Amazing Chocolate Cake

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • My Chocolate Cake is beyond moist, you could LITERALLY leave it out on the counter for several days and it would still be luscious. This is the BEST chocolate cake recipe and garanteed the please all the chocolate cake lovers out there!
    The surprise favorite for me on this cake was the cacao nibs. For those of you who have not been exposed to these little delights, they're pure, unprocessed chocolate aka they're very crunchy and chocolatey (not sweet at all). They contrast with the buttercream nicely and prevent the cake from being cloying.
    Full Recipe:
    I've made this cake many times and filmed on two separate occasions. So you might notice that I bake a 6 inch cake but decorate an eight inch one. I often love to make a smaller cake make a batch of cupcakes with the extra batter. Just to be clear though the recipe makes 3 nice eight inch cake layers!
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  • Aalia Mahmood
    Aalia Mahmood Year ago +352

    YES PEOPLE I can vouch for this !best chocolate cake EVER. You will not regret making this!i once made this 2 days in advance and it was still ridiculously moist

    • Aditi Mittra
      Aditi Mittra 14 days ago

      heyy!! can i use homemade buttermilk which is basically made up of milk and lemon????

    • Angelxoxo X
      Angelxoxo X 28 days ago

      Can u taste the coffee?

    • Nishad Zohara
      Nishad Zohara Month ago

      do we need to add sour cream

    • Patricia R.
      Patricia R. 2 months ago

      Do you have the recipe for the 6" cake?

  • Joe Kirkendall
    Joe Kirkendall 9 hours ago

    I made this over the weekend and LOVE IT. Terrific recipe.

  • Blue Tooth
    Blue Tooth 13 hours ago

    *Craving intensifies*

  • Pinker Sagi
    Pinker Sagi 16 hours ago

    Whenever I put the amount of baking powder and baking soda in the cake mixture and vegetable oil, the cake becomes bitter in taste . Why ?

  • Maiyoori Sriskantharajah

    I need advice about the cake
    I followed his recipe but the only thing I changed is that I used dutch processed cocoa powder, salted butter, and hot water.
    It lookes like fudge and tasted horrible
    Someone please tell me what went wrong

  • Nyein Ayekyi
    Nyein Ayekyi 2 days ago

    can i skip the sour cream?

  • Julia Joseph Rajasekhar

    substitute for sour cream please.

  • Pooja Shayanam
    Pooja Shayanam 4 days ago

    What do u do to remaining 🍰

  • Razia Khatoon
    Razia Khatoon 6 days ago

    Is it necessary to use three tin. Whenever i tried ti bsje a cake it never cones out perfect. Now i am felling to cry.

  • Razia Khatoon
    Razia Khatoon 6 days ago

    Brother plzzzzzzz reply why my cake is raw in the centered. Though i baked for extra 1/2 hour. But i used only one 9 inch cake tin. Plzzz help

    • YouTube Family
      YouTube Family 5 days ago

      Hii, these might be the reasons
      1. Too much batter
      2.under cookied
      3. Oven heat too low, its suppose to be 350

  • Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown 7 days ago

    I made this cake for a family members birthday and everything about it was insane!!! The cake, the chocolate buttercream were absolutely delicious and left people thinking about it days after! I won't be using a different recipe after finding this! DELICIOUS!!!

  • Milly Wright
    Milly Wright 9 days ago

    i know you probably won’t see this but i just have to say thank you. i’ve tried 4 other chocolate recipes before yours and none of them have worked but your worked amazingly! i made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, fresh banana, and toffee shortbread crumble. decorated with chocolate shards and fresh banana and also big pieces of shortbread crumble! thank you for your videos. they are all amazing! and the cake recipe is so simple but so brilliant!!!

  • Ishrar Fariha
    Ishrar Fariha 9 days ago

    I made this exact recipe and it came out so good. Thnaks for existing Preppy Kitchen :D

  • mymy torres
    mymy torres 12 days ago

    Your amazing love you and love your videos

  • Nicole Nkwizire
    Nicole Nkwizire 13 days ago

    very good cake, made it for the family for sunday dinner and they loved it. I added a few peanut butter chips to the melted chips and the kids loved it. My choclate cake was a bit lighter in color so I must have not read the instructions correctly for the coca. The frosting was very good and spread very well I used less powdered sugar and it was perfect

  • saleema jawaid
    saleema jawaid 13 days ago

    Your recipes are amazing 🙂🙂👌

  • saleema jawaid
    saleema jawaid 13 days ago

    Plz tell me substitute of sour cream

  • Lynzki S
    Lynzki S 13 days ago

    Looks delicious...must try! Thank you for bringing us so many wonderful recipes😊

  • Anna Grinnell
    Anna Grinnell 14 days ago

    Love the pink shirt 😉

  • Shahira
    Shahira 14 days ago

    I wish there was a metric measurement provided for this recipe.

  • Aditi Mittra
    Aditi Mittra 14 days ago +1

    can we use homemade buttermilk which is basically made up of 1 cup milk and 2 tbs of lemon juice???

  • Amina Habib
    Amina Habib 15 days ago

    If I don't have a sour cream ,what should I use

  • healthy home
    healthy home 16 days ago

    Can i make half of this?

  • healthy home
    healthy home 17 days ago

    May I know the approximate weight of this cake

  • me stessa
    me stessa 17 days ago

    John, this looks absolutely delicious! I'd love to bake it but I have a problem: buttermilk is almost impossible to find here in italy 😭 What can I do? Can I replace it with something else without having a big difference?

    • me stessa
      me stessa 16 days ago +1

      @weevilspongebob1 thank you!

    • weevilspongebob1
      weevilspongebob1 16 days ago

      You can make buttermilk using normal milk and a tsp of lemon juice or white vinegar, let it sit so it begins to curdle

  • Britt
    Britt 18 days ago

    Is the cream half and half or heavy whipping cream?

  • Grongtharn Baingern
    Grongtharn Baingern 19 days ago

    I live in the country where they do not sell "butter milk" is there any substitute ? I would love to your recipe :) thanks

  • Amit Khemani
    Amit Khemani 19 days ago

    Why didn't u add any Butter !?

  • Maryam S
    Maryam S 20 days ago +2

    I have a sweet tooth so can I use milk chocolate for the buttercream instead or how do I make it sweeter in general

    • Maryam S
      Maryam S 20 days ago

      K thanks xo

    • K
      K 20 days ago

      I’m sure you can use milk chocolate.

  • sughra x
    sughra x 24 days ago

    This looks perfect although I would subtitute the oil for melted butter 👌

  • Really Random
    Really Random 24 days ago

    I have an amazing chocolate fudge icing recipe that has been handed down and I'm sorry but it still hasn't been beat, but is the best buttercream I have every had

  • Ayesha Aljabri
    Ayesha Aljabri 24 days ago

    If I wanted to make this cake two-layered, what size should I use for the cake pan? Thank you!

  • Karla A
    Karla A 24 days ago +1

    Can somebody tell me what is drizzle of cream please?

    • Beyza Nur
      Beyza Nur 24 days ago +1

      @Karla A most probably heavy cream

    • Karla A
      Karla A 24 days ago

      Ohh thank you. do you know what kind of cream, he means heavy cream?

    • Beyza Nur
      Beyza Nur 24 days ago +1

      it means juuust a lil bit

  • dak670
    dak670 25 days ago

    could we please get this in grams

  • Selene Garduño
    Selene Garduño 27 days ago +1

    Me gustaría que hablara español para poder entender bien...
    Excelente canal

  • Réka Akivan
    Réka Akivan 28 days ago +1

    0:54 the baking powder magically dissapeared

  • kamran far
    kamran far 28 days ago

    Am i the only one gets disturbed with always out of focus situation? :(
    PS: i love everything you make :D

  • Vaness An
    Vaness An 29 days ago

    Does one batch of the recipe good for 3 layers of a cake that is 8in ?

  • Queen Akasha
    Queen Akasha Month ago

    I made this cake and forgot the eggs and it was still moist, rich and delish😋😋😋

  • Ads (Abby Delaney and Sadie)

    But coffee.....

  • Claudia Patino
    Claudia Patino Month ago

    Hi how can I use this recipe for 3 nine inch cake pans ? Thank you

  • Laura Barish
    Laura Barish Month ago

    Hi John. I made this cake today to do a chocolate cake tiramisu. I made one layer and then used the rest for chocolate cupcakes. I had extra tiramisu cream and so i cored out the cupcakes and piped them with the cream and brought them into my office. Everyone went absolutely crazy over the cupcakes. The chocolate cake is probably the best that I’ve ever made and using it as a base for a tiramisu cake was absolutely amazing. P.S., I am gluten-free so I used a gluten-free flour. I also didn’t have any buttermilk and substituted heavy cream. The changes were just fine. Thanks for a really great recipe!

  • Janet Yanes
    Janet Yanes Month ago

    Thanks for your video! Which cocoa powder works best? Dutch processed or Natural cocoa?

  • Millyandlovin'it!
    Millyandlovin'it! Month ago

    Sooo, since you're switching between 8" and 6" pans, how much batter should go into each of 3 - 6" pan?? I don't want to overfill and have a BIG mess, plus I'd love to make some cupcakes with the extra batter. Thanks in advance!

  • Hikma _M
    Hikma _M Month ago

    Can we leave out the sour cream?

  • AxelRose
    AxelRose Month ago

    That is not a cup

  • Widdna Chavane
    Widdna Chavane Month ago

    fyjGWLRIhfBLJwydgFUKywdfvKUYwfeKuywrfkuywrfgkuyWEG!FuyweGWE,i6gFWEI!ygfiywe!EGfiygW,eifyg!wjeyeg,jywegf,weuyGES,jydcsV jshevfefvjyw fukbdcs,js bhmgcrwygrjygwrgfrw6ifumg3fqffbkucae,hkaeckiyacdhilwdaijugavej

  • Nescel Porridge
    Nescel Porridge Month ago

    can we uSe eVapOrated miLk? inStead oF buTter miLk..

    • ThenThen
      ThenThen Month ago

      Just add 1 tbsp of vinegar to a cup of evaporated milk and set aside for 10mins and you have a buttermilk already.

  • Sharon Roberts
    Sharon Roberts Month ago

    I really want to make this cake but I need to know how much a stick of butter weighs (for those of us in the UK) - thank you so much.

  • Anne Nkoane
    Anne Nkoane Month ago

    You did not sift Your dry ingredients back in the day? 😆

  • Soul Searcher
    Soul Searcher Month ago

    Hey john i am planning to make this cake for my husband’s birthday. Will it be okay if i make it a day before? Thanks. And yes you are my favourite 👨‍🍳 since i saw you on youtube.

    • Lightaqua
      Lightaqua Month ago +1

      I'm no Baker but my mom has years of experience of cooking and baking and she says that making it a few days before is great to cool it before decorating and also helps settle the flavor.

  • Nerissa Drabiuk
    Nerissa Drabiuk Month ago

    Most delicious chocolate cake I have ever made! Was a big hit when I used it for a wedding cake along with the vanilla cake! Thank you so much!

  • Rafat Sultana
    Rafat Sultana Month ago

    What would be the measurment for 1 cake pan of 8inch

  • A Chatterjee
    A Chatterjee Month ago

    I tried this recipe with a bit of modification due to unavailability of ingredients and it's truly the ultimate!!!! This was awesome.. thank you so much for the recipe. I can't thank you enough for this.

  • Hridya Rehni
    Hridya Rehni Month ago +4

    Can you show us how to whisk the frosting by hand?
    (I don’t have a mixer ☹️)

    • Hridya Rehni
      Hridya Rehni 17 days ago

      SuzetteG316 : thank you for telling me! 😊😊

    • SuzetteG316
      SuzetteG316 19 days ago

      Just follow what he does in the video with the mixer but you do it with a whisk. Easy peasy. But...If you don't have great biceps, right now you will after whisking buttercream frosting by hand - lol. All the best!

  • Ramsha Shaikh
    Ramsha Shaikh Month ago

    I tried this cake, the batter tastes deliciouss but my cake turned out reeli dense, not sure what I did wrong 😖

  • Richard M
    Richard M Month ago

    I'll have to try it that recipe someday!

  • Alexa Cannon
    Alexa Cannon Month ago

    I tried this cake the other day for a birthday cake and it went down so well!!!!! So moist, rich and chocolates but not too sweet or dense. They loved it and everyone said it was one of the best cakes they’d had at the office!!!! I covered it in ganache; filled it with a salted caramel buttercream and topped it with some caramel shards. Amazing.

  • julia paige
    julia paige Month ago

    u look permanently uncomfortable

  • aa liyah
    aa liyah Month ago +1

    Hello can you please give me the ingredients into grams thank you