I Accidentally Exposed A Major Online Scamming Group (Ebay Scammers)

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • This video is a bit different, but once I started to slightly ease into the Ebay Scammer rabbit hole, there was no going back..
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  • B
    B 23 hours ago

    Wrangler on my BOOTY

  • Anastasia ortolano

    I just realized the irony in his user name!! Haha that khak just slid riiight in there!!!

  • Aoife Keenan
    Aoife Keenan Day ago

    I think the shipping companies are a normal thing. We have the in Ireland and the Uk, mostly to get products from the US you couldn't get or get some thing at about half the price.

  • 0MohawkWarrior0
    0MohawkWarrior0 2 days ago

    Seriously. You need to turn all of this information in to the FBI.
    They actually give rewards if they bust large crime rings.

  • Renfrikus
    Renfrikus 2 days ago

    Plz send money bcuz I no english good

  • Bus 62
    Bus 62 2 days ago


  • Paint Heart
    Paint Heart 2 days ago

    I think another scam for the general army letter is instead of money in the box, it could be something like a bomb idk

  • Neocoolzero
    Neocoolzero 2 days ago

    Nigerian princes have become freedom fighters in the US army now? O.o

  • kalle karlson
    kalle karlson 2 days ago

    This is reggie from Nintendos son

  • JustCallMeKeebler
    JustCallMeKeebler 3 days ago

    Is it weird that the whole video I was thinking, "man, I could make a killing by offering these scammers editing of their English, so they're more convincing? Take their money, then cleverly add in words like 'scam' and 'not trustworthy' into their messages. Lol. Damn, my grammar OCD is getting to me with this video. My eye is twitching.

  • Christina Russell
    Christina Russell 3 days ago

    You are starting to sound like Chris Hansen when you talk. I love it.

  • lotech/ hijack
    lotech/ hijack 3 days ago

    This should be a new Chris Hansen and Mista GG investigation. You could be the new Perverted Justice and CH could get these Georgians to `take a seat`... filmed live on location in Georgia...

  • Matt Kimball
    Matt Kimball 3 days ago

    General Ham Alvis = new Fortnite name

  • Ambrea Rae
    Ambrea Rae 4 days ago

    I've never had an experience like that
    But a couple weeks ago my account got hacked and a bogus listing was made.
    eBay was on that shit like flies......
    But I have no way of getting my 5+yo account back. Their customer service is shit lmao

    INFINITYUNLEASH 4 days ago

    👏 👏 👏Meme 👏Review

  • J C
    J C 4 days ago

    Check episode 99 of Reply All, they explain the scam. They are reshipping companies and some scammers use it to divert packages to Russia.

  • Jamie Vickers
    Jamie Vickers 4 days ago

    Dude... I stumbled across you on my feed earlier in the week. Well spoke, intelligent and hilarious! Easily my favorite non sports themed USclip'er! 👍

  • Nil
    Nil 4 days ago +2

    9:12 ... Holy shit that's my first language and.. I'm from Georgia. I think I owe you and everyone else an apology for my country boys
    Edit: please MistaGG don't hate me,I'm a good noodle I swear

  • Alex Beyer
    Alex Beyer 5 days ago +1

    Motherfuckin' Ham Sandwich contacted you, what a great general. I got a letter from Colonel Mustard, something about a candle stick. I don't know, he was vague.

  • Alex Beyer
    Alex Beyer 5 days ago

    Kahk has destroyed a many of men. Glad Kahk didn't destroy you, you hispanic freddie mercury.

  • omgwtfbbq
    omgwtfbbq 5 days ago +1

    Before I sub I need to know if you're legal.

  • notoriouswhitemoth
    notoriouswhitemoth 5 days ago

    wouldn't closest proximity to Russia be the Bering Strait, in Alaska?
    You pay for him to bring that box to your country, and suddenly he has expenses piling up. the Syrian government holding him for ransom, and a whole dossier full of forged documents

  • FlyingGuillotine
    FlyingGuillotine 5 days ago


  • Jon Agro
    Jon Agro 5 days ago +2

    2:21 Yes that next Friday “suspicious” scene u added in there had me dead 😂😂😂😂

  • Allen McFarlin McFarlin

    I was Nigerian tricked.it was a big mistake. Wish I coulda seen this video first

  • Cam C
    Cam C 6 days ago

    Sucks that you’re not a cute skinny white boy with nice hair otherwise your USclip channel would blow up

  • Therm Scissorpunch
    Therm Scissorpunch 6 days ago


  • drottle
    drottle 6 days ago +1

    "The scammer sends kochk to take me out." ded xP

  • Avi Shekelstein
    Avi Shekelstein 6 days ago

    What's the source of the clip with the soldier (around 14min in)?

  • Galaxy John
    Galaxy John 7 days ago

    Did you report this to the police so they can do some investigation?

    RANDOMBOBBY 9 days ago


  • mrToyota
    mrToyota 9 days ago

    You can call eBay customer service and tell them you're getting scammed by one of those guys and I'll give you the name I don't know if they fix this

  • hustlin5010
    hustlin5010 9 days ago

    No lie Arabs be on this shit...

  • TBE 50—0
    TBE 50—0 10 days ago +1

    When you wrote, "Who knows, maybe we can be more than that...", I lost my shit 😂

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis 11 days ago

    Joe Biden is from Delaware.

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis 11 days ago

    Delaware is also the cheapest place to incorporate a business. Just sayin. Nevada is the other.

  • mecca6801
    mecca6801 12 days ago

    That got deep as fuck!!!

  • Blaze
    Blaze 13 days ago

    alright, so I heard about this a long ass time ago. there is a warehouse owned by a russian mail proxy in delaware and they try to steal eBay shit to send back to Russia. it was on the Reply All podcast if you want to hear a similar story to yours.

  • Chas Lewis
    Chas Lewis 13 days ago +1

    How did you not trust that poor soldier you SWINE!


  • Emzar Gogichaishvili
    Emzar Gogichaishvili 13 days ago +1

    Hi , I'm from Georgia and I use Usa2Georgia to buy stuff from US. I don't want to have any complications because of that scammer bastards. I think you should report the scammer to Usa2Georgia, I hope they will ban him (They have all the information about customers). Don't know anything about Russians, Russia and Georgia are in political conflict so that's almost impossible to make business by shipping goods form Georgia to them.

  • gorilla glue
    gorilla glue 14 days ago

    почему у тебя нет места?

  • Inso memo
    Inso memo 14 days ago

    Foo lets fort it my gamer tagg is Mista Gay Gay jk but yeah fort ?

  • Tiffany Lin
    Tiffany Lin 14 days ago

    omg this happened to me once, they sent a fake PayPal email to me LOL

  • Shabbycat
    Shabbycat 14 days ago +1

    I like that you're getting views. I really like that. Keep it up xoxo

  • Khosta -
    Khosta - 14 days ago

    that's so sad news i saw right now , cuz that shit people make others think that all georgians are scammers :/ for example i use shipping company to buy things from ebay but i always pay for auctions as soon as i win that :/ so... guys don't thought all georgians are scammers or etc.. :/

  • Skovde Survival
    Skovde Survival 14 days ago

    no you did not

  • TCWS
    TCWS 15 days ago

    For legal reasons, that‘s a joke
    For legal reasons, that‘s a joke
    I‘m serious Russian scammer ring, please don‘t me kill me, that‘s a joke

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller 15 days ago

    General Ham? Do a barrel roll!

  • Tom Mulligan
    Tom Mulligan 15 days ago

    Just here to appreciate the Next Friday clip 🙌

  • a girl named brett
    a girl named brett 16 days ago

    wait. who leaves before the letter?

  • Professor Haystacks
    Professor Haystacks 16 days ago +2

    11:50: You missed an opportunity to say "For legal purposes that's a joke, please don't kill me Russian Mafia."

  • Perireru
    Perireru 16 days ago +2

    *listens to the asmr letter*
    God this sounds so hammy.
    "Your's Sincere
    General Ham Alvis"

  • Robert Cojocaru
    Robert Cojocaru 16 days ago

    At one point your like "come on c*ck dont be so stiff" good one hahaha

  • A_mir Ink
    A_mir Ink 16 days ago

    Привет из россии.)
    Russian are learning english and we are going to be new indians in that business. We are pro in scams be careful))

  • DaNewWrksOfMeh
    DaNewWrksOfMeh 16 days ago

    I hope someone pleas help ham alvis

  • David Avila
    David Avila 16 days ago

    Thats so crazy dude i remember you used to make these funny ass vines and we used to talk about how we wanted to make it happen and methods to getting numbers on vine and now here you are bro, growing, and killing it, proud of you man, i think its crazy how i randomly came across your channel right now but glad i did

  • Shione Cooper - Google Me

    *I'm lost*

  • David
    David 16 days ago +2

    I had the exact same thing happen to me, this is what I did...the item was an Intel i7 4790K, I knew this guy was trying to scam me as it wasn't the buyer, so I replied to him that I would gladly send it to his new address. So I took a shit in an older Intel box I had lying around and concealed it so it wasn't obvious. Then I left a note inside with it that said, "Enjoy your free shit." Then mailed it. Don't know what happened, tracking showed it got delivered.

  • Unique Love
    Unique Love 17 days ago

    I learned so much...

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 17 days ago

    nice to hear someone likes slapping titties as much as i do LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • Himler Holster
    Himler Holster 17 days ago

    Ur gonna regret it when the general comes back rich as fuck

  • aswilll
    aswilll 17 days ago

    dude wtf is on your chin

  • Elizabeth Roman
    Elizabeth Roman 17 days ago

    did you at least report what you found as a suspicious activity to the corresponding authorities, like maybe eBay AND the FBI or some shit like that?

  • White Raven
    White Raven 17 days ago

    Someone tried to scam me into sending a very expensive violin to Zambia to an American soldiers niece (?!??) And then cuss at me and say I was scamming for kindly rejecting them

  • the commenter
    the commenter 17 days ago

    why is it always the fuckin indians or nigerians

  • nick dg
    nick dg 17 days ago

    Ebay is a complete and utter mess. I was dealing with a similar scamming situation as well and it took me days to reach customer support.

  • uvie edwards
    uvie edwards 17 days ago

    Everytime someone asks me what my favorite song is, i send them a link to your video

  • Jen Chaney
    Jen Chaney 18 days ago

    Yeah I have been selling forever on eBay you never send before payment and he has 0s after his name which means no feedback so I just contact eBay and cancel it.

  • Machine Gun Bobby
    Machine Gun Bobby 18 days ago

    *That’s crazy, I’m from new castle Delaware and I went to Mccollough elementary.*
    *New castle is pretty small.*

  • GamelutioN
    GamelutioN 18 days ago

    I use a courier company to ship products from the US to the Middle East. Not all courier companies are a scam, just make sure you visit their website and that they are legit.

  • Tyrese Skinner
    Tyrese Skinner 18 days ago

    But that letter lame asf🤣🤣

  • Papa's Tummy Fuzz
    Papa's Tummy Fuzz 18 days ago

    Congrats on baby GG!!

  • Gary Gabagool
    Gary Gabagool 18 days ago

    Scams are fun

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco 18 days ago

    i pooped

  • TheEudaemonicPlague
    TheEudaemonicPlague 18 days ago

    I hadn't known about this particular scam...and I'm about to start selling stuff. Time to do a bit more research....

  • Lohkyn
    Lohkyn 18 days ago

    General Ham Alvis has a veiny khak.

  • Stefan Mar
    Stefan Mar 18 days ago +1

    + we will get you now this is not the russian mafia

  • HamburgersAndBeer
    HamburgersAndBeer 18 days ago

    Okay, that is quite interesting to see btw.
    (Also I need to search for a legit shipping service, there is stuff you can only order in other countries. Need to remember that actually exists)

  • SlashBat
    SlashBat 18 days ago

    I got a similar email like the one from General Ham but mine was supposedly sent by a woman, and there were actual ass pictures of a military woman attached lol. Also, they thought I was man despite the fact that my name on my email is my real name and it's rather girly. I tried to waste "her" time and asked for nudes after awhile but they claimed to not be that kind of woman 😂😂😂

  • ashley Colaizzi
    ashley Colaizzi 18 days ago

    I got the same Military email like 6 years ago. Actually it was my husband. We played along a bit.... let’s just say they weren’t too happy when we wouldn’t send thousands of dollars because of a “holding fee”

  • Raheem Euphrakaltis
    Raheem Euphrakaltis 19 days ago


  • spacekitt3n
    spacekitt3n 19 days ago

    just found your channel, i enjoy your content

  • VR Dewgs Mixer
    VR Dewgs Mixer 19 days ago

    Lol I used the same music for a wedding video.

  • Ted Bundy
    Ted Bundy 19 days ago

    My dear, this is General Ham Alvis and I assure you it is not a scam. I ask for only $550 for safe shipping.

  • Lord Destiny
    Lord Destiny 19 days ago

    General says"... i will be coming over to your home country to invest and start a new life..." YOUR home country NOT his obviously cuz hes only a general of the United States duh XD

  • zelo 3
    zelo 3 19 days ago

    13:56 the gun that soldier is holding is (I believe) an L86A, which is hot garbage.
    I don't l ow why I'm telling you this I know you don't lmao

  • Joe Fairbairn
    Joe Fairbairn 19 days ago

    what is film at 2:30

  • Butt Sexting
    Butt Sexting 19 days ago

    You need to do more of these, make this shit a regular series, to start seriously messing with these scammers! It's fun!

  • somalia smurf
    somalia smurf 19 days ago

    just reshippers

  • Los Mentos
    Los Mentos 19 days ago

    You remind me of the detective from Narcos: Mexico

  • cTtL
    cTtL 19 days ago

    It's also good to mention that Delaware has very low income tax and if you were gonna start a shady business that ships out to Russia, you'd want a low income tax to maximize schmoney $$$$$

  • Greg Kutis
    Greg Kutis 19 days ago

    One time I bought a listing and the seller couldn't send the product. They sent me $60 over PayPal. I told them to send it as a refund not as a transfer. So they did both. I feel bad because I now have an extra $60

  • Wheelsmcdeals ace
    Wheelsmcdeals ace 19 days ago

    Only ppl i came across on the tilt. 1 cheap ass, 1 blind, and a few ppl from india trting to fill orders for counterfit stickers, patches, glassware, and so on

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 19 days ago +3

    When you try to scam someone, maybe dont tell them the goverment of a country that has just won a war against terrorists has been overthrown.
    Allah, Souria, Bashar ou bas

  • random challenger
    random challenger 19 days ago

    fuck yeah dude
    you make a vide with overthetop csi miami editing

  • MegaHellstrike
    MegaHellstrike 19 days ago

    What a sucker this khak is.

  • TheWikkdOne
    TheWikkdOne 19 days ago +5

    You sir, just earned a new subscriber. Found this vid then ended up binging your vids until 5am. Keep up the great work!

  • nigga turd
    nigga turd 19 days ago

    fuck off

  • stillcold
    stillcold 20 days ago

    Liked, subscribed and hope you get that GFuel hookup my dude!

  • Mechanized Doge
    Mechanized Doge 20 days ago

    It's worth noting those "British soldiers" in the background when you were reading out that "military scam letter" are actually just a bunch of airsofters or larpers. No military except the Chinese use baofeng UV-5R type radios lmao.