10 Most Hated Guests On Ellen DeGeneres

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • 10 Most Hated Guests On Ellen DeGeneres
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    The Ellen Show has been running for longer than some of us have been alive, so it goes without saying that there have been more guests than you can shake a stick at. Some featured celebs are loved the world over, while others divide opinion entirely. Others are just plain hated. Some of the famous names you’re about to see appeared on the show in the peak of their infamy, while others would go on to become notorious for all the wrong reasons. Join us as we take a look at the Most Hated Guests Ever to Appear on Ellen
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Comments • 350

  • Water Islife
    Water Islife 17 hours ago

    Ellen hates everyone. notice her smug undertones when she talks to or about others.

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor Day ago

    Learn to read man.

  • Kurt Ploudre
    Kurt Ploudre Day ago

    The quality of this video is just awful. Thanks amateur.

  • CJ Brown
    CJ Brown Day ago


  • sputnikalgrim
    sputnikalgrim 2 days ago +1

    Who the hell is Marcia Brady?

  • 1984
    1984 3 days ago

    It’s strange how Ellen presents herself all family friendly and clean but then associates with sex tape kartrashian or Miley Cyrus among others, essentially promoting them. Just doesn’t go with her image at all

  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 3 days ago +2

    C'mon dude, Robert Kardashian wasn't really OJ's lawyer. He was on the legal team but was little more than an advisor. Kardashian never did anything but sit behind the defense teams table.

  • Zachary Polansky
    Zachary Polansky 3 days ago

    Nah fam... y’all don’t know what ur talking about

  • Jeta-Maria Swanepoel
    Jeta-Maria Swanepoel 3 days ago +4

    Miley Is satan's finest. Handpicked for his work...

  • Tim Gammon
    Tim Gammon 3 days ago

    No one knew who the Kardashians were until they were force fed to us. Wake up

  • Emmanuel Louis
    Emmanuel Louis 3 days ago

    When did Ye says slavery should be brought back?

  • Steve Young
    Steve Young 3 days ago

    Well that's 10:38 of my life I won't get back

  • Mick Williams
    Mick Williams 3 days ago

    The Kardations must be one of the most reviled families on the planet along with the Clintons and Obamas.

  • Patrica Dyson
    Patrica Dyson 3 days ago

    This girl is no Lady.

  • Gene Crow
    Gene Crow 4 days ago

    Marcia Bratty? Ha ha

  • Donna Jones
    Donna Jones 4 days ago

    Please learn how to say their names that you should already know

  • Ronda Pochopin
    Ronda Pochopin 4 days ago

    Bill and Miley should get together

  • Matt Patterson
    Matt Patterson 5 days ago

    Love trump

  • matt dalton
    matt dalton 5 days ago +5

    Mar cia Brady? Seriously? Federleen? Dude. Let someone else read the script. You obviously don’t know anything

  • Robert Helios
    Robert Helios 5 days ago

    Who is marsiuh
    Braddy? Or was it Marsha brady?

  • Simspin81
    Simspin81 5 days ago +1

    Screw bill Clinton

  • Anbus 101
    Anbus 101 5 days ago +6

    Miley Cyrus is everything that's wrong about us...... Disgusting

  • Lauren Hall
    Lauren Hall 6 days ago +2

    Sinead shouldn't be giving Miley advice. Sadly Sineads career was in my opinion, a 1 hit wonder.

  • Jay Trussel
    Jay Trussel 6 days ago

    This dude sucks. Should be fired

  • weinerrichard
    weinerrichard 6 days ago +2

    Obviously not an American

  • Shammy Doodar
    Shammy Doodar 6 days ago

    I think it's a girl

  • Joseph Mcdonald
    Joseph Mcdonald 6 days ago

    Every square inch of it love

  • Martha Gill
    Martha Gill 6 days ago +6

    "10 Most" starts at number 8...

  • Carter Waggoner
    Carter Waggoner 6 days ago +10

    Trump is awesome

  • Donworryuask2mne?'s Brady

    Your worse than the dude from ancient aliens....at least he can enunciate properly albeit he over enunciates

  • Bob McDowell
    Bob McDowell 6 days ago +2

    Miley has class----low class!

  • GunshotTV
    GunshotTV 7 days ago

    How come there at only 8?

  • Brian Christopher Jenkins

    Who is Kevin Federlean?

  • Brian Christopher Jenkins

    Who is Maceeah Brahdy?

  • Lucia Morgan
    Lucia Morgan 8 days ago +5

    MILEY CYRUS is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of WHY one should NEVER PUSH 'GOODY-TWO-SHOES' VALUES onto their DAUGHTERS ... when the HORMONES KICK-IN ... the clothes come-off and the REBOUND begins...

  • Prof. FGC
    Prof. FGC 8 days ago +3

    Clinton was not impeached. So much for the credibility of this video

    • RaIdErNaTiOn 74
      RaIdErNaTiOn 74 7 days ago +2

      Yes he was. He wasn't removed from office,but he WAS impeached.

    • jdstox1
      jdstox1 7 days ago +1

      Uh....yes he was.....so much for your comment

  • Luc Moers
    Luc Moers 9 days ago +1

    Karan yee west

  • Jay Milutin
    Jay Milutin 9 days ago +1

    Mar-see-ya Brah-ddy

  • kim v
    kim v 9 days ago +3

    Mar see ya Braddy? Or Marcia Brady?? Oh my butchered so many names.

  • Nathan Vines
    Nathan Vines 10 days ago

    Learn how to read and pronounce names correctly I mean wow dude.

  • Jamie Meiners
    Jamie Meiners 10 days ago +4

    Good lord that was painful to listen to.

  • gary jones
    gary jones 11 days ago +1

    Ellen's kind are notorious among those in the know .....untrustworthy doesn't come close

  • Sheri Walderman
    Sheri Walderman 12 days ago

    It's Marcia Brady. (Mar-sha Bray-di)

  • m c
    m c 12 days ago

    Who is marcita braddy

  • Larry Bowman
    Larry Bowman 12 days ago

    Marcia Brady?

  • Michael K.
    Michael K. 12 days ago

    1:05 did he say Natzis?

  • Corner Garage Productions
    Corner Garage Productions 13 days ago +11

    Ellen is part of the establishment. She’s bought and paid for.

  • Backwoods Films
    Backwoods Films 13 days ago +1

    1:53 "The child star worked steadily throughout the Nazis."

    • Joseph Reynolds
      Joseph Reynolds 9 days ago

      Backwoods Films I caught that too, odd slip up.

  • Potato 3FF
    Potato 3FF 14 days ago

    To mush adsö

  • Trav Hat
    Trav Hat 14 days ago

    These videos suck

  • Alicia Roberts
    Alicia Roberts 14 days ago +1

    Who the hell hates Bill Clinton?????

    • Linda Wheeler
      Linda Wheeler 4 days ago +1

      Tons of people...he and Hillary are scum...

  • Gerald Childs
    Gerald Childs 15 days ago

    Ellen can kiss my ass.

  • frank magadan
    frank magadan 15 days ago +1

    Famous for not being famous only in America.

  • Becky Moondrop
    Becky Moondrop 16 days ago

    feder lean. lol

    SLIM SHADY FAN 16 days ago

    I'm slim shady yes I'm the real shady! All you other slim shadys are just imitating so won't the real slim shady please stand up! Please stand up! Please stand up! 'cause I'm slim shady yes I'm the real shady all you other slim shadys are just imitating so won't the real slim shady please stand up! Please stand up! Please stand up!.

  • Jordan Leclair
    Jordan Leclair 16 days ago

    He said "Marsia Bratty"... lol

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean 17 days ago +9

    Marseea Braddy?
    Do your homework so you can pronounce their names properly.

    JULIO ROSENBERG 17 days ago +1

    Other than the SEX tape The Kardashians are famous for being WHOREBAGS !! Unfortunately America LOVES it's WHOREBAGS!!

  • Pamela Foxx
    Pamela Foxx 18 days ago +1

    it is Mar Sha, Mar Sha, Mar Sha...get it right

  • Pamela Foxx
    Pamela Foxx 18 days ago +3

    Mar Sha Bray d..learn how to pronounce who u R talking about

  • Taffy Kins
    Taffy Kins 18 days ago +3

    I still don't think much of Miley Cyrus.

  • Nick Blinko
    Nick Blinko 18 days ago

    Marcia Bratty

  • Ted Salava
    Ted Salava 18 days ago

    play starting at 1:50...the announcer says Natizes trying to pass it off as nineties.Hmmmmm...

  • simbawimba100
    simbawimba100 19 days ago +1

    It's a good video bro keep it up dont worry about these cry babies who r whining about your pronunciation there probably all antifa libral bitches

  • Crazy Joker
    Crazy Joker 19 days ago

    Mar-see-a Bra-dy? Who the hell is that?

  • Robert Radcliff
    Robert Radcliff 19 days ago +2

    The karnastyans. All of those woman are just plain nasty ... Yucky!!!😝😝😝

    • Paula Tristan
      Paula Tristan 18 days ago

      Young girls from ages 14 to 23 years old

    • Paula Tristan
      Paula Tristan 18 days ago +1

      Yet all the young girls from age 24 to 23 want to be the Kar-Trash-ians because , frankly I don't know why.. they are all worthless and talentless .. wait yet all 5 girls are PAID PROSTUTITES except Karl ( Khloe) Kar-Trash-ian He/She is the exception

  • Str8 4ward
    Str8 4ward 19 days ago +2

    But yet DRUMPF would date his daughter if she wasn't his 👺

    • The Hominid
      The Hominid 6 days ago

      @Str8 4ward you said "DRUMPF (because you're apparently 6 years old) would date his daughter if she wasn't his."
      I pointed out that, if she wasn't his, she wouldn't be his daughter. Therefore he wouldn't date his daughter.
      It really isn't complicated.

    • Str8 4ward
      Str8 4ward 6 days ago

      @The Hominid 😲huh?🤔

    • The Hominid
      The Hominid 6 days ago

      Well... she wouldn't be his daughter then so... he wouldn't date his daughter.

  • jeff c
    jeff c 20 days ago

    I think he may be only eight years old!

  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill 20 days ago +5

    Ellen is at least 90% dude.

  • Tim Travasos
    Tim Travasos 20 days ago

    You can't even pronounce Federline.

  • Annette Elliott
    Annette Elliott 21 day ago +3

    As for the Kartrashians......cant stand them......

  • Una Bro
    Una Bro 21 day ago +3

    mel b worse than federline 🤨

  • charles whitmer jr
    charles whitmer jr 21 day ago

    Ellen sucks

  • P G
    P G 22 days ago

    The bull show

  • Phuong Tran
    Phuong Tran 22 days ago


  • King Kolbra
    King Kolbra 22 days ago +1

    Did u say Kanye thought that slavery should be brought back? Umm u sure that was what he said?🤔

  • Mad City Music Live
    Mad City Music Live 22 days ago

    Marcia Braddy? Are you kidding me..its Marsha Brady..bray-dee.

  • Mitch Salawine
    Mitch Salawine 22 days ago

    Marcia marseeah Brady brahhdy...keep on tryin!

  • DarkHorse0863
    DarkHorse0863 22 days ago

    Did you just say "Mar c-ya Bratty"?

  • Nikolay _213
    Nikolay _213 22 days ago

    Non linguistically equipped

  • Polaris sportsman
    Polaris sportsman 22 days ago

    Ellen is funny but most Hollywood celebrities are losers

  • Jake Bewley
    Jake Bewley 23 days ago

    This video is trash haha

  • TJ E
    TJ E 23 days ago

    Its "Leeeena Dunham" not Lin-a. For fucks sake dude!

  • LalaCats3
    LalaCats3 23 days ago +5

    Yeah, learn how to pronounce the names of the people you talk about.

  • Scott Richburg
    Scott Richburg 23 days ago +1

    I was thinking of subscribing,then I heard you try to pronounce MARCIA BRADY as Mar-see-ya bratty. Also Kevin Federline as Kevin Fedder-leen. C'mon dude. No sub here.

  • Kevin Boruff
    Kevin Boruff 23 days ago +2

    Lena Dunham size '0'.....lmao....in her dreams...

  • Greg York
    Greg York 23 days ago

    Despite what people might think about Amanda Bynes and the rest of the young girls that was on Disney they was all raped when young because Hollywood is full of pedophiles.

  • Joe Cruz
    Joe Cruz 23 days ago +5

    lets try and say marshah braydee, ok marsha brady fool!

  • Elizabeth Watts
    Elizabeth Watts 23 days ago

    Marcia Brady. Kevin Federline. Seriously. Learn how to pronounce names before you make videos.

  • Tim McGee
    Tim McGee 24 days ago

    "Mar-see-uh Braddy"?? 2:10

  • Esperanza Lastarria
    Esperanza Lastarria 24 days ago

    Of course the Kuntassians are on the list...bunch of kunts...

  • Youlose !
    Youlose ! 24 days ago +23

    Who can't say Marcia Brady ? Really man. Wow.

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson 24 days ago +1

    3:50 baldy went nuts.

  • Jason Rees
    Jason Rees 24 days ago

    pretty sure she isn't a size zero.

  • Nick Garcia
    Nick Garcia 24 days ago

    Yes I will...hot thing.,...

  • jo vanessa
    jo vanessa 24 days ago +1

    Uh... why did this start at #8? And yeah, what's up with the mispronunciations? lol

  • J Smith
    J Smith 24 days ago +2

    marcia brady? you can’t pronounce that?!!

  • Patty Barnard
    Patty Barnard 24 days ago

    Marceeyah Bratty? wtf dude.

  • Karen Mullen
    Karen Mullen 24 days ago +5

    BTW, it's a fledge-Ling career not fledg-ing

  • Karen Mullen
    Karen Mullen 24 days ago +1

    Dude! It's pronounced Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!