Amazing Chocolate Cake

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • My Chocolate Cake is beyond moist, you could LITERALLY leave it out on the counter for several days and it would still be luscious. This is the BEST chocolate cake recipe and garanteed the please all the chocolate cake lovers out there!
    The surprise favorite for me on this cake was the cacao nibs. For those of you who have not been exposed to these little delights, they're pure, unprocessed chocolate aka they're very crunchy and chocolatey (not sweet at all). They contrast with the buttercream nicely and prevent the cake from being cloying.
    Full Recipe:
    I've made this cake many times and filmed on two separate occasions. So you might notice that I bake a 6 inch cake but decorate an eight inch one. I often love to make a smaller cake make a batch of cupcakes with the extra batter. Just to be clear though the recipe makes 3 nice eight inch cake layers!
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  • Aalia Mahmood
    Aalia Mahmood 10 months ago +251

    YES PEOPLE I can vouch for this !best chocolate cake EVER. You will not regret making this!i once made this 2 days in advance and it was still ridiculously moist

    • Tristen Snyder
      Tristen Snyder 12 days ago

      May I ask which recipe you followed, video or blog? I noticed they are different.

    • Sweets with Chef
      Sweets with Chef 17 days ago

      I love a good chocolate cake.

    • Jimena Vazquez
      Jimena Vazquez Month ago

      Aalia Mahmood new subscriber 😍

    • Cashiba camrin
      Cashiba camrin 2 months ago +1

      @Preppy Kitchen I would love for you to try making a Jamaican fruit cake (Christmas cake) that would make me so happy 😊

  • Anthony Burrascano
    Anthony Burrascano 14 hours ago

    Why does he not include a way to print out the recipie?

  • Priyanka Mehta
    Priyanka Mehta 16 hours ago

    What is the alternative of sour cream?? Can i use milk instead ?

  • Caoimhe Graham
    Caoimhe Graham 2 days ago +1

    Could I leave out the coffee as making it for kids

  • Sakshi Kapoor
    Sakshi Kapoor 2 days ago

    What's the use of butter milk and sour cream? What's the substitute oh butter milk and sour cream

  • A Thought Just
    A Thought Just 4 days ago

    Are those 6” cake pans?

  • nimra khalid
    nimra khalid 4 days ago

    What's the ultimate of sour cream?

  • Justa_random_ gurl
    Justa_random_ gurl 5 days ago +1

    That cake is amazing!!!

  • Guerrero’s Cafe
    Guerrero’s Cafe 6 days ago

    Wooooooooow 😋

  • Наталія Сміян


  • Charlie Suico
    Charlie Suico 9 days ago

    What can I use if I don't have buttermilk?

  • Deidra Taylor
    Deidra Taylor 10 days ago


  • Althea G
    Althea G 10 days ago

    Hello, I just wanna ask, can I make coffee buttercream instead of chocolate buttercream?
    And if I make a coffee one, is it the same process except for the cocoa powder and chocolate ganache?

  • Prajakta Rane
    Prajakta Rane 10 days ago

    Hi sir can you tell me Eggless vanilla cake recipe please

  • Sheeba Dieudonne
    Sheeba Dieudonne 11 days ago

    Wow John. Thankyou for a wonderful recipe. I tried it. It was super duper moist and delish.

  • Tristen Snyder
    Tristen Snyder 12 days ago

    I'm making this cake today/tomorrow but I noticed the recipe here and on your blog are different. Which one should use? And does the type or strength of the coffee make a big difference? I don't drink coffee so I'm at a loss there.

  • Space Angel
    Space Angel 13 days ago

    Baking this as I type, I’ll be back with an update 🤗, but I’m sure it’s wonderful... every recipe I’ve made of yours is !
    **Update** .... You sir, are nothing short of amazing. This cake is perfect. It’s everything you said and more . The crumb on this was so absolutely gorgeous that I felt a warm tear stream down my cheek . Thank you 😊❤️🙏

  • Helen Rose
    Helen Rose 14 days ago +1

    Amazing 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Katelyn Contreras
    Katelyn Contreras 14 days ago

    Can you leave the butter milk out

  • Mario Farias
    Mario Farias 14 days ago +2

    Your theory of explaining is great...Your smile is SEDUCTIVE:) LEADER

  • Niniveh Peralta
    Niniveh Peralta 14 days ago +1

    Sour cream alternative pls? We dont have one readily availble in our place😟

    • Carty
      Carty 11 days ago

      Some Natural yogurt should be good

  • Harvey Lee
    Harvey Lee 14 days ago

    Cocoa is the best ingredient in the world for making cake. And may I know how much this chocolate cake selling for in your country?

  • Mary Maldonado
    Mary Maldonado 15 days ago


  • Jenna Knopf
    Jenna Knopf 16 days ago

    Put stout beer in chocolate cake, no questions, just do it

  • Jenna Knopf
    Jenna Knopf 16 days ago

    You had me at fudgy

  • Koki gamer
    Koki gamer 17 days ago

    Can I don’t put sour cream in the wet ingredients

  • Browni 850
    Browni 850 17 days ago

    I love your work. Why the coffee? That’s new to me.

  • Mahra Fares
    Mahra Fares 18 days ago


  • Susan Grose
    Susan Grose 19 days ago

    I made this today and turned out perfect. I added espresso powder to buttercream just fun because I did not have cocoa nibs. I learn so much from watching your channel. Thank you again.

  • Carlos Oceguera
    Carlos Oceguera 19 days ago

    The one thing that I hate about your channel is that the recipes are so good I eat all of it and then feel guilty afterwards

  • Aka Jordan
    Aka Jordan 19 days ago

    Anyway to substitute the coco for something else?

  • AMNA batool
    AMNA batool 19 days ago

    This is just amazing :)

  • Ummy Zara
    Ummy Zara 20 days ago

    I will definitely try this😋😋
    Please what is the substitute for sour cream in this recipe?

  • Celine Nathan
    Celine Nathan 20 days ago

    How much is one stick of butter in grams can u please let me know

  • debbie _sings
    debbie _sings 21 day ago +1

    What did you say at 1:32

  • The Pink Frog
    The Pink Frog 21 day ago

    I am like so glad you said it looks like a puddle...I was scared!! I am making this today and I was like ..."No way, I screwed this up" But "Hooray! All is not lost, I made it right"...I think, I hope...we'll see, meanwhile I will keep watching while my cake cooks, ...bakes I mean. THank you for sharing this with all of us!! Can't wait to try this.=;') OMG that frosting is AMAZING! And my cakes are beautiful, I ate a little bit before I frosted it. Thank you so much this cake is so dreamy!! Love it! Thank you again so much!! =;')

  • H Fox
    H Fox 21 day ago

    you are amazing and soo nice!

  • cardmaster123100
    cardmaster123100 21 day ago

    I made this cake but it came out so dense, like bread pudding! What may have gone wrong?

  • Jess yes
    Jess yes 24 days ago

    That's a looooot of sugar in that cake. Is it okay if i add half of the sugar, or will it affect the texture of the cake?

  • Rupashna ram
    Rupashna ram 24 days ago

    I made this cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and everyone loved it thanks a lot 👍😁

  • Ave Angelica Ingente
    Ave Angelica Ingente 25 days ago

    Can I lessen the amount of confectioners sugar? Tia

  • Georgia Cotton
    Georgia Cotton 25 days ago

    Ok I'm sold, I need to try this! Can anyone who has made it (preferably none coffee drinkers) please let me know if you can taste any of the coffee in this?

  • Fabiha Fatima
    Fabiha Fatima 25 days ago

    Can we skip sour cream

  • titiri titiri
    titiri titiri 26 days ago

    How to substitute the eggs? I heard apple sauce but how much of apple sauce?

  • Cashmere and Grace Bakes

    Hi Guy, thank you for sharing. This cake is so good. I followed exactly except for Cooke I used a caramel latte, since that’s all I had. It is great. Oh! Guess what?! I found the cake strips on sale. $6, I know. #sharingiscaring. Thanks again. I will post a picture after I delivery to this Birthday chocolate cake to a friend 😍

  • meshell4real
    meshell4real 28 days ago

    The hot coffee wont cook/ scrambled eggs?🤔

    • meshell4real
      meshell4real 28 days ago

      @Preppy Kitchen okay thanks will give it a try soon

    • Preppy Kitchen
      Preppy Kitchen  28 days ago +1

      not the way it's done in the video

  • Huda Huda
    Huda Huda 28 days ago

    Very beautiful... Thank you

  • Magalí Moyano
    Magalí Moyano Month ago +3

    I really love your channel but please please, can you give me the measurements in grams/ml so I can make this recipe? Hugs and kisses from Argentina

  • Nitzi Ameyali
    Nitzi Ameyali Month ago +6

    All the recipes on this channel are incredibly good. thanks for sharing your delight! Eres el mejor. 🍒🌼

  • Mafalda Holthe
    Mafalda Holthe Month ago

    Hello ☺️ Can you use this recipe for a 3 layers wedding cake ? And the cocoa powder is it 100 % cocoa ? (I only find 100% here and it gets to bitter sometimes ) thanks in advance 🙏🏼

  • Bec B
    Bec B Month ago +9

    THIS IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE! I was skeptical at first but I followed the easy detailed instructions and made the best chocolate cake I've tasted and I MADE IT! Thanks so much!! :D

  • Meredith Pierce
    Meredith Pierce Month ago

    I am not a fan of coffee. If I remove the coffee, how would the other measurements change.

    • Cottani Buni
      Cottani Buni Month ago

      Meredith Pierce The coffee doesn’t come through, it just boosts the chocolate flavor.

  • Gail Fisher
    Gail Fisher Month ago +1

    🌸 how do you stay so skinny eating all of that cake, butter cream, frosting etc
    Another amazing video 💕💗💖✨
    My cousin and I actually made this, we both almost ate most of this cake too lol
    It was delicious 😋

  • turin sunshine
    turin sunshine Month ago

    Could I use gluten free flour with this???

  • Laurita Ionah
    Laurita Ionah Month ago

    Nice Recipe..this is the Best Chocolate cake recipe love it..

  • Angela Courtney
    Angela Courtney Month ago +4

    I made your chocolate cake over the weekend for my sons birthday...AMAZING thank you

  • Ummy Zara
    Ummy Zara Month ago

    Can I cover this cake in fondant? Well done👍

  • Elizabeth Gillespie

    Could you post the recipe for the 6-inch cakes?

  • Francisco García González

    The continuity of this video is weird.

  • Nevo Awaad
    Nevo Awaad Month ago

    Can use any thing insted of sourcream

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram Month ago +1

    Cake should not be sour. Should be sweet
    Why do you use sour cream?

    • sabrina liu
      sabrina liu Month ago

      The sour cream is just to make the cake more moist, u can’t taste it all :-) it’s a rlly common cake ingredient

  • Glen Roebuck
    Glen Roebuck Month ago +5

    So the recipe calls for 1 1/2 lbs of powdered sugar but you only used a pound in the video. Which one is it? :)

    • Tracy Carr
      Tracy Carr 27 days ago +1

      @Glen Roebuck
      I have the same question😄 I just finished making the cake and about to make the icing. I also noticed for the icing the measurements and some of ingredients for is different on the link for the recipe than the video...uhhh I dunno what to do LOL!

  • shaista akhtar
    shaista akhtar Month ago

    How do we make butter milk at home because here we get only masala butter milk, or can someone suggest a name of the used buttermilk pls

  • ImLovingThis One
    ImLovingThis One Month ago +22

    0:53 adds baking powder
    0:54 it disappears in the bowl

    • Egg Krab
      Egg Krab 20 days ago

      Lmao yeah i think he mixed the baking powder and soda in that bowl beforehand

  • Anita Thompson
    Anita Thompson Month ago

    MAN!!!!! Looks so delicious thanks for sharing have a blessed day today in Jesus Christ our Lord GOD and savor JESUS CHRIST by

  • vivandav67
    vivandav67 Month ago

    I'm in love..oh, and the cake looks great, too..😍😁

  • Gerald Brienza
    Gerald Brienza Month ago

    Can you make a Keto version?

  • Thomas Santin
    Thomas Santin Month ago

    Gotta try it. I think I know why your husband doesn't show his face, He eats all the leftovers.

  • Ms. Pierre
    Ms. Pierre Month ago

    The recipe from the blog is different🤦🏾‍♀️ I made the cake which looks great! I need to make the icing and I’m not sure if I should use dark chocolate or semisweet chocolate

  • Charline Bossé
    Charline Bossé Month ago +1

    Could I use cane sugar instead of white sugar? Cake looks so delicious and I love chocolate!

  • Cris Hamilton
    Cris Hamilton Month ago +6

    I love your videos! Would you please consider please also give measurements in grams? Or ounces for the people who mostly use a scale to bake? Thank you!

  • edmarie rivera
    edmarie rivera Month ago

    Making this tonight! Super nervous!

    • edmarie rivera
      edmarie rivera Month ago

      Ms. Pierre amazing!!!!! 10/10 !! Followed everything he said and it was the best cake I’ve ever made!! My family ate the whole thing

    • Ms. Pierre
      Ms. Pierre Month ago +1

      edmarie rivera how did the cake come out?

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay Month ago

    Looks so creamy 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Ly xx
    Ly xx Month ago +1

    I wanna make only two cakes instead of three so how do I divide the ingredients? Please help me bcs it’ll be a birthday cake for my little brother

    • Ly xx
      Ly xx Month ago +1

      Eugenie Bakker okay thank you so much!

    • Eugenie Bakker
      Eugenie Bakker Month ago +2

      Use larger tins. He used 8 inch tins
      Try 10 inch tins. Do not divide the ingredients as it rarely works out.

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson Month ago

    Excellent teaching. I love all his videos. The best teaching I've seen. Wish I could be at a baking school with him being the teacher. Going to try this cake right now

  • Terina Tumatahi Tahana Reese

    Can these cakes be frozen for later use?

  • My daydream is of J-Hope

    0:53 That baking powder vanished

  • druidboy76
    druidboy76 Month ago


  • Victor Vail
    Victor Vail Month ago +1

    Wow... I have no idea what happened to the cake I made, but... it never turned into cake(!!!) - the batter looked just like yours, when it went into the cake pans... and 35 min. later, it was still liquid. 50 min. later, it was still liquid (by this point it was boiling)... THEN, one hour & 20 minutes later, it had boiled down into a liquidy mush (that was now burning on the the top)... (?????) Couldn't believe it. I've had this happen once before - about 20 yrs ago, maybe? - and have no idea what went wrong then, either. Thought MAYBE I'd forgotten the flour(?), but the measuring cup I used was there, with the flour residue on the sides of the glass cup... When it was done, I literally poured the cake batter (for 3 cake pans) into one cereal bowl. It tasted good - like eating a chocolate porridge, but... WHAT HAPPENED?!? (And, yes - I bake, and have been baking cakes for decades...) I thought MAYBE the baking soda had "expired" - or the baking powder - but, I made 2 other cakes that same day (for a party that weekend), and everything else came out fine. I'd like to try this one again - but, truthfully? I think I'm afraid to go through this again...

  • Pru G
    Pru G Month ago

    Could anyone please tell me if the strong coffee needs to be hot when adding to the wet mix? Because John then adds the eggs to the mix, and I am wondering if the hot coffee will mean the eggs will start to cook... Thanks.

  • natasha kolo
    natasha kolo Month ago +2

    In this video you use 2 tbsp of cocoa powder yet your recipe & procedure reference 1/4c of cocoa powder. I followed your procedure & watched your video afterward, & surprise surprise!😳😦

    • Tracy Carr
      Tracy Carr 27 days ago +1

      @natasha kolo
      Ok then I'll give it a try tomorrow Thanks again!😁

    • natasha kolo
      natasha kolo 27 days ago +1

      @Tracy Carr Exactly. I was following the procedure from his blog and when I went back to watch the video I realized the difference. I stuck with the 1/4c of cocoa powder because it was too late to turn back, plus I didn't have chocolate chips on hand. I imagine the frosting would have a deeper chocolate flavor with the melted chocolate incorporated and be smoother? Either way, I don't think you can go wrong if you follow the written (chocolatier🤤) or video directions🙂

    • Tracy Carr
      Tracy Carr 27 days ago

      @natasha kolo
      Hey Natasha girl 😁...thanks you so much for your reply. Ok so to make sure I understood well- for the Buttercream you followed the measurements from the written recipe on that link and it turned out ok? And then after you noticed the measurements from the video? They are both different. Maybe I should follow what is on the video? Thanks again!😉

    • natasha kolo
      natasha kolo 27 days ago +1

      @Tracy Carr Hey girl! It turned out great!🤗 If yours ends up a little too thick or on the dry side, don't panic🙂, just add a little more heavy cream. Btw, the cake was very moist! Although I did cover each layer with a chocolate simple syrup.

    • Tracy Carr
      Tracy Carr 27 days ago

      @Natasha Kolo
      How did the Buttercream turn out? I just finished making the cake and I'm just about to make the Buttercream- but do not know which measurements to follow? Some of the ingredients and measurements for the icing on the link is different from the video🙁😯

  • Anthony Marquez
    Anthony Marquez Month ago

    Can I use mayonnaise instead of sour cream?

  • Aya El-Sawa
    Aya El-Sawa Month ago +3

    Him: ...basic skirt...

  • Richa Tripathi
    Richa Tripathi Month ago +1

    Hi John.i tried your chocolate cake with vanilla frosting was delicious.i made it in 4.5 inch cake pan and just did 1/3rd of your 8 inch recipe...thank You so much .it was for my husband.i love it..

  • Kriti Bhattacharya
    Kriti Bhattacharya Month ago

    Can I skip the sour cream?

  • lishija rajendran
    lishija rajendran Month ago

    What is sour cream

  • Sh'Val Sh'Thomas
    Sh'Val Sh'Thomas Month ago

    This cake ended up very dense and not light and fluffy. Did not raise properly. There needs to be thin layers put for bake and I think it is important to highlight that, otherwise it is very dense. I haven’t tried with thin layers yet but just concluding since it ended up very dense

  • longhornz30
    longhornz30 Month ago

    There's no many types of coffee and being that I'm not a coffee drinker I don't even know where to start. Why type of coffee?

  • Melissa Carr
    Melissa Carr Month ago +4

    I made this cake last night and it turned out perfect! I was really concerned with how liquidy the batter was, but the cake turned out very moist! Thank you for the recipe!

  • Estera Serban
    Estera Serban Month ago

    Bring some for me

  • Estera Serban
    Estera Serban Month ago

    Bring some for me

  • Mickey Ferrand
    Mickey Ferrand Month ago

    where do I get the reciepe for this cake???

    • leah mwikali
      leah mwikali Month ago

      Mickey Ferrand

  • Reka Swan
    Reka Swan Month ago +1

    The Bestttt cocolate cake I ever made ! Sooo moist! Lovinnnnnnnn it . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I'bella Molina
    I'bella Molina Month ago

    Hi, I'm a Home baker I'll like to know
    What can i use instead butter milk?

  • Linda Alvarez
    Linda Alvarez Month ago

    Which cocoa powder do you recommend using?

  • yamuna amali
    yamuna amali Month ago

    Wow your choco cake recipe is amazed me ,definitely I’ll try tomorrow..thank u very much for temptation.

  • Claudia Cannone
    Claudia Cannone Month ago

    May I say that you are by far the best on USclip and this cake is a perfect example! I actually just in the last two weeks used it for my brother’s 20year anniversary cake, my twin’s 15th birthday cakes, cupcakes for a friend and another cake for a friend... they said this is the best chocolate cake I’ve made. YOU are the best ever and I’m forever grateful 🥇⭐️🙏🏻

  • sarah louise
    sarah louise Month ago

    marginal mess LOLOLOL! so funny! looks like an industrial accident at a cake factory! brilliant.

  • poppy pops
    poppy pops 2 months ago

    Hi, what type/ brand cocoa powder did u use?

  • mahlai ansari
    mahlai ansari 2 months ago

    I try it again it was delicious sorry