$1000 Survival Kit in a Case


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  • Danny Richards
    Danny Richards 5 hours ago


  • BN Bandit
    BN Bandit 7 hours ago

    I love when Russians speak English they accent is to gold

  • BMWLane
    BMWLane 9 hours ago

    Love this guy! Great review!

  • mortezaali mk
    mortezaali mk Day ago

    i need an emergency iphone x to enjoy my remain life

  • Sergej Pavlovski

    Safty prprprty

  • Sergej Pavlovski

    Safty prprprty

  • Charles Shinn
    Charles Shinn Day ago

    The hammer thing they opening it looks like it would be what you would use to turn on and off a fire hydrant and you forgot to put the silver tape back in the box

  • Satyam The Gamer
    Satyam The Gamer Day ago +1

    Camera is far away

  • Oh yeah yeah General

    Survival Kit in a nutshell :
    = Case - $960
    = Everything else - $40

  • Daysean Mensah
    Daysean Mensah 2 days ago +1

    That's so cool because you have a fire extinguisher beside you in case of a fire

  • TheBald1
    TheBald1 3 days ago

    Wow man.. Lol.. You should give this poor boy one.. I struggle to buy a can of treat and a case of water...

  • knifeguy Rob
    knifeguy Rob 5 days ago

    You forgot to put back the aluminum tape mirror and whistle

  • Justin DePauw
    Justin DePauw 5 days ago +1

    I need this

  • Our life in a tube
    Our life in a tube 6 days ago

    Uuumm...travel goods? Dollar tree sells a lot of that stuff. It's a huge 1st aid kit .... just saying. 🤨

  • K D
    K D 6 days ago

    Where's the toiletries and toilet paper?

  • Private Account User

    Oh sure, love the cards & crayons 'til ya see the tools are cheap!😄
    If I'm allergic to mint I gotta brush my teeth with antibiotic ointment for 4 days??😞 "Kiss me, Babe, I have Petroleum-Penicillin breath!"😚

  • Jarek Kopicki
    Jarek Kopicki 7 days ago

    100$ if that for a G! Sucker bet .

  • cyper aniga
    cyper aniga 7 days ago


  • Alexander Gersabeck
    Alexander Gersabeck 8 days ago

    The pelican case was most of the cost.

  • Φραγκίσκος Κυπραίος

    Είναι πράγματι αριστούργημα. Πόσο κοστίζει και που πωλείται?

  • From The Flight Deck

    Does it come with a Sherpa?

  • Johnny Dyck
    Johnny Dyck 10 days ago

    Give this video and me a like
    👇 make it blue

  • Time to wake 2018
    Time to wake 2018 10 days ago

    Convenient. Total ripoff but convenient. I could build a better one for half with a coupe of good bags

  • TwoBagsOfBeef
    TwoBagsOfBeef 11 days ago

    $1,000 Survival package = $800 Case + $200 Supplies

  • Shannon Varvel
    Shannon Varvel 11 days ago

    Think everything in there was super cheap I think I would send it back

  • Chris
    Chris 11 days ago

    saw the disappointed comments, right off the bat, I was like 500$ case, 1000$ kit??

  • Jože Čuden
    Jože Čuden 11 days ago

    card pack... now it's definitely worth 1k

  • Roweinna
    Roweinna 12 days ago

    There is a list on the front of each bag. It's supposed to tell you what is in the little bags!

  • zavion williams
    zavion williams 12 days ago

    Crazy RICH hacker !

  • Josh C
    Josh C 12 days ago

    You got ripped off bro

  • Будущий Диктатор

    Херня полная

  • Karl Wootton
    Karl Wootton 14 days ago

    Need to know the name of the hammer plz would be wkd for my job plz

  • Aron Swedrowski
    Aron Swedrowski 14 days ago

    It's a good deal, just replace the tools for better ones.

  • Jason Tremblay
    Jason Tremblay 14 days ago

    Where did you buy that kit

  • robert smith
    robert smith 14 days ago

    In Russia muscle pulls you.

  • Silent Epsilon
    Silent Epsilon 15 days ago

    for $1000 this is a huge disappointment. I would estimate the total value of all the items at around $500, so with profit about $600 to $750 would be an acceptable price, but $1000 is way too much for the contents it comes with.

  • Javier Otero Calderón

    For $1000, it better come with P A S H T E T

  • Febby Fabian
    Febby Fabian 15 days ago


  • Whale’s Willy
    Whale’s Willy 16 days ago

    The case is most of the cost

  • Goyam Jain
    Goyam Jain 16 days ago


  • SupertekGaming
    SupertekGaming 17 days ago

    In the company's defence, genuine Pelican cases are very pricey

  • joris bus
    joris bus 17 days ago


  • suspended
    suspended 18 days ago

    He is looking disappointed

  • Hater Blocker
    Hater Blocker 18 days ago

    The pelican case is worth more than all of that stuff

  • B S
    B S 18 days ago

    Where is the life straw ?

  • Laura B
    Laura B 19 days ago

    There should also be a stun gun/mace in case of danger.

  • MadiCat247
    MadiCat247 19 days ago

    I miss CRH so much. Seeing him dissapointed at something makes me wanna cry

  • prashanth sadu
    prashanth sadu 20 days ago

    What about burger and pizza?

  • TheGodKira
    TheGodKira 21 day ago

    Or you can buy a iphone.

  • Ryan Patton
    Ryan Patton 22 days ago

    Found most of these on amazon. total of 476 bucks. of course, modify it to your liking for more or less.
    Emergency case (pelican) - 200 bucks
    Med kit - 60 bucks
    tent - 50 bucks
    12 pack of MRE - 60 bucks
    gallon of water - 1 dollar
    water filter straw - 15 bucks
    survival hatchet, shovel, multitool - 30 bucks
    badass mummy sleeping bag - 40 bucks
    solar charger - 20 bucks

  • Duane Amos Tuazon
    Duane Amos Tuazon 22 days ago

    I really liked it but I will buy it if it was at $100

  • Dofri Zulkifli
    Dofri Zulkifli 23 days ago


  • WWE Fan
    WWE Fan 23 days ago

    what moms would say: 4:11 to 4:14. what dads would say: 4:27 to 4:29

  • n c
    n c 23 days ago

    Good stuff. If you went shopping. You would forget lots of stuff , but price seems steep
    Maybe you should workout the cost of each item including box and bags and tell us what it would cost & how much we are paying for someone to put it all together

  • adonai cooper
    adonai cooper 24 days ago


  • SgtTinyPanda89
    SgtTinyPanda89 24 days ago

    I haven’t watched this guy in about 2 years and his English hasn’t gotten any better😂

  • Seth Carignan
    Seth Carignan 24 days ago

    Please do DIY 4× person, 3+ day, survival kit; for comparison, since you have the experience and know how.

  • Anthony arroyo
    Anthony arroyo 25 days ago

    0:30 that’s what she said

  • TESLA Made it
    TESLA Made it 25 days ago

    Nice bro

  • Richie Pickett
    Richie Pickett 26 days ago

    I am already please just hearing the russian say vlerrrryvniiiice

  • Christian Bugarin
    Christian Bugarin 27 days ago +1

    Can you buy suicidal kit from dark web ?

    FAT BOY 28 days ago


  • yeah____youdude. sorry ma'am

    0:22-0:30 thats what she said.........

  • H0RR3R MUS1C
    H0RR3R MUS1C 28 days ago

    “I need to appeal my content to more children”
    USclip algorithm: **Unboxing video goes Trending**
    “Unboxing 1000$ survival kit”

  • HeadShotPR
    HeadShotPR 29 days ago

    So in other words it's worthless and overpriced

  • Emmanuel Alvizo
    Emmanuel Alvizo 29 days ago

    Could have found all that at the dollar store

  • Meruj Tashchyan
    Meruj Tashchyan 29 days ago

    This guy is the best

  • Brennan Schuler
    Brennan Schuler Month ago

    That “jaw” on the Stanley is for adjusting floor joists.

  • Bernardo Provenzanno

    That crowbar slash hammer had a teeth pulling and cranium adjuster on it..wow cool tool bro..nice suitcase for a g.

  • Scott Graham
    Scott Graham Month ago

    Werid hammer thing is for ice

  • Jorge Arroyo
    Jorge Arroyo Month ago

    There is a lot of items from the dollar store. That kit was wayyyyyyy over priced. The other items are from China.

  • sara kovacs
    sara kovacs Month ago

    I think that thing that came with the hammer is a wrench

  • Steven Patti
    Steven Patti Month ago

    The Stanley FatMax multi back and is used for persuading and twisting etc. 2x4 studs 2x6 studs etc. Very useful tool!

  • Planet Bold 💥
    Planet Bold 💥 Month ago

    6:55 you use it if you are in the Arctic or somewhere there is ice. It’s called an ice pick

  • Jurassic Jordan
    Jurassic Jordan Month ago

    For 300 bucks i could go to Wal-Mart and make a kit that would blow this one away lol

    ENON ENON Month ago

    The yellow Stanley wrench is used to open water mains

  • Nemanja Petrovic
    Nemanja Petrovic Month ago


  • Kieran Bailey
    Kieran Bailey Month ago

    Good deal

  • Nickolas Nolette
    Nickolas Nolette Month ago

    Good deal

  • Nickolas Nolette
    Nickolas Nolette Month ago

    Good deal

  • 777queens
    777queens Month ago

    Crazy Russian hacker👍🏻

  • koala bear
    koala bear Month ago

    You need safety glasses to open a box?

  • Nikhil Yadav
    Nikhil Yadav Month ago +3

    Why do i feel like people buy these kits and intentionally get lost just to use them.

  • Gary Schmelzer
    Gary Schmelzer Month ago

    its a plumbers pipe wrench...adjustable

  • Mark Villanueva
    Mark Villanueva Month ago

    Im so convience to all his reviews.. Bacause of his " BOOM! WOAAHH" reaction..

  • Aide Beavers
    Aide Beavers Month ago

    Total value : 5.99

  • Stephen Steiner
    Stephen Steiner Month ago

    You got ripped off!

  • Seth Manley
    Seth Manley Month ago

    There is enough stuff there to keep people alive.. Throw a trauma kit, and water filter in and it should be worth it.

  • Absolute Legend
    Absolute Legend Month ago

    Good luck carrying your big box in survival situation

  • Vipin Mishra
    Vipin Mishra Month ago

    Hey Bro Make A video on Indian MRE

  • Reaka Johanson
    Reaka Johanson Month ago

    What is he saying at the beginning?

  • crsbt
    crsbt Month ago

    Still..if you needed to use it in reality...be worth every penny.!.

  • Sensei Cortez
    Sensei Cortez Month ago

    i could make a $1000 survival kit that would last 4 people 3 months. It would consist of 95% food and water. and the other 5% blades, rope, fishing kit, and fire starting stuff. That $1000 kit he opened is the high maintenance kardashian survival kit. If people were really in a sticky situation, over half of that junk wouldn't even be used.

  • Kim Alexander Kepler
    Kim Alexander Kepler Month ago +10

    For a $1000 it should have came with a handjob

  • Randy Patterson
    Randy Patterson Month ago

    Ya because in an emergency I want a giant bullseye on me with a giant orange suit case....

  • Fenrir
    Fenrir Month ago

    It cost more than my car...

  • Trishit Ghosh
    Trishit Ghosh Month ago

    Plaese do more survival videos

  • Brideinthewaiting Jesus Is Lord

    A lot of that can be purchased at the dollar store and save 600 bucks. Lol

  • John Brown
    John Brown Month ago

    15 degrees Celsius is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Boom. Hypothermia. Nice case though.