David Harbour Breaks Down Stranger Things Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • David Harbour, one of the stars of "Stranger Things," breaks down fan theories from Reddit. Is the Upside Down the future? Did the US government drop an atomic bomb on Hawkins? Are demogorgons descendants of human beings? Is Steve the real father of Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recreation? David offers his perspective on these questions and theories.
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    David Harbour Breaks Down Stranger Things Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair
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  • flyingscotsman32

    Hahaha Scalabrine is god

  • Sanar Khalil
    Sanar Khalil Day ago

    Is he talking about season 3 or 2 ??

  • Paul Testaverde
    Paul Testaverde Day ago +1


  • Daniel Meyer
    Daniel Meyer Day ago +1

    I have a theory that Hawkins is like gravity falls in the in the past and that upsidedown is bills universe and they accidentally open that portal and let creatures in the real world witch then later becomes gravity falls🤯🤯

  • Nathan Mendoza 3
    Nathan Mendoza 3 2 days ago

    I think eleven is hoppers actual daughter and the government let’s him adopt her cause they don’t want him to know she’s alive (please don’t make fun of me if i’m wrong)

  • Jaylen Lopez
    Jaylen Lopez 2 days ago

    My theory is that the stuffed animal we see in Sarah’s hospital room, in the upside down and in Elevens room at the lab, is somehow connected to the upside down. In season 1 when Joyce and Jonathan go to castle Byers looking for will, if you look closely, the stuffed animal is inside castle Byers. Nancy and Jonathan’s theory is that the demogorgon is attracted to blood but Will wasn’t bleeding the day he was taken so my guess is that somehow the stuffed animal connects its owners to the upside down and makes them a part of it. That would explain why both Eleven and Will can see into the upside down and why Barb died (she didn’t have the stuffed animal). As for Sarah, I think she died of cancer but I think it was in her lungs. At the park, she could have been seeing into the upside down and it could’ve messed with her breathing and her lungs. (We know the atmosphere is toxic) Sorry if that didn’t make any sense, agree or disagree idc byeee

  • FatHippo230
    FatHippo230 2 days ago +2

    Btw, it’s Scalebrine AKA Brian Scalebrine who is a basketball player and he IS god

  • Emilee Felix
    Emilee Felix 2 days ago

    At 6:10 he takes long to answer when he could have just said I don’t this is true instead of I dooont think that is true

  • dominique malig
    dominique malig 2 days ago

    Watching this again and I just love how he does everything that he can to direct that 'Hooper's-daughter-is-alive' theory into something else. Lol

  • Michiel Strzebonski
    Michiel Strzebonski 2 days ago

    The first one was a huuge spoiler

  • Team Fennekin
    Team Fennekin 2 days ago


  • FIDO
    FIDO 2 days ago

    So would they have to kill Will in order to stop the time loop?

  • Ari Bear
    Ari Bear 2 days ago +1

    When he said the upside down is the future, who else thought of the umbrella academy? ☂️

  • Dexter Thomas
    Dexter Thomas 2 days ago

    I swore I heard somewhere they don't tell David any details about the new season, because he'll spoil it

  • Dlsncbs Djsjd
    Dlsncbs Djsjd 2 days ago

    I think His daughter is still alive and she is not really his daughter amd elevens half sister and powerful as eleven sı she created that world and when she died she created demogorgens ans she ruşes that world.So her body died but her mind is at upside down

  • Nikki Smith
    Nikki Smith 2 days ago

    Sorry this is so long 😂

  • Izzy O’Gorman
    Izzy O’Gorman 2 days ago +1

    0:17 what kinda IPad is dat?

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong 2 days ago

    Why does he look like a man with a gun is standing behind the camera

  • ThatOneGuyNamedFuzzy
    ThatOneGuyNamedFuzzy 2 days ago +1

    For the entirety of the first season I called him officer Batman and yelled *CUT THE CHILD*

  • Nasty Boy
    Nasty Boy 2 days ago

    Theory: when Terry Ives’s sister was talking to Jim, she kept saying how alike Terry and Jim were. I’m thinking maybe Jim’s daughter actually had powers which is why she had that episode that looked like she was seeing into the future. When they brought her into the hospital, the scientists made her weak using chemicals they used on Jane to subdue her, this alone could have easily convinced and confirmed to Jim and his wife that indeed, his daughter was ailing. Once convinced she was sick, they could have easily faked her death just as easy as they faked Wills death. All this time she could still be trapped somewhere, being used for her powers by the scientists of Hawkins...

  • Travis McCutchan
    Travis McCutchan 2 days ago +1

    David “I’m not quite sure that’s true” Harbour

  • Nefarious Walker
    Nefarious Walker 2 days ago

    know this was posted a good couple of months ago but anyway, wouldn't the demo- being afraid tie in with the time loop theory, since like he said it's a learned trait , so could in hindsight be afraid because of future outcomes with humans , through time lapsing memories ?

  • SpilledJellybeans
    SpilledJellybeans 3 days ago

    He just said 'intergalactic monster'

  • Sara Brunslik
    Sara Brunslik 3 days ago +1

    My dad is literally your twin brother

  • DropZ
    DropZ 3 days ago +4

    Litterly the whole time he tries not to spoil anything 😂

  • sad boi
    sad boi 3 days ago

    he’s holding a “block-ple”

  • chriszk
    chriszk 3 days ago +2

    6:20 he is so serious about this theory,this is probably REAL.He didn’t even say something like : I love this theory or it’s unlikely

  • charlie brown
    charlie brown 4 days ago

    My theory: while we’re connecting Stranger Things with Parks and Rec, there was one time on Parks and Rec that Andy said that when he was a baby, his brain was too big so scientists did experiments on him. Perhaps that happened at Hawkins Lab???

  • Liah & Lauren
    Liah & Lauren 4 days ago

    He is my all time fav character in stranger things!!!!!

  • Robster_the_Lobster
    Robster_the_Lobster 4 days ago

    Does Dustin remind anyone else of Eric Cartman?

  • Layla Murphy
    Layla Murphy 4 days ago

    The last theory got me thinking on how it wasn’t eleven because there’s a “whole world” of those monsters. But we know in season two there are other people like eleven like 8 with powers. What if the other monsters are their monsters? And I don’t know if this is true but what if the monster we’ll see in season three is specifically 8s monster trying to attack Hawkins where eleven is because 8 is possibly upset that she didn’t join her? Like didn’t that monster come right when we meet her character?

  • Fierce Wolf
    Fierce Wolf 5 days ago

    My theory: Eleven is actually Hopper’s daughter. Hopper’s Daughter never died if the body of will was fake the body of his daughter’s body could have been fake. Eleven could travel through 2 different personalities or universes. Eleven could see into the future she used her powers to have two personalities or hopper’s daughter died and eleven has her spirit inside of her. That’s my theory

  • smasher gamin
    smasher gamin 5 days ago +1

    5:00 why don’t you bust that ghost Will?

  • Thomas Perez
    Thomas Perez 5 days ago

    Just saying but notice that when a harder crazier theory comes that would revel things he just nonchalantly shakes his head and says just no and pretty much just dances around the question but when a lighter theory comes he gives a whole essay on why the theory is false or could be true

  • Daily jayiah Berg
    Daily jayiah Berg 5 days ago +1

    I think the theory of his daughter being alive is true because we can see the stuff animal in the upside down and then on then bed of his daughter. We know it’s not wills and he was, supposedly he was the only child to get lost in the upside down. So how did the teddy bear appear unless they faked the death of hoppers daughter . But then again his daughter couldn’t have survived that many years in the upside down so I believe she was their but gone now.

    XPERTGAMER599 5 days ago +2

    Many people are talking about Hoppers Daughter which is probably true.
    At 12:01 he talks about the theory and looks over at the people behind the camera again. Notice how he mentions straight away that it’s definitely not true, the exact same thing as the daughter theory. He even said it with the same expression and hesitation as before. That means this theory could also be true.

  • Kainui Penaloza
    Kainui Penaloza 6 days ago

    The Upside Down: Realm of Shadows.
    Demogorgon: A DEMOGORGON
    It's magic and D&D

  • Kainui Penaloza
    Kainui Penaloza 6 days ago

    FRICK THESE THEORYS. ITS JUST MAGIC. And D&D.... I hope there's a dragon in S3

  • syed arsHid ahmad
    syed arsHid ahmad 6 days ago

    No need to panic upside down
    Jinn world

  • Celeste Burgos
    Celeste Burgos 7 days ago

    my theory:

    what if the whole of season one is a Band-Aid commercial and entire theme of season one is whenever you're bleeding use a Band-Aid and the demogorgon won't come and get you

  • TheNexSanz
    TheNexSanz 9 days ago

    My theory
    Its on netflix

  • Phillip Collette
    Phillip Collette 9 days ago

    Lol. Great Parks and Rec comparison. I love that show. The 180s required to turn Billy into Chris Traeger and Steve into Jean Ralphio would be crazy because they are so opposite.

  • Kait Kat12
    Kait Kat12 9 days ago

    Oh. My. Word. I was watching this and i got to the part where they think Terry created the upside down with her psychic abilities, AND MY NOSE JUST STARTED BLEEDING!

  • Ellie Winkeler
    Ellie Winkeler 10 days ago

    No, but the one about Sarah makes a lot of sense. Hawkins lab could have used Kali to make Hopper and Sarah’s mother believe she actually died. That would explain why her stuffed tiger was found in the lab and in the Upside Down.

  • Kem Franklin
    Kem Franklin 10 days ago

    is the demegorgon a manican and what is the cloud monster made of/

  • Agent Fletcher
    Agent Fletcher 11 days ago

    Gee I wonder what kind of tablet he could possibly be holding?

  • Isaiah Clark
    Isaiah Clark 12 days ago


    KEMITS BROTHER 12 days ago +1

    My stupid theory: This is just mikes,Dustins,wills and Lucas imagination while they are playing d and d

    TENLEY RUTLEDGE 13 days ago

    my theory: hopper is Jonathan’s dad U CANT CHANGE MY MIND

  • NicholasDaisy Awesomeness

    Awesome acting!

  • NicholasDaisy Awesomeness

    You're awesome, David Harbour!

  • kim jong unnie
    kim jong unnie 13 days ago

    How do people come up with this stuff

  • Samster Hamster
    Samster Hamster 13 days ago

    Okay buddy calm down you aren’t doing a spider man cosplay stop accidentally almost revealing big things

  • Martha Mitchell
    Martha Mitchell 14 days ago

    I think how the shadow monster came was the dumbest dog was actually a slime and it emerged to add them to a demogorgon then Chua demodog organ and then it turned into the shadow monster that's what my theory is then the dropped a nuke on Hawkins cuz they wanted to kill it but it went horribly wrong 🤔😂😂😂↘☣☢ is all the 🔚🌲🐛🌵

  • Deborahlee Johnstone
    Deborahlee Johnstone 14 days ago +1

    I was in a horror movie and I’m 10 years old

  • Deborahlee Johnstone
    Deborahlee Johnstone 14 days ago +1

    I love you’re show I am a actress I really wish that I could be in the show

  • Shaddia Garza
    Shaddia Garza 14 days ago

    0:40 Yep sure is 😂

  • Roasting Foods
    Roasting Foods 14 days ago

    The evolution theory would be wrong because the demogorgon doesn't have any predators so it doesn't need fangs or claws, so it would have evolved to be a passive creature...

  • Ryleigh R
    Ryleigh R 15 days ago

    "They did a good job faking Will's death" no Hopper found out that it was fake and he even came back to life, so no they did not do a good job faking Will's death

  • Bossome GLDV
    Bossome GLDV 15 days ago

    What if hoppers daughter is elevens mother

  • Ellie_Edits xo
    Ellie_Edits xo 15 days ago

    I don’t think the one with demogorgan is true bc it ate bob *moment of silence*

  • Aliah Barajas
    Aliah Barajas 15 days ago

    This guy looks like Bob Duncan

  • Elle B.
    Elle B. 15 days ago

    This was posted on my birthday last year! Also I love stranger things!

  • Darcy Gleeson
    Darcy Gleeson 15 days ago

    It’s called the mind flayer not the thestlehydra idiot learn ur own story

  • Michael ziemer
    Michael ziemer 15 days ago

    It's a tide ad

  • Duck
    Duck 16 days ago

    My theory is that the upside down is a sort of parasite that gets inside people's heads. That is why the upside down is always where they are at that time. I think after invading someone's mind, it can manifest itself as real creatures, like the demo gorgon. I think the reason that 11 says she's the monster is because since she's psychic, when the thesyl hydra invaded her mind, it created a metaphysical portal in the real world.

  • The Beast
    The Beast 16 days ago

    To me the Upside down is simply the Fifth Dimension,
    Hence why the Government was studying it and experimenting with psychics just to try and access it.

  • Rowan Sharpr
    Rowan Sharpr 16 days ago

    My theory.
    He really accully knows but isn't allowed to say

    I know not really a theory just being silly

  • Doctor Fun
    Doctor Fun 16 days ago

    The first theory is kinda interesting

  • LRGaming432
    LRGaming432 16 days ago

    This is it cheif

  • mr. noodle
    mr. noodle 16 days ago

    The up side down is Another dimension

  • Milo The dog
    Milo The dog 16 days ago +1

    I watched stranger things 2 time all of the seasons and I barely getting it

  • Existing Coincidence
    Existing Coincidence 16 days ago

    I really want to watch strangers things but I get easily scared at night while during the day I could watch horror movies all day 😅

  • The Greek Pianist
    The Greek Pianist 16 days ago

    Stranger Things is absolutely AMAZING! It has such an eerie atmosphere mixed with an 80s environment which I loved. The acting is amazing, the effects are awesome, and the plot line is so unique and refreshing. Such a psychological and thrilling series. I can’t wait for S3! ❤️

  • Sauces God
    Sauces God 17 days ago

    Is it sad that I haven’t watch it yet

  • GrieferGuy
    GrieferGuy 17 days ago

    It can't be the furture because how is the snow ball there? The signs survived an atom bomb?

  • 1000 followers with one video

    Roses are red
    Will isn't dead
    I hope you enjoy your chickens, Ted

  • 1000 followers with one video

    omg David has gotten the prettiest blue eyes

  • 1000 followers with one video

    Here is my theory:
    Eleven is the next victim.
    Jim is panicking cuz he can't loose one more person (ich bin crying too)
    Jim finds Kali.

    Y a y

  • Lilly Parker
    Lilly Parker 17 days ago

    I think Billy is gonna die cuase Barb died and her name starts with B. Same thing as Bob

  • Beeg Beeg Yoshi
    Beeg Beeg Yoshi 17 days ago

    Yo it’s Arthur Morgan

  • Ghosty Vlogs
    Ghosty Vlogs 17 days ago +10

    Stranger things is all just one game of Dungeons & Dragons
    **Mind blown**

  • TFPitcher
    TFPitcher 17 days ago +1

    I think the second theory is trye

  • Pandas American girl
    Pandas American girl 18 days ago

    I think the demegorgon is eleven but it’s the evil version of her and it’s who she’s afraid of being: a monster

    VΞNUSTM 18 days ago

    David Harbour: “Next Theory! ‘UrMomGae’ asked, “David Harbour is actually not a cop and is a demogorgon in disguise.””
    **looks up to people behind the camera**

  • the plushie gang
    the plushie gang 18 days ago

    Can you please bring back barb in any way shes my favorite

  • Leah Fox
    Leah Fox 18 days ago +1


  • Bob Coffee Filter
    Bob Coffee Filter 19 days ago

    Why does he look so old though?
    (Older than usual)

    BASEBALL PRO554 19 days ago

    Maybe that is why her head is "shaved" it might just be it growing back

  • Bella I.
    Bella I. 19 days ago

    I think that the writers of Stranger Things were inspired by Rob Lowe's character in Saint Almo's Fire (also named Billy), who Billy in stranger Things looks and acts a lot like and that's why he reminds a lot of people of Rob Lowe's character in Parks and Rec

  • Deep Saha
    Deep Saha 19 days ago

    The fact that Hopper's daughter is alive is actually going to be true, and thats why David just totally denied it. Just see the scene at 5:58, she is just acting like will byers, like something she have seen.

    I AM A BENDY-TOE 19 days ago

    Although the theory about the upside down being the future is very intriguing, I've theorized since the beginning that the upside down is the product of the butterfly effect.

  • Horrsey2017
    Horrsey2017 19 days ago

    They only show the theories that aren't true.

  • reytheGEMini
    reytheGEMini 20 days ago +1

    I think tht eleven IS hoppers daughter!

  • Intergalactic Gamez
    Intergalactic Gamez 20 days ago +1

    Wait, I thought in the show it was called the mind flayer, but david said thesslehydra many times

    • The Macca
      The Macca 17 days ago

      the thesselhydra was the DnD monster that was used to foreshadow this creature right at the start of the series.

  • NJCandy08
    NJCandy08 20 days ago +2

    Ok I have one too all the kids that are like eleven originally weren’t they where testing on kids and most ended up with these powers but eleven was the only one who really had powers. Be for she was taken she probably had a strong relationship with her mom. When she was taken away she was so upset. She dint realize her powers and created this dimension that she thought was her imagination where she could be happy with her mom one day when really upset she tried to imagine herself in a happy place but it went wrong demagorgans (sorry if spelt wrong) are suppose to be people and they are not use to any other life forms so they try to change them or destroy them in general to take over there version of a alternate universe.

  • Mika Hara
    Mika Hara 20 days ago

    But thats just a theory
    *a film theory*

  • Forever Marilyn
    Forever Marilyn 20 days ago


  • Dannyboy1012 Tv
    Dannyboy1012 Tv 20 days ago

    Is bille Troy bolton

  • Elaina’s Vlogs
    Elaina’s Vlogs 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the first one