Yummy Shrimp Crispy Stir Fry Cooking Garlic - Shrimp Crispy Recipe - Cooking With Sros


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  • Juliana MartineZ
    Juliana MartineZ 8 hours ago

    Looks. Yummy

  • Marilyn Summit
    Marilyn Summit Day ago

    You are over cooking the hell out of those shrimp.

  • Rolf Joho
    Rolf Joho Day ago

    Eminent Video! It helped me a lot!

  • Jose Colon
    Jose Colon 2 days ago

    You left the skin on the garlic? Very interesting indeed!

  • Tony 3 5
    Tony 3 5 2 days ago

    Hello at 5min15 , what is it ? Thanks

  • Brian Tate
    Brian Tate 3 days ago

    The plating looks so good, I want to know where is this restaurant?

  • Rolf Joho
    Rolf Joho 3 days ago

    Horrendous Video! It assisted me a lot!

  • Тата Крек
    Тата Крек 3 days ago

    Такая приятная девушка 😘😘🙋👏👏

  • Nut Sack
    Nut Sack 3 days ago

    1 million view for this bullshit. Fry anything and it will tate good.

  • Nut Sack
    Nut Sack 3 days ago

    Does any here those delicious animals in the back round waiting to be cooked as well? the only thing we don't hear is dog, they must have left that one out. And by the way, anything fried in butter or oil always taste good. It is not rocket science.

  • sheets0f metal
    sheets0f metal 4 days ago

    Ok....why are the shrimps that big?!? in America we only have little shrimps :(

  • Victor Photo & Video

    se me antojaron mucho los camarones

  • *****Sincere*****
    *****Sincere***** 4 days ago

    Very Beautiful woman.

  • شغل ايدين
    شغل ايدين 4 days ago

    الرجاء الاشتراك في قناتي والدعم

  • Illya Leeper
    Illya Leeper 4 days ago

    Shrimp looks amazing

  • Du Walker
    Du Walker 4 days ago

    wow Sarap.....

  • TheMatt2390
    TheMatt2390 5 days ago

    I love it when she eats them and shakes her head in agreement like Man it’s tasty, while I’m sitting on my couch and eating crackers.

  • Lorene Jones
    Lorene Jones 5 days ago

    B TV

  • Rocío villa
    Rocío villa 5 days ago

    Se me antojo se ve k esta rikisimo 👌😁

  • michael minikel
    michael minikel 6 days ago

    Sros I know you are not a professional chef, but young lady you should be, yummmmmmmy!!!!!

  • yuslida van akker
    yuslida van akker 6 days ago

    Yummmi...thanks resepi..

    SAlDIVAR OSVALDO 6 days ago

    Food and lady are delicious, wouldn’t mind eating her up!

  • Stan Hamilton
    Stan Hamilton 6 days ago

    Yummy! Thanks for the nice video!

    DULCINEIA LAMPIER 6 days ago

    Hummmmm delicioso

  • Kane Parker
    Kane Parker 6 days ago


  • Erose Erose
    Erose Erose 7 days ago

    Cooking early in the morning kooooookoooooooo 🐔

  • Robert Jeffery
    Robert Jeffery 7 days ago

    How can you possibly taste the shrimp with all that overpowering garlic DUH!

  • Marta Francisca
    Marta Francisca 7 days ago

    hummm!!!!! parece o jeitinho brasileiro de fazer camarão.

  • Алексей Фролов

    блядь вот с чебурнетом все пиздой накроетя ребят вашь пизднесс пиздой рухнет я вам незавидую естли и дальше хрюкать будете у карыта

  • Pelenaise Liu
    Pelenaise Liu 7 days ago

    Omg so yummy love your videos can’t wait to make for my husband

  • R B
    R B 7 days ago

    Excellent preparations - the finished product is simply gorgeous, looks delicious! Great job Sros.

  • Carl Schmiedeke
    Carl Schmiedeke 7 days ago

    Is there a reason you didn't cut off enough of the head, or peal skin off before cooking

  • Everything Jazzmin
    Everything Jazzmin 8 days ago

    👀🍴💋I bet u caught them we have to buy them where I live. #Expensive

  • Federico González
    Federico González 8 days ago

    ¡Qué rico se ve eso! Y yo que soy alérgico a los camarones... 😪

  • spoony Love
    spoony Love 8 days ago

    That butter yellow yellow lol

  • eliezer martinez
    eliezer martinez 9 days ago

    Xq no traduce en español mierda no sé qué le puso al ajo

    TRUTH 9 days ago

    Record away from your grocery store next time please

  • Janak kumar
    Janak kumar 9 days ago


  • Алефтина Пастухова


  • Giovanni Fabro
    Giovanni Fabro 9 days ago

    Az a baj édes hogy felzabáljátok az összes halat a tengerből óceánból folyóvizből és medréből miért Mert feneketlen a gyomrotok kannibálok

  • J Paula
    J Paula 9 days ago

    You are very beautiful! Are you single? I mean not yet married? Are you Vietnamese or Thai?

  • Alexander Villasana
    Alexander Villasana 9 days ago

    Hi Sros !I like your recipe but what is the next to garlic.thank

  • Nähwichtel Nähen
    Nähwichtel Nähen 9 days ago

    recipes are good. but the way she does this is awful. garlic not peeled, fish and chicken chopped into pieces with bones. horrible

  • eduardo perez
    eduardo perez 9 days ago


  • Jesus Casillas
    Jesus Casillas 10 days ago

    I want to married you and the first we eat your chiken

  • Fernando Miranda
    Fernando Miranda 10 days ago

    Very good!!!! Mmmm

  • Jay Wispak
    Jay Wispak 10 days ago

    Girl wei ,WO trumu b3 b)n paaa oooo

  • Mora Sabajo
    Mora Sabajo 10 days ago

    Yummy cockroaches from the sea yummy

  • Max Maximus
    Max Maximus 10 days ago

    were ar you from I ame from Romania

  • wilfred lee
    wilfred lee 10 days ago

    Like your cooking.

  • Jody Moore
    Jody Moore 11 days ago

    that chicken is driving me crazy! But this looks so good!

  • LV_Tech
    LV_Tech 11 days ago

    I am hungry now :P ....great video

  • Phat Phat
    Phat Phat 12 days ago


  • pinu Paul
    pinu Paul 12 days ago

    Verry nice butToooooo much oil is not good in think...fr....India

  • Kenny Heralal
    Kenny Heralal 12 days ago

    Very nice. I don't understand how the video could get thumbs down.

  • Maria Rodrigues
    Maria Rodrigues 13 days ago

    Eu comeria tudo

  • lea salvador
    lea salvador 14 days ago

    Bonjour, 🙏🏻please can you tell me what is the ingredient that you have mixed with fried garlic ?

  • dublinbred
    dublinbred 16 days ago

    Great video thank you.

  • Jackie Siebrass
    Jackie Siebrass 17 days ago

    Meant Sros

  • Jackie Siebrass
    Jackie Siebrass 17 days ago

    Soros is fabulous a chef

  • dianetina
    dianetina 17 days ago

    One of the reasons I watch your videos is for the animal sounds ..💚💚💚 watching you cook is very relaxing . 🙂

  • Parrots Buddy
    Parrots Buddy 17 days ago

    Una coronita bien gelita!!!

  • the_key _player
    the_key _player 18 days ago

    She didn't even peel the garlic before chopping them. Yuck!

  • Hann Penparkkul
    Hann Penparkkul 18 days ago


  • Raj Cherian
    Raj Cherian 19 days ago

    Wow Great video. I never subscribe in the first instant, but I have to to this one. I will try, but the way it went I am sure it is going to be great. By the way I love cooking.

  • Vern L
    Vern L 19 days ago

    Looks 👍

  • Tainá Little
    Tainá Little 19 days ago

    Nossa parece MT gostoso

  • Linda Kittle
    Linda Kittle 19 days ago

    Hope they're not overcooked, it's like chewing gum.

  • Mohamed Nasr
    Mohamed Nasr 19 days ago

    Can you please tell me what are you add after garlic

  • Галина Артёменко


  • Roger Pineda
    Roger Pineda 19 days ago


  • Rosas e Borboletas
    Rosas e Borboletas 20 days ago

    Amanhã vou comprar camarões e vou fazer igual o seu ok!!!!!

  • Rosas e Borboletas
    Rosas e Borboletas 20 days ago

    Boa noite amiga! Vim conhecer seu canal gostei bastante seu vidéo é excelente. Deixei o meu joinha para fortalecer o canal também a minha amizade! ! !eu adoro camarões 👍👍😘😘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • starry niteZ
    starry niteZ 20 days ago

    yummy i wanna eat it so bad rn

  • Ken Elliott
    Ken Elliott 20 days ago +1


  • Ray Casimiro
    Ray Casimiro 20 days ago

    what is her Nationality..

  • David Lledó
    David Lledó 20 days ago

    Lastima que lo cocine con mantequilla

  • Erin O'Malley
    Erin O'Malley 20 days ago

    all the flavor is on the shell she should have taken shell of first lol

  • Syloney Hall
    Syloney Hall 20 days ago

    For the first time chicken seaso, sugar,and oyster sauce didnt added 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Nha Nguyen
    Nha Nguyen 21 day ago

    Hi! I really like your video. That makes me hungry. Can you tell me the spices you used?

  • Michael Trees
    Michael Trees 21 day ago

    Margarine? In the middle of nowhere? Interesting. Looks yummy!! Thank you!

  • Teddy Swagger
    Teddy Swagger 21 day ago +2

    Love the recipes and cultural experiences. Thank you Sros. Keep up the great work. 👏👏👏💕💕

  • Jhovie Yagonia
    Jhovie Yagonia 21 day ago

    im craving watching this :(

  • KB Ranganbay
    KB Ranganbay 22 days ago

    Man those things are huge.

  • Anna Norman
    Anna Norman 22 days ago

    Oh my god that look delicues!! I could eat one portion every day 😁

  • Mariana Topor
    Mariana Topor 23 days ago

    Yummy shrimp 🦐

  • Ammarilla Henry
    Ammarilla Henry 23 days ago

    Good clocking, keep up the great work.

  • Sharon M
    Sharon M 23 days ago

    What was added after the garlic please?

  • J -
    J - 23 days ago

    Those look yummy

  • habib rupa
    habib rupa 23 days ago

    I love this fish

  • stimey Mccslimey
    stimey Mccslimey 23 days ago

    All the next meals are screaming in the background

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 23 days ago

    Luv the big shrimp

  • Ruffamay Calderon
    Ruffamay Calderon 24 days ago

    Do you have recipe

  • Foxnbox
    Foxnbox 24 days ago

    that butter looked so rich and dont tell me its not butter because i wont believe it!

  • Surendra Manohar
    Surendra Manohar 24 days ago

    Oh! That was very nice. Hats off to the vediographer and his/her camera. Looked so delicious felt like getting it done immediately and tasting it as shown here by lovely Mam. God bless you and keep them coming. 👌👌👍😚

  • Malna Secolles
    Malna Secolles 24 days ago

    Overcooked. The shrimp must be half cook because you will still cook with ingredients

  • sharifah noor Shah
    sharifah noor Shah 24 days ago


  • Amar kumar
    Amar kumar 25 days ago