David Harbour Breaks Down Stranger Things Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair


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  • Meme z
    Meme z 2 hours ago

    What if the upside down is just Russia?

  • Halo1840
    Halo1840 7 hours ago

    8:48 seasonS... To come. S

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 14 hours ago

    The way David thinks longer about the theories involving Hoppers daughter makes me think they are actually going to bring her back into the show at some point and he’s making sure he doesn’t accidentally give it away... 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Gareth_Peasley
    Gareth_Peasley Day ago

    Upside down is an alternate reality not just a parallel universe the mimd flayer spreads a virus it is the virus.

  • Pikachu Gaming
    Pikachu Gaming Day ago

    I just couldn’t stop staring at his mustache


    I don't think the upside down is future

  • emmaro630
    emmaro630 2 days ago

    I think hoppers daughter is one of the “experiments” like eleven

  • Oxford PW
    Oxford PW 2 days ago

    I think hoppers daughter is still alive cuz he saw a drawing of a bald girl in the lab (hoppers daughter was bald because of cancer) and he found her stuffed animal in the upside down also she acted very strange in the park similiar to will.

  • Samandrew Productions

    Why couldn’t she touch any physical people in her mind only the demogorgon she could touch so maybe it was made up in her mind

  • Carly iamaio
    Carly iamaio 3 days ago

    Hi Ella 😋

  • sonicthehedgeho4
    sonicthehedgeho4 3 days ago

    You look like jim hoppers

  • yoyoheads
    yoyoheads 4 days ago

    About the part with Nancy escaping the Upside down, I don't know if the comics are considered canon, but she was able to escape because Will distracted the demogorgan.
    But I don't know. There are a lot of inconsistencies with the portals.

  • Alex W
    Alex W 4 days ago

    I think a reasonable theory is it’s another world filled with monsters. They have access to telepathy and can talk to each other through brain waves which would sprain why they only make noises when there scares and hurt and the thysal hydra doesn’t talk. The monsters also have access to the fourth dimension so they can teleport for world to world. The only way they can feed and get prey is if they find something or someone they can speak to through telepathy and after they have reached there minds they try to get into there mind because once they have go into the mind of a victim they then know what the world looks like and where it might be so they can then open a portal to the world to feed. They upside down also looks a lot like there world because they cans change the manifestation of their world to fit preys like some animals do with their voices. So maybe the monsters, creatures what ever they are all actually highly intelligent beings and now they are getting scared and starting to fight and kill because they have found prey that challenges them in ways they might not have thought,

  • Quick Dimwit
    Quick Dimwit 4 days ago

    Shut up goat.

  • Red Menace 0
    Red Menace 0 4 days ago

    I don't understand. When I first saw the Demo-Slug turn into a sort of Demo-Dog, I always thought that Demo-Dogs are younger versions of Demogorgons. Demo-Dogs seem to hunt in packs more often then not, like wolves, then once they reach adult form (Demogorgon), they hunt alone. I forget if the show confirmed if Demo-Dogs are Demogorgons.

  • Kaylee Crissey
    Kaylee Crissey 4 days ago

    This is not really a theory on the show but you know when your dog barks or at nothing or when your cat just stares at nothing well maybe they are barking/looking at something in the upside down

  • Kaylee Crissey
    Kaylee Crissey 4 days ago

    The theory on how hoppers daughter could be alive has more evidence when it shows that her tiger (stuffed animal) is in the upside down

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 4 days ago

    I personally think that the demogorgon is just an evolved version of the slug that Will barfed out (a.k.a Dart) and the upside down is filled with them (also seen in the game) and you saw how Dart evolved into a Demo-Dog, which is a pre-evolved demogorgon.

  • Scraprz Comic
    Scraprz Comic 4 days ago

    Hopper is my favorite character by FAR

  • Dhruv Bhatt
    Dhruv Bhatt 4 days ago

    I have a question.

    Which theory you didn't like?

  • Amicable Enmity
    Amicable Enmity 5 days ago

    I actually kinda agree with the first theory. It's weird that the Upside Down would have buildings. I mean, who built them if there's no people? What would the rational be for only inanimate objects popping up there? Clearly it was once a perfect mirror of our world, but the Mind Flayer happened to it. Sure, it's "another dimension" but time is the 4th dimension, and they all just build up to the 10th in which all possibilities are viable. Somewhere along all the timelines, ours got entangled with the Mind Flayer's dimension, probably due to Eleven's actions in the first place.

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 5 days ago +1

    Why didn't you play thanos???

  • Manos ka
    Manos ka 5 days ago +1

    His daughter definitely IS NOT 11❗️
    Cause his daughter has BLONDE hair and BLUE eyes, and on the other hand 11 has BROWN hair and BROWN eyes💣💣💣
    p.s. I thing his ''daughter'' must live cause MAINLY the moment with her weird look that doesn't match with the whole scene.

  • Willz __
    Willz __ 5 days ago

    What a great character and actor.
    Some of these theories tho.. "that is interesting" is a very useful and polite term.

  • Fabio Alves Show
    Fabio Alves Show 5 days ago

    the duffer brothers was with a gun pointing at him

  • TheMaskedGirls
    TheMaskedGirls 6 days ago

    David:They did a good job faking will's death
    me: NOPE!

  • TheMaskedGirls
    TheMaskedGirls 6 days ago

    I enjoyed that scene with eleven screaming I yelled holy cow m8

  • Sassy Muffin
    Sassy Muffin 6 days ago

    when they showed rob lowe i automatically thought of the outsiders lmfao

  • Sassy Muffin
    Sassy Muffin 6 days ago +1

    roses are red
    barb is dead
    hope you’re enjoying your chicken, *ted*

  • Smexy Team
    Smexy Team 7 days ago


  • Taj Roman
    Taj Roman 7 days ago

    “Scalabrinels God”

  • ZZomBoii
    ZZomBoii 7 days ago

    the only problem with the 2nd one is that there's still human connections in the upsidedown

  • HarleyTreefrog
    HarleyTreefrog 7 days ago +1

    Theory: when hoppers daughter had her “cancer episode” it was not actually an episode she was seeing the upside down like will did at the end of season 1 in the bathroom after vomiting out dart

    BEAT THE BEATS 7 days ago

    This guy gives no leak he is soo smart he was train to not leak anything everything he says you can find in season 2 and 1 I love him

  • Meta Physics
    Meta Physics 7 days ago

    "seasonssss to come..."

  • RavagerModular
    RavagerModular 8 days ago

    Parallel universe.

  • Nevaeh Walker
    Nevaeh Walker 8 days ago

    Ugh hurry up season three

  • Julia a
    Julia a 8 days ago



  • surf snow
    surf snow 9 days ago

    theory: I think the upside down is parallel universe that holds people fears. As you watch season one you will notice that eleven needs to be in a pool of some sort with a much of salt to go to the upside down. but for the other characters they are awake. I believe that this is eleven's fear of what she can become, and her thoughts that her powers can hurt people. And maybe eleven can open a rift between the upside down and hawkins

  • Jke 2013
    Jke 2013 9 days ago

    Im thinking about the future thing since it all starts when will vomits the baby demodog (witch could be dart) does that mean demodogs evolve into demogorgans
    Also there are no demogorgans in season 2

  • Chill Foxy Gamer
    Chill Foxy Gamer 9 days ago

    can't wait to see who's going to pick for next time and which movie your going to pick too

  • night owl2411
    night owl2411 9 days ago +1

    I think L is mad because the demagorgon stole her ego

  • strqnge Q
    strqnge Q 9 days ago


  • Hot Nibba
    Hot Nibba 9 days ago

    Imagine if 11 was actually his daughter but he doesn’t know because he thought she died and she doesn’t remember because she’s been in the lab

  • Hot Nibba
    Hot Nibba 9 days ago +1

    I think the upside down is a world 11 made with her thoughts and how she made it with her thought of the way she’s living and the monsters and just how she pictures bad people and so the monsters and the bad people and the worlds must just be how she thinks the world is because she was treated bad and the monster being (papa) well how she might think of him and she’s just imagined him as a monster and put it in the world and the other monsters and the other people in the lab

  • Steph Draws
    Steph Draws 10 days ago

    our eyes see thing upside down but our brain flips them.

  • SubscribeItWontHURT
    SubscribeItWontHURT 10 days ago

    I just realize that David act pretty with the Jim Hopper’s daughter still alive theory

  • SubscribeItWontHURT
    SubscribeItWontHURT 10 days ago

    The man has a material of a sugar daddy

  • Thatshady Guy
    Thatshady Guy 11 days ago

    David look kind of shady when the hopper’s daughter theory came up... kind of like they got it spot on!

  • Kyra Bell
    Kyra Bell 11 days ago

    What if Will and Eleven are half siblings

  • Jamezz place
    Jamezz place 11 days ago

    Comping seasonS!!!! That means there could be a season 5 6 and 7

  • fake name
    fake name 11 days ago

    To debunk the first one, very little damage was done to the mirrored environment. I think a nuke would cause a ton of noticeable damage.

  • Jorben Duprel
    Jorben Duprel 11 days ago

    I have A theory!
    Hannah Baker is stuck in the upside down and they’ll get their tapes next season😂

  • sad edits
    sad edits 11 days ago

    8:48 okay there buddy
    seasonS to come

  • -ì-washyy- ‘
    -ì-washyy- ‘ 11 days ago

    *i think will have birth to a demo dog*

  • NonChannel!
    NonChannel! 11 days ago

    in season one there is one demogorgon and this lives in hawkins. but what is when somebody enters the upside down in germany or something. isnt there any kind of monster?

  • \\Max//
    \\Max// 11 days ago

    Huge spoilers on this one

  • Love Aliens
    Love Aliens 11 days ago

    I have a theory Jane /eleven dad might be officer hopper because In season 2 he took her in and when they were showing that seen with him might be her aunt and so later “died “ but she did not dr.breaner took Jane so hopper might be Janes dad

  • Eric Clyburn
    Eric Clyburn 12 days ago

    David harbor is the new hellboy

  • Camden Johnson
    Camden Johnson 12 days ago


  • Honey Savage
    Honey Savage 12 days ago +1

    The upside down is a real realm. Study show that it might not be called that but there is a real thing that you do that because if you do something I don’t know what you do but it can take you to a different realm not earth to a “scary” realm or to a good realm that’s not scary. I do think that hoppers daughter is really alive because they did a great job with Wills fake death (if it was not Will I’m sorry I got it wrong I have bad memory) what if she was seeing something when hopper had the flash back his daughter looked terrified she looked like me a lot when I first seen the Demma Gorgon. Also I know we already figured out that you can go to the upside down (just to a different realm) what if anyone else can come to the upside down because Nancy and Eleven went there what if anyone else can. Okay the big monster thing in the sky is based on something a man seen it the sky there’s a lot of videos of it is what I think. A few videos ago that I watched one of the cast members said that all this was based on a true story so what happened to Eleven and a lot more people actually happens today they use them for war but there was a search for one of them that got loose (Eleven) obviously they had to use fake names because it’s private stuff but what if more are out there. Everything that happens in Stranger Things was said to be real so what could have happened? Tell me if you agree in the comment section.

  • Liam Ellis
    Liam Ellis 12 days ago

    Bob Duncan

  • M M22
    M M22 12 days ago

    I always forget this guys name as Enpax called him 12

  • Joe Sudz
    Joe Sudz 12 days ago

    Russian spies hanging out in law chairs, giving military the bird. Hah.

  • Joe Sudz
    Joe Sudz 12 days ago

    Anyone else think the show is kind of a metaphor for overcoming childhood trauma? Especially with the few references and eleven having short hair to start with. But just everything else in general as well.

  • Mushroom Manager
    Mushroom Manager 12 days ago


  • Mushroom Manager
    Mushroom Manager 12 days ago


  • Zoey Cordell
    Zoey Cordell 12 days ago

    JEaN RAlpHio

  • Aminah Manuel
    Aminah Manuel 12 days ago

    The upside down is the future?

  • Let’s get to 250 subs with only 1 video

    Thing is, why does the Upside Down exist?

  • TheBomDotCom
    TheBomDotCom 13 days ago +1

    My theory is that this man does not watch basketball because he said Scalabrinel’s god when it’s clearly Scalabrine is god (as in Brian scalabrine)

  • Miss_Pineapple_Kitty
    Miss_Pineapple_Kitty 13 days ago

    Maybe the Demogorgons just wants some crackers

  • Danr10
    Danr10 13 days ago

    What was he doing in Antarctica?

  • Ethan Swingle
    Ethan Swingle 13 days ago

    That mustache ain’t doing it for me

  • Philip Zamora
    Philip Zamora 13 days ago

    I kind of hate this video. What do you really expect this guy to do if your theory is correct? Do you think he'll really confirm any of it before Season 3?!

  • Hello People
    Hello People 13 days ago

    Mustache 👨

  • Brian Vargecko
    Brian Vargecko 13 days ago

    my theory is the demogorgon is the opposite of eleven like the upside down of her because in stranger things 1 the last episode when she defeats the domogorgon, the domogorgon holds his hand out just like eleven like it is trying to defeat her by telecanisis

  • shooketh squad
    shooketh squad 13 days ago

    Honestly he’s such a nice funny dude and his face was shown as an important person throughout the whole series but when he’s not his stranger things character (basically off set) he’s really underrated it’s obvious

  • Misty Pringles
    Misty Pringles 14 days ago

    My theory is that the cat is still alive and will come back to save them all

  • Erin Davies
    Erin Davies 14 days ago

    Why/how was he in Antarctica?

  • Molly Larson
    Molly Larson 14 days ago

    this isnt a theory i just think it would be cool
    what if elven is some how related to hoppers daughter like yeah what if she was still alive. but wouldnt it be cool if after they faked her death she somehow got powers to? and thats how they somhow got connected and both of there fears *somthing theve seen before in there heads* became the upside down. but they dont know they did it together. thats why eleven says IM the monster. i dont know if i had this right but when hopper was looking for will and found elevens room wasnt that his daughters tiger in there? and thats why it was in the upside down to cuz its her thoughts. this doesnt make any sence but thats just because im tired
    i also ship dustin and nancy

  • Molly Larson
    Molly Larson 14 days ago

    "Im sorry. You ate my cat!"

  • Vivi Kitty!
    Vivi Kitty! 14 days ago +1

    Here’s a theory:
    Eleven is actually hoppers daughter and the government manipulated there minds into thinking that she died to perform experiments on her. This explains why Hopper and el have such a strong bond. Like if you agree with me

  • Sub to PewDiePie
    Sub to PewDiePie 14 days ago

    Wait did he just say I used to act of stranger things

  • Kate Wood
    Kate Wood 14 days ago +1

    I have a few theories-
    So you know when El is floating in the pool, she wakes up and starts getting upset? Well Hopper’s daughter freaked out in the park also, and maybe she was seeing something there and didn’t die of cancer. I also feel she is still alive and season 3 will somehow involve her.

  • Onestalkyboi 247
    Onestalkyboi 247 14 days ago


  • Onestalkyboi 247
    Onestalkyboi 247 14 days ago

    Why did bob have to die

  • Tnv Madhav
    Tnv Madhav 14 days ago

    Shut up and go watch "DARK"

  • Tito Jackson
    Tito Jackson 14 days ago +1

    I think 11 is a representation of why exploring mental telepathy or being able to connect to other consciences can be a very dangerous thing. Scientists tell us there's a strong chance for aliens, and other dimensions. So this show is based around the idea that if we gain these psychic abilities...we can either manifest things to life, and/or the massive distances that are in our universe will no longer matter, and connecting invaders will exploit. Just like most of the great Sci-Fi movies, especially the ones of the 80s, they are cautionary tales.

  • XNS
    XNS 15 days ago +1

    6:00 i think could be when Eleven was in the rainbow room with the other MK ultra girl she was blonde and eEleven is not blonde

  • Erika Langner
    Erika Langner 15 days ago

    Why didn't they just name her Evelyn? It's pretty much the same as Eleven and is an actual name instead of just a nickname.

    • Erika Langner
      Erika Langner 13 days ago

      +twins gaming I sorta meant instead of nicknaming her Ell (or however you spell it) they should have called her Evelyn

    • twins gaming
      twins gaming 13 days ago

      its bc they are named after numbers. like kila is eight in another language

  • Spirits Jamaa
    Spirits Jamaa 15 days ago

    Tbh I think David is not only an amazing actor, yet almost one of the best characters. however I love Eleven and Mike. David is pretty chill in the movie and in reality. I’m a fan. These theories are however so fascinating! I’m so excited for Season 3!

  • holly chapman
    holly chapman 15 days ago

    the thesselhydra is honestly terrifying i-

  • David Parks
    David Parks 15 days ago

    Do more

  • KK44 Gaming
    KK44 Gaming 15 days ago +1

    The Dustin theory would have been cool... but then we got jancy

  • Dark Night
    Dark Night 15 days ago

    Only a bit of the snake came out

  • CJamieson7
    CJamieson7 15 days ago +1


  • NathanEdits
    NathanEdits 16 days ago

    My theory to this video is just this is just a way to force us in Antarctica

  • LD100
    LD100 16 days ago

    That’s definetly NOT an ipad...

  • O N E S C A R Y A P O T H I C O N B O I

    The first theory cannot be possible due to the Bootstrap paradox