Sending My Robot To Work Instead Of Me...


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  • SophieKraft !
    SophieKraft ! 10 hours ago

    Loomo is nimbo before it got smart!

  • SophieKraft !
    SophieKraft ! 10 hours ago

    Omg it’s so cute😝

    Cause I’ve seen it in real life(not that exact one) ;8:/9 guess what it’s name is

  • SophieKraft !
    SophieKraft ! 10 hours ago


  • Jeffrey Trapp
    Jeffrey Trapp 2 days ago

    6:37 this is me at 10pm

  • michael lewis
    michael lewis 2 days ago

    Man get Tanner one of those Giant Enter keys with all his hard work @3:05

  • Iris Lo
    Iris Lo 2 days ago

    Look at tanner in the background 😂😂

  • Meliodas187 0
    Meliodas187 0 4 days ago

    I’m just watching tanner in the background for some reason.

  • Flambodeus Scones
    Flambodeus Scones 5 days ago

    Good message about just relaxing and going with the flow! I need to do more of this in my life! Thanks Matt!!

  • Dayddestroyer
    Dayddestroyer 5 days ago

    11:17 its just staring at Connor and saying I will find you

  • Dr Wayland Roberts PhD

    matt sounded like a hippie

  • Dexter
    Dexter 6 days ago +1

    Looks like wall-e

  • Jason Alaimo
    Jason Alaimo 7 days ago

    We have these in our school district. This is the real virtual presence of course using ipad. I have a video of how well it works remotely.

  • PixelGamer 54
    PixelGamer 54 7 days ago

    You should do a vid about pranks with this robot
    Like to agree

  • Bethany Campione
    Bethany Campione 7 days ago

    0:39 "One of the things I love about everyone that works at Hi5, everyone's super honest." Unless they can get away with cheating Lol

  • DrDragonPlayz
    DrDragonPlayz 8 days ago

    Quick question how does he drive with no hands

  • Ryan Whatford Is Cool
    Ryan Whatford Is Cool 11 days ago +10


    • SophieKraft !
      SophieKraft ! 9 hours ago

      Ryan Whatford Is Cool it’s not crazy it’s cute, hmph 😤

  • Andrea Armfield
    Andrea Armfield 14 days ago

    Try turning…………………… fantastic

  • Overseer Warrior
    Overseer Warrior 15 days ago

    i should have nothing to do with it

  • Kailynne Yang
    Kailynne Yang 15 days ago

    Whenever you record while driving...
    Person driving besides you: "Why is that 37 year old man looking down at something?"

  • rosie SiLk
    rosie SiLk 18 days ago

    MATT! are you that rich where you can't drive your own car really? matt my man stop it drive the car that scares me someday the robots will take over and invade the planet lol

  • harmacharge b
    harmacharge b 21 day ago

    Portal is coming to life but portal and half life are in the same universe so is black Mesa now real

  • Gannon Benoit
    Gannon Benoit 23 days ago

    that's fucking amazing

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith 24 days ago


  • Lavender-Rose Fox
    Lavender-Rose Fox 24 days ago

    lumo's adorable

  • Supergamer1615 /Minecraft/roblox/games/ Random Art

    "Hey (insert guys name) you suck" Cyberbullying went to the next level 😱

  • Ryan Gloeckle
    Ryan Gloeckle 25 days ago

    please don't be skynet

  • Robsu Ridström
    Robsu Ridström 26 days ago

    Ima human
    I am a robot overlord
    Me OMG 😨😱
    Destroit 😨

  • epic chloe
    epic chloe 27 days ago

    chuck was rude to tanner I love tanner

  • Clown Fish Queen
    Clown Fish Queen 29 days ago

    More episodes plz

  • mina samaan
    mina samaan 29 days ago

    nice tesla i think

  • Pug Squad12
    Pug Squad12 29 days ago


  • NoOne Important
    NoOne Important Month ago

    So we have this black car (that my brother uses) it’s really old and it brought my brother, who’s now in college, home a week after he was born. Well this person, called the POLICE on us because that car just ruined their day every SINGLE, MORNING!! Because my brother didn’t drive it often, what we did was move it an inch every week back and forth, the police understood that bc it’s an old car but that person though. I think they moved outta our neighborhood.

  • Abdullah Sikander
    Abdullah Sikander Month ago

    Awesome, loved that.
    Cannot change what already happened

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright Month ago


  • lit dabers
    lit dabers Month ago

    I'm always listening ... Creepy ... I'm out

  • Kelly Luk
    Kelly Luk Month ago

    0:24 is a Minecraft villager ( kind of)

  • andrei guda
    andrei guda Month ago

    how much is that robot

  • WizardOf
    WizardOf Month ago

    To an extent, yeah don't let little things bother. But eventually, it will beg the question... how many times before it becomes classified as a single larger thing?

  • kittys 18391
    kittys 18391 Month ago

    where do i get me one of those??

  • Nightshade 46
    Nightshade 46 Month ago

    we're did he get this I want one

  • Mika Misaki
    Mika Misaki Month ago

    Ok, so what’s up with his car? It freaks me out that he doesn’t have his hands on the wheel most of the time during the vlog. I know it’s probably safe if hes doing it on USclip, but I really wanna know what’s up.

  • Creeper Nation
    Creeper Nation Month ago

    So let me get this straight. You bought an expensive robot and had no idea what it can do? I wish I had money like that where I don't need to think if I should or not. Lol. I know you had an idea about what it can do but some of your staff had questions and you had no idea.

  • the new tv
    the new tv Month ago

    did anyone see that in the beginning he was driving but his hands were not on the wheel

  • Tomato King
    Tomato King Month ago

    Where can I get one???!?!???!??!??!?!

  • Lapse
    Lapse Month ago

    lol was tanner doing aleks???

  • Nicholas Cogoni
    Nicholas Cogoni Month ago

    That robot is like a hooman 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖😦😦😦😦😐😐😐😶😶😶

  • Nicholas Cogoni
    Nicholas Cogoni Month ago

    That robots funny and cool but how much does it cost that thing must be expensive probably $1000 or more??! But where did you get it

  • Nicholas Cogoni
    Nicholas Cogoni Month ago

    I have an idea to trick the robot pretend you have a heart attack

  • Charlie Travers
    Charlie Travers Month ago

    ok , the beard has to go

  • Jace-Fish Spones
    Jace-Fish Spones Month ago

    I *want*

  • Whoop Dee-Doo
    Whoop Dee-Doo Month ago +2

    Matthias not having his hands on the wheel when he’s driving is making me really nervous.

    • zaιв ĸнalιd
      zaιв ĸнalιd Month ago

      that's a tesla, pretty sure teslas can drive themselves lol

  • Ma213rio
    Ma213rio Month ago

    How did you not get a ticket when you where driving with no hands 😂

  • Matt decoder
    Matt decoder Month ago

    Oh my God please post more of this this is the best thing I've ever seen

  • Isac Hearne
    Isac Hearne Month ago

    do more videos with the robot

  • Joell Wenkel
    Joell Wenkel Month ago

    I want one it is cool

  • Zachary Steele
    Zachary Steele Month ago

    One Word 2018.................

  • oskar Carlbom
    oskar Carlbom Month ago

    You saund länk a hipi

  • cedric desa 2
    cedric desa 2 Month ago


  • nick josh
    nick josh Month ago

    Detroit: Become Human Intensifies

  • Jacob An
    Jacob An Month ago

    But kinda creepy

  • Jacob An
    Jacob An Month ago

    I want one

  • Kiril Petrov
    Kiril Petrov Month ago get free vbucks

  • Cheetahboy3000
    Cheetahboy3000 Month ago

    you are turning into neistat

  • Rockstar . Games
    Rockstar . Games Month ago

    Wait a second are you Muslim since u fast?

  • Rockstar . Games
    Rockstar . Games Month ago +2

    How are you my thighs itch??

  • Family Langens
    Family Langens Month ago

    Cyberlife's prototype

  • coba56
    coba56 Month ago

    where do I buy one

  • Shadow
    Shadow Month ago

    Ok Matthias the hippy

  • Kawaii Riley
    Kawaii Riley Month ago

    Lol that's so funny and cool 😂😭

  • jennifer asdot
    jennifer asdot Month ago

    Pls do more with this it's super dope

  • Bill Allmich
    Bill Allmich Month ago

    when your too lazy to go to work ha ha ha

  • Jacob Sayer
    Jacob Sayer Month ago

    I actually want to see more of this.

  • ludivina landa
    ludivina landa Month ago

    Do more videos with him

  • Dray Crandall
    Dray Crandall Month ago


  • B Brothers
    B Brothers Month ago


  • Harry Cabello
    Harry Cabello Month ago +29

    Matt : why does it look up?
    Wood : because its UPdating
    Me : really punny wood 😂

  • Kevin Langley
    Kevin Langley Month ago

    Wall-E, Eve & Loomo oh don't forget uncle Burn-E

  • blue diamond
    blue diamond Month ago


  • Jonas Sundkvist
    Jonas Sundkvist Month ago

    hello! I am Loomo sent by Cyberlife

  • Sick Unicorn
    Sick Unicorn Month ago

    its a nintendo

  • Jelluu
    Jelluu Month ago

    tbh its kinda cute..

  • Elan koulax
    Elan koulax Month ago

    You can change it because you can hold the person who did it responsible and they would have to cough up the money and if it's too low of amount of money for your deductible then you can sue him in small claims court

  • Lily Decker
    Lily Decker Month ago

    Get rid of the beard!

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G Month ago

    Where dos he work this job looks fun af

  • Bridgette Cooper-Scott

    Use it when your sick

  • DJ Doggor
    DJ Doggor Month ago


  • Mihai Asaftei
    Mihai Asaftei Month ago

    poor little robot has some powerful enemies in hi5 studios, " stairs" ...

  • Mihai Asaftei
    Mihai Asaftei Month ago

    Conner was like WTF is happening here?

  • Jeremiah Boyd
    Jeremiah Boyd Month ago

    For me, it depends what kind of car is dented
    If its a 90's, 00's car I won't worry about it
    but if it's a classic I'm gonna chew your head off

  • Th3 Crimson Gam3r
    Th3 Crimson Gam3r Month ago


  • Frosty Modzz
    Frosty Modzz Month ago

    The human race is over make way for robots

  • turtleneckflex
    turtleneckflex Month ago

    Human target acquired

  • Catherine TV
    Catherine TV Month ago

    Instant Flashbacks to GTA Online - Cliffford

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker Month ago

    When Tanner said Ok Google Sing my Google home legit went off. HAHA

    ROCKY DA ROCK Month ago

    14:40 look at his ears

  • Tj Cooper
    Tj Cooper Month ago

    How Mitch was it I might buy one

  • ♥ Fun Stuff for girls ♥

    WHERE DID YOU BUY THIS THING I want one so bad

  • melted nation 2nd acc don't worry about it

    Did Matt just use a switchblade 'o' 3:27 that's illegal

  • The Drawing fox
    The Drawing fox Month ago

    This is creepy