10 ways Android is just better

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
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  • Sleage
    Sleage 6 hours ago

    And my S8 has features nobody even talks about. Like measuring Air Pressure or height above sea level, a compass, reading out the gyroscope and stuff, don't know why nobody mentions this stuff :)

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business 7 hours ago

    Hey Linus, here is a question: How do I install Android on my Lumia 950? With Windows Mobile officially going off the grid by the end of the year, I am flabbergasted that *no one* has yet published instructions on how to switch to Android on existing Lumia phones. Millions of Lumia users _need_ this information - heck, I would _pay_ for it - and yet nobody seems to address this problem. Any suggestions?

  • everything is awesome
    everything is awesome 9 hours ago +1

    *How do you make a sheep eat the garbage?*

    *Just put an Apple logo in it.*

  • Arnold K
    Arnold K 14 hours ago

    I literally ALWAYS said that they could just make the the Apple Logo the TouchID!!! Especially now that the logo is lower

  • Von Prater
    Von Prater 22 hours ago

    4:21 Watch closely

  • Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

    iOS just entered the chat.

  • TheWatkid3
    TheWatkid3 23 hours ago

    Android is better......... hahaha

  • Piratekiller99
    Piratekiller99 Day ago

    you forgot to mention that you can unlock your android device with wifi/bluetooth nearby

  • Piratekiller99
    Piratekiller99 Day ago

    rhank you, yes swiftkey on ios IS awful

  • XXXJF648
    XXXJF648 Day ago

    i lke it

  • Im On Da Web
    Im On Da Web Day ago

    dont remind me

  • mrtechknowlogy
    mrtechknowlogy Day ago

    I use Microsoft launcher

  • All N General
    All N General Day ago

    Never seen this episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show. Glad to see James and Riley make it big! LoL 😁🤣

  • Dixie Normus
    Dixie Normus 2 days ago

    Little do they know APPLE CREATED USB-C

    • Dixie Normus
      Dixie Normus Day ago

      X - Force next year we will be able to.

    • X - Force
      X - Force Day ago +1

      Who cares? The point is you can't charge your phone with it.

  • Nelson George
    Nelson George 2 days ago

    many people misunderstood the concept of "customization". its not just changing fonts, launchers, icons...but changing the entire os for your preference.
    You can even go out from google eco-system by installing AOSP based os, like lineage os which is barebone android with regular updates.
    But 99% people wont do that. Most people need a communication device cheap enough.
    previously i have used many android phones with lots of customization, like
    deleting unwanted system apps, ringtones,
    changing boot image with my name on it,
    editing boot animation, which is entertaining at that time,
    changing os, changing system theme by editing system theme files,
    playing with cpu, gpu clockspeeds to save some battery(z5 compact), build.prop edits,
    playing with device Kernel.
    But now i'm using pixel 3. I dont play with my mobile as i used to be. but i'll do it, if i'm board.
    there are many things i liked in android. especially the following list...
    1. in android i can zip/unzip rar files downloaded from internet.
    2. change my desktop apperance as i prefer
    3. can download torrent easily
    4. can use download manager like idm on windows
    5. can use manual controls in camera
    - now mostly every smartphone has it. but when i had oneplus one, i can shoot night shots with longer exposure, light trails shots, 30s astrophotography. some of the photos still looks amazing
    6. copy texts from multi windows( even from images on pixel 3 )
    7. almost every app is buy-able like less then $5. last year i searched call recording app for my uncle's iphone....almost all apps costs more than $50 !!! he switched to android few months later
    8. per app permission manager, now improved in android 10...but not the same level as lineage os permission manager
    9. can go for android without google(but now i can't/won;t, bcoz i liked pixel more & liked many google services, drive, play music, CAMERA...)
    10. take control mostly everything if you really wanted

  • Just Kailyn
    Just Kailyn 2 days ago

    You want great camera quality, useful tools, so much to check out and do, I'm used for a reason.
    - Samsung

  • erik legenda
    erik legenda 2 days ago

    0:00-1:30 wtf was that lineus? 😂😂😂😂

  • Colorx Bleach
    Colorx Bleach 2 days ago

    See kids this is why you should dump apple and switch to Android

  • Spontaneous Ejaculation
    Spontaneous Ejaculation 3 days ago +26

    IPhone users when they see a blurry picture:
    "It MuSt HaVe BeEn ShOt WiTh An AnDrOiD pHoNe Lol"

  • tired shinigami
    tired shinigami 3 days ago

    my oppinion android has 2 fatal flaws but its still better 1-battery 2-updates the i phone 5 has gotten ios 10 but the lg g2 from the same year has android 5

  • mitcyh
    mitcyh 3 days ago +1

    honestly everyone who came here are mostly android users to go straight to comments to argue which phone is better-

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 3 days ago

    No he's not kidding he's GAY 😂.

  • Proud internet citizen
    Proud internet citizen 4 days ago +1

    I’m unfortunate to have to watch this video on an iPhone 6s 😂

    FORS4TAN 5 days ago

    12:31 I laughed xD

  • SupremegabeN
    SupremegabeN 5 days ago

    10 useless features that gets nerds off

  • First Last
    First Last 5 days ago +1

    microsoft launcher gang rise up

  • mike Abrahams
    mike Abrahams 5 days ago

    there has clearly been more effort put into this video and i love it

  • Shar'Dama Ka
    Shar'Dama Ka 5 days ago

    13:58 asianification of Linus keeps progressing, everything is going according to Yvonne's (his wife) plan.

  • Yorusiko ed SuSeJ
    Yorusiko ed SuSeJ 5 days ago

    You are right apple make money android open but not to make money.Iphone succccckks

  • Steven Zheng
    Steven Zheng 5 days ago


  • Ivan Torres
    Ivan Torres 5 days ago +1

    Ok, who uses Microsoft launcher ?
    I personally like it.

    • X - Force
      X - Force Day ago

      Can you tell me why? I've never tried it.

  • ImNotB3
    ImNotB3 6 days ago

    My experience
    iPod > Samsung s4 > iPhone 5c > LG > iPhone 6s > Pixel 3 XL > iPhone 11 > ???
    I enjoy iOS it works better with social media and LastPass hands down

  • Nacho Vidal
    Nacho Vidal 6 days ago

    4:21 that spit though😂😂

  • Joseph Kowis
    Joseph Kowis 6 days ago

    I like the Microsoft Launcher because of it's professional, but hit you over the head with it, look. And I can also easily access my calendar and keep track of school assignments right from the home screen.

  • Zeke Holloway
    Zeke Holloway 6 days ago

    also android has a notification light. that is very helpful. idk why apple won't do that.

  • Im a bad
    Im a bad 6 days ago

    aptoid helps with the free stuff

  • Xaimo 74
    Xaimo 74 6 days ago

    Android user: OMG i have so many possibilities that i dont even what to use!
    IOS user: *looks at his phone in shame*

  • Hanafi Ariffin
    Hanafi Ariffin 6 days ago +1

    i chose android because of one : FREEDOM

  • haòn sesom
    haòn sesom 6 days ago

    Up next: 10 ways iphones are just better

  • greenBanana
    greenBanana 7 days ago

    Now THAT'S an aspect ratio

  • BrokenChair17
    BrokenChair17 7 days ago +2

    Also, I like how people say "Android sucks", but then they go from a $45 phone to a $1000 iPhone. r/quityourbullshit

  • BrokenChair17
    BrokenChair17 7 days ago +2

    imagine actually caring about your customers
    ahem *Apple*

  • D Drac
    D Drac 7 days ago

    Right now there are amoled displays on 200$ dollar phones with Indisplay fingerprint

  • Z/dos
    Z/dos 7 days ago

    Thanks linux

  • Coen Fowler
    Coen Fowler 7 days ago +1

    apple=console, android=pc... console isn't customizable.... pc is infinitely customizable!...

  • Alias Fakename
    Alias Fakename 8 days ago

    Whenever someone asks me for an "android charger" i give them a type-c. I know that they want a micro usb to charge their vape, but i just like to mess with stupid people

  • Salty Soap
    Salty Soap 8 days ago

    Mmmmmm sideloaded viruses

  • Salty Soap
    Salty Soap 8 days ago

    Imagine deleting useless apps

  • ucheucheuche
    ucheucheuche 8 days ago +1

    10 Ways Android is Just Better
    .. Than My Socks 😏 Ah, title makes sense now

  • SeizureTripz YT
    SeizureTripz YT 8 days ago

    Stop making apple copy android again

  • AceGamingYT
    AceGamingYT 8 days ago +1

    Holy, so many iOS haters. Can you guys just agree that both Android and iOS has its ups and downs and are great. Not like you can create something better right?

    • LaggyStand Yt
      LaggyStand Yt 7 days ago

      I mean its not like people cant have opinions, honestly i have both phones, iPhone XR and galaxy s9+ because of ups and downs, example like free music on android and smoother interface on Ios

  • Haidarali Nadir Shah

    What's this then ??? Same person praising iPhone usclip.net/video/pev5K7OcW-8/video.html

  • Jasmine Locke
    Jasmine Locke 8 days ago

    I forgot that 'aunt' in American is 'ant' and I really sat here wondering why tf Linus had a pet ant with its own iPhone 😅😅😅

  • helloworld
    helloworld 8 days ago

    Linus looks like Ellen!

  • San Pepsi
    San Pepsi 9 days ago

    10 ways symbyan is just better

  • Ware Gaston
    Ware Gaston 9 days ago

    8:18 like 3rd grade me right there

  • Ware Gaston
    Ware Gaston 9 days ago

    4:21 he spit EwWwWwWw jk linus i love u, No HoMo, but ur vids are top 1 because 2nd place is the garbage can not because your vids are like almost garbage but everything else is garbage :D

  • David Horan
    David Horan 9 days ago

    iPhone.... because you want other people to see you have an iPhone.
    Android..... because you want a really good phone that feels like your phone and not a restricted limited gimmick phone.
    Android is the best but iPhone feels amazing in your hand, really beautiful craftsmanship.... but fuck ipho e!

    • Local moi
      Local moi 8 days ago

      You also might want an iPhone because of the solid software, not just to show off

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell 9 days ago

    I, I, I.. I'm the inventor of that word "Automagically", yes, yes... :)

  • Blake Birchall
    Blake Birchall 9 days ago

    I'm glad Nokia came to android