How does an Electric Car work ? | Tesla Model S

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • Electric cars are making big waves in the automobile world. These noise-free, pollution-free and high-performance vehicles are expected to make their I.C. engine counterparts obsolete by 2025. This video will unveil the hidden technologies behind the Tesla Model S, which recently became the world’s fastest accelerating car. We will see how electric cars have achieved superior performance by analyzing the technology behind the induction motor, inverter, lithium ion battery power source, regenerative braking and above all, the synchronized vehicle mechanism, in a logical, step-by-step manner. The working and features of Tesla car is explained here with help of animation.
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  • John Sylliboy
    John Sylliboy 2 hours ago

    I was given patent rights from answering passwords to patent rights of my past-lives including Leonardo Divinci and Nicola Tesla, the answers given by Nicola Tesla bouncing the answers from a star unto me in front of men carry many suitcases, which got me patent rights to the electric motor and battery. I first got experience with Formula 1 engineering Push-Rod suspension and putting brakes in front of brake discs to act as a water cap, as cars sweat from going too fast. before engineering Tesla Model S my first car I engineered, I first had to invent the Tesla Battery, while engineering the Tesla Model S I was thinking Domes and Triangles for structural strength...which worked because they told me your car broke the hydraulics from the structure pressure all Tesla Models, and Transport Truck.

  • Tech wiz Inc
    Tech wiz Inc Day ago

    Cool 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Metin Can Tepe
    Metin Can Tepe Day ago

    It's just a massive RC car.

  • Dragan Jovanovic

    Amerika is a pease of shit

  • Evan Paul Smith Falcon Fogolin

    In other words Tesla's traction control is awful.

  • Barnacules Nerdgasm
    Barnacules Nerdgasm 3 days ago

    I fell asleep... Zzz Zzz... We need more excitement in that voice! Drink a few cups or take some Ritalin or something 😎
    Just kidding, it was a good video, but seriously, I would like to see this same video voiced over by a jack rustle terrier of a human.

  • Barnacules Nerdgasm
    Barnacules Nerdgasm 3 days ago

    Power to weight is insane for electric, however, the fuel is insanely heavy and always weighs the same empty or full.

  • Vinay Bhosale
    Vinay Bhosale 3 days ago

    I am from India.I am well settled in management field but this is not where I should be.I made more than 3 future concept vehicle interms of mechanical system but being mechanical engineer my knowledge is limited where electronics or electrical comes.And future is of hybrid electruc vehicles so I want to learn all about hybrid and electric transportation including all, coding and whatever remaining terms in this stream.Kindly suggest me I need your opinion

  • Pepijn Bedert
    Pepijn Bedert 3 days ago

    Dat is mega cool
    doe dit!

  • Shawn Rebello
    Shawn Rebello 5 days ago

    1:26 But why does Tesla use a 4 pole magnetic field motor when 6 pole magnetic field motors are more efficient and reliable?

  • kaman Bellini
    kaman Bellini 5 days ago

    you are a stupid!

  • Vaibho Lohani
    Vaibho Lohani 6 days ago

    Interesting, For the first time in the world India is getting electric vehicle cab service

  • Noah Lundborg
    Noah Lundborg 7 days ago

    2:26 outer part was a v8, and the inner part was an i4???

  • Akshay Gowda
    Akshay Gowda 7 days ago

    Oil Mafia is not gonna move away without fight. So we are seeing lot of trash talking against Elon Musk and Tesla..

  • love bud
    love bud 8 days ago

    What about all the EMF dirty electricity frequency coming out of electric cars are destroying your health. Same as cell phones and wi-fi

  • Siddharajsinh Sodha
    Siddharajsinh Sodha 8 days ago

    Can we eliminate differential???

  • Jose Peixoto
    Jose Peixoto 8 days ago

    Are you serious... Wow,a coolant and radiator is needed??!! Or more than one?

    What's the overall eff efficiency of the whole thing, producing the juice,charging and discharging,etc?

  • Kenneth Bradshaw
    Kenneth Bradshaw 8 days ago

    2:47 could you imagine if an engine was actually put into a car like that lmao

  • Priya Angel
    Priya Angel 9 days ago +1

    why they not charge battery put charger in front wheels..

    • funny time oof man
      funny time oof man 5 days ago

      Likely because it would be an all wheel drive car. And really the only difference between a motor and a genator is how much energy the engine puts out vs how much it recieves.
      Though I do not understand why they don't have generators in the front like something seperate from motors. Theres a lot of empty space wasted that can make that car travel further and I am pretty sure it wouldn't reduce the crumple zone by much.

  • Juarez Girollete
    Juarez Girollete 9 days ago esperando

  • Casius CBU
    Casius CBU 9 days ago

    battery not charging again! guys dont assume too much or getting ways too much ahead, population suffered because of all these.

  • Barbara Brinkmeyer
    Barbara Brinkmeyer 10 days ago

    Consumers are posting. My undergraduate degree was science. Bachelor's in Audiology & Speech Pathology. Heavy emphasis on Stats/Math/Calc/Physics/Chem. Assessing aerospace further for challenges/solutions/mitigation risk planning. Challenges with resale. Delays naturally on new (time to market once invoice clears). Assessing long-term viability of company. I'd like to be with a company 20 - 30 yrs.

  • John Kinnane
    John Kinnane 10 days ago

    G’day and greetings from Tasmania Australia amazing technology the problem remains on initial charge up that still relies on coal power station to supply the electricity and from what I gathered once charged the vehicle keeps charging the batteries as you drive? Anyway great to see I probably won’t be around but my son will and just imagine having no dependence on oil that he and his generation could live in.

    • Jose Peixoto
      Jose Peixoto 8 days ago

      No,it does not charge itself; instead it uses te charge you put in it,at home; still not a good solution,ahn?

  • Pavithra Pavi
    Pavithra Pavi 11 days ago

    explanation was really fantastic, keep going .give a new information like this, and tq

  • anurag sharma
    anurag sharma 11 days ago

    BP,Shell ,ARAMCO dislikes this

  • Ryan Bamford
    Ryan Bamford 14 days ago

    Nobody is going to mention how incredible the visual and vocal explanation of this video is. Very well made production.

  • Jose Angel Lòpez Saenz

    Está Chimba

  • raycajucom ek
    raycajucom ek 14 days ago

    Elon Musk should mass produce electric cars with easy to remove body chasis , very cheap price, cheapest car on the market, with not comprimising the technology. i think he will make the public buy he's car and can be consider as car of the future

  • Meite Ibrahim
    Meite Ibrahim 14 days ago


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  • Mystic ShadowZz
    Mystic ShadowZz 16 days ago

    i hate how he ends his sentences on a high note every time :/

  • Osman AYDEMİR
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  • Damalia Marsi
    Damalia Marsi 19 days ago

    Overpriced golf carts, will never be practical with current battery tech.

  • Eagle Warrior
    Eagle Warrior 19 days ago

    A battery pack replacement cost 1,000. And a new induction motor would cost 20,000$ and up when it is time for a replacement. But they can not be rebuilt. And have to be replaced much more often than any regular service vehicle. It seems like a electric service vehicle is much more of a money pit than it's diesel or gas competitors.

  • John Mar
    John Mar 19 days ago

    fascinating, thanks for the video

  • vishesh soni
    vishesh soni 19 days ago

    thanks for your great work. it helped me greatly in my project

  • Connor
    Connor 19 days ago

    This shit is so confusing. I can't see how anything is working because nothing is mechanical.

  • Buomarr Ali
    Buomarr Ali 19 days ago

    I know things change but these electrical cars are boring and are without soul especially for cars enthusiasts. let me get some porsches and AMGs before they are gone.

  • Andre Campos
    Andre Campos 20 days ago

    I don't understand why they require charging.

  • Aron Tesfay
    Aron Tesfay 20 days ago

    A breakthrough in battery technology will be inevitable given the incentives for it. When that happens, there will be absolutely no advantage to owning a combustion engine car over an electric car

  • Aron Tesfay
    Aron Tesfay 20 days ago

    The world's fastest accelerating car is the the Roadster model not model S.

  • Dat Groppo
    Dat Groppo 21 day ago

  • Louis Barningham
    Louis Barningham 21 day ago +1

    Gas manual cars are the best!
    Drive real cars

  • Fred Senior
    Fred Senior 22 days ago

    I don't consider Musk an innovator, They win Nobel Prizes. They talked about DeLorean in the same way, until his sins found him out. For those who ask how i dare criticize Musk because, "What have you innovated?" I say, I make a lovely cup of tea.

  • Luigi Ferrario
    Luigi Ferrario 23 days ago

    When mathematics and physics ... allow you ...
    1) Do not believe the sirens of sellers ...
    2) To check by yourself the reality of your purchase!
    3) Doing 0 - 100 km / h in: 2.9 seconds on 400 m as a dragster is useless
    4) It's way too expensive to be smart on 400m! (120.000 Euros Tesla S P 100 D)

    Charge with a normal plug of: 2.5 - 3 kW!
    Tesla model S 100 D Battery: E = 100 kWh = 100 x 1000 = 100,000 Wh
    E = U x I x t (V x A x h = Wh)
    100,000 Wh = 220 V x 10 A x T (h)

    t (h) = 100,000 Wh / 220 V x 10 A = 45.45 h Charging time ... 45 hours !!!!

    If you call it progress?

    And do not forget that ...
    Use the superchargers to reduce their charging time with hundreds of amperes ...
    This greatly affects the capacity and the life of the batteries!

    You still call it progress?

    Wait for the last ... with physics, you can not escape ...
    The most advanced S model according to many of you ...
    Absolutely not suitable for German motorways without speed limitation ...
    Why ?
    The equations show that the AUTONOMY of an electric car ...
    are inversely proportional not to the square but to the CUBE of speed ...
    Example: at a speed of 120 to 130 km / h, you have a range of: 300 km
    doubling this speed: 240 - 260 km / h
    your autonomy is not divided by two ...

    but by two power three: either: 2 x 2 x 2 = 8!
    and the km becomes: 300/8 = 37,5 km!
    So you empty your full battery in a few minutes ...
    t = space / speed = 37.5 km / 250 km / h = 0.15 h x 60 = 9 minutes!
    Proof: 9 min is 37.5 km as 60 min is at x; from where...
    X = 37.5 km x 60 min / 9 min = 2.250 / 9 = 250 km C.Q.F.D.
    You still call it progress?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      +Luigi Ferrario electric motors are efficient at low speeds and at high speeds, what a Marvel of engineering.

    • Luigi Ferrario
      Luigi Ferrario 23 days ago

      Sean M Mitchell
      Final #Model3 hypermile numbers from @teslainventory and I: 606.2 miles (975 km), 66 kWh, and 110 wh/mi, and 32 hours of driving. At its peak it was 108F in the cabin with no a/c running. Thank you @Tesla and @elonmusk for making such an incredible piece of machinery!
      975 km in 32 hours. The president of the Tesla Club of Denver Sean Mitchell and the founder of Tesla Inventory Erik Strait traveled for the same 32 hours the same city circuit of 1.6 km in Colorado, planned with extreme precision to avoid unevenness. The average speed of just over 30 km / h allowed the two enthusiasts to travel a total of 606.2 miles, equivalent to 975.6 km, with an average consumption of 110 wh / mi. During the record all the car accessories were switched off, including the infotainment and air conditioning, a choice that brought the cabin temperature to 42 degrees during the hottest hours. The Model 3 used for the record consumed 66 kWh of energy, exhausting the charge of its batteries to such an extent that it could no longer be refilled through the charging columns of the Supercharger, forcing the owner to call a tow truck to bring the car in a Californian brand workshop.
      975 km in 32 ore. Il presidente del Tesla Club di Denver Sean Mitchell e il fondatore del Tesla Inventory Erik Strait hanno percorso per 32 ore lo stesso circuito cittadino da 1,6 km nel Colorado, pianificato con estrema precisione per evitare dislivelli. La velocità media di poco superiore ai 30 km/h ha permesso ai due appassionati di percorrere un totale di 606,2 miglia, equivalenti a 975,6 km, con un consumo medio di 110 wh/mi. Durante il record tutti gli accessori dell'auto sono rimasti spenti, compresi l'infotainment e il climatizzatore, una scelta che ha portato la temperatura dell'abitacolo a 42 gradi nelle ore più calde. La Model 3 utilizzata per il record ha consumato 66 kWh di energia, esaurendo la carica delle proprie batterie a tal punto da non poter più essere rifornita tramite le colonnine di ricarica del Supercharger, costringendo il proprietario a chiamare un carro attrezzi per portare l'auto in un'officina del marchio californiano.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      we call progress the model 3, half the price of the model S, 500km range EPA, and home charging can get a full charge in a bout 7-9 hours using a NEMA 14-50 outlet or dedicated 60 amp home charger, super charging wont degrade the battery heavily since it has glycol cooling loops a model S got 500,000km with only 20% degradation to the battery while being super charged every day.
      good job you used physics but people don't really care about physic when choosing a car, they chose price, performance, and style, which is why the model 3 one of the best selling sedan in the US.
      why are you using the sqaure qube law? why not use drag coefficiency to speed and energy requirements? and as far as a know any car driving 150mph continuously will lose a significant amount of range.

  • Alex Rhinehart
    Alex Rhinehart 23 days ago

    Electric cars could be charged with electicity produced by solar panels and wind turbines.

  • Sudershan Dutt
    Sudershan Dutt 23 days ago

    Best e car of the world

  • CCornelius
    CCornelius 24 days ago

    So.. your sitting on top of a powerful AC current motor? Sounds like EM hell.

  • Wilson Faustin
    Wilson Faustin 24 days ago

    Use the rotation of the front wheels to recharge the batteries.

    • Fred Senior
      Fred Senior 23 days ago

      ie. increase drag and so use more power than you generate

  • Yeremiy Popov
    Yeremiy Popov 24 days ago

    Cumbustion engine got wreckt!!!!!

  • christ raj
    christ raj 24 days ago

    i want i am india

  • hansraj63686 h
    hansraj63686 h 25 days ago +1

    So...what if it's battery is dead in the middle of a desert?

    • hansraj63686 h
      hansraj63686 h 22 days ago +1

      Miguel lopez Listen to yourself asshole. I'm trying to keep my calm and not blow up right now. Oil cars can easily be refilled by carrying oil in bottles within your car and use them when necessary.....unlike teslas. HENCE, IT BRINGS ME BACK TO MY FIRST QUESTION.☺

    • Fred Senior
      Fred Senior 22 days ago

      The point is cars are only one of many pollutants. People are the problem, 8 billion plus our requirements is the problem.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      +hansraj63686 h so gas engines dont fail? ok retard.

    • hansraj63686 h
      hansraj63686 h 23 days ago +1


    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      same thing you do if your engine dies while in the middle of your desert.

  • Avinash CURUM
    Avinash CURUM 25 days ago

    I love this channel :)

  • Ali Shaikh
    Ali Shaikh 26 days ago

    It’s not secret

  • aparanathi grup
    aparanathi grup 26 days ago


  • Armen Babikian
    Armen Babikian 26 days ago

    But why rear wheel drive

  • 1,000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    Can someone answer my question I know it might sound dumb but hear me out
    If motion = energy
    And the wheels are in motion
    Through the power of the engine system
    Then why don’t the put some type of thing that works smililar to the way hand crank flashlights on the axel of the wheel that runs back into the power system making the car more efficient because the battery wouldn’t run out as fast

  • Mikko Ed Sumakote
    Mikko Ed Sumakote 27 days ago

    RIP oil companies 😁😁👌

  • Kleuber Gomes
    Kleuber Gomes 28 days ago

    Beautiful video to nature, thank you, let's change this world for the better. Mr. Nikola Tesla would be very proud

  • rog5272
    rog5272 28 days ago

    This are your every day lame car to work and back, you'll end up with another gas car, gas truck, gas sport car, gas motorcycle and gas rv...

  • MN Husin
    MN Husin 28 days ago

    Well i only search for how exactly to alternate ac current's frequency, but even in this videos, i faound out that the detil of the inverter wasn't even touched at all. And another question, 1 motor with 4kw, 2 motors 2kw each, or 4 motors 1kw each, is there anydifferences in characteristic result (power to weight ratio etc.). Thanks

  • akhil p
    akhil p 28 days ago

    Can we use this in heavy vehicles

  • Gouk Wapanzy
    Gouk Wapanzy 28 days ago +6

    The disadvantages listed in this video are outdated. You should update this video to reflect the current realities.

    DAW PAWN SHOP 29 days ago


  • Alex Val Musica
    Alex Val Musica 29 days ago +6

    Fully electric cars have been driven and popular in China for more than a decade. I don’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t want to move on to a more eco friendly option.

    • BlackManOps
      BlackManOps 19 days ago

      +Connor My personal favorite is the '69, But I'll take this '68 any

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 19 days ago

      +Connor most people who have actually driven a tesla would disagree.

    • Connor
      Connor 19 days ago

      Because electric cars are boring. Mustangs are not.

    • BlackManOps
      BlackManOps 20 days ago

      +Miguel lopez Thanks for the comment and link. Of course I understand the myriad of reasons - technical to legal to political - why Tesla or any car manufacturer doesn't want to sell DIYers their parts/know-how. I just find it disingenuous of Elon Musk to hold himself out as an altruist who is willing to share all his wonderful innovations, when in fact it is not really so. This is not to disparage him either, I respect him tremendously, but I find it somewhat frustrating when I can't take someone at their word. It's not how I was raised. Perhaps thats a 'me' problem.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 20 days ago +1

      +BlackManOps do you not know why tesla does not sell parts or allow for modification? they actually have part shortages, they dont have a surplus since they are trying to make as much cars as possible to complete their orders and rushing them out the doors as fast as possible with quality inspections not being a priority, they dont want people to modify their cars because that increases the chance of something going wrong and ending up with their car on fire... which leads to a bunch of bored media outlets reporting the fire and drooping their stock and damaging their cars reputation, they are small company, they dont have the resources to set up dedicated repair centers or shrug off bad PR, maybe when the chines giga factory is complete the extra parts will make it to retail. heres is an example of what a DIYer did with their battery module
      was it tesla fault it cough fire? no but some people may look at the video and see it as a reason to stay away from EVs.

  • Carlos Alzate
    Carlos Alzate Month ago


  • MS Bigo
    MS Bigo Month ago

    What is the use if not affordable by masses, Oil Masters wont let this tech reach bottom level, till then enjoy the Roar of your Fossil Cars on Roads..

  • M Srinivasarao
    M Srinivasarao Month ago


  • Daniel Schuetz
    Daniel Schuetz Month ago

    One thing nobody seems to care about or talk about are the potential serious health consequences of sitting near several electromagnetic and electric fields. EMF is a very serious concern whose health related research has been supressed for decades by the (telecommunications) industry. Read up to protect yourself and your family. Check out the 2012 bioinitiative report and work done by Martin Pall and others. It's really serious stuff. Electric cars aren't just all unicorns and rainbows.

    • đeri662
      đeri662 22 days ago

      Why aren't you concerned about the EMF that comes through the window then?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      no one is concerned about it since the frequency generated by the motors is not anywhere near ionizing or even near radio wave levels of speed, electric motors have been around of more the 100 years and there are at least 5 in your house, smoking a single cigerate will be more harmful to your health then sitting next to an electric motor for 10 years.

  • Winston Wolf
    Winston Wolf Month ago

    The future is now.

  • Steven Lissner
    Steven Lissner Month ago

    "Pollution free"?

  • Fayze Mourie
    Fayze Mourie Month ago


  • Patrick Chlo3aregmaruarcelorain

    Impossible t'aura toujours des véhicules moteur a explosion même si l'électrique sert plus d'après eux a faire des économies met c bien le contraire car n'utilise pas son véhicule sur son réseaux domestique connaissant les testé performance et toute action de l'utilité et bien être de la domotique de la maison

  • Bill Collie
    Bill Collie Month ago

    I would be interested to know how many people will buy EVs for the savings in running costs rather than saving the planet

  • Steven Gora
    Steven Gora Month ago

    I think EVs are great, BUT still very expensive. Gas engines are not outdated just yet.

    NAZIM ALI Month ago

    Sabse sasta electric car kon si co banaya hai

  • edi badyl
    edi badyl Month ago

    ale zes teraz zajebal jak dzik o sosne ja wiem jak dziala silnik elektryczny

  • Mel Teruel
    Mel Teruel Month ago

    Great job Elon u deserve a cold 🍺 u that best

  • feebeejeebees
    feebeejeebees Month ago +2

    I'm sorry, but you got it wrong in the first ten seconds. Pollution free ......? I don't think so. First, the enormous environmental cost of production,
    and secondly, the power generated via a power station to run it. Sure, electric cars are the future, but don't make them out to be something they're not.

  • Antonis Koutsoukis
    Antonis Koutsoukis Month ago

    How batteries it has ?

  • gatla srikanth
    gatla srikanth Month ago +3

    The dislikers must be from arab countries

  • Lover dude 朋友Android 安卓 情人

    2.5 dislikes are from the middle east

  • Mescalinum Sunshine
    Mescalinum Sunshine Month ago +4

    Sitting on so much lithium its like sitting on a time bomb.

    • funny time oof man
      funny time oof man 5 days ago

      Not shilling for tesla as their cars have a habit of catching fire but honestly to say that when IC engines rely on COMBUSTABLE fuel absurd. Pot calling kettle black.
      Lithium is harmful to the environment to harvest though so your not entirely unfounded in your criticism

    • TheRedc0met
      TheRedc0met 7 days ago

      Mescalinum Sunshine the fuck you’re holding a smart phone for then? Your phone is a lithium ticking bomb ready to blow up your face too dipshit.

    • Mescalinum Sunshine
      Mescalinum Sunshine 22 days ago

      +Miguel lopez You can wipe ya ass with that theoretical bullshit. I have been testing same cell lithium batteries and they do explode and burn like a rocket engine and nothing can stop it once reaction started. and i saw people burned very bad with just a single cell. So what hell thousand cells will cause just imagine! Your math sucks! if u even comparing petrol cars with tesla cars. its like an ocean against a lake.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 22 days ago

      +Mescalinum Sunshine short circuited? Each cell has a fuse disconnect, they also have venting holes so they burn away rather the build up pressure and explode, lithium needs to react with oxygen to butn, you can reduce the fires intensity by spraying co2 on it or using a D type fire extinguisher, the human population is 7 billion, 300,000 EVs have been sold In the USA, according to your math there is 30 trillion cars on the road or about 21 million cars per person... there's so much wrong with your arguments I want to slam my head against the table don't ever argue about you EVs again you are unequipped with even basic knowledge.

    • Mescalinum Sunshine
      Mescalinum Sunshine 22 days ago

      +Miguel lopez It can explode if it short circuited. I pierced just a 1 single cell of this Lithium battery it burned way way much stronger than same amount of petrol also it cannot be extinguished burns even without an air. There is billion petrol to one tesla car in comparison.

  • Muhammad Bello
    Muhammad Bello Month ago

    This battery is wonderful and induction motor/inverter play a big role.

  • Simon Xyz
    Simon Xyz Month ago

    Thanks for the animated explanation! Happy New Year!

  • Dan Reese
    Dan Reese Month ago

    We be already driving tjese cars but the oil.l companies want us to continue to drive the cars we have now messing up the atmosphere .

  • Charlie K
    Charlie K Month ago

    How many years can we expect a Tesla battery to last? And how much is a new battery incl. the exchange of the battery?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      the cells themselves will degrade about 20% every 300,000 miles, the battery pack, BMS, and electronics will likely fail before the cells do, the price of out of warranty battery replacement is unknown but estimated around $10k-20k.

  • norm lor
    norm lor Month ago

    I always thought connecting each wheel to an electric motor would eliminate the need for gears and shafts or even having a clock like gear system with gears right in each motor right at the wheel and save weight and space??

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      because you would then need to make 4 motors instead of 2-1 wich would increase cost and complexity.

  • Luigi Ferrario
    Luigi Ferrario Month ago
    It was via Twitter that the iconic leader of Tesla claimed that the future Tesla Roadster, in addition to being a real electric bombinette, will be able to ... fly!
    Indeed, if Elon Musk is accustomed to shattering ads and other easter eggs, he claims on Twitter that the future Tesla Roadster will be able to fly, thanks to a "SpaceX Package".

  • Luigi Ferrario
    Luigi Ferrario Month ago

    Electric cars are making a big stir in the world of cars.
    These cars without noise, without pollution ??? And high performance is supposed to make the thermal vehicles obsolete in 2025 ...
    Poor Elon Musk ... all in the nuance ... He nevertheless admitted to having avoided the bankruptcy in 2018!

    What progress since the LOTUS 25 1963 of the late: JIM CLARK?
    Some figures ... Coventry Climax 90 ° V8 engine with an engine displacement of 1.496 cm3 ...
    Power: 195 hp engine speed: 9.500 rpm
    Dry weight: 450 kgf! approximately: 4,500 Newton

    Engine Renault RS27 V8 atmospheric with 90 ° 2,400 cm3 of cubic capacity
    Power: 750 HP RPM: 18,000 RPM
    Dry weight: 642 kgf! approximately: 6.420 Newton
    In 50 years in Formula 1 we have multiplied the power by 4 and the safety of a coffin rolling to an indestructible and secure car!
    What is truly exceptional and amazing is to find that a modern and complete formula 1 is lighter than just the weight of a Tesla's batteries!
    This simple fact is for me a demonstration of the nullity of the Tesla project of Elon Musk!

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      can you name a single engine that can get 250HP while weighing 70lbs and having an efficiency of 90%? the modle 3 has achieved the lowest probability of injury out of any car ever tested by the NHTSA, with electric motors you can essentially get 1000HP using 4 70lb motors the problem comes from battery weight which is being reduced by technology hence the (obsolete by 2025), but its funny how you are comparing F1 cars to a 4 door sedan to try to prove a point but i have yet to see a F1 on the highway.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Month ago

    If you like this comment, earth-chan will give you a kiss
    If you don't like this comment, earth-chan will be sad

  • Jozeph Astar
    Jozeph Astar Month ago


  • Arouse
    Arouse Month ago

    Yack Yack Yack Yatta Yatta Yatta . Check out Quant

  • Jinni W.
    Jinni W. Month ago

    Im afraid of the explosion or spontaneous combustion of the Li-Ion packs in the event of a side collision.

  • Luigi Ferrario
    Luigi Ferrario Month ago

    I think a lot of Tesla owners ... are going to have a very different vision of their wonderful 100% electric .... The day it will happen to them ... to have for bad weather to be forced despite themselves ... of spend a night at -10 ° C in their Tesla prisoner of a gigantic cap .... As often happens in France with 50 cm or more of snow !!!! In the middle of winter ?

  • Ken James Jr
    Ken James Jr Month ago +1

    blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,

    • dh m
      dh m Month ago

      Ken James Jr what’s the problem?

  • Lokra
    Lokra Month ago

    Yeah, so what is the EMF and RF inside the car? Driving coffin.

    • Fred Senior
      Fred Senior 23 days ago

      we are surrounded by natural EMF and man made electric gadgets and expectation of life continues to improve, year on year.

  • SKMC69
    SKMC69 Month ago

    IC engines obsolete by 2025 ? Lol, delusional

  • Jose Peixoto
    Jose Peixoto Month ago

    There should be no batteries: carry a nicely sized diesel generator in the trunk, you'll have no charging and discharging losses,and no losses on the long wires from the diesel plants,or coal plants,to the charging stations,thus eliminating the middleman.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 23 days ago

      they call that a hybrid car, also you get losses from thermal efficiency and transportation of fuel, so a EV with a battery is still 2x more efficient then a hybrid, also why do people think we get power from diesel plants? they make up less the 1% of power generated in the US.

    • Fred Senior
      Fred Senior 23 days ago

      Doesn't eliminate the harmful gases though? Don't we have these, called hybrids? I believe that the efficiency of large power stations is much higher than individual small plants. Also, using the diesel engine directly to drive the wheels, eliminates losses from the alternator and electric motors.