Jaiden & Boyinaband - Empty (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • Thanks to Dave for approaching me with this idea and helping me step out of my tiny little comfort zone. (lyrics in description)
    Get the song on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/empty-single/1396093848?app=music&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
    Behind the Scenes: usclip.net/video/xR3hrZS2c0A/video.html&ab_channel=Boyinaband
    Why I don't have a face reveal: usclip.net/video/VhEATqXnXCI/video.html&t=3s&ab_channel=JaidenAnimations
    Support if you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline
    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Tunnel vision on the flaws
    In the scale of things it’s unimportant
    So no talking but it’s still an intrusive thought
    Tried hard to correct it
    But nothing was effective
    No-one else seemed so obsessed with it, things were desperate
    Until the voice crept in
    I can help you, trust me, you’re ready
    It seemed dangerous
    But it said to have faith in it
    The secret is to just be empty
    Didn’t know if it was wise to listen
    But what could it hurt to try?
    And at first it was working
    But then things were emerging
    Cracked lips and Tired eyes
    I’m hungry with no appetite
    I’m shivering and shaking, and I tell myself it’s fine, but
    You can’t fool your body, you can only fool your mind, yuh
    I just need to be empty
    Hide from anybody who’ll prevent me
    Just fill up on water and shame
    No, I’m not hungry, I just ate
    I’ve developed a taste for this
    Endure the neverending ache
    Convince myself I’m in control and it’s not
    All that voice that makes me sick
    Inside it’s empty
    Ana- I know it’s wrong
    I’m looking but I can’t see myself
    Inside it’s empty
    Ana- I know it’s wrong
    But it’s so hard to stop it alone
    Been getting even worse
    All the days begin to merge
    Just a blurry haze and now it’s
    Almost second nature to ignore the urges
    Can’t trust my own nature
    Every calorie a failure
    Gotta push the intake down every day
    ‘Cause the voice comes back to say
    You want to eat? Bite your tongue
    Don’t want to stay an embarrassment
    just have to stomach it
    They don't know what you want
    A tug of war against common sense
    don’t wanna believe that I’ve overstepped
    But it’s so overwhelming
    And I hope no-one can tell
    ‘Cause the numbers keep decreasing
    This ordeal is becoming routine, check
    Arms back neck thighs Suck it in and Pinch my sides
    The scales are betraying me, the mirror is a lie, yeah
    It all comes down to numbers
    I know it’s wrong but
    Just because you know you’re colorblind
    doesn’t mean you can see the colors
    Fine, I admit I’m addicted
    But the hunger feels good, how do I quit this
    I know I could die, I’ve seen the statistics
    But the voice is with me through thick and thin
    I can reach out
    To someone not like me
    If you ask for help it doesn’t make you weak
    I can reach out
    ignore what the voice tells me
    I can help my mind learn to trust my body

    (dave is such a nice genuine guy i appreciate all he's done to help me. thank you dave!)
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  • wesley pratchler
    wesley pratchler 19 hours ago

    I cant stop listening

  • Bon girl
    Bon girl 19 hours ago

    you're boodiefull!

  • Ruth Carter
    Ruth Carter 20 hours ago

    It's going to be OK jaiden were all here for you all of us love you and all your fans are here to and they love you you'll be ok

  • Ninja Games
    Ninja Games 20 hours ago

    Don’t worry jaiden ik how it feels I’m still suffering...I mean uh..yeh..

  • Happyfeet 567
    Happyfeet 567 20 hours ago +2

    I realize I am late on this but you are such a strong girl and nothing can take that away from you, be strong, stay strong, you are strong. You will always be beautiful ❤️❤️

  • General SuperToast
    General SuperToast 21 hour ago

    Wow this is just cool

  • nadia zahra
    nadia zahra 21 hour ago +1

    Wow so cool 👏👏👏👏

  • James Chin
    James Chin 23 hours ago

    You helped me break out of my eating disorder

  • Uni Chan
    Uni Chan 23 hours ago

    i love the song but Jaiden said "You cant full your body you can only full your mind" I just find the grammar mistake funny :3

  • Justin Gaming The Rainbow god

    This is so like me ive been trying to get skinnier anf skinnier im only 69 pounds

  • Samuel Loegan
    Samuel Loegan Day ago

    I wish for a video where James Dave and Jaiden perform together. Please let that happen

  • Snowwy Fang
    Snowwy Fang Day ago

    This song made me almost cry

  • Stick figure Entertainment

    You are awesome jaded

  • Blu3Shadow_
    Blu3Shadow_ Day ago


  • Ilove poms
    Ilove poms Day ago +1

    play this at 1.25 playback speed. It's even more awesome.

  • Hijoshiki Chan Baldi`s wife and girlfriend

    Jaiden is filipino XD jk

  • Marika Saito
    Marika Saito Day ago


  • Ruslan Corp
    Ruslan Corp Day ago

    Jaiden. Everyone loves you! Remember that.

  • Elias Hornshoej Skovoe

    I think it’s sad that this has become an meme because James say life is fun.
    So yeah

    Sad but well done jaiden

  • Some random guy
    Some random guy Day ago +1

    "And its not all that voice that makes me *six!* "
    -Empty BTS by Boyinaband

  • Python Tech Tips
    Python Tech Tips Day ago +1

    Hey,James plagiarized your video again.

  • Navi Astrera
    Navi Astrera Day ago +1

    My friend had anorexia to so I suggested this and she said to me that she just subscribe to Jaiden and Jaiden was beautiful and I agreed and she said that the song was super relating and my friend if you are reading this comment I suggest the odd ones out know other UScliprs are coming but just watch his vids it's really good

  • Yuna Park
    Yuna Park Day ago +1

    Sharing stories is well i guess basically what you do, but sharing personal stuff? Is.....…………………………………………………its just amazing.

  • Paola Fulvio
    Paola Fulvio Day ago +1

    I have no words ..........................😭

  • Lauren Knapp
    Lauren Knapp Day ago +1

    I don’t understand the dislikes this video has received. It’s an awesome work of art. Gorgeous animation, brilliant song, great performances all around. Jaiden totally rose to the occasion with something totally different and personal. Bravo. Wonderful collab.

  • Million Dude
    Million Dude Day ago +1

    It's so sad to think this is a real thing. Eating disorders are real and the most deadly mental disorder. My brother had an eating disorder and had to stay at a mental hospital for 2 and a half months while trying to cope with the stress of not eating the things that he didn't feel were right. I'm so sorry for Jaiden and her friends and family that have had to go through this. I'm so glad that you've come over it though. That is amazing

  • Santiago Pineda
    Santiago Pineda Day ago

    Wait is there any kind of competition about mental strength? Like in Olympic games but with the attitude.

    And Jaiden
    we love you
    Now love youself

  • Imaginary Besty
    Imaginary Besty Day ago

    How do you become empty

  • Printed Squid2247

    Wow jaiden! Did I spell that right? Boy in a band has now done a Collin with both my favorite animator you tubers

  • shadow
    shadow Day ago

    Hearing this Ms. Jaiden I just want to say are you ok like it sounds like you don't eat or sleep or some kind of depresión don't take it the wrong way im not trying to be nosey just saying

  • Zoey Malone
    Zoey Malone Day ago

    I have an eating disorder

  • Magic Man
    Magic Man Day ago

    The end spoiled Infinity War a couple months after release, luckily most people in the Western world know how it ended now.

  • Emerald Cutie
    Emerald Cutie Day ago

    James is mad

  • Epic Emily
    Epic Emily Day ago +1

    Wow Jaden. You have the most beautiful singing voice ever

  • Mud Sister
    Mud Sister Day ago +1

    Stay strong Jaiden! We are all here for you!

    • Mud Sister
      Mud Sister Day ago +1

      Btw if you see this Jaiden you might remember my profile picture, you drew this in one of ur vids

  • blade fire
    blade fire Day ago

    Does this show depression?

    LPS SUPER Day ago

    Boy in a band nice hair
    Left to the left

  • Artist Diamond
    Artist Diamond Day ago

    This is her face race holy yigs

  • Kayla Boehringer
    Kayla Boehringer Day ago +1

    You know what's funny. My sister showers me your channel and I liked your videos. One time I was watching a video (not one of yours) and this some was in it and I was like. Oh that song is good and I looked it up and it was by you.

  • Talon the Bluejay F

    Your skin isn't paper, Don't cut it. Your thighs and your body isn't a book, Don't judge it. Your life isn't a movie, Don't end it.

  • its just Maddy
    its just Maddy Day ago


  • William Smith
    William Smith Day ago

    This song also shows how much I'm also suffering... I'm having trouble with school and homework and I need support cuz' I lost one of my best friends... 😢

  • Blood
    Blood Day ago

    Jaiden I've been going through this too your strong and intelligent you can do this

  • amolasmanualidades u-u

    “I know it’s wrong, but just because you know you are colorblind doesn’t mean you can see the colors”
    That one hit me hard...

  • Savanna Kyle
    Savanna Kyle Day ago

    13k👎 SHE HAS A EATING DISORDER. She is insecure about her body.

  • Shayden Sample
    Shayden Sample Day ago

    Welp, I'm now addicted to this song.

  • wisky_kills 14
    wisky_kills 14 Day ago

    Say what now

    PLTM YA DUDE Day ago +1

    I have anorexia...kinda. Nobody sees me for who I am and they instantly start calling me a fat, ugly, ratchet slug. Even my own mother called me fat. So I started skipping meals but still nobody noticed. This is legit happening right now and I'm starving myself to death. It just started me skipping breakfast but as time went by I stopped eating entirely. I literately haven't eaten in months. The numbers don't even seem to be going down, the mirror makes it a joke. Now I'm slitting my wrists and I don't know what to do. There's nobody to talk to but myself. The saddest part I'm only 10.

  • NPP
    NPP Day ago

    This is great, I love songs and I love your videos

  • NPP
    NPP Day ago

    I HAVE THAT 2ds! Please tell me what games you have!!!!

  • wendy the wolf
    wendy the wolf Day ago

    I feel the same way.....

  • Tyler Finney
    Tyler Finney Day ago

    Every shot looks out of focus

  • Amyachan Moore
    Amyachan Moore Day ago


  • Amyachan Moore
    Amyachan Moore Day ago

    :) my life

  • Cyber Cat
    Cyber Cat Day ago


  • 2923 Random
    2923 Random Day ago

    This was kinda kinda weird no offense only because you keep showing to much skin and there are pervs out there

  • Kwanza Kennedy
    Kwanza Kennedy Day ago

    Somehow you made me addicted to it song

  • Leonardo Barahona

    Are you Asian?

  • Syncrossus BAR
    Syncrossus BAR Day ago

    This is really not my type of music, but I have to admit it was well put together, and the lyrics are very touching. Great job! I'm glad you're doing better, Jaiden. I assume the recovery process is similar to that of OCD (and other addictions) in the sense that you're never truly cured, you always have to consciously fight your urges. It's admirable that you speak about your issues so openly, and I wish for you to stay strong and not relapse. However, if you do, don't keep it to yourself, even if you're worried about disappointing the people who have praised you for overcoming it.

  • Amreena Khan
    Amreena Khan Day ago

    At some points, it goes so fast that you can see jaidens eyes

  • bela lets draws
    bela lets draws Day ago

    I can draw this song if you like

  • Ab Fab
    Ab Fab Day ago


  • Alexiosoo
    Alexiosoo Day ago

    I’m waiting for this to be on the weekend countdown on Sirius xm.

  • wolf pandia
    wolf pandia Day ago

    I have the same problem but i never tell anyone untill i heard this song i still stugle a dont really eat at all and i feel your pain jadein and i try to stop but i wish i could just be happy with my body

  • melon gumdrop art

    Jaiden OMG don't worry we're all going to get through this together okay we all love you so you can tell us anything and just make sure that you're okay and you can tell us if you feel like you're empty

  • Olivia Panetta
    Olivia Panetta Day ago +1

    Who listens to this song while your doing homework 😂🤣

  • Josh Sanderson
    Josh Sanderson Day ago

    Your beutiful Jaiden.

  • Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson Day ago

    After watching video.... shoves food in mouth

  • Grover Ford
    Grover Ford Day ago

    Waaaaa Jaiden you’re gonna make me cry

  • IsaliGamer 678
    IsaliGamer 678 Day ago

    Jaiden, many people thinks "Oh, that's an awsome youtuber" Yes, you are! But not everyone thinks about you as an awsome person.
    You ARE an awsome person! You are so brave and so strong, nobody is just like you.
    You make my day fantasic, even though it maybe started awful.
    I watch you'r videos everyday, and I have seen many videos maybe 33 times or more. Keep up❤

  • Latios Gaming
    Latios Gaming Day ago

    Ru ded inside?

  • Zoe Celani
    Zoe Celani Day ago +1

    I don't even know what to say... Good job guys! And Jaiden, good job for getting through this! Love you! ^_^

  • Aaradox
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  • wolfystar321 Sanchez

    Your a awesome singer Jaiden

  • blade fire
    blade fire Day ago

    Empty vs life is fun

  • Joe the Wolf
    Joe the Wolf Day ago

    Gosh, I can't get this song outta my mind. I think, it's my favourite song. I just love the style and the mix and the video and fuck, it's awesome

  • skyrim warrior 85 7312

    I love this it's like my depression and anxiety

  • JulezGacha !
    JulezGacha ! Day ago

    Btw is that girl u!? UR BOOTIFUL!!!!!

  • q .ramdom girl
    q .ramdom girl Day ago

    This literally made me cry, stay strong jaiden

  • rachel hickson
    rachel hickson Day ago

    hey jaiden i just wanted to say your not alone as i was suffering the same thing as you. When I found out i was overweight I freaked outt and stopped eating as much as I used to thinking it was better but I started to feel more empty everyday. So your not alone on this.

  • moon spirit
    moon spirit Day ago

    i will have one 1 by 1 centimeter square of apple
    *cat eats the apple*
    well there goes my dinner-

    (not meant to be a joke, this is a serious topic)

  • Malik King
    Malik King Day ago

    This was really an IMPORTANT piece of art... I really hope more people continue to see it and get to benefit from your bravery and you sharing your journey!!

  • Meowth Gaming
    Meowth Gaming Day ago

    I have this disorder too, but I can’t end it!!!!
    What do I do!?!? No one I know has any knowledge of this,even my family
    I tell my mother to leave when I have to talk about it
    Only my doctors know

  • Marcos luiz lima

    two perfectly good sandwiches were ruined during the making of this video
    such waste.

  • Phill Fourie
    Phill Fourie Day ago

    Nice bitch

  • The World Of Davey

    I watched this and Life is Fun so many times 😂

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  • Derick579 Playz Roblox

    Jaiden D
    Jaiden Do
    Jaiden Don
    Jaiden Don't
    Jaiden Don't D
    Jaiden Don't Di
    Jaiden Dont Die
    Jaiden Don't Di
    Jaiden Don't D
    Jaiden Don't
    Jaiden Don
    Jaiden Do
    Jaiden D

  • Monika Monika
    Monika Monika Day ago +2

    I reaplay the video

  • Monika Monika
    Monika Monika Day ago

    This is based off a video guys.... go watch the video why I don’t have a “face reveal”

  • Zyinx VS
    Zyinx VS Day ago


  • Aj Tgja
    Aj Tgja Day ago +1

    I have no words for this vid......... I guess you could say I’m empty out of words... AYYYYYYYYY..... AY.....ay.......k I’ll leve

  • Anna De Nasser
    Anna De Nasser Day ago

    Can I please thank you for being so honest.

  • Blacknickplays YT

    Life is fun

  • UnicornGirl99
    UnicornGirl99 Day ago

    What's anorexia?

  • Jack Stirling
    Jack Stirling Day ago

    Who else saw the thumbnail and without knowing that jaidens name was on it I saw ari and thought YUP THIS IS JAIDEN

  • Нина Ставицкая


  • Pumkin32465
    Pumkin32465 Day ago

    Nice vid tho!

  • Jimin-ahhh BTS!
    Jimin-ahhh BTS! Day ago

    "no I'm not hungry I just ate" that hit me cause I say this all the time... I starve myself and only eat once a day for dinner... Im not hungry

  • Carlington Valdez
    Carlington Valdez 2 days ago

    This song is trash