Pro-Gun Vs. Anti-Gun: Is There Middle Ground?

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
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Comments • 27 213

  • Lhenns
    Lhenns 4 hours ago +1

    People who use guns are straight up pussy, you are literally depending on a metal device that shoots to get your point across rather then depending on your physical abilities. Put the guns down and throw hands or feet or whatever kind of combat technique you like
    But wether i like it or not the world is rotten, we live in a society where people doing cruel things are something to brag about

  • Sham SJ
    Sham SJ 7 hours ago +1

    Whether you are pro-gun or anti-gun, if you believe there needs to be sensible gun reform legislation put in place you have to power to help make that a reality!! Mitch McConnell and many of the Republican Senators running the Senate, who are lap dogs for the NRA, are up for re-election in 2020...

  • Ray Scanlan
    Ray Scanlan 11 hours ago

    It’s not about taking away the guns it’s more about making less people wanna shoot eachother

  • Official Maryam
    Official Maryam 11 hours ago


  • Kim Jong-il
    Kim Jong-il 23 hours ago

    5:18 that is not true

  • Kim Jong-il
    Kim Jong-il 23 hours ago

    Its like if everyone had a milion dollars nobody would have a miliond dollars, ist the same whit guns

  • 7.16v
    7.16v Day ago

    You need to do All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter

  • BottleofFaygo 500

    Nooooooo shooting guns safely and responsibly at a gun range is fun

  • James Tapp
    James Tapp Day ago +1

    None of the anti gun people have been in mortal danger, go figure.

  • Dluen Mogstar
    Dluen Mogstar Day ago +1

    My belief is that weapons are here it is a technological advancement like vehicles and computers. An advancement that isn't always respected as it should be like every other piece of technology. I hold my firm belief that any piece of technology should be treated with ample respect. The way to respect an item is not banning it from the general public. I don't have the answers. I just know that I don't want my rights taken, or taken for granted

  • Brass Brook
    Brass Brook Day ago

    Lol where can i buy a gun without a background check. Please get educated individuals.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith Day ago +1

      Any gun show in 38 states where private sellers are

  • Kevin Napier
    Kevin Napier Day ago

    I like the idea of my gun to protect from the government.

  • joel
    joel Day ago

    We're just going to ignore that no one disagreed when she brought up the gun show loop hole. Yeah they can do that but it's illegal. You have to have a background check and fill out a for to transfer the firearm. Not very pro-gun people which makes me very suspicious.

    • joel
      joel 16 hours ago

      @TombWraith I did look it up. There was one Washington post article that touched on it specifically but nothing that was an actual paper on it. It appears that there's not much data on private sales and homicides by that weapon. Which makes sense because it's difficult to find that specific of information. Just link it. All sources have bias, as long as it's not some news article citing itself for the statistics.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 16 hours ago

      @joel If you want that source, then look it up. Anything I send you would not be good enough for you. Find a source you think is valid, and read up on it.

    • joel
      joel 17 hours ago

      @TombWraith yeah that's a pretty bold claim. With a little bit of research you'll find that statistics like that aren't clear. It's not easy to find a clear answer. I'd like a source of some sort. I couldn't find anything on that specific statistic.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 18 hours ago

      @joel Plenty of criminals purchase the firearm privately. Most crimes are performed with legal firearms, although perhaps not legal to the person in control of it.

    • joel
      joel 19 hours ago

      @TombWraith yes but no. Yes you don't need background checks but you do have to transfer the firearm. No criminal is going to legally purchase a firearm or anything like that.

  • Jerboa TV
    Jerboa TV Day ago

    Hey i come from Germany and we no one has a gun and our crime rate is way lower then Amerikas

    • Jerboa TV
      Jerboa TV Day ago

      Well besides the police and military

  • Connor hood
    Connor hood 2 days ago

    In Australia theres a misconception that nobody has guns, whem in REALITY, most people have guns we just dont have a gun culture surrounding them. We dont we have guns that can shoot 50 rounds a second and we dont have our guns on display. Its a much healthier relationsship with firearms and i think is the middle ground in this video

  • Lizzie McGrath
    Lizzie McGrath 2 days ago

    That guy keeps talking about a plan that he doesn’t have XD

  • ItzMarkP
    ItzMarkP 2 days ago +2

    “A simple background check can do so much”

  • Madrid Gaming
    Madrid Gaming 2 days ago

    lgbtq vs chick fil a

  • johnson4A7
    johnson4A7 2 days ago

    You can make home made guns with fairly primitive tools

  • jb664q
    jb664q 2 days ago

    As a strong 2nd amendment supporter I am disapointed in the "pro gun" cast. The anti gun side presented multiple arguments that could have been easily demonstrated to be inaccurate or false. Like the gun show loop hole myth, although no one specifically used the term "gun show loop hole" it was implied that background checks are not part of the purchasing process at a gun show. My very first pistol purchase was at a gun show in AZ and I assure you I had to fill out a federal 4473 form and was subjected to a backround check before I could proceed with a purchase.

    • jb664q
      jb664q 2 days ago

      @TombWraith I understnad where you are coming from. I should have made the distinction between dealer and private sales.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 2 days ago

      @jb664q Yes, I understand that. I just have an issue with people calling it a myth, because its not. Its just really bad nomenclature.

    • jb664q
      jb664q 2 days ago

      @TombWraith then you'd be referring to a private sale, which can take place anywhere not just at a gun show. The overwhelming majority of guns sold at gun shows are sold by licensed FFL dealers who are required to conduct background checks.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 2 days ago

      Background checks are not always part of purchasing firearms at shows. It depends on who and where. None of my guns have had a background check because it wasn't mandatory.

  • Judson Buckner
    Judson Buckner 3 days ago +1

    Both want a deterrent, just two ways of going about it.

  • Amelia Eternity
    Amelia Eternity 3 days ago

    I’m so thankful you guys have this show. It has helped me see others views and see how they think. I feel more people need to know about this show and watch it.

  • Nkechi Osuamoh
    Nkechi Osuamoh 4 days ago

    What I don’t understand is why aren’t we looking at what is CAUSING people to defend themselves? Why are people proud at the ability to have to defend themselves? Doesn’t it show that we live in a broken society?

    • Rachael Wang
      Rachael Wang 4 days ago +1

      Riiight its so weird from a non-us perspective.

  • i_am_elizabeth
    i_am_elizabeth 4 days ago

    Climate change deniers and environmentalists please

  • Eriks Kickz
    Eriks Kickz 4 days ago +1

    Here’s my opinion, I’m all for shotguns or pistols or rifles for home defense and hunting, I just think we should ban military rifles because there is no need for them

  • Jasper Knaepen
    Jasper Knaepen 4 days ago

    This may be hard hitting for people because I am not an american, but I think there is way more to it then just having guns or not. Lets just put it this way, in Europe, guns are not allowed. We haven’t had school shootings, we haven’t had massacres, etc... . That is why I am anti-gun in Europe, but I don’t know about that in the USA because it would take so long to get all those guns of it system while at the same time leaving other people vulnerable.... I am just happy I dont have to be afraid to go to school.

  • Léon Bott'ndr
    Léon Bott'ndr 4 days ago

    I do not want to live in a country where you can get shot by all the people that surrounds you because they are all carrying the tool to do so. Especially in a country with so many crazy people as in the US

  • Rence3000 PS4 gamer!

    First question sums up the usefulness of this conversation. You've brought a group of six people together and only one is open minded.

  • cjvvaliente
    cjvvaliente 5 days ago

    Your right to own a firearm is not worth more than the life of another person. Life>Right

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 4 days ago +1

      So I guess the thousands of lives saved by good people with guns don't matter huh?

  • Essa Khan
    Essa Khan 5 days ago

    None of these people gave the solution of restricting types of weapons being sold. If people wanna protect themselves or their family its all good buy a glock but they shouldnt be able to buy freaking ar-15s with bump stocks or m4s or klashnikovs. People can even buy freaking rocket launchers and high powered shotguns and sniper rifles. Pistols are enough for protection put laws to take away the rest

    • Dakka Dakka
      Dakka Dakka 3 days ago +1

      And also m4s or aks are not any more dangerous than similar firearms. Having shot traditional long guns and ar-platform firearms, its mainly a difference of weight and comfort.

    • Dakka Dakka
      Dakka Dakka 3 days ago

      I get what you're saying, but Idisagree. Firearms have many uses beyond self defense in urban environment, some use them for hunting or shoot as a hobby.

  • Cindy D
    Cindy D 5 days ago +1

    The keep mentioning laws. Well... criminals don’t care about laws.

  • Sammy River
    Sammy River 5 days ago

    With that background check at gun shows I bought most of my guns from gun shows and I got the federal background check every time.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 5 days ago

      I have never had a background check at any show, but my sales were private.

  • Liam Cherry
    Liam Cherry 5 days ago

    5:30 this chick got me mad saying they don’t do a background check

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 5 days ago

      @Liam Cherry But they don't if its a private sale.

    • Liam Cherry
      Liam Cherry 5 days ago

      TombWraith but they do when you are buying a gun and ccl

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 5 days ago

      But they don't in all cases

  • Nick Walters
    Nick Walters 5 days ago

    I love these videos, but they are in no way shape or form a consistent and uniform truth. We can throw out these blanket statements to support a claim and never provide any evidential substance. It’s fantastic that we’re beginning dialogue, but realize the importance of additional texture and subsequent reasoning for the viewer... maybe add more sources for further research? IDK! But I do really enjoy these videos.

  • Josh Flores
    Josh Flores 6 days ago +1

    Aaron WTF are you talking about you can’t make anyone do anything what makes you think you’re going to stop a shooter from getting a gun, open your eyes idiots shoot up, schools, bars, concerts, clubs and work buildings, guns are weapons and a weapon is a tool for self defense to protect us from stuff like this today

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith 6 days ago

    It is a messed upp system here is the thing, if it is legal to buy a gun but illegal to use it, if you want to take away gun violence take away the guns,

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 5 days ago

      @Linda Smith Once again, your culture, area, population, and criminal statistics are all different.

    • Linda Smith
      Linda Smith 5 days ago

      @TombWraith I live in Australia and our gun laws a very different, but we are strict on everything. You get a fine for trowing rubbish on the ground.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 5 days ago +1

      @Linda Smith There is no country that has 0 gun violence. Its just greatly reduced. Your customs, crime rates and population are all different. If you don't live in the US, you have no say in our laws.

    • Linda Smith
      Linda Smith 5 days ago

      @TombWraith i live in a country where there is no gun violence and I know NZ has changed their laws now.

  • P M
    P M 6 days ago

    Remove the 2nd amendment and its resolved

  • Patstoner
    Patstoner 6 days ago +1

    To say other countries have done it isn't a valid argument. It disregards American culture and the purpose behind the second amendment

  • Stephen Philip
    Stephen Philip 6 days ago +1

    Yea but the gun show loophole is a myth tho, sooo

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 6 days ago

      Except its not. Its just bad nomenclature.

  • I R
    I R 6 days ago +9

    There is no middle ground. You either support the basic human right to self-preservation, or you don't.

  • Carmelina Jaramillo
    Carmelina Jaramillo 7 days ago +1

    5:14 I don't know why Obama said that and its sparked fear in everyone, but you can't buy a gun, even in a gun show without a license. The seller could be tossed 20 years in jail for a pistol like that.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 6 days ago

      You don't need a license in most states. Depends on what type of gun you're buying. You may need a CCL if you wanna carry, or a handgun license to purchase a handgun.
      You don't need anything but a state ID to purchase a private firearm in most states.

  • Dueling Peaks
    Dueling Peaks 7 days ago

    That guy looks like a gay rick grimes

  • Marquis Mazyck
    Marquis Mazyck 7 days ago

    Im pro controller in hand.

  • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes

    I've been berry creek in California where guns are widely used. My friend has land there so we were checking out his land. Just strolling through the wooded village, we had practically every neighbor drawing a gun and even one neighbor firing in the air to scare us. We weren't doing anything wrong. Just walking through, Humans are more likely to abuse that power. Humans can't be trusted with that much power. Maybe only 20% of humans should be allowed to have it.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 5 days ago

      @Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes One person's opinion on a hierarchy of needs does not make it correct.
      Nothing, inherently, is a right. Its a privilege. I worked my ass off for the home that I have. Why should someone get for free what I worked for?
      You only have rights because of a government. Nothing is inherently owed to you. You work for it.

    • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes
      Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes 5 days ago +1

      @TombWraith false. If you look at psychologys maslows hierarchy of needs, security is a basic need and more important than love, family, and friends. To say basic needs is not a right is psychotic.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 5 days ago

      @Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes I disagree. You are not entitled to anything other than to be treated like a human and be protected from harm.
      Its not psychopathic (which isn't a term used anymore) to believe you should earn your keep. I empathize with people who struggle to get food and shelter. But that still isn't something that should be handed out.

    • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes
      Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes 5 days ago

      @TombWraith I disagree. It should be a human right to have food and a home. Thinking otherwise is psychopathic because the part of the brain responsible for empathy is shut off like a psychopath

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 5 days ago

      @Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes That is not a right. That is a privilege.

  • nikita hanisch
    nikita hanisch 7 days ago

    I wish you guys had more educated gun owners in this video.

  • Xiorra
    Xiorra 7 days ago

    Love how he said “ stand in the light “ but there’s a lady in a wheelchair

  • IzAwesome
    IzAwesome 7 days ago

    In Canada we don’t have these problems. . .

  • Libby Jenkins
    Libby Jenkins 7 days ago

    I don’t think we should get rid of all guns, I just think we need stronger gun control laws to stop the wrong people from getting guns and whatnot

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 6 days ago

      There are already 20,000 gun laws on the books, why aren't they doing the trick? Oh, because criminals don't follow the law.

  • txiong101
    txiong101 7 days ago +1

    Guns aren't just about stopping criminals..its first and foremost about stopping an oppressive government from fruition...ask anyone who lives in a communist oppressive government

  • Angelia Bulleri
    Angelia Bulleri 8 days ago +2

    That handshake at 9:38 was UNBEARABLY long....
    10 seconds 😮🤧

  • rylie hess
    rylie hess 8 days ago

    Just to see what happened they should bring in people who also bring up hunting?

  • Papi SpringRoll
    Papi SpringRoll 9 days ago +22

    I live in Texas sooooo

    Everbody has a fire arm

  • Ford Clark
    Ford Clark 9 days ago

    Anyone else surprised that rick grimes over there is anti-gun

  • Zazzysylvester
    Zazzysylvester 9 days ago

    Why does old dumpy looking people think they could snipe any robber/attacker coming at them? Obviously a criminal will be BETTER at using a gun. Having weapon in your house increases the danger to your family and it's sad to hear these ingrained views coming from a so called "developed" country.

  • From_ashes_to_fire
    From_ashes_to_fire 9 days ago

    I feel like a lot of people in the comments are missing the main point the anti-gun side is making:
    It's not that guns should be banned but that there should be more control around owning/purchasing a firearm.
    You can agree or disagree with that statement, but from my understanding - no one on the anti-gun side wanted to actively ban all gun ownership by civilians.

    Will stricter laws stop hardcore criminals from getting guns? Definitely not, but I think it could lead to less school shootings as well as other tragedies
    If something isn't commonly accessible it becomes a less likely means to an end.
    I'll use an example: In my country they have changed to sizing of paracetamol packages, so you can only buy a very small pack now with few pills in each (unless you have a prescription). Is this slightly inconvinient for the average Joe? Absolutely! But the amount of suicide attempts by paracetamol has drastically decreased (very likely due to this interference)
    Could people over time stock up paracetamol tablets to commit suicide? Definitly. But it would take planning and determination way in advance - like if stricter gun laws were in place. People could still get the gun but it would take more time and effort, and the "initiative" might wear of (as well as obviously preventing people who shouldn't be able to own a gun from getting their hands on one, but I feel like that point is fairly obvious)

    • From_ashes_to_fire
      From_ashes_to_fire 6 days ago

      @dave ray Is guns being legal and easily obtainable something new in the US? Because that is not the impression I have? If that is the case then sure, it is a less valid point. Also, there isn't a lot of data that I can find, but the data I have found show an increase in gun related deaths?

    • dave ray
      dave ray 6 days ago

      I could see that being a more valid point if school shooting rates had gone up over the last decade or two. Realistically, the percentage of school shootings hasn’t really changed. Mainstream media however reports every one that takes place now. Gives it the effect of being more prevalent when it’s really not.

    HIROSET 9 days ago +2

    best line in this whole video: society needs to learn to speak

  • rossi milanova
    rossi milanova 10 days ago

    i live in Australia where there are gun laws. you never know what a person may be capable with or without a fire weapon but I must say I definitely feel safer in a place where I know that a large majority of the population don’t have the ability to shoot me right then and there. Australia has strict laws set in place when it comes to guns which tbh is the reason why we are considered one of the safest countries in the world. so yes change can happen and I also believe there will be a lesser need to protect yourself if there is a smaller chance of you being in danger in the first place.

  • clyler
    clyler 10 days ago

    1:03 dude looks like mark ruffalo

  • jmarc 18
    jmarc 18 10 days ago +1

    Ok but do you know that guns save over 3 million lives according so some research

  • Divyanshu Singh
    Divyanshu Singh 11 days ago

    You didn’t show the anti gun side on 2nd question.

  • Felix Hernandez
    Felix Hernandez 11 days ago +2

    The gun has been it's our right to see it as a resource to the people...the vehicle ...train..have nearly the same type of mechanism of a gun...
    to say you don't need a gun to defend to say you don't need a gun to intimidate a man with a gun who is using his gun to intimidate you in that moment
    And when there is a military that plainly exists...???

  • Avery Ep
    Avery Ep 11 days ago +1

    But here’s the thing, if no one on the world exept police had guns, there would be less crime. Think.🤨

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 9 days ago

      If no one in the world except police had guns, that would literally be a police state. Disarm the people, sure, but only if we disarm the police as well. They can have a gun unit that responds to situations in which guns are involved, but far too many innocent people are dying thanks to these motherfuckers with badges who walk around strapped all the time.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 9 days ago

      Yes = by all means think. Today law enforcement not only has firearms = they have weaponry on a level far above what your average person can obtain. Despite this crime still abounds. So what does that tell you??? It tells me that armed law enforcement is not a deterrent to crime after all as there are armed police all over and crime still exists. You underestimate human nature I'm afraid. Desperate people or else people motivated by profit will go to great lengths to obtain what they desire = guns or no guns. Have a nice day.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 10 days ago

      @Avery Ep You mean school shootings? Then allow other students to carry and defend themselves. Thats how my school stopped threats. Besides, those are insanely rare, despite what media reports want to tell us.
      Most crimes are just minor crimes

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 10 days ago

      @Avery Ep Why would the police need guns if nobody else had them?

  • Sir Daniel Fortesque
    Sir Daniel Fortesque 11 days ago +2

    If I could snap my fingers and remove all the guns from the world, I would. But that's not a reality we live in, dangerous people will always have access to weapons, and if that's the case, I want to have access to them as well to protect me and my son.

  • Antenna2heaven
    Antenna2heaven 11 days ago +1

    Good to have people of color on the pro-gun side. Too many people think its a ''white people'' thing but black people have every reason in the world to want to be armed and able to defend themselves.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 9 days ago

      For real. Can we talk about disarming the police first?

  • Alex Barčovský
    Alex Barčovský 11 days ago


    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 11 days ago

      Depends on where you go and who you buy it from. Private sellers often sell at shows, and there is no mandatory background check on private sales in most states.
      Crowder was deliberately biased in that he went to shows that did not allow private sellers. Then there would be background checks. That is certainly not cross country.

  • _ NEGAN _
    _ NEGAN _ 11 days ago +2

    Anti gun protesters are literally wasting all their time.

  • Fahad the Random Guy
    Fahad the Random Guy 11 days ago

    Aaron looks like Rick from TWD

  • Londarius Tyquarius
    Londarius Tyquarius 11 days ago +1

    Those who realize how the world actually works support the 2nd Ammendment

  • Tamer Billman
    Tamer Billman 11 days ago

    To the lady that said you can just walk into a gun show and buy guns without a background check, you may have been misinformed but that is completely false (it is a widespread myth so it’s not her fault that she thought this) you need to have a background check and a valid identification card, I am only 16 but my dad and some other family members have bought guns from gun shows and they had to go through the same process that they would have anywhere else.

  • Bunny 96
    Bunny 96 12 days ago

    *shoot for the legs or something* 😂😂
    Shooting the legs are just as if not more deadly. You have large arteries in your legs. Most victims bleed out

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 11 days ago

      You have one artery in your leg that would be a vital point called the femoral artery. However, it is located on the inner thigh and is almost impossible to hit from behind and/or a moving target.

  • chuckielong1
    chuckielong1 12 days ago +1

    I feel like even if we ban guns, people just gonna find another way to use something else as weapons.

  • Akari Kohashi
    Akari Kohashi 12 days ago +1

    I'm pro gun, despite having grown up in a privileged setting. I think that there's always going to be ways that criminals will get their hands on weapons, so it's up to the people to be able to protect themselves in situations when law enforcement isn't there yet.

  • BlazeAims
    BlazeAims 12 days ago

    Stay in the states please.

  • Wyatt Branscome
    Wyatt Branscome 12 days ago +1

    We need to learn from Kennesaw Georgia and arm everybody legally capable of owning a gun. The gun show loop hole has been debunked a million times yet it got brought up again.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 12 days ago

      Because its not so much a myth as it is bad nomenclature.

  • Samuel Hallin
    Samuel Hallin 12 days ago

    Take Sweden for an example, we don’t have guns and we rarely have death shootings

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 12 days ago

      Gotta take in all the other factors though.

  • Rahel Reeves
    Rahel Reeves 12 days ago

    This was one of the calmest eps ever

  • Ricky Mong
    Ricky Mong 12 days ago

    The silver fox came for it 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 cheers to him. All talked about was having a gun gun this gun that. But there are other forms of self defense.

    • Londarius Tyquarius
      Londarius Tyquarius 11 days ago

      Ricky Mong how so against a gun where you can't talk yourself out of it, you cant walk away, you're not physically close enough to grab it...?

  • 0mg1tsbatman
    0mg1tsbatman 12 days ago

    If you think about it the reason americans haven't wiped russia off the face of the earth was because the russians also have nuclear weapons.

  • streamer btw
    streamer btw 12 days ago +1

    Those anti gun people should move to were i live there's only like 2 tipes of guns that aren't illegal

  • Isaac Brown
    Isaac Brown 12 days ago

    You can’t buy a gun from a gun show without getting a background check. It’s simply a lie the media plays to get the focus on us gun owners as being the problem. The Gun Show Loophole is false.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 12 days ago

      Yes you can. Private sales take place at gun shows and there is no federal mandatory background check on private sales and no state mandatory background check on private sales in 38 out of 50 states.
      The gun show loophole exists. Its just bad nomenclature.

  • Rocio Perez
    Rocio Perez 13 days ago

    Human nature to me is to take the power when it’s there.I ask myself who can I trust with that power.the answer is not many!!!😞

  • Miranda Markell
    Miranda Markell 13 days ago +13

    If we ban guns that means the good people won't have a way to defend themselves. Bad people will always find a way to get a hold of guns no matter what. People are the problem... not guns.

    • Rene Zapata
      Rene Zapata 7 days ago

      JamesHLanier let’s ban knives since if there wasn’t so many of them people won’t have the thought of committing a crime ...

    • Miranda Markell
      Miranda Markell 9 days ago

      @JamesHLanier Okay that's your opinion, mine is that people are the problem not guns. And all of the police force isn't bad, some yes but not all.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 9 days ago +1

      @Miranda Markell Guns and people are the problem. And don't sugarcoat the police force here. ACAB.

  • Gone Far Afield
    Gone Far Afield 13 days ago +6

    Experience shapes perspective. It's hard to change that. Well done video, thanks.

  • vboytan
    vboytan 13 days ago

    I feel like the man in the blue shirt's question about how we can change the amount of guns that are out there was never answered. People just changed the topic lol. There is no realistic way to cut back on the guns falling into the wrong hands. It isn't the guns you need to worry about but the hands their falling into. Criminals are always going to be around and unless you can flip a switch to eliminate all of them instantaneously gun violence is never going away. If you make all guns illegal (this has been stated before) guess who is the demographic you're catering to... The criminals. As long as there are bad people with guns we also need good people with guns. I do support the 5000 psych questionare thing though.

  • Julian Harvey
    Julian Harvey 13 days ago

    I think there should be stricter gun laws such as a ban on fully automatic weapons but weapons such as pistols should be allowed. People shouldn’t have more fire power than police. You don’t need a weapon that shoots 600 bullets a minute to defend your self.

    • Gone Far Afield
      Gone Far Afield 13 days ago

      Great thought Julian. Fully automatic weapons aren't legal unless they were made before 1986. That leaves about 100,000 of them out there. Because there is a fixed supply, the cheapest ones you can get now are about $7000, but yes they're still legal if you go through a 12 month background check and submit fingerprints and photos to the ATF.

  • Josh O'Connor
    Josh O'Connor 13 days ago

    The gun show loophole is a lye people! You cannot go to a gun show and buy a firearm without having your ccw prior. Jesus how many people have to literally go state to state debunking this myth. If you cannot buy a firearm in stores, you wont be able to buy one at a gun show. Trust me I've tried in multiple states and been denied. I got my ccw when I was able, and now I can. But you absolutely CANNOT, ANYWHERE, without your concealed carry, permit to purchase, or ccw(concealed carry weapons permit) some states know it as ccw.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 13 days ago

      First of all it's lie.
      Second of all, its not a lie. Its just really bad nomenclature.
      Not all states have a CCW. You don't need a CCW in open carry states. The gun show loophole refers to the private sales that can and do take place at shows.
      You have to be an FFL dealer to sell at a store. You do NOT have to be an FFL dealer to sell at a show in a majority of states.
      38 out of the 50 states put NO restrictions on private sales. If you were denied a firearm at a show it was because you were either in a state that restricts private sales or you were buying from an FFL dealer.
      NONE of my firearms have ever had background checks, because they were purchased privately. All you need is a valid state ID. My only background check (concerning firearms) came when I applied for a handgun license.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 13 days ago

    What legal gun show sell guns without a background check?

    • Jose Garcia
      Jose Garcia 13 days ago

      @TombWraith definitely agree, the person to person transaction definitely needs to change

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 13 days ago +1

      @Jose Garcia I am pro-gun as well. Most people who go through private sales are not criminals. But i see what people are saying.

    • Jose Garcia
      Jose Garcia 13 days ago

      @TombWraith hmm that's crazy, I'm definitely pro gun but without a background check is definitely not right

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 13 days ago

      Any one in the 38 of 50 states that do not restrict private sales.

  • OfficialLukeSpangler
    OfficialLukeSpangler 13 days ago

    8:10 hes the one who brought up education then he says why do you keep bringing up education. Physical embodiment of autism

  • Sebastian Pateman
    Sebastian Pateman 13 days ago

    7:08 Gamer moment

  • Maryam Muhammad
    Maryam Muhammad 13 days ago

    Flat earthers versus...round earthers?

  • Severiano Tahlia
    Severiano Tahlia 13 days ago

    How about redesign guns? Slower reload time, smaller magazines, and slower fire rate?

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 11 days ago

      Meanwhile all the criminals in the world will keep their original designs with faster reload time, bigger magazines and faster fire rates...gee, what could go wrong?

  • CtgPlayz
    CtgPlayz 13 days ago

    Of course the pro gun is black people lmaooo

  • joe m
    joe m 13 days ago +1

    Bottom line. Where I live in England there were 27 murders in 2017 whereas in America there was 17000. There's only one difference and that's guns. I get it that if guns where made illegal criminals would probably still have guns but we need a way to reduce murders and the only way that America can do that is through removing guns. I went on holiday to America last year and I never felt safe when I was there and where I went was a richish area. There's lots of crime in my area and I feel safe here when I go out. America is in a bubble that it needs to get out of.

    • joe m
      joe m 11 days ago

      @Gone Far Afield np. Have a good day man

    • Gone Far Afield
      Gone Far Afield 11 days ago +1

      @joe m thanks for the insight.

    • joe m
      joe m 11 days ago +1

      @Gone Far Afield yeh true. London has its own micro climate though. Most of Britain is very safe. I live in a 'rough' area in my city and Ive never heard of any knife crime around let alone guns. Just depends on the place I guess.

    • Gone Far Afield
      Gone Far Afield 13 days ago

      It's more complicated than that, isn't it? Violent crime was worse in London than New York last year, and now you're starting to ban knives. Canada and Mexico have higher murder rates than the US and they have much stricter gun laws. I'm not saying that there's not a problem, but I think it's much deeper than the number of guns.

  • Marigold X
    Marigold X 13 days ago +2

    Guns = School shootings. Mass shootings. Revenge killings. Hostage situations + murders with other weapons
    No guns = angry Republicans + murders with other weapons
    Reducing some of the death? Why not?

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 9 days ago

      @Skulldetta If the entire contry was a gun free zone, you would see a rise in gun homicide.
      Also, most school shootins are performed with legally purchased firearms. You cannot carry a firearm over state lines. Thats a felony right there.
      When you restrict citizens from owning guns, you only help criminals.

    • Skulldetta
      Skulldetta 10 days ago

      Because all the other states don't have those strict gun laws and anyone who wants to gain access to an assault rifle can just drive 30 miles to a red state and buy one?
      Gun-free zones are pretty much useless unless the entire country consists of one.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 11 days ago

      +Marigold X You reduce the number of criminals killed but the number of civilians killed because they have no way to protect themselves from the criminals who surprise surprise still kept their guns even though they're illegal, that's not reducing some of the death.

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 13 days ago +1

      It wouldn't reduce death. In fact, it would make death much more likely.
      Ever wonder why those school shootinga happen in states woth strict gun laws?

    EXO&NCT GÜEY 13 days ago

    Have your gun just not at schools. Simple as that

  • Morlock1943
    Morlock1943 14 days ago

    As a European where guns are extremely rare (or illegal) and gun violence are far far lower, a American debate like this is very interesting.
    The show was sadly to short. The debate didn’t really take off (USclip format). Should make a short and a longer version of each show.

  • Mandi Tamporello
    Mandi Tamporello 14 days ago

    honestly I want to see Middle Ground have a show about Pro-life versus Pro-choice with abortion.

  • Abby Grose
    Abby Grose 14 days ago

    She’s saying mental health and gun issues are different, no kidding but the person w the gun is the issue. The gun doesn’t come in and shoot people the person does.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 10 days ago

      @Fadumo Mohamed In general is one debate, to save your life, your family's, your kids', their wellbeing, etc., is a whole other ballpark.

    • Fadumo Mohamed
      Fadumo Mohamed 10 days ago

      @Lizzie Allen So basically don't use a gun in general, sense the only thing a gun can do is shoot a bullet through an object or organism.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 11 days ago

      @Fadumo Mohamed Doesn't matter, if somebody doesn't USE it to murder, it can't murder anyone.

    • Fadumo Mohamed
      Fadumo Mohamed 13 days ago +1

      But that doesn't change the fact that the only purpose of a gun is to harm for maim whatever is on the opposite end of it.

  • Deryk James
    Deryk James 14 days ago

    You can't just buy guns in a gun show

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith 14 days ago

      Yes you can. Just depends on where and who.

  • Joe Savage
    Joe Savage 15 days ago

    I really like Jon Stewart's take on this issue