iOS 13 Beta 2 - What's New?

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • iOS 13 Beta 2 is available to all developers with the Public Beta coming in July. iOS 13 Beta 2 brings over 100 bug fixes, tweaks, changes and more. I go over all the major changes with iOS 13 Beta 2 and talk about battery life and performance. #iOS13 #iOS #Apple #iPhone
    To install iOS 13 Beta 2 you can now use the beta profile and install iOS 13 over the air (OTA).
    ***Time Codes***
    00:00 - Start
    00:13 - Install size
    00:43 - Build Number
    00:57 - Haptic Touch
    01:40 - Voice control
    02:12 - Installing watchOS 6
    02:35 - Resolved issues
    03:50 - Known issues and bugs
    04:20 - New changes and features
    09:11 - iPadOS change
    09:48 - iOS 13 Battery life
    10:13 - Performance
    10:55 - Geekbench
    11:20 - Conclusion
    11:37 - Outro
    11:57 - End
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Comments • 601

  • ツAxrylic
    ツAxrylic 6 days ago +1

    I’m here to see if fortnite is fixed BECAUSE IVE BEEN SITTING IN CREATIVE ALL DAY FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS

    • Pattis_69
      Pattis_69 6 days ago

      same iwas waiting for him to say somthing about fortnite but then he didnt

  • ryan owen
    ryan owen 8 days ago

    100 bugs that what new

  • Gabor ioan
    Gabor ioan 9 days ago

    before I install it I have a question that will affect my phone ???

    • zollotech
      zollotech  9 days ago

      You potential could have issues. I would never recommend installing a beta if you’re worried about that

  • j j
    j j 12 days ago

    i'm having to double click stuff to make it work, pissing me off. I had 0 issues with beta 1, beta 2 is shocking.

  • Jacopo Dicarlo
    Jacopo Dicarlo 19 days ago

    Please tutorial install iOS 13 beta 2

  • NotSweaty
    NotSweaty 20 days ago +1

    Ever since I updated to iOS 13 my camera doesn’t even work

  • TreeBard86
    TreeBard86 22 days ago

    Where’s did the shuffle and repeat buttons go in the music app on iOS 13 having trouble finding them

  • Brian D
    Brian D 23 days ago

    Loving iOS 13 betas so far. Not having a lot of problems. Only you tube app crashed and music app crashed once but other wise I’m happy with where it’s going. Love dark mode and maps app is beautiful. Wife loves the Memoji stickers alot

  • Shareef Md Torikul islam Apon

    I'm already downloading ios 13 beta 2
    How to Change ios 13 beta 2 to ios 13 public beta
    please make a dedicated video

  • ZKMAST 122
    ZKMAST 122 24 days ago

    ios 13 suck dont install it!

  • Patrick Hallmark
    Patrick Hallmark 25 days ago

    I have a Ipad pro 12.9 and the mouse wont work on it. IOS 13 is working good, just a few apps not working.

  • bobbilee stofleth
    bobbilee stofleth 25 days ago

    Anyone figure out the fonts?

  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter 25 days ago

    I’m an idiot for getting it has to many bugs

  • Sergio Marquez
    Sergio Marquez 26 days ago

    Just got my 13.0 beta. Excited, came here to see what’s new since your the only in-depth review in all of USclip in a decent language b

  • Andrew Lockwood
    Andrew Lockwood 27 days ago

    It is now Mon 24th June and ive installed the beta for IOS 13

  • Sean Brady
    Sean Brady 28 days ago

    Can you downgrade

  • NotYTOMD_ Todd_God
    NotYTOMD_ Todd_God 28 days ago

    Does your apps crash?

  • JNGarrettArt
    JNGarrettArt 29 days ago

    You had Michelle Tumes in your albums! I love her music - have for ages - so that was cool to see. 😎 Thanks for doing a video on the iOS 13 beta.

  • Tod Georgiev
    Tod Georgiev 29 days ago

    @zollotech Have you experienced any shut downs?

  • Conor Pearce
    Conor Pearce 29 days ago

    what app is next to music on the iphone x on the dock

  • Ahmad Alasfar
    Ahmad Alasfar Month ago

    I can’t delete apps because that haptic touch

  • Nyah Childress
    Nyah Childress Month ago

    how do u get ios 13 beta

    FOUR STROKE Month ago

    Does anyone else have USclip bugs or is it just me ?

  • Florian Corina
    Florian Corina Month ago

    I have instaled the beta 2 but my folders don t have a rounded fond but a very rough one.

  • Bear McCarty
    Bear McCarty Month ago

    What about reception on the XR? I've heard it's pretty bad??

  • Timmy Fangs
    Timmy Fangs Month ago +2

    Beta 2 is way more buggy than Beta 1. The WiFi is really buggy. Mail is possessed. Autocorrect is much worse. Swiping to type is less accurate. And battery life suuuuucks.

    • Timmy Fangs
      Timmy Fangs Month ago

      Arthur Klucznik as a programmer I’m quite aware what a beta is. I was in no way moaning. I was simply sharing my feedback of the beta. Aaron uses this kind of feedback in his videos.

    • Arthur Klucznik
      Arthur Klucznik Month ago

      Timmy Fangs pretty much summarises what a beta is. A newer beta doesn’t mean it’s better than the previous one. It’s still a beta. Always makes me laugh when people install betas and then moan that it’s buggy.

  • Konstantin Kalaydzhiev

    I personally using iOS 13 Developer beta 2 and it very well.

  • Super.Steel. Ak
    Super.Steel. Ak Month ago

    App Store glitches and won’t update apps. Just pends. To be expected though.

  • Shady
    Shady Month ago

    I don’t see this update on my phone

  • Atekha Ashton
    Atekha Ashton Month ago

    Need some help with controller paring my
    DualShock 4 controller says connected but the pink light never appears. Any suggestions on why that’s happening

  • Anna DW Iyan
    Anna DW Iyan Month ago +1

    Can it run on iphone 6s

  • Patryk Kawa
    Patryk Kawa Month ago

    now I can connect my SE to iTunes. On beta1 doesn't work at all. Still can't sending music, so sad. Ty 4 video

  • Maxilimite
    Maxilimite Month ago

    hi. could you please confirm if the new high key light mono features works on iPhone X. it is not showing up on my I phone X after the update.

  • Harsimran Singh
    Harsimran Singh Month ago

    Will we be able to get normal OTA updates if we are on ios 13 beta 2?

  • Vibos
    Vibos Month ago

    It won’t update some apps

  • visarion123
    visarion123 Month ago

    How is the trackpad mode on the iPhone XR with beta 2? Just space bar or whole keyboard?

  • William
    William Month ago +3

    Question can I still get the public beta if I got iOS 13 beta 2

  • Anthony Charles
    Anthony Charles Month ago

    I still have LTe call issues

  • Giuseppe Prattichizzo

    Guys if i download IOS 13 beta, then, can i come back to IOS 13 original?

    • Brendan Allen
      Brendan Allen Month ago

      Giuseppe Prattichizzo yes, typically the Golden Master of the beta (which comes out usually a week or two before the public release) is the final version of iOS before public release

  • Tonyyirck
    Tonyyirck Month ago


  • Hatan Hamzah S
    Hatan Hamzah S Month ago

    I'm never use iphone before, but I'm always love to watch your video explaining and showing me about iphone and ios.
    Satisfaying ☺️

  • Jcolin3
    Jcolin3 Month ago

    what’s that background and how to get it

  • Partinaire
    Partinaire Month ago

    I’m not receiving any text notifications... not even vibrations

  • Mako Tech
    Mako Tech Month ago

    iOS13 What problem? 😒🙄 From Cambodia

  • WindCZ
    WindCZ Month ago

    FB app on Beta2 is total trash.

  • Massie Johnson
    Massie Johnson Month ago

    When is the public beta going to be available and I can’t wait no more
    No 3D come on bro

  • Andrew Elia
    Andrew Elia Month ago

    Will my Apple Watch still sync using IOS 13 but watchOS 5.2.1

  • Nikola Petrovic
    Nikola Petrovic Month ago

    Can someone explain me 1 thing pls, i hot iphone xs and every wallpaper is to bright or icons on my phone and if i turn down brightnes again its not about that, his brightnes of wallpapers and icons is less than on my phone, how? can someone explain me, tnx.

  • Medo Kinq
    Medo Kinq Month ago

    Very useful! Thanks Aaron!

  • Miningzeus
    Miningzeus Month ago

    I have a 2nd gen. iPad Pro and I installed the beta. Everything works so far except one problem. I cant swipe up to show the task bar, like you do when you use multitasking. So I can not use any splitscreen :(

  • GhostWarrior
    GhostWarrior Month ago

    After updating i have now over 118gb taken by the photos app. It was 5gb before

  • Soporte INTEX
    Soporte INTEX Month ago

    Hey Aaron! Thanks for the video! Have you tried watchOS 6 beta 2? If so, how is it?

    Thanks and cheers from Mexico!

  • Clayton Eddleman
    Clayton Eddleman Month ago

    Hey Zollo, I haven't seen it covered in your iOS13 videos but I am curious about call notifications. Do they still take up the entire screen, or do calls appear as banners now?

  • Jelle Zon
    Jelle Zon Month ago


  • Chethan Kumar
    Chethan Kumar Month ago

    How about fonts? Why its not enabled yet :(

  • Tamás Gergely-Héger

    Can I use ios 13 beta with watchOS 5?

  • Muhammed Suhail
    Muhammed Suhail Month ago

    @zollotech Private mode is missing in Safari for IOS 13 beta 2

    • zollotech
      zollotech  Month ago

      Someone said that there is a setting that will re-enable it

  • Davide Beretta
    Davide Beretta Month ago +2

    Has anyone a problem with WhatsApp notifications not showing the message in the preview?

    • Younes Sahraoui
      Younes Sahraoui Month ago

      Davide Beretta , Yes me To, with sms also somethime. Buth i don’t mind

  • S.Joseph18
    S.Joseph18 Month ago +1

    Can I peek at iMessages now ? iPhone XR didn’t have 3D Touch which I mostly used on the 7 to peek at iMessages

  • Prazol Maharjan
    Prazol Maharjan Month ago

    Overheating issue on my ipad os 13 beta 3 after Safari download

  • Vincent Go
    Vincent Go Month ago +1

    the haptic touch on the supported 3d touch devices is a bug, its not supposed to do that and they are fixing it

    BARRYBOY1 Month ago

    I already have ios 13 developers beta

  • shafi Veeru
    shafi Veeru Month ago

    I’m trapped 3D toch not working in my 7plus

  • CoutinhoCule
    CoutinhoCule Month ago +3

    Is this beta stable enough to use on my personal iPhone XR?
    Is the battery performance good in this beta?

    • WakeUpCall
      WakeUpCall Month ago

      CoutinhoCule It is not suppose to be used as a daily driver. Why do you even ask about battery life?

    • simeon mckenzie
      simeon mckenzie Month ago

      CoutinhoCule I Wanted to instal today but it seems battery performances very bad

  • Tony Yu
    Tony Yu Month ago

    OMG, can you charge the phone that has 4% battery... getting cringy. Anyway, I downloaded on my Ipad Pro 12.9 2018 and it is still really buggy but I just keep using it until the PB is out.

  • TuffPuppy 404
    TuffPuppy 404 Month ago

    Did it fix fortnite

    IMAN SAMIN Month ago

    I love iOS 13 it’s not bugging anymore

    • zollotech
      zollotech  Month ago

      It’s very buggy on all my devices, but not as much as beta 1

  • CashOut Tv
    CashOut Tv Month ago

    iOS 13 beta 2 is running great on my iPhone se and 7 plus and watch os 6 is amazing fast and new features that will me make keep my watch

  • Krystal EneRgy
    Krystal EneRgy Month ago

    All I want is dark mode and I gotta wait till fall???

  • John Khyriem
    John Khyriem Month ago +2

    Live wallpapers doesn’t work on my iphone Xs. I have the latest iOS version.
    Is there a solution?

  • J
    J Month ago

    Can you make a video on how to remove iOS 13 please. I don’t like it has a few bugs but I’d prefer to go back to iOS 12 please.

    • J
      J Month ago

      Lick me like a Lollipop have you tried this? Also where do I find ipsw file? I have a old backup on my computer from June 14 I’m fine w that one

    • Lick me like a Lollipop
      Lick me like a Lollipop Month ago

      Download ipsw file for 12.3.1 then put your phone into dfu mode then restore from your backup once 12.3.1 is back on hopefully you made an archived iTunes backup

  • gpaul
    gpaul Month ago

    Am i the only one having problems with some widgets not turning dark when in dark mode?

  • Esdwin Lopez
    Esdwin Lopez Month ago

    Ahhh so I see the iPhone SE will have iOS 13!

  • André Caeiro
    André Caeiro Month ago

    iOS 13 no longer shows the devices warranty status! Why?
    And on iPads no longer shows the battery life status!


    Why don’t I got Memojis

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    Is it just me or did Siri get smarter? I asked her “what’s today’s weather” and she answered. From that, i directly asked her “what about tomorrow?” and she answered knowing I was talking about weather. Could she always do that?

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson Month ago

    Is iOS 13 beta 2 worth downloading on my iphone

  • ArianaGrande World
    ArianaGrande World Month ago

    Ok ?? So is Apple telling us to buy new phone , my phone is running ios 13 beta 2 on iphone 6s plus. And the wallpapers (preview) still not showing

  • Alejandro Farias
    Alejandro Farias Month ago

    ios 13 beta 2 as alot of bugs as expected most annoying one has to be the chrome cast doesnt apear on netlifx unless bluetooth is on

  • Brannon Knight
    Brannon Knight Month ago

    I couldn’t install beta 1 which I was okay with because it is buggy and I use it on my daily driver but I was so quick to install beta 2 because i couldn’t wait any longer and I’m so glad I did but i MISS 3D Touch 😭

  • Waldo Guzmán
    Waldo Guzmán Month ago

    will dark mode work with iphone 8 plus repaired with third party screens, mine lost true tone option because of that.

  • Alex Tselekidis
    Alex Tselekidis Month ago

    Does venmo work on ios13

  • Jacob St-Onge
    Jacob St-Onge Month ago

    Im still on the latest version of iOS 12, should I upgrade to iOS 13 NOW or wait until the public version is released ? PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!

    • Jacob St-Onge
      Jacob St-Onge Month ago

      Cameron Watson thank you I think im going to uprgrade

    • Cameron Watson
      Cameron Watson Month ago

      Jacob St-Onge I upgraded today it’s very good and seems fast and stable. Go for beta 2 now if u want to.

  • Blissful Martini
    Blissful Martini Month ago +1

    I’m not thrilled about them trying to phase out 3D Touch. I didn’t pay $1200 to lose the function of hardware I use regularly.

    • Javy
      Javy Month ago

      Haptic touch has the same functionality

    • Viosk
      Viosk Month ago

      “developer beta”

  • Tater tot
    Tater tot Month ago

    I need 13.2 beta 2 please

    MAG NUS Month ago

    Why do you cover battery performance on a beta? It's assumed it will suck until the GM

    • zollotech
      zollotech  Month ago +1

      Only because people ask about it

  • Vu1can
    Vu1can Month ago

    public beta is coming in june not july

    • zollotech
      zollotech  Month ago

      According to Apple it’s coming in July. That was per their keynote. I know some people say otherwise, but we will see

  • Bam
    Bam Month ago

    who else is stuck verifying update?? i can’t install it

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos Month ago

    will there we a apple watch series 5 this fall? or should i just buy the series 4?

    • Lick me like a Lollipop
      Lick me like a Lollipop Month ago

      Series 5 is only supposed to be minor upgrade u could wait and get the 4 cheaper or get 5

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos Month ago

    will the public beta be stable enough for normal day use?

  • Darian Gammage
    Darian Gammage Month ago +1

    Anyone having and Apple Music verification glitch ?

    • Logan Jones
      Logan Jones Month ago

      Darian Gammage i am, don’t uninstall or you won’t be able to download back, pretty much wasted my money as i can’t use it now

  • Mike Donnit
    Mike Donnit Month ago

    Just wait for the official release

  • Mehrab shakerian
    Mehrab shakerian Month ago

    I do not know why my iPhone SE is so lovely 😊

  • ChillaxL
    ChillaxL Month ago

    I have ios13 beta two and my volume butting doesn’t work when I’m at home screen is there any solution?

  • Daniel Springer
    Daniel Springer Month ago

    On Releases page it says “coming next month” and in release notes page it says “coming later this month”

    • Daniel Springer
      Daniel Springer Month ago

      @zollotech haha agreed, notes are _full_ of typos, but this isn't quite a typo, it's a..mistake. A pretty big one. We shall see. By the way, might I suggest you do some speed tests of iOS 12 VS 13 and/or 13.1 VS 13.2? Just in case you were looking for people might like, I think this interests them, as Apple has said iOS 13 should increase speed in various places like Face ID (which I heard is much faster when auth but not much faster when unlocking) and app launching (which probably needs apps to be optimized, but who knows! Also, we can already test built-in apps)

    • zollotech
      zollotech  Month ago

      I would trust the public facing site.

  • Muhammad Haseeb Tahir Mughal

    Thanks for updating ! I am loving it 😊

  • Semide Monyo
    Semide Monyo Month ago

    Beautiful! Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for iOS 13.

  • M77_Destiny
    M77_Destiny Month ago +1

    Ok den

  • It's Prince
    It's Prince Month ago

    How do you delete apps