Ghetts - Five Pound Munch Coming Soon

  • Published on Aug 5, 2015
  • We bumped into Ghetts in Brixton at Brixton Splash.
    Look out for his Five Pound Munch coming soon.
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    Ghetts :
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Comments • 91

  • Sam Higo
    Sam Higo Year ago

    ghetts got some sick style clothing

  • Keyrin
    Keyrin 2 years ago

    Still waiting

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 2 years ago +1

    11 month and it still ain't come

  • Jack XiiX
    Jack XiiX 3 years ago

    It's baittttt

  • 808Squad
    808Squad 3 years ago

    yes ghetts!

  • Aadil Ali
    Aadil Ali 3 years ago +6

    Coming soon ? Fam it's been 8 months lol

    • Jack Steeles
      Jack Steeles Year ago

      Kmt 2 years now this is black timing taken to the max

  • tombrero
    tombrero 3 years ago

    8 months later

  • danny garcia
    danny garcia 3 years ago

    Its basically March of 2016 Lordie we still waiting!!

    • User
      User 2 years ago


  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 3 years ago

    I want to see what ghetts ghetts for his five pound munch

  • Jim Lawler
    Jim Lawler 3 years ago

    'Coming soon' its been 3 months Lord

  • Lviipez z
    Lviipez z 3 years ago

    wens this happening

  • sudanym
    sudanym 3 years ago

    Ghetts is the grime MC Ride

  • Drunken Warlock
    Drunken Warlock 3 years ago

    still w8ing

  • Robert Munro
    Robert Munro 3 years ago

    these 5 pound munch need to be a regular ting like 1 a month or some shit but the ghetto 1 will be sick

  • Stay Ghostt
    Stay Ghostt 3 years ago

    D double E £5 Munch oooer oooer

  • The Chuffalo
    The Chuffalo 3 years ago +1

    Yes blud, finally.

  • Sparky
    Sparky 3 years ago +2

    He's so hype I love it

  • Kmama Pret
    Kmama Pret 3 years ago


  • Inactive user
    Inactive user 3 years ago +8

    We all know Ghetts has to ask Carlos first before he puts that shit on the counter.m

  • Josh Ford
    Josh Ford 3 years ago

    I would wanna see Jme, tempa t, stormzy or charlie sloth do a 5 pound munch

  • madamess06
    madamess06 3 years ago

    Is ghetts on instagram? What is it?

  • Joe A
    Joe A 3 years ago

    Say no more its coming

  • Pubbala from customer cares


  • SS & GOMAD Victim
    SS & GOMAD Victim 3 years ago


    SKUDUSKUR 3 years ago

    Does ghetts bun weed ?

      SKUDUSKUR 3 years ago +2

      +itzJLD Because when you smoke weed you get the munchies ...

    • Jay Dee
      Jay Dee 3 years ago

      How is that relevant😂

    • sheela duffin
      sheela duffin 3 years ago +2

      He used to back in risky roadz days, think he's stopped now though

  • Erykah J.O.P
    Erykah J.O.P 3 years ago


    TOCS MUSIC 3 years ago

    Been saying this from like 2nd episode thank fuck lordie 👍

  • Kious Jones
    Kious Jones 3 years ago +1

    Where's chronik at tho?

  • RichG-NG8
    RichG-NG8 3 years ago

    You said JMEs was dropping months ago??

  • The-V12-Beast
    The-V12-Beast 3 years ago

    Please Lordie we need more content! :D

  • CampingBuddiesOPVE
    CampingBuddiesOPVE 3 years ago +1

    Get skepta jme and tempa t on this

  • itsJosh Regan
    itsJosh Regan 3 years ago

    ghetts is the kinda guy to go write a legit list and research this shit now ready for it

  • Richard Timms
    Richard Timms 3 years ago

    Man looks like a horse, will probs just buy grass to munch on.

  • Internet Roadman
    Internet Roadman 3 years ago

    VIbes... lordie u got this 5 pound much ting locked get krep and conen in next then it will be even more sick

  • Dwayne Bickersteth
    Dwayne Bickersteth 3 years ago +5

    Yes Lordie, you got us fans what we wanted, respect g!!!!

  • More2Life
    More2Life 3 years ago

    Ghetts the og

  • SinisterElements
    SinisterElements 3 years ago

    hat Remix beat at the end is nice, I wannit!

  • azzcov87
    azzcov87 3 years ago

    A vet in grime scene

  • MannyGTV
    MannyGTV 3 years ago

    It's about God dam time!!!!

  • Adzz
    Adzz 3 years ago +1

    Tempa T five pound munch!!

  • Rock'N'RollStar
    Rock'N'RollStar 3 years ago +40

    A Tempa T 5 pound much would be jokes

    • reefs216
      reefs216 3 years ago +2

      +ThisisTSPE im feeling what the top dawg spades have on 5£much

    • Rock'N'RollStar
      Rock'N'RollStar 3 years ago +3

      doesnt matter if he eats healthy, he has personality, hed make it entertaining still

    • JYG
      JYG 3 years ago +1

      +vIMONST3RIv Im not hyped what are u on about?

    • vIMONST3RIv
      vIMONST3RIv 3 years ago +1

      +JYG calm yourself down

    • JYG
      JYG 3 years ago +3

      +vIMONST3RIv So you can't munch if you eat healthy? Okay fam

  • jaykoe
    jaykoe 3 years ago +30

    hopefully we get a sequel to him getting parred in the chip shop

  • Sir_Gorillaz
    Sir_Gorillaz 3 years ago +4

    Name of outro music

    • Mac Finn
      Mac Finn 3 years ago

      +Rico Barrera check soundcloud

    • Sir_Gorillaz
      Sir_Gorillaz 3 years ago

      +Rico Barrera It's john brown igloo cooler

    • Frederico Barrera
      Frederico Barrera 3 years ago

      +GRIMEREPORTTV where can i find it bro, it aint on youtube

      GRIMEREPORTTV  3 years ago +4

      +123vicknaraj123 John Brown The Rebel - Eskimo Remix Instrumental

  • TheLemondog1
    TheLemondog1 3 years ago

    +GRIMEREPORTTV bring back cooking with base

  • Matthew Dyer
    Matthew Dyer 3 years ago


  • Tailor Fitted
    Tailor Fitted 3 years ago +121

    Ghett's is so amped for no reason, I feel gassed just watching this lol

    • ExpectBass
      ExpectBass 3 years ago +1

      +Keir Bo which ones carlos? lol

    • Ronixoxox
      Ronixoxox 3 years ago

      +King Kole I'm deeeeeeeeeaaadd 😩😂😂😂😂

    • UziChar
      UziChar 3 years ago

      defo !!!

    • k
      k 3 years ago +20

      He just happy Carlos is back on road

    • Rock'N'RollStar
      Rock'N'RollStar 3 years ago +10

      Same man, I hear dat! He seems a lively geezer off and on the mic

  • Oscar Willcox
    Oscar Willcox 3 years ago

    Yes ghetts been waiting on this 1 still

  • William Shakespeare
    William Shakespeare 3 years ago +1

    casually bumped into Gh, thats mad

    • mufc187
      mufc187 3 years ago

      +Nick Naish especially if you're at a festival that everyone knows about lol

      they ain't bumping into man at mcdonalds this was at brixton splash

    • jstar259
      jstar259 3 years ago +1

      Go Westfield lol

    • NJDTN.91
      NJDTN.91 3 years ago +2

      +William Shakespeare Spend enough time in London, in the areas they do, and you would too.

  • JA B
    JA B 3 years ago

    better not be gassin

  • spritechaserZ
    spritechaserZ 3 years ago +61

    Finally its happening big up lordie largely requested

    • sam robinson
      sam robinson 3 years ago

      +GRIMEREPORTTV jheeezzz

    • Jay grime
      Jay grime 3 years ago +1

      +GRIMEREPORTTV standard. hope to see jme on the new episodes he will change the game

    • Hypez Media
      Hypez Media 3 years ago

      +GRIMEREPORTTV Pedro doing a 5 pound munch lordie bro

    • Jim Lawler
      Jim Lawler 3 years ago +2

      Big up Lordie

      GRIMEREPORTTV  3 years ago +31

      +spritechaserZ Respect Bro, There are a lot of new episodes on the way

  • Jav 1Arda
    Jav 1Arda 3 years ago +1

  • TheCoolBrudda
    TheCoolBrudda 3 years ago +52

    Bring back cooking with base!!!!
    That shit is to funny

    • Liam Butcher
      Liam Butcher 3 years ago

      Truss me cuz them based strawberrys looked munch lordies mad me personally I would of got stuck in and finger licked that bowl with narstie

  • Alexander Morrison
    Alexander Morrison 3 years ago

    Its real.

  • Amenophis IV
    Amenophis IV 3 years ago


  • Dat guy 1
    Dat guy 1 3 years ago +1

    Lool Ghetts is a joker

    DEEPROT 3 years ago +3

    Not long

    • Ed Eddy
      Ed Eddy 3 years ago

      I see you everywhere Deeprot! Keep on bringing me tunes pal

    • bob bob
      bob bob 3 years ago

      +DEEPROT is dat u ye?

  • Guuled Xasan
    Guuled Xasan 3 years ago


  • Guuled Xasan
    Guuled Xasan 3 years ago


    • joseph bliss
      joseph bliss 3 years ago +3

      Let me hop out the MF Porsche 😂