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  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
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    A collection of 3 of the most heartbreaking episodes of Something Scary!
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Comments • 4 315

  • Leland Newsome
    Leland Newsome 8 hours ago

    Randall’s face scared the shit out of me

  • Galaxy_kitten gacha
    Galaxy_kitten gacha 9 hours ago


    UENDI WENDY 11 hours ago

    I just google an hospital buled in 1800 that first was an office post

  • Daamin Devapriya
    Daamin Devapriya 16 hours ago

    Stichfix is clickbait I tried it and it didn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • Harold Custer
    Harold Custer Day ago

    Cool 😎 and cool video and I love your video

  • Cookie Creamie
    Cookie Creamie Day ago

    The Mae nak story are so different than the real story. Like come on, she didn't change into a monster or something.

  • Bitch Lasagna
    Bitch Lasagna 2 days ago

    I never understood the last storie

  • Findley’s Edits and memes

    Don’t click it
    Don’t watch it
    Don’t look at it
    STOP NOW!!!!
    Fine your sleep deprivation.

  • Christopher Eckman
    Christopher Eckman 2 days ago +1

    What if you open The Jar?

  • JT Watts
    JT Watts 3 days ago +1

    Wait. Isn't the Missing Groom inspired by the story from Scary Stories to tell in the dark. In the story though it was the bride instead and she got stuck in the chest during hide and seek. She was later found by a maid

  • Albert Ferrer
    Albert Ferrer 3 days ago

    Whos here afew days after fnaf’s 5th anniversary like if you are
    Uou actually dont have to like u can give me a like a dislike or nothing

  • real_dinhoglak YT
    real_dinhoglak YT 3 days ago

    I’d rather be homeless than work in a hospital that MORE THAN 200 YEARS OLD

  • pat evans
    pat evans 3 days ago

    The lady who they trapped would be a good wepon in war....

  • GMRX Plays
    GMRX Plays 3 days ago

    Click here 20:59

  • Lovebirds_ Madagascar

    10:29 when I get 1 mistake in my math test.

  • Heide Carrion
    Heide Carrion 3 days ago +1

    Cassandra is a nut job. Thanks officer chicken shit for making a huge deal out of a spider bite! Lmaaaaoooo

  • Blue pen
    Blue pen 4 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary? Lesbians!! Yikes.

  • Nisha R
    Nisha R 4 days ago

    What randall ha what a funny name😭😭🤣🤣

  • d3l1r1ou5
    d3l1r1ou5 4 days ago

    Fken jumped. His face freaked me out.

    PURE WATER 4 days ago

    "He seems like hes got it BAAAAD"
    Me:Why cant i be loved like that?

  • Bill Pickle
    Bill Pickle 4 days ago

    Ok folks the fbi is here who’s hiding in the comments cause we are too so let’s all group up and gang on them

  • Stoica Cosmin George

    This is not a hate comment. I am watching this videos for a long time now and at the beginning i loved them the stories and the way you tell them were amazing and still are but what the actual f... is with all the advertising and stuff i mean i understand that you need to make money of of your hard work but please for the love of God make them shorter ..A LOT SHORTER... pleaseee they are too long and cringy ... i don't know ... and btw use your old hairstyle :) it's better :) thank you and good luck!

  • TTV_ Naruto
    TTV_ Naruto 6 days ago

    Ewww there lesbien

  • Isabella Bowring
    Isabella Bowring 6 days ago


  • Isabella Bowring
    Isabella Bowring 6 days ago

    Woman: What a silly old man
    Me: What wise old man
    Yup. Don't have to see the rest of the video to know his turns out badly. lol

  • Shellie Gama
    Shellie Gama 6 days ago

    When she says the names Mae Nak and tik Nak she sound like that test on the computer voice

  • Kitty Cat Cheshire Al

    He Won't Harass anybody Anymore

    Cause He's a dead man

  • Kitty Cat Cheshire Al

    sigh love is a mystery at First You'll Be happy but after time its No Longer a Happy Ending who Am I Kidding Only on Wattpad has a Happy Ending

  • Anthony Fairbanks
    Anthony Fairbanks 6 days ago

    Your story's are cool one time brother can't sleep

  • JinNamYoongiHosekTaeJminKookie BTS

    Thailand ghost story is Pee Mak ...acted by Mario Maurer

  • whatt
    whatt 6 days ago

    Turned on the captions and It said "Hey I'm Sapphire money isn't as scary"

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 7 days ago +1

    Me thinking about letting her spirit out to see what she’ll do🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Unicorn Playz's Life

    When you mean purple you mean the shop or the color or both cuz ill buy it!

  • srbija gamer
    srbija gamer 8 days ago


  • Bubble Yum!
    Bubble Yum! 9 days ago

    I suggest if you have nightmares then you should get a dream catcher it makes you have no dream or possibly a good one.

  • C.I A
    C.I A 9 days ago

    People say, if you watch all the snarled episodes. Every single one. When you sleep, one of the monsters in her story will become real.

  • Gacha Roblox Cherry
    Gacha Roblox Cherry 10 days ago

    why do i shippppp al dissssss XD im the shipper gurl

  • Pico Mendez
    Pico Mendez 10 days ago

    Everyone like the video and subscribe to snarled pls

  • Ava_Gacha1789
    Ava_Gacha1789 10 days ago

    I’ll be Good With a Ghost :D But when I saw His Face ;-;

  • Professional Lolicon
    Professional Lolicon 10 days ago

    „The dead body, The policeman and me”
    Dream team

  • danny Donoghue
    danny Donoghue 11 days ago +1

    my mom

  • danny Donoghue
    danny Donoghue 11 days ago +1

    wanna hear something scary



    just school 😋

  • danny Donoghue
    danny Donoghue 11 days ago +1

    HE'S HOT

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 11 days ago

    When he showed up I jumped, not because he was scary but because he was ugly 👁👄👁

  • it'z Zoha waris
    it'z Zoha waris 11 days ago


  • Asha Hampson
    Asha Hampson 11 days ago

    starts at 1.34

  • Natasha VR
    Natasha VR 11 days ago

    Welp I’m never going to make promise ever in my entire life for a together forever kind of crap

  • Gucci Subs
    Gucci Subs 12 days ago +1

    My brother’s name is Randall-

  • Danielle Mae
    Danielle Mae 12 days ago

    Bruh i already go to the basement where they put the dead bodies well me and my cousin did usualy a ghost guy has a knife that wants to chop us dead
    Edit: like this if you want to hear the whole story UwU

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie 13 days ago +1

    Who was here since snarled had like 500k

  • buddhist and toaist chanting

    Im half thai its prounounced meh nak

  • Piyamas White
    Piyamas White 13 days ago

    I've known this story since I was a kind i'm thai and I'm dying with the pronunciation of the names

  • stellar
    stellar 14 days ago

    *Mae Nak Phra Khanong actually have a movie, u guys should watch it*

  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose 14 days ago

    What happened to the daughter?

  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose 14 days ago

    What bride has blood red nails

  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose 14 days ago

    What is it with these stories and pipes saying your name?

  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack 14 days ago

    That last one, there’s a funny ghost movie for it 😂👍

  • Jackmeff Ffadd
    Jackmeff Ffadd 14 days ago +1

    One day I got a new delivered box.

  • Jackmeff Ffadd
    Jackmeff Ffadd 14 days ago +1

    Hey I got a story 👹👹👹

  • Landon Oshiro
    Landon Oshiro 14 days ago

    Officer: are you trying to play a prank on me?
    Me: why don't you press the buttons then!

  • Indy Jorgensen
    Indy Jorgensen 15 days ago +1

    🐷Peppa what are you doing in the comments😏

  • Pretty hawk
    Pretty hawk 15 days ago

    Randall is randys real name from the show "My Name is Earl"

  • Yu Mi
    Yu Mi 15 days ago

    I actually had a lesbian friend who apparent liked me. And she was angry at me because I liked guys, and It was just crazy to me. No matter how much I told her I didn't like girls she just told me,"Well you could at least be Bi!!!"
    And I said,"No sorry"
    She got mad at my crush then attacked him she even tried to dress as a boy to get me to like her 😕

  • Gloriya Reynolds
    Gloriya Reynolds 15 days ago

    7:09 Lord God and Heavens Above please help me!

  • Myla Insixiengmay
    Myla Insixiengmay 16 days ago +1


  • Jen Park
    Jen Park 16 days ago

    Sapphire: Wanna hear something scary?
    Me: -Time to never sleep!-

  • Avocado Toast
    Avocado Toast 16 days ago

    Sapphire: Hey I’m Sapphire, wanna hear something scary?
    Me, curious: turns on captions
    Captions: Hey, I’m Sapphire, money isn’t as scary?
    Me: Excuse me what

  • the sassy sisters
    the sassy sisters 16 days ago

    Ugh oh while you were telling the one about the ghost who liked you I think I saw him behind you in real life

  • CHeesy yEEty
    CHeesy yEEty 16 days ago +1



  • TFpower Batawan
    TFpower Batawan 16 days ago +1

    If your keep on going at the same place you have to change your cloth

  • Anthony Berry
    Anthony Berry 16 days ago

    Hes a creepy old man😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • BenXCX
    BenXCX 16 days ago +1

    I,m from thai land

    • CHeesy yEEty
      CHeesy yEEty 16 days ago +1


  • Manuela Rivera
    Manuela Rivera 17 days ago

    thanks for drawing the picture in 19:44 can relate

  • Gacha Kiki
    Gacha Kiki 17 days ago +2

    Yup pipes totally talk up they just
    Yell people's names.

  • xXmoon playzxX
    xXmoon playzxX 17 days ago +1

    Me: I like you're ghost stories and stuff Cassandra but I don't find this funny
    Cassandra:I'm not joking
    Me:*sees that man that was *breathing on her shoulder*
    OH HELL NAH this old crusty dusty man!?!?!? Uuhhhhhh