Germany vs Austria: Christop Waltz on the difference between Austrians and Germans

  • Published on Oct 30, 2013
  • Hollywood actor Christop Waltz, star of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, explains the difference between Austrians and Germans.
    Although the interview is slightly tongue-in-cheek, Waltz is well qualified to make the comparison. He was born in Vienna, the product of a German-born father, Johannes Waltz, and Austrian-born mother, Elisabeth Urbancic, who were set and costume designers.
    As for St Martin Chalets, we love both Austrians AND Germans. We have many visitors from both countries every year, and we would find it very difficult to make a comparison. Honest! :)
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  • Niki6
    Niki6 2 days ago

    Not to be an a-hole, but there are 4 Irish literature nobel laureates to date.

  • lordis belingsly
    lordis belingsly 2 days ago

    ive tried to many different doorstops and they just dont work for me, i need a christop

  • Darkobert Dub
    Darkobert Dub 2 days ago +1

    austria has good beer. some would say even better beer than germany

  • Darkobert Dub
    Darkobert Dub 2 days ago

    to be honest: as a german i can tell: austrians have less humor than germans.

  • MVE
    MVE 3 days ago

    The relationship between Germany and Austria is like the Netherlands has with Belgium (actually Flanders ) or UK (actually England) with Ireland or Greece with Cyprus or Russia with Ukraine etc.

  • MVE
    MVE 3 days ago

    What’s the difference between Austrians and Swiss Germans ?

  • Liesa Scott
    Liesa Scott 4 days ago +2

    This guy is sooooooo right! I am German and ran away from Germany 30+ years ago to the US. Every time I went back to see my mom I got traumatized by the Germans. When she passed away I decided that from here on if I get home sick I go to Austria. Close enough.
    Austrian people are VERY! different from Germans. They are lighthearted, charming, they smile a lot, they are approachable and actually also better looking, especially the men. They are a beautiful mix between big strong Germans and more Mediterranean influences. Many of them have rather dark a little curly hair and a touch of olive skin. They are more communicative and outgoing than Germans and all in all a lot more fun. They also treat women with more appreciation than German men and give them compliments, which German guys almost never do. Now I want to book a flight and dance waltz at a ball in Vienna.....

    • Liesa Scott
      Liesa Scott Day ago

      @Eric Parramonj Well Eric, I'm glad I made your day. You are welcome.

    • Liesa Scott
      Liesa Scott 2 days ago

      @Eric Parramonj Oh you are welcome. I gave you something boring to do on an even more boring day and you appreciated it :)

    • Eric Parramonj
      Eric Parramonj 2 days ago

      I read your comment and I would summarize it like this : stereotype after stereotype after stereotype and a little bit of simplistic views and some stereotype more here

  • GandalfTheGrey
    GandalfTheGrey 4 days ago

    don't quite get why they were saying the Irish and the Austrians have a sense of "the silly and the absurd" implying the Germans and English don't, I mean as far as the English are concerned, hello: Monty Python, Eddie Izzard, The Goons, Little Britain, The Carry On series, Ross Noble, The Goodies, I mean I could go on and on and on, English humour is entirely based on silliness and absurdity

  • Bamcis100
    Bamcis100 5 days ago

    Conan, stop pandering. Americans would know a lot more about other countries if, like Europeans, we were surrounded by other countries literally next door. Europe is a buttload of small countries grouped next to one another the way our Stares are. Of course a German is going to know a lot more about other countries that are literally within driving distance. If each State in New England were a different country with a different language, of course we'd know how to speak at least one of those languages and we'd know a lot about them.

  • sur-taka
    sur-taka 5 days ago

    honestly, it is sad that someone who is able to understand German jokes perpetuates this stereotype of Germans having no humor, just to make another cheap cliche joke.
    I mean, we literally elected 2 comedians into the European Parliament, what more do we have to do.

  • OnceIWasYou
    OnceIWasYou 6 days ago

    I think most German stereotypes are historical or language/ translation based so fairly irrelevant. The only modern one I can think of as an Englishman is the towels on holiday!!!!

  • gomonkeyfly
    gomonkeyfly 7 days ago

    austria created hitler, germany accepted him.

  • E W
    E W 7 days ago

    There is no difference between Germans and Austrians both are just a bunch of reformed NAZIS. When Germany annexed Austria, the Austrians were so happy like a baby with a new toy. So don't be fooled by what Christop Waltz says because as an Austrian he no better than a German, therefore, a good NAZI. What he said about Austrians being polite and don't mean it is so true, that I guarantee you it is true.

  • Piotre Kiwignon
    Piotre Kiwignon 7 days ago

    What the F*ck ?!? BullSh*T !!! By the way his name is Christoph .

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 7 days ago

    as a german its really funny to see that...because its so true xD

  • JJ Samuel Gunn
    JJ Samuel Gunn 10 days ago

    Scrolled through the comments section and hardly anyone made any quips about Schwarzenegger. Seriously, America? You forgot who gave your the Governator?

  • Ivan Jozic
    Ivan Jozic 11 days ago

    They are the same..but i think thet the austrians more agresiv!!!!

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 9 days ago

      @Ivan Jozic joa denkste ich habe was gegen jugos? In Österreich leben fast 400.000 in einem Land von 8 Millionen wir sind sehr offen für alle

      фИХТЕНМОПЕД 9 days ago

      @Ivan Jozic bin 21. Denke dass die junge generation schon deutlich anders denkt. Hoffe ich zumindest :D

    • Ivan Jozic
      Ivan Jozic 9 days ago

      фИХТЕНМОПЕД wie alt sind sie egentlich?und verstehe mich nicht falsch aber es gibt dinge die aendern sich nie., war so,ist es noch und wird es immer sein....

      фИХТЕНМОПЕД 9 days ago

      @Ivan Jozic ich hoffe, auch, dass es besser wird. Kyrillisch benutze ich wegen einem Freund 😊 finde die schrift einfach sehr schön

    • Ivan Jozic
      Ivan Jozic 9 days ago

      фИХТЕНМОПЕД irrgend wann wird es so sein....wieder mal...wie frueher....das wierd sich nie aendern LEIDER..!warum benutzt du kurilisch eigentlich....du biest kein germane..

  • Chris Vorhaut
    Chris Vorhaut 12 days ago

    As a German, you learn one thing very early: we did unspeakable bad things and no one likes us.
    That makes everyone who's nice to us highly suspicious.

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      @Chris Vorhaut nein America macht heute auch schreckliche Sachen aber sie juckts nicht, einfach das Volk belügen und weiter gehts

    • Chris Vorhaut
      Chris Vorhaut 11 days ago

      @imaweerascalaw that's really good to hear. Every nationality has to handle with the special prejustice against them I think.

    • imaweerascal
      imaweerascal 11 days ago

      Nah... pretty much every country has done unspeakable things, and also plenty of other nationalities were complicit in your unspeakable things. Maybe I've been lucky, but all the Germans I know are lovely :)

  • Chris Vorhaut
    Chris Vorhaut 12 days ago

    That is really remarkable because it's true: Austrians are polite and don't mean it, while Germans are not polite and mean it :)

  • Vito
    Vito 12 days ago

    Dear Christoph you forget that one of the germans German was a Austrian.

  • Lats Niebling
    Lats Niebling 13 days ago +1

    Waltz is the second most famous Austrian ever.

    • JJ Samuel Gunn
      JJ Samuel Gunn 5 days ago

      @Lats Niebling I suggest you pull out real slow like your retarded donkey father and go crawl off into some stinking swamp hole just like your daddy.

    • JJ Samuel Gunn
      JJ Samuel Gunn 5 days ago

      @Lats Niebling Looks like I'm gonna hunting you down like a mangy mutt, fucktard.

    • Lats Niebling
      Lats Niebling 10 days ago

      @JJ Samuel Gunn Christ were you born retarded or is it something you picked up??? It stands to reason that If I made the comment then obviously I know the answer dont I? Jesus wept.. On second thoughts, dont bother answering the first part of that question because we all know the answer.. I leave you with this '- when you find yourself walking alone in green fields with the sun on your face and you hear yourself utter those immortal words ''is this guy really that fockin stupid'' the answer is always ''yes''..

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      And Mozart and and fuck we Had god damn many

    • Lats Niebling
      Lats Niebling 10 days ago

      @JJ Samuel Gunn seriously?

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 13 days ago +1

    Austrians gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart and Beethovan. So it's a pretty neat place.

  • ruhrpottkanake
    ruhrpottkanake 13 days ago +1

    Der Schluchtenscheißer spricht aus ihm heraus

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      Here we go again, a unpolite german with No Humor


  • iT'z_VoRT3x™
    iT'z_VoRT3x™ 14 days ago

    I am German and i am not offended. Being offended is not effective nor helpful.

  • Druff Gnuff
    Druff Gnuff 16 days ago

    I'm proud of being direct and painfully honest. And people who use double talk, euphemisms and plausible deniability ARE dubious and slimy. Not taking responsibility for the words you're speaking, by masking them, is more impolite than being direct could ever be. And the meaning of your words will always be more important than the way you say them.
    - a german.

  • kwestionariusz1
    kwestionariusz1 17 days ago

    What about famous austrian aquarelist. :P

  • Lexx1976
    Lexx1976 17 days ago +1

    Canyon poopers. "Schluchtenscheisser"
    The nickname for our beloved Southern neighbors. 😘

  • FredHead
    FredHead 17 days ago +2

    Funny how Germans desperately try to make Austrians look bad in the comments.

    • FredHead
      FredHead 15 days ago

      Shanks Sad but true

    • Shanks
      Shanks 15 days ago

      Germans will always be viewed as Nazis outside of their country, there is nothing they can do Lol.

  • charbel khalil
    charbel khalil 18 days ago +6

    Why do i feel like germans and austrians aren't such good pals😂

    • TGPZ_DE
      TGPZ_DE 10 days ago

      @Manuel Zischka es ist doch völlig egal. Ich kenne keinen deutschen der sagt, dass er österreicher nicht mag, weil damals das und das und das passiert ist. So verallgemeinernd und von oben herab, wie du deinen ersten kommentar mir entgegen verfasst hast, könnte ich sagen: Österreicher sind hochnäsig und in der Vergangenheit stecken geblieben.
      Das wäre jedoch falsch, denn erstens kann ich das nur über dich sagen und zweitens ist es doch völlig absurd, dass man Menschen verurteilt für die Sachen der Politik/er, erst recht aus der vergangenheit. Es ist völlig okay zu sagen dass man wen nicht mag. aber deine gründe sind einfach so erschreckend, dass ich nach diesem kommentar auch nicht mehr antworten werde, denn ich kenne sehr viele österreicher mit mehr niveau als du.

      Als Fazit kann ich nur sagen. Komm drüber weg und liebe jeden so, wie dich selbst.

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      @TGPZ_DE ihr habt Hitler gewählt wir haben ihn Verstoßen

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      @TGPZ_DE es ist aber so. Die Differenzen haben dort ihren Ursprung.

    • TGPZ_DE
      TGPZ_DE 10 days ago

      @Manuel Zischka Also ich möchte gar nicht diskutieren, ich wollte dir nur aufzeigen, wie schwachsinnig ist, über die Vergangenheit mit Ihr und Wir zu reden. Weder ich noch du waren damals da und haben rein GAR nichts damit zu tun. Weder mit dem siebenjährigen Krieg, den schlesischen, dem 1. oder 2. Weltkrieg. Wir hassen euch doch auch nicht, weil ihr uns hitler gegeben habt. Die Sache ist doch klar. Wer ein anderes Land nicht leiden kann, weil es in der Vergangenheit scheiße gemacht hat, ist definitv nicht in der in der heutigen Zeit angekommen. was das ganz aber mit Politik und Afd zu tun hat, kann ich in diesem Zusammenhang auch nicht verstehen

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      @TGPZ_DE Ach ja Partner, der Rücken ist noch topfit :D

  • El Tigrero
    El Tigrero 19 days ago

    jew-bought cuckold

  • Zachal Zockt
    Zachal Zockt 20 days ago

    It wasnt me, it was Germany! :D

  • sven svenson
    sven svenson 20 days ago +11

    The Germans mastered the game of soccer, the Austrians are not capable of that, neither physical nor intellectual, cheers from Berlin Germany, sad but true

  • Banshee579
    Banshee579 20 days ago

    Imagine a brilliant scientist and his dumb little fat brother.
    Now look at the map.
    There we go.

  • Bruno Carpinteiro
    Bruno Carpinteiro 21 day ago

    I do not agree.I live in Germany since 2012 and i can say that the germans have a great sense of humor.And the germans are sarcastic.As i am.But i find them a little bit arrogant.Usually they do not respect who works.I said allready to my german friends.But of course here you have also good people.I like living in Germany but i must be honest:i am only here for the money.

  • Why not?
    Why not? 21 day ago

    We germans didnt need Humour,we got Sarcasm! ;-)

  • Paul Steven
    Paul Steven 22 days ago

    Henning Wehn

  • Liam
    Liam 23 days ago

    Who is the man sit next to christop ??

  • Tony
    Tony 23 days ago

    Both are great countries, cultures and peoples, and remember: people are people, and everyone is an individual, whoever is good, is good.

    HADES 23 days ago +2

    A N S C H L U S S

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      A thing that wasn't a thing that austria wanted. It was put on them against their will

  • Rikard
    Rikard 23 days ago

    I am fluent in three languages Austrian, German and Lichtenstein.

  • Son of Adam
    Son of Adam 23 days ago +2

    I didn't understand the battleship and a waltz thing ?

  • Yamato
    Yamato 24 days ago

    Klopf Klopf wer ist da DEUTSCHLAND BLITZKRIEG

  • SpamReciever420
    SpamReciever420 24 days ago

    I worked with this German guy once named Paul.
    He and I are talking about the humor stereotype, he says to me "Kaal, do you think that if, on the way home from work, I get pulled over by der Polizei, you think if I pretend not to speak English that they would taze me?"
    Then he starts laughing so hard he cried.
    I love Germans.

  • Павел
    Павел 24 days ago

    Спрашивать у Вальца в чём разница между Германией и Австрией? Ходят слухи в Америке 70-х уже был один австриец, как вот звали уже и не вспомню.

  • aoitennyo
    aoitennyo 24 days ago

    My cousin, an American who has lived in Germany for fifteen years, said that basically Germany is to Austria as the US is to Canada.

  • Nick .S
    Nick .S 25 days ago

    Culturally Austrians are more similar to southern Germans

  • Thommy H.
    Thommy H. 25 days ago

    No idea what this "Schluchtenscheisser" is talking about. Just kidding. xD

  • Adrian Mayr
    Adrian Mayr 26 days ago

    Finally, some light is shone on my home country Austria!

  • Robert Neal
    Robert Neal 27 days ago

    his mother is from Austria, his father from Germany. when it became known that he had German citizenship like his father, but not the Austrian and his mother, because of the legal situation that applied to his birth. On August 24, 2010, he received because of his "merits in the interests of the Republic" additionally Austrian citizenship; In autumn 2010, the award ceremony took place in Vienna

  • Radovan Prstojevic
    Radovan Prstojevic 28 days ago

    Something like Muricans vs Canadians.

  • ingostar2
    ingostar2 28 days ago +1

    Interesting point about the number of Nobel Prize winners and what that says about communication in a people.
    Except Ireland does NOT have 9 Nobel prize winners in literature. They have 4. Germany has 8.

  • Alessandro Alexander
    Alessandro Alexander 29 days ago

    what an actor!

  • LeicaM11
    LeicaM11 29 days ago

    Hitler came to Germany (Munich/Nuremberg) from Austria. He always hated Berlin and never set a single foot into the Reichstag.

  • Noah Füßmann
    Noah Füßmann 29 days ago

    I would have wanted the "Vereinigten Staaten von Groß-Österreich"...

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      Das wäre besser gewesen.. wir wollten frieden aber die Sau praiß wollten Krieg;

  • Jörn F
    Jörn F Month ago

    For that question and espeacially the americans from U.S.. Germany and Austria are different countries.

  • Jack Iron
    Jack Iron Month ago

    Austrian are just an italian-german mix :)

  • Roland Specht
    Roland Specht Month ago

    We Germans are to honest to be polite....and you other people are to polite to be honest...

  • Silver Flynn
    Silver Flynn Month ago +1

    0:45 as a german, I found that offensive...

  • Hien D. Nguyen
    Hien D. Nguyen Month ago

    I thought he was about to say Germans and Austrians is like Americans and Canadians Lol

  • lkrnpk
    lkrnpk Month ago

    Saying to a European from a rather small country ''you're fluent in 3 languages'' is not a compliment really. Most people I know where I live are fluent in 3 languages, including myself.

  • NevEve
    NevEve Month ago +2

    Germans: angela merkel
    Austrians: christoph waltz
    No better way to put it i believe.

  • Mr. Jordan
    Mr. Jordan Month ago

    he has both, the austrian AND GERMAN citizenship

  • Not Afool
    Not Afool Month ago

    What do Americans and Canadians have in common ? Canadians put their flag on EVERYTHING to prove they ARE NOT Americans. Americans put their flag on EVERYTHING to prove they ARE Americans....BADA BING!

  • The Quaser
    The Quaser Month ago

    Well the gentlemen failed to state that the German speaking world has won no less than 13 literature Nobel prizes, more than Ireland

    • Hardy30680
      Hardy30680 24 days ago

      But the German speaking world is also a lot bigger than Ireland.

  • antiheist anarchist
    antiheist anarchist Month ago +1

    The most famous German was an Austrian. The most famous Austrian was actually a german

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      @antiheist anarchist und nein wir mögen Norddeutschland nicht Bayern und co ist cool aber die Sau praiß pfui teifl

    • Manuel Zischka
      Manuel Zischka 10 days ago

      @antiheist anarchist noch nie von Mozart gehört gel

    • antiheist anarchist
      antiheist anarchist 20 days ago

      ​@Niicodemus Feyerabend No, I'm living in south of germany. Austria is our little retarded neigbour suffering from a huge inferiority complex. We like each other but not respect each other very much.

    • Niicodemus Feyerabend
      Niicodemus Feyerabend 21 day ago +1

      Lol u came from the USA ?

  • Der Phönix
    Der Phönix Month ago

    One thing that I realized in this interview is that Waltz doesn’t really have a clue about germans and that all people in the different regions of Germany are totally different like different nations. You can’t generalize „germans“ by character.

      фИХТЕНМОПЕД 9 days ago

      I agree, but this is just a late night show where things get oversimplified. No time for facts or detailed explanations, because the attention span of the average viewer tends to be low :)

  • Geckaboy _
    Geckaboy _ Month ago

    Germans had Humor but Nobody understand it

  • coochie eater
    coochie eater Month ago +2

    Hitler was Austrian, they're all German to me

    • coochie eater
      coochie eater 9 days ago +1

      @фИХТЕНМОПЕД better craw back to your mother's cave of a vagina

      фИХТЕНМОПЕД 9 days ago

      better stick to eating crayons than talk about stuff you dont have a clue about 😎

  • Beric Clinton
    Beric Clinton Month ago +1

    Stimmt doch gar nicht

  • KlausKinski
    KlausKinski Month ago +2

    Germans are also Left wing Radical Marxist Communists and Austrians are not... just another small thing.

    • GardEngebretsen
      GardEngebretsen Month ago

      Wow! They are left wing, radical, marxist AND communists? Pretty crazy. Have you even been to Germany?