5 Creepiest Sounds in the Ocean Ever Recorded

  • Published on Dec 18, 2016
  • Dark5 presents 5 of the most mysterious and creepy audio recordings of unexplained sounds coming from the depths of the ocean.
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    Think you've heard it all? Inspired by a new mysterious sound heard pinging in the arctic and scaring away animals in 2016, Dark5 brings you a different take on the 5 most mysterious underwater sounds ever recorded. Hear the nightmare fuel voice of NOC - a whale trying to talk like a human, the unsettling tones of the still unidentified "Upsweep," the strange quacking sounds that followed Russian submarines, and the eerie calls of a whale deep in the Mariana Trench right before a magnitude 5 earthquake during a research mission to study underwater sounds.

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  • E
    E 3 hours ago

    5. sounds like a dolphin but its too cold?

  • MintyTea
    MintyTea Day ago

    if they hadn't put that creepy picture at 1:44 I wouldnt have been as scared

  • BricksBenedict
    BricksBenedict Day ago +1

    That thumbnail is gonna give me nightmares

  • Elena Meehan
    Elena Meehan Day ago

    1:43 me in music class

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt 2 days ago

    The music is really extra

  • Lang
    Lang 3 days ago

    Go crazy go ahh

  • Galeem
    Galeem 3 days ago

    0:33 more like the bloop on a iceberg

  • Luna chan playz74
    Luna chan playz74 4 days ago




  • Zarif Afnan
    Zarif Afnan 5 days ago +1

    The noc was extremely creepiest sound ever

  • josue hernandez
    josue hernandez 5 days ago

    I love this video

  • Roblox_ Gaming1122
    Roblox_ Gaming1122 5 days ago

    1:50 is not okay, At first I listened to it without headphones ( cause I'm a wuss ) and I thought it was funny bc of the kazoo, but with 80-HD headphones is like...IM TERRIFIED, it's like I heard this before but I can't remember when...Its like his captain was just about to get attacked by a beluaga whale as he was choking on water, since it sounded weirdly cause it was under water, But really this gave me an anxiety attack..

  • viola dorion
    viola dorion 5 days ago

    The 4th one scared me off

  • aldrinplayz prototype 81

    2:28 me when I'm mad

  • huong tran
    huong tran 8 days ago

    Me when try singing for first time:

  • sonnyean1
    sonnyean1 8 days ago


  • Hope Browatzke
    Hope Browatzke 8 days ago +1

    2:33 sounded like an alarm from a boat or machine

  • Hope Browatzke
    Hope Browatzke 8 days ago

    Wtf it did sound human

  • luka urosevic
    luka urosevic 9 days ago

    Talking whale: DOrFdADaDAdAdAJ
    Me: WUT THE F*** IS THAT

  • dheeraj Kumar
    dheeraj Kumar 10 days ago +1

    I think this sounds like blue wale up to bigger 😕🐋🐋🐳..cratuer

  • Averyy
    Averyy 11 days ago

    How can sea make thoose sounds ;-;??

  • Alpha fire Phantom
    Alpha fire Phantom 12 days ago


  • Shadow_HUN Rat
    Shadow_HUN Rat 13 days ago

    Woah... I put 1:53 at 0,25,and all k hear, is,, daddy, mommy, help me" 😂😂😂🤷‍♀️ maybe i am just hallucinating it, but idk

  • OOGS FYC141
    OOGS FYC141 14 days ago

    Just me that thinks the second 1 is terrifying ?

  • Aeidad Nadeem
    Aeidad Nadeem 14 days ago +1


  • Lloyd
    Lloyd 15 days ago

    In 1.53 it only wanted to sing with you

  • Apple
    Apple 15 days ago

    none as terrifying as my mom coming to my room after i slam a door...

  • Mayra Rivera
    Mayra Rivera 15 days ago +1

    Hey this is to scary for my little sister

  • Ch0co_ C1lla
    Ch0co_ C1lla 16 days ago

    *The Kazoo dolphin*

  • Nathan Gollehon
    Nathan Gollehon 16 days ago

    What the fuck was that

  • Budz
    Budz 17 days ago

    1:44 dodoododdoddodoooooddddoooooo

  • gacha Lily
    gacha Lily 17 days ago

    At 2:33 that sound like a monster

  • Willy Wright
    Willy Wright 18 days ago

    Sounds like a kazooh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Godzilla501
    Godzilla501 18 days ago +1

    1:45 *me playing kozzo for the first time*

  • DjandBen MC
    DjandBen MC 18 days ago

    hello guys go to 3:17 and look in the bottom right of the screen it looks like a shark is there

  • retsukoredpanda #teamredpanda

    1:45 put on 2x and that how russians speaks for the spanish and english people and we think she talk like that beacuse we not russians and not ofending russians is not bad if we dont understand u is beacuse u talk in another idiom and we talk spanish and english soo we dont understand u russian person who read this coment sorry russian but u talk like that fornother people who dont understand u but is not easy to speak russian you gotta practice all the day

  • Queen Ronny
    Queen Ronny 18 days ago

    1:50 I’m a banana im a banana

  • MaTs VlOgg
    MaTs VlOgg 18 days ago

    at 1:47 i think that person microphobe is broken

  • Hardy Williams
    Hardy Williams 19 days ago


  • XXII Gaming
    XXII Gaming 19 days ago

    The first one was just Ironman testing his ocean suit

  • lydia V Helis
    lydia V Helis 19 days ago +1

    Is it just me or when I heard 1:44 I laugh too hard (0.25×)

  • Lila Ashbridge
    Lila Ashbridge 20 days ago

    NOC was the creepiest!😬

  • {〉〉RedFox〈〈}
    {〉〉RedFox〈〈} 20 days ago

    D@v k. Y

  • Sυиƒlσωєя Fυмι

    "Scary sounds found in ocean"
    ;mas nakakatakot ung sigaw ni mama

    • Kira Chan
      Kira Chan 15 days ago

      Ay totoo yan
      Best rapper nanay natin

  • David Maxwell
    David Maxwell 20 days ago +1

    The thumbnail gives me the creeps

  • LonelyPotato
    LonelyPotato 21 day ago

    I just kept skipping to the sounds. I didn't care about the other stuff. :')

  • Nothing for Granted
    Nothing for Granted 21 day ago

    NOC is a troll son.

  • Chip Flake
    Chip Flake 21 day ago +1

    Only 71% of the sea is explored I wander if it can go to 100% and there's a ghost train noise check it out cya..

  • Stopkid Idk
    Stopkid Idk 22 days ago +1

    1:45 jesus who put that here

  • Robert Lovern
    Robert Lovern 22 days ago

    The first one sounded like a orca

  • Ella Windstorm
    Ella Windstorm 22 days ago

    I HATE oceans and water. I LOVE Fire! Water is pure evil. It’s the Fire killer. I can’t stand it... Fire is my element! Go team Fire!
    Also... I am very afraid of sea, ocean and space. Hope it isn’t just me.

    NASIHA TREBINJAC 22 days ago

    1:44 tutututu

  • Slayre
    Slayre 23 days ago

    Baby Shark 1:45

  • Rocket Think
    Rocket Think 23 days ago +2

    The reason they can’t find what made the noises is because the SCP foundation already took them

  • ZackThePrez RBLX
    ZackThePrez RBLX 23 days ago

    So NOC Sounds Like A Harmonica a Broken Harmonica..

  • preimmerr
    preimmerr 23 days ago

    *-there is someone behind you-*

  • Cassie Kesselring
    Cassie Kesselring 23 days ago +6

    Not even a soul:

    1:44 : *That kid who plays a kazoo on TV*

  • Kittuszkaa 2000
    Kittuszkaa 2000 23 days ago


  • Zayood Maged4545
    Zayood Maged4545 25 days ago

    1:44 sounds like a drunk Indian man

  • Naive Doggo
    Naive Doggo 25 days ago

    1:44 how I fart