Has racism gotten worse under President Obama? || STEVE HARVEY

  • Published on Nov 4, 2015
  • Steve Harvey opens up the conversation with a question about how President Obama has affected racial relations. The panel includes Bakari Sellers (CNN contributor and former SC State Representative), Katie Kieffer (author and commentator), Chris Distefano (MTV’s “Guy Code”), Crystal Wright (editor of the blog “Conservative Black Chick”) and Sunny Hostin (CNN legal analyst).
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Comments • 1 722

  • UMS TV
    UMS TV 7 hours ago

    Go SUNNY!

  • Anthony Theone
    Anthony Theone 10 hours ago

    Sonny = dummy ... witness are ALIVE ..liar

  • Danny Bare
    Danny Bare 2 days ago

    Black people always play the victim card. Very weak people. Sunny should be slapped in mouth. Without question blacks are the weakest race. Obama is a queer.

  • Rick Gross
    Rick Gross 2 days ago

    so many LOW IQs posting things here as FACT lol. The INMATES are trying to RUN the ASYLUM.

  • best one
    best one 3 days ago

    Crystals so ugly! I can't stand her with that ugly sideways mouth. Ugh sell out!

  • desi derata
    desi derata 5 days ago

    Sunny Hostin is too intellectually-shallow. She always use race whenever it will prop her up.

  • Amiira
    Amiira 7 days ago

    Man! You gotta love Sunny at 1:40 😂😂😂

  • jay dowd
    jay dowd 7 days ago

    Affirmative action hurts black people a fool gets the job because he's black not tallented. And every one see it and thinks blacks are all stupid. No qoutas best man for the job regardless of color

  • jay dowd
    jay dowd 7 days ago

    Obama isn't black he's a mulatoo. Raised by white folks

  • jay dowd
    jay dowd 7 days ago

    Blacks loving finding fault with white people. Clean your own house first

  • SpiceOfDawns !
    SpiceOfDawns ! 7 days ago

    3:56 They didnt criticize Kennedy - they instead killed him for it.

  • Nora Kurdy
    Nora Kurdy 9 days ago

    This video has not aged well 😬

  • Spring Lamb
    Spring Lamb 9 days ago

    That QUEER OBAMA WAS JUST fukn great huh ?

  • brownsugarglamour
    brownsugarglamour 10 days ago

    What was the white guy there for? 😂😂💀

  • brownsugarglamour
    brownsugarglamour 10 days ago

    I’m just trying to figure out what that girls statement had to do with Steve’s initial question? 👀🧐 like she brought up a whole other topic ... 😭💀💀🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Gina Jackßon
    Gina Jackßon 10 days ago +1

    In my frist post I, didn't say a President Name, I,was taking about Trump not Obama. Prayers 🙏

  • Gina Jackßon
    Gina Jackßon 10 days ago +1

    Zimmerman, Brags about killing Trayvon Martin 😈😡😫😠 Racesim is very worst with The Orange Guy in Office. I, Pray in 2020 he's out.🚯I, pray People Vote🐐🐘. Prayers 🙏

  • Gina Jackßon
    Gina Jackßon 10 days ago +1

    Worst, every sense he came in office, their have been more police shooting, more racesit whites making false Police calls on Blacks, other racis of Colors. Yes 😝😜🤪 I pray 🙏 he's out of office next year. Next President, has a whole lot to undue.😝 Prayers 🙏❣️.

  • Thisisyour Fact-Check
    Thisisyour Fact-Check 10 days ago

    Katie Kieffer, first, Trayvon Martin was approached by a BULLY (Zimmerman) because of his brown (MELANIIN) skin and what he wore which is RACISM. So-called white people who are actually ALBINOS need to leave people alone. Second, if President Obama had a son with Michele Obama he might look like Trayvon Martin.

  • Ljh Hjl
    Ljh Hjl 11 days ago

    Racism is the original sin of the devil it is here to stay until the end of this world.

  • thehoneyeffect
    thehoneyeffect 11 days ago

    They need a dark skinned woman up there to tell the truth.

  • Messiah the preacher
    Messiah the preacher 11 days ago

    Well??? Talk about racism😂😂😂#Trum😅🤔

    SAFIYO NUR 11 days ago

    The blonde 😡😡😡😡someone should knock her back to reality

  • South06
    South06 12 days ago

    so replay this for new age trump supporters. seems like executive order is the new constitution smh

  • John Mack
    John Mack 13 days ago

    An apologist white comedian liberal beta twink, three women, two minority men and a room of progressive liberal feminist females all ripping on white men. On behalf of white men everywhere, Who Cares! Barry Abuma is a Oreo cookie liar lawyer. The Abuma administration tried shaming white men and white men responded by getting rid of the progressive liberal feminist ideology. JFK was assassanated over race. The progressive liberal feminist ideology is creating the racist issue to try taking down Tramp. Abuma, Billary and Tramp all divided Americans. Don’t naively blame Tramp for the environment and attitude the Democrats created. Tramp is gaining in popularity because stupid Democrats are clueless about how to communicate with the Americans.

  • T. IJE O
    T. IJE O 13 days ago

    Uncle Steve, please revisit this topic again based on today’s major racial disconnect in our country. If only they knew what was coming next 🤔. 🙏🏾🤘🏾

  • Coco H
    Coco H 13 days ago

    Funny how Sunny is now saying differently since Trump a white man won president. Racism is sensitive topic. Blacks went through hell back then but today they have it better off than back then.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 days ago

    Incredible means not creditable.

  • Sumora
    Sumora 14 days ago

    I loved Obama until his policies were put in place. He made everything diagustingly about race. He divided the country with his rethorics. He was no President Palmer which is what we were all expecting.

  • Sumora
    Sumora 14 days ago

    I can't stand Sunny. She twists so many things.

  • P Dias
    P Dias 14 days ago

    What a bunch of people who say racism got worse. No Mr. Obama did the most amazing work for America.

  • Bobby Trump
    Bobby Trump 14 days ago

    Sunny is a P.O.S racist

  • coolsouth S
    coolsouth S 14 days ago

    Sunny is so basic with her overly emotional facial expressions. Al Sharpton in a dress.

  • Aldarion
    Aldarion 16 days ago

    The lady in the brown - have several seats with your mouth shut pls...

  • Talkindurinthemovie
    Talkindurinthemovie 17 days ago

    Shut up Katy QUEEFER

  • Angel Izquierdo
    Angel Izquierdo 18 days ago +1

    That was in 2015... How about what is happening now? How many kissing Trump's ass today, that had the worse opinion about him during the primaries and since he is a WHITE SUPREMACIST protect and support all his crimes and abuse of powers?

  • Jo Spence
    Jo Spence 19 days ago +5


  • Bernice Marlow
    Bernice Marlow 19 days ago

    She is ignorant

  • Bernice Marlow
    Bernice Marlow 19 days ago

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 so true Steve

  • Bernice Marlow
    Bernice Marlow 19 days ago +5

    Please do. Yes Sunny!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Bernice Marlow
    Bernice Marlow 19 days ago +4

    Thank you Sunny for that facial expression.

  • tee cee
    tee cee 20 days ago

    Well this sounds so stupid now!!!

  • Chica Flaca
    Chica Flaca 21 day ago

    Little did they know it will get worse under Trump.

  • Bd from the 213
    Bd from the 213 22 days ago

    It’s not worse, it’s been around and it’s taken a different look. Before politicians blatantly told people where blacks could and could not go. Now it’s certain laws, zoning, prejudices amongst banks, resources, etc. For some reason idiots think racism simply means blatant disenfranchising people and burning crosses, no it’s comments/remarks and things done to make people feel uncomfortable. I work in healthcare and It’s amazing how white people (both patients and healthcare professionals) get away racism. I’ve never seen a healthcare professional walk around talking about white people yet on multiple occasions I’ve gotten and heard racist remarks from white coworkers. Just 2 days ago Mary (a white woman) was talking about how black people have that “nappy afro stuff” for hair. Like who tf says things like that and amongst people? Patients? Omg I’ve seen patients berate and belittle black and brown healthcare professionals. I’ve seen white people say that they don’t want to be touched by blacks. As usual it’s 1 type of person. What about something as small as “ethnic” hairstyles that’s protective and healthy for black hair being discriminated against? I mean go research healthcare related to people of color (especially blacks). Go research healthcare for black women. Black women are being shunned and not taken seriously during their pregnancies to the point they’re dying at higher rates BECAUSE of the low quality of care, because of peoples bigoted & racist ideologies. There’s so many examples. Idiots are so quick to listen to Ben Shapiro who tells blacks and browns that they’re lying to themselves because he doesn’t have statistical/numbers on a sheet of paper about peoples experiences😂. I’ve seen him shoot down a black man talk about his many experiences dealing with racism from
    Being shunned, followed, and ignored and yet he only argument is that it’s in peoples minds. How is it in peoples minds if you can go anywhere in the US and share similar experiences with people that look like you😂. You can’t have a bunch of desensitized political figures who are old as hell and others who have been raised by these elite old bigots and act like such ideologies don’t exist in government and doesn’t effect our lives. Yes I worked hard and made it through med school but it was whites that made my journey a living hell being a black woman in med school. Going to northwestern? Omg the racism was ridiculous but again if I speak up about it I’m irrational, it’s all in my head, I should be thankful that I’m not an actually slave...

  • MrDetroit69
    MrDetroit69 22 days ago +1

    No, its worse under trump.

  • Athena griego
    Athena griego 22 days ago

    The ditzy blonde who speaks like a moron.

  • Ava Venson
    Ava Venson 23 days ago

    Just FACE it President Obama made Racism a BIGGER problem in AMERICA period..

  • Paulette Phillips
    Paulette Phillips 23 days ago


  • Larry Adler
    Larry Adler 23 days ago

    And we really do know what happened with Trayvon. He got what was coming to him for the choices he made

  • Larry Adler
    Larry Adler 23 days ago +1

    Obama was a bad thing for our country. Many things worsened.
    Now, we just need to ride the Trump train as we Make America Great Again!!!

    • Carolyn Cox
      Carolyn Cox 18 days ago

      I wonder do the natives Indians think America is Great !

  • Lydia Land
    Lydia Land 24 days ago


  • T.J. Johnson
    T.J. Johnson 24 days ago

    😂 this almost seems, comical in the age of trump!

  • Vslim Goody
    Vslim Goody 24 days ago

    I believe, because of the internet and social media, we hear about what is happening in real time now. President Obama was elected during the rise of social media.

  • Paul Bell
    Paul Bell 24 days ago

    definitely worse under Obama

  • Antione Berry
    Antione Berry 24 days ago

    racism has gotten worst under president trump!

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee 24 days ago

    NO NO NO. Obama did NOT use his race to get elected. I remember back then analysts were saying a lot of Black people In the past had used their race in ther campaigning and that alienated non-Black people because they felt that the person would only take care of Blacks ones they got in office.Obama was never that guy. from day 1 he was always about equality for all.thats the number 1 thing I remember from his campaign. the thing that got him non-Black votes.

  • diana dowie
    diana dowie 25 days ago +1

    The white lady is so lying. George Zimmerman murdered a child. This so sickening. Go Sunny.

  • Natasha N
    Natasha N 25 days ago +6

    Sunny NEVER disappoints!

  • Smoke Sum'um
    Smoke Sum'um 26 days ago


  • jessica monroe
    jessica monroe 27 days ago +23

    Can we get this panel RIGHT NOW back together and ask the same question about 45?

    • T. IJE O
      T. IJE O 13 days ago

      My sentiments precisely about this issue. 🤘🏾

    • Dan Wruck
      Dan Wruck 15 days ago

      You mean PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Donald J Trump...right?

  • Erick Willams
    Erick Willams 27 days ago

    Obama was a joke in a nice suit. That's about it. And I'm black.

  • Elmina D'Oro
    Elmina D'Oro 27 days ago +3

    Interesting 🤔watching this for the 1st nearly 4 yrs after it aired 🤔1 yr + of 45th POTUS....🤔Can this panel come back & discuss the same topic TODAY....? 🤔

    • Ava Venson
      Ava Venson 23 days ago

      I think that's A GREAT Idea... @SteveHarvey can you make this happen??? I'd love to be in the audience PLEASE

  • Donna Myers
    Donna Myers 27 days ago

    Yes, racism got much worse under Obama! Let me say this first...i voted for Obama in 2008! I live in the South and racism was NOT as bad and had lessened up since the 60's, until Obama! He stirred up that terrible pot again, all for his agenda of NWO! When a country is divided, it can be more easily controlled. Do your research and you will see like I did. I was a Democrat my whole life until I saw Obama's agenda! 2012 I voted Republican! Obama is NOT a hero... he is a lying heathen and his alligence is not to Americans but to his Islam faith. He said as much in his book. We all, in this country, have the exact same opportunities to acheive our individual American dream, no matter the color of our skin! Someone's race should be a non-issue!

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    United States ISN'T a Country It's a Corporation 1871(look it up We are Awake!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great book to read!!! White Cargo (READ IT!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great video:1800 Child Labor in United States (look it up We are Awake!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great video: The Children who Build the Victorian Britain Part 1of4(Look it up)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great Video: Victorian Crime and Punishment (look it up We are Awake!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great video: Forgotten Ellis Island( look it up We are Awake!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great video : Ellis Island-History of IMMIGRATION to the United States/1890-1920/Award Winning documentary (look it up We are Awake!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great Video:Taj Tarik Bey Horace Greeley support 4-6-2018(look it up We are Awake!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great video:Black People invented Everything The Computer the cell phone the internet!!!(look it up We are Awake!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great Great Video: Moorish America(look it up We are Awake!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great video:: America is Morocco on paper...The Hidden Moorish Empire?

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great v: Grand Sheik-Taj Tarik Bey Know your Enemy and why (look it up We are Awake!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Great video:The KKK 2 Party System Narrative With GS Taj Tarik Bey (look it up We are Awake!!!)

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    CIVIL ORDERS JULY 4-2014(Pope Francis letter said that the so-called black people are the true American here!!!!

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 27 days ago

    Pope Francis powerful letter sent to Obama July 4-2014(look it up We are Awake::This letter said that the so-called black people are the true American here>And the European colonizers immigrants are not American here. They Europeans colonizing immigrants are not American here and they can be deported back to Europe!!!) READ IT!!!

  • Sheila Neville
    Sheila Neville 27 days ago +1

    I guess we can all say NO. TRUMP has that done a great job with hate and race

  • Stacey Fulkerson
    Stacey Fulkerson 27 days ago

    Sunny is all about race. Everything she talks about on The View is about race. She said she dumped her high school white friends when she went to college BECAUSE they were white. WHO DOES THAT? See how Candace Owens, Dr. Carson, Allen West, Herman Cain and any other Conservative Black Americans are treated by other Black people. HORRIBLY! Why can't people see each other by their accomplishments and character instead of skin color? Wake up America this is a tool by the left to keep people separated.

  • the1 right1
    the1 right1 27 days ago +1

    She spoke as Zimmerman was a cop, the police told Zimmerman to leave that boy alone, Zimmerman pursued anyway, he harassed trayvon and got overpowered by a black child he got mad and shot killed this boy, if trayvon did grab his gun and shot Zimmerman he would have been correct because police told Zimmerman to leave that child alone! Zimmerman decided to play vigilante where he believed he had a right to attack and murder this boy!

  • Priscilla Taylor
    Priscilla Taylor 27 days ago

    They murdered John Kennedy, racism has gotten worse when Trump stated Lets make America great again or something along that line. Blacks were being killed by white people, in south, east, west, and north killing people of color.

  • Jerry Weeks
    Jerry Weeks 27 days ago

    Oreo! Oreo!

  • Enrique Castañeda
    Enrique Castañeda 27 days ago +1

    #demoKKKrats r the real racist..... all Sunny does is make stupid comments and expressions just to get an applause,

  • Rhonda Davis
    Rhonda Davis 27 days ago


  • Ken
    Ken 27 days ago +49

    Sunny and the black man are so smart and eloquent

    • Deb 7
      Deb 7 10 days ago

      Ken His name’s Bakari... and I agree.

    • humility1st
      humility1st 22 days ago +1

      Mhmmm 💫 class!

  • Bryan Chiu
    Bryan Chiu 27 days ago

    No, Racism have not gotten worse. We become more Open to the issue and more sensitive. The problem only got a little better

  • Neemael Lund
    Neemael Lund 27 days ago

    So the point is....?.....!!!

  • Sean Whitaker
    Sean Whitaker 27 days ago +5

    I mean, let's just gloss over the fact that Zimmerman was advised----by police dispatch----- TO NOT FOLLOW OR INSTIGATE ANYTHING WITH TRAYVON MARTIN.

  • robin kilby
    robin kilby 27 days ago

    Sunny needs to get her head out of Obama's ass

  • Straight White Male
    Straight White Male 27 days ago +1

    Steve should stay neutral

  • Laisha McDuffie
    Laisha McDuffie 28 days ago

    I cant stand black people who hate being black

  • paisleymc2
    paisleymc2 28 days ago +1

    I hate the fact these are the black representatives for me, so single minded

  • Camara Rhodes
    Camara Rhodes 28 days ago

    “You misrepresented that fact.” Thank you!

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 28 days ago +1

    Author and commentator....so some white, blond lady with an opinion? She is not an expert.

  • Rasheik Bailey
    Rasheik Bailey 28 days ago

    Obama suck both the kid and Zimmerman knows the streets that if you get in a fight anything can happen and the black girl in the red is another ignorant black folks 😂

  • Darla Webb
    Darla Webb 28 days ago

    Yes it did

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 28 days ago

    LET SUNNY TALK! Crystal tried to shut Sunny down before she even said anything in defense of a 'commentator'...someone with no expertise or credentials that has a white person's view and opinion of America. STOP! Sunny didn't interrupt Katie or Crystal, but they interrupted her more than once.

  • Jennifer Logel
    Jennifer Logel 28 days ago +18

    She needs to quit INTERRUPTING Sonny!!!

  • R R
    R R 29 days ago +4

    Thank you !!!!! Ms. SUNNY.