Markiplier Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Markiplier takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Why does Markiplier have a pink mustache? Why can't Markiplier drink alcohol? Who drew his USclip icon? Why did he need to have surgery? Mark answers all of these questions and more!

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    Markiplier Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • Taiger
    Taiger 2 hours ago

    Omg YAS

  • DinoZord
    DinoZord 3 hours ago


  • Raven Hall
    Raven Hall 6 hours ago


  • JukeBoxBro's
    JukeBoxBro's 6 hours ago

    im pretty sure its pronounced Trip-o-phobia
    or Try-po-phobia
    however you say it

  • amna kalim
    amna kalim 6 hours ago +1

    Mark's voice hear kinda reminds me of.... Morgan Freeman.

  • A Robloxian Channel
    A Robloxian Channel 7 hours ago

    Does this mean Markiplier is now a communist? E

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 7 hours ago

    Mark: (Talks about drinking)
    Me: (thinks about Five Nights at F*cBois)

  • Flippin Kyle
    Flippin Kyle 7 hours ago

    Mark forgot a fear of his ;w;

    *Swimmy swimmy..*

  • Anthony Molina
    Anthony Molina 8 hours ago

    one pounce man jakit

  • xXBlueMoons Xx
    xXBlueMoons Xx 8 hours ago

    Markiplier's zodiac sign is Cancer btw

  • Aphmau Lover
    Aphmau Lover 8 hours ago

    Does anyone question “was markaplier on America’s got talent?”

  • Dread Domino
    Dread Domino 9 hours ago +1

    silence liberal

  • Sushi_Roll
    Sushi_Roll 9 hours ago

    10:59 😂

  • PinkPixel Productions
    PinkPixel Productions 10 hours ago


  • Some_Esoteric_Dude
    Some_Esoteric_Dude 10 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves is that you ?

  • Aisho Oma
    Aisho Oma 11 hours ago


  • Luciano Fabela
    Luciano Fabela 11 hours ago

    This went waaaay off topic

  • Kailee Mae
    Kailee Mae 11 hours ago

    I love how chill and real mark is ❤

  • itz just_ me
    itz just_ me 11 hours ago

    Your a cancer

  • Ggiggle_ love51
    Ggiggle_ love51 11 hours ago

    Markiplier your zodiac sign is cancer/cancerian

  • VisCoUsMaGmA44
    VisCoUsMaGmA44 12 hours ago

    I learned so much about my favorite USclipr. Why didn’t I watch this earlier?

  • XeroRez
    XeroRez 12 hours ago

    Thank you Mark.. I'm now HOOKED on Here come the Mummies! XD I LOVE FUNK, and this is just .. perfection! Their sound is just soo good

  • MikeyDoesReactions 1203

    3:32 Freddy

  • nivE Boss
    nivE Boss 14 hours ago +1

    911:what happened?
    Mark:I had a heart stack because I’m

  • Aye Dats Bri
    Aye Dats Bri 14 hours ago


  • Jeny442
    Jeny442 14 hours ago

    I found Mark once before I actually subbed to him... Back when Pews was still doing Amnesia, I was watching Pews play ah oni (might be wrong) but I wanted to see more of the game and I saw Mark's first person one... So I watched it for like 7 minutes got super creeped out cuz I was like 9 or 10 at the time (so 2008-2010 range... I'm a November baby it makes sense if ya think about it...) And then I found him like 2 years later playing slender-man (slendor?.... Ah whatever) and I was like... "HEY!.... I know you...."

  • RyanDoesGuides
    RyanDoesGuides 15 hours ago

    you can just tell markiplier is breaking on the inside while talking about the "kids" at that point i started feeling really bad

  • Alex is a Potato
    Alex is a Potato 15 hours ago

    I remember this one time I was like 10 minutes early for one of Markiplier’s streams. So I said in the chat “Ima make some microwaveable waffles” and then people started talking about it for some random reason. And like maybe a bit over an hour into the stream people were still obsessed with the waffles, AND MARKIPLIER NOTICED! And I was like wtf why.
    Ty for listening to my weirdass rant.

  • NuclearDoggo35
    NuclearDoggo35 15 hours ago

    He looks like a bigger keanu reeves to me

  • Păşțēł Kıłłĕř

    I thought Markiplier was Asian...

  • Shima Enaga
    Shima Enaga 16 hours ago

    1:17 oml my respect is rising, im an athiest ;)

  • Coffee_Cats
    Coffee_Cats 16 hours ago

    Noooooooo he's a game gamer crie

  • Ronnie V.
    Ronnie V. 16 hours ago

    *What does Markiplier taste like*

  • Gacha Senpai!
    Gacha Senpai! 17 hours ago +1

    No one:
    Edited comments: *OMG TYSM FOR (BLANK) FOLLOWERS!!!

  • Hardscoper
    Hardscoper 18 hours ago

    Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army 18 hours ago

    I don’t mean to be cringy, but

  • Devon Gentry
    Devon Gentry 18 hours ago

    I had no idea he had a heart attack and had so much surgery

  • Alinlene M.O
    Alinlene M.O 18 hours ago

    I just realized what was on Mark's shirt or sweater (13:48)

  • Mini Fox
    Mini Fox 18 hours ago

    Marks Zodiac sign is a cancer :)

  • Dior Slays
    Dior Slays 18 hours ago

  • Pack Of Slav
    Pack Of Slav 18 hours ago

    wait i realized now that he look like keanu reeves

  • Megan Whitemarsh
    Megan Whitemarsh 18 hours ago

    What a sweet boy.

  • Darryl Gascon
    Darryl Gascon 19 hours ago

    I did research and Markiplier's zodiac sign is Cancer

  • Hsiang Sheng YANG
    Hsiang Sheng YANG 19 hours ago

    I say “f*ck”

  • Kyran Earl
    Kyran Earl 19 hours ago

    this is how you know markiplier is american chicken and dumplings, bisciut and gravy, all good af tho

  • Reshad Safi
    Reshad Safi 19 hours ago

    I feel selfish after this video

  • John Wick
    John Wick 19 hours ago

    I never heard mark speak so soft lol

  • Cathy Clifton
    Cathy Clifton 19 hours ago

    Idk I do NOT know ok....

  • ItzTonyGaming
    ItzTonyGaming 19 hours ago +1

    Markiplier Zodiac sign is Cancer ♋

  • TheGodOfDeath 117
    TheGodOfDeath 117 20 hours ago +1

    Mark is scared of small holes?!

  • David Playz07
    David Playz07 20 hours ago

    I legit almost cried when he talked about the kids passing away.

  • kvillacreses
    kvillacreses 20 hours ago

    Is he wearing a one punch man sweater???😄😄😄😄

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan 20 hours ago

    Markiplier I feel you I left for a weekend for a family emergency and came back to find out my best friend had drowned And I could not go to school for that week and I couldnt sleep ;-;

  • Space invader
    Space invader 21 hour ago

    Ok when is he gonna play with puppies lol

  • James Blades
    James Blades 21 hour ago

    lol 👍🏻

  • Demetria Rose Yurong
    Demetria Rose Yurong 21 hour ago

    When you play too much horror games: im into board games now

  • Christopher Lucas
    Christopher Lucas 21 hour ago


  • BlehBleh I'm a potato
    BlehBleh I'm a potato 21 hour ago

    @ 3;42

  • Darkness Your Old Friend
    Darkness Your Old Friend 22 hours ago +1

    *The only time Mark worried about censorship*

  • Lil' Meme man
    Lil' Meme man 22 hours ago +1

    Today I learned that one of my favourite UScliprs had the same surgery as my mom did

  • Runny
    Runny 22 hours ago +1

    I was thinking for a moment that mark was going to talk about chicken and dumplings

  • Charlotte Smith
    Charlotte Smith 22 hours ago +1

    3:07 hmm fun. dunno but i think he would be the guy to like hard rock hallelujah. just me? ok...

  • Fxrestar
    Fxrestar 23 hours ago


  • Rohit Devadiga
    Rohit Devadiga 23 hours ago

    Yeah it's big brain time

  • A Bar Of Soap
    A Bar Of Soap 23 hours ago


  • crispy noodle
    crispy noodle 23 hours ago

    What is markiplier's pet named Steve?

  • Sebastian Perez
    Sebastian Perez Day ago


  • Student, Ben Caspi

    Mark: What is Markiplier’s Zodia? It changed a few years ago didn’t it?
    Astrology Nerds: UmAcTuAlLyZoDiAcSiGnSCaNtChAnGe

  • Nicole Da potato

    Yes! Trypophobia buddies!

  • Mena the Black Wolf

    Seams nice whats is Marksplier favorite games

  • 5N4CK 51Z3
    5N4CK 51Z3 Day ago +1

    Omg I love this so much. For the record it’s so much better than Keanu Reeves answering questions

  • Wendy Snow
    Wendy Snow Day ago

    Omfg this came out on my birthday how did I miss this oh right my old phone was trash

  • DogeDoo
    DogeDoo Day ago

    about time with the actual creators tho

  • Jerry The FBI Agent

    Markiplier and Keanu Reeves look so much alike

  • L8n Klly
    L8n Klly Day ago


  • It's me Malachai


  • cooky charms
    cooky charms Day ago

    U know bts? IM SORRY 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexthat boi
    Alexthat boi Day ago

    His voice makes me want to sleep heavily

  • Dylin Hanley
    Dylin Hanley Day ago


  • Just for fun! because y not?

    Is Mark really poor??????????????????????

  • WildJester __
    WildJester __ Day ago

    Markiplier is the Keanu Reeves of USclip.

  • jaleah201079
    jaleah201079 Day ago

    He hit me in the feels hard

  • Brayla Mayla
    Brayla Mayla Day ago

    His gaming voice and this voice big different 🤣

  • M0ISST
    M0ISST Day ago +2

    I'm dirty minded LOL
    He likes meat..😂😂😂

  • Purple Apples
    Purple Apples Day ago

    Someone make a game with all of markiplier's fears

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez Day ago

    I love his deep voice

  • TheGamingPat
    TheGamingPat Day ago

    I dont know im not a pokemon
    I guess Fuc*BEEEP*k
    You guys can bleep stuff out right?

  • Tristan Dean
    Tristan Dean Day ago

    Mark can read me bed time story in any voice and I’ll be enjoying it

  • WMH435
    WMH435 Day ago

    am I the only one to think to say where's the Black Smith 0:24 ?

  • Flex Jr
    Flex Jr Day ago

    Here i am three days after watching this and all i have to say is here come the mummies is sooooooo good

  • Reaction Gamer
    Reaction Gamer Day ago

    1:11 same!!!!!

  • Legolas Old Games

    3:38 fnaf sister location

  • Taipan Force
    Taipan Force Day ago


  • Lucy Foster
    Lucy Foster Day ago

    What an excellent speaking voice he has

  • ზანგი მინატო

    do it with team edge or matthias

    ŁΔΞŇΔ ЖĐ Day ago

    BTW mark I looked it up your a cancer

  • AJ - TheAdventurist

    Markiplier means.....

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter Day ago +1

    They should do this with jack

  • Lucky Luc
    Lucky Luc Day ago

    why does he sound and look like Keanu Reeves