Sarah Sanders Asked To Leave Restaurant | The View

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
  • "The View" co-hosts discuss whether it's a new normal to shame public officials.

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  • Thomas Ledbetter
    Thomas Ledbetter 3 days ago

    I think you should be able to serve and not serve whoever you want. I agree with Whoopi that there should be a sign detailing that information on the outside. I do think this is the same as the gay couple in many ways.

    To continue, would I personally ever decide to refuse someone's business? No, that's dumb. We all want money. Do I think it's ethical to not serve some people? No, you are just creating more divisions and alienating people that could become returning consumers. However, YOU SHOULD HAVE THE OPTION.

  • Thomas Ledbetter
    Thomas Ledbetter 3 days ago

    Sunny, honey, no. You are wrong on this one. Better luck next time.

  • Eric Day
    Eric Day 4 days ago

    That is ridiculous. Wtf.

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    Good idea I would like to know democratic-leaning places so I won't buy nothing from them don't want to be near him don't want to smell their stinky hatred

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    She needs a taste of her own medicine Maxine Waters a Despicable piece of trash

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    No she wouldn't go with you she's prejudiced she's racist I just don't understand what you guys talk about no facts just lip service despicable

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    Shameless you freaking girls on the viewer Shameless despicable anti-American please move we don't need your kind here

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    Yeah when it happens to Democrats still whine like b******

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    Boy you guys are sick sickening people despicable yeah that's right I'm a deplorable and a lot of it

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    You're talkin policy-making America strong jobs you guys are effing stupid man when you wake up and I'll be too late

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    Everybody should do it to these people on The View

  • steve streitz
    steve streitz 10 days ago

    All you people on The View should be shunned see how it feels

  • Sean James
    Sean James 27 days ago

    man...i haven't watched the news in a while...things are getting crazy!...

  • Gunther Central-Perk

    never though i would say this but... WELL SAID MEGAN. WELL SAID.

  • Lorde Fan
    Lorde Fan Month ago

    When people have such radical thinking you sometimes combating them with the same energy is what will open their eyes.

  • Republican 4U2NV
    Republican 4U2NV Month ago

    Funny how news reports always leave out the most important detail... not only did the psycho Red Hen owner kick them out, but then *followed* them and continued to *stalk* and *harass* Sarah and her party even at the next restaurant. It wasn't just, "Oh, I politely asked them to leave and that was all!" People like that owner are psychotic.

  • Joshua Bowser
    Joshua Bowser Month ago

    What's funny about this show is when race of white people is brought up. These white women speak and therefore they speak for White's! I say this they have no idea what struggle of a single mother there is in America! And with that a single father that was a coal miner until Obama took our JOB'S! Then gave out free health care and cell phones. It's ridiculously insane

  • Camara Rhodes
    Camara Rhodes Month ago

    Sunny straight up sucks. Sara is 💯 right. Funny she got shut the frick up.

  • Rory Tennes
    Rory Tennes Month ago

    There are so many reasons I dislike and will not watch The View. Number one is the lies told on the show.
    good by and good riddance.

  • Navneet Madhray
    Navneet Madhray Month ago

    I’m with Sunny

  • J.R. Burke
    J.R. Burke 2 months ago +1

    Perhaps Repubs should sit at the back of the bus. Perhaps Republicans should drink from their own fountains. Seems to be a dangerously familiar phenomenon happening.

  • Jody Doherty
    Jody Doherty 2 months ago

    You can’t discriminate against someone for their ethnicity, culture, or their sexual orientations so why should you be able to for their political perspective? Something I might add you could at any given time change your opinions on unlike your sexual orientation or ethnicity and culture!! The ability to refuse service to someone is for unruly customers who are bothering other patrons or ‘No shirt no shoes no service’ not for that!

  • Blane Evans
    Blane Evans 2 months ago

    Lol. When Identity Politics Backfire.

  • Paul Duran
    Paul Duran 2 months ago

    Yeah let’s go BACKWARDS and put signs saying “these type of people aren’t welcome”. So stupid.

  • William Stark
    William Stark 2 months ago +49

    The republicans at the table were 100% okay with the gay couple not being served, but are so quick to back Sarah Sanders. Hypocrisy at its finest

    • Jeffrey Williams
      Jeffrey Williams 5 days ago

      The baker offered to sell the gay couple anything in his bakery... he just "WOULD NOT" create them a "CUSTOM" wedding cake. Please quote the story accurately. Now do I agree with the Baker.... no. I follow the church of Capitalism and gays go all out in celebrations so they can be the biggest money makers for companies like this one. Having said that this Baker chose his morals/religion over the almighty dollar which at some level you have to respect. This is no difference than forcing an islamic business to perform custom service for a Jewish family or a black owned business being forced to do custom service for a white nationalist. Either total equality or none at all. Make your choice. I know mine.

    • Republican 4U2NV
      Republican 4U2NV Month ago

      washingtonexaminer (dot) com/news/red-hen-owner-followed-sarah-sanders-family-to-protest-their-presence-at-different-restaurant-mike-huckabee-says

    • Republican 4U2NV
      Republican 4U2NV Month ago +1

      Sweetie, people have a problem with the owner *stalking* them *after* she kicked them out and then continued to *harass* them at the next restaurant. Funny how you and others leave out the most important details of why people were actually furious. Sarah said herself she had no problem leaving and they did. Btw, would you force a Jewish bakery to bake a Nazi cake for Nazi gathering?

  • Geoff M
    Geoff M 2 months ago

    Amazed that the democrats, who are always banging on about tolerance , are in fact so intolerant! This is a classic case of double standards. If a restaurant has banned a democrat politician because of his views about welcoming mass immigration, is that ok? Of course not! Sheer hypocrisy!

  • Geoff M
    Geoff M 2 months ago

    So because of your political views, certain restaurants now ban you. This is blatant discrimination. So I belong to the flat earth society but the owner of the restaurant, who believes the world is flat, can ban me as my views offend him! This is madness. Restaurants are places where everyone should be able to eat in safety as well as be made welcome. One’s political views should not be used to ban anyone! Once this thing is allowed to happen then there’s no end to it. Should a restaurant be able to ban democrats, Muslims or Mexicans? Of course not!

  • smack daddy
    smack daddy 2 months ago

    Totally disagree with Sunny here

  • Simple Jax
    Simple Jax 2 months ago

    Refusing people service for their beliefs!! Sounds like Jim Crow is alive and well. He was a Democrat and started the whole segregation movement. Please don’t repeat history.

  • Stola 0
    Stola 0 2 months ago +1

    Big shout out to Sarah Haines for atleast being consistent and sunny is a despicable person

  • Nelson Caballero
    Nelson Caballero 2 months ago +1

    I agree with Sunny. If Colorado baker can EASILY not serve the gays, then I can EASILY not serve Sarah Sanders. She can easily order the food to go anyway, and there’s a million other restaurants. Hey get over it tho

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson 2 months ago

    Sarah I miss you. Abbey is a sound piece you were a real voice. Come back

  • Matt Blasco
    Matt Blasco 2 months ago +3

    But if a democrat was refused service all he’ll would break loose

  • AJ
    AJ 2 months ago +3

    People who are refused service because of their sexual orientation, skin color, perceived ethnic origin, etc. are refused because they are part of a group; they only "mistake" they've made is their mere existence. They have done no wrong to others. Sarah Sanders, on the other hand, isn't being discriminated against for her membership in a class that has been historically oppressed. She is being discriminated against because she has participated in things that have impinged on the "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" of so many people.
    For example, as a Muslim, I find her to be a deplorable human being for having participated in and defended the President's racist rhetoric. And If I owned a restaurant and she came in, I would ask her to leave because her actions have harmed my sense of safety and that of my family, friends, and the general public. Her actions and that of her employers, which I have witnessed, have traumatized me and many others. It is utterly unjust to require me to open my home/business to someone who has traumatized me, to my oppressor. Would you expect a woman who's been raped to serve her rapist?
    Sunny and Whoopi are POCs, but they're also rich and famous... they have power. They're not looking at this from the perspective of the restaurant owner who's just an average American trying to make a living in a regime that opposes him and his friends and family. If these women were less self-referential, more empathetic, and worked on perspective-taking they might begin to understand.

  • Arlene
    Arlene 2 months ago +1

    We are all human beings at the core and should be treated as such.

  • Victoria Delaney
    Victoria Delaney 2 months ago


  • Mam Jallow
    Mam Jallow 2 months ago +3

    I own a restaurant I’m a liberal I’ve had statesman come in to my restaurant and I treat people with respect because we all need escapism there was a time where liberals and republicans could sit in the same place outside of politics cordially. It’s ridiculous it’s rude and people need to get a grip. I love sunny normally but come on you don’t have to agree with someone’s policies and be cordial.

  • Shade Bleu
    Shade Bleu 2 months ago

    Those gay guys sued that cake maker, it's Apples and Oranges, Sunny.

  • Shade Bleu
    Shade Bleu 2 months ago

    You can't refuse Service to people who did nothing wrong.

  • matt bardot
    matt bardot 2 months ago +2

    Republicans are pro-banning gays from bakeries, so I would deny Sanders also!!!

  • Charles Martin
    Charles Martin 2 months ago +3

    I'm black and the young black woman is totally wrong

  • My Travels In Music
    My Travels In Music 2 months ago +32

    Sunny was right. It's a shame no one seems to actually listen to her.

  • Roger Lambert
    Roger Lambert 2 months ago +2

    I would do the same thing...

  • hum ams
    hum ams 2 months ago

    Asking the huck to leave a restaurant is not the same as asking a gay couple to leave... The huck is a conniving lying pos and ppl have the right to express how they feel.. If a resturant owner wants to say hey sarah im sorry but i dont want to serve u can u please leave. Sarah knows Americans dont believe anything that comes out of her pie hole

    MAGA HN 2 months ago +4

    But if they boo u sunny it would be racist cause ur not a public servant oh wait ur a lawyer!

    • Momma Mia
      Momma Mia 2 months ago

      Jerome Toliver exactly. Sunny is such a hypocrite

  • Haydn Knight
    Haydn Knight 2 months ago

    People need to realize that life is too short to let it be run by politics. Leave your political beliefs to yourself, your circle, and the voting booth.

  • Quality Inn And Suites
    Quality Inn And Suites 2 months ago

    I am against discrimination... but all I have to say is Karma is a b*tch. Republicans are just fine when gays or African americans are asked to leave a business.... now she knows how it feels.

  • whateverfudge
    whateverfudge 2 months ago +1

    Whoopi is too controlling

  • Chinesegirl
    Chinesegirl 2 months ago

    At the beginning, I did agree with Sunny. I love Sunny and think she holds some valid points as well, plus she's very calm when arguing her points. However, I also really liked Sara's side because she also has a strong point - that this is America and people should have a right to sit in a restaurant without being kicked out just because of her ideology. Now I'm not a fan of Sanders, and I honestly would feel uncomfortable if she came into the restaurant, but she was not making not causing chaos. If the other customers claimed the same thing about the discomfort, then I would give the same points as Sara and Whoopie.

  • Nick Nettel
    Nick Nettel 3 months ago

    Sunny is the most annoying person on the view.

  • Faith Hudson
    Faith Hudson 3 months ago

    SUNNY BEING A PROUD! Wait till someone does this to her and see how you feels...everyone is right this is a slippery slope to saying you can't be here for one reason or another!!

  • calletano banda
    calletano banda 3 months ago

    these lady are just separating our race as human why put up signs to accept who walks in , this is a free country!

  • R Mad
    R Mad 3 months ago

    One of these dummies, Hostin, calls Sarah Sanders a liar but doesn't even know the drivel spewed by the View hags is total PROPAGANDA! (Hostin even imagines she is smart) lol

  • R Mad
    R Mad 3 months ago

    Horrible left-wing hags--very full of hate. May misfortune come to those who incite hatred against our president, his cabinet, family & voters.

  • alpha &company
    alpha &company 3 months ago

    lol being gay is not a choice ??????????black democrats are the stupidest specimen around and the worst racist

  • alpha &company
    alpha &company 3 months ago

    its funny how liberals tend to sugar coat bad acts when they are their people are doing it

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'Brien 3 months ago

    Something tells me Sunny would have a different opinion if it was Nancy Pelosi asked to leave a restaurant.

  • Charles Guinn
    Charles Guinn 3 months ago

    It's Progressive SEGREGATION!

  • GalaxyTCB
    GalaxyTCB 3 months ago

    Sunny is a total idiot. 💯

  • Kris Jones Jones
    Kris Jones Jones 3 months ago

    They all make my skin crawl but whoopi and joy are total behar says she was "walking around erm erm Costco when somebody just yelled out TRUMP" I don't believe that happend and if it did so what? She says it as if Trump is a dirty word.then then sunny opens her mouth "I don't think it's disscrimination" what is it then sonny? Fkn idiot.Whoopi "I'm gonna head this off" and silences everyone with a click of her fingers,before they make even bigger fools of themselves.Then whoopi goes on to play the vicim.Unreal,Sonny is just beyond stupid.

  • chin ankh
    chin ankh 4 months ago

    they most likely didn't have enough food to feed her...I am wondering..could an ISIL former member be served in an American about a pedophile...KKK.....some ideas are FUCKED UP....and should be condemned

  • Katherine Alvarez
    Katherine Alvarez 4 months ago

    That was not discrimination LOL that’s mistreatment! And whatever that’s what she gets for being a LIAR

  • Apollo king
    Apollo king 4 months ago

    Trump refuses Internatiomal services .... We all deserve the same privilege ...all you ladies rudely changed the conversation when brought up about kids being torn apart from there familys ...being kicked out of a restaurant aint as bad as being kicked out of a country... Trump does everything you guys say we americans shouldnt do to eachother stop with the loopholes its getting old

  • Honeya Fun
    Honeya Fun 4 months ago

    trumps whole platform is hatred

  • Michael O'Connor
    Michael O'Connor 5 months ago +1

    #walkaway from these idiots

  • Eleanor Jaya
    Eleanor Jaya 5 months ago

    You idiots how ignorant can you all be. What about when your panel disagrees, scream & talk rudely to your guests if they defend trump. Especially joy & whoopi when they talk about trump they all go hysterical watch what happens to Hillary & Obama what’s goes around comes around

  • Michele White
    Michele White 6 months ago

    I just can't believe Sunny. It's just like when blacks were told they couldn't eat in certain places I would think she would get that. And being asked to leave and refusing service are the same thing.

  • Ralpheal Coty
    Ralpheal Coty 6 months ago

    I don't like Trump nor his administration but refusing to serve an American is discrimination

  • Jake Corbin
    Jake Corbin 6 months ago

    If Sarah Sanders was black, or if this was Omirosa at the time, the streets would be burning out of a race war.

  • Jake Corbin
    Jake Corbin 6 months ago

    A year ago: "Baker must not refuse to bake cake for gay couple." Red Hen refuses service: "liberals say horray."