard

    • Scott Carter
      Scott Carter 8 days ago

      Maybe you need better home furnishings and transportation.

    • laura jeske
      laura jeske 9 days ago

      That's funny I wonder what kind of car you drive because that camera definitely does not cost more than my car

    • YOSHI43 Official
      YOSHI43 Official 25 days ago

      having Linus changing tor RED more than 4 Tesla model 3 performance cars

  • Jak Tucker
    Jak Tucker 2 hours ago

    Did someone force you to spend that money?

  • Pineey
    Pineey 2 hours ago

    can someone please count how many times he has privilege

  • Jake Martin
    Jake Martin 2 hours ago

    Fine wine

  • Sukhpal Sandhu
    Sukhpal Sandhu 3 hours ago

    Linus, this is like being married. How much is that f**ing purse. SMH. Carries on with life. Defeated and powerless. LOL

  • JK Asturias
    JK Asturias 4 hours ago

    Anyone here just came from the red mini mag video?

  • Y. Shaked
    Y. Shaked 5 hours ago

    If you had your own workshop you might not need to pay $1000 for a handle. Oh wait.... hello 2019!

  • Jé K.
    Jé K. 7 hours ago

    i like how linus is ok at the beggining and a minute later hes hella mad!

  • Kilroy was Here
    Kilroy was Here 7 hours ago

    Apple: our computers will make you go bankrupt
    Red: laughs maniacally

  • Angelo Teran
    Angelo Teran 8 hours ago

    so at the end apple stand is cheaper than 4 red lcd cable connectors

  • vid milkovic
    vid milkovic 8 hours ago

    LOL you could be driving a REALLY nice S class almost a Maybach

  • Ben Helweg
    Ben Helweg 10 hours ago +3

    All the more funny now that we know the minimags and redmags are just budget consumer mSATA SSDs in a fancy caddy.

    • Baba roga
      Baba roga 4 hours ago

      And WHY DID HE BUY the f*****g thing?? I dont get it at all...

    • SteelSkin667
      SteelSkin667 5 hours ago

      He already knew it at the time.

    • Supreme Leader
      Supreme Leader 9 hours ago

      lol true . utter garbage

  • Master Julez
    Master Julez 14 hours ago +6

    Here pre LMG losing their shit regarding the mini mags. History about to be made.

  • TheJPomp
    TheJPomp 18 hours ago

    Corridor Crew demolished Linus's little freakout. Stick to relevant hardware, bud.

    • NicksYo
      NicksYo 16 hours ago +1

      Too bad, corridor just got cucked.

  • TechGoggles
    TechGoggles 18 hours ago +1


  • אלון אנג'ל Allen Angel

    Just use Blackmagic design pocket Cinema 4k camera this is a great Gala it does half of the Red without any problem and its costs about the same cost as the screen that you just hold which all the accessories and everything that you need it costs like a like a DSLR like a mid-range DSLR and you don't need to sell a kidney to get this camera the cinema pocket 4k camera I think it's been talked enough

  • Vishwajeet Deshmukh

    Idk why but i feel like punching the manufacturers for sucking the money out of the fucking universe!!

    • NicksYo
      NicksYo 16 hours ago

      You'll feel worse when you find out red is scamming people.

  • xGaslightx
    xGaslightx Day ago

    I feel my wallet dying, and I haven’t spent anything

  • MRCRACKER cracker

    Buys a camera gets box

  • James Stacey
    James Stacey Day ago +1

    why in the 2yrs this video has been up no one has said anything about all the spit coming out of his mouth @10:58

  • Toby wallage
    Toby wallage Day ago

    It’s like they went to Apple and forced them to pay to hold their beer.

  • 5520211
    5520211 Day ago

    it is about who can sell you crap more expensive

  • Habibul Rahman Qalbi

    Linus, what did you think about this video from jinnitech?
    Do you think that The RED Mini Mag is Overpriced?

  • Shane Hugaboom
    Shane Hugaboom Day ago

    I could listen to Linus curse all day and it will never get old.

  • MaxFPS
    MaxFPS 2 days ago

    Linus, in this case you f***ed up. That camera is for cinematic shots, hence, movies. It's made for shots that cost a lot more than the camera itself, not for product reviews or pc building videos. In this case, just stop thinking inside of the IT world box and move to the movie filming world 'cos buddy you're just seeing it from the wrong perspective. When shit CANNOT go wrong, you need hardware that has to be flawless and capture every f***ing single detail you possibly can at zero loss.

    • Marek Istok
      Marek Istok 12 hours ago +1

      1st off: RED is a scam.. but some justification for their decision:
      You know that these channels run a company of over 20 (I think, idk the exact number)... so this camera makes enough money to support that.
      Also, they use this camera for actual commercial shoots that they occasionally do.

      But still.. RED Mags are so stupid..

  • D. Reyna
    D. Reyna 2 days ago +1

    Why does people love to give these kind of companies their money!?!?!

    • Daze
      Daze Day ago +1

      @The Emperor Protects Watch the video from JinniTech. They exposed Red's storage modules are nothing but a simple mSATA. They are about to be sued.

    • D. Reyna
      D. Reyna 2 days ago

      @The Emperor Protects Oh I understand! Im not talking about professionals and filmmakers. I understand that part

    • The Emperor Protects
      The Emperor Protects 2 days ago

      It's because these cameras are made specifically for high end use, like Hollywood type shit. They aren't for someone who just wants to make USclip videos, they're for someone who wants to get the best quality they can. They even insure the data storage so that if something ever happens they will go through and fine ever bit of footage so it's not lost. This is the kind of camera you use when you're getting shots forth millions of dollars, and can't risk any of it being bad. It's the quality+niche+cost+time and effort it takes to make one of these by hand in the US that makes it cost so much.

  • D. Reyna
    D. Reyna 2 days ago


  • Woodrow Barry
    Woodrow Barry 2 days ago +1

    Now i know which is the worst company ever.. RED.. a handle for 950 usd.. . hahhahah .

  • Woodrow Barry
    Woodrow Barry 2 days ago

    what the ef,, that cable costs a lot.. is it made of fiber already with titanium plastic all around as insulation?

  • Bro Ponleu
    Bro Ponleu 2 days ago

    I want it Bro😍😍

  • Hady f
    Hady f 2 days ago +2

  • bavly azer
    bavly azer 3 days ago +3

    And here we are making fun of 1000 dollar stands

  • George Nieuwoudt
    George Nieuwoudt 3 days ago +1

    Why LinusTechTips is Wrong -

    • Defkon meow
      Defkon meow Day ago +2

      Why he is not wrong.

  • Matteo Comensoli
    Matteo Comensoli 3 days ago +7

    LINUS i discovered that the Red mini-mag SSD Is a SCAM! Please chech the video of Jinni . Tech at and make a video about that ! How it'even possible that nobody have notice this before!?!?

  • Method Media
    Method Media 3 days ago

    I understand that your sole purpose on USclip is to be a little bitch-boy for views, so here’s one more for you just so I can leave this comment. Your misinformation on things like this, and most of the things you talk about on your garbage channel are being scrutinized by someone (you) who is in no way qualified let alone educated in the field in anyway. People who watch your channel should take caution and understand that you’re here to act like a little douche for views. Tell me I’m wrong.

    • Daze
      Daze Day ago

      Well you are the one thats uneducated. Check the video from JinniTech. He exposes Red's mini mag are nothing but mSATA. If they do this for storage then sure they do that for all other accessories.

  • Tapuban Gogoi
    Tapuban Gogoi 3 days ago +2

    And iam watching this video in 240 p to save data. 😂

    TWIN BILL 3 days ago +1

    Apple: lets bankrupt this a-holes!
    Red: hold my cable B)

  • Timuçin Leflef
    Timuçin Leflef 3 days ago +1

    RED crack me up with their rehoused consumer SSDs. Jinni. Tech goes into detail here:

  • diamond aircraft
    diamond aircraft 3 days ago

    Apple take note

  • A_Man H
    A_Man H 3 days ago +1

    When your camera cost more then your shot u want a gud camera

  • Michał Bobrowski
    Michał Bobrowski 3 days ago

  • Brent
    Brent 3 days ago +1

    People are mad about how much this all costs but he is completely wrong
    This is an 8k camera they used it for movies like the hobbit this is a Hollywood camera, its not your standard camera that’s why it costs so much.

    • Snake 123
      Snake 123 2 days ago

      ReNeyer also this vid is out dated . pLeAsE gEt HeLp

    • Snake 123
      Snake 123 2 days ago

      ReNeyer at least they don’t yell like a in bred like Linus did

    • ReNeyer
      ReNeyer 2 days ago +1

      @Snake 123 You mean the ONE YEAR OLD Video from Corridor Digital? The biggest fanbois of Red I've ever seen? Yeah sure, lets be an idiot and reference OUTDATED and BIASED information. Please get help.

    • 0testacc111
      0testacc111 2 days ago

      @Snake 123 Corridor Video is bullshit. What say are saying is just nonsense. The SSDs RED is using are one of the most cheap on the market. Even worse than the SSD in actual cheap supermarket computer. A lot of people complain about errors with the devices - Linus also did i guess.

    • Snake 123
      Snake 123 2 days ago

      ReNeyer go watch corridor video before you embarrass yourself

  • Oun Srey
    Oun Srey 3 days ago

    F u red

  • Frederri
    Frederri 4 days ago +1

    Ceo of RED: ladies and gentalmen we got em

  • Hector Preston
    Hector Preston 4 days ago

    Oh and if your complaining about the price why the fuck did you buy it 🤣😂🤣 fucking twat

  • Hector Preston
    Hector Preston 4 days ago

    Trash just like your followers 😂🤣😂

  • GamePro SK
    GamePro SK 4 days ago

    Is that weird lagging on my side or... Because other viedeos works stable with no lag at all

  • Gan X
    Gan X 4 days ago

    R3D is the Camera version of Apple...
    Anybody here in 2019?

    • Snake 123
      Snake 123 3 days ago

      I don’t see just anybody using a red camera. It’s for movie makers not just so stupid web show

  • iceflare
    iceflare 4 days ago +1

    I enjoy hearing Linus mildly infuriated and ranting about things like this 😂

  • Xx_R34P3R. XOD3_xX
    Xx_R34P3R. XOD3_xX 4 days ago +1

    Sounds like Ea had a part in this

  • dog987us
    dog987us 4 days ago +1

    Jesus fucking christ!!! FUCK red!!! Let me charge you tens of thousands for what should be stock and oh yeah deal with our bull shit file system. What the fuck. I'm pissed and I didn't even buy the fucking thing.

    • dog987us
      dog987us 2 days ago

      A d just to let everyone know. I'm religious. To say Tha, that's never really happened before. I didn't buy it but I still feel sodomized.

  • Hiranmoy Ghosh
    Hiranmoy Ghosh 4 days ago

    I never seen linus so confident

  • Amadeus Kurisu
    Amadeus Kurisu 4 days ago

    Oh hey look what i found for even less then the 2700$ you mentioned and remember thats US this is in NZD

    75 Inch 4K and remember that is one of the largest TV's you can find in this country almost nothing gets bigger then it

  • Τάσος Μερκούρης

    Best video ever on youtube!!!

  • k1ngs4ndm
    k1ngs4ndm 5 days ago

    Privilege, that's all I have to say

  • k0ppit
    k0ppit 5 days ago

    Angry Linus is entertaining

  • Deron Tanzil
    Deron Tanzil 5 days ago

    Hmm 1500 for the battery and you have to buy it each hmm this kinda reminds me of somwthing called ea

  • Owais Ansari
    Owais Ansari 5 days ago

    he looks really hurt...... seems like Red robbed him 😂

  • MichaelRMO
    MichaelRMO 5 days ago

    2017 - Why should I pay a 1000 dollars for a handle?
    2019 - Apple introduced monitor without a stand. Stand costs 1000 dollars

  • Dexter Estacion
    Dexter Estacion 6 days ago +1

    RED Handle:$950 handle

    Apple Monitor Stand:$999

  • Carter 92103
    Carter 92103 6 days ago +1

    Red is the new apple.

  • Spiritof Mylaise
    Spiritof Mylaise 6 days ago +1

    apple : i can make my consumers pay a lot of money for shaped metal
    RED : hold my lense

  • Dan Bobet
    Dan Bobet 6 days ago

    I searched up “Linus red rage” this video came up.

  • Michael van der Schyff

    New RED Camera, brought to you by Apple

  • Anym
    Anym 6 days ago +2

    man, and we get mad at Apple for charging $1000 for a monitor stand. these knobheads charge $1500 for a couple of batteries and charger

    • Asnickel
      Asnickel 4 days ago

      Anym i think because only production houses use this cameras. So to turn a profit gotta make them expensive. The studio will definitely be paying.

  • Hari Srinivasan
    Hari Srinivasan 6 days ago

    Apple: we made a thousand dollar stand.
    people: we hate it. it is shit!
    red: starts sweating.

  • Trivia Aficionado
    Trivia Aficionado 7 days ago

    It's salty and spicy Linus!! lol

  • maro
    maro 7 days ago

    That's fuckin apple on crack

  • Jeppe77
    Jeppe77 7 days ago +10

    I just bought a motorcycle for the same price as that dinky ass monitor cable

    • Torbjørn Sørli
      Torbjørn Sørli 9 hours ago

      @Snake 123 If their storage media and adapters are anything to go by, that cable is made somewhere in Asia with consumer-grade parts, and they just applied the braiding in the US.

    • Snake 123
      Snake 123 3 days ago

      You get that that is a handcrafted cable made in America and also other shit that makes it a high end cable

  • Rundik
    Rundik 7 days ago

    If you don't like it, don't buy it