Blind(folded) Blind Dates (Haily & Jim) | Truth or Drink | Cut

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
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    Blind(folded) Blind Dates (Haily & Jim) | Truth or Drink | Cut
    #Cut #TruthorDrink #Challenge
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Comments • 5 966

  • Trashy
    Trashy 20 hours ago

    Her @?

  • kayla boyd
    kayla boyd Day ago

    please tell me jim has some type of social media im gonna cry

  • Jesse M.
    Jesse M. 2 days ago

    He GAY!

  • Michael Watson
    Michael Watson 3 days ago +1

    He Reminds me of a sexy version of Craig Robinson from hot tub time machine! I know you all gotta agree on that, for those who know who he is😂😂

  • Savannah Alaric
    Savannah Alaric 3 days ago


  • Rajarshi Santra
    Rajarshi Santra 4 days ago +2

    Jim, you lucky son of a gun

  • Louis COLIN
    Louis COLIN 7 days ago

    Her eyes wtffff she is sooo pretty

  • Jamesha Hollomon
    Jamesha Hollomon 7 days ago

    Jim is bae😍

  • ONDO
    ONDO 9 days ago


  • Vertex Bailey
    Vertex Bailey 11 days ago

    She’s the prettiest non female woman I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Brian Villalobos
    Brian Villalobos 13 days ago +1

    Is this gay?

  • Jim Staten
    Jim Staten 20 days ago


  • daliaamr
    daliaamr 20 days ago

    2 dudes kissing

  • Rose
    Rose 21 day ago +7

    I mean... I’m a straight woman but...

    *I am so gay for Haily*

    • Rose
      Rose 10 days ago

      I wasn’t trying to sound like I’m triggered or anything like that, and I’m not. Sometimes I miss a joke once and a while and I apologize. I actually didn’t get the State Farm reference at all probably because I’m an internet fossil lol. I don’t mean to start a fight.

    • Sopht.
      Sopht. 11 days ago

      Rose please don’t explain anything to me,clearly you’re taking my State Farm reference to seriously like just about everyone in 2019,calm your pussy heart,I support her completely but I will continue to joke as I please

    • Rose
      Rose 12 days ago +2

      She’s transwoman right? So doesn’t that mean she is a woman? I actually believe that if you have a d you are a man. If you have a p you are a woman. But I want to respect her. If she wants to be a woman, let her be. She isn’t hurting anyone.

    • Sopht.
      Sopht. 20 days ago +1

      Well she’s a guy soo(State Farm 😂)

    • Itsac
      Itsac 21 day ago +1

      but haily is a guy tho lol

  • Deon Taylor
    Deon Taylor 22 days ago +1

    Ok first off this is a beautiful couple. Second how do y’all know if the woman is a transgender. We don’t so stop making a judgment call for anyone who looks different

  • YENYEN2005
    YENYEN2005 22 days ago

    U guys know haily tras

  • Freddy Thornton
    Freddy Thornton 22 days ago +1

    omg they need to get married asap

  • Jason Simmonds
    Jason Simmonds 22 days ago

    Did they not get together?

  • pinkbubblegreys
    pinkbubblegreys 28 days ago

    I wanna know if how they are right now!

  • Sped
    Sped 28 days ago

    Yeah this dude all kinds of gay

  • chris maqanda
    chris maqanda 29 days ago +2

    I don't know how many times I have watched this, the best 👍🏾

  • NeneusLP
    NeneusLP 29 days ago

    Can we get their @?

  • Isaiah Walsh
    Isaiah Walsh Month ago

    This nigga just made out w a guy

  • Benson Black
    Benson Black Month ago

    Wait. Does she actually really mean she used to have a pepe "surgery" or what.....if so. Yeah I got no issue with that.

  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall Month ago

    Does he know that Hailey is actually trans

    • NostalgiaNims
      NostalgiaNims Month ago

      Aaron Hall Jim likes both women and men whether their trans or not.

  • 100 subs with no videos

    Guys i just found put that the girl was a man and has surgury to become a Guy.
    BRUH moment

  • the man in the high castle

    This shit ain't right

  • Morgonrock Gaming
    Morgonrock Gaming Month ago

    I hope the black3guy know he kissing a dude

  • Local Guide
    Local Guide Month ago

    I like her her voice it sexy

  • Anonymous 007
    Anonymous 007 Month ago

    I think that she's trans

  • AJ Lyons
    AJ Lyons Month ago +2

    they’re so perfect for each other

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson Month ago +2

    They are both sexy af

  • Aris Skylakakis
    Aris Skylakakis Month ago +1

    Jim always finds a way to smash in cut videos

  • Zvahdhrudhcjsuehfh Hdhdhdhd

    3:47 when u eat all of the powdered doughnuts 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bat ORG
    Bat ORG Month ago

    "Holes can't be fucked" Aristotle 312 BC
    "God created holes for a reason" black dude in 2019

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips Month ago +29

    "The more you accept yourelf the more nothing else matters"... MY MAN!!

  • Seda Sayar
    Seda Sayar Month ago

    Idk why but this dude have chemistry with everyone ahahajaksk

  • Jack Son
    Jack Son Month ago

    Deeper voice, surgery on the vagina? I'm not one to judge at all but that made me think

  • Naruto Uzamaki
    Naruto Uzamaki Month ago

    Hailey sound like a man

  • Extremehyper 4
    Extremehyper 4 Month ago

    Little does he know that’s she’s trans

  • Vlada
    Vlada Month ago

    they both are awesome people period

  • Kenna Healey
    Kenna Healey Month ago

    he said “sex gonna be ruined for the rest of your life” and i immediately thought foot fetish

  • IIsYouAndYouIsMe
    IIsYouAndYouIsMe Month ago

    My mans turned into a white chick after that fucking kiss 😂😂😂

  • Lorhy
    Lorhy Month ago

    Looks like a good format for pornhub, I'd subscribe to that

  • veronica
    veronica Month ago

    she’s so pretty holy shit

  • EvilShake101
    EvilShake101 Month ago


  • Nicholas hall
    Nicholas hall Month ago +3

    I wanna be like Jim when I grow up

  • WinchesterGirl67
    WinchesterGirl67 Month ago

    Not gonna lie.....little jealous....of both..........fuck. I can't place what it is specifically, whether it's the way he talks, personality, sense of humor, idk, but Jim reminds me a bit of my man & it's doing things to me...

  • Tess Pizana
    Tess Pizana Month ago

    i need an update on these two

  • KXMMERY 222
    KXMMERY 222 Month ago +1


  • Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft

    I would do Cate Blanchett right on that table!

  • Younes AitBouchnani

    One thing.... That is not a girl it's a guy who is gay and had a lot of money and basically changed his hooole body and face to girly shit

  • ASMR Tingles
    ASMR Tingles Month ago

    I feel like Hayley used to be a men bc of her voice it just confused me

  • Tomi Eke
    Tomi Eke Month ago

    I always knew she was trans

  • Thepurple 9
    Thepurple 9 Month ago

    That kissing got me hard

  • Monta Tracy
    Monta Tracy Month ago

    i think shes a .....

  • Maiatsu
    Maiatsu 2 months ago

    I ship it

  • Facu L.C
    Facu L.C 2 months ago

    those that say that if you dont like a trans have a "fragile masulinity" shut the hell up.

  • Audible Chocolate
    Audible Chocolate 2 months ago +1

    I just wanna know where he got his piercing lol

  • Dylan H
    Dylan H 2 months ago

    Love at first sight I’d say