WAR OF THE REALMS Act 1 Launch Trailer | Marvel Comics

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • War is coming to the Marvel Universe in WAR OF THE REALMS, and no corner of the Marvel Universe will be untouched!
    Plus, don’t miss a special midnight release of WAR OF THE REALMS #1 for retailers - be sure to check Marvel mailers for details!
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Comments • 204

  • _Marcelo_M 2000
    _Marcelo_M 2000 2 months ago

    Can someone please explain to me (bc I have not been up to date) what happened with the gotg, professor x, black widow, hulk, hawkeye, bucky, falcon, pretty much the like the main characters from the mcu but in the comics? Like are they alive, dead, disbanded, etc. Thank you

  • The Syndrome Media Show

    i wonder if any of the elements from this story will ever show up on screen. Would be cool to see.

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 3 months ago +1

    If Marvel ever does a film that goes into War of the Realms, that would give Endgame a run for its (massive amounts of) money. It's absolutely amazing.

  • Cerrome Ceo
    Cerrome Ceo 4 months ago

    Ares? I hope Blue Marvel is in it

  • Eli Pot
    Eli Pot 4 months ago

    Im waiting wave from the philippines

  • Huurduur Excuse
    Huurduur Excuse 4 months ago

    Daredevil is gonna revive Heimdall’s power.

  • marco baker
    marco baker 4 months ago

    I wish I could collect the whole series but it's so many books my shop isn't getting all of them. To many pre month and he don't think he will sell them all. It's like over 100 and something issues.

  • jacob rey
    jacob rey 4 months ago

    Go go go marvel I can't wait this movie..... 😯😯😯😯😯

  • Marvic Cristobal
    Marvic Cristobal 4 months ago

    I'm excited wave wave filipina

  • Sagar Patil
    Sagar Patil 4 months ago


  • Charles Magpili
    Charles Magpili 4 months ago

    Pia as Wave 😍

  • Supernorry
    Supernorry 4 months ago +2

    Honestly this could be a GREAT tv serie or netflix series

  • Quincy Hawkins
    Quincy Hawkins 4 months ago

    This is how MARVEL used to promote the cartoons(Wolverine and the X-men) on TV. But adults dont LIKE CARTOONS. Anyways looking to read the event!

  • Jordan Doe
    Jordan Doe 5 months ago +2

    "Just when you think Marvel's forgotten about YOUR favorite character, they're gonna be there."
    Okay then, Maggot HYPE.
    (I'm sure he won't be there, but that would be amazing.)

  • Nat
    Nat 5 months ago

    MARVEL never lets you down.

  • Russel Keith
    Russel Keith 5 months ago

    Make Thor great again

  • Pauline Bastion
    Pauline Bastion 5 months ago +1

    Will Mjolnir come back in the war of the realms

    • Kevin Patrick
      Kevin Patrick 4 months ago

      Jane Foster won't be dying of natural causes any time soon ... Her cancer is in remission ... And at the end if the latest issue of Thor ... That piece of Mjolnir Odinson threw back into the sun ... I'm thinking Mjolnir is making a comeback ...

    • RoboRope
      RoboRope 4 months ago

      sure to JF...Thor will never get the hammer back until JF dies of natural causes

  • Mr. Potatoes Head
    Mr. Potatoes Head 5 months ago +1

    Is this going to be the same Daredevil from the tv show? Imagine they just decide the shows aren't canon anymore and have a new Daredevil for the movies 😂😭

  • Janitra Ho
    Janitra Ho 5 months ago +1

    Jason writes a good marvel superhero arc....hope he delivers again this time

  • De Joker
    De Joker 5 months ago

    Can't wait for the movie!!!!!!!

  • Julia Turner
    Julia Turner 5 months ago +2

    Really every corner? My favourite superhero is the Submariner, what will he have to do (if he is not currently dead, I think he’s pretty into murder now too, what side is he on?)

    • Julia Turner
      Julia Turner 4 months ago

      I support him. If he feels he need to kill a bunch of people, so be it.

    • Julia Turner
      Julia Turner 4 months ago

      Ooh that actually sounds great

    • Pablo Meyer
      Pablo Meyer 4 months ago

      Read Invaders by Chip Zdarsky.

  • Julia Turner
    Julia Turner 5 months ago +5

    Aww Jason Aaron what would we do without you

    • Chang Lim
      Chang Lim 4 months ago

      RoboRope and also an Odin whose actually worthy of being the “All Father”

    • RoboRope
      RoboRope 4 months ago

      We'd be enjoying Thor with both arms, both goats and his hammer. :)

  • Darek Johns
    Darek Johns 5 months ago +2

    I'll have to pick up this first issue

  • Zara khan
    Zara khan 5 months ago

    This will be next avengers movie in the future

  • daredevil fan
    daredevil fan 5 months ago +1

    I LOVE comic trailers!

  • daredevil fan
    daredevil fan 5 months ago


  • xlnc 2608
    xlnc 2608 5 months ago +4

    People say Marvel comics will shut down

    But Not Us

    • Quincy Hawkins
      Quincy Hawkins 4 months ago

      Its the only thing I like about the comics.

  • Fallen Colossi
    Fallen Colossi 5 months ago

    but who will play Logan/Wolverine?

  • Zarucking
    Zarucking 5 months ago

    Don't forget about 100 years celebrate, marvel, I hope you will made something cool and better ,for marvel fans brain will be blows !!!!!!

  • andrei ferariu
    andrei ferariu 5 months ago

    Hopefully this will be better than avengers no road home

  • Ryan Lennox
    Ryan Lennox 5 months ago

    So... Where's Thor?

  • That Guy
    That Guy 5 months ago

    How many crossover events will there be this year @Marvel??

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel 5 months ago +12

    It says Marvel Comics in the title so I hope there won't be comments saying that they thought it was an MCU movie

    • Elliot Noon
      Elliot Noon 12 days ago

      Would be cool if they made a movie about the event though

  • Brion
    Brion 5 months ago

    Is anyone actually excited for this (and its 30 tie-in comics a month?!?), except Thor fans?

    • marco baker
      marco baker 4 months ago

      My shop isn't even selling none of the tie ins unless it's one of the books they always get. So I'm paying on this series.

  • Дарья Чубарова

    Wow... It's wonderful.

  • xlnc 2608
    xlnc 2608 5 months ago +1

    It is sad enough they were gonna shut down marvel comics

  • Hell - HoundR
    Hell - HoundR 5 months ago

    is Kratos in there in Phase 4

  • Joshua
    Joshua 5 months ago

    I normally click on these to see how many people thought it was some movie trailer

  • Thunder Overlord
    Thunder Overlord 5 months ago

    I think it going to be awesome

  • Pande Lucky Mahardika
    Pande Lucky Mahardika 5 months ago

    the story about kratos and his boy

  • loganspidey
    loganspidey 5 months ago

    Well I'll wait and see, on the comics side I have only been reading DC of late

  • Vision for games
    Vision for games 5 months ago

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  • Kemikazi __
    Kemikazi __ 5 months ago +1

    So Bruce Banner won't be in this......hmmmm,I'll allow it

  • Kara Elisabeth
    Kara Elisabeth 5 months ago +4

    I'm excited for Daredevil's involvement in this event!

  • Alex Beatsow
    Alex Beatsow 5 months ago

    Fuckin' hell that look awesome! Can't wait to have those in France

  • Chief Sai
    Chief Sai 5 months ago +1

    Can't wait but when?

  • Kadeem Chen
    Kadeem Chen 5 months ago

    So my favourite hero is Scarlet Witch. Is SHE going to be in there? (Likely not...)

  • Shawn Morris
    Shawn Morris 5 months ago +3

    Oh hey it’s the dude who pretended to be a Japanese man and faced zero repercussions

  • Tugs Bugs
    Tugs Bugs 5 months ago +1

    This looks cool

  • Pat otaku
    Pat otaku 5 months ago

    it sucks and feels

  • Dante BKG
    Dante BKG 5 months ago

    This feels like a Bungie ViDoc.... Not a good feeling....

  • dylan Garcia
    dylan Garcia 5 months ago +1

    Really want this comic book!!!

  • manuel colome
    manuel colome 5 months ago +1

    LIKE si ya quieres que empiece este eventazo ✋

  • epitome of epitome
    epitome of epitome 5 months ago +1

    Beta Ray Bill NEEDS to be in this story

    • Jordan Doe
      Jordan Doe 5 months ago

      I feel like there's actually a high chance of that.

  • cualquiercosaax
    cualquiercosaax 5 months ago +1

    i dont like the art ...idk why

  • skaar sonofhulk
    skaar sonofhulk 5 months ago

    Is Sentry gonna be there? since you told us no marvel hero got left out..

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex 5 months ago +1

    I wonder if MCU will come up to THIS type of war one day :P

  • Juicy Thanos
    Juicy Thanos 5 months ago

    Im just gonna wait for the trades

  • Nelson Villamor Jr.
    Nelson Villamor Jr. 5 months ago

    Got me interested in this 😄
    Ps. Kindly visit my channel and hit that red button.I'm a newbie so please thank you Godbless 😄

  • Kaleb Kirkevold
    Kaleb Kirkevold 5 months ago


    JACK MICKEY 5 months ago

    So I’m assuming Hyperion won’t be involved?

      JACK MICKEY 5 months ago

      Rohan Mahato yesssssss omg

    • Agent 47
      Agent 47 5 months ago

      He is, all the Squadron Supreme is involved in this.

  • Bob L-B
    Bob L-B 5 months ago

    I hope She-Hulk goes back to being the Sensational She-Hulk after this new event, instead of just a cheap copy of Regular Hulk...

  • fraughtmonster8
    fraughtmonster8 5 months ago +71

    I’m convinced that New Yorkers just live nothing but pain and suffering because of all these invasions

    • Elliot Noon
      Elliot Noon 12 days ago

      Well paco soentken it starts In new York but then it turns into a world wide threat

    • Paco soentken
      Paco soentken 5 months ago +6

      Yeah, why is it New york so often, well , I guess because the sanctom, avengers tower and spider-man and all the others, plus it is a beautiful location, but why not Paris some time? I know the writers and the heroes are American but the airport scene in civil war was in germany , and the wanda vision scene in scotland. So maybe a big comic event can occur in europe or Asia some time

    • Chanovia
      Chanovia 5 months ago +7

      Makes you wonder how anyone lives there anymore.

  • Sam McGuire
    Sam McGuire 5 months ago +15

    Yo if they bring back Young Avengers in this ima cry

    • Interstellar Fool
      Interstellar Fool 4 months ago

      The West Coast Avengers comics are definitely giving me that vibe!

  • Omega Styles
    Omega Styles 5 months ago +1

    Thors baby sister ?

  • Matthew Murdock
    Matthew Murdock 5 months ago +74

    So glad they’re giving daredevil a bigger role in this event

    • The Devil
      The Devil 4 months ago +1

      Yeah he deserves some more recognition

    • ben parrish
      ben parrish 5 months ago +1

      DareDevil looks coo af with tht blade

  • Media Baron
    Media Baron 5 months ago +8

    C.B. Cebulski: Just when you think Marvel's forgotten about your favourite hero, they're gonna be there.
    Me: I'm gonna feel really betrayed if the Great Lakes Avengers don't show up in this story now.

  • RangerHypeReviews
    RangerHypeReviews 5 months ago +1

    promised a new season once to the Avengers Assemble series and named All New All Different Avengers what happened to that when the last season showed the title and now it’s changed to black panthers quest any ideas why

  • Cbev1994
    Cbev1994 5 months ago +1

    Hoping for blue marvel

  • krishna bakshi
    krishna bakshi 5 months ago +1

    So excited for this

  • Addicted 1
    Addicted 1 5 months ago

    Is this just comic??? Or there will be a movie on it??? Answer plz

  • Chocolate Shogun
    Chocolate Shogun 5 months ago

    I won't read it unless Puck comes back...

  • Media Baron
    Media Baron 5 months ago +26

    0:40 Gotta love how all the other villains show up in sculpted armour, engulfed in fire or riding a winged tiger and then there's just that one bloke who turned up in his corporate casual wear.

  • Humza Mohammed
    Humza Mohammed 5 months ago +6

    I am legit HYPED for this

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 5 months ago +2

    Look, all I want is for Jason Aaron to stop mucking up Thor. The Thor who in the past tanked supernovas, and basically wasn't bothered by the core of the sun literally starts dying if he gets too close. The Thor who was the mightiest avenger can't do anything against a weakened version of Hulk. So much humbling for no reason.

    • Bob L-B
      Bob L-B 5 months ago

      @Andrew Lee Thanks for agreeing with me. She-Hulk is my favorite female superhero and I hate the way they are portraying her now a days!

    • WalkLess
      WalkLess 5 months ago

      @Andrew Lee you're talking about something that has nothing to do with Thor's journey since Original Sin; so.. Have a great day. Hope you find something to enjoy while Aaron pens The War of Realms.

    • Andrew Lee
      Andrew Lee 5 months ago

      @Bob L-B I agree. No reason why we can't have an intelligent she-hulk who deals with her anger issues rather than a rip off of Hulk. She's supposed to be stable, and this is just an example of Marvel doing status quo wrong. For instance, Spider-Man, Galactus,Thor, and Doctor Doom. Spider-Man never grows up, Galactus STOPPED BEING LIFEBRINGER, Thor for failing to LEARN ANYTHING AND GETTING WEAKER TO THE POINT WHERE HE'S THE GOD OF HAMMERS AND JOBBERS, and Doctor Doom...seriously, a good doctor doom? They ruined it.

    • Andrew Lee
      Andrew Lee 5 months ago

      @WalkLess Oh wait, I get it. I don't know what I expected from someone with such a HUGE appreciation for Marvel's push for diversity, who clearly buys into the idea that all male characters should be weaker than Captain Marvel specifically. That's funny.