Has racism gotten worse under President Obama? || STEVE HARVEY

  • Published on Nov 4, 2015
  • Steve Harvey opens up the conversation with a question about how President Obama has affected racial relations. The panel includes Bakari Sellers (CNN contributor and former SC State Representative), Katie Kieffer (author and commentator), Chris Distefano (MTV’s “Guy Code”), Crystal Wright (editor of the blog “Conservative Black Chick”) and Sunny Hostin (CNN legal analyst).
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Comments • 1 979

  • Patriot Pie
    Patriot Pie 3 days ago

    Shame on you Harvey 😢

  • Patriot Pie
    Patriot Pie 3 days ago


  • mamoudou Ndiaye
    mamoudou Ndiaye 13 days ago

    If Zimmerman would have stayed in his house like the 912 dispatcher told him to Trayvon Martin would be alive today

  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade 13 days ago

    CNN fake news instigates race war... brings us back to 68, BUT in 2008, we mistakenly tried to elect a Mulatto to mend any remnants of a racial rift.. Obama didn't want that.. Rather, he wanted to instigate and perpetuate division and exacerbate racial tension.

  • thewizboy
    thewizboy 15 days ago

    Democrats are the founders and investors of racism. The party of racism. Dumb Bunny Sunny worked for the FAKE NEWS Network. Obama is a phony and literraly was the WORST President who did NOTHING for this country

  • Shelley Miller
    Shelley Miller 17 days ago

    Sadly I think it has become more ok to be racist. Before Trump a racist was a horrible thing to be. And now, not as much. Makes me sad, for real. Skin color shouldn't matter. We're all people that want the same things.

  • American Son
    American Son 18 days ago

    CNN defending obama...liberal media at it's best.History has marked Obama's presidency as one of the worst.

  • realist bob
    realist bob 20 days ago

    blond girl is very hot

  • Robin Jacobs
    Robin Jacobs 25 days ago

    Yeah, Demomocrats racism.

  • Dali Dzaferic
    Dali Dzaferic 29 days ago

    Why Do People Proclaim That Obama Was The First Black Presidant Of America.This Is Garbage. If You Go Rite Back In History There Have Been Quite A Few. As Far As Racism. Has Gotten Worse Under Obama.Public Profileing Of Black Amercans From Police. And The Way Blacks Are Shot To Death By Gung Ho Cow Boy Copps. There Being Mowed Down Like Hunting Animals. Amerca Has Been Worse Of With Power And The Worst Record Of Any Other Presidant. Fact. Americas Dept And How Much America Owes. Just In Interest America Could Pay For The Total Of koreas Military For The Next 10 Years And Thats Just The Interest Alone. Obama A Good Talker But No Action. Every Body Got Sucked In By His Speaches And Just Talked His Way Out. Media Just Soaked This Guy Upp And Made Him Out To Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. He Wa The Perfect Pony Every Body Wanted To Own Or Pat. Blacks Were A Hell Of Alot Worse Off With Obama In Power. As Far As Rasism Goes The Minute You Mention It And Talk About It Thats Where It Starts. Whe You Mention Colour Thats Xactly Where It Starts. We Have To Stopp Talking About It Full Stopp Because Once You Do Then Thats Where It Starts. And The Lady In Brown Should Shut Her Mouth Listen To What People Have Say. Instead Of Interupting People When They Have There Time To Speak. Dislike People Who Do This Butt In Or Jump Into Somebody Speaking. Great Sighn Of Ignorance And Arrogants.


    Shalom Aleichem
    Race represents a singular, fir the lawyer on the panel, and to the scholars, black is not a noun.
    Evil is real.
    Daniel Moshe Johnson

  • rob duncan
    rob duncan Month ago

    i cant remember wanting to slap someone in the face to get them to stfu this bad in a long time. as soon as blondey in the blue dress mentioned Trayvon the back of my neck was on fire cause i knew it was going to be ignorant af

  • Sandra C
    Sandra C Month ago

    Yes it got worse. He made it worse.

  • Silvester Brown
    Silvester Brown Month ago

    Racism has just gotten slicker on doing things towards blacks to hurt and keep us low level duhhh😒 fr:Shakela ❤️ truth is truth. How much they get paid???? Because I should have their job ...

  • Erik Andrus
    Erik Andrus Month ago

    That's our Sunny.

    C-LAROCK THE MAYOR Month ago

    When President Obama was Elected all hell broke loose in the right wing white community. People taught black folks were going to take over they were afraid. I love me some sunny all day Zimmerman didnt follow proper order he took the law in is own hands.

  • El Mac
    El Mac Month ago

    Yes , it got worse under Obama, even though white people elected Obama twice

  • Uso Squad
    Uso Squad Month ago

    Ol dude need a new line up... line up crooked than a muh..

  • Terry Case
    Terry Case Month ago


  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones Month ago +1

    Obama ABSOLUTELY started a race war with Travon Martin. There are countless killings of Blacks on Whites that gain zero media attention. To choose this particular case, it became a white vs black issue.

  • Lamond Davis
    Lamond Davis Month ago

    Racism is alive and well. I'm a black man that rents from the thrifty car rental company Atleast 5 times a year . In Fort lauderdale I'm treated with respect and differently because you have staff there who is black and west Indian but in MIAMI International Airport in treated like a begger and a N#gger

  • Janice Devereux
    Janice Devereux Month ago

    Well Obama did use racism during his campaign. However there’s nothing wrong with that. Politicians historically flip-flop their positions in accordance to whatever is popular at the time of an election....

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez Month ago

    Obama is racist

  • D Dorsey
    D Dorsey Month ago

    Black ignorance, entitlement, weakness, and victimhood got worse while Obama was in office. We, the freethinking black folks need to speak up against this black weakness. We are our own problem. No pro-black wants to talk about black on black ignorance, hate, abortion, assaults, and our favorite, MURDER!!! we are becoming weaker by each generation. No God, fathers, respectful elders to guide, etc.

  • Jeffrey Binder
    Jeffrey Binder Month ago

    We will continue to have racism (which is a two way street) until we stop being put in boxes, until we address each other as people and not black and white people. Obama did nothing to help race relations and you can call me what you want for saying this but Obama will go down in history for many things, first black or biracial or whatever you want to call him. He will also go down in history as the guy that took the title from Jimmy Carter as the worst president in history on so many levels.

  • Jeremiah Hill
    Jeremiah Hill Month ago

    Go sunny!!!!😃

  • Jeffrey Allen
    Jeffrey Allen Month ago +1

    Absolutely it did. White Supremacy always put a Black Man in charge want they want to steal from you. do your research"

  • Cheryl Bazemore
    Cheryl Bazemore Month ago

    This white lying woman. He chased Trayvon Martain he wasnt even a cop. Told to not chase him. People are getting shot dead on lies. I cant listen to this. People getting hung....PLEASE!!! Beast!

  • gina field
    gina field Month ago

    President Obama didn't accomplish anything! That is why we have trump

  • ohhhdear
    ohhhdear Month ago

    Thank God we have Trump! Obama was and is an enemy of the people. And should be arrested.

  • timothy towriss
    timothy towriss Month ago +1

    Now 2019 Obama is called the worst President ever and he did division americans

  • Betty Weaver
    Betty Weaver Month ago +1

    LoL history didn't and won't go down like that Steve!

  • natalie garner
    natalie garner Month ago

    Hello Stevei believe By President Trump being elected has bought out exposed the Racism hate Devision which is good cause now Americans see how Corrupted our Politicians have been. illegal immigrants with the help of our Corrupted Politicians behaving and showing hatred defiance toward President Trump .Democratic Leaders has turned me away i #Walked away from Democrats cause their behavior Hate and Racism race baiting protecting and catering to Criminals illegal immigrants is embarressing being American to know we have Government City officials feuding and cant get alone with our President of the United States shows Americans Lack of respect for Democrats behavior incites hate and devision catering to Criminals illegal immigrants above Americans is wrong and againstthe Law. President Trump is doing whats best for Americans not Criminals illegal immigrants who breaking the Law being in USA illegal . Americans must follow the Law so Illegal immigrants must respect USA Laws also cause if they want to come to USA come Legal stand in Line the Right way and respect our Laws and Thank God for the privilege to be free American citizen .

  • Kevin Mcneil
    Kevin Mcneil Month ago

    Lol ...Of course it did.

  • Rose Sanderson
    Rose Sanderson Month ago

    Democrats are the ones calling and blaming racism on everything. They blame racism on everyone but themselves. Why can't we get beyond the color of ones skin and judge people by their character.

  • rainwolf034
    rainwolf034 Month ago

    It is not a made up position, because whites are way more likely to be shot and killed unarmed, than a black man.... and that’s the truth. Now Trump gets shot down because this always happens when the other side wins.. there is nothing new here except one of the politicians is half white.. that’s the only change..

  • Bruce Wing
    Bruce Wing Month ago +1

    There is none left alive that was a slave!! Democrats were the party of KKK and Margaret Sanger!, also Jim crow,!! They were against busing! And the?y are trashing blacks in favor of Latinos! The are throwing blacks under the bus, because they take american jobs!!!

  • Michael Bowen
    Michael Bowen Month ago +1

    Wow did she blame Trayvon Martin

  • Omar
    Omar Month ago

    Yes sunny!

  • teresa wicks
    teresa wicks Month ago

    WOW🤤The white woman in the blue suffers from cognitive dissonance!

  • Melvin Cohen
    Melvin Cohen Month ago +1

    Is strange how white people don't remember that Mitch McConnell said, we're going to do everything in our power to make this a one term president.

    • coprice94
      coprice94 28 days ago

      Melvin Cohen samething Obama’s people said

  • Melvin Cohen
    Melvin Cohen Month ago +1

    It did get worse because white people got upset. It wasn't because anything Obama did.

  • Half Full
    Half Full Month ago +1

    NO ONE said racism didnt exist. The conversation was supposed to be about how OBAMA FURTHER divided America.
    Instead Sunny Hostin inflames the audience with no facts, only her opinion and her saying there is still racism.
    Racism still exists, yes , no one denies it, OBAMA MADE IT WORSE. He set this country back 50 yrs.

  • Frank Legnaioli
    Frank Legnaioli Month ago

    Everyone thinks Obama is the greatest president ever right?

  • Frank Legnaioli
    Frank Legnaioli Month ago

    CNN is fake news. Democrats are white man's party. People forget MLK was never a Democrat. Shame on anyone who votes for a white man's party.

  • topturretgunner
    topturretgunner Month ago +1

    Is there still racism in this country???? I believe that there are pockets of it. I believe that racism has become institutionalized to a degree. However that said I also am convinced that philosophically, ideologically Barrack Obama is a Socialist and that many others recognized this as well. Yet when we disagree based on that alone the left attempts to use the well known and dishonest tactic of using the race card to silence those whose disagreement again is ideological. That seems to be the default position of the left to shut down any ideological/philosophical disagreement. #SODISHONEST!

  • CSII Pahoa
    CSII Pahoa Month ago

    Trayon is dead because Trayvon had to go tell this white man to stop look'n at him........Had Zimmerman been black Trayvon would have never walked over to Zimmermen....Read all the facts...Trayvon is dead because Trayvon attacked Zimmerman.....Ghetto ass mentality

  • Bubba Smith
    Bubba Smith Month ago

    Travon Martin was attacked for being black and existing.

  • B W
    B W Month ago


  • avatarstore
    avatarstore Month ago

    that's why I will never date a women of color period

  • Stillone G.
    Stillone G. Month ago +1

    No they just crawled from the s**t piles they where hiding under.

  • Nick S
    Nick S Month ago

    Yes it became ok to hate whites

  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans Month ago

    nobody lined up to shoot down barry's plays

  • Pat K
    Pat K Month ago

    Wow! Nobody let the white guy talk

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago

    The media has blinded many people in this country. People in this country believe in Media is the truth when reality the media it's nothing but Liars

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago +1

    God raised Jesus Christ from the dead .Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Amen

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago

    Talk about the black people getting killed why don't you talk about Chicago the black on black crime you can't do that can you

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago

    The American people voted for a black president stop using the race card. You keep looking back your next going to get stiff

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago

    The media is run by the devil. They want to run run run with the race problem in America. She's been everywhere and she's never had any problems

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago

    As a matter of fact your friend Sharpton open his mouth until he found out that Zimmerman was Hispanic

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago

    It's funny when George Zimmerman kill the black kid they thought that he was white. And when they found that George Zimmerman was Hispanic they backed off. Why is that because the media was trying to cause race problem

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago

    Obama was the worst president we ever had he caused more division than any other president in this world. He also came out as the first homosexual president

  • Vince T
    Vince T Month ago

    CNN lie all the time and wont put the race card down.

  • Cody Enderli
    Cody Enderli Month ago

    The white lady sounds shaky because she is from the Midwest not because she’s nervous 😂

  • Lee Bee
    Lee Bee Month ago +1

    Race is real

  • lovemyboys
    lovemyboys Month ago

    Talk about a biased panel and Steve I love you but you're wrong.

    EL PATRONE Month ago

    Interesting things from the past and yet now America looks back and can honestly say that Obama is the worst president in the history of the United states. A puppet with the strings attached to the hand of George Soto's. A traitor to America.

  • Rosendo Gerrero
    Rosendo Gerrero Month ago

    History will prove he worse President , watch and see. Ignants teaching ignants

  • Life with G The Mac

    But they love racist Donald trump 🤣🤣...this country been divided due to white folks racism well before 2008 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jackie Planck
    Jackie Planck Month ago

    White people and their children are the victims of racism. At the hands of the liberal federal government.

  • Harry McCall
    Harry McCall Month ago

    We don't have rights

    DENISE SCOTT Month ago


  • Transformers
    Transformers Month ago

    LET ME GUESS nothing but DEMs here. ✌️

  • Pete391
    Pete391 Month ago

    Fact was Obama did take up for the black thugs...............

  • Brent Winter
    Brent Winter Month ago

    Republicans did not reject Obama's polices because he is black. They rejected them because his policies were socialist. We see the same thing going on today with Democrats. They Reject everything Trump does not because he is white but because his policies are conservitive and constitutional. He too has tried to reach across the aisle and has had his hand slapped. Like Obama, Trump is succeeding "in spite of" the democrats not because of. Keep America Great in 2020. MAGA.