Germany vs Austria: Christop Waltz on the difference between Austrians and Germans

  • Published on Oct 30, 2013
  • Hollywood actor Christop Waltz, star of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, explains the difference between Austrians and Germans.
    Although the interview is slightly tongue-in-cheek, Waltz is well qualified to make the comparison. He was born in Vienna, the product of a German-born father, Johannes Waltz, and Austrian-born mother, Elisabeth Urbancic, who were set and costume designers.
    As for St Martin Chalets, we love both Austrians AND Germans. We have many visitors from both countries every year, and we would find it very difficult to make a comparison. Honest! :)
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Comments • 9 755

  • GE12
    GE12 Day ago

    1:04 "They won't hear about this"

    Bratwurst grillen intensifies

  • Noulsn
    Noulsn Day ago

    To be honest as a German for me there are not much differences
    Maybe I think like this because I was every year in Austria until I was 13 but then you could say Bavaria isn’t Germany

  • neuron55
    neuron55 2 days ago

    Christop is such a great actor. Time for a movie marathon :)

  • Bill Green
    Bill Green 3 days ago

    Ireland has won the Nobel prize for literature 4 times. Still pretty good for a small populace. Then again Four people in Ireland (N & S) have won the Peace prize. Maybe there is a connection. The country with the most recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature is France with 16, followed by the United States with 12 and the United Kingdom with 11.

  • D. Karol Toni
    D. Karol Toni 4 days ago

    The language is the same

  • Ein Kommentar
    Ein Kommentar 4 days ago

    Bavarians are a mixture between Austria and Germany. Pleeeeaaaseee.

  • Kers1
    Kers1 4 days ago +2

    "I'm Irish" just because your great-great-great-grandparents moved from Ireland doesn't mean you're Irish. Because if we're going by genetics then everyone in England is German.

    • Bill Green
      Bill Green 3 days ago

      And danish, swedish, norwegian, french. How far back do you want to go? All the Celts. Italian / Roman.

  • Herr wasgehtsiedasan

    Österreicher sind deutsche !

  • Luci Den
    Luci Den 5 days ago +29

    A german goes to Poland

    At the border, officer asks: Occupation?
    German answears: No , no, just visiting!

  • alex ojideagu
    alex ojideagu 6 days ago

    English people are not like Germans at all so it's not exactly right. But the closeness of culture and history of Ireland/England is similar to Germany/Austria

  • Be Red
    Be Red 7 days ago

    0:30 a difference between a battleship anf Christoph Waltz lol

  • Kritik - R
    Kritik - R 7 days ago +1

    Vielen Dank an alle Menschen aus Deutschland, die dem Klischee hier in den Kommentaren gerecht werden.
    Und natürlich ist hier wieder viel historisches über das dritte Reich zu finden, obwohl die Deutschen ja eigentlich nichts mehr davon hören wollen.....und auch die Österreicher. Tut mir Leid, aber auch Ihr scheint hier nicht sehr viel Humor zu beweisen.

  • Melvin Doo
    Melvin Doo 7 days ago

    But both hate kosher food...

  • Thorben Thomas
    Thorben Thomas 8 days ago

    As a German I'm wondering about an Austrian speaking English. Are there any schools in Austria or has Mr. Waltz been saved and adopted by an US couple?

  • Santino Rocco
    Santino Rocco 9 days ago

    Ethnicity wise your the same people you are what your blood and DNA is end off

    • alex ojideagu
      alex ojideagu 6 days ago

      Blood and DNA is exaggerated by unscientific people. Culture is the biggest difference in countries

  • Juli An
    Juli An 9 days ago +1

    Der wichser 😂

  • Wendy Boogaerts
    Wendy Boogaerts 9 days ago

    It's the same difference between us Belgians and the Netherlands.

  • tstm smbo
    tstm smbo 9 days ago

    Mercedes Benz => The best or Nothing. (no sense of humour at all)

  • J Dclt
    J Dclt 10 days ago

    they are all nazis XD

  • RenameChan
    RenameChan 11 days ago +1

    Difference between Austria and Germany is as respectively as Canada and USA probably imho

  • Nidhogg vom Walde
    Nidhogg vom Walde 12 days ago +2

    We germans are not offended...
    And we have humor, dry like hell and darker than a cellarfloor at night.
    That's why we love the monty python's so much, they were close to reaching humor lvl german 😂

  • Mark Oman
    Mark Oman 12 days ago

    Humorlos? Klar, bei den ganzen Nachbarn auch kein Wunder. Der bekannteste Schluchtenscheisser war ja mit seinem Stand-up Comedy-Programm auch nicht gerade der Brüller auf Chanukka-Parties 😂 Kölner, Hamburger, Dresdner und Berliner sind von Natur aus super lustig. Der Humor ist halt trocken wie die Sahara und damit wohl zu hoch für die ganz feine Palatschinken-, Baguette- und Tee-Fraktion. Wir Deutschen sind halt die Currywurst mit Pommes rot-weiß des Humors.

    JEK LUVA DER LIEBENDE 12 days ago +1 Dietmar Wischmeyer (German Kabarettist and Comedian) about the Österreicher 😂😂😂 sorry if you dont speak german cause this is funny as hell

  • Pat Aherne
    Pat Aherne 12 days ago +2

    How many Germans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    They are efficient and
    They have no sense of humor.

    • Nuyo
      Nuyo 8 days ago

      @Max Kubicek
      It would be much simpler if you just tell me what I did wrong. But instead you decided to just insult me by saying "Can you read ?".

    • Max Kubicek
      Max Kubicek 9 days ago

      @Nuyo can you read?

    • Nuyo
      Nuyo 9 days ago

      And why should a sense of humor stop you from srewing in a light bulb ? Or do you just want to include 2 cliches into your joke.

  • trokoro
    trokoro 13 days ago

    Bavarians and Austrians are basically the same

  • Benjamin Pucher
    Benjamin Pucher 13 days ago

    OMG, so acurare i'm dying😂

  • Neuer Lachsnaggn
    Neuer Lachsnaggn 13 days ago

    How many germans does it take to change a lightbulb ?
    Only one, we are efficient and don't have humor.

    Paradox, i know.

  • Mark Wendler
    Mark Wendler 14 days ago

    Im 🇩🇪 german and i mean the joke with the cliche was funny 😂

  • georgiehembury
    georgiehembury 14 days ago +1

    Has no one noticed that his name is missing an H in the title and caption? Who uploads these videos PLS

  • Lee Pasquali
    Lee Pasquali 14 days ago +2

    He has virtually no accent but Schwarzenegger is older and has spent way more time in the US and sounds like he moved here 2 years ago

    • Dlsk Akaka
      Dlsk Akaka 12 days ago

      Hahahaha! You know why? Because of Dialect.
      Arnie is from the province Styria, while Christoph is from the Capital Vienna.

  • submalevolent grace
    submalevolent grace 14 days ago

    My German friends are comedic as hell and make me laugh as a Canadian all the time.

  • DonaldMcRonald
    DonaldMcRonald 15 days ago

    I would say austrians like to abuse germans

  • GrooveAllOver
    GrooveAllOver 15 days ago

    Germans heard this

  • Samet Yilmaz
    Samet Yilmaz 15 days ago +2

    We have humor but just a different kind of humor 😂

  • Virgilio Ortiz
    Virgilio Ortiz 16 days ago

    Colonel Landa!

  • pufferwockey
    pufferwockey 18 days ago +3

    The book of German Humor is gigantic, and thousands of pages long.
    Too bad it's not funny.
    - Alexander Gauland
    (but really it was Marc-Uwe Kling)

  • Zunzún Cantor
    Zunzún Cantor 18 days ago +1

    Germans do have a lot of sense of humor! What is he talking about?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • pufferwockey
      pufferwockey 18 days ago

      You really don't know? It's a pretty well known stereotype

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 19 days ago

    2Aussies sitting in a bar,
    1 asks what's the difference between a Kraut and a Austrian?
    I dunno, which one has der weinerschnietzel?

  • really sore knee
    really sore knee 20 days ago +1

    Was with you up until you claimed you was Irish. There's a difference between ancestry and your nation of origin and culture. My grandfather was Hungarian, I cannot speak a word of the language and have never even visited. Besides my Grandad I've never even met another Hungarian... By American logic, am I Hungarian?

    • pufferwockey
      pufferwockey 18 days ago

      Think how I feel. I speak perfect north American accented English and am Canadian, and also German, but actually German. With citizenship and fluent in the language, but people just think I mean German heritage

  • CreamyTrumpet
    CreamyTrumpet 21 day ago +1

    I think to compare the difference between the Austrians and Germans as being similar to the difference between the English and Irish isn't very accurate. As far as I'm aware the Austrians and Germans haven't spent large periods of their histories trying to kill each other

  • Klimt Did It
    Klimt Did It 21 day ago

    Christoph is a genius

  • walter black
    walter black 21 day ago +1

    jajaja der waltz der alte schleimmer

  • sMiles the Narrator
    sMiles the Narrator 22 days ago

    Das ist gut!

  • Mandy Rarsh
    Mandy Rarsh 22 days ago +1

    Just found out that Germany has 10 literature Nobelprice winners :D

    • Mathias Lerche
      Mathias Lerche 22 days ago +1

      ​@Mandy Rarsh i am indeed. i even went and checked if you were telling the truth ;-)

    • Mandy Rarsh
      Mandy Rarsh 22 days ago

      @Mathias Lerche It wasnt a joke lol^^ Seems like you are german?

    • Mathias Lerche
      Mathias Lerche 22 days ago

      That is so German to go fact check that and kill the joke. Love it!

  • MonotoniTV
    MonotoniTV 22 days ago

    It's funny that Austrians and Germans don't like each other 😂 it's like we are step brothers. The Germans call the Austrians Schluchtenscheißer and yeah the Austrians just think we're dumb hahaha

  • powersilly
    powersilly 23 days ago +1

    Hehe Austrias best trick was the world made thinking Hitler was german and Mozart austrian ^^

    • powersilly
      powersilly 13 days ago

      @Judithly "independent at that time but with close ties to germany" is the exact description to Austria in 1939. So, i know what i mean.

    • Judithly
      Judithly 21 day ago

      You mean Bach..... Morzart was Austrian... he was from Salzburg (at that time independent, but with close ties to the Austrian Empire... so not German....)

  • eddie smith
    eddie smith 23 days ago

    This means Sebastian Vettel doesn't have sense of humour

    • Hardy30680
      Hardy30680 23 days ago

      Well, he's talking about Austrians and Germans in general and not about every single one of them.

  • anrod
    anrod 24 days ago

    Austria... -.-

  • Max
    Max 24 days ago

    As a Viennese i totally approve!

  • Funkteon
    Funkteon 24 days ago +1

    Austrians are just whiney Germans who are pissed off that they're not as good as Germany at anything, and not as rich as the Swiss..

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve 25 days ago

    Now that's a realistic, genuine, talented and a funny man!

  • Alena 737 schrei
    Alena 737 schrei 26 days ago

    I see IT you duch bag

  • Alena 737 schrei
    Alena 737 schrei 26 days ago

    ITS Not tru

  • niko b
    niko b 26 days ago

    There isn't a lot or humor but the one that is can be very funny, but one has to understand german to get it, translated they don't make sense, for example: when an american makes a cup of tea, he has tea ingestion time, a german has pulling time, and the joke is( pictoral): there is a picture of a housewife who seems to be dragged around the house and yard and everywhere by a mug . In living room sits the husband going: "hey, where that tea now"? And the wife shouts back: " it's still pulling"

  • M.C.S
    M.C.S 27 days ago

    As a german i have to say hitler came from austria not germany

  • Maly 89
    Maly 89 28 days ago

    Ich fick seine Mutter

    • pufferwockey
      pufferwockey 18 days ago

      Da haben wir es! Ein perfektes Beispiel der goldenen Humor des deutschen Volkes

  • Vincent B
    Vincent B 28 days ago

    Bruh you can't even speak Austrian German.

  • Rose dowling
    Rose dowling 29 days ago

    Austrians go the hills are alive with the sound of music and Germans say give us more stein it is oktoberfest and bring us snitzel to

  • Ahmet Ahmet
    Ahmet Ahmet 29 days ago

    The host should have asked me something about Germany... I‘m a poor little muslim living in Germany.

    Endlich kann ich es den Deutschen wieder heimzahlen!

  • Anna
    Anna 29 days ago

    Im from Germany 😂 but i think you are totally right, there are so many German people that don't have any sense of humour, that's why the wote for the Afd👌😂