Jake Paul & RiceGum Promote Gambling To Kids


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  • Toool
    Toool 48 minutes ago

    8:17 you can almost see his purpils enlarge as he says "...right?"
    there's so much blood pumping to his brains that he's about to explode from all the lies

  • Not Gay
    Not Gay 49 minutes ago

    You know you don’t actually like tech and just want it cause it’s expensive when you wish for a Mac 😬

  • Lunartic
    Lunartic Hour ago

    Gimme pp.

  • Lumity
    Lumity Hour ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Lumity
    Lumity Hour ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Lumity
    Lumity Hour ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Backmack
    Backmack 2 hours ago

    i spent $2k and won the mommy make out day pack

  • Syegfryed Hellscream
    Syegfryed Hellscream 2 hours ago

    4:34 when its you doing it is funny Uncle.

  • Doggo
    Doggo 3 hours ago

    I wonder if it’s that time of the month for jakey and toegum

  • ReptilianPlatypus
    ReptilianPlatypus 3 hours ago

    Maybe we’re going too far with heckling the Paul brothers. Logan Paul was already on the brink of insanity and now Jake is hooked on crack cocaine

  • Aperture Laboratories
    Aperture Laboratories 3 hours ago

    "I mean, who needs a spleen anyways"
    -Danielle, staff at Aperture Labs.

  • Mr. tanky
    Mr. tanky 4 hours ago

    Hey guys is h3h3 still doing videos with idubbz?

  • Pfitz
    Pfitz 4 hours ago

    Gotta get me somma that coffee. Seems like the best stuff.

  • prenkh
    prenkh 5 hours ago +5

    oh yeah yeah

  • paul sabin
    paul sabin 5 hours ago

    the shill is real

  • Landad
    Landad 5 hours ago

    Sounds like BitConnect all over again

  • Vian Cupido
    Vian Cupido 6 hours ago

    Trying to get clout

  • J F
    J F 8 hours ago

    living in dystopia T_T

  • JM A
    JM A 9 hours ago

    Wait this is gambling...
    Ricegum's video really made it look like gambling.
    Paul's made it look like a gum and a way to get gifts

    BENJAMIN DEWOLFE 9 hours ago

    Honestly this is the most malicious way of taking advantage of children I have ever seen on USclip.

  • Maarten Vindevogel
    Maarten Vindevogel 9 hours ago +1

    Used all my college savings on these boxes and got 4 nutella hoodies and an icicle

  • Philip Carlson
    Philip Carlson 9 hours ago

    Seems as though he’s chasing some high. Probs from molly.

  • Jonathan Chen
    Jonathan Chen 12 hours ago

    So, I found this new site....

  • S W
    S W 12 hours ago

    It'd called ADDERALL, Ethan. It might be here to stay.

  • steelie blue420
    steelie blue420 12 hours ago

    Hypocrisy at its finest

  • S W
    S W 12 hours ago

    Yeah...... sound fx r funnie. Doughnt eughuuuuu nnnnaouu?

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones 12 hours ago

    This is the csgo gambling scandal all over again. And for those who are uninformed: some you tubers created a site (without telling the public) where you would pay money at a chance for winning in game CSGO items. Every time they featured the site on their channels they said it was just a sponsorship, but they’re names have been on the business since day 1. I.e. they got their fan bases of all ages to bet hundreds and everything went right into there pockets.

  • grand doppelgänger
    grand doppelgänger 13 hours ago

    Did anyone really try this? If so, did you get the stuff?

  • Ultra
    Ultra 15 hours ago

    I think he drank cocaine

  • Gucci Critter
    Gucci Critter 16 hours ago

    In usa 18 to gamble

  • Kenzie McKeever
    Kenzie McKeever 16 hours ago

    Wait, why is everyone excited about winning an iPhone or iPad when they’re probably watching this video on an iPhone or iPad?

  • Alex Gaeckle
    Alex Gaeckle 17 hours ago

    Trending on Gaming lmao, not even a gamer.

  • Daniel Watanajarukij
    Daniel Watanajarukij 18 hours ago

    I’m scared

  • brittany nichols
    brittany nichols 20 hours ago

    Jake Paul has BCE.
    Big coke energy.

  • Game Room
    Game Room 21 hour ago

    omg he made 22m last year only from views god know how much he made on others thinks you worry about him lol

  • MoonbearDiedHere
    MoonbearDiedHere 21 hour ago

    Wow. Either this is the same site or there is/ are similar sites that hype beasts or shoe resellers are promoting that are basically this. A moment of silence for all the humans who were victims to these scams.
    Question Everything.

  • TempleRxse
    TempleRxse 21 hour ago

    im no ricegum or jake paul fan but ricegum but i play csgo, and that website is like csgo, so why u saying ricegum has to get all that hate when csgo ppl arent?

  • Isak Wistoft
    Isak Wistoft 22 hours ago

    Aaaarhahahaha this shit is sooo funny 😅😂😅😂😅😂 cool vid

  • TWrecks
    TWrecks 22 hours ago

    Sure, ricegum did promote a scam to his viewers. But why is nobody mentioning that youtubers with millions of less subscribers did it too?

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma 23 hours ago

    Bg Kumbi Army 😎🤙

  • Griffiith
    Griffiith 23 hours ago

    I thought i was subscribed to h3h3... this is my 2nd time being unsubscribed randomly...

  • Squirt4757
    Squirt4757 Day ago

    Never watched this dude before, do people watch him unironically bc he seems like ADHD the youtuber

  • Connor Hoins
    Connor Hoins Day ago

    I know I'm not being unique by drawing this comparison but, this is just real life loot boxes

  • Moohsen Brody
    Moohsen Brody Day ago


  • Lëë Sin Only
    Lëë Sin Only Day ago

    WHY do I hear only now (16 days later) about this vid... wtf

  • Boblahblah
    Boblahblah Day ago +1

    Is our boi back?

  • Soumil Mukherjee
    Soumil Mukherjee Day ago +1


  • Miss Antidote
    Miss Antidote Day ago

    I hope they both die of drugs

  • Perth Music legend!!


  • BlooDxInt
    BlooDxInt Day ago

    Hey When are you going to make a video exposing those Jew rats who sold out their entire fanbase and promoted fake mental health "professionals"?

  • Isaiah L
    Isaiah L Day ago

    Stop using their name for clout

  • poisenbery
    poisenbery Day ago

    "Is this how you make content for children?"
    I'm 28, college educated, and a former nuclear engineer....was I not supposed to laugh as much as I did at this part???
    I just realized that I might be autistic

    • HawkeyedSentinel
      HawkeyedSentinel Day ago

      Nuclear engineering. That must be dangerous. I'm going to study for a degree on electrical and electronic engineering next year after college. How is nuclear engineering?

  • Aiden Murphy
    Aiden Murphy Day ago

    Where my spleen

  • Aiden Murphy
    Aiden Murphy Day ago

    Jake Paul has less views because his baby subscribers grew up

  • Aiden Murphy
    Aiden Murphy Day ago

    Jake Paul still has a USclip channel

  • PROnewbie
    PROnewbie Day ago

    He's encouraging kids gambling makes you rich

  • Havicc Brine
    Havicc Brine Day ago

    I used to traffic "coffee" back in the 80s

  • vladoportos
    vladoportos Day ago

    Jesus somebody borrow that Jakes camera, and brake off the zoom button, my eyes hurt watching that....

    THANOX Day ago

    4:23 good fucking content

  • Bramble Chaser
    Bramble Chaser Day ago

    It does seem like he’s on drugs...

  • RaitonNin
    RaitonNin Day ago

    other energy? Tiger blood obviously

  • Solrob Tetrohedron
    Solrob Tetrohedron Day ago +1

    Got some nuke codes in a gov. shutdown box. Someone called Kim Jong Un said they'd buy them for twice the price! Trust me it's a good deal.

  • Ryon Atkinson
    Ryon Atkinson Day ago

    How do you win a Lamborghini Centanrio (idk how to spell) when it’s sold out?

  • Coiny Mapping
    Coiny Mapping Day ago +1

    Welcome to Mystery Boxes, Co. We pay our people ice sickles

  • thisbrokenmachine
    thisbrokenmachine Day ago +1

    is Jake Paul on coke?

  • Mike French
    Mike French Day ago

    USclip blows

  • Cyan Suy
    Cyan Suy Day ago

    Is there a version without the jake Paul parts? Just 3 second of the guy and I already want to hang myself

  • creepy uncle Joe

    Jake pauls channel reminds me of the soviet union,its dying but its dying slowly

  • Jon Porter
    Jon Porter Day ago

    So, if you have 6K like Ricegum... basically can't cash out right? You just have to keep buying more boxes right?

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez Day ago

    so weird how stuff like this keeps happening, its like they want to fuck us over

  • Graham Turner
    Graham Turner Day ago +4

    This has more views than Jake Paul’s video promoting the site.
    EDIT: This video also has more views than RiceGum’s video.

  • Daniel Wikholm
    Daniel Wikholm Day ago

    Make content 1 make kid gambel 2 only number 2

  • Daquan Fudge
    Daquan Fudge Day ago

    ethics out the window

  • mind jaded
    mind jaded Day ago

    "So I found this new site... "

  • ShrimpMage
    ShrimpMage Day ago

    Yeah this guy seems legitimately messed up on something hard

  • Samy Bendayan
    Samy Bendayan Day ago


  • Moonsick
    Moonsick Day ago

    lmao i wonder what the """cool kids""" at my school who are diehard ricegum fanboys think of this

  • maxerd
    maxerd Day ago

    4:20 - 4:35 extra channel just this pls ty kbye

  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy Day ago

    The dead guy he found has either cursed him or is haunting him

  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy Day ago

    He looks like he’s copying the video when Takeshita or 69 or one of the many lil pimp lil pump lil weirdos when they are wasted

  • Angrii Hippy
    Angrii Hippy Day ago

    Get me some coffee from that guys barista haha

  • Happy Bear
    Happy Bear Day ago

    I'm not even watching a Jake Paul video and I still feel the need to skip through some of it

  • Levi
    Levi Day ago

    I think 'Site Balance' means like it's the website specific currency.
    I bet you have to get so much to buy anything, if you even can.

  • Plasmoxy
    Plasmoxy Day ago

    And because of this, I'm so installing a censorship machine on the router when I have kids lol

  • Nick Lascko
    Nick Lascko 2 days ago

    Why is the Soviet anthem on at 9:56?

  • Anthony van der Poel

    Am I the only one that thinks that this feels exactly the same as a csgo lottery scam, reskinned for random garbage?
    Instantly thought of that other guy that got busted for playing the same thing while owning the csgo jackpot site.

  • femloh
    femloh 2 days ago

    Is Jake Paul on something? He looks very unbalanced. I mean more unbalanced than usual.

  • Oskars Ozols
    Oskars Ozols 2 days ago

    This made my day :) Now I will be smiling all day long :)

  • HotPlay TV
    HotPlay TV 2 days ago +1

    3:30 VAPE NATION ! xd

  • David Wang
    David Wang 2 days ago

    Thank you for making this video

  • great old one cab
    great old one cab 2 days ago

    I mean it's more fun like that :/

  • 昊
     2 days ago


  • improvibatur
    improvibatur 2 days ago

    "I feel like I'm watching a man deteriorate into insanity"
    Can someone as dumb and insane as Jake (and/or Logan) really deteriorate any further? I'm sure that must be as far as it can go, right...

  • TheLonelyMoon
    TheLonelyMoon 2 days ago

    ban video games cosmetic lootboxes?
    or ban gambling advertised for kids?

  • Dacus Decebalus
    Dacus Decebalus 2 days ago

    no one shot him yet?

  • Donn Aldak
    Donn Aldak 2 days ago

    Spend money and 'win' prizes you otherwise wouldn't have bought. Aka pay premium for leftover/fake goods they have laying around warehouses.
    But Daaaaaaym, Ima win a mansion bruhhh! kys

  • Alex Ong
    Alex Ong 2 days ago

    can someone explain to me something?
    I don't know why, But I was born in 1992, but I think most people born after me is getting dumber and dumber.
    Our age difference is not that much, and yet, we're like from completely different worlds.

  • Andrea Bonanno
    Andrea Bonanno 2 days ago

    jake paul on soooo much coke lol

  • Catherine 5
    Catherine 5 2 days ago

    What I love is that right when I’m about to pause and write something about how ridiculous the Jake Paul clips are, Ethan says exactly what I’m thinking in the next two seconds. It’s that cathartic , AMEN kinda feeling.🥰🙏🏻 Thank the USclip lords for this channel.