David Harbour Breaks Down Stranger Things Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair


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  • foxuru fox
    foxuru fox Hour ago

    Season 3 is coming out next October....but hey that’s just a theroy A movie......ok I’ll stop

  • Colin Rivas
    Colin Rivas 4 hours ago

    Scalabrine is goat😂

  • Brooke Bean
    Brooke Bean 4 hours ago

    “It made me cry”
    This entire video is radiating big nerd energy

  • Hondanumber9
    Hondanumber9 5 hours ago

    Hoper’s daughter is still alive for sure

  • Air Flow
    Air Flow 6 hours ago +1

    I think the girl in the trailer for season 3 working at the ice cream place is his daughter

  • Mimia 123
    Mimia 123 12 hours ago

    My theory. Eleven is hoppers daughter. Jane HOPPER and and officer HOPPeR. His kid got taken by the lab and they faked her death. The hospital she died and looks similar to the one will head his therapy appointment which also looks similar to the hospital where the derma dogs took over which was the Harkins loud.The lab changed her name bc they knew hopper would eventually investigate. They shaved her head. When is kid has the freak out i think she first experience of her powers. She looked confused and stunned. The last name “Hopper” comes up many times with different people so i think they are all connected. I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense I was watching and writing at the same time.

  • Aquamarine
    Aquamarine 16 hours ago

    I mean dustin never specifically said "I like max". When talking to ste he never actually mentioned her name so haha maybe he never liked her anyway after all.

  • Alex Adamai
    Alex Adamai Day ago

    How does all the stuff in the upside down got to get there ? Was It build in the same way like in our 'universe' or did it just popup when its made on our side??

  • Connor Nichols
    Connor Nichols Day ago

    I have a theory. 11 is Hopper's daughter. Kay so I myself have only seen the first episode of the second season but all of the first season, and 11 looks like Hopper's daughter. Not only that but she shows signs of brain caner when she uses mass amounts of her power. Her nose bleeds and its almost like she black out and her vision becomes blurry. So my theory is that when Hopper's daughter was about to die after starting kemo the US mind expanding experiment to find another world (The upside down) they took Hopper's daughter and through years of kemo tharapy and the best doctors. She began in the experiments where she excells, but she can only use a certain amounts of her powers at a time. And though the years of being abused and slightly brain washed she forgot her old family (Hopper and his wife). So when the director of the lab starts caller her his daughter she believes him, and he renames her 11 (also her experiment number) and continues the mind bending experiments. So then the events of the show happens, and then Hopper keeps 11 hidden so than he and her can fix her mess and close up the upside down. Whoo.

  • ENOK Mist
    ENOK Mist Day ago

    M1k3!!! I f0und th3 ch0c0l4t3 PuDd1ng!!!

    MAGIC LYON Day ago

    "I think you re gonna see more of murray in seasons to come" ...


  • Lolo
    Lolo 2 days ago

    “will is impregnated”

  • Tim Curtin
    Tim Curtin 2 days ago

    hows hype for s3

  • Sixella MK
    Sixella MK 3 days ago

    Honestly, I think the Upside Down is just an alternate universe, like the many Earths in the DCU.😊

  • Frantisek Juda
    Frantisek Juda 3 days ago

    Myslím, že Upside down je nějaká houba.

  • chickenboy
    chickenboy 3 days ago

    Darth vader never says " I am your father"

  • Purba Mukherjee
    Purba Mukherjee 3 days ago

    I just smiled the entire team because I love David Harbour sfm

  • Ally Shell
    Ally Shell 4 days ago


  • Larry Lachance
    Larry Lachance 4 days ago

    My theory on the upside down is that it was once a parallel universe very similar to ours with normal people living their lifes. Scientists there opened a portal to another dimension (the one of the mindflayer). He invaded their world and corrupted it, turning it into the current upside down.
    There is a scientific theory on multiple version of our universe (I think it's the string theory), so that would make sense.

  • Logun Platt
    Logun Platt 4 days ago

    David Harbor is a very good actor and Hopper is my favorite character

  • Piglets Animations
    Piglets Animations 5 days ago


  • Milly Edits
    Milly Edits 5 days ago

    I lost my mind at the first one.

  • any one
    any one 6 days ago

    D A D D Y 😍

  • My Imagination World

    I love David Harbour soo much 😍😍😍❤❤❤ he's just soo loveable 😍😍😍

  • Samuel Pedroche
    Samuel Pedroche 7 days ago

    What if demogorgons can transform by eating different things?
    Like they ate dustins cat and they turned into a dog like body similar to the Cat
    Then the normal demorgorgon looks like a human maybe because it eats humans and likes that human form?
    Idk just a theory i thought

  • Minecraftman 65
    Minecraftman 65 8 days ago

    11 is hoppers darter and she has no cancer but she has super powers

  • cash Urban
    cash Urban 8 days ago

    I believe that the upside down is a parallel universe and that the Demogorgon is the upside down version of eleven.

  • Fortnitemaster 247
    Fortnitemaster 247 8 days ago

    David I think your the best actor in stranger things and funny love it

  • Hacking Narwhals
    Hacking Narwhals 9 days ago

    My theory is that eleven is will, due to the reason that when will leaves, eleven arrives, and when eleven "dies" will comes back, and then finally, the demon in the sky is uniting them... Just a theory...

  • Pamula Van Buren
    Pamula Van Buren 9 days ago

    Anyone else have the biggest crush on him or is that just me???

  • TripleThicc
    TripleThicc 9 days ago

    Thanks for pushing season 3 until July, really great guys. Thanks again.

  • Magnus Steenfeldt Laursen

    This guy must be fun at parties

  • harry Potter lover grace

    The first one is exactly what I said

  • Eloann M
    Eloann M 10 days ago +1

    I have a theory : i think the whole story is going on in Will's mind. When he fells off his bike, he never woke up and fell into a coma. He would have fallen not because of the demogorgon but because of the shade of a tree that would have scared him. (Sorry if my english was bad)

    • Eloann M
      Eloann M 8 days ago

      TheDCLogical :. Technically ... No but it still just a theory (and i don't really think it could be real)

    • TheDCLogical :.
      TheDCLogical :. 9 days ago

      So what about Eleven? Does she exist?

  • Britastic
    Britastic 10 days ago +1


  • Idaraa Eno
    Idaraa Eno 10 days ago

    theory- BARBS NOT DEAD! shes in the upside down

  • Aniston Kemmerer
    Aniston Kemmerer 10 days ago

    i still think Hopper’s daughter is still alive tbh😂

  • Noel Leong
    Noel Leong 10 days ago

    The whole show is their imagination of them playing dungeons and dragons

  • Dalamix The Leader
    Dalamix The Leader 10 days ago

    7:43 voice crack

  • Роман Мавроян

    I don't like the theories about them creating the upside-down. It kinda implies that there wasn't any other realities besides ours until they created one, which is highly unlikely. It's like saying there wasn't any other stars out there until our sun exploded and made them. You see how ridiculous that is.

  • Yankeeschamber 99
    Yankeeschamber 99 11 days ago

    My theory is that stranger Things is one big mukbang show. It has hopper eating, the kids eating, etc. Who else agrees?

  • Ash
    Ash 11 days ago

    The aliens in a quiet place are decadents of the demegorgan my theory

  • Eden Vandenboom
    Eden Vandenboom 11 days ago

    I think that the upside down is all of the evil in Hawkins. Another reality.I think the government discovered all of this evil power in the other dimension and thought they could open it, to harness a weapon for the cold war. They needed telepathics and psycics to open the gate which is the real reason why Terry Ives was manipulated. The reason why eleven was manipulated was bc they wanted a superhuman army to fight in the cold war.

  • huswsimonbla
    huswsimonbla 11 days ago

    That future theory was dumb. It is a different dimension. An A-Bomb wont turn the world into that slimy nightmare.

  • AZ_ is_chillin
    AZ_ is_chillin 11 days ago

    they dropped a bomb on the thessalhydra.

  • Eric Harmon
    Eric Harmon 11 days ago

    How was the pull out?

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson 12 days ago

    6:52 David Harbour sleepin on my main man Brian Scalabrine

  • Derek Lee
    Derek Lee 12 days ago

    Here’s my theory: Hopper is a smoking trash can

  • m.e.a. klaver
    m.e.a. klaver 12 days ago

    I think that it is interesting that he sad that his daughter (in the show) is not allive in the PHYSICAL world

  • Aden brine
    Aden brine 12 days ago

    Who else got a stranger things add before this?

  • Nightshift Sister
    Nightshift Sister 13 days ago

    Totally Cronenberg it!

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez 13 days ago

    If russia werent pricks and they didnt start the cold war barb wouldnt have died bye a Demigorgon

  • Eleven 011
    Eleven 011 13 days ago

    6:12 David looks behind the camera at duffer brothers*
    Duffer brothers shake there head no*
    “I *long pause* do not think that this is true”
    Me “ are your sure

  • Then it gotta go
    Then it gotta go 13 days ago

    Who else read future as further in the thumbnail

  • Hot Doge
    Hot Doge 14 days ago

    Hey guys demi gorgons are like alien there is the mother demigorgon the the demigorgon the demidogs and the alien slug like thing that crawl inside you

  • Roastyroulston 1
    Roastyroulston 1 15 days ago

    I'd Do Anything To Meet David Harbour.

  • TheMothman001
    TheMothman001 15 days ago

    The end of Stranger things is the start of Silent Hill!

  • xd Diston
    xd Diston 15 days ago

    Cant wait for season 3

  • Samotny Meister
    Samotny Meister 15 days ago

    The nuclear bomb would destroy buildings

  • K.Naz
    K.Naz 15 days ago

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact about the way they hide the Apple logo in the iPad?

  • LocalPrep
    LocalPrep 15 days ago

    oh my

  • Hlynur Snær Harðarson

    *this ain't it, chief*


  • LMMG 10
    LMMG 10 15 days ago

    Ya'll never know.... maybe the mind flayer is some kind of dinosaur or something

  • Kena Darling
    Kena Darling 16 days ago

    "I'm sorry. You ate my cat."
    He is so cute💖

  • Lana & Mike
    Lana & Mike 16 days ago

    What happened to hoppers wife

  • Kid Collector
    Kid Collector 16 days ago

    I like how when he says um no to the hoppers daughter is still alive theory it took him a second to respond almost as if he was looking at someone behind the scenes telling him to not say anything or that could just be me

  • Latenightgaming I am not donkey

    I actually did think the upside down was the future i still think that I li how he put it

  • Sammi Washington
    Sammi Washington 16 days ago

    *I’ve been tripping balls on stranger things*

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis 17 days ago

    Hard to say which is an overall better Netflix show..this or The Punisher.

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis 17 days ago

    Totally, the upside down does remind me of some sort of nuclear fallout. Absolutely could be the future. I just thought of it as some sort of negative, parallel universe.

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis 17 days ago

    Epic mustache!

  • Sophia Llama
    Sophia Llama 17 days ago

    I like the mustache.

  • Jimmy Bayconn
    Jimmy Bayconn 17 days ago

    theory after i first wactjed it:i like to two sides of a paper analogy the use in the show (idk if it was paper)
    i think eleven can acces the side of the paper and so can the monster them making contact is wahat creates the link this doesnt have anything to do with tje video i just felt like sharing this

  • Χρυσάννα Μ.
    Χρυσάννα Μ. 17 days ago +2

    Stranger Things are gettting stranger.....

  • Caprice Carter
    Caprice Carter 17 days ago

    “I do think I personally don’t know” Me whenever anybody asks my opinion on anything ever.

  • ArsoPenguin
    ArsoPenguin 17 days ago +1

    Didnt we learn there is a growing process for the demogorgan?

  • Adrija Valiulyte.
    Adrija Valiulyte. 17 days ago

    Hey person scrolling down the comments ☺️ when stranger things season 3 will be?

  • BaTMan
    BaTMan 18 days ago

    *_The Duffer Bros will remember that._*

  • BaTMan
    BaTMan 18 days ago

    Dude can anyone tell me when stranger things 3 will comeout?

  • Ethém Shallabdullem
    Ethém Shallabdullem 18 days ago

    The Upside Down as the Future is a very very interesting theory. I really hope that, like Chief Hopper said, there will be explained what-where-when-why-how the Upside Down actually is.

  • Supreme cuddlefish
    Supreme cuddlefish 18 days ago +1

    A bit of dirt on the Hopper daughter theory. What would Hawkins lab have to do with someone whoe doesn't even live in hawkins I mean we already know that hopper used to live in the city so why would hawkins even mess with Sarah?
    And furthermore what would be the significance of 11 meeting Terry Ives? Like well turns out she's not your mother and season 2 didn't matter at all to the development of your character.

  • Supreme cuddlefish
    Supreme cuddlefish 18 days ago +1

    If when season 3 rolls around and they make 11 hoppers daughter then it would ruin both of their characters and probably the show.

  • It's Just Me Aidan!!
    It's Just Me Aidan!! 18 days ago

    If you think about all of the bodies when they rescued will then maybe other people lived in there once, I think that there was other life In the upside down and not only did it reflect Hawkins but also its inhabitants, and the demo gorgon was a reflection of eleven, meaning Kali has a reflection too, but who is the mind flayed a reflection of?

  • Juan Hiribarren
    Juan Hiribarren 18 days ago

    In the line of Connvex theory, I always thought that the upside down its something that relates to their states of mind... I mean, Barbara is captured by the demogorgon after feeling really desapointed on Nacy's behaviour... I had thought something similar about Will being on the upside down too, but I can't remember. Maybe I need to rewatch season 1.

  • Sea of Cards does stuff

    I have a theory will is the villain and the demogorgan tried to sacrifice him to fuse the universes

  • Sea of Cards does stuff

    Oh my god

    Hopper you need to save barb or else you are a stupid detective

  • Owlbaby Z
    Owlbaby Z 19 days ago +2

    When he was talking about the theory about his daughter, he kept looking behind the camera. Maybe it is true but he can't say that. Well bye.
    ( yes the one like is me )

  • Wtfplsstfu
    Wtfplsstfu 19 days ago

    Interesting take on animal behavior. Being afraid of humans is a learned behavior? It always seemed to me that it’s the opposite. Animals are afraid of us because we are an unknown, and as they become accustomed to us (in cities and urban areas), they become more brazen. I always thought that was more likely, then again I’ve never been to Antarctica. Interesting reversal of concept

  • Vortexx
    Vortexx 20 days ago

    Mind flayer: Thanos
    The Normal world:DEAD MEME

  • Vortexx
    Vortexx 20 days ago

    New theory: The upside down is just metro 2033 that or Brexit


    I have a question for David what was it like to be on suicide squad?

  • Ti Pi
    Ti Pi 20 days ago

    A random theory: Bob is a russian spy.

    • Ti Pi
      Ti Pi 13 days ago

      +Supreme cuddlefish R.I.P. BOB he was my favorite russian spy :'(

    • Supreme cuddlefish
      Supreme cuddlefish 18 days ago

      If that's true then its good he's dead.

  • Rosalie Barvik
    Rosalie Barvik 20 days ago +1

    *Rewatch it cause Dustin's dumber than you think*
    He's actually really smart, he just doesn't target the ladies:/

  • Flipping Penguin
    Flipping Penguin 20 days ago

    Rip bob

  • broke_youtuber YT
    broke_youtuber YT 21 day ago

    The demogorgon is a two headed creature the creatures heads are both out to destroy each other one represents destruction and death the other represents lies and secrets

  • james bean
    james bean 21 day ago +1

    Personal theory: someone cross-pollinated a lily flower and a Venus fly trap in the center of a pentagram whilst simultaneously summoning Satan’s armpit whilst ALSO consummating a marriage with a star-nosed mole over the aforementioned pentagram. The results? Demogorgon.

  • 祝申Ireviewshiz
    祝申Ireviewshiz 21 day ago

    The upside down is a different universe and then 11 opens the gate to that universe and then I realized that this is the most generic theory ever

  • Tommy Yaya
    Tommy Yaya 21 day ago

    >posting possible spoilers in the thumbnail regardless of if they are actual spoilers or not.
    yikes. CRINGE

  • Hel 1349
    Hel 1349 22 days ago

    he is absolutely amazing on the show, probably my favorite character

  • Quasar119
    Quasar119 22 days ago

    With the second theory they said thousands upon thousands of years ago humans inhabited the upside down. Evolution takes millions of years. But the theory is very good