Lil Yachty Shows Off His Extremely Rare Sneaker Collection On Part 1 Of Complex Closets


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  • Complex
    Complex  6 months ago +303

    Catch part 2 of this episode here:

    LOGAN PAU/ 48 minutes ago +1

    Yatchy better eat his COCK

  • Julia Herrera
    Julia Herrera 20 hours ago

    Lil yachty has fucken heat

  • Félix Pfeiffer
    Félix Pfeiffer 2 days ago +2

    i watched this vid like 10 times dope collection

  • bleanboy
    bleanboy 2 days ago

    my goal is to have a better shoe collection then lil yachty

  • Cholix Reacts
    Cholix Reacts 2 days ago

    What were the other Jordan’s in the white box Jordan sent lil yatchy I’ve been trying to find them pls let me now

  • Gage DiNicola
    Gage DiNicola 2 days ago

    that pure money part had me dying

  • Aldous 2-0
    Aldous 2-0 3 days ago

    This feeling when shoe collection cost more than your life

  • Daan Kesters
    Daan Kesters 3 days ago

    Is This guys channel whole sarcasm

  • Robert Toschlog
    Robert Toschlog 3 days ago

    I have 10 pairs of inference js

  • cris93561
    cris93561 3 days ago

    9:37 got two pairs of those rocafellas ❤

  • 1,000 subscribers with no videos

    He seem nice...?

  • Zerotic
    Zerotic 4 days ago

    “U know what I’m saying” Lil Boat

  • Nicholas Ahlers
    Nicholas Ahlers 4 days ago

    Man organize your shoes

  • sean rodriguez
    sean rodriguez 4 days ago +1

    Those seinfeld and scrubs sneakers are so fire

  • [tsc] Mysty
    [tsc] Mysty 4 days ago

    7:47 what are those slippers called

  • Die Wassermelone
    Die Wassermelone 5 days ago

    Ok sorry calm down mr rich boy

  • Matthew DeSilva
    Matthew DeSilva 5 days ago

    I like how he does not talk retarded like most other rappers

  • Tyriq Bentley
    Tyriq Bentley 5 days ago

    make more complex closets

  • Leonard Moodly
    Leonard Moodly 5 days ago

    I was wrong about you

  • Brian Clarke
    Brian Clarke 6 days ago

    Them Oregon Duck 5s are so fire , damn 🔥🔥🔥🤧

  • Christian Scolamiero
    Christian Scolamiero 6 days ago +1

    5:05 odell beckham jr in the crowd

  • rodmukesjr
    rodmukesjr 7 days ago


  • Fog
    Fog 8 days ago

    What the *FIGITY FUCK*

  • David Sundaresan
    David Sundaresan 8 days ago

    4:37 😂😂😂

  • Miauribe
    Miauribe 8 days ago

    " imma put thus fire down, Ion wanna brun my house down"

  • Pierre Justin
    Pierre Justin 9 days ago

    His hair had an aglets, too.

  • LosAngeles323
    LosAngeles323 9 days ago +1

    Chinese people literally get paid $1 a day to make these and people collect them and spend 200% mark up. What a world.

  • Mohammed Siaka
    Mohammed Siaka 9 days ago

    This dude has the rarest Snickers collection among rappers

  • Mus_Mxd
    Mus_Mxd 9 days ago +1

    7:00-7:35 😂

  • jdiggzz66
    jdiggzz66 9 days ago

    the scrubs nikes look like the old school sb classics

  • leon cruz
    leon cruz 10 days ago

    I feel like yatchys personality changed, I like the new yatchty.

  • syncs gaming
    syncs gaming 10 days ago +1

    Lil yashi is best

  • AJ Sandulac
    AJ Sandulac 11 days ago

    found the scrubs on line lol

  • Supra
    Supra 11 days ago +1

    Blow me up and I will show my jewelry too lmao

  • blush cannon
    blush cannon 11 days ago

    His collection of ones is fucking fire

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez 12 days ago

    This is the most beautiful ugly shoe I've seen in my life" LMAOOOOOOO

  • ethan hill
    ethan hill 12 days ago

    jaspers aint even an ugly shoe tho

  • ScrubDusters
    ScrubDusters 12 days ago

    Hey everyone doing a ton of Supreme Mystery Boxes and have references here is the link to my eBay and any questions you have please message for a quick response I have hoodies collab tees beanies accessories and more.

  • Caca Caca
    Caca Caca 13 days ago

    5:49. S/o

  • CxJ X
    CxJ X 13 days ago +2

    Yachty seems like a cool person to hang out with

  • My Nibba
    My Nibba 13 days ago


  • Adam rey530
    Adam rey530 13 days ago

    brand new pair on ur bitch ass

  • buggie
    buggie 13 days ago

    he has big ass feet
    like damn a 10.5??

  • Nathan Bays
    Nathan Bays 14 days ago

    For the Jordan 1’s with the arrow on them why not just call them the "two’s" for that way ones

  • Alfredo Zertuche
    Alfredo Zertuche 14 days ago

    When your hyped more about how you got shoes for the low and not showing off price tags of outrageously expensive shoes. That's being real and not a big show off. Not a fan of his music but kudos and glar they didnt bleep bad words

    ZATOX 14 days ago

    Where the Yeezys at

  • Angel Jauregui
    Angel Jauregui 14 days ago

    11:42 what are those red shoes ??

  • cory broderick
    cory broderick 15 days ago

    What's the song for the intro

  • Tim Bravakis
    Tim Bravakis 15 days ago

    The full blue shoes are dope! I see you yachty

  • miles schwartz
    miles schwartz 15 days ago

    he has these yet the moron only eats pizza and chicken nuggets

  • Tyler Blevins
    Tyler Blevins 16 days ago

    Complex we wanna see your closet

  • Lamar Dean
    Lamar Dean 16 days ago

    6:54 why yatchy look so fat 😂😂

  • KillMeSleeping *
    KillMeSleeping * 16 days ago


  • Gavin Little
    Gavin Little 16 days ago

    will never ever understand the whole american sneaker culture. why tf you spend a grand on a pair of shoes?? you could buy a car for that p

  • Zymotic TV
    Zymotic TV 16 days ago

    6:44 shoes called with the purple yellow orange white black mix of colours someone?

  • Shawn Long
    Shawn Long 17 days ago


  • TashiStudios
    TashiStudios 17 days ago

    Not cool bro using elephant skin for shoes😡...they are endangered bitch

  • Billy Bao
    Billy Bao 17 days ago

    Love how rich this dude is and he still stays humble and flexes over saving money @ 3:22

  • Izabela Serwan
    Izabela Serwan 17 days ago

    I go to the same school that MJ's kids went to

  • Eric Leon
    Eric Leon 17 days ago

    “These are biggity beat man”

  • Bdk2036
    Bdk2036 18 days ago

    We gone skip pass the kswiss

  • BreezyBallerGaming
    BreezyBallerGaming 18 days ago

    Jordan 5 Tokyo? Jordan 12 Wings?

  • A-T-M Traps
    A-T-M Traps 18 days ago

    Is it me or is his voice different

  • Leo Velli
    Leo Velli 18 days ago

    Yoo what beat or song is it that drops at 05:00?

  • aye dre
    aye dre 18 days ago

    air seinfelds?? he won.

  • Nalla Dlanor Gomez
    Nalla Dlanor Gomez 19 days ago

    were's the autotune at? 😂

  • BeyondChange
    BeyondChange 19 days ago

    I would wear those shoes, if it didn't say Nike.

  • BeyondChange
    BeyondChange 19 days ago

    Shoes that said Made in Thailand, most likely Cost Nike 25 cents to make.

  • BeyondChange
    BeyondChange 19 days ago

    Why would you buy shoes and never will ever wear them?
    That is some bs

  • BeyondChange
    BeyondChange 19 days ago

    Buying shoes for those prices is ridiculous!

  • Malcolm Woodbury
    Malcolm Woodbury 19 days ago

    “Don’t cut out my heat” 😂😂

  • Plague  PrismMeat
    Plague PrismMeat 19 days ago

    He almost has all Jordan’s

  • Felipe Solorzano
    Felipe Solorzano 19 days ago

    Huge collection for such a short rapping career. Hope yachty isn't spending too much money on materialistic stuff. If this is his shoe collection, imagine his car collection, clothing, jewelry. Great episode.

  • Flurry BR
    Flurry BR 19 days ago

    Surprised he didn't have the 2k generic...

  • Leo
    Leo 19 days ago


  • Everett Giles
    Everett Giles 19 days ago

    7:31 Lil Yachty is the only rapper that would say that happily

  • Everett Giles
    Everett Giles 19 days ago

    We are somewhere in Atlanta

  • Yung Hensin
    Yung Hensin 19 days ago

    What's the intro song?

  • Cdawg Official
    Cdawg Official 19 days ago

  • HubertMosiej
    HubertMosiej 19 days ago

    aint no flu. my g was recovering from a night of some fat coke

  • Rupert the chicken
    Rupert the chicken 20 days ago

    This is the first time ive heard him without autotune

  • pimp_nasty666
    pimp_nasty666 20 days ago

    I saw at least 10 reps in this video

  • Michael Yeung
    Michael Yeung 20 days ago


  • Alex Medina
    Alex Medina 20 days ago

    6:53 Oooo: Blueberry yum yum🤘🏻😯

  • 420 Eli
    420 Eli 20 days ago

    And the winner of this challenge is Lil Yachty

  • Kylee Duong
    Kylee Duong 21 day ago

    that blueberry yum yum

  • Aubergine Bellen
    Aubergine Bellen 21 day ago +1

    Sneaker collecting is like buying silly purses for men.

  • Jezza McDuggy
    Jezza McDuggy 21 day ago

    that bottom, id lick it, but thats weird. lol

  • Sttg Teh
    Sttg Teh 21 day ago

    4:42 I’m dead

  • Dubman Everxcy
    Dubman Everxcy 21 day ago

    EXTREMELY hyped up

  • Dane B
    Dane B 21 day ago +2

    3:26 what's this beat called?

  • Rashpal Singh
    Rashpal Singh 22 days ago

    All are nice

    UDM_ CLOUD 22 days ago

    That blueberry yum yum

    UDM_ CLOUD 22 days ago

    I love lil boat

  • Phillip Flores
    Phillip Flores 23 days ago

    Lil yachty a homo foreal fuckin gay fuck

  • Jonathan Menjivar
    Jonathan Menjivar 23 days ago +1

    4:40 Let's get it! 😂

  • Alienz Gaming
    Alienz Gaming 23 days ago

    Wow the first rapper I've heard of that graduated high school

  • Abraham Traore Jr
    Abraham Traore Jr 24 days ago

    Why do I feel like the only one that when Yachty said you can’t even googled these I went straight to Safari or Google and looked it up
    Like if u did the same