• Published on Apr 15, 2019
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Comments • 6 764

  • Essence Wesley
    Essence Wesley 20 minutes ago

    Ever sadddd Paul keeps spilling his noodles and burning his noodles and now his sauce spilt

  • Ricardo Andres De Castro

    Just Buy A Fake Cockroach 😂

  • TTV CAVSCOUT Fortnight


  • Moriah Hostettler
    Moriah Hostettler 2 hours ago

    I can guess Paul is going to fail on his noodles 😂😂 lol

  • Chetha Kanhchana
    Chetha Kanhchana 3 hours ago

    I hate Paul that alway take people food

  • mary angeline dollete
    mary angeline dollete 3 hours ago

    pual you got to cook befor the challege.

  • WolfyGaming 666
    WolfyGaming 666 3 hours ago

    every challenge Ameerah always picks junk food 1 like 1 -junk foods to Ameerah

  • Kaur Saareoks
    Kaur Saareoks 4 hours ago +1

    paul always gets noodles when he will buy something else

  • Faze Lucas Pollard
    Faze Lucas Pollard 4 hours ago +1


  • Young Lil Kozlowski
    Young Lil Kozlowski 5 hours ago +1

    You really love noodles...

  • maya nsaif
    maya nsaif 5 hours ago +1

    Paul is very crazy

  • Stacey Hastie
    Stacey Hastie 6 hours ago


  • Madison Chandra
    Madison Chandra 6 hours ago

    Maybe if Paul didn’t use noodles he would win

  • Semin Muratović
    Semin Muratović 7 hours ago

    Stop with fuc**** noodels


    This why Paul fails to make noodles 🤦
    Like if u agree

  • Ubrbilly M
    Ubrbilly M 7 hours ago

    0:55 Jeddah got up!

  • Shoua Vang
    Shoua Vang 8 hours ago

    Paul said oh s***

  • Diego Cortes
    Diego Cortes 9 hours ago

    @ 22:38 Paul curses

  • Catali Guanlao
    Catali Guanlao 10 hours ago

    How many time Paul failed cooking noodles in challenge

  • jessie hutcheson
    jessie hutcheson 10 hours ago

    I would of got a skateboard and lay on that

  • ii Smilley ii
    ii Smilley ii 10 hours ago

    Paul the Noodle God


  • Luke Sork
    Luke Sork 10 hours ago

    gust stop trying to make nottles paul

  • Tyrone Masters
    Tyrone Masters 11 hours ago

    Finally I win

  • Katie Holder
    Katie Holder 11 hours ago

    You need to get a camping stove and camping supplies and pots and pans

  • Pasko G.
    Pasko G. 11 hours ago

    This dumb dumb fucking family is so dumb there grammer is shit like the fucking mom is saying aind like shut up fucking retards

  • Lucia Chavez
    Lucia Chavez 11 hours ago

    He always gets noodles for everything

  • brian cruzat
    brian cruzat 12 hours ago

    You three are idiots

  • The Beast Cuber
    The Beast Cuber 12 hours ago

    Last to leave the pool (supplies from dollar store

  • Zairo XD
    Zairo XD 12 hours ago

    19:20 Did I Just Saw That

  • Kathleen Blackwelder
    Kathleen Blackwelder 12 hours ago

    Morgz wanna be so lame

  • papadedariel
    papadedariel 12 hours ago

    17:21 Paul almost said the f word

  • Kennedy Veronce
    Kennedy Veronce 12 hours ago

    It says microwave Paul XD

  • Alex Bounegru
    Alex Bounegru 12 hours ago

    U guys should of gotten those folly things

  • Bryanna Parra
    Bryanna Parra 13 hours ago

    Wait........ how did Paul pay.......??????? If he was on the floor...

  • Aubree Reynolds
    Aubree Reynolds 13 hours ago

    Stop Paul making noddle

  • G3T p4ank3d 2
    G3T p4ank3d 2 13 hours ago

    Pual is a freaking savage

  • mariana juarez
    mariana juarez 14 hours ago

    Paul you eat so gross 🤢🤮

  • ATINA the wolf
    ATINA the wolf 14 hours ago

    Ameerah is such a good singer not hating bc she really is

  • ryan farming lacek
    ryan farming lacek 14 hours ago +1

    Paul don't make noodles

  • kathyann asiedu
    kathyann asiedu 15 hours ago

    Always get food bro and drinks and phones

  • DogWhisperer08
    DogWhisperer08 15 hours ago

    0:17 LAST TO LAY DOWN!?!?!?

  • Multi gamer
    Multi gamer 15 hours ago +1

    He says last to lay down

  • Claire Helmick
    Claire Helmick 15 hours ago

    All I here when I watched this channel is "win ten thousand dollars" and the sound effect "DUN"

  • Daniel Cabalo
    Daniel Cabalo 15 hours ago

    Not $10,000 is $30,000

  • mar tipa
    mar tipa 15 hours ago +1


  • the Speeders 2nd channel

    He always fails lol

  • Keyana Wilder
    Keyana Wilder 15 hours ago


  • DJ Pup
    DJ Pup 15 hours ago

    And Paul those noodles aren’t working don’t steal mirrors food she brought it in you didn’t which you should’ve brought it yourself besides noodles

  • DJ Pup
    DJ Pup 15 hours ago

    JJ I know you don’t always win but I think you’re better at playing the game then Paul can you to Amira you’re a very good to not Paul Healy steals from Amira and always target is Amira

  • DJ Pup
    DJ Pup 15 hours ago

    Or be nicer I would like it if you were nice enough to not steal

  • DJ Pup
    DJ Pup 15 hours ago

    And I will change my mind about hating you if you stop targeting Amira

  • DJ Pup
    DJ Pup 15 hours ago

    Send Paul I hate you

  • DJ Pup
    DJ Pup 15 hours ago

    Hey Paul so it’s really mean of you to try stealing mirrors food when you should’ve brought food so if you don’t stop I will hate on you a lot and I mean a lot like a lot a lot and you know every round I hope Amira or JJ wins never you never in 1 million years

  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000 16 hours ago

    Paul cant u justo buy like extra chips?

  • Nancy Santana
    Nancy Santana 16 hours ago

    Just give up Paul like what is your addiction

  • Loony Moony
    Loony Moony 16 hours ago

    Every challenge Paul *HAS* to have noodles what if he forgot dem ;-;

  • Games And more
    Games And more 17 hours ago

    Maybe he should steal thinknoodle’s channel 😦🤯

  • Josie Melton
    Josie Melton 17 hours ago

    They can sit

  • l o a d i n g . . .
    l o a d i n g . . . 17 hours ago

    I saw in the gleam of the cabinet paul was sitting up

  • Hayden Trosclair
    Hayden Trosclair 18 hours ago

    How do they pee

  • Arianna Barron
    Arianna Barron 18 hours ago

    Yaaaaaaaassss sing it

  • young boy
    young boy 18 hours ago

    Poul stop f***ing eat nudols

  • _Life with Sophia103_
    _Life with Sophia103_ 18 hours ago +1

    18:36 listen, Paul says it's none of your business okay a funny way! Did you pick up on that or on the me?

  • bebe Parker
    bebe Parker 19 hours ago

    The only comments I see are “ this is how many times paul tried to make noodles |
    “ like Jesus

  • Ian meurisse
    Ian meurisse 19 hours ago +1

    The tittle is wrong

  • Sofia RiVeRa
    Sofia RiVeRa 19 hours ago

    17:22 did he just say what the fuck

  • Evi's Wereld
    Evi's Wereld 19 hours ago +1

    Rosés are red
    Most of THE Candy is blue
    I like my OWN comment cuase you wont do

  • Bella Ramirez
    Bella Ramirez 19 hours ago

    In gluten free too!

  • Spring
    Spring 19 hours ago

    Hey swore? 22:40, 22:39

  • Relaxing ASMR
    Relaxing ASMR 19 hours ago

    I would just walk on my knees

  • Megin Sherry
    Megin Sherry 19 hours ago

    Ha ha

  • Starryx night
    Starryx night 20 hours ago

    Can’t he just get pre-made noodles😬😂

  • Ryleigh .playz
    Ryleigh .playz 20 hours ago +1

    Is Anybody Going To Mention That The Puppies They Have Love Them And Are Really Adorable🤗

  • Crazy jojo
    Crazy jojo 20 hours ago

    Paul is soooo stupid so that i Cant Even Look at him

  • Funny videos and gaming with Archie C

    Paul is addicted to noodels🤣🤣🤣

  • Brooke Gallaher
    Brooke Gallaher 20 hours ago +1

    When the pool was on the floor someone was recording him standing up and the timer went and a ameerah was still standing up

  • Vlogs By Brook
    Vlogs By Brook 21 hour ago

    Paul u are so stupid and ugly u should never be in these videos u make it weird

  • Kaitlin ruth Sunico
    Kaitlin ruth Sunico 21 hour ago

    This is the first video I saw Paul won.

  • Patty Montalvo
    Patty Montalvo 21 hour ago

    But you did not say sit lol

  • A Jonston
    A Jonston 22 hours ago +2

    This is how many times they casually have 10k. In their pocket

  • A Jonston
    A Jonston 22 hours ago +1

    He never gets to eat his noodles

  • Sydney Brengel
    Sydney Brengel 22 hours ago

    MmmMmmMMNmMmmmm,mMNMVmmmmmMM.m.mMmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmMmmMm.mmmMmm,.mmmmmmmmmMmmmmMMVm,m,: .Mm!,.,M!!Mm.M..M..??M!.M, !!MMNX.,BM .z mb,mZMnc,n.bx.bbC MCZMMXz, C,B,MNBCNbncn.bMMM,MBmzczm,bbB bBM,CNZ!.cn,mZMMv,nccnzMzn.MBbmbmv..MmzbvmMM? Mmm MMbmMM. BMm. . Bm,vM M. MbMN cn,bbMMmzxmNzbmcm,mcnzBcznx,biz. MBNZCX,MMbMBNbmzMMmCMcnMMM.Zcn,!NXMZMN!Mzznc. MBzMmMMmmmmm.mbcM Mn MMMmbzmMmmmM.m.MBmMMMMmMbzMN.zmz..MMZnmM,ZBMmn,zmzmzcnzzZmmbbbbbB.nMMnmmMb.

  • Rüby Gáchâ
    Rüby Gáchâ 22 hours ago

    What are sooplies? I've only ever heard of supplies

  • Wilbert Aquino
    Wilbert Aquino 23 hours ago

    Amira chanel

  • ᗪᗩIᒪY ᑭᗩᑎᗪᗩ

    Did anyone notice he said last to lay down?

  • Tahreem Fahad
    Tahreem Fahad 23 hours ago

    Hi are you available now I am available so Anyways I wanted to tell you that I Love you pall

  • SuperSlime 12
    SuperSlime 12 23 hours ago

    How many times Paul fails making noodles


  • Saige Csada
    Saige Csada 23 hours ago


    👇🏻. 👇🏻

  • Keylianis Henriquez
    Keylianis Henriquez 23 hours ago

    why will u get chips

  • Keylianis Henriquez
    Keylianis Henriquez 23 hours ago

    Do stop get in noodles again becuse the noodles will not work

  • Wengie Unicorn
    Wengie Unicorn 23 hours ago

    You crazy Paul stop being so stupid and stop stealing people food you theif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xbox Gamer
    Xbox Gamer Day ago +1

    This is how many people hate pauls hair

  • Sugargacha 666
    Sugargacha 666 Day ago


  • Sugargacha 666
    Sugargacha 666 Day ago


  • E M
    E M Day ago

    Hahahaha sauce has been delivered in glass pieces hehe

  • E M
    E M Day ago

    Whyyyyyyy do you love noodles so much bro

  • Little Crazy nuts

    Your gono die I'm going to bomb you in till your brains are on ground

  • Benjamin Sadat
    Benjamin Sadat Day ago

    Let's go

  • Mr gaming
    Mr gaming Day ago

    Rip tomato sauce

  • Musset Edouard
    Musset Edouard Day ago