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  • xd Sloth
    xd Sloth Day ago

    My mom went to school with him!

  • pr0xZen
    pr0xZen Day ago

    I'm so sorry.

  • Maverick
    Maverick Day ago

    i think the drinking question was about alcohol

  • WorldRecordEggo
    WorldRecordEggo Day ago +1

    Alright ken jeong I think your getting a bit carried away..

  • LifeOfKai
    LifeOfKai Day ago

    I love you Ho

  • Enter Tain
    Enter Tain Day ago

    Rare combination lol Doctor + Comedian + Asian American

  • tiara
    tiara Day ago

    Woohoo Alissa ashley

  • Burnt Buscuit
    Burnt Buscuit Day ago

    How coincidental that I just watched the last one right before this video was uploaded.

  • YB Jeon
    YB Jeon Day ago

    She had 4 i’s though

  • Mellowcanuck33
    Mellowcanuck33 Day ago

    I want him as my doctor. Embrace the man who admits he doesn't know and asks someone who does!

  • WorldRecordEggo
    WorldRecordEggo Day ago +1

    Asian doctor mike.

  • Mongoose Pizza
    Mongoose Pizza Day ago

    Who else watching while being sick and hoping for some helpful tips lol

  • Mr HunterII
    Mr HunterII Day ago

    More of these please

  • The Sad Potato
    The Sad Potato Day ago

    Do doctors wear white lab coats just to give patients anxiety?

  • Paige Simpson
    Paige Simpson Day ago

    Am I the only one who got the “Miranda Rights” pun 😂

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz Day ago

    Why was this so funny

  • Fatima Sabeg
    Fatima Sabeg Day ago

    Oh mayy gawd. He’s back. Yas.

  • Mika Paunga
    Mika Paunga Day ago +1

    Me: sees video

  • MrsSaxophonegirl

    It doesn’t seem like Dennis is all that chill, he kept losing his mind!

  • BigPanda
    BigPanda Day ago +1

    Ching Chang Chong?

  • Project 2
    Project 2 Day ago +1

    My favorite Doctor is back!!!

  • xgetxsickx
    xgetxsickx Day ago

    0:35 What if i told you, one of those i's... was a j

  • Greasy B.
    Greasy B. Day ago

    After the last video I didn’t know if he was an actual doctor and I thought it was just a joke, but know I know he is. 😂

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor Day ago

    "But did you DIE?? "

  • Danielle McLa
    Danielle McLa Day ago

    Lol Dr Ken your chicken feet hands were distracting me at one point🤣 but I love you though

  • heatherbotez
    heatherbotez Day ago

    i love him doing these :)

  • TetePlayerGameplays

    His wife is a doctor, do you know who elses wife is a doctor?

  • outcastedsushiboi kb7

    this is the funniest doctor in the world

  • Chanel S K Alexanderia

    This should be a real thing

  • Brandon Ostrander

    Shut the f up you mf'n half headed mf'er

  • Little Susie
    Little Susie Day ago


  • Jimmy Wicander
    Jimmy Wicander Day ago

    Um E. coli is already in the body and it’s real chill. Only certain strains of E. coli can illness.

  • Thumper La Conejito

    I love this new series

  • Jeremy Sajonia
    Jeremy Sajonia Day ago

    Can you make this an every day thing??

  • HortiMyth
    HortiMyth Day ago

    omg. The guy was talking about drinking alcohol not water or coffee.

  • Abdalla Ahmed
    Abdalla Ahmed Day ago

    First one was better. This time he's just too focused on getting views and doesn't talk naturally

  • Serious Commenter

    Love this guy

  • Tara Lacey
    Tara Lacey Day ago

    Wtf I never knew he was an actual physician

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans Day ago +1


  • Carlie Lukowiak
    Carlie Lukowiak Day ago

    I love Dr. Ken!

  • Yamilex Orellana
    Yamilex Orellana Day ago +1

    "I love my wife & she is always worth getting bronchitis for" that's true love

  • MsCygnusX1
    MsCygnusX1 Day ago

    I wish he was my doctor.

  • sahar bayat
    sahar bayat Day ago

    2:37 sksjskss omg look at that look

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins Day ago +1

    Hilarious man 🤣🤣

  • Lauren Mueller
    Lauren Mueller Day ago

    The best part was when the brain fell out of the model.

  • drakeo bloody11
    drakeo bloody11 Day ago

    Lesley ,wtf are you doing here man ???

  • z3poXP
    z3poXP Day ago

    Gawd louis talks too much

  • miranda pow
    miranda pow Day ago

    I love this

  • Myranda Kollar
    Myranda Kollar Day ago

    I want to know what conversations go on between him and Jenny McCarthy on the masked singer.
    My husband and I joke that he probably just looks at her and goes ‘vacccccciiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeessssss’ whenever he can

  • Amber Heimbach
    Amber Heimbach Day ago

    If you haven't watched Ken's new stand-up on Netflix you NEED to!

  • Jake Mcdoniel
    Jake Mcdoniel Day ago

    Yea man, call your Ho

  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man Day ago

    Hit that BEACON DANCE😂😂😂

  • Emily
    Emily Day ago

    Anti-vaxxers just got OWNED by Dr. Ken lmao

  • Odorous Smegma
    Odorous Smegma Day ago

    Just be a doctor. You're not funny.

  • Maniac Bob
    Maniac Bob Day ago

    It will be a terrible day on earth if this vid doesnt get 2billion views. Make it happen, like and share!

  • Tiana Khattar
    Tiana Khattar Day ago +1

    you and Doctor Mike NEED to make a video together

  • Kyle Burton
    Kyle Burton Day ago

    The first video was way better

  • leanne babcock
    leanne babcock Day ago


  • Ava _ yesilikekpop

    Ok I have a question, if you pee and see blood but you're not on or starting your period, what does that mean for girls? Cause I know for boys if they pee and see blood its a problem but what about girls when they're not on their period?

  • BoomPlayzGames
    BoomPlayzGames Day ago

    I want him again....he is ducking hilarious.......... question: btw is it normal for me to be attracted to you and I’m neither male or female?


    I could literally watch him do this for hours and remain 100% attentive taking notes and entertained simultaneously.

  • The One Man Who Beat You

    5:39 The first doctor to admit they don't know something

  • Wizplyn Hotspot
    Wizplyn Hotspot Day ago

    Funny man, I lobe your character in slappy (goosebumps)

  • rando
    rando Day ago

    They're probably craving orange juice because of the additives that the company isn't required to disclose they add that have addictive properties... and sugar

  • Rosh Lepz
    Rosh Lepz Day ago

    Calling his doctor wife and relaying the question in verbatim was HiLarious!

  • Matthew Gower
    Matthew Gower Day ago

    3:32 lol

  • ElRugged1
    ElRugged1 Day ago

    Hey I wanna smash that girl on the cake app commercial...

  • MoonGoddess1371
    MoonGoddess1371 Day ago

    We need this weekly

  • Mr
    Mr Day ago

    its doctor chow bitches

  • Just Your Average Girl

    I had no idea that mannequin was that small until he touched it! This whole time I thought it was behind him, not on the table.

  • vlad plays
    vlad plays Day ago

    what is tetanus

  • TheOtherWhiteBread0

    I really hope Miranda comments on this video. & also this comment.

  • Michael Langnes
    Michael Langnes Day ago

    the video we needed but did not deserve

  • Linda Perry
    Linda Perry Day ago

    This is way better than Dr Mike 😉😃

  • camaro68jones cvc
    camaro68jones cvc Day ago +1

    8:55 LMAO this part got me 😂😂

  • Kilikus
    Kilikus Day ago

    Sounds like Kippy Pierce JR joined the Navy and is now being told that having more than 2 drinks a week makes him an alcoholic. Dr.... The man is confused give him a break.

  • Mr.crazycool
    Mr.crazycool Day ago

    Its 4 I's you stupid. You cant be a doctor if you cant count the patients eyes

  • CopyStriked
    CopyStriked Day ago

    Very that

  • Mustache Man Bad

    Here's a question micropenis, why do you have such a micropenis? Is it just you or do all filthy liberal degenerates share the trait?

  • Jack Modahl99
    Jack Modahl99 Day ago

    7:10 got me dead 💀 😂

  • Hermione 10Gaming

    For the first tweet, I heard a story of people getting a fever after the flu shot when I was a kid, and I'm germophobic and pro-vaccine, btw. I asked about symptoms post-vaccine to my doctor and she said people with weak immune systems may get a low grade fever, but even that is very rare. All that's ever happened to me after a flu shot is my arm being a bit sore for a day. 😅

  • Rosh Lepz
    Rosh Lepz Day ago

    Frenchkissing somebody's lungs?

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson Day ago +1

    He protec
    He attached
    But most importantly
    He bring doc support bacc

  • Noelyn Ortiz
    Noelyn Ortiz Day ago

    Lmaoooo oh my gosh hahahaaha

  • HueTubeR
    HueTubeR Day ago

    There is Ken the doctor. Then there is Ken the comedian. He really needs to separate the two. It's not doing him any favors as a medical professional speaking sarcastically as he does. I wouldn't want a clown as my doctor.

  • Natalia Marie
    Natalia Marie Day ago


  • Yoko Tamada
    Yoko Tamada Day ago


  • Chi chan
    Chi chan Day ago +1

    _TETNIS_ 😂

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Day ago

    filling out paperwork incorrectly might not be a good idea either if it interferes with diagnosing a possible cause of an illness - say it as a disclaimer.
    that last answer was really bad too. Jeong shouldn't have answered off the cuff. he should have said, consciously regulate your vitamin C intake to lowest levels, and see if that affects your health in a noticeable, documentable way. find a second party to also document it - a trustworthy doctor. other than that, suggest it might just be a random craving that's gone too far.

  • Reba Galva
    Reba Galva Day ago

    i liked the last doc support with him better because it was more entertaining seeing him answer serious questions so cartoony but this time he just answered every tweet with a cuss word:( dissapointed

  • Amin
    Amin Day ago


  • Jeffrey Hawkes
    Jeffrey Hawkes Day ago

    "She is always worth getting bronchitis for. In fact we wrote that in our vows."
    My favorite part xD

  • Genes
    Genes Day ago +1

    E.Coli is what Indian food is made of.

  • Hideki Shinichi
    Hideki Shinichi Day ago

    it was a bit yoo much of a tryhard

  • Lind Vau Rós
    Lind Vau Rós Day ago

    wow Chow is also a MD cool

  • reshmile s
    reshmile s Day ago +1

    Dr Jeong swearing is a whole topic in itself.

  • Doc Sab
    Doc Sab Day ago

    I would like Ken Jeong to burn the anti vaxxers

  • David Tran
    David Tran Day ago


  • jericho skywalker

    part 3 please

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen Day ago +2

    Wait.. Ken Jeong is a doctor?

    • Zack
      Zack Day ago

      He sure is, did doctors with out borders for many years.