I Accidentally Exposed A Major Online Scamming Group (Ebay Scammers)

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • This video is a bit different, but once I started to slightly ease into the Ebay Scammer rabbit hole, there was no going back..
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  • David Adams
    David Adams 16 hours ago

    You should have sent him a box of trash lol

  • Alexander Bouraad
    Alexander Bouraad 16 hours ago

    Top 4 most obvious signs you're talking to a scammer!!!
    1) Broken English *(English isn't the scammer's first language so they don't know how to use English properly, usually they are based in Nigeria)*
    2) The give you the run-around with where to ship it to *(they are covering their tracks so you can't try to trace the package and find them)*
    3) They are too polite *(normal buyers just want to buy the item and move on with their life, scammers will try to butter you up first)*
    4) They offer too much money *(scammers will offer you 2 or 3 times the price you're asking for, hoping that you will get greedy and fall for it)*

  • Efrain Ortiz
    Efrain Ortiz Day ago

    This is too funny

  • KC Darin
    KC Darin 2 days ago

    Thx for this man!! I'm going to start selling on ebay again & this has given me some useful info to be aware of. Just Subscribed!!

  • daledenton1132
    daledenton1132 2 days ago

    Really interesting video. If you run out of ideas or shit dries up, you could get into this baiting of scammers.

  • Zachary Wagster
    Zachary Wagster 3 days ago

    How tall are you gg

  • mac a ronan
    mac a ronan 3 days ago

    I live in Newcastle de and seeing someone acknowledge it's real only makes me stronger

  • T. Emanuel Patel
    T. Emanuel Patel 4 days ago

    😂😂 This Episode really could be turned into a movie! ..it would go straight to DVD, but it would still be pretty good 😂

  • cheesy_lazy _lightningg _is_lazy

    Damn hilarious video I saw this in my recommended and fell in love with this channel and am now a Patreon you’re a highly underrated USclip

  • Ranulfo RAMIREZ
    Ranulfo RAMIREZ 4 days ago

    OMG. These Scammers are still using that bullshit safebox money story?? A scammer got my mom with that story about 15yrs ago.. sorry to say, she fell for it.. SMDH

  • cory swolley
    cory swolley 4 days ago

    So what part is the scam? I mean the seller kinda cant be scammed unless the buyer gets the item and sends a fake one back. Regardless of what bullshit the buyer pulls the money is being held by ebay and if tracking is provided no matter what as long as it gets to that address its been delivered and funds are released within 24hrs. Most of those places that are shipped to are companies that ship over seas because my ebay sellers dont use international shipping. But those people who try to offer more money for your items is what i would like to know why they offer more than what its being sold for. Wharnkind of trick are they trying to pull?

  • Izzy&Andy D&A
    Izzy&Andy D&A 4 days ago

    Sometimes I watch this video to fall asleep cuz your investigation voice is so soothing

  • Hnem Hnem
    Hnem Hnem 4 days ago

    If I ever get framed for murder I want Mista GG on my case

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 4 days ago

    that cake e-mail from the general is a oldScam. Right up there with the Nigerian Prince.i used to be good at spotting online e-mail scams and every so often when I got bored I screw with said scammers.i had one douche canoe who if you can believe this ask if they sent me an airline ticket would I come over to England and work with them I wish I was joking. . I forget the whole conversation but they really got under my skin and I outlined a handful of scams that had been going around and pointed out a bunch of mistakes they were making and the fact that they were using a really old phishing scam they were quite literally using a pre-typed fill in the blanks template for part of the scam .ive gotten the same e-mail several times from other sources word for word short of little things like names be changed. . One such scam would be somebody claiming to be the daughter of a assassinated political leader who was presently in hiding in a refugee camp or in a monastery.i suspect they were still trying to find a way to screw me over when they had wired if I'd be interested in relocating to England and coming to work for them. Once scam that I know of involve travelers checks. These Chuck wagons would send somebody travelers checks and have said person cash the checks and then send them the money through Western Union PayPal or whatever and u keep a percentage for yourself. Problem was you find out later on the travelers checks were counterfeit or reported stolen. I'm guessing not very many people that actually received the checks and cash them went and sent a percentage of the money due the scammers but they still had to pay that money back to the bank where the checks turned out to not be legitimate in one way or another LOL. I know of a couple. Each is of that scam the checks ranged anywhere from 200 to 5000.i became aware of the scam do too literally one of these chuckleheads sent me an envelope in the mail with a letter and like I said a series of travelers checks.i took one of the batch to the bank and i had the bank run it cost me about 10 or $15 and basically the bank came back boat a week later saying it was stolen or fake they didn't specify specifically which other than that it wasn't legitimate. so you'd be surprised how many different Internet scams these guys are running.

    At the risk of sounding like I'm wearing a tin foil hat for a couple years now I've been aware of people on eBay laundering drug money I'm very certain that eBay is aware of it but so much money is moving around that nobody's doing anything about it.see how I became aware of it was by accident.ide look up things in the soul listings such as say a particular moral VCR wear i had one. now I find a couple of recent listings where the item sold for say 500 and the shipping was several hundred as well which had me scratching my head.now i subsequently put the VCR I had up for sale for like 50 or 75 bear in mind everything pretty much identical model and so forth working listed with buy it now but of course nobody even touch it but you'd see other soul listings where somebody bought the exact same model item from another seller and once again a five times or more plus once again ridiculous shipping.
    I also started noticing similar things like this for items that would make no sense like say a $20 desk lamp that sold for $500 and 200 for the shipping.if u specifically look for sold listings where the shipping is completely insane you'll start finding things like portable black-and-white television that sold for 800+300 for the shipping said television actually costs about $40 to mail and is about the size of a football ..I know the shipping and everything because I have the exact model television. Sometimes you'll come across listings for DVDs where somebody paid $50 or more to have a single DVD sent to them. Needless to say eBay doesn't give too sweet you know what's they're getting their eBay fees covered so beyond that they don't care to investigate these strange sales. Usually you'd notice him for things like laptops vcrs desk lamps or vacuums less commonly there vintage televisions these are just a few more noticeable examples. Literally ended up losing my eBay account because of a couple of scammers who screwed eBay and myself

    One example I sold a Nintendo wii that was in the box brand-new sealed. Person who received it said the unit was used. EBay gave the guy a full refund including shipping and stated he didn't have to return it unless I paid for the return shipping. Return shipping alone would've been double what I could sell the unit for at that point.it was only of any interest whatsoever because it was in box sealed and they're not exactly, defined given how long ago that particular version came out, I got along with some other Stuff where it was unsold merchandise.once in a while you come across old merchandise even several years old when businesses are cleaning out storage or have gone out of business and whoever is Presently renting the place is selling off the stock from the previous business that was left behind after they cleared out. i at one point got screwed over for rOver 500 by eBay. That particular scam was well set up. In short somehow the guy managed to get a refund from eBay and from PayPal each refund was over $200.then to add insult to injury somehow this guy managed to get yet another refund for the same product from PayPal several months later with the exchange rate it was about 200 Canadian each time. Needless to say I tried doing something between eBay and PayPal the first go around like I said they literally screwed up and all copies gave the guy a refund and build me. If I gave you the amount of BS a PayPal representative late on me when I called them on the phone after said third refund guy clearly didn't even understand what was going on and didn't care and was just talking waiting for me to hang up the phone. .the item initially was delivered and according to the post office refused by an occupant of the residence which resulted in the items floating around the postal system nearly 2 months then being returned to my residence where I had to pay to get it back. Story Changing for war in didn't receive said item the case he opened with PayPal he claimed I sent the item to the wrong address case he opened with eBay he said the post office made a mistake and send it to is neighbors house or possibly the wrong address.i literally was quite happy to read mail the item provided I was reimbursed for the shipping.nw he got his money back + two other refunds besides all three refunds came out of my pocket + the money I had to pay the post office to get the box back where it was returned at my expense. I still don't know what happened that somebody at the residence supposedly refused to claim the package where it required a signature as part of the tracking.it was a original 1983 inbox Nintendo system system was used but it had all the contents and everything just like when you do were talking all the papers the whole 9 yards it was the version that came with the robot and so on everything was complete even had the warranty card that came with it back in the day.so i end up getting negative feedback and so forth that +the wii and a couple of other things I sold where people pulled similar scams where they claim the item wasn't what they bought and they were automatically given a refund without having to return said item if I wanted returned I'd have to pay for it and generally the return shipping wasn't worth it.

  • Josh Krause
    Josh Krause 4 days ago

    Why did you not send him a box of shit?

  • Bro Bruh
    Bro Bruh 4 days ago

    Kahk Ham

  • Kara Zosha
    Kara Zosha 4 days ago

    omg I'm from Delaware lmaooooo and no one knows about us haha so every time you say Delaware I freak lol

  • BootyJenkins
    BootyJenkins 5 days ago

    Thanks gg, this guy gave me 400k when he got home from Syria.

  • James Baker
    James Baker 5 days ago

    On eBay when you win a item or even when you are high bidder before it's over. If you hit the bid numbers it will show your whole name not just r****r. But when it's not your account it will show just the r****r or another 5 digit number. Plus when you bid if you bid the so called $10,000 it will say that's you max bid not the bid you pay. If high bid is let's say $10.00 then it will make high bid $10.50 and that's what they pay plus shipping and handling and nothing more. Buy a lot on eBay but be careful I only buy from people that have a high rating

  • Mary Stiltner
    Mary Stiltner 6 days ago +1

    Recently found your channel, I am hooked. EXCELLENT content. Keep up your in depth journalism

  • Ewald Dimo
    Ewald Dimo 6 days ago

    You should have sent general Ham Alvis a squash.

  • Bill DelFera
    Bill DelFera 7 days ago

    They found a loophole. Giving someone a mailing address isnt stealing. If they mail you something then that's on them. Its fucked up, but legal.

  • Spencer Stephens
    Spencer Stephens 7 days ago

    Hey i have that same hat... nice

  • Rocki Wingard
    Rocki Wingard 8 days ago

    When you sell something through PayPal, ONLY SEND IT TO THE ADDRESS GIVEN BY PAYPAL. PERIOD!
    Sending it to another address voids your seller's protection. If you want to be nice, give them the option to go into PayPal, change their shipping address, and send them a new invoice in PayPal. But don't refund the original purchase until they pay the new invoice

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 8 days ago

    Georgia 🇬🇪 DEEZ HAIRY MUSKY NUTZ...🇫🇷

  • Jack O'Jack
    Jack O'Jack 8 days ago

    it would be better to have an address in Alaska to ship it to Russia.

  • Donnie
    Donnie 9 days ago

    i sold something to de recently hopefully im not scammed :/

  • patriots revenge
    patriots revenge 10 days ago

    I once sold a chicken gizzard

  • LC 716
    LC 716 11 days ago

    Stop doing auctions lol. Sounds like the trolls don’t like you. Also commenting on the misspelling of words doesn’t make you racist

  • Swiggy Diggler
    Swiggy Diggler 11 days ago

    Mista g's a fucking dectective

  • Unknown Celeb
    Unknown Celeb 12 days ago

    Scammers write with bad grammar for a reason. They do it because if you're stupid enough to believe them and write back, then you're an easy target for the scammer. It's like a stupid-people-filter if that makes any sense.

  • CrimsonRaven86
    CrimsonRaven86 12 days ago

    DE resident here, this kind of stuff can happen because it's so easy to become incorporated in DE, plus there is a massive port for international shipping.

  • turner pike
    turner pike 13 days ago

    My mom bid on a book on eBay she spent like $400 on. She thought it was a machine to clear up snow. Really eBay pretty much told her that she should be a bit more careful about what you get on eBay by reading what the description says. My mom reads the description all the time when she gets something. And really other people were definitely tricked to because the bid went up to hundreds of dollars.

  • Chris Bridston
    Chris Bridston 13 days ago

    Careful bud.. sounds like Russian mob .. don’t want to hear about a torso and feet washing up on some shore due to their enterprise being ruined lol.. scary sons of ze bitches ! Ja! U just made a comment about being wacked! Looks like your aware of their handy work as well lol

  • Ilya Puzanov
    Ilya Puzanov 15 days ago

    In post-soviet countries, like Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, etc, pretty popular services, that just handle delivery, and all you have to do is buy a product from , for example, eBay, entering address of their warehouse as destination and providing them with tracking number and your home address (or other local delivery service, which is quite convenient), and that's it. So those 2 services are probably legit, just used by scammers.

  • fonzo2525
    fonzo2525 15 days ago

    What a Ham....Alvis....

  • omegared22
    omegared22 16 days ago

    Treasure box???? You mean hot snatch lol

  • Angela's VLOG
    Angela's VLOG 16 days ago

    U r a riot

  • T O
    T O 16 days ago

    Your full of Shit!!!!

  • Ben Dare
    Ben Dare 16 days ago +1

    Can you do a EXPOŚE on Rapsheets.org ???
    We Need Kyle Grant behind bars and Class action lawsuit against him.

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart 16 days ago

    Holy shit... is this Mista GG or Tom Clancy?

  • F J
    F J 17 days ago

    3:00 lmaooo I thought the same thing before he said this, damn we’re dumb

  • kodone
    kodone 17 days ago

    I found this channel on accident and when you said “i love khak” that shit had me rolling
    I subscribed 😳

  • iDubbbzTV Isn't Here
    iDubbbzTV Isn't Here 18 days ago

    I’ll be real, my dad used to buy from a company like this, except the goods were a little more “hot”; they stole directly from trucks and shipping containers

  • Rich P
    Rich P 19 days ago

    There's no good reason to sell a MacBook on Ebay. Stuff you know will always sell might as well be put on Craigslist. Straight cash. No fees, no shipping no liability if it dies after 3 days. Any laptop will always sell on CL. Just remember to wipe your bunghole...I mean hard drive. (Sometimes I get those 2 confused.)

  • Audrey Newsome
    Audrey Newsome 21 day ago

    *🤣☠️😂💀😭 What is this cock talking about?*

  • RegTarg011
    RegTarg011 22 days ago

    Yea.. well, maybe if you lift those unconstitutional sanctions off of Russia.. >.> ..they wont have to steal shit from your fat asses.

  • Странно Хрипы

    Wouldn’t make much sense to pick Delaware for closeness to Russia. California is much closer or Alaska or Washington.

  • chris vd S ,vuurwerkjunky71

    Hahahaha general h elvis ,i have THE same Guy mailing me!!!whahahaha helarious!!!its a realy Joke !!i wil also these box!!!full of cash!!!hahahaha

  • Jose Garay
    Jose Garay 22 days ago

    Do you know what Malparida means ??? LMAO

  • Mike Keenan
    Mike Keenan 23 days ago


  • dfailsthemost
    dfailsthemost 23 days ago

    Delaware has lax corporate laws

  • fabian santana
    fabian santana 25 days ago

    I live in new castle, DE 😂

  • Ankit tiwari
    Ankit tiwari 25 days ago

    Last one reminded me of kid peter griffin episode
    "Hey kid want some candy"
    Peter_No, my mommy said not to talk to strangers.
    Goes back
    Next day
    In other news "a lil kid won life time supply of candy"

  • k*don*
    k*don* 26 days ago

    He talks about fasting and you kno he is Muslim... And he uses the name ham??? Bahahah

  • Mr_Viperstock
    Mr_Viperstock 27 days ago

    he actually looks like a dad

  • Nightfury 14
    Nightfury 14 27 days ago

    11:35 killed me😹

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    Pato •• 29 days ago

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    RL56 Month ago

    This man has 420k subscribers absolute mad lad

  • Kathryn Aegis
    Kathryn Aegis Month ago

    Good information! This tends to not happen to those of us who sell cosmetics, but once in a while I sell off camera equipment.

  • Mad Rob
    Mad Rob Month ago


  • MiniCreeper Parkour

    The 840 dislikes on this video are from all the Russian scammers

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    Bxop :V Month ago

    As a georgian its just funny how shitty this scam is

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    Joshua Karns Month ago

    Great video, Oregon or Washington would be closer to Russia though.

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Robert

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    george ruch Month ago

    the last one also sounds like a setup for human trafficking so like

  • Hayleigh Gavaldon
    Hayleigh Gavaldon Month ago

    Delaware also offers anonymity for company owners; in other states, you can look up the company ownership and representative information of any business registered in the state, as it’s public record. But that’s not the case in Delaware.

  • KingYoshee
    KingYoshee Month ago

    dude do u know the channel hoax hotel?? i think you wud be awesome at scam baiting some of those indian and 419 scammers man give it a go O,o


    Your getting so fat

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    Shronk Wazowski Month ago

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    3 Shot Tim Knight Month ago

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