Game of Thrones 8x04 Trailer Breakdown! Will the Night King Return?

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Trailer Explained! What visual clues did you miss in the teaser / next episode preview for Cersei's war against Dany and Jon's surviving forces after the Battle of Winterfell and the Night King death? Could the Night King return in the Game of Thrones finale... or could he still be alive? Erik Voss breaks down this brief 8x04 teaser frame by frame, examining the commonalities between Cersei and Dany and what secrets the Golden Company could be hiding. Will Arya and Bran keep Arya killing the Night King a secret, and allow Dany or Jon to take credit for it? How much weaker is Dany's army after the Battle of Winterfell?
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    hJYIRI GKK 29 days ago

    Where did the North get enough men to attack kings landing ? No seige equipment ? not enough men to even surround the place . Why did the Scopions prove so ineffective in the end when they were so deadly to start with ?

  • sandwichninja
    sandwichninja Month ago

    How is it "superstitious" to worry about the dead coming back to life in a world where the dead come back to life?

  • Heidi
    Heidi Month ago

    The very last scene in episode 6 will be a pair of icy blue eyes 😈

  • Jaghùnd
    Jaghùnd Month ago

    Wasnt the night king just trying to reach his hottie in the crypts?

  • Louee Bell
    Louee Bell Month ago

    Cant wait for Ep 5. but sad that GOT will only have 2 more remaining episodes and its gone forever huhuhu. you might want to see the trailer here : @t

  • cs enterprise sugarcane legon

    Am I the only one who think Arya will later turn into a Night Queen?
    Taking into consideration how the night king grabbed Arya for some seconds before he was killed 🤔just thinking out loud lol😂

  • Leyla Fold
    Leyla Fold Month ago

    Night king will come back end of the episode 5

  • ana arias
    ana arias Month ago

    "Branch" lmao

  • Roberto Guimaraes
    Roberto Guimaraes Month ago

    cant wait for ep4 review, your reviews are the only ones worth watching

  • Get Over Here
    Get Over Here Month ago

    Night King isn’t coming back

  • alaa aboaljadayl
    alaa aboaljadayl Month ago

    Maybe the mountain is a night king

  • M A
    M A Month ago

    It is all about the chair!

  • Chris Kiser
    Chris Kiser Month ago

    Theres a starbucks cup..

  • Clare Gallagher
    Clare Gallagher Month ago

    How can he come back?

  • HeartsinNYC
    HeartsinNYC Month ago

    Bran is going to be secretary of agriculture. duh.

    PiCABLESKY Month ago

    valirian steel or dragon glass?

  • walt teezy
    walt teezy Month ago

    I hope the dragons survive

  • Gerard Shadiow
    Gerard Shadiow Month ago

    I wonder if a part of the Night King lives in Bran, as Voldemort lived in Harry Potter. Kinda like Harry's scar and the Night King's mark on Bran's wrist.

  • Shy Pie
    Shy Pie Month ago

    ‘BRANch’ tickled me 😂

  • Lonely Boy Reviews
    Lonely Boy Reviews Month ago

    Bronn is the night king

  • Master Shadow Erotic Hypnosis

    A Fern!!! Lmao

    ABHIJIT DAUND Month ago

    Night king will return. Bran has become the night king now

  • Barbara Beverly
    Barbara Beverly Month ago

    If not burned what in hell would you do with the bodies?

  • Amir Amira
    Amir Amira Month ago

    I wonder how far could the giant go..a help of army from China and North Korea that would be awesome !!

  • Hannah
    Hannah Month ago

    The night king will return.

  • Lone Manasa
    Lone Manasa Month ago

    How people are listening his crap. Knight king returns? Lol

  • Anne Van der Kooij
    Anne Van der Kooij Month ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care what happens as long as we get a Arya and John sparring scene??

  • Francisco Neto
    Francisco Neto Month ago

    I guess there goes the theory that the white walkers would reach King’s Landing. No one expected the battle with the White Walkers to be done in episode 3. Actually, many predicted the White Walker actually sitting on the Iron Throne. Now the game of thrones continues, but the white walkers are not a part of it.

  • Παλιά Ψυχή

    Love your dredictions!

  • The seventh sin
    The seventh sin Month ago

    Empty castles:......
    BRONN: ITS free real estate

  • Rock line
    Rock line Month ago

    ep 3 was great but it was too dark !!! even on full brightness on my laptop!!!

  • Gamblor
    Gamblor Month ago

    Is anyone doing a fluids and maintenance check on the Mountain? That lad got to be smelling funky by now?

  • Ragnar Danneskjöld

    It's possible the NK's spirit merges with Bran's the way the TER's did. If the NK was Azor Ahai, then he could be reborn in Bran.
    We know that Bran will either worg into a dragon or ride one.
    "Will I ever walk again?"
    "No, but you WILL fly."
    Suggests he plays a crucial role in the battle against Cersei.

  • Sqwash
    Sqwash Month ago

    King and Bran seemed to share an intimate moment. May be leadership was passed

  • Venkatesh K
    Venkatesh K Month ago

    if whitewalkers don't come back ... it's not worth ending..........

  • Rohan Ramabhadran
    Rohan Ramabhadran Month ago

    You’ve been good Theon.... thank you.

  • lordlo96
    lordlo96 Month ago

    1:43 didn’t he actually like „transform“ a little baby into a white walker once ?

  • Marí A
    Marí A Month ago

    Did he really just say branch instead of Bran at 5:01 ??? 😂😂

  • irnbrubhoy
    irnbrubhoy Month ago +1


  • Abdul Quadir
    Abdul Quadir Month ago

    I’m glad the dragons were not in the Godswood. The Night King came with 21 Generals and 21 Ice Spears...

  • Info Tec
    Info Tec Month ago

    Wht a dushbag

  • Phoebe Halls
    Phoebe Halls Month ago

    Give it up! There’s no way they’re gonna tease another night ‘prince’ in the last 3 episodes...

  • 2009LuckyStar
    2009LuckyStar Month ago

    Not returned but recreated by Qyburn.

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    Kill the the dragon lady

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago


  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    All hail me

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    I'm king

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    Release the kraken

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    Are attack

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago


  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael Month ago

    I'm back

  • SHIRLEY Shine
    SHIRLEY Shine Month ago

    Do not blame the writers,when half the planet keeps predicting outcomes.
    I for one,love how underwhelming most found it to teach them a lesson.

  • Kevin Qerimi
    Kevin Qerimi Month ago +1

    Lol imagine the battle at kings landing, when everyone’s dying and bran is just there and raises the dead 😂

  • Amine Iscsriah
    Amine Iscsriah Month ago +1

    It's still 3 episode so we have a five hours left from game of thrones all the hours for cersie 🤔no I don't think so there's something wicked gonna happen.

  • Sundizzle Bhambizzle-Bazzle

    The most badass part of this battle was the way worm had that look on his face and put his helmet on before the dead charge hit

  • Wright Marshall
    Wright Marshall Month ago +1

    Your channel is the reason everyone is disappointed in the last episode. You hype people up with bad predictions and theories.

  • Wade Greiner
    Wade Greiner Month ago

    Is it just me or is Jamie and Brienne conspicuously absent from the trailer. I think there is going to be a major fall out between Jamie and Dany and it is going to cause tensions and conflicts between our otherwise in tune with each other heros...

  • [O:D] OtakuDatabase

    Anyone with a functioning brain will know Bran and Arya ARE THE NIGHT KING !

  • The Big Life
    The Big Life Month ago

    Root and stem!
    She's going to kill Jamie and Tywin!

  • Apurv Kakirde
    Apurv Kakirde Month ago

    Victory Lap ??? Really???? 🤣🤣

  • D0M1N8R1
    D0M1N8R1 Month ago

    The Night king is dead dead

  • Rahim LaQuica
    Rahim LaQuica Month ago

    Your accent is sickening

  • Catzilla
    Catzilla Month ago

    _"Will the Night King return?"_
    No. Next question.

  • FoggyHHH
    FoggyHHH Month ago

    I think i saw Alice Castark was with Theon in the God's Garden so i don't think she's still in the ranks of the living..

  • Level 100 Boss
    Level 100 Boss Month ago

    I hope the NK returns, and says "all that for a drop of ice"

  • Rappideath 9
    Rappideath 9 Month ago +1

    Would be crappy to build up the knight king just to kill him in one episode . I think he returns

    JЭRICKO Month ago

    No more theories


    Brother's and sisters...
    Don't get any ideas.

  • AM L
    AM L Month ago

    The dead are being burned on a pyre simply vbecause the smell would be atrocious otherwise! I wouldn't read too much into it!

  • Ben Diallo
    Ben Diallo Month ago

    roots and stem refferes to the family tree.

  • ATM. NS7.2001
    ATM. NS7.2001 Month ago

    I expect the death of Tormund, ser brienne, Jaime, Davos, and grey worm

  • mdj2742
    mdj2742 Month ago +2

    At this point, it doesn’t really matter. The Night King was the ultimate villain, and now he’s gone. It just seems stupid to worry about Kings Landing at this point.

  • Jay Palmer
    Jay Palmer Month ago

    night king is dead y do u want him to be alive again? tf haha

  • David D
    David D Month ago

    A lot of people apparently saw Alice die from the whites after turning up the brightness.

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago +1

    Root and stem implies to me that Tyrion might have some controversial role to play

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Month ago

    Dr Strange will appear in 5th episode, to bring back white walker

  • Beea Rana
    Beea Rana Month ago

    who is standing with davos in the background of the burning scene???

  • Elesa lesperance
    Elesa lesperance Month ago

    I hope the final epiaode they dpnt pull a dexter where it ends and questions are left unanswered

  • eddovey
    eddovey Month ago

    Kevin Owens is looking good after losing some weight...

  • Alakshendra Tripathi

    You decided to join Cersi and Danerys in the red linen club??

    LUCCARDI Month ago

    Anyone else think got is starting to pander to the femenist crowd?

  • Mr Patty Swag
    Mr Patty Swag Month ago +1

    I miss the NK

  • mechtheist
    mechtheist Month ago

    They need to hit Kings Landing in a night raid as soon as possible, 2 or 3 days at most. They won't be ready and even if there is anyone manning the ballistas, plus, it's almost impossible to hit anything in flight at night.

  • Bottomof Uranus
    Bottomof Uranus Month ago +1

    7:23 is it me or the Dragon is smiling?

  • Devesh Gupta
    Devesh Gupta Month ago

    Did you forget about Bronn, he has the cross bow to bring the poetic justice by killing Tyrion and Jaime.

  • James Chally2
    James Chally2 Month ago

    Just waiting to see what edmure is doing in riverrun

  • Bonkley
    Bonkley Month ago

    5:02 isn’t bran short for Brandon not branch

  • Guilherme Nuno Cortez Faria

    No episodes left for the return of the night king, and no point for one as well. This 4th will be a transition episode for the final... final Game of Thrones...

  • Whelplayed
    Whelplayed Month ago

    Night King totally went back to the respawn zone in the land of always winter.

  • SwagMasterDank
    SwagMasterDank Month ago

    Pretty sure Dany is touching Rheagal, not Drogon

  • Joshua
    Joshua Month ago

    the Starks dont burn the dead

  • mike atwood
    mike atwood Month ago

    I'm still more interested in what Bronn is going to do when he finds the traitor brothers

  • Blake Virtonis
    Blake Virtonis Month ago +3

    I'm in denial over The Night King's death. Cersei CAN'T be the final boss. Ughhhh

  • Jaron
    Jaron Month ago

    Any one think Tyrion is gonna betray dany for sansa?

  • Chris Ashton
    Chris Ashton Month ago

    Wat the hell are sad gits talking about

  • Becky Xia625
    Becky Xia625 Month ago

    No because HBO runs out of budget

  • WynPhotos
    WynPhotos Month ago


  • LooKane YL
    LooKane YL Month ago

    I'm confused. I thought there was only 1 dragon left??

  • HerrLamprecht
    HerrLamprecht Month ago +1

    Jon Snow has no claim to the throne. He died at the wall, and his successor now has the best claim.

  • Stormrider2210
    Stormrider2210 Month ago

    If directors are cleaver they gonna justify mad king. Something that we are missing and mad king wanted to burn em for a reason that is gonna be revealed in last episode.