Jake Paul & RiceGum Promote Gambling To Kids


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  • vexum vii
    vexum vii 2 hours ago

    His pupils my god, he's so lit on blow

  • OOOFing Gamer
    OOOFing Gamer 5 hours ago

    10 times better with idubbz if you want to rape roast ricegum

  • SaSSolino
    SaSSolino 7 hours ago


  • Delaney Flickers
    Delaney Flickers 13 hours ago

    Jack Paul is not supporting gambling, he is just supporting surprise mechanics.

  • bob barker
    bob barker 17 hours ago

    How are they allowed to lie youtube has to handle there shit its sad for kids and familys when a kid spends the familys last 600 dollars and the will not give ure money back over a scam.. Its so sad... ima idiot and i can see the bullshit

  • Trim_dom
    Trim_dom 19 hours ago

    did ricescum use the soviet anthem in his video?... that doesnt fit at all

  • Lucas Hooper
    Lucas Hooper 23 hours ago

    9:02 when you spend $1100 for an Apple Watch but try to act cool.

  • Jackatire01
    Jackatire01 23 hours ago

    6:33 xD

  • Slayer Manggo
    Slayer Manggo Day ago

    I wish there was a vape

  • Theskxinnygrxzzly.

    You think Jake Paul is a Christian

  • Tijuana iguana
    Tijuana iguana Day ago

    4:33 I'm 22 and yes it is very funny

  • Persona Personale
    Persona Personale 2 days ago

    But 1.138$ is almost one hundred more than the mathematical value of that box...

  • Noob_Tactics
    Noob_Tactics 2 days ago

    7:00 Jake looxzz like a Whole Cave Man Zilikoon

  • Evan L
    Evan L 2 days ago

    Um I’m not seeing the spleen donation link am I too late

  • Max the Mad
    Max the Mad 2 days ago +1

    as I watch this video all I can think about is how much cocaine-I MEAN COFFEE I snorted-DRANK. Whew you guys, I drank SO MUCH COOOOFFFFEEEEEEE

  • Dominic Bakota
    Dominic Bakota 2 days ago

    He's brewing coffee with Walter White

  • ARX 351
    ARX 351 3 days ago

    I bought one of these mistery boxes and i found the corpse of a young tranny and a 1kg pack of low quality cocaine. I stuffed the tranny and put her in my living room and gave the pack to my son.

  • IndieKid
    IndieKid 3 days ago

    Why was it trending for gambling oh wait it’s because gambling is a game

  • Woosh me Then read my description

    Valve is 3.99

  • umar farook
    umar farook 3 days ago

    Is it me or does Jake Paul sound like an autistic child and acts like a 14 y/o girl

  • Chelsea Brazelton
    Chelsea Brazelton 3 days ago

    These kids were up all night doing blow and then decided to make a video

  • get2rog
    get2rog 3 days ago

    Who's Jake Paul? Whoever he is he's really obnoxious. Lose the coke and grow up dude.

  • SlapsterMcPhlash
    SlapsterMcPhlash 4 days ago

    at 4:42 JP is fucking with his nose with his hands and it's just way too twitchy to be for any real reason

  • Theskxinnygrxzzly.
    Theskxinnygrxzzly. 4 days ago

    I couldn’t even get that mystery box. Mom and dad would beat my head in if they found out I did it, not to mention the fact their jaw would drop to the floor and say “HELL NO”

  • steven03048
    steven03048 4 days ago

    This Jake Paul video is so full of shit -.-

  • bernadette rogers
    bernadette rogers 4 days ago

    Dude is definitely coked OUT. He has been hanging with Tana a lot...

  • Gannon Fox
    Gannon Fox 4 days ago

    People who are Coked out always think nobody knows theyre Coked out

  • xtremetoxicguy
    xtremetoxicguy 4 days ago

    I also love the bit at 8:07. He put in the laptop to have 5% chance of dropping and the apple watch to have a 95% chance. I know this is all fake but does he really think adding up all the percentages will give him a 100% chance of getting something? So if I put in 100 items and each have a 1% chance of getting won, I'm looking at a 100% chance of winning! Didn't know gambling was so easy!

  • Theodor Strøm-Thrane

    Dude that nutella t-shirt looks good. I want that shit

  • bizmonkey007
    bizmonkey007 4 days ago +4

    Even after all these years -- Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  • Gabriel Walaszek
    Gabriel Walaszek 5 days ago

    10 000$ lol. You could get 10 apple monitor stands for that much.

  • Nik Scott
    Nik Scott 5 days ago

    Ban these guys from USclip
    They're a danger to kids, as kids are their only audience

  • Fractal Equation
    Fractal Equation 5 days ago

    At the bottom of the Jake video it clearly states "sponsored by" ie there is a clear disclaimer that his video is an advert.

    Most adults will be able to evaluate an advert properly.

    If people are worried about kids inability to evaluate an advert properly that clearly state it's intentions then perhaps they should be doing some parenting rather shifting the blame onto a clearly labelled advert.

    This has parallels to "teach rapists not to rape" which can be compared to "i shouldn't have to teach my kids not to play near busy roads, teach motorists not to run kids over", ie "it's not for me to take responsibility for my own safety and / or my child's when i can blame other people for any harm that might come to them".

    that sad when you realise ethan is essentially a literal SJW

    • Alex Schillemans
      Alex Schillemans 2 days ago

      @Fractal Equation "then they aren't doing anything reprehensible". Yes, they are. They might not be doing anything illegal, it's still very much reprehensible. They know their audience is very young and they (should) know kids won't be able to see the difference. Imagine if Nickelodeon or Disney Channel had ads for alcohol, tabacco, sex toys or gambling. And to justify that they'd say: Well, maybe their parents shouldn't let them watch then... The outrage would be huge.(And rightly so)

      Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's all on Ricegum and Jake Paul(plus the other youtubers who promoted this scam). Obviously parents are also responsible for what their kids watch on the internet. Out of all parties involved, parents have the most responsibility. (Let's be real though, it's impossible to watch your kids 24/7, even if you wanted to) However, this doesn't give card blanche to every depraved mind to do whatever they feel like under the cover of 'well, it's their parents fault for letting them watch this in the first place, so I didn't do anything wrong'. No, messed up is messed up. And trying to sell gambling to kids is messed up, no matter how you look at it and no matter who is ultimately responsible for that kid watching it.
      Now, if their channels weren't aimed at kids but at adults, then yes I would agree with you on this point. But they're not, they're aimed at kids.

      "Then there should be restrictions in place to prevent such behaviour.
      " I agree, there should be. I'm no expert on the matter, but in my country ads for loaning money or buying things on credit must have a disclaimer in them along the lines of 'loaning money costs money'. A similar disclaimer for gambling would be a step in the right direction.
      "if you dont want content like this aimed at kids then either youtube needs to ban that sort of content"
      Actually, yes, these videos should be age restricted. Gambling ad in it? -> 21+ only for US viewers(or 18+ only for a lot of other countries I think). This would definitely help a lot.
      "there would literally be no problem with videos like this if parents moderated their kids browsing habbits - like they should be doing"
      Almost true(moderating 100% of what a kid watches online is impossible, anyone thinking otherwise is kidding themselves). It works the other way around as well though. If people didn't make these kinds of videos aimed at children, there would also literally be no problem.
      Your argument reminds me a lot of things like this; 'Oh, your laptop got stolen from your car because you forgot to lock the door? Well, 100% your own fault then isn't it?'. No, no it's not 100% my fault then. Yes, it is obviously not smart to leave a laptop in an unlocked car. So yes, it's partly my own fault if it gets stolen, because I could've easily prevented it. But that doesn't mean the thief is somehow less guilty/responsible. He still shouldn't have stolen the laptop, regardless of how easy or difficult it was to steal.

    • Fractal Equation
      Fractal Equation 3 days ago

      @Alex Schillemans it's not shifting the blame if i'm saying the blame should be where it is in the first place.

      a kids safety is the parents responsibility, not some stranger on youtube.

      it's an advert, adverts display a distorted view of reality so if they are going to promote gambling as if isn't as such, then they aren't doing anything reprehensible as they are doing something typical of advertisers whilst being open with the fact that it is indeed an advertisement.

      if you want to argue that it's still unscrupulous for someone to advertise gambling as if it wasn't. Then there should be restrictions in place to prevent such behaviour.

      and the same with your argument about it being aimed at kids. if you dont want content like this aimed at kids then either youtube needs to ban that sort of content or better yet, parents should take some responsibility for their childs safety.

      there would literally be no problem with videos like this if parents moderated their kids browsing habbits - like they should be doing - because either the videos wouldnt be watched by kids, or it would be watched by kids whilst their parents coached them about how much of a lying whore the content creator was.

      the only problem arises when negligent parents let their kids look at what ever they want on the internet. Only an idiot would let their kids watch what ever they wanted if they thought that they werent mature enough to handle it.

    • Alex Schillemans
      Alex Schillemans 5 days ago +1

      You're missing the point. Yes, of course parents should supervise what their children watch on the internet. And obviously they should teach their kids gambling is wrong or at least very risky.
      That doesn't change the fact it's extremely scummy for these youtubers to promote gambling to their young audience. And in a way that makes it look like it's not gambling. And, from what I've read and heard about this mystery box site, it's a scam. The winpercentages are impossible with the prices they give out. I think pewdiepie mentions it in one of his videos about this subject. Someone calculated how much a single box should cost for the website to break even(so not even making a single dollar of profit). Turned out a single box should cost $7500 to break even.( correct me if I'm quoting the wrong number. It was crazy high though). So, the site is either lying about the winpercentages or they're a charity funded by MrBeast. My money is on option 1.
      Regardless of any of this though, even if this site was 'only' a legit gambling site, it's still very disgusting to promote it to kids.
      Edit: you talk about not shifting blame, but you're doing the exact same. Defending people who promote gambling to children by saying: well, their parents should teach them not to do it.

  • J/A BOYS
    J/A BOYS 5 days ago

    I was on the website and it said that a prize was a $800 PS4 Pro but I had the same one and I payed $450

  • CannedBread 1337
    CannedBread 1337 5 days ago

    Jake has the most rectangular head I’ve ever seen.

  • Davin Rieth
    Davin Rieth 5 days ago

    12:03 Bark

  • Mauricio Gueisse
    Mauricio Gueisse 5 days ago

    wheres the appl watch, it was the real deal!

  • J'Quanöe Kwailé
    J'Quanöe Kwailé 5 days ago

    Haha your the best bro

  • Justin Bridges
    Justin Bridges 6 days ago

    Bro, Jake is definitely on some uppers judging from that body language, I've been there xD

  • *Uptown*
    *Uptown* 6 days ago

    I never watch Pake Jaul videos but I think after watching this that I’ve had my fill for at least ten lifetimes.

  • chen Wang
    chen Wang 6 days ago

    did jakepaul make that christmas edit? if so hes Defo on gear....

  • chen Wang
    chen Wang 6 days ago

    u just know h3h3 has that nasal spray for when he does some dirty gear....

  • dermetaller15
    dermetaller15 6 days ago +1

    He snorted a little too much coffee. It matches perfect the cliche of a gambler

  • Ellie L
    Ellie L 6 days ago

    Love your messages to kids Ethan , Truth Prevails!

  • Generic Name987
    Generic Name987 6 days ago

    Stop liyin with the GAMBLING RUINING LIVES Boo Hoo, no one lives has been ruined its just money. Iv won a trailer,a iphone 3, I atomic bomb, A dish of cancer cells, coffe, more coffe, and more coFFE.

    CHADRUM BEDRUM 6 days ago

    4:42 are we gonna not mention the fact that he said girls and gamers, yeah you can win a fucking girl

  • Akira
    Akira 7 days ago

    It’s legal gambling for children !

  • Regular-sized man
    Regular-sized man 7 days ago

    Everytime I see Jake Paul my brain goes numb.

  • CIM Dude
    CIM Dude 7 days ago

    Hi there , i just want to say that RiceGum and Jake Paul ar not USclip content they ar USclip CANCER and they ar poisoning fragile young mainds and THEY NEED TO PE STOP

  • PINK
    PINK 7 days ago

    You could
    Spend thousands on those things + 100% scam guarantee
    You could get a used Apple product for the fraction of the price.

    • Spike Eye
      Spike Eye 7 days ago

      Whoah man, that sounds almost TOO reasonable!

  • FaZe_ Shotz
    FaZe_ Shotz 7 days ago

    where is the link to donate my spleen

  • Chris Cutlip
    Chris Cutlip 7 days ago

    I can't wait till jake Paul has a heart attack from all the blow he is on

    • S Charlesworth
      S Charlesworth 6 days ago

      Oh I wouldn't wish that on anybody, except
      i guess Jake Paul

  • hm
    hm 7 days ago

    i'm actually dying, has anybody pointed out how big his pupils are ? 3:05 -

  • Theo OSRS
    Theo OSRS 8 days ago

    4:41 sniff

  • Dane DeMuth
    Dane DeMuth 8 days ago

    Idk if it’s because I’m drunk watching this but this loot box shit is absolutely predatory bullshit burn in hell haha

  • Josh Long
    Josh Long 8 days ago

    Ethan, I went on the website you recommended and was scammed out of my spleen. Why are you promoting misleading websites like this?

  • L L
    L L 8 days ago

    wheres your apple watch DUMBO

  • J Lupus
    J Lupus 8 days ago

    Couldn’t find the link to donate my spleen, sorry I can’t be much help :(

  • analogaudio rules
    analogaudio rules 8 days ago

    Its funny you have 5.7 million views on a video about someone whos views are dipping lol.

  • VR FOB
    VR FOB 9 days ago

    Whoa...i was putting my ve heaset when i heard.....sillacoon....IM FURIOUS! ITS SILICONE DAMMIT DO YOU REALLY NOT KNOW THIS!!! Kids please go get a dictionary and look up silicone and addiction to gambling.

  • VR FOB
    VR FOB 9 days ago

    Thats why i never liked him

  • Nikko McDonald
    Nikko McDonald 9 days ago

    You rock

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 9 days ago

    I spent 90k and got a hair brush, how nice


    It’s not coke those sweats are crack

  • Prod. VAMP
    Prod. VAMP 9 days ago

    Wait, this isn’t how to get a ray gun from the mystery box every time

  • Anny
    Anny 9 days ago

    Where can I find the full version of the end theme y’all ?

  • OggeDC
    OggeDC 9 days ago +1

    You forgot about joshy

  • C3P NO
    C3P NO 9 days ago +1

    I’m am win makbuk ar yum yum

  • MrDhartz
    MrDhartz 9 days ago

    Every time I hear Ricegum's voice, I get an instant headache

  • july
    july 10 days ago

    idiot trying to make clickbait but didn't even get a ray gun smfh...

  • Joe the Coyote
    Joe the Coyote 10 days ago


  • Ompharus
    Ompharus 10 days ago

    Basically a worse version of the csgo gambling site scandal that happened like 2 years ago

  • Silent Runner
    Silent Runner 10 days ago

    Ironic of *you* to call him out

  • Chase Lehnen
    Chase Lehnen 10 days ago

    I want to point out that he said the packages were delivered to a hotel. That doesn’t happen right?

  • Daniel Rico
    Daniel Rico 11 days ago

    What's next? Firstly it was Elsagate, then explicit linking to child pornography, now gambling...... Oh oh I have the idea for what's next!! Alright folks! Let's get two pit bulls and four wood boards and gamble about which dog wins and let the looser be a dead game dog scratching towards the opponent and not picking it up before it's way too late... Well there are already these kind of videos on USclip, but we need them to be targeted to kids now.

  • MrDepressed
    MrDepressed 11 days ago

    CS:GO Gambling but its real life

  • Princess Red
    Princess Red 11 days ago +1

    Referring to Jake Paul and practically every single "trendy" USclipr, I hate when people *ACT* "hype".

  • epic fortnite pro ninja gamer

    The website is for sale now...

  • MrGladBEASTftw
    MrGladBEASTftw 11 days ago

    Jake Paul’s a severe coke head. Bet mans smokes parliaments too

  • Fighting Sp1r1t
    Fighting Sp1r1t 11 days ago +21

    Sold my house, my car, my wife and children into slavery and I won one icicle. Jackpot!

  • Aaliyan [Vlogs]
    Aaliyan [Vlogs] 11 days ago

    When I was a five year old, all I dad was study and analyze different features of my computer. No wonder I am a pretty well-versed computer science student, like an all-rounder in computer science/texh whatever the cool kids talk about.

  • Aaliyan [Vlogs]
    Aaliyan [Vlogs] 11 days ago

    I think Ethan you should start working out and eating healthy.

  • Hamzah Abdullahi
    Hamzah Abdullahi 11 days ago

    10:58 Omg lmao, my first name is "Hamzah" and hearing Ethan saying my name is the best thing ever lmao!

  • Engie2017-YE
    Engie2017-YE 11 days ago

    I am disappointed in USclip.
    USclip: “Let’s ban USclip channels that say hell.”
    Other channels that have the most offensive crap doesn’t get banned.

  • zomgtehvikings
    zomgtehvikings 11 days ago

    I love your vids, but hey there’s typically an attenuator button on your mic. Learn how to use it.

  • claus
    claus 11 days ago

    does anyone remember when webkinz had to make a new wishing well game because the first one was styled to look like a slot machine and parents freaked out over it? but now parents are letting their kids *actually* gamble because some youtuber said so. i feel fortunate to not be a little kid in these times.

  • Shrecc
    Shrecc 11 days ago

    The stuff that he won is not what you would actually get

  • Bly Guy
    Bly Guy 11 days ago +9

    Yes Ethan, you kicking and karate chopping with sound effects is funny.

  • Elijah Wood
    Elijah Wood 11 days ago +5

    11:16 "THE GOODS ARE HERE, sshh we are in a hotel room" *scepticism intensifies*

  • Keyboardguy
    Keyboardguy 12 days ago

    I got 93 icicles with all of my life’s savings

  • The Bearded Baby
    The Bearded Baby 12 days ago +1

    im glad 6 million people watched the video here and didnt give jake paul views

  • The Bearded Baby
    The Bearded Baby 12 days ago +1

    *Bruhmius Momenticus*

  • swager dager69
    swager dager69 12 days ago

    The site's down.

  • josh chigurh
    josh chigurh 12 days ago

    My boy on coke heavy and the sound u made at 3:30, he does all the time

  • Carlos Deavila
    Carlos Deavila 12 days ago

    Wait so some 12 year old watch jake and Logan Paul. Generation is going to fuck up so badly with the IQ we have dammit

  • Aleksandar Stojsic
    Aleksandar Stojsic 12 days ago

    How come none of these super popular bozos knows how to talk?

  • Apolleyen
    Apolleyen 12 days ago

    A box includes more than one item, this website scams so much it scams the very concept of a scam

  • I overdosed on spaghetti Please help

    I need to go find my mom's credit card as soon as possible.

  • ElephantsLover
    ElephantsLover 12 days ago

    That 250M house is already sold tho. Also, if youve seen the vvideo touring it, you will know that every video about famous people houses(pewdiepie) and wealth, this house will appear in every single one of their thumbnails

  • The Muffin
    The Muffin 13 days ago +14

    OMG I GOT A 250,000,000$ SITE BALANCE LOS ANGLES REALTOR!!! (Gone wrong* gone sexual* gone insane* gone hypetrain)