$1000 Survival Kit in a Case


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  • Ruhittingonmenpc#777237

    You can buy most of these items at Wal-Mart for a fraction of the price

  • Anthony Boatwright jr.

    Were is the merchandise

  • Anand Patel
    Anand Patel 2 days ago

    Teach him english

  • I'm Bajee
    I'm Bajee 2 days ago

    Where is sanitary napkins?

  • dog pound
    dog pound 2 days ago

    A thousand dollars to survive for 4 days, who is it designed for ? the kardashians.

  • Lee Miller
    Lee Miller 3 days ago

    Vise grips

  • Lee Miller
    Lee Miller 3 days ago +1

    And pry bar

  • Lee Miller
    Lee Miller 3 days ago +1


  • crazy_ gen863
    crazy_ gen863 3 days ago

    I wood bye it for 90$

  • Kmen Tariang
    Kmen Tariang 5 days ago

    Can u imagine carrying that big box in a case of emergency..

  • Eslee Ow Yang
    Eslee Ow Yang 6 days ago

    Do more

  • Becky Johnson
    Becky Johnson 6 days ago

    Can I have the tool package for 200 💵

  • Rafael Lopes
    Rafael Lopes 7 days ago

    One box with a ton of chinese things

  • Mel Laturnas
    Mel Laturnas 8 days ago

    I think it is better if there is a pickaxe in there because it might be useful if you are trapped due to an earthquake

  • AMAL B
    AMAL B 8 days ago

    Boom boom pow, boom boom pow.... Boom

  • Penntucky Survival
    Penntucky Survival 9 days ago +1

    that Stanley tool is for twisting wall studs

  • f f
    f f 9 days ago

    Your hand shaking

  • Suparman Rafi
    Suparman Rafi 10 days ago

    in indonesia.. you can buy the brand new motorcicles with $1.000 😂😂

  • The Freedom House
    The Freedom House 10 days ago

    You could build a better survival kit for like $500.

  • Gifted Carton780
    Gifted Carton780 10 days ago


  • Vraj Mistry
    Vraj Mistry 10 days ago

    he seems to be serious but sometime crazy like booommm

  • Ranger Gaming
    Ranger Gaming 11 days ago


  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 11 days ago

    Screw the guys who disliked this video

  • HardCity RainDrops
    HardCity RainDrops 11 days ago

    That whole kit is trash

  • vikrant tekade
    vikrant tekade 11 days ago

    One day i hope to get pinned.

  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 12 days ago

    Thats trash for a thousand dollars.

  • phc12 12
    phc12 12 12 days ago

    Who would win?
    *iPhone X* for 999$
    *1 survival kit boi* for 1000$

  • Puffy147x
    Puffy147x 13 days ago +2

    "whoa! Look at these awesome scissors!" Holds up regular ol' scissors. Love the constant enthusiasm.

  • catmandont100
    catmandont100 15 days ago +1

    Thank GOD....that sleeping Bag will keep you Warm at ROOM temperature.

  • Kapil Pathak
    Kapil Pathak 16 days ago

    What camera do you use? Which model?

  • Charles VH
    Charles VH 16 days ago

    The claw on the Fatmax is for straightening twisted 2X4's

  • Luís Antônio Marrega

    Amigo Parabéns este é um super kit de sobrevivência e notei que a mala é s prova d'água isso é bom. Abraço! Rio de Janeiro Brasil

  • Saraswati Samant
    Saraswati Samant 17 days ago

    It's for malhar n his wives

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 17 days ago

    More like Dollar Tree survival kit

  • Abufaza3_Gam3r
    Abufaza3_Gam3r 18 days ago

    The case is the coolest

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 18 days ago

    A triangular bandage is a sling mainly for an arm shoulder or elbow

  • William Merrow
    William Merrow 18 days ago

    Fat max tool place where you put your hand is so you can put it over a 2x4 and twist it works good when using warped lumber

  • Clayton Kerton
    Clayton Kerton 20 days ago

    I thought he said "cyka cyka organized"

  • Ex Bean
    Ex Bean 22 days ago

    Love Russia from Bangladesh. ♥

  • Stone Kold111
    Stone Kold111 22 days ago

    how are you supposed to carry this through the bush?

  • Peter Ellacott
    Peter Ellacott 23 days ago

    Should have steel wool for jump lead fire starting solar crank radio water still fish hooks capstan and lines

  • ChriSTopher 3
    ChriSTopher 3 24 days ago


  • Lilyz37
    Lilyz37 25 days ago

    The FatMax functional utility bar
    Hammering Prying etc
    People use it after hurricane sometimes or other natural disasters.
    The review is quite high and seems reliable.
    Thumbs up.

  • Lilyz37
    Lilyz37 25 days ago

    Your background really looks like an escape room cool

    PURPLE AGENCY 26 days ago

    Simples for transporting body parts comrade. Compartment for novichok and posters of putin. Plastic box on wheels can be made for $100. Now I endorse for TWO bottles of vodka.

  • spandan roy
    spandan roy 26 days ago

    OK bro but it is tooooooo big bro survival kit should be small and handey

  • 0sk1
    0sk1 27 days ago

    this is 300-400$ emergency kit....

  • GalaxyForce 04
    GalaxyForce 04 27 days ago

    So it means that you’ll have to carry one huge additional suitcase?

  • Elaine Bürgi
    Elaine Bürgi 28 days ago

    A globalizaçao e tao linda. E impressionante como culturas diferentes podem trabalhar juntas tao bem, como agua e açucar.

  • hailman345
    hailman345 29 days ago

    Bo4 had this lololol

  • Holyfox
    Holyfox 29 days ago

    All I need when the Apocalypse is coming, is a Russian guy.
    Russians are the best fixers& problem solvers.

  • collectorbob810
    collectorbob810 Month ago

    where did you buy this

  • Joe Rickman
    Joe Rickman Month ago

    I enjoy your videos Sir. It's hard to find such products tested and displayed. Thanks.

  • Igor Sidelkovsky
    Igor Sidelkovsky Month ago

    Hey everyone, the greatest results that ive ever had was with the Marla survive system
    (i found it on google) definately the no.1 preppers that I've tried.

  • Giorgi Gvinianidze
    Giorgi Gvinianidze Month ago +3

    case is okay but comes full of trash for 1000$

  • Aman
    Aman Month ago

    Bought a 1000$ emergency kit, likes the case the most

  • Paul Abraham
    Paul Abraham Month ago

    Boom 💥

  • Cowboy Texas
    Cowboy Texas Month ago +1

    It would have been better to have just a gun with 4 bullets one for every person. That kit is a joke lol

  • Grant Hodge
    Grant Hodge Month ago

    Where safety is numbun priority?

  • Nicolas Dupuis
    Nicolas Dupuis Month ago

    Non sa ne vaut pas 1000$ tu es mieux de faire ton propre survival kit...car toi seul sais se que tu as vraiment de besoin

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma Month ago

    Please give me one of this kit please

  • Mariner97 Plays
    Mariner97 Plays Month ago

    There is a backpack called the seventy2 for $349.99

  • Andy Perez
    Andy Perez Month ago

    As soon as he's start talking I was like "wait what?"

  • Scorpio KC
    Scorpio KC Month ago

    Even the Threadripper suitcase looks more badass than it lol

  • Scorpio KC
    Scorpio KC Month ago +1

    The case probably cost 500 dollar

    • chris77777777ify
      chris77777777ify Month ago +1

      Less than that, all the stuff is like dollar prices. The box could be made in china like the other stuff, box is like 20$. Or even less, it's just plastic.

  • MrRider117
    MrRider117 Month ago


  • Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez Month ago

    They should have put in a wooden cross and some holy water just in case...

  • Load¡ng
    Load¡ng Month ago

    I couldve used one of these before hurricane michael wrecked my life

  • Mr.Alex46
    Mr.Alex46 Month ago

    I need one of those when i go shopping with my GF.

  • DoOmSdAy PREPPers
    DoOmSdAy PREPPers Month ago

    It’s alright but it ain’t worth a grand tbh.

  • Commander Shadow
    Commander Shadow Month ago

    Awesome job bud!

  • Алексей Лебедев

    🤭 жесткий акцент 😂

  • Sir Tomaz
    Sir Tomaz Month ago +1

    LOL.. pass me 1000$ and you will get a lot more and real survival tools

  • Antonio Gonçalves
    Antonio Gonçalves Month ago

    the case is the best part to this kit

  • JH Lee
    JH Lee Month ago

    That match is the srongest match in world

  • Ali Ibrahim
    Ali Ibrahim Month ago

    lol 1000$

  • JayJay Jellybean
    JayJay Jellybean Month ago

    4 people for 4 days for $1000!!?? Jesus CHRIST!

  • Energy hit
    Energy hit Month ago

    Yes, because if I will be in a s u r v i v a l situation I will have a few kilogram SURVIVAL CASE WITH ME

  • Vanilla
    Vanilla Month ago

    i can enter in that box . the box protect me . i will survive

  • xSlasher Ro
    xSlasher Ro Month ago

    Taras, you are so Kul!!

  • TheGibbon007
    TheGibbon007 Month ago +1

    nice way to get ripped off 👍

  • Shivansh Kala
    Shivansh Kala Month ago

    Bro that thing at 6:57 is used as a grip

  • Excelsior!
    Excelsior! Month ago

    Какой у тебя вонючий английский чувак

  • g 1
    g 1 Month ago

    Worth it.

  • LordBelger
    LordBelger Month ago +1

    For a grand I'd be pissed off I could easily double that kit for maybe 600 bucks and could easily build a better one for 400. A thousand dollars can really buy much better lighter and effective gear.

  • Mirza Zaheer
    Mirza Zaheer Month ago +1

    Nonsense stuff

  • error idk
    error idk Month ago +2

    For him Vodka is all he need

  • James Parke
    James Parke Month ago

    is this guy really Russian? or ?

  • Scott M
    Scott M Month ago

    The big wrench is for opening fire hydrants

  • Christina Alvarado
    Christina Alvarado Month ago

    I love your videos

  • Ron Hughley
    Ron Hughley Month ago

    An that solar charger is probably for the headlamps."flashlights". An did he say knife with the lil "flash-life" -plastic drop cloth can be used to collect rain water. Or as a make shift cover/shelter.

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois Month ago

    And a tin opener

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois Month ago

    A mirror and cumpass

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois Month ago

    A Machete or some kind of long knife like a cullcury

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois Month ago

    Water purification tablets

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois Month ago

    Water purifier

  • cottonwoodrebel
    cottonwoodrebel Month ago

    I want to go into the woods with this and a friend for a week end challenge

  • Good Tutt
    Good Tutt Month ago

    $1000 for cheap matches?

  • Schwert_2015
    Schwert_2015 Month ago

    The case seems nice.

  • aapelinaattori gaming

    You forgot the tape whistle and the mirror on table