• Published on Nov 30, 2017
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    In this video, we GO SPICY! With 12 boxes of the all new FLAMIN HOT MAC N' CHEETOS!
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    I'm Erik. I'm more than just a face on your computer screen, stuffing stupid amounts of food in his mouth. I'm a cyclist, powerlifter and fitness lover and am an individual with a passion for LIVING life to the fullest, in every way possible. I've battled hardships in life, as well have, and I love connecting with those of you who have battled just as much as I have. This channel is primarily based around food challenges, reviews, and how AWESOME food it is. But it's also a channel in which I get to share with you, my life. Through a camera lens. Quite recently, I started my own separate podcast channel (which is also on iTunes) which you can find down below. Thanks for the support and for the encouragement!
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Comments • 590

  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  Year ago +197

    It may not be friday yet! BUT.. props to those of you that stuck around for the "Surprise" at the end! *#ElectricEmpire*

    • Briana Williams
      Briana Williams 6 months ago +1

      You make me hungry too 💖💀

    • Katie Maige
      Katie Maige 8 months ago

      ErikTheElectric Eric the super awesome Sayian 👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Rytis Montautas
      Rytis Montautas 9 months ago

      ErikTheElectric i am monster hungryyy ahhhh!!!!!!

    • uhavemooface
      uhavemooface Year ago

      I just want to know if your butthole burned when you pooped.

    • boi's world
      boi's world Year ago

      ErikTheElectric they taste like hot fries

  • the 1
    the 1 24 days ago


  • luka f
    luka f 26 days ago


  • flamingknight 1235
    flamingknight 1235 27 days ago +1

    Your videos are funny

  • Anderson T.
    Anderson T. Month ago

    That asmr though

  • Shelby Jensen
    Shelby Jensen Month ago

    Like you r video

  • Kristen Toliver
    Kristen Toliver Month ago

    I hate when he say imma try to eat all this myself duhhhhh that’s so cringe when he say that

  • obeezy E
    obeezy E 2 months ago

    I’m hungry cause I’m cutting weight for my fight in February lol

  • Some Random kid
    Some Random kid 2 months ago


  • Megiddo Jones
    Megiddo Jones 3 months ago

    I'm white and these things don't even taste warmish. Maybe I'm broken. :/

  • Smilee
    Smilee 3 months ago +1

    I just had breakfast. Pancakes and scrambled eggs, so I am not hungry.
    Loved the video!⚡️⚡️⚡️ But don't ever do that again, I don't like seeing you in pain. :[

  • Cjlr rn
    Cjlr rn 3 months ago

    Your taste in music is 💯

  • Diamond Bailey
    Diamond Bailey 3 months ago

    If you wear a flannel your homosexual that's it

  • Svnth
    Svnth 3 months ago

    It’s not even spicy fam

  • Octavious Tolbert
    Octavious Tolbert 3 months ago

    Sorry but you need some milk

  • Quincy Kelly
    Quincy Kelly 4 months ago

    Could you do a BBQ challenge

    ROCIOROSSAS ROSSAS 4 months ago

    I wish I had the money to buy that

  • infamous itsme24798
    infamous itsme24798 4 months ago

    Is that Limited

  • Guardian Anbuis
    Guardian Anbuis 5 months ago

    That challenge is easy

  • Umar Irfan
    Umar Irfan 5 months ago

    they need to sell em in london burger king is bad here with the selection of food

  • bryan Zol
    bryan Zol 5 months ago

    There is no way you think those are hot 🤦‍♂️

  • Spencer Kaufman
    Spencer Kaufman 5 months ago

    Song at 1:25 ???

  • Michael Martorano
    Michael Martorano 5 months ago

    I like Mac n Cheetos with ketchup it’s good

  • D the Dubber
    D the Dubber 5 months ago

    That part from linkin park’s one step closer caught me off guard.

  • in a daze
    in a daze 5 months ago

    Milk & spicyness = chorro

  • Seth Payne
    Seth Payne 5 months ago

    Thats fucken sad that those are hot to you

  • Spencer Herod
    Spencer Herod 5 months ago

    I love your videos erik keep up the good work!

  • Kevin Zengri
    Kevin Zengri 6 months ago

    At least you don't get the hiccups when you eat spicy food!

  • Nick Partridge
    Nick Partridge 6 months ago

    Needs more ranch, love u dude.

  • Miss Nina
    Miss Nina 6 months ago

    Why am I watching this with nothing inside my belly 😩😩😩😩

  • Tyanna Elcock
    Tyanna Elcock 6 months ago

    Sorry 😐

  • Queen Cat
    Queen Cat 6 months ago

    "Flannel's are not even that cool"
    *at that moment David Seymour and all of his fans are TRIGGERED*

  • Priscila O
    Priscila O 6 months ago

    That looks good🤤

  • coline the one who motivates

    Your a savage

  • Swavebeatz
    Swavebeatz 6 months ago

    This came up on a Friday

  • Sam McLeod
    Sam McLeod 6 months ago

    I'm in awe. Hope you had toilet paper in the freezer in preparation for the after effects.

  • Heaven Blake
    Heaven Blake 7 months ago

    I’m hungry but I’m not going to like 😁

  • Immortality King AK
    Immortality King AK 7 months ago

    Rip to your ass bro💣

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad 7 months ago

    Kfc vs mcdonald's know

  • ez fahad
    ez fahad 7 months ago

    I need this

  • Vicente vids
    Vicente vids 7 months ago


  • hcllywood dreaming
    hcllywood dreaming 8 months ago

    -hot cheetos- flamin mac & cheetos

  • Charlotte Robinson
    Charlotte Robinson 8 months ago

    Where is Burger King

  • Dalyn Woodhouse
    Dalyn Woodhouse 8 months ago

    Lmao you treated it like it was a habinero bruh its a heckin cheeto

  • Gzus
    Gzus 8 months ago

    Holy mid-rolls.

  • trevcon 3
    trevcon 3 8 months ago

    I've tried these but the regular version and they were gross

  • Alfredo Ruiz
    Alfredo Ruiz 8 months ago


  • Jaden Davids
    Jaden Davids 8 months ago

    Enacted of saying the bad comments say the good comments😎 keep it cool👌🤘🖖

  • Katie Maige
    Katie Maige 8 months ago

    He going to have a voncano poop later trust me I know!!!!!

  • Pengirue #hufflepuff
    Pengirue #hufflepuff 8 months ago

    I can tell you ran out of ideas

  • Nnesa Vasquez
    Nnesa Vasquez 8 months ago

    The crunch . i Love it

  • Anthony StayTwirlin
    Anthony StayTwirlin 8 months ago

    I wish I was there to have 1 😔

  • ARG
    ARG 8 months ago

    Why 12 not 10

  • Lux ury
    Lux ury 9 months ago +1

    Idk wtf is that but I want to try it.

  • j pulido
    j pulido 9 months ago


  • Monica Guerra
    Monica Guerra 9 months ago

    I enjoyed the video

  • tsuki tsuki
    tsuki tsuki 9 months ago

    you skipped the three in Spanish

  • Ryan Hacker
    Ryan Hacker 9 months ago

    You skipped tres

  • richard seeger
    richard seeger 9 months ago

    your blood pressure is threw the roof

  • Absolute Nerds
    Absolute Nerds 9 months ago +1

    You can now buy mac and cheetos at walmart

  • Ethan j
    Ethan j 9 months ago +1

    did the girl say "12 orders my guy?"

  • gramerpolise
    gramerpolise 9 months ago +1

    Eric u probably took some out of the box bro. You're cheating!!1!1!1!one

  • project 5
    project 5 9 months ago

    Ali like spice so I want all of those

  • FunkyReviews
    FunkyReviews 9 months ago

    There just hot Cheetos

  • Parna Donkers
    Parna Donkers 10 months ago

    Fire in the hole😂😂 EricTheElectric you,re the best

  • tater tot
    tater tot 10 months ago +4

    Burger King has the best ranch

  • JibJab Productions
    JibJab Productions 10 months ago

    You skipped tres😂😂

  • Sofia Silva
    Sofia Silva 10 months ago

    I really dont know how you can do this ,today I ate pasta ,nuggets and for dessert piece of cake . IM DYING my stomach is hearting a lot

  • Eric Holland
    Eric Holland 10 months ago

    How do u not gain weight

  • Man Like Jake
    Man Like Jake 10 months ago +1

    how did you know I'm watching this on Friday

  • Thot destroyer 9000
    Thot destroyer 9000 10 months ago

    Lol he looks like 2009 Justin Bieber 😂😂😅😆

  • Hannah Mostafa
    Hannah Mostafa 10 months ago

    Hot Cheetos are not even hot😂

  • sarah.
    sarah. 10 months ago

    Same spicy foods and me don't like each other I ate a whole bag of hot cheetos and my ass was hurting

  • DEezzY DaGOaT4
    DEezzY DaGOaT4 10 months ago

    U doing to much kid

  • Skylark Kittay
    Skylark Kittay 10 months ago

    6,160 calories??????!!!!!! Wow

  • Jesus In A Tortilla
    Jesus In A Tortilla 10 months ago

    You suffer for your art.

  • SynDICKate69
    SynDICKate69 11 months ago

    The challenge even Koreans can't accomplish. RESPEKT

  • KJ Caston
    KJ Caston 11 months ago

    Flamin' hot cheetos aren't even that hot lmao...you really don't do spice do you! You should do an Xtra hot flamin' hot cheeto chip challege ahahaha

    ERTUĞRUL ÇILDIR 11 months ago +1

    you can eat yoğurt to avoid hot

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 11 months ago

    I'm not hungry because I just had spicy shrimp rice and mussels

  • mike gamer
    mike gamer 11 months ago

    King of spices

  • IcyAaron1997
    IcyAaron1997 11 months ago

    What was the name of the song that was playing at 1:24?

  • Abbigail Fischer
    Abbigail Fischer 11 months ago

    You went "uno,dos,cuatro" 😂 that's where ya miscounted

  • Joel Jaimes
    Joel Jaimes 11 months ago

    Salt helps with heat

  • ᴀᴘʀɪʟ
    ᴀᴘʀɪʟ 11 months ago

    My dumb fucking country doesn’t sell that shit around here, they done even sell the real red flaming cheetos, we’ve got the orange ones here

  • Michael6063 L
    Michael6063 L 11 months ago

    #butt on fire

  • Madison 21
    Madison 21 11 months ago

    Fast food fridays

  • Susan Willis
    Susan Willis Year ago

    You should do a can it ranch.

  • RedVelvetRabbit
    RedVelvetRabbit Year ago

    Makes me wonder why the diet coke tastes different from one food chain to another.

  • MrAnders0n91
    MrAnders0n91 Year ago +1

    Your small drink is a large in the UK

  • TheKingDomo
    TheKingDomo Year ago +1

    Boi he didn't even get "real" milk lol

  • its lenlen
    its lenlen Year ago

    dude looks like Mathias

  • Cheryl Miller
    Cheryl Miller Year ago

    Can you go to every fast food restaurants order the hamburgers .use only 2 buns but put all the hamburgers together

  • The Warriors
    The Warriors Year ago

    Omg I remember how much I love spicy food. My friend and I ate 26 of those in one night there was 7 of us including me

  • I Use to know
    I Use to know Year ago

    Tf is ranch

  • The Derpy Inkling
    The Derpy Inkling Year ago +1

    That stuff is NOT hot boi. Easy for a Mexican to say huh? Lol (plz pin or heart this) plz. I'm new to this channel and I'm already LOVING it!❤️❤️❤️😁

  • Jilly Jay
    Jilly Jay Year ago

    I gained 10 pounds just watching 4 minutes of this. 😂

  • Stefan Dan jensen

    I am hungry🌭🍔🍟🌭🍔🍟🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🌭🌭🌭🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟

  • Kara Nardolillo
    Kara Nardolillo Year ago

    Oh man I can’t handle hot shit either lol..thumbs up to you

  • Kara Nardolillo
    Kara Nardolillo Year ago

    Don’t know how I missed this video. I’ve seen all of yours.