10 ways Android is just better

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
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  • G-M
    G-M Day ago

    via Twitter for iPhone... EW!

  • -Kazu-
    -Kazu- Day ago

    apple fans are pissed.

  • Harley Trader Jr

    8:38 Unless you're Nintendo.

  • _Lycostehwulf_
    _Lycostehwulf_ Day ago

    I was given an iPhone 6s plus by a friend after breaking the screen on my galaxy s5, and the iPhone was so bad and over simplified, and generally just less functionaI that I actually ended up switching back to a phone with a broken screen just because it worked that much better. (P.s, the iPhone ended up dying soon after anyways with massive amounts of screen burn in from regular use and all of the colors faded and the entire display had this weird color problem that made orange or red more green than anything) I've owned several iPhones and I can officially say, they are designed to die within a year so that uninformed apple hipsters with buy a new phone every year. iPhones are over simplified, genuinely less quality than people tend to think, and very very over hyped. Just buy a samsung or a google, better cameras, better software support, better app platforms, better OS and more customizable interface. Not to mention better screens. Edit, the iPhone developed those issues less than 8 months after my friend purchased it, and it was never dropped or anything.

  • Brom Bay
    Brom Bay Day ago

    Bruh. That was cringy. But kinda funny though

  • Cory R
    Cory R Day ago

    holy crap you still cant hook a ipone up to a pc and see the filesystem? FFS why? that was a problem like 10 years ago. android has had that...forever. WTF is apple doing

  • Lakshit Dagar
    Lakshit Dagar Day ago +1

    Via Twitter for iPhone.

  • Lakshit Dagar
    Lakshit Dagar Day ago +1


  • Lex Gso
    Lex Gso Day ago

    @Lizzie the Lizard
    Awesome πŸ™†

  • Ole Wilms
    Ole Wilms Day ago

    iPhone XR is Garbage

  • AngelRodney
    AngelRodney Day ago

    Does the iphones still show the notifications separate? like if you have 5 new emails does it show you as 1 notification or 5 different?

  • David
    David Day ago

    My purple Note 9 is such an amazing phone,I will never own anything but a Note from now on, I've used Android since the 2.0 days, my first phone was the HTC Droid Incredible, that phone was amazing, still the only phone I know of that is capable of outputting composite video and audio out of the charging port

  • Deathserk
    Deathserk Day ago

    Hey I have a old pc I was wondering if you could help me make it better

  • HakuGman
    HakuGman Day ago


  • Anthony Campanella
    Anthony Campanella Day ago +1

    via Twitter for iPhone

  • Aashish Vishwakarma

    Via Twitter for iPhone? πŸ€”

  • Mateo83 TV
    Mateo83 TV Day ago

    I like that Linus is still asked by his older family members to help them with "computer stuff."

  • pressefr
    pressefr Day ago

    You can use a double finger swipe on the notification drawer will bring it down as "one-swipe" to get to settings. You can use two-swipes with 1-finger, or one-swipe with 2-fingers to get to same drop-down menu.

  • Tornike 1998
    Tornike 1998 Day ago

    I asked for a android device, instead got a iphone 4s.

  • Daniel Halawi
    Daniel Halawi Day ago

    android people want customised things but dont care about optimised

  • Daniel Halawi
    Daniel Halawi Day ago

    android will never be better even google cant make a good phone that runs well, android fans are just stupid

  • Daniel Halawi
    Daniel Halawi Day ago

    sent this on twitter using an iPhone haha

  • chronousnemesis
    chronousnemesis Day ago

    10 ways Android is just better

    Twitter via iPhone

  • Where'sMyFish
    Where'sMyFish Day ago +1

    But wasn't this posted on the Linus tech tips Twitter...via TWITTER FOR IPHONE?

  • LEGnewTube
    LEGnewTube Day ago

    But... Didn't you tweet this video from an iPhone...?

  • Yawovi E.
    Yawovi E. Day ago

    Came here after watching the MKHD video .

  • The Venom
    The Venom Day ago +1

    Via twitter for iphone

  • neokix
    neokix Day ago

    microsoft launcher is surprisingly good. just saying.

  • Luis Louro
    Luis Louro Day ago +1

    twitter for iPhone

  • far ema
    far ema Day ago +1

    Honestly iOS improved a lot and I think by iOS 13 it is over ...it will beat any android.

  • Dane Rossenrode
    Dane Rossenrode Day ago +1

    You have an ant? Your ant has a phone?!?

  • Gurung Gurung
    Gurung Gurung Day ago +1

    *Via Iphone*

  • Machunguang Gangmei

    Full of ads

  • Remco Dierickx
    Remco Dierickx Day ago

    How about the swipe left for going back on 70% of all apps on IOS?

  • Kohlob
    Kohlob Day ago

    y'all keep talking about his spit @4:21
    Calm down, he can't help but drool over the incredible ways Android is better.

  • Mohamed Mokcheh
    Mohamed Mokcheh Day ago

    10 ways iphone is just worse*

  • Rafael Cajueiro
    Rafael Cajueiro Day ago

    It's an android video, but you talk much more about iphone, wtf

  • Lizzie the Lizard

    I use Microsoft Launcher and have been since it was called Arrow. Anyone? No? Fine...

  • Clement Adjei
    Clement Adjei Day ago

    He looks like Ellen in the beginning of the video🀣🀣

  • BebΓ©TechManiac 2018

    I used to install apps from Aptoide, but not anymore. For me know security is a priority, and for that reason I just download apps from Google Play. If the app is great in my opinion, I don't mind to pay for it, and support the developer... they also needs to survive, they learned programing, they use time of their lives to create an idea, and make it a reality. If you really like a software, support the developer.

  • MoDFoX
    MoDFoX Day ago

    for what it’s worth, on all the non-home-button iPhones you can swipe to the side on the bottom to go back/forward between apps instead of using the small back button in the top corner.
    This video was p solid, was nice to see someone yelling about random things they prefer.

  • Andrenise Fils-aime

    Huawei and Samsung os the Best ever


    Loving the *SARCASM* *MR. LINUS*

  • TheCheshireGamer


  • Quazi Tousif
    Quazi Tousif Day ago +2

    uploads from an *iphone*

  • Giuseppe Esposito

    The reason (the main one) I watch here is every content has been mounted in a funny way. like matt Stevens way, but let me say English umour cannot be surpassed.. XD

    Andy TOSKOVIC Day ago

    Switched from Shitdroid to iOS, best desicion I have made!

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali Day ago +1


    Via youtube for iPhone.

  • Zack Isaac
    Zack Isaac Day ago +1

    Twitter for iPhone

  • bibek bhattarai
    bibek bhattarai Day ago

    who else uses microsoft launcher in their android

  • Gaming214
    Gaming214 Day ago

    No. 3, clearly, what defines a smartphone. Before smartphones, the idea of smartphone is not to have 2 device, a pocket pc and a phone,but have it as one device. Everything was great back then, smartphones was about having a mini pocketable computer in your pocket which can alsl make phone call. It was great till iPhone came, which idea was totally different, it was the idea of an iPod (media player) + phone, hence, the iPhone was going totally different path from what smartphones were meant to be. A media player typically requires a software to interact and transfer files with your pc, and it doesnt allow the users to view its internal storage or files except what the file types it allows, which is not what expected from a computer. Therefore, the iPhone, till today, does not allow files to be send through bluetooth, does not have file managers, no customization, no proper homescreen (aka desktop), etc because it was never a proper smartphone to begin with. Imagine if this waa a macbook, and as a user, you cant see your files, cant do many stuffs, that is like havinf a guest account as your user account. That's right, with iOS, you paid so much just to get a user account with very little priviledge. And to unlock or get the admin account, you would need to jailbreak.

  • gilbert glenn camba

    We know how many iphone users watched this video

  • Nhat Minh Hoang
    Nhat Minh Hoang Day ago

    When u says Android is better but then post it on Twitter with an Iphone

  • projectmmwsfz
    projectmmwsfz Day ago +1

    Makes it a thousand times better when this video is updated on Twitter with an iPhone 😏😏😏

  • Wolfystrider plays

    your never gonna convince people that android rules over iPhone.

  • H Milbs
    H Milbs Day ago +1

    So much better you tweet with an iPhone

  • Inyafacegerman
    Inyafacegerman Day ago

    11:00really linus? so u sayin u dont know the shortcuts ? Now let me tell you you can swipe from left to right and almost on EVERY app this is basicly your back button... you almost never need to go to the top left of the screen..
    Sorry but that kinda triggered me because i find that swipe to be more chill than getting my thumb to the bottom right of the screen.

  • Abhishek Malik
    Abhishek Malik Day ago

    I liked Microsoft launcher,
    better than windows 10 October update...

  • Manoj UP
    Manoj UP Day ago +1

    Marques just pointed out that you tweeted this video from ur iPhone. That was hilarious..

  • Moahammed Omerullah

    Mar k asss browleeee

  • EL
    EL Day ago +1

    tweeted from iphone....

  • HeLLisHTuBeR
    HeLLisHTuBeR Day ago +4

    Tweets about why Android is better
    *looks down the tweet*
    *Twitter for iphone*
    *face palms*

  • Attila Rischt
    Attila Rischt Day ago

    What I would mention is the flat out resiliency of some android phones, over iPhones. Like, my Nokia can be lobbed through a wall without any problem, while apple is all just thin plastic and glass seriously making some of their stuff weak.

  • Videet Malpe
    Videet Malpe Day ago

    you can swipe from the left side of the screen to go back in every app on iPhone. we don't need a button lmao.

  • Abelf78
    Abelf78 Day ago +1

    Filmed with an iPhone?

  • llamabing7
    llamabing7 Day ago

    "Twitter for iPhone" 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  • Srikanth Srikaram

    Twitter from iPhone

  • Abhishek Abhi
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    And it's UPLOADED from IPHONE...πŸ˜‚

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    yogik komang Day ago

    You updated this on Twitter from iphone lol

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    twit by iphone

  • Pedro Muniz
    Pedro Muniz Day ago

    Back button is lame, swipe from left to right on any app or use 3D Touch from left to right to return to last app or getting last opened apps

  • Mr. Potato Head
    Mr. Potato Head Day ago

    *_Tweeted via iphone_*

  • Moose Be Canadian

    Tweeted the promo for this video via iPhone. Ironic πŸ˜‚

  • Sheilla Surya
    Sheilla Surya Day ago

    What monitor you use? Tell me please

  • Lolly Stacey
    Lolly Stacey Day ago

    Twitter for iPhone

  • Greater than Greatest

    Microsoft launcher is dope!!!!!

  • Double Den
    Double Den Day ago

    This video is dangerous for iPhone users..🀣

  • Ali Rafiei
    Ali Rafiei Day ago

    And you tweeted this with "Twitter for iPhone"

  • Dr Sabotage
    Dr Sabotage Day ago

    Sold my iPhone xs, got an s9+ and a Samsung gear. 100% worth it

  • JiangTuo
    JiangTuo Day ago

    one way: use brevent (a software in google play)

  • To Pi
    To Pi Day ago

    Funny how you tweeted this from an iPhone.

  • Abdul Qudoos
    Abdul Qudoos Day ago

    Yes much better when you are using iphone for your Twitter 🀣

  • Sapphire Axel
    Sapphire Axel Day ago

    uhh.. you tweet this video via an iPhone

  • Mexican Dad
    Mexican Dad Day ago

    Via twitter for iPhone

  • Avantika Natasha

    And he tweeted this video link via *Twitter for iPhone!* πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ #MKBHD

  • Yusoof Mohammad
    Yusoof Mohammad Day ago

    How do you get websites in dark?

  • Bic bOi
    Bic bOi Day ago

    iPhone has left the chat

  • Redstone
    Redstone Day ago +1


  • Lukas Egeling
    Lukas Egeling Day ago

    Point 11: I can do wacky stuff like using a Dell USB keyboard, an Apple pro mouse, a Transcend flash drive, Sennheiser 3.5mm headphones, generic bluetooth headphones, a UE bluetooth speaker and a Samsung wireless charger on an android phone while playing Nintendo DS games on it from a SanDisk SD card using a Sony PS4 controller with an emulator

  • JoΓ£o Neves
    JoΓ£o Neves Day ago

    Ahahahah that intro is epic! 🀣 You guys always make your videos fun to watch. Keep up the good work πŸ‘

  • Random Person
    Random Person Day ago

    Microsoft Launcher is better than Pixel Launcher

  • DigitalFlow
    DigitalFlow Day ago

    If you really are up in arms about having more than a single screen of apps. You are on your "smart device" too much.

  • Floffah
    Floffah Day ago

    On iPad you can use split screen, triple screen, and even watch Netflix when Netflix is minimised

  • Comet
    Comet Day ago

    The iPad Pro 2018 is usb c

  • EinhΓ€rjar
    EinhΓ€rjar Day ago

    Honestly, except a few small exceptions, I really hate and regret ever switching to Android. I miss iOS every day and have done so for almost two years straight. Next phone will definitely be an iphone, even if they cost an arm and a hand. But I'm willing to pay to have something that I enjoy using. Android really is just shitty, old and lagging behind. What also is frustrating is that it's almos impossible, unless you buy a google pixel, to always get the latest version of the OS. Last but not least, I'm so sick and tire of google. Apple has its faults but at least they're not as bad as google when it comest to not giving a flyign fuck about user privacy.
    What we really need is a truly linux based open source, no tracking OS. I can't wait for Purism to launch their Librem 5 privacy phone.
    Good things with Android: Can move icons around, more apps and file management. Besides that it's really shit.
    The back button, fucking hate that thing. Also hate that simple things like swipe back and forth in a browser is non existing on Android. Unless you use a shitty app that does a terrible job at it.

  • Ariana De Grande

    My phone has a windows theme already in my themes app

  • Elierbster
    Elierbster Day ago +4

    ... via Twitter for iPhone

  • Ronal Dolar
    Ronal Dolar Day ago

    I use Microsoft Launcher