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  • QuackityHQ
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  • Jack Dellin
    Jack Dellin 18 hours ago

    8:42 fr tho, I got a Square renix ad 🤠

  • Willian Bueno
    Willian Bueno Day ago

    That was the WORST E3 ever!!!

  • Euphonic's Cookie

    Godd Howard

  • heyjeySigma
    heyjeySigma Day ago

    7:19 best part of the video hands down.. or up.. or flailing

  • Michael Cenko
    Michael Cenko Day ago

    5:33 I thought that was Thanos

  • It's the Music Guy
    It's the Music Guy 2 days ago +1

    The flute was ass i watched all of e3 2018

  • Nighcore fandom
    Nighcore fandom 2 days ago

    Leo Jewell is quacking in his boots after the fallout 76 came on

  • wolfbloodwarrior elite gamer

    Fusses about starlink ends up being a good game along with Jurassic World evolution actually good as well I have been successfully turned away from this channel

  • Ms.Gaming Fox
    Ms.Gaming Fox 4 days ago

    Didn't relize this was quackity until 8:58

  • Hayden Forder
    Hayden Forder 4 days ago

    :38 isn’t it like the 5th game lol

  • Onion Sauce
    Onion Sauce 4 days ago

    Nintendo broke their ankles

  • RavenRing - Gameplays and more!

    Summary of E3 2018:
    pretty much decent

    Battlefield 5 - mass hated by ea showing a single map, "no loot boxes" "no premium pass" "battle royale"
    Battlefront II - the most hated game by people since microtransactions appeared, making EA recognizable as "the company that makes everything so expensive", instead of fixing battlefront, that would fix everything that people hated, they added atleast a good "free" dlc (Battle of Geonosis) with grievous and general kenobi + 212 battalion and the clone army
    FIFA 19 and other sport games made by EA - the name just changed, with lots of nerfing including in FIFA19: Christiano Ronaldo gets nerfed
    Other EA games revealed: shit releases
    Fallout 76 presented by toddo howardo: overall it was supposed to be a very cool game even that they removed campaign, but ended being a decent game due to lots of bugs in the beta showed by bethesda
    Forza Horizon 4: "lots of landscapes of beautiful, great _BRITAIN_ "
    Halo Infinite: Infinite hype, especially these who played halo before (me)
    Lion King game: okay, but I'll go further with the movie first before I go to the video game so I'll know better than me being confused during reading "In desert and in Wilderness" and then watching 2 movies, summarising, did I remembered everything right
    Crackdown 4: oh boy can't wait for pc release
    Disney games showed by Microsoft: okay, I guess?
    PUBG: that's fine
    Tom Clancy's The Division 2: that's fine
    Just Dance 2019: cringe lvl _MAx_
    Session: AnD i tHOUgHt iT wAs a GoOd sKAtiNg GaMe
    Cuphead: pretty much adding the new character and the community (salt) to the game
    Jump Force: _super anime bros_
    Rest of the games in the whole E3 2018: decent to overlord game.
    I'm done here.

  • mikey johnson
    mikey johnson 6 days ago

    That was norito

  • TerGoCrazy
    TerGoCrazy 6 days ago

    4:43 W E S U E D F O R T N I T E (ಠ‿ಠ)

  • Henlo Fernd
    Henlo Fernd 6 days ago

    6:14 is where Quackity made me spit the water back into my cup whilst drinking. I fucking hate you lmao

  • blue Spaget360
    blue Spaget360 8 days ago

    E3 phone home

  • Christopher Crepon
    Christopher Crepon 9 days ago

    Why can't we PC gamers get a new Jedi Kninght game..if yotu were born before 2006 or so that'd include Jedi Outcast..which made itt o Gamecube and some other consoles I think oh well

  • JCFnetwork
    JCFnetwork 9 days ago

    Skate 4

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    soviet potato 10 days ago

    4:37 I actually fucking died and never came back to life.

  • Señor Javi
    Señor Javi 10 days ago

    How dare you insult DOOM

  • Katie Strauchon
    Katie Strauchon 10 days ago

    8:26 *orgasms*

  • Riccardo Petrovici
    Riccardo Petrovici 11 days ago

    Fallout 76:
    Gotcha bitch☻

  • Mr. Kazelk
    Mr. Kazelk 12 days ago

    the zombeh game iz gonna be gud

  • Johnny Chavez
    Johnny Chavez 12 days ago +1

    Little did we knew that fallout 76 was a disaster.......

  • Mitchell Hamilton
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    A brutal jungle environment in order to survive

  • Dies Irae
    Dies Irae 12 days ago

    half-life 3

  • Harun
    Harun 12 days ago

    And fallout 76 turned out great

  • Aaron
    Aaron 12 days ago

    This guy is not funny

  • OPRegnas 666
    OPRegnas 666 12 days ago

    Shoutout to OPRegnas 666

  • BoatmasterW
    BoatmasterW 13 days ago

    Well I guess this was a raid?

  • Phoenix 4
    Phoenix 4 14 days ago

    I streamed the Ubisoft one and got copyright strikes

  • Chethan rao
    Chethan rao 14 days ago

    whats the tune that plays at 13:34??

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  • Aravind Srinivasan
    Aravind Srinivasan 16 days ago

    Dude you're funny asf, love your content, do more of those tech support vids!

  • Ryan Khairul
    Ryan Khairul 16 days ago +1

    13:33 does anybody know the song

  • Your Welcome
    Your Welcome 16 days ago

    Lol at the exact same time the Xbox one started a Xbox ad came up

  • One Bulby boi
    One Bulby boi 16 days ago

    Can you fucking stop with the despasito

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 17 days ago

    Fucking desapacito man !!

  • Lovely_Trash
    Lovely_Trash 17 days ago

    *Jesus Christ a funeral would seem a lot more interesting than most of E3 2018*

  • Kelpry
    Kelpry 17 days ago

    Fallout 76 is horse crap

  • Ghost993 Ware
    Ghost993 Ware 17 days ago

    This was "FUCKING" hilarious 🤣😂

  • Marcos Palacios
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    Can’t wait for you to hit 1mil dude

  • frootygroovin
    frootygroovin 17 days ago

    i was scrolling through the video to see what you thought of the last of us and when i saw gustavo playing his instrument i was like OH SHIT HERE WE GO, all excited for the amazing music he plays
    you know what i got ?
    *fucking despacito*

  • christopher burton
    christopher burton 18 days ago

    12:52 fuck her right in the pussy

  • Cooldbro
    Cooldbro 18 days ago

    13:34 whats that song again?

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  • Southern Plinker
    Southern Plinker 19 days ago

    Which left?

  • Iconic Sholace
    Iconic Sholace 19 days ago

    The gaurdies in the back

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  • Enforcingxhunter
    Enforcingxhunter 20 days ago

    Praise our lord and savior tod

  • Khan Riffah
    Khan Riffah 20 days ago

    Bethesda won the e3 this time

  • EnderBoy Three
    EnderBoy Three 20 days ago

    why is there so much despacito?

  • Randy Do You Want To Die Tran


  • The dancing Charmander

    Elder scrolls 6 took them like 8 years

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  • jay Menabue
    jay Menabue 21 day ago

    Reggierock reggieice and reggiesteel.... Now how do i unlock reggiegigas?

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  • 34matt3
    34matt3 21 day ago

    Jurassic world Evolution was a great game

  • Jarry Pota
    Jarry Pota 22 days ago

    you missed dmc.

  • Mr. I Get Girls
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    Shit.......complete shit. shit show thats what it is a shit show nottin but 1 BIG Fu............(leaves planet earth)

  • Kyote
    Kyote 22 days ago

    This is probably how quackity got this many subs:
    Clown: want subscribers?
    Quackity: Yeah Yeah Nah Nah Yeah Yeah

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 22 days ago

    What's with all the damn despacito... You know what I actually kinda like it

  • super scout55
    super scout55 22 days ago

    Why is Todd Howard in the thumbnail?

  • super scout55
    super scout55 22 days ago

    2018 sucked Stan Lee died

  • Fortnite Sucks A Lot Though

    Console exclusive?

    Pubg is comin to PS4 lol

  • RajtanTajtan
    RajtanTajtan 22 days ago

    the older guy talkint about BFV is my fucking freinds dad

  • Azyx The Man
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  • Trunks Gamer162
    Trunks Gamer162 23 days ago

    Hate if you want but PUBG is better than fortnite

  • pattibjee
    pattibjee 23 days ago

    the fifa was pretty accurate 🤣 okay

  • 北岡霊人
    北岡霊人 23 days ago +1

    I'm starting E3 gets strange and more weirdly. Curses EA, making Star Wars into absurd of mobile games!
    The only problem comes to Jump Force lacks of characters, especially for females.
    Unlike during the time Super Street Fighter 4 more characters I was very happy. Jump Force needs around 50 characters in roster.
    To be honest, E3 became now a lot irrelevant things lately.

  • SteamingBizzard 02
    SteamingBizzard 02 23 days ago

    Lol wtf is up with you and despacito 😂

  • Itz_gray_ 2018
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  • Rabid Dog
    Rabid Dog 24 days ago

    yo wtf 6:50 lmao

  • Acorn Productions
    Acorn Productions 24 days ago +1

    Censoring the word “last” but not “fucking”

  • SWF Gaming
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  • Spoicy Boi
    Spoicy Boi 25 days ago

    nintendo won tbh

  • Leomar Espinosa
    Leomar Espinosa 25 days ago

    5:00 ........niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccceeeee

  • The Turtle
    The Turtle 25 days ago

    8:55 is that charles lee ray

  • Louie Baltazar
    Louie Baltazar 25 days ago

    Super anime bros

  • Itz Mustartz
    Itz Mustartz 25 days ago

    9:57 did that really happened

    MFTOFFICIAL 25 days ago +2

    You should change your name to Quackity Reviews

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 26 days ago

    I'm confused as to why Fallout 76 was part of the Microsoft conference and not Bethesda.

    NUCLEAR bossJPN 26 days ago

    Ubisoft please go die

  • Void Foox
    Void Foox 26 days ago

    next, Tennocon 2019

  • Ravi V
    Ravi V 26 days ago

    Just dance is actually pretty successful.

  • The End
    The End 26 days ago

    You missed the best game they showed... RE2 remake.

  • Ur mum gey
    Ur mum gey 26 days ago

    Jesus christ stop with the damn despacito :(

  • Ultima 357
    Ultima 357 26 days ago

    Theres actually a fast and furious videogame

  • trickyfurball20 plays
    trickyfurball20 plays 26 days ago

    Xbox or PlayStation4 I pick P.C

  • Sovicom
    Sovicom 26 days ago +1

    4:30 Not so exclusive anymore

  • Javier Escuella
    Javier Escuella 26 days ago

    11:20 Linear..... LIneAr

  • spy pigeon was caught
    spy pigeon was caught 26 days ago

    *deadmau5 was cool at E3.*

  • Golf Boi
    Golf Boi 26 days ago

    They delivered roblox jailbreak my niggies ''get's excited in virgin language''

  • They did surgery on a grape

    You should look into fast and furious the video game its actually really good

  • Brandon Ocker
    Brandon Ocker 26 days ago

    To bad fallout 76 looks like a shit show at the moment

  • Brandon Ocker
    Brandon Ocker 26 days ago

    To bad fallout 76 is a shit show at the moment

  • Minh Kwan
    Minh Kwan 27 days ago

    Fucking censored the wrong fucking word u fucking fuck fuck 10:22