Dying Light 2 Reveal Demo | Microsoft Xbox E3 2018


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  • GameSpot
    GameSpot  6 months ago +1384

    Dying Light 2 looks promising, what do you think?

  • Professor Dominic
    Professor Dominic 19 days ago

    I flipped my shit when I saw this. They hyped me with 2 games at once. Jump Force, then this.

  • Vince Vileborne
    Vince Vileborne Month ago

    What pisses me off about this AND OTHER GAMES I LOVE LIKE THIS:
    WHY CANT I CUSTOMIZE MY CHARACTER AND BE MYSELF (I’m not white or hispanic) I’m a black man. I want to feel like I’m in the game. At least let me be a black character damn
    WHY THE HELL DONWE ALL HAVE TO BE CRANE? Can we at least have the option of different names?

  • DrawingAdventure
    DrawingAdventure Month ago

    Will this come out for the Xbox one S, or will it be just for the next gen console?

  • shirley weese
    shirley weese Month ago

    Classic sain Good Night Good Luck

  • Alex Ya
    Alex Ya Month ago +1

    I think it be better this time.
    A faction wars
    A lore
    An improve gameplay loop
    Lots of innovations
    Lots of content
    Reason why we care the story
    An intresting villain

    And no more 3 Boring story Cliche
    1. Bad guy left you dead
    2. Bad guy call your name for being angry at you
    3. Miss every shot at you.

  • MoreReCreation
    MoreReCreation Month ago


  • A G
    A G Month ago

    Just tell me when? I finished dying light 6 times now

  • Vinh Do
    Vinh Do Month ago

    dying light 2 is story about zombie effect after 15 years but some detail look like outbreak is coming in few days ago if you look carefully you will see it lol

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor Month ago

    Mind blown.
    My only issue with the original dying light was it's linear approach to the story of Kyle Crane - the only choice you really ever got to make was at the end of the Following, and neither one of those are pleasant. Dying Light is still my top favorite game for this genre though, and I am SO ready to play the living/undead shit out of Dying Light 2!

  • Sensei Hunter
    Sensei Hunter 2 months ago

    there going to be zombie in it, you can hear the zombie scream and the dude said there will be terror at night so there gonna be zombie

  • Finlay Hunter
    Finlay Hunter 2 months ago

    i think its a bit to mutch like far cry primal

  • Kevin Fuk
    Kevin Fuk 2 months ago

    Dying Light 2 should have a jack-of-all trades gameplay mechanic.

  • Waheeda Hussain
    Waheeda Hussain 3 months ago

    Is it going to come out on the Xbox one or the Xbox one x

  • Aniruddha Mhatre
    Aniruddha Mhatre 3 months ago

    Witcher witcher everywhere

  • Mimou kouidri
    Mimou kouidri 3 months ago +1

    I lost my fucking shit when he said good night and good luck
    im so fucking excited

  • Johnny Metal
    Johnny Metal 3 months ago

    Look up a movie called Wyrmwood...the cover of the movie is pure Dying light

  • FreeRunFreakz
    FreeRunFreakz 4 months ago

    If there are so many endings, then all my time next year will be going on playing that game!

  • Mike Turban is dirty
    Mike Turban is dirty 4 months ago

    1:37 "Please welcome *arrogant* designer Chris Abalow"

  • FreshJuice
    FreshJuice 4 months ago

    Erm, Where's the zombies at?

  • Ryder1266
    Ryder1266 4 months ago

    they better bring back crane or atleast have him as a guy who gives you a quest

  • Kevin Adrian Torres
    Kevin Adrian Torres 4 months ago

    Good night and good look

  • BG Cool Crayon
    BG Cool Crayon 4 months ago

    can anyone tell me why i feel like the graphic got downgrade but others said it got better than 1........im confusing...

  • Dylan MEMES
    Dylan MEMES 4 months ago

    Duplicate items ? xD

  • Ruby Chang
    Ruby Chang 4 months ago


  • alexander h
    alexander h 4 months ago

    Techland 👍👍👍👍

  • محزم محزم
    محزم محزم 4 months ago

    When to download the game ?

  • Gacha Clips
    Gacha Clips 4 months ago

    this is gone be awesooome

  • BlueDragon24
    BlueDragon24 4 months ago

    I would go peacekeepers for first play through

  • Ashton Uebel
    Ashton Uebel 4 months ago

    Excited until their done with the game

  • Sahib Preet
    Sahib Preet 4 months ago

    Damn, the scream in the start was scarier than any zombie

  • Communist Gang
    Communist Gang 5 months ago

    Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

  • anthony barraza
    anthony barraza 5 months ago

    you see those blue people those are Saint Michaels you f*** with Saint Michael and he will f****** murder you you understand this s***yes those blue people are Saint Michael's to know this they're going to be really hard to fight so fight them but know this you don't get out of Michael side and they will destroy you

  • Adrian Price
    Adrian Price 5 months ago

    I’ve seen factions and cults already in zombie games, change it up.

  • uuw345
    uuw345 5 months ago

    Y'all sleeping on division 2,
    It's obviously goty.

  • Oppressor B
    Oppressor B 5 months ago

    Hope there are still zombies at daytime..?!

  • Adriano Silva
    Adriano Silva 5 months ago

    Dying Light love you..

  • Adriano Silva
    Adriano Silva 5 months ago

    Dlight love you...

  • pritam das
    pritam das 5 months ago

    I can't wait for this after watching this video.. previous game i had played more than 20 times. Awesome zombie game i have ever played.

  • Wyts
    Wyts 5 months ago

    I remember how I was sitting in a room with my friends and halfway through the beginning I say "oh look dying light 2" and some of my friends say that it's not but then

  • Ashley Rutz
    Ashley Rutz 5 months ago

    No wonder it took so long to make a sequel it’s freaking crazy!

  • Tamás Kurucz
    Tamás Kurucz 5 months ago


  • Xo’se _05
    Xo’se _05 5 months ago

    There’s no zombies during the day wtf

    • Tim Kholodkov
      Tim Kholodkov 5 months ago

      Daddy Bardock nah there is but not as many.

  • Tim Kholodkov
    Tim Kholodkov 5 months ago

    Has anyone else noticed that every human survivor is bald??

  • Tobias Nieto
    Tobias Nieto 5 months ago

    And play Station?

  • Sasha Romano
    Sasha Romano 5 months ago

    Whats the chances we run into krane in this or as we now know him 'the night hunter'

  • mrbobbilly
    mrbobbilly 5 months ago

    Is Kyle Crane returning but as the main antagonist???

  • Catlluminati
    Catlluminati 5 months ago


  • Keyzar
    Keyzar 5 months ago

    Good night... and good luck!

  • Trap Flaps
    Trap Flaps 5 months ago

    No coop no buy

  • Every Day Gamer
    Every Day Gamer 5 months ago +1

    5 - 10 ign

    To much zombie

  • SegalEyE
    SegalEyE 5 months ago

    dead island 2 is cowering under a rock somewhere

  • JuJu ReFeReNcE
    JuJu ReFeReNcE 5 months ago

    Are we going to ignore the fact that gazi wasn't introduce as a playable character in smash bros?

  • JuJu ReFeReNcE
    JuJu ReFeReNcE 5 months ago

    What if the death of Crane.in the following was canon and he spread the virus.out of Harran

  • Cryptic Ice
    Cryptic Ice 5 months ago

    So like is this what happens if gene doesnt sacrifice himself?

  • Lucciono Jones
    Lucciono Jones 5 months ago

    Crowd seems dead asf

  • Roddy Dykes
    Roddy Dykes 5 months ago

    Dying Light was definitely my favorite and most played game of the last few years, as a Parkour athlete and a lover of brutal violence, that game checked all the right boxes for me.
    Really hoping the RPG choice elements fit the style of game this is, and add new dimensions to an already rich environment.
    Also can we please still play as Kyle Crane? Even if it’s been 15 years. What an absolute badass; exactly the sort of character you’d want to play in a zombie apocalypse.

  • Raulemi 97
    Raulemi 97 5 months ago

    Where is the fucking zombies

  • Shishir Clans
    Shishir Clans 5 months ago

    can i get subscribed ??? lol fan of dying light 2

  • LessTHEKING001
    LessTHEKING001 5 months ago

    They should’ve just showed the zombies, see how good the AI is, without them cheating and spawning out of nowhere.

  • magic
    magic 5 months ago

    no zombies??

  • thor odinson
    thor odinson 5 months ago

    Umm... i have a question dying light 2 is zombie game? and why zombies aren't exist?

  • MrJoking4fun
    MrJoking4fun 5 months ago

    I really enjoyed Dying Light. I really like how Dying Light 2 looks like a real improvement to the first while also not straying away from what made it good (ahem...Bethesda). I think the I am Legend style infected is really cool and I am excited to feel the rush of night time gameplay.

  • Blood Hound
    Blood Hound 5 months ago

    Has anyone ever noticed the zombie at the right in the very beginning of the demo

  • Jacehyatt22
    Jacehyatt22 5 months ago

    This will become a game with a better storyline than 1 because this will be a state of decay game and a walking dead except there is no voice for you the main charater the city looks like old town I honk t should have a little more slum type of look in it

  • Jacehyatt22
    Jacehyatt22 5 months ago

    Ummm it looks like assassins creed

  • Veronica Warren
    Veronica Warren 5 months ago

    Looks great ! One thing i'm worried about though . I don't mind being locked to a specific protagonist . If we are to play one guy like the previous games , at least lets hope you won't just be a clone with 100% of the same face . Would be nice if you could customize his jawline or face a bit . Playing a male character never bugged me . But what does is seeing 100% the same look in the face . Its kinda lame to have a bunch of doppelganger's co oping together . I will Day one preorder if they improved the co op character from the first game . Because its all I will play it for is the co op . Will wait for a discount If its co op protagonist is like the first games co op doppelganger .
    Over all I did love the first game ! Most Likely will enjoy the 2nd game . Though if game Devs want to do co op . They should consider it deeply to making co op Feel like co op to every ones comfort . After all i am sure this has been talked about several times in the past . So what if i would like to see one player look like George Clooney and another player look like Bruce Cambell ! XD All I am stating is they should take it to consideration and make it better there like they are making everything else better . Since that was a pretty complained about Hot topic back in the day .

  • Alif Allen
    Alif Allen 5 months ago

    Probably not gonna be many zombies near populated areas as it is most likely protected by whatever factions in control. Maybe once you get out of the populated areas to abandoned areas, there is like going to be zombies(the game will probably have side quests leading to places). Dying Light is a zombie + parkour game. That is one of the reason it is popular. People like slicing through forests of zombies and all that adrenaline rush from intense parkour moments. Taking out zombies... Yeah doesn't sound like a good idea. It's possible that's maybe what happened. Maybe they sacrifice zombie horde for story? I don't know. I don't want to make any rash decisions.

  • Damian Burger
    Damian Burger 5 months ago

    Final=The night hunter it s Crane

  • thespanishchick1
    thespanishchick1 5 months ago

    Can't wait!!!!!!!!

  • Caleb Vincent
    Caleb Vincent 6 months ago

    Old memories before new games,late nights staying up,and memories with Kyle krane I know what happened but did he like actually die and never coming back?

  • Kid Ghost
    Kid Ghost 6 months ago

    Is it Kyle tho

  • elite youtuber team6
    elite youtuber team6 6 months ago

    So nighttime is when the Zombies come out

  • Woop Woop
    Woop Woop 6 months ago

    Is it going to be for every console??

  • Paapa-Yaw
    Paapa-Yaw 6 months ago

    Hypelevel over 9000

  • Van Wijk TV
    Van Wijk TV 6 months ago

    Hope that they dont fuck this up

  • Joseph seed
    Joseph seed 6 months ago +2

    It will be on xbox one. If anyone is wandering and it will be on pc and ps4

    • EEluSion
      EEluSion 5 months ago

      You are correct my good sir.

  • Michael M
    Michael M 6 months ago

    Dying light 2 ahhhh looks really good is there going to be a dlc with doom buggy’s like last time

  • Nuthinbut J
    Nuthinbut J 6 months ago

    I thought dying light 1 was still getting DLC to come

  • gamesta
    gamesta 6 months ago

    Are you still Kyle crane

  • Sk8 Sentral
    Sk8 Sentral 6 months ago

    They’ll be hanged not hung hanged

  • Josue Yandel
    Josue Yandel 6 months ago

    To see how,it,looks

  • Josue Yandel
    Josue Yandel 6 months ago

    I have dying light im so fucking excited

  • Josiah Ian Lebron
    Josiah Ian Lebron 6 months ago

    When does it come out?

  • henry tudor
    henry tudor 6 months ago

    Will you be able to play it offline?

  • lovely channel
    lovely channel 6 months ago

    i miss the run boy run trailer

  • The Parzival
    The Parzival 6 months ago +4

    Hey Joe wanna play another zombie game?

    • EEluSion
      EEluSion 5 months ago +2

      I’m dying of laughter 😂😂.

  • ghost ninja
    ghost ninja 6 months ago

    Holy shit im so fucking excited!!!!!!

  • Prince Of All Saiyans
    Prince Of All Saiyans 6 months ago

    Your choices

  • The Miserable Man
    The Miserable Man 6 months ago

    When this come out?

  • theotherspartan
    theotherspartan 6 months ago

    Haven't played a zombie game since Left 4 Dead 2. This seems like a good one to jump back in on.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago

    "Unique gaming experience".... said time again and again, but trophies, 100% complete game, videotutorials..... now with the internet and all of the avobe, a really unique experience among so many players is a very hard goal to reach after launch date

  • JM Kang
    JM Kang 6 months ago

    i dont play zombie survival unless it is in third person

  • Stoneryoda 937
    Stoneryoda 937 6 months ago

    So no day time zombie slaying

  • BadwolfGamer
    BadwolfGamer 6 months ago +1

    If this had a 3rd person view it may have interested me.

    • Next Generetion Games
      Next Generetion Games 5 months ago +1

      Fortnite Memes true

    • EEluSion
      EEluSion 5 months ago +1

      Dying Light in the fullest is a first person parkour game I feel third person would hurt the community who came for a first person parkour game.

  • Goul Trooper
    Goul Trooper 6 months ago

    RIP Fortinte

  • Yuri Tarted
    Yuri Tarted 6 months ago

    Wait so wut about night invasions? It would be awesome if you fight a night huntered crane

  • Yuri Tarted
    Yuri Tarted 6 months ago

    The only games that i would buy immediately in this years E3 Dying light 2 last of us 2 Resident evil 2 remake and battlefield V only because theres no crates and premium stuff

  • GrimXD gamer
    GrimXD gamer 6 months ago


  • DylanDK Bradley
    DylanDK Bradley 6 months ago

    Remember, zombie virus is a disease, an advanced one, rapidly mutated as shown in the first game, so smarter mutated zombies and stuff? Has the disease programmed them to not go outside during specific hours? Who knows.