$1000 Survival Kit in a Case


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  • Rob Erickson
    Rob Erickson 4 hours ago

    I wouldn’t be swinging that axe around

  • Xtian David
    Xtian David 5 hours ago

    If hes could speak fluent English in this video with the same edits, this video would've been so boring... Love this guy

  • Abraham S
    Abraham S 5 hours ago


  • patrice duncan
    patrice duncan 7 hours ago


  • Best Website
    Best Website 7 hours ago

    I would give you $200 for it.

    METALMAN4Wii 8 hours ago

    Still more useful than a new iPhone.

  • Redneck Anthony
    Redneck Anthony 8 hours ago

    Enough food for 1 person 4 days those meals are enough for 1 person 1 day

  • marwin winkler
    marwin winkler 8 hours ago

    Confident acquire touch hero instrument shop Christmas surprised passenger equity.

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 9 hours ago

    I love how the case is bright orange so the thieves know who to attack first .

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 9 hours ago

    I havnt watched the video yet but let me guess you think a lot of items inside that case IS SOOOO COOL!

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry 10 hours ago

    You should put that in your car

  • Philip Green
    Philip Green 11 hours ago

    Do hot pepper challenge

  • Hacker000 dcitfir
    Hacker000 dcitfir 11 hours ago

    All my saftey are my saftey glasses

  • BloodFlowRapid
    BloodFlowRapid 12 hours ago

    This is cool but what happens if your car washes away...?

  • speakbigtruth
    speakbigtruth 12 hours ago

    Yes it’s worth the hassle free peace of mind

  • Fred Dufour
    Fred Dufour 13 hours ago

    woaaaah i need this !

  • StonedV Television
    StonedV Television 13 hours ago

    Total ripoff

  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob 13 hours ago


  • Anthony Muller
    Anthony Muller 14 hours ago

    Hes a russian manchild

  • Rhys Sandon
    Rhys Sandon 15 hours ago

    He should be more appreciative even though it's $1,000 that's still really good

  • Tolik L.
    Tolik L. 15 hours ago

    loks kind of like what they have on the big life boats .

  • FaZe_BOLT34
    FaZe_BOLT34 16 hours ago +1

    Is it just me or did the case change colors?.... orange to red?

  • Zack Galasso
    Zack Galasso 16 hours ago

    Who else noticed that he forgot to put the tape back

  • sonny de wild
    sonny de wild 16 hours ago

    medkit in fortnite 10 sec. be like

  • Илья Тру
    Илья Тру 17 hours ago

    Рашн акцент. . .говорит он, а стыдно мне

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan 17 hours ago


  • Kentucky Ranger
    Kentucky Ranger 17 hours ago +1

    Nice case! Mediocre first aid kit at best. *very cheep* tools. Did you say $1,000? Dang! I can see $100 for the case, but I could fill this with $500 of real tools, first aid, and MRE's... Sorry, *BIG MISS..*

  • Rajesh Rajnauth
    Rajesh Rajnauth 17 hours ago

    It wasn’t worth $1000. More of a $700-$800

  • Onur Adiyaman
    Onur Adiyaman 18 hours ago

    Its so wide and big Thats What She Said

  • William Money
    William Money 18 hours ago

    $1000 for four days? Ya'll getting ripped off with this. Give me 1000 bones and I can set 4 people for 6 months.

  • Fauzan August Akbar
    Fauzan August Akbar 18 hours ago

    It seems like P.U.B.G crate in real life 😁😁

  • Robert Rossi
    Robert Rossi 18 hours ago

    No rope or paracord? Ditch the tent to make room for those since it already has the tarp. It would help drop the weight, too.

  • Benjamin Bukvic
    Benjamin Bukvic 18 hours ago

    test it all

  • Edwin C
    Edwin C 18 hours ago

    i had a hammer like that before u can use it for lots of things the opening your asking about goes in a peace of wood to make a step to stand on.

    ZINDAO 18 hours ago

    2018 anyone

  • Threestar's Food Diary
    Threestar's Food Diary 19 hours ago

    This ain't worth $1000 add extra large Margherita Pizza in it and I'll buy it without a question :D *Pizza Life*

  • Issa Keith
    Issa Keith 19 hours ago +1

    Crazy Russian hacker is the dude that is prepared for the zombie apocalypse but gets bite while he is asleep

  • Gabriel Joaquin Barreta

    Where do u buy this? Cause I want one aswell

  • Matthias Kleinjan
    Matthias Kleinjan 20 hours ago

    You forgot putting the aluminium tape, mirror and whistle back in the case!

  • Susan Carr
    Susan Carr 20 hours ago

    The perfect kit for those who have no budget. The one who does, we bankrupt everyone else.

  • Federico Jimbo Smithson

    But what if in the middle of a catastrophe, say like an earthquake. This got burried??? :(

  • swordskiller
    swordskiller 22 hours ago

    rubish, you iant gona be holding that around in a hike

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 23 hours ago

    All i need in my life is wifi and food

  • MagicMan
    MagicMan Day ago

    You should do a week survival in the wilderness using things only in this kit.

    DAMNSON Day ago

    Why no Pashtiet there

    ZEXITY Day ago


  • Rizky Hermawan
    Rizky Hermawan Day ago +1

    Taras would've survived WW3 only with his "boom"

  • Jin Mizutsuki
    Jin Mizutsuki Day ago

    i have a feeling most of the cost went into the pelican case. they are amazing. have a pelican storm (cheaper version) with me and it is super rugged.

  • Don adventures
    Don adventures Day ago

    $1000 & no pain killers screw that you got robbed

  • Victor Varsanyi
    Victor Varsanyi Day ago

    If you've ever shopped for compact lightweight sleeping bags, those 4 should be close to $1000

  • Victor Varsanyi
    Victor Varsanyi Day ago

    That Stanley tool looks like it should fit a fire hydrant

  • Jewish Person
    Jewish Person Day ago

    I like the orange case I would put a computer inside it. I would mod it and fit a computer inside it.

  • xXkolokoyXx
    xXkolokoyXx Day ago


  • Hebisenshi
    Hebisenshi Day ago

    i think they miss a signal gun with at least 4 rounds for that cost

  • Ann LaSalle
    Ann LaSalle Day ago

    Dropcloth gos under tent

  • Ann LaSalle
    Ann LaSalle Day ago

    Rly big bolts

  • M Miller
    M Miller Day ago

    Lugging around a survival tank like that would be counterproductive to the survival task at hand 😄
    A bottle of jack; pack of smokes and a roll of Toilet paper, is all you need 🤣
    Travelite 😁

  • QS GodV2 jr
    QS GodV2 jr Day ago

    Said in Russian accent, ”This is tool, I like tool very much.” I like that tool as well Mr. Hacker

  • Rhys Bowditch
    Rhys Bowditch Day ago

    Ver naice- borat

  • IVAN Orozco
    IVAN Orozco Day ago

    If you want to buy that at Walmart or any other store it would cost over 1000 so I would buy the survival pack

  • NC Cuber
    NC Cuber Day ago

    Can I use that in Fortnite? I got 10 health.

  • Rogue
    Rogue Day ago

    Is it just me or the logo really looks like its written Allah

  • Milo Schwa
    Milo Schwa Day ago

    That’s really like my favorite type of crazy Russian hacker video. Pls make more like it! PS I shared this with like 50 people and right now you are my total favorite you tuber

  • Rafael Grijalva
    Rafael Grijalva Day ago

    The case itself is $900 of the total cost...

  • ethan jackson
    ethan jackson Day ago

    does it come with a raft

  • TheKillerBoyReturns

    Its Yuge

  • Flyin High FPV
    Flyin High FPV Day ago

    Safety vest are in case you are lost. Or working on the road I guess. LOL. Love your videos!!

    G POWER DRAGON Day ago

    good for alaskan bush plane accept no cooking kit

  • Григорий Шершнёв

    Поздравляю с 10 лямами

  • Ea Gäddnäs
    Ea Gäddnäs Day ago +1

    Oh, "welcome to my laboratory..." always heard something like "welcamtomalabalatoolways"

    • Nature Walker
      Nature Walker 15 hours ago

      Ea Gäddnäs oohhh that’s what he’s saying. Lol.

  • Dennis Chen
    Dennis Chen Day ago +1

    Better pop to my local Walmart...

  • Dennis Chen
    Dennis Chen Day ago +1

    More like he made 1000's of dollars on this video.LOL👌👌👌😅😅😅

  • Dennis Chen
    Dennis Chen Day ago +3

    In America you buy kit
    InSoviet Russia kit buys you

  • edgar mendez
    edgar mendez Day ago

    1k worth of trash.

  • hp_overload
    hp_overload Day ago

    What was 1,000$ about that?

  • TecH Point
    TecH Point Day ago

    Hi Taras

  • Mastergirl 18pro

    Wheres some food at and water
    Oh no you can buy it

  • Justin Chiao
    Justin Chiao Day ago

    he said squad like this is fortnite

  • Wali Khan
    Wali Khan Day ago

    Please use your old lab

  • Xia
    Xia Day ago

    He's ready to survive the apocalypse

    • Nature Walker
      Nature Walker 15 hours ago

      Xia He’s ready to survive ANYTHING.

  • Chris Sinclair
    Chris Sinclair Day ago

    Looks good for soccer moms.

  • Gopnik Cheeky breeky

    He will survive for ever

  • Zen Death
    Zen Death Day ago

    Your so kind and entusiastic


    se puede mejorar ese kit.....pero si no puedes ponerlo en la espalda no irve

  • Ammar Siddiqui
    Ammar Siddiqui 2 days ago

    That. Survival kit will be perfect for a zombie apocalypse

  • Kimi Da Iron Blackz
    Kimi Da Iron Blackz 2 days ago

    $1000 24K Gold Chicken Wings is better

  • Sattar Yousefi
    Sattar Yousefi 2 days ago

    no it isn't

  • Angel of Neo
    Angel of Neo 2 days ago

    This guy is ready for the apocalypse

  • Tony Ahn, Jr.
    Tony Ahn, Jr. 2 days ago

    $1000 to get $200 worth of 2nd & 3rd rate gear that you can pick up at Harbor Freight & Dollar Tree.

  • Vijay Sheladiya
    Vijay Sheladiya 2 days ago

    5 scary thing

  • Marcus Cho
    Marcus Cho 2 days ago +1

    my $1000 emergency kit.
    -iphone 6
    -wifi internet

  • Epic Tien
    Epic Tien 2 days ago +1

    Sooo... a kit if you’re in a nuclear bunker, but nowhere else

  • Kayleb Moore
    Kayleb Moore 2 days ago

    Survival buffet

  • maccdpimp
    maccdpimp 2 days ago

    most of that stuff you can get at a dollar store

  • goingtolet
    goingtolet 2 days ago

    Are there any Chinese friends?

  • Anas Nasseur
    Anas Nasseur 2 days ago

    you forgot the tape

  • FarCrySeries
    FarCrySeries 2 days ago

    Wait wait wait! Is this a survival packet dropped from PUBG?

  • Scott Casinger
    Scott Casinger 2 days ago

    That "health and hygiene kit" could've been another 2 days worth of food.